William Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Rated 4.81/5 based on 480 customer reviews
William Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

William Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

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Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6

Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

The Williams Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame is a striking addition to any bedroom. The head and foot end are finished with a scrolled design and the bed is upholstered in a soft woven fabric. The ottoman can be positioned to open from either side and features a storage depth of 20cm. The sprung slats ottoman system provides extra comfort for your sleep.

A contemporary twist on classic design, the William Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame is the perfect platform for a sumptuous sleep.

The frame comes with a sprung slats ottoman system that has 1-year guarantee.

Reasons to Buy

With over 300 reviews, this is one of the most popular bed frames from Dreams Beds. For those that don't know, Dreams has an impressive track record with their quality and great prices across both their mattresses and bed frame ranges.

Many reviewers are happy with the build quality and sturdiness while others are impressed with the easy to follow instructions and assembly.

Reasons to Avoid

It's quite difficult to find any downsides with only 2 negative reviews to date. Of the people unhappy with the product the primary complaint was around the bed squeaking and causing unnecessary noise. This seems like a one off that can perhaps be ignored, failing that, a set of rubbed washers and some sufficient tightening of bolts throughout the set should appease anyone suffering from this particular issue.

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Of The William Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good

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What Makes The William Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Great?

Stunning scrolled head and foot end

Scrolled style is a type of design that sees a hugely popular and decadent design paired with modern neutral color schemes to create an attention grabbing frame that can be utilized in any bedroom to add further class and elegance. The design features soft and subtle curves that feel luxurious and regal.

Upholstered in a soft woven fabric

There are many benefits to using lightly textured woven fabric. The fabric is less likely to wrinkles, making it ideal for headboards and bed frames. What's more, woven fabric is more durable and less prone to damage making it ideal for daily use.

Available in grey

Grey is proving to be the colour of choice for the 2020's as more and more people pivot toward neutral colour palettes that pair wonderfully with brighter wall designs.

Features side opening ottoman storage

The side opening ottoman is the perfect way to store your extra bedding. It will hold all of your blankets, pillows, sheets, and other bedding and let you easily find what you need.

Ottoman can be positioned to open from either side

The side opening ottoman is the perfect way to store your extra bedding. It will hold all of your blankets, pillows, sheets, and other bedding and let you easily find what you need.

Sprung slats ottoman system

Sprung slats are a great option for those looking for a divan or ottoman. The slats provide additional cushioning in their support, where other cheaper ottoman systems may provide a solid base which will traditionally give a firmer sleeping experience.

Build time: 2 people | 1 hour

This is the amount of time and the people required to conduct the build process efficiently. While you may manage yourself, if it best to get the help of someone else where possible.

Let our experts assemble your bed - select this service at the checkout

The supplier has a unique installation and assembly service whereby the consumer is able to have their product built by the experts. This was you can avoid a lot of swearing, missplacing tools and yelling at your kids and end up with the finished product from the get go. Take advantage of this service by adding this product to the basket and heading to the checkout to see options

Need your old bed frame removed? Let our delivery team remove and recycle your bed frame, simply add this service at the checkout. Or find out more info here.

Bed recycling services allow for your bed or mattress to be taken away on delivery of your new one. This saves a painstaking trip to the local tip in a car too small for the job, or a costly council visit. Options available in the checkout for this service.

Internal storage depth: 20cm

This sort of storage depth is ideal for pillows, spare duvets and other trinkets that you need to store away in the bedroom. The depth here is probably not suitable for those looking to replace full drawer sets, however, should provide great additional storage for those with limited room.

Features side opening ottoman storage (Storage depth: 20cm)

The side opening ottoman is the perfect way to store your extra bedding. It will hold all of your blankets, pillows, sheets, and other bedding and let you easily find what you need.

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Customer Reviews For The William Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Based on 480 reviews

I was a little bit nervous buying from Dreams as I always thought it was just basic products for a higher price tag. Well I saw this bed on a deal and went for it! It was a little fiddly whilst building and definitely easier when my partner could help me! I love love love that Dreams sent the bed slats pre-made!! I had made a previous bed in the morning from another company so seeing this made me so happy!! haha. I think it was brilliant that you could choose which side to have the gas lift on!! Our old bed was a cheap bed with a bottom gas lift and never felt brilliant, this one feels SO much sturdier and stronger straight away and the metal / bars used look much better quality and still easily accessible for the most part. I specifically wanted a headboard and footboard / foot end. The headboard is nice and comfy to lean on and nice and sturdy. The foot end is a little shorter than I thought and shows the mattress a little (it's a thick mattress!) but it's lovely. Snug to the mattress but still space to tuck in the duvet to look lovely and neat! It's also brilliant to walk around the end of the bed and not break your shin when you walk into the corner! I wish other styles were a little more affordable or they did this bed in different colour options as it doesn't go perfectly with my bedroom but was my best option. Delivery updates were also frequent, helpful and on time. Would definitely buy again!

