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Want Mattress - Mattress Reviews, Independent & Unbiased

Welcome to WantMattress, your online sleep centre, where we will help you find a better night’s sleep. We help you search for the most comfortable mattress to sleep on from all of the best brands Britain has to offer, putting their best products in one place, making your search for decent sleep a dream. We’re your one-stop-shop for everything sleep related.

We also make your dreams come true if you’re looking for discounts and voucher codes that actually work, so if you want a mattress, bedframe, some bedding or some bedroom furniture, you’re in the right place. We’ve done all the hard work and searching for you, so you can relax and look forward to counting sheep instead of hunting down the best deals.

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Our super sleep team, built from the ground up to deliver on our commitment to helping you sleep better.

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Becky Reeve Trained Sleep Advisor
Editorial Director, Mattress Expert
Becky has a decade of experience in the sleep industry spending their time contributing to many articles, research pieces and reviews. Now, Becky dedicates her time to helping everyone at Want Mattress to ensure that quality and engaging articles are published backed up by first hand experience in the sleep industry.

With qualifications and certificates from The National Bed Federation and a good working knowledge of the different types of products available, Becky has the skills to back up what she says in the mattress and bed arena.
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Image of the post author
Rebecca Brown
Baby and Child Sleep Expert
With over a decade in her field, Rebecca joins us to help and assist with our articles focussed toward children and babies to ensure we are providing balanced and well researched content that can deliver on its aim of helping to ensure children sleep better. Rebecca is a trained sleep advisor and self confessed sleep expert. Rebecca is a mother of two and uses her expertise with raising her own children to help support and advise.
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Image of the post author
Katie Edwards
Research Writer
Katie joined us, having previously been involved in the medical field as a content writer for other medical websites. She joined us in late 2019 to focus toward pain prevention through different sleep options. Katie enjoys spending her free time with her cats at home in the UK, enjoying Science Fiction comics and mystery novels when she's not writing for Want Mattress.
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Image of the post author
Ray Summer
Health Content Writer & Editor
Ray Summer serves as a writer and editor specialising in health-related content. He possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in both psychology and English literature and is currently pursuing his master's degree. Ray harbours a distinct enthusiasm for eco-friendly materials within the realm of sleep and bedding.
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Image of the post author
James Klein
Senior Product Testing Manager
James Klein is a seasoned Product Testing Manager with a specialized focus on mattresses and bed frames. With a keen eye for quality and comfort, James has carved out a niche for himself in the sleep industry. A graduate of Sheffield Hallam University, he holds a BSc in Accounting, a field he initially ventured into before discovering his true calling—sleep and bedding. Interestingly, James is a side sleeper who has a personal preference for medium-tension mattresses. However, his expertise doesn't stop at his own sleeping style; he possesses a comprehensive understanding of the unique demands and requirements of various types of sleepers, including those who require orthopedic support. This multifaceted knowledge allows him to evaluate products not just from his own perspective, but from a broader, more inclusive standpoint.
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Image of the post author
Ron Burns
Staff Writer and Editor
Ron Burns is a seasoned science writer with over ten years of experience, primarily focused on demystifying complex medical information for the general public. He currently serves as a key contributor at numerous publications and institutions, where he excels in making intricate medical jargon accessible and understandable. In addition to his writing career, Ron is a certified mental health counselor. His counseling background, rooted in a person-centered and inclusive methodology, deeply informs and enriches his medical writing, making it not just factual but also empathetic. Beyond the confines of his professional life, Ron is a man of diverse interests and hobbies. He has a green thumb and finds solace in gardening, where he cultivates everything from aromatic herbs to vibrant flowers. Dancing is another passion of his, serving both as a creative outlet and a form of physical exercise. Whether it's ballroom or contemporary, Ron moves with a grace that reflects his dynamic personality.
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Image of the post author
Mike Knowlden
Medical Reviewer and Sleep Expert
Mike Knowlden was born into a family deeply rooted in the medical field, which naturally piqued his interest in health and wellness from a young age. Growing up in a household where dinner table conversations often revolved around medical journals and patient care, Mike was destined for a career that would blend science and well-being. He attended the University of Arizona, where he excelled in biological sciences and psychology, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.
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Image of the post author
Tayyaba Riaz
Sleep Expert and Content Writer
Seasoned educator specialising in English, with an extensive track record in the field of educational administration. Proficient in various aspects of English language instruction, including essay composition, blogging, creative writing, and speech crafting. Holds an MPhil in English Language and Literature from the University of the Punjab, underscoring a robust academic background. Over the last 24 months, a fascinating journey into the realm of sleep science has added another layer of expertise to an already impressive skill set. Recognizing the profound impact of sleep on cognitive function and overall well-being, a deep dive into sleep research became an inevitable next step. Through rigorous self-study, attending specialized workshops, and collaborating with sleep researchers, a new specialization was born. This foray into sleep science has not only enriched the educational experience for students but has also led to the development of unique curricula that integrate sleep education into traditional English studies.
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Image of the post author
Aaqib Munir
Senior Product Editor, Textile Expert
Aaqib is a college graduate with an academic background that has equipped him with fluency in English, Spanish, and French. His linguistic prowess not only sets him apart but also adds a unique dimension to his work, allowing him to cater to a diverse audience. Aaqib serves as our Senior Product Editor, a role that perfectly marries his passion for textiles and his keen eye for detail. With years of experience under his belt, Aaqib has honed his skills in the textile industry, making him our go-to expert for anything fabric-related.
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