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Woodstock Wooden Bed Frame Rated 4/5 based on 696 customer reviews

Woodstock Wooden Bed Frame

4/5 - 696 Read Reviews


Small Double
King Size
Super King

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What Makes The Woodstock Wooden Bed Frame Great

I needed a straightforward bed frame in a hurry for a rented flat, where there had been an ottoman before but the lifting mechanism had not lasted. I wanted a simple bed that had nothing to go wrong, that would be made of good, natural materials and have room underneath for suitcases. (No need for drawers.) I searched online and Dreams seemed to have the fastest service (although not "next day" as I can get elsewhere if I buy just a mattress). I paid a little extra for Saturday delivery as it was urgent, and the difference was not much. I needed to supplement the online info with chats, but there was a friendly attendant always ready to answer who was informed, or who found out the info she didn't know. A huge advantage of Dreams is that they will take away the old bed at a fraction of what you would pay anyone else, so this was the principal reason I bought from Dreams. I opted for assembly by the delivery men and am glad I did so. I chose sprung slats because the chatline person said they were stronger as well as more comfortable. (I did not find this info online.) What remains to be seen is how the sprung slats last: they are attached at the ends by the same kind of plastic holders that broke after only a few years on my previous ottoman, so I shall have to see. Meanwhile, I am delighted with the bed frame, which looks great, with its natural wood.

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Sturdy solid ash and ash veneer

Horizontal slatted design

Available in ash and white

Sprung slat upgrade available for added support and comfort

Sprung slats is an upgrade option on this bed frame, the benefit of sprung slats is that they have an advantage over your traditional solid slats in that they provide a more comfortable sleeping area due to the design of the slat

1 year guarantee included

1 year guarantee is average in the UK mqattress industry. While it should not put you off (mattresses typically last for 7 years before being replace), it is the minimum that you get with a product. Depending on your price point, you might be able to attract a higher warranty or guarantee period

Build time: 2 people | 30 minutes

This product requires two people in order to build safely and easily. You might look at it and think it can be done with one person, but actually it just proved to be a bit of a pain. It's a great idea to team up with a buddy to tackle this build head on.

Customer Reviews For The Woodstock Wooden Bed Frame

Based on 696 review

So Sturdy!

I spent a long time searching for a highly reviewed bed at a reasonable price and found this one. I have only just moved into my own apartment and was not sure on what beds to trust. I feel so lucky that I took the chance with this! The bed frame is extremely sturdy and has a nice finish that compliments my room. The wood is great quality and the colour is very natural. It can be paired with a multitude of designs. Assembling the bed was one of the easiest DIYs I have ever completed and was very straight forward. I think this bed frame will last a long time and I've fallen in love. The spring slats paired with the mattress I chose (also from dreams) has made for very many great nights worth of sleep! Actually, I haven't had a bad night since I've had this bed and it's been 3 weeks! I highly recommend this for anyone who would like a simplistic, yet sturdy bed frame!


Bed fine, information given not so reliable..,

I bought this bed for my spare room at the top of the house and asked specifically if it all came flatpacked because the stairs are very narrow. I was told that it was all flatpacked (i.e. not assembled) and so went ahead with the purchase. When it arrived however the trundle part of the bed was NOT flatpacked and the delivery men could not get it into the room. Eventually I and my 81 year old father unpacked it and took it up ourselves and without the packing it did just fit, however the delivery guys were not allowed to do this. So, all fine and bed works well and looks good, but if you specifically need it flatpacked (i.e. not assembled) then it may not be suitable.


Let's put this to bed

I was plagued with a cheap Ikea bed for too many sleepless nights. I bit the bullet (not literally because of Covid) and purchased this unassuming bed. What graced my flat on dreary day 45023 of quarantine was this crisp pine smelling bed that lit up the room once it was assembled. I mean it didn't literally light up the room - my bedside lamp fulfils that role but it provide some of that sweet REM that had been sorely lacking in my life. Is it a talking piece? No it's a bed - get some social skills. Would I recommend you get this bed? - Sure man but it's your money or whatever. It's guaranteed to make you less grumpy first thing, I think I'm not a doctor.


Lovely looking bed

I purchased this bed for my spare room for guests staying over at new year & our grandson staying over, it won't be getting that often but had no complaints so far. It looks sturdy enough & good quality, was purchased along with Dreams own brand mattress 'Doze' Supreme which is excellent. I always purchase the roll up mattresses very comfortable!!! Bed was delivered very quickly as was in stock and was built for us on arrival with no issues. On a final note a big thank you to Keith Dunfermline branch who we thought came across friendly, helpful & informative not a pushy' salesman (nothing worse) Over all a Great Service = Happy Customer Thank You


Well built for the price.