Perfect bed and so easy to put together!

We purchased this bed a few weeks ago for our sons bedroom and it arrived this morning. It advises 2 people and 1 hour to put together (for the small double) and well, I'm not the DIY type nor massively strong and I managed to put it together myself. It took more than 1 hour, but with 2 young children (3 and 6 months) I managed to do it in 3, I didn't think I'd even get close to finishing without my partners help! You have the head and foot of the bed, two side pieces, the slats are already in the metal base and the velcro bottom base so not in a million pieces like usual! We ordered in store and knew the colour we were getting, but it is definitely darker than in the main photograph, it's dark grey not silver/grey. I really recommend this bed, it's perfect for our son and I'd happily have it myself too! The only downside is it's gone down in price by 50 in the few weeks we have been waiting for it to be delivered and whilst in store we were told we wouldn't get it cheaper than what we paid .. obviously not true.

Excellent bed, best purchase I've made for a while

Stylish, easy to assemble and lots of storage underneath. This bed came in four boxes to assemble myself, the instructions where clear and concise and I had it put together in no time (although I would advise people to make the build easier). The pointers that the delivery driver gave cam very handy as well. The bed frame itself is solid and robust. The mechanism to lift the bed to get underneath is just right and uses the mattress as a counterweight for a very smooth lift and lower. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get a king size in the near future.

Great bed, but slightly stiff gas-piston mechanism

Overall very good bed! It was an easy build, took approx. 2hrs with my brother and I as beginner flat-pack furniture builders. The instructions were really clear, with an accompanying youtube video guide that helped as well! Would've liked a more solid base, it's just a velcro bottom, but it's sufficient since the bed isn't really going to be moved around often. Also, if the gas-piston springs don't budge at first, try adding on the mattress to distribute the weight more evenly for it to work! (Had to look this up as it wasn't advised on the initial instructions)


Amazing! Customer service was fabulous, I got this on the Black Friday sale and had 3 months to pay it off after putting down a deposit, and they honoured the sale price for me! It completely changed the feel of the mattress and the guys built it within half an hour. Very respectful and informative. The base has a really smooth and expensive looking ottoman design too, easy to open and close and feels secure. Fabric is soft, and really nice colour, and the slatts are fitted securely, no flimsy movement or squeaking. Very happy!

William Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Looks great and can be configured to open from the left or right during construction (Helpful video on YouTube). It seems well made but only time will tell regarding durability. This ottoman bed offers easy an easily accessible storage area and a built-in headboard. It came in several boxes, all well packed and fairly easy to manoeuvre into the bedrooms (we ordered 2 beds). The communication and delivery from Dreams were excellent - it was the delivery man who made me aware of the assembly video.

Exactly as it looks

Great product, fairly straightforward to put together but definitely needs two people to do. The material is soft and the headboard is perfect for back support. The bottom (not visible) is made of a cheapish material which velcros on. Obviously because it is velcro it gives no support and you can't put items inside, BUT, you can simply not use the velcro bottom and this solves the issue. That is the only fault, the rest is lovely and exactly as shown. The velcro bottom sheet is shown in picture.

Nice bed, shame about the sizing

After many problems we finally received a different bed frame to the one we originally ordered and wanted. A nice bed and good service from the delivery people who were very helpful. However, the company failed to tell us the bed frame is actually bigger because of the way the ottoman is designed so now our bedside cabinets don't fit and we've had to buy new ones, which has started a roller coaster around the room trying to find space for stuff as the new cabinets have to be smaller to fit

Great looking bed and fabric one issue

I managed to build the bed by myself in about 2 hours. Fabric feels good and not cheap and the bed feels strong, also on the plus sides, the slats are already stuck in place. Main issue is the base of the storage compartment of the storage, its velcro.. we put on a vac pack of clothes and it came straight off. In the end we just took off the base so that the carpet was showing, and gained inch more space for storage. The floors hidden so no issue but a solid base would of been nice.

