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38p per sleep based on average mattress lifespan
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Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

Hybrid bamboo mattresses are made with high-quality materials that come together to provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience. If you’re looking for a hybrid bamboo mattress, there are a few different reasons why you might choose this type of mattress.

Panda have been established in the industry of sleep for over a decade, offering a handful of bamboo charcoal memory foam products that stand out in the market thanks to their low cost and high quality giving a cooling and luxurious nights sleep. Up until now, the manufacturer has limited itself to accessories and toppers but has finally pivoted to becoming an outright mattress retailer. There’s a lot to unpack with the new offering, which already has many happy customers so without further ado, let’s dive in.

Who is this mattress suitable for?

This new hybrid mattress comes with a few different layers that make it unique so let’s start at the bottom in the base of the unit.

The base consists of high density reflex foam which is typically found in rolled mattresses as a direct replacement for pocket springs. This in itself is not unusual and the performance found in this layer is strong, offering plenty of firmer support that your back and neck need to offer tension where you need it first. Where things start to get more interesting though is what comes next and instead of jumping to a comfort layer the Panda mattress comes with a hybrid twist, including an additional layer of multi-zonal springs that allow the full body contouring of traditional pocket springs but in a micro twist that works particularly well at engulfing your body as you sink deeper into the product. This combination in itself is becoming more popular and has even coined a phrase known as hybrid, the key being that it is a hybrid of foam bases and spring bases to result in products like the Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress.

Looking up through the layers and past the base we come to the comfort layers and this is where you start to see some of the appeal and uniqueness that sets Panda apart. To start, we have a layer of OrthoAlign Foam™ which is not unlike your typical memory foam but with a firmer feel that does not bounce back quite so strongly. The reason for this layer is to promote better posture and alignment while you sleep, working together with the base layers beneath to give better support. That’s one of the things we really notice with the offering from Panda, the amount of attention to detail given to ensure that your body will remain supported via enhanced and improved pressure point relief as you sleep.

Above the OrthoAlign Foam™ comes the final piece in Panda’s jigsaw, the layer that allows them to stand out beyond everyone else and the staple of what they are known for. The comfort layer at the very top of the mattress is some of that unique bamboo infused memory foam found in similar Panda products ranging from their pillows through to their toppers. It’s one that customers love, with highly positive reviews around the breathability and cooling properties of this layer. Let’s not forget though, it's extremely comfortable too, having all the same positives as memory foam but with none of the negatives around heat buildup and retention.

All of the above work together to produce a product that is designated a medium firm which means it will best suit back sleepers primarily who are looking for orthopedic support. There is room for side sleepers with this makeup however, although not for the average person. If you are heavier or have a very rectangular body type there is a chance for side sleeping but the compounds utilized are primarily focussed around aligning your spine and that’s not something you are going to be able to really benefit from if you don’t sleep on your back.

Who is the mattress not suitable for?

The orthopedic nature of the support layers offered in this mattress means that side sleepers will likely not find comfort in this product but stomach and back sleepers should have more success. We do have some reviews from customers who have found the mattress to suit their needs while sleeping on their side so it may be that this is determined on a per-user basis, the benefit here being that there is a unique 100-night trial with all Panda mattresses allowing you to return if you are not fully satisfied. Piece of mind and a good justification to try it out.

Other people who may not find this product suitable will likely be those on a budget, while the popular retailer does offer additional ways to spread the cost thanks to Paypal and it’s pay later options, the fact is that this is a premium product at a premium price point and so a considerable amount of people may unfortunately have to consider options elsewhere. For those that are in the running on this sort of price point however, what awaits you is some of the most luxurious properties found in high quality mattresses.

What we liked about this mattress

One of the core reasons why you will be looking at this type of mattress is because you have heard about, or have first hand experience with, Pandas renowned breathability. The bamboo infused memory foam that is combined with open cell memory foam has become particularly alluring for customers in recent years, and for good reason. The cooling properties of this mattress are at odds with competing products that feature traditional memory foam which tend to cause customers to get too hot while they sleep. Not so with the ??Panda Bamboo Hybrid Mattress, its unique features help it stand out from a crowded arena with spectacular results. 