We recently bought our second king size one of these beds. The first one lasted a good few years, given the low price and the fact that I’m a larger gentleman (!) We bought the same one again as it’s very comfortable and looks high quality. What was pleasantly surprising was that they have vastly improved the fixings where it failed before, replacing the usual rotating nut and bolt system with solid metal fixings screwed into the ends and the side bars, which simply slot together then tighten in. This makes it quicker and much less fiddly to assemble as well as stronger. For the money, I’d recommend this bed.


Bed and mattress

Heard a few bad things about the company but we went in and after a time of being followed around the shop by the manager, after us asking for time on our own to look around, eventually we were left to have a look for ourselves, we went ahead and bought the king-size bed and mattress but also a single bed in white and both mattresses, the quality is amazing I'd go as far as to say its the best nights sleep I've ever had having severe back problems I spend a lot of time lying down,so good quality goods means a, lot to me. Thankyou Dreams you have accomplished what we needed. And delivery was, great


Very sturdy, well made solid wood bed frame.

I wanted a simple design, solid wood, sturdy double bed frame for my spare room. Found what looked about right on Dreams website and visited the local shop to see it for real. The bed frame was sturdier than expected and was just what I wanted. The price, too, was very reasonable for such a good quality item and so I ordered one immediately. As well as a cup of tea during my visit, I was given plenty of advice regarding the delivery date, which went very smoothly. I was even notified by the couriers down to the nearest hour on the actual day. Overall a very pleasing shopping experience.


Simple to put together

I had this bed frame delivered during the lockdown period and I live in a flat on the first floor on my own. The delivery men were lovely and told me how much each box weighed. I managed to get it all up in to the flat and decided to see if I could put it together on my own, thinking I would end up sleeping on the sofa that night. I not only put it together on my own but did it in a hour. Super easy instructions. It's taken a few nights to get used to it as it's a bit harder than my previous bed but now I'm fine and it looks super lovely in my bedroom.


Excellent Wooden Bedstead

Bought this bed as a first double for our teenager daughter. Really impressed with how well made it is, it's very competitive price has no reflect on how well it is built. Went for sprung slats, which are set in a metal frame within the bedstead; there are centre legs beneath to support the middle of the bed, which wasn't apparent from the website but a good addition. Also purchased the bedside drawers to match. Delivery team were well humoured and professional. The bed was very simple and quick to put together. All round excellent service.


Frame 5* - slats may need DIY

The frame itself looks very good and was fairly easy to put together single-handed, once I understood how the connectors worked. The plain slatted base is comfortable with a foam mattress. It should be secured to the side rails with the 6 bolts provided, 3 either side. However the middle slat on mine did not have holes for the bolts, so I drilled them out myself. Likewise there was no pre-drilled hole in the centre of the slat to fix the 5th support leg, and I didn't want to risk the wood splitting here. Hopefully mine was a one-off.


Look fantastic

My youngest daughter had outgrown her toddler bed and needed a “grown up girl’s” bed. I wanted a pretty girly bed to match the furniture already in the bedroom and the bed from Dreams matched perfectly. I also bought the same bed for her sister so they matched and there were no arguments! I am very pleased with the products and they were easy enough to put up with no problems and seem robust enough despite having two lively children. The beds have helped to turn the room into a pretty girly den and I have two happy girls.


Looks good and is good.

We bought this frame to replace a sprung divan which was getting a bit old. We were a bit doubtful about getting a wooden frame because we would lose storage and wondered whether sprung slats would work as well as the ones in the divan. We need not have been so concerned. The frame looks much better and is made of quality materials.Combined with a new mattress it has proved to be much more comfortable than our previous bed. We have never slept so well for a long time. The storage loss was not a problem since we decluttered!


professional finished wood.

I bought this bed on the 31st of January and it is very comfortable, a good size and has a smooth finish that is well presented and polished wood that does not stub or splinter and the bed is comfortable as it has width and depth its got a good matres too which makes a big difference. the bed is very secure and the slats align perfectly its a good value buy for money and I would say is worth the wait. assembly was not too difficult and it has plenty of room and has a pleasing look the wood is very smooth and polished.


Perfect for sleepovers

The Woodstock comes with a guest unit that sits underneath the bed frame and can be raised and used as an additional bed. The action to raise the guest unit is easy to use. The guest unit slides out on wheels and then simply raise the frame and adjust the two sets of legs underneath. There’s room under the bed for the guest mattress to stay on the frame so you don’t have to find extra space to store this. Perfect for sleepovers as an alternative to bunk beds, the Woodstock is a practical addition to your home.


Good quality

Bought this bed recently and I am so pleased with this purchase. It is sturdy and the wood is really good quality. The colour matches my current furniture. Already had a new mattress which fitted perfectly and as I like a nice firm bed the wooden slats give me that. It is so lovely and comfortable and just looks really nice in my bedroom. I chose to have my old bed removed and this new one assembled. The 2 men who did this were friendly, and completed this in 20 minutes. Fantastic service.