William bedframe great

Great experience from start to finish. The sales person friendly and helpful. buying the bed was nice and easy i received good communication on my order and when it would be delivered so i knew exactly what was going on and when it would be delivered. I got a call from the delivery guys to say they were on their way and would be about 20 mins. They turned up unpacked my bed built it quickly and efficiently answered all my questions, removed my old bed and were gone.

I love this bed!

I love this bed! Has been so difficult to find a bed during lockdown and I saw this one and took the plunge and Im so glad I did . Its very comfy and soft, and the colour is really nice. Its a grey going on natural colour, so I love it because I didnt want anything too dark as the lighter colour makes my room look brighter. The bed didnt take long to put together and there is so much storage under the bed. I would 100% recommend this product!

Generally pleased with this bed

On a whole the bed is pretty much the same as in the photos, the grey material is of a good finish. Wasnt that difficult to put together but is easier with 2 people. I had issues with the gas piston levers but contacted dreams and they sent out a replacement which was good. The bed is quite low and can be a little noisy, and there is only a sheet to cover the bottom which sticks on with Velcro. But other than generally pleased with the purchase

Fantastic purchase!

Absolutely over the moon with the William ottoman bed. It was quite easy to put together... Ive never done anything like this before so was really pleased with how clear the instructions are. The only thing I had difficulty with was screwing the metal u bar onto the side panels due to there not being any pre drilled guide holes. The bed is upholstered with a really good quality fabric and the end panels give it an opulent expensive look.

William Ottoman Bed - amazing

Sturdy yet really lightweight bed frame with AMPLE ottoman space underneath - the ottoman mechanism is very stiff when first built but once you lift it up and put it back down a few times its easy and is so handy! The scroll design is classy and upholstered nicely - colour just a fraction darker than shown in the pictures but grey goes with everything. We loved it so much we got another one exactly the same for the spare room

Excellent purchase and service

Comfy, good looking bed base with lots of storage due to the Ottoman style. Being a neutral colour means that the bed goes with pretty much any wall colours and bed linen to match is easy to find. The bed was built by Dreams in less that 30mins [and Im so glad I booked the service]. Delivery was on time and the communication before delivery was excellent. Im more than happy with ny new bed base and the price that I paid.

The William ottoman bed

Comfortable and stylish and with lots of storage space. It took two people a good couple of hours to assemble, with hindsight I wished I had asked for it to be assembled by Dreams as it would have been worth the cost. I think a bottom raising base might have been easier as you could access the storage space from each side of the bed. The side raise is okay if you dont mind climbing into the base to access the far end

Very professional

The whole process from beginning to end was as it should be, it was what any customer expects when making a purchase, no pressure, guidance, and also being itroduced to new ideas that we hadnt thought of which in fact made us change our minds for the better. To top it off, delivery could be made the following week! The bed was installed quickly without fuss and COVID restrictions were adhered to. Overall very pleased.

Beautiful bed

It's a lovely bed. Lots of storage space and was easy to put up ourselves just make sure you read the instructions as can be a little confusing with the labels on the bed. It is quite heavy to lift with the gas lift and to push back down but I feel that this will become easier over time. I really love this bed! We got it while on black Friday sale so was definitely worth the money!

Excellent quality and value for money!!

I recently purchased this for my 16yrs old daughter who wanted a more grown up style of a bed and with storage too. This bed ticked all the boxes and I must say it is even nicer built than it looks online. It was easy to assemble I put it together myself with a little help from my daughter when she could get off her phone I was her snap chat story assembling her lovely new bed!!

Lovely bed, great quality and a practical design.

The new bed is just perfect. It is a great build quality and was straightforward for my husband and I to put together, The quality of the fabric and stitching is very good and so it looks more high end than the price suggested. The storage in the ottoman style is an added bonus, it holds everything that was under the old bed but now its out of sight and not getting dusty!

William ottoman bed

I managed to put this together by myself and the bed is great- really comfortable, looks good and gives a good amount of hidden storage. Had a vague chemical smell from the upholstery but this has faded over the last couple of weeks. I assume it was from the glue or wadding in the headboard. If it hadnt been for this smell I would have given the bed 5 stars.