There is more to this product than the bamboo memory foam however, and that is evident in the support offered through the multiple different base layers. The result is that you end up with fantastic motion isolation and pressure relief while you rest thanks to the seven zone micro pocket springs. These springs are fairly common in premium mattresses and typically outperform competitors in the space, open coil being the main competitor.

Onto the other things that make it great and we were also impressed by the edge support and roll together prevention. The latter is fairly common with hybrid mattresses but the former is normally achieved through reinforcing the mattress edge which you do not often get with these. Fortunately though, the reinforced edge allows you to fully spread out, maximizing surface area and helping to increase durability for many years to come. 

On the subject of durability, you’ll be delighted to know that this product also comes not only with a 100 night trial, but a 10 year guarantee as well. This length of guarantee helps highlight just how much faith the manufacturer has in their product and goes significantly beyond the 1 year often found in poorer quality competitors.

Where in the market does the mattress compete?

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress fits squarely in the premium mattress segment both on price and quality. Unfortunately this might alienate a few hoping for a bargain but the cost of foam in recent years, combined with the high quality of the springs and reflex foam beneath mean that you are unlikely to see this mattress sink toward the mid-range on price. There are options for consumers looking to spread the cost should they wish, but there’s no getting away from the premium price point.

What is the level of firmness experienced as a scale of 1 to 10

We find that this product fits in the medium firm tension with a firmness rating of around 7. This type of designation proves to be popular with back sleepers and stomach sleepers alike, both of which will experience a good degree of support thanks to the multiple ortho-friendly layers underneath. That said, we have had a few customers leave reviews that suggest they are having positive experiences sleeping on the side, perhaps showing that the firmness does have an amount of leeway for combination sleepers who can’t make up their mind how they sleep.

What do other customers say?

Many of the reviews we have received so far have this product coming in with 4 and 5 stars respectively and while the product itself is a bit too new for any long term reviews, this is still a combination of materials that we have seen before. While the bamboo foam in the comfort layer is fairly unique, the other layers have been proven over long periods of time to last well and have long durability levels. What’s more, the strong 10 year guarantee should help alleviate many of the additional concerns that people may have purchasing a mattress of this quality and price point.

What is the availability of the product, is it sold elsewhere?

As of right now this product is only available directly through the Panda website. We have seen the retailer work directly with some of our other partners with their range of pillows and toppers and so we may see some form of partnership in future months but as of right now, direct is the only option. When it comes to availability the retailer is currently working on a 7 day lead time for all popular UK sizes. This is fairly good, it might not be the next day, but it’s not so far away that you need to be planning weeks and months in advance like some competitors. 

How does it feel?

Firmness of The Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress depends on bodyweight. Adjust your weight below to get an indication of how it may feel. Remember though that firmness is entirely subjective.
weight description image

Reasons to Buy

Great quality product from an established retailer who haven't done mattresses before, but have done everything else in the sleep space.

Low lead time means fast delivery turnaround.

10 year guarantee is market leading.

Free disposal and takeaway of your old mattress is another stress relief.

100 night trial rivals other bed in a box retailers and gives additional consumer trust.

Reasons to Avoid

Premium mattresses come at premium price points and this one might alienate a few people.

Brand is untested in this space, though initial comments suggest confidence is high.

Key Performance Indicators KPI question mark
Of The Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress
Our Key Performance Indicators are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algoritmic data points and user reviews.

Key Performance Indicators KPI question mark

Our Key Performance Indicators are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algoritmic data points and user reviews. For example, a firm pocket spring support layer is more breathable and offers better back support but may prove unsuitable for side sleepers, the reverse is true for a soft-medium tension reflex foam support layer. This is one of 100+ datapoints considered when generating the below ratings.


