Ellwood Charcoal Glazed Display Cabinet Rated 4/5 based on 5 customer reviews

Ellwood Charcoal Glazed Display Cabinet

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What Makes The Ellwood Charcoal Glazed Display Cabinet Great?

Material: Painted

This product has a wooden base with a painted outer shell. Any marks that do occur should be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Collection: Ellwood Charcoal

Customer Reviews For The Ellwood Charcoal Glazed Display Cabinet

Based on 5 review

I am very pleased with the product. It appears to be of good quality and looks lovely. However I am not at all pleased with the company that they used for the delivery. When they arrived they spent ten minutes looking for it on the lorry before telling me they had already delivered it to the wrong address. This I find difficult to understand as it is a large cabinet that has to be unpacked on arrival. So I find it hard to understand how it could be accepted at the wrong address, especially as when it did eventually arrive it hadn't been opened. They then left and returned over an hour later with the item but with no explanation what so ever as to what had happened or even an apology.


We are really delighted with this Display Cabinet. It looks classy, modern and is well made. I give it 5 stars as it wasnt damaged, after being amazed and concerned that the delivery men unpacked and unwrapped it in the street before bringing it inside. Perfect cabinet though thankfully.


A beautifully simple cupboard, which was efficiently and carefully delivered. However, it really needs an extra shelf in the top section, and the paint surface chips very easily.


I absolutely love the colour of this range. The cabinet has plenty of storage space.


Very pleased with quality, colour and design of this piece.

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