Christmas dreams

Good king Wenslos came to the rescue due too another bed shop delayed by dreaded virus So too answer my dream of helping a family out for 4ft ottoman frame, yes my dream for Christmas rescue became a reality for a teenage boy & his parents. Delivered in 7 days and the Xmas smiles to this family. Christmas and dream come true. Thank you Jonathan

Great quality

Really fabulous quality bed. Found it really easy to assemble until it came to putting the base on. It was a struggle with two of us and my back and arms suffered a great deal afterwards. One person could probably assemble it up to that point but from that point I would suggest three (two to hold while one lines up the bolts and holes). Lovely bed though

Ottoman bed

Bed quality is realy good, well made stable structure. The only thing left me disappointed was inside storage base. There is no wooden base as I would have imagined. Its only very thin fabric which lays down on the floor. I chose this bed with legs having in mind I will have air gap between bed and floor to be able to clean, and that is not happening.

Clever hidden storage with a stylish frame

Such a modern design! I love this bed frame, it looks so much more expensive than it is. It feels very sturdy, and I took the advice of others in the review section and paid to have Dreams put it together so didn't have any issues there. The Ottoman lifts up so easily and there's a ton of storage in it. I just love clever hidden storage like this!

Really glad I found this l

Came in a range of 4 large boxes but once unboxed really easy to assemble. Only problems I occurred was when putting the pistons on you will need to follow the instructions provided rather than the YouTube. Also when putting the bed down for the first time, make sure you put a lot of pressure on the pistons are very stiff the first time.

Lovely solid bed

So happy with my bed, it does look darker than on the pictures advertised but isn't too dark. Only thing I would of liked would of been solid boards underneath the bed instead of fabric which I decided not to use in the end but its not a big problem as my items are all stored in bags anyway. Overall I'm delighted with my purchase

Quality bed

Very comfortable, extremely easy to put together great room for storage underneath. Having getting this bed I was extremely please with the look of it. And Ive not been let down it looks good got lots of space very comfortable easy instructions to put it together. My house mate after seeing mine went out and got one for himself

William Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

The bed itself seems very sturdy and we are very happy with how it looks, quality and things like height and size. Was very easy to put together with two people and clear instructions. The lift mechanism seems well built and reliable and has really helped for accessing storage under the bed. Delivery team were fantastic too.

Everything about this bed is amazing!

I bought this bed for moving into my first flat and its incredible! I bought it as I knew I didnt have much storage to work with in my place and its great, I must go into it at least, 5-6 times a day for about a month day and it doesnt show any signs of wear and tear. I can tell its a bed thats going to last me years.

Great bed

It was fairly easy to assemble I did read the instruction and watched the video, I did put it together on my own so took a little longer. The only problem I had were the pistons were very stiff. Great bed, lovely quality, great hidden storage its amazing how much you can fit under there and the bed looks like advertised.

Looks good but fiddly to assemble

This bed looks amazing in our bed room, the headboard fabric is a nice medium grey shade and also quite firm. The only downside is that the bed is fiddly to assemble (took 2 people 3hours to do) and also the bottom of the ottoman is just a piece of cloth that separates the bed from the floor rather than a piece of wood.

Great Purchase

Lovely Bed, really easy to assemble following the instructions/YouTube video. It is a lighter colour than on the website but I prefer it. We chose a left opening and it was really easy to follow the instructions to fit the lifting mechanism. I could fit more under the bed than I thought I could so that was a bonus!

Good bed for great price

Really happy with this bed, looks exactly as pictured, stores a nice amount of stuff and the delivery/assembly I paid for was worth it and good. The lifting closing mechanism is a bit stiff to begin with (so as a fairly weak 1 woman person I do struggle a bit to close the ottoman) but it seems to be easing up now.

Great product and great service all round

Excellent service from start to finish. I spoke to a real person who answered my questions politely and informatively. Once I placed the order, I was kept informed at every point. It was delivered on time and was easy to put together. Looks great in my room and is very comfortable. Highly recommend Dreams.

Some good features

Assembly was straight forward but the design made some bits very fiddly. A longer allen-key would have made a big difference. This is the first time that I have had a bed where the slats were already fixed. This is something that I would look for going forward. Quite sturdy and good storage access.


Good quality product, ordered on line and had a provisional delivery date but we didn't get a confirmation of the date or timeslot but it was delivered on the date stated. Quite easy to put together, the ottoman gives lots of storage space and is easy to operate, ideal for the teenage bedroom

Great looking bed and easy to put together

Delivery was quick and easy. My son and I put this together much easier than I thought as I was worried about the ottoman mechanism. We purchased this along with Team GB mattress and my son loves the bed and it looks great. Its a small double and my son 6ft 3in but has loads of space.