*Assuming average weight, suitability will vary dependant on body type, use the quiz above for a more tailored guide.
  • Back Sleepers
  • The amount of support offered from a mattress will vary depending on the firmness of the tension and the type of support layer used. Based on a person of average build.
  • Side Sleepers
  • If you sleep on your side you typically need a supportive tension that is not too firm, nor too soft. This is because your hips and shoulders need adequate sinkage.
  • Stomach Sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers need a reasonable amount of tension in the base support layer to adequately offer body contouring and help prevent aches and pains. Results will vary based on your build.


  • Turning on mattress
  • Certain materials like memory foam can make it difficult to move about on the mattress while you toss and turn. Same too for pillow tops which can create a cloud like sensation which can make manoeuvrability challenging.
  • Stability
  • Depending on the type of support layer in place can have an impact on stability, edge to edge support and roll together prevention. Pocket springs of a firmer tension will have better stability than open coil soft tension, for example.


  • Initial Odour
  • Materials in mattresses, particularly memory foam and rolled bed-in-a-box mattresses can have an initial odour, this is typically short term and reduces considerably within 24 hours.
  • Long Standing Odour
  • Certain materials inside different mattresses can produce a small odour. Typically this is short term rather than long standing but there are minor exceptions.

Brand Rating

  • Overall Brand Rating
  • This is based on community driven customer reviews tied to product reviews and grouped together at a brand level to produce a score.
Of The Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress
Brand: Panda
Retailer: Panda
Delivery Time: Good
Delivery Charge: Average
Customer Sentiment: Good

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Radar Analysis looks at the product, brand and retailer against base norms established within the industry and determines where the product sits by way of established performance metrics.

What Makes The Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress Great?

Naturally Antibacterial

The properties of the materials that make up this product make it naturally antibacterial. This is great because this product consists of compounds that will interfere with the growth and reproduction of bacteria which will result in long-term health benefits that help promote a better sleeping environment.

7 zone foam provides added comfort and pressure relief, giving you support where you need it the most and leaving you energised and ready to take on the day

Aerodynamic bamboo memory foam

The key benefits for bamboo memory foam tend to be around the plush soft rebound properties that memory foam is traditionally known for but with the added twist of reduced downsides namely in the form of heat build up and retention. The result is that you will sleep cooler which means less tossing and turning while also reducing sweating, making for a more hygienic nights sleep and helping to prolong the lifespan of your mattress.

Zero Motion Transfer

Many mattresses feature poorer quality support systems that do not properly disburse weight, often a factor with open coil traditional spring systems. Fortunately this mattress does not suffer from this and you get zero motion transfer as a result. This means you and your partner can move independently of each other without any disturbance, ideal for when one of you can't sleep but do not want to disturb the other.


This product is considered sustainable thanks to the fillings and components utilised within. Sustainability is a noble aim and one shared by consumers and manufacturers alike to help create a greener future for generations to come.

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Customer Reviews For The Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress

Based on 8 reviews

I am a side sleeper and I read about Panda's bamboo mattress and decided to give it a try. I received the mattress as a gift, and I can say it is a great quality mattress. It is for side sleepers as it is designed to be firm, but still soft. I sleep on it for a few hours and I found it comfy. The mattress is also covered with bamboo so it's eco-friendly. I would definitely recommend this mattress to anyone who is a side sleeper


I've been looking for a mattress that is a bit softer and more comfortable. I was very hesitant to try this mattress, but I have been pleasantly surprised. My sleep has been much more comfortable and I wake up feeling rested.


The mattress is exactly as advertised, very good quality, value for money. The delivery men could not have been more helpful.


Not as firm as i would have liked but it is comfortable and doesn't give me any back pain


Great mattress for the price! Felt lighter than expected - but feels good when laying!


Really great, gives me and my partner a good nights sleep, not too firm


It is a very comfortable mattress and was good value for the money



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