Slumberland Naturals Solutions 2000 Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 5 customer reviews
Slumberland Naturals Solutions 2000 Mattress

Slumberland Naturals Solutions 2000 Mattress

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Becky's Thoughts On The Slumberland Naturals Solutions 2000 Mattress

Slumberland Naturals Solutions 2000 Mattress is likely one of the best mattresses you'll ever sleep on. This luxurious mattress was designed with you in mind, as it offers a comfortable and healthy sleep experience for any sleeper. 

For those who haven’t heard of Slumberland, their entire focus is on sustainable and comfortable mattresses that typically target the upper end of the market through their use of quality and plush materials that are in demand for many looking for sumptuous mattresses.

Breaking down the Slumberland Naturals Solutions 2000 Mattress we’re going to be looking at the comfort layer. This comfort layer sits at the top of the mattress and is made up of both cotton and bamboo. The benefit of this layer is that it is a combination of soft, deep and breathable. The bamboo layer offers an almost memory foam like feel which combined with the cotton gives breathability to avoid you from getting too warm. The result is a soft and comfortable mattress made with eco comfort in mind.

The comfort layer is built entirely with organic materials making it a viable vegan friendly mattress which will appease and delight many.

Onto the support layer and you get 2000 impressive pocket springs that have full body support and go edge to edge within the base to ensure that you are able to enjoy each and every inch of the mattress without the feeling of falling off or rolling out of the bed. Pocket springs are hard to beat and are found in pretty much all upper quality mattresses. I really recommend this support layer and would always recommend it as the best type of base layer for mid-high end products.

The Slumberland Naturals Solutions 2000 Mattress is available in all popular sizes including the more bespoke small double European size ensuring that there will be availability for all who are looking to take advantage of this particular model.

This mattress is brand new to Bensons for Beds, who appear to have made it a bit of a habit to switch out their ranges every few months, making it particularly challenging for ourselves to keep on top of. Due to the nature of the new product, there are not too many customer reviews with which to provide real world recommendations. Don’t let that put you off though, all mattresses are the sum of their components and these materials are clearly tailored toward a higher quality product. What’s more, the Slumberland Naturals Solutions 2000 Mattress features an amazing 8 year guarantee. Consider for a moment that the average mattress is replaced after 7 years and that means you are getting a full-lifespan guarantee which will last the average lifetime. That’s huge and fairly unheard of in the industry showing just how much trust the brand has in the product.

What Makes The Slumberland Naturals Solutions 2000 Mattress Great?

Made in Britain

These are made and manufactured in the Great Britain, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine Great Britain manufacturing.

A total of 2000 premium pocket springs

Created with an organic Cotton & Bamboo blended layer

Free full 8-year guarantee

The average life expectancy of a mattress is pegged at around 6-7 years, and so, for this retailer and manufacturer to offer an 8 year guarantee shows just how much they believe in the quality of this mattress. 

Handles on all sides to aid rotation

Rotating a mattress can actually be a bit of a pain without help and support. That's why we've included some handy-handles to make the job a little easier. Mattresses average around 35-40kg, without handles you sort of have to do that weird third-arm with your head thing that is both unflattering and fairly useless. Trust us, get handles.

Firmness Ratings: Firm

A firm comfort layer is ideal for back and stomach sleepers or those that have a higher BMI than average. Alternatively they can be a great source for those that suffer from neck or back pain. This tension sits higher than a medium designation and lower than a extra-firm designation.

Mattress Height: 28cm

A mattress height of around 28cm is ideal for many as it is deep enough to ensure a good quality comfort and support layer while being thin enough to support typical sheets without the need for separate deep bedding.

BSI – British Standard Kitemark™ accredited

The BSI Kitemark is an accreditation that is part of the offering from BSU. The mark has become popular in recent years, allowing manufacturers to broadcast their quality and safety through the help of the badge to prospective consumers. BSI Kitemarks are now recognised across the world as a symbol of great craftsmanship and quality.

Pocket sprung mattress with sumptuous natural fillings

Natural materials like wool, cashmere and silk are often used in higher quality mattresses. Their benefits are numerous with many preferring the supreme softness on offer while others appreciate the environmentally friendly offering. Another core benefit of natural layers is that they are extremely breathable and as a result create a safe, hygienic and temperature regulated nights sleep.

Vegan friendly mattress

All steel springs recycled and repurposed

Dynamic Perimeter support for edge-to-edge support

Edge to edge support is hugely beneficial in a mattress as it gives you the full surface area of the product to spread out. This ultimately means you can utilise the edges of the product without fear of dipping or rolling out.

Truecomfort natural support layer for extra comfort

Soft touch Tencel blend fabric with 100% natural allergy protection

TENCEL™ has some key benefits as a material for mattresses thanks to it's gentle and soft feeling against the skin. The Tencel material is extremely breathable, has a sustainable method of production and proves unfavourable for any bacteria growth. In all it's a fantastic fibre you can feel good about using.

Plush quilted mattress finish made with recycled materials

Non-turn easy care mattress – rotate occasionally

Delivered in recycled packaging

Customer Reviews For The Slumberland Naturals Solutions 2000 Mattress

Based on 5 review

I like a firmer mattress and this one seemed a good choice. Now I've usedit for a few weeks, I think one with thicker padding might have been a better choice, but for the price paid, I have no complaints.


Expensive but its comfortable, notice slight fraying on one of the seams, need to keep an eye on that and if becomes worse rest assured (excuse the pun) Ill be chasing the seller/manufacturer


very happy with this product, take several day to a week to get use to compare to my old mattress but it done the world of good for back and quality of sleep I get.


Soooo comfortable! Really pleased with the mattress


So comfortable!!!!!

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