Great once assembled!

Bed is great - lots of storage underneath! It definitely took longer than the suggested hour to assemble, and I also have an issue where one corner wont come all the way down, causing some creaking but we may have assembled it wrong! Overall, very happy with the bed and looks very nice!

Excellent Bed

We bought this bed for our daughter whos 9 and what a great buy it is!! The bed arrived flat packed and we built it ourselves, very easy to do even with the ottoman part. Bed is well made, sturdy and looks fantastic. Good quality material has been used, could not be happier with it.

Nice but too low and lifting mechanism not sturdy

Looks nice quality but much lower to the ground than I like and compared to my daughters ottoman bed and my previous one, my bedside tables tower next to me! Also the mechanism for pulling the bed up isnt very slick and the band just trails out and is heavy to use with the mattress on.

Recommended, but not five stars.

The bed is lower than its replacement and there is no solid base to the storage underneath but I am happy with the bed; it took 90 mins to assemble with my eleven-year-old son and feels very strong. I would recommend this bed. I have used an Emma mattress, in case you were wondering.

Top notch and calue for orice.

Excellent product so easy to assemble, had a problem with the 2 lifts being stiff but customer services areanfed for the nanufacturer to call me( they did within 15 mins) who explained tgat tge first tine of usibg the fas lifts tgey are often stiff . Excelkent aftersalez support

Great Design and Superb Delivery

Good quality materials, great design and superb design. The delivery of this product was punctual and had been given a good tip by the delivery team. We decided to assemble by ourselves and it's very easy to assemble with very clear instructions. Very impressed with the product!

Great beds at great price.

We purchased 2 of the William ottoman beds when they were on offer and have been very happy with our purchases. The beds look great and provide loads of storage space underneath. The mechanism is really smooth once it's been opened and closed a few times. Would recommend.

Lovely bed frame excellent quality

Lovely frame and excellent storage space underneath. we struggled with elements of the build but got there in the end. It was a 2 man job to get the mattress moving and took a while gor the mechanisms to ease however really pleased with the bed would definatly recommend

Elegant simplicity with acres of storage

The bed frame is beautifully finished with a clean, modern look. The delivery team put it together in no time at all. Very pleased with the storage under the gas lift, still haven't managed to fill it yet. Lots of space for off-season clothes, camping gear and bedding.

Could not be happier.

Beautiful bed. Solidly constructed. Looks fabulous. Very reasonable price. Delivered on the day they promised right to the bedroom. I built this myself and at 67, if I can do it, anyone can. All tools except a Phillips screwdriver are supplied. Could not be happier.

William bed frame

Great bed frame so far,a little tricky to assemble but with a little patience and time my wife and i managed to assemble it. The frame lifts very easily with the pistons lifting with ease. A little hard to push down again though. I'm sure it will be easier with use.

High quality bed frame

Such a great quality bed which was easy to assemble. It has a very nice finish and looks a lot more expensive than it was. Really pleased with it. I have the tempur cloud elite 25 mattress with it which fits perfectly. Would definitely recommended this bed frame.

Stylish comfort

I absolutely love my new William ottoman bed frame, I hadnt intended to buy a new bed frame but following a house move and lost bed screws it was a necessity and Im so pleased with it, colour is stylish, the material is soft and having extra storage is a bonus.

Quick delivery and service before hand but,

Little disapointed when the bed arrived to see its been assembled before and some damage. Overall the bed is lovely though would deffo reccomend this bed to others. Other than that Im happy with it but, cant deal with the hassle of a return/exchange

Lovely product with top notch customer service

Purchased the bed over the Black Friday period. First time purchasing a bed so was very easy with no hassles, offered drink as well as comfortable to talk to. Should I ever need a mattress or bed again will definitely visit again, my new go to place!

Great quality, great price, great bed!

We have had this bed for almost a month now and we have had no issues so far. It's sturdy, spacious underneath and the quality is great. So far we are very happy with this bed. We paid 399 for this bed and i think it's worth every penny, If not more.

Absolutely recommend!

Looks amazing, went together really easily. Some parts needed 2 people but instructions were clear on the YouTube video. Plenty of storage in the ottoman space, mechanism works flawlessly every time. Overall very happy and would definitely recommend!

Lovely bed and easy to build.

Easy to build, great price, quick delivery and very polite helpful delivery team. Daughter absolutely loves it and goes very well with the decor in her room. This is the second one we have purchased now as my other daughter has one and loves it too.

Great new bed and excellent service!

The bed is amazing! Simple enough to assemble and only need a second person every now and then to hold something in place while you screw. Delivery guys were fantastic and really helpful. Refused a drink due to covid, which is very respectable.

Lovely material finish

Good quality bed with really soft material finish. So useful to store clear 8 x 32L under bed containers. Why waste the space!! Unique shaped headboard which gives an elegant feel. Once mattress is in top, feels very stable. Would recommend

1st time win

I put the product together between me and a family member and it was really easy to do. Product is really good quality, lovely fabric and looks really smart! Very pleased with the whole service, especially the gent that helped me in the shop!

Ottoman sturdy bed

Lovely bed, very sturdy and compliments my bedroom. A little disappointed about the ottoman space only having material instead of raised with wood. Some stickers for the lifts were in the wrong places but other than that quite easy to build.

William Upholstered Ottoman

Absolutely love my new bed. The material is a beautiful light grey and very good quality. The storage space underneath is perfect for spare duvet, pillows, bedding etc. Paid to have it assembled and very happy with the service provided.

Comfortable Bed with Lots of Storage

First of all, the two Dreams delivery staff members did a great job of carrying the bed into the house and putting it together. Well worth paying the 60! The bed itself is comfortable with handy storage space under it. Very pleased.

Can't wait to sleep in it!

I had the bed assemble today and I can't wait to sleep in it! Dreams helped me out how to get it on finance as I'm a single mum and I woke part time but there wasn't any problem at all! Good customer service I would really recommend

Amazing and helpful staff

Very friendly staff made sure I had someone to help me later to bring it up the stairs and kept their distance and followed guidelines appropriately. The bed as well had much more space then I imagined and it was easy to put together

Over all very happy with my new bed

the bed has alot more storage than i expected! the over all quality is brilliant. the only negative is one of the plastic slat holders appears to have a defect and doesnt sit in the hole, but it doesnt really effect the over all use.

Comfy bed, great delivery and service.

Very comfortable lift up divan base. Plenty of storage space and the side opening mechanism seems sturdy and can be fitted either side. Delivery was swift and efficient, i paid for assembly which was done with no fuss and very fast.

Great quality

We viewed online before going into store so knew the few beds we were looking at. The sales guy was so helpful and informative without being pushy. This bed is so lovely, easy enough to build with two people and looks great quality.

Great ottoman bed at a fantastic price.

Easy to build, very well & compactly designed and packaged. With our new king size mattress on it's still really easy to raise & lower the lift platform and lots of storage space. Am very happy with my purchase, buy with confidence.

Absolutely Fabulous

The William upholstered Ottoman bed frame is just fantastic. The is steal of a deal and absolutely worth every penny. The fabric on the bed frame has an excellent feel. The ottoman storage is wonderful and works with so much ease.

Highly recommended!

The process and experience to choosing the right bed frame and mattress was great - in store staff were very helpful. The delivery men were also very professional with delivering and installing the frame! Highly recommended!

William Ottoman bed - great buy

Great quality sturdy bed frame. Looks amazing in newly decorated bed room. Service from dreams was excellent- two guys built the bed in no time, extremely polite and tidied up completely. Very comfortable bed, with great storage

William Upholstered Ottoman bed frame

This bed is an elegant shape and the headboard is comfortable. The sprung slats allow me to move on the mattress while maintaining full support. The ottoman storage space is generous. This bed is excellent quality for the price.

Love this bed!

Turned up in 4 packages. Delivery men quickly came and dropped in room of choice. Took me a couple of hours to sort on my own and was a bit difficult for 1 person to be honest. Bed is really sturdy and I really love do love it!

Highly recommend

Lovely bed. Plenty of room underneath. Ideal for houses with little storage space/ wardrobes etc. Looks amazing. From the order to delivery and putting it together was very easy. We were kept informed throughout. Really pleased

Very nice

Bought this because my old bed was falling apart. It is relatively easy to put together. Took two of us about 2 hours. (We aren't the most handy). Instructions are easy to follow. Will be back to buy a new mattress soon!

Comfortable, sturdy, functional

A comfy material making it pleasant to sit back against the headboard. The pistons make the ottoman easy to lift up and put down and the storage room below is fantastic for organising and tidying things away out of sight.

Good bed but storage not all it appears

Lovely bed but a bit of a con as no solid bottom on the storage beneath the bed frame just a plastic sheet. Stickers to indicate where to put screws into had been placed wrongly so once you work that out easy to assemble.

My new Wilson bed & Luca hybrid mattress.

I love my new comfy lovely bed, along with my new Luca hybrid mattress. The bed I put together myself all very straight forward, the space beneath a big plus, and I have started to sleep so much with my new mattress.

Love it !

Loved this. Looks really high quality and a lovely addition to my room without being too big like some sleigh style beds. Plenty of room for storage and good quality manufacturing. Looks far more expensive than it was.

Ottoman bed - side opening

We decided to get an ottoman bed for the extra space. The bed was assembled by the delivery men who were very helpful. The bed so far has been excellent, comfortable, sturdy and the ottoman part is fab and easy to use.

Ottoman bed frame

Lots of great storage underneath and easy to use. Easy to put up - my partner did this on his own but it did take some time. The colour is slightly darker than we would have expected but hard to tell just from photos

5 star product and 5 star service.

Overall a great experience and brilliant product. The delivery was quick and kept updated throughout. We also paid for our old bed to be taken away and it was a very efficient process. The bed itself is great quality.

William upholstered ottoman bed frame

Husband & I managed to assemble very easily. Looks good, but only giving 4 stars as the Velcro that is meant to fit the material to the bottom off bed frame doesnt fit. Would have been better with a hardboard bottom.

King size bed

Great bed frame. We purchased a king size. We chose this bed because of the storage underneath. We also purchased an assembly of the bed and removal of the old one. It is definitely worth the money. No stress at all

A Dreamers Paradise

Elegant, stylish, modern and inviting. Those are the words that I could use that would be able describe the appeal of this bed. It is a pleasure to look at and is very spacious and comfortable. Thank you Dreams. .

Number one for Beds, in my eyes

Its my third purchase from Dreams, cant fault them. Havent had to spend a fortune to get really good quality beds and mattress. And every time I go to the hull store the staff have been a pleasure to deal with.

William upholstered ottoman bedframe

Sturdy bed frame, easy to assemble.ottoman storage is vast and mechanism easy to operate. No real base to ottoman, stored materials effectively are on the floor may the bed difficult to move with the ottoman full.

Great value for money

This bed is excellent. The alternatives elsewhere on the market for ottoman style beds are far more expensive. It wasnt difficult to put together and the tight weave on the fabric means the cat cant scratch it!

Love my new ottoman bed!

Excellent quality bed! Well made and contemporary looks. Lots of room underneath! Opted to have it built by dreams which was very positive experience. Buy with confidence. This is our second ottoman dreams bed!

Great bed

Loved the bed. It's comfortable and sturdy. Loads of storage space. The mechanism to lift and close the bed storage section could be a bit easier to move and more intuitive, but otherwise it's a great product.

A good spare bed.

A bed at the cheaper end of the range but as it is in the spare it works well. The bottom of the divan is only a Velcroed on piece of material which is rather insubstantial but that is reflected in the price.


Lovely, spacious storage and comfortable! Love the colour and love how it can be lifted from the side. Easy to access storage underneath. Brilliant service and delivery men were so helpful. Thank you so much.

Brilliant bed with plenty of space.

Brilliant bed. Very sturdy. Easy to put together. Can be very noisy when activities are happening...but that may be my handiwork issue. Otherwise, rather beautiful and practical bed. Stores a lot of material.

the bed that solves your storage problem

really pleased with our new bed.easy to raise and lower even for my wife.plenty of storage which was the reason we purchased this model.i would definitely recommend this bed to anyone with a storage problem.

Best purchase i've ever made

Had such a bad nights sleep for so long until I bought this bed and went into store and chose a mattress best appropriate for myself. The bed is a really good height with so much storage. It looks amazing!

Lovely bed!

So far so good, bought thos for my mum, my dreams bed is so sturdy thats why I purchased this, looks lovely and the material is gorgeous, just not as heavy as I thought it would be but overall a lovely bed

A worthy investment and very Comfortable Bed.

So much space and the a really nice size if you go for King. Definitely an upgrade from before and for a very reasonable price. Very quiet and easy to assemble, will certainly have it for a long long time!


5* the shape and material is far better quality than expected. Very classy looking. The bed itself was much easier to put together and stronger than other ottoman beds Ive had in the past. Love it!!!!!

Lovely stylish bed

Excellent comfortable bed which looks so stylish. The only thing we regret is not having the build service! It did take us 2.5 hours to build but the instructions were very comprehensive and ok to follow!

Storage Solution Done Simple

I had a storage issue with my previous room layout and after purchasing this bed I can now de clutter my room. Fantastic buy and I would recommend. Its a rather big bed for a double so bare that in mind.

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Questions and Answers About The William Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

What is the maximum weight this bed in king size would take?

Answer: We currently dont specify a weight limit to the bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability.

Can I change the headboard for this bed if I want a smaller height? Does the ottoman require the headboard for the storage mechanism to work?

Answer: The headboard comes as part of the William bed frame and is required to be attached as it is an integral part of the main structure.

what is the space between each of the slats in centimetres? many thanks

Answer: For a Double Bed with solid slats:Gap Between Slats: 8cmFor a Double Bed with sprung slats:Gap Between Slats: 4.7cm

Can I order the bed to be delivered on a specific date? I will need it mid December.

Answer: When you go through the checkout process if the stock is available you will be offered a delivery date before making any payments.

There seems to be conflicting information in the Overviews / Reviews / Q&A ! In the overview it states that the storage depth is 20cm - yet in a Question from Laura97 4 months ago, you state that the storage depth is 30cm - which is correct?

Answer: We apologise for any confusion here and can confirm the storage depth is 20cm. Incorrect answers will be reviewed and updates.

When the length of the double bed is 223cm does that include the space that the curled sticking out sleigh bits take aswell or is it just from the feet?

Answer: The 223cm measurement includes the scrolls at the head and the foot of the bed. This is the longest measurement of the bed.

Is the under bed storage directly onto the floor or is theres base?

Answer: There is a fabric base cover that attaches to the bottom of the bed so you are not storing items directly on the floor.

Will fit a mattress length of 200 cm?

Answer: This should fit this mattress as the beds are designed to fit any UK standard mattress of the equivalent size. .

What is the difference between this and the Wilson style? Apart from colour, is there any functional difference?

Answer: The difference on the William isn't functional, the feet are different and the headend and the footend are curved.

Does this frame have a solid bottom please?

Answer: The bottom of the storage compartment is made from wooden sheets in order to support items placed within.

Does the fabric at the bottom have any sort of give so that if you place heavier items it won't undo the velcro and just drop to the floor?

Answer: Unfortunately the fabric does not have any given in it, it is only intended for light storage.

Hi, do you know when this bed will be back in stock in a double? Thanks

Answer: Unfortunately we do not currently have a due date on when the double will be back in stock.

Read in a review that the bottom of the storage is velcro? But youve stated its wooden, which is correct please?

Answer: The bottom of this bed frame is lined with fabric which attaches to the frame with velcro.

I would like to know if it only opens from a certain side or can you have it on what ever side you like? because in the photo I need it to open from the other side because I have one side of my bed up against the wall.

Answer: The bed can be assembled so you can open the frame from the side you require.

what are the dimensions for the mattress on a king size please

Answer: This king size bed frame is compatible with a mattress that is 150 x 200cm.

Is the William Grey have a solid base?

Answer: This bedframe has a sprung slat base and a fabric base cover for the storage.

Will a double size Emma mattress fit this frame?

Answer: This frame is suitable for a standard UK double size mattress of 135x190.

If I build the bed in a room but then wish to change it to another room requirement dismantling, is this possible or is it a case that once it's fixed its can't be unscrewed? Can it be moved to another room or home?

Answer: Once it has been assembled you would be able to dismantle it again.

hi i would like to find what is the replace for violet mattress i bought few years ego

Answer: The closest mattress we have to the Violet is the Johnstone mattress.

Is the gap between slats no more than 7cm?

Answer: Yes this is correct, the gaps between these slats are less than 7cm.

Can the width of the bed be changed to 140cm.

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not do non-standard sizes on the Bedframes.

Can we get a swatch of the material?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not have a swatch service available.

What is the internal storage depth on this bed?

Answer: The storage depth of the bed is approximately 30cm.

Whats the max weight that this frame can hold?

Answer: There is no maximum weight for this Bedframe.

The way the bed opens up for storage, can it be swapped to the other side? For example, in the picture the bed opens from the left and the mattress swings up to the right. Can that be swapped around?

Answer: Yes, the ottoman base can be positioned to open from either side.RegardsDreams

What matterace size for small double, please?

Answer: A small double mattress is 120 x 190cm.

Is the base on the ottoman hard plastic or cloth please.

Answer: Good Evening,This ottoman has a fabric base cover.

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