Looks Great

Been looking for ages for a new bed frame and found Woodstock and after reading the reviews decided this was the one for us. Delivery was spot on and it only took hubby 20 mins to put it together. Yes it’s that easy! It looks great and matches our bedroom furniture perfectly. We had a pine bed frame before but it was so heavy and dark and it made the room look smaller but the Woodstock is much lighter and will be easy to move around. Can’t wait to sleep on it later! Highly recommend.


great bed

Bought this frame for my guest room to replace an old divan. Liked the look of it on the dreams website as well as the price. I wasnt dissapointed when it was assembled as its really nice looking. Its sturdy and solid and with the new silentnight mattress gives a nice comfortable nights sleep. The frame needed some significant airing to get rid of that new wood smell (probably the slats as they are untreated wood) but it eventually disappears and I'm really happy with my purchase.


Sturdy, comfortable and looks good

This is a lovely bed. We went with the sprung slats as I am hoping it is a bed which will last my 4 year old a good while. It is definitely comfy for an adult too. We haven't used the guest bed yet but it looks good. We opted to have it assembled which was definitely a good move. It looks lovely but is quite high so we have had to use bed guards for our little girl for the time being. I found it difficult to get a decent quality trundle bed and so far this seems to fit the bill.


Wonderful Woodstock Wooden Bed Frame

I bought this item within a month ago. It was delivered my Dreams on the delivery date and I received a handy text giving a 2 hour time slot I could expect it in. The delivery men were friendly and explained it was very easy to assemble. True to their word, myself and my boyfriend were able to assemble it within 30 minutes (first timers at assembling beds). The bed was self-explanatory but the instructions assisted. I am very happy with the quality and look of this bed.


Great product easy to assemble. Really pleased

I bought this item last month and despite being concede about assembling it myself it was fairly simple. Needed a hand with the bed slats, definitely a two person job, but other than that it was manageable. The lift of the bed is easy enough and the extra storage space is fantastic. Sturdy base which can take my weight if need to get to the hard to reach corners. Amazing item certainly recommend if needing that extra storage and wanting a great looking item


Good quality good value bed

I bought this for the guest bedroom in time for New Year when relatives were visiting. All arrived to plan after I contacted the shop to change delivery times. Customer service was excellent as I needed a morning time slot and the lady I spoke to couldn't have been more helpful in arranging it for me. Really easy to put together and true to the pictures. Looks good in my spare room and the relatives said they slept well on the bed (also with a dreams mattress).


Very happy and easy to put together

I was looking for a nice wooden bed and was pleasantly surprised with this one. Really simple to put together as my partner pretty much did it by myself. It looks great and it's very sturdy. It's a great price as well so no complaints from me. I also want to say that the two guys who delivered the bed were great as well. Very friendly and gave me some advice as to how to put it together (not that I remembered but I appreciated that they took the time!)


Overall greatness

I decided I needed an upgrade some time ago, immediately this caught my eye. Upon delivery from the very friendly and helpful delivery men, they explained how simple it was to construct. So simple in fact that I didn’t even use the manual (I forgot to) no bother however. This is a very well structured and quite a good looking bed frame (as far as good looking bed frames go). Honestly would recommend if you’re thinking about a bed such as this one.


Sturdy beds

I've been using both the single bed and guest bed for a few weeks now as my main bed for me and my partner (till lockdown is over) and I've been really impressed with the quality. Theres no movement or creaking from either bed. The guest bed is easy to fold away and looks really smart. The bed was also very easy to assemble. I completed the assembly on my own as a 27 year old female within about 15 minutes so you shouldnt have any trouble


Quick to put up

It was solidly made in real wood and quick to put up. I do't do this very often but managed this in less than 30 minutes and the locations for the Allen key were reasonably accessible. There was a central leg for the bed provided but this was pointless as there is no central support to put it in. In retrospect the version with the curved type of slats would have been a better choice than the one with long flat slats which I had.


Fab looking

I have been looking for a wooden bed, pine was my choice to start with, could find quite what I wanted. Then whilst looking at the beds on the Dreams website, woo hoo found it. Ash bed so smart and suits our cottage. It took us 15 mins to assemble. Love the way it looks as the bars are horizontal not vertical like alot of beds. I would recommend this bed to anyone looking for a inexpensive one. Great value for the money.


Great little bed

We bought this bed for my mum who has been in hospital for quite some time. Her old bed was quite high and she was at risk of falling out so we bought this bed for her as it is much lower. All the corners are nicely rounded so if she bumps herself on one of them there is less risk of a skin tear. It arrived bang on time and was very easy to assemble. All in all, we are very, very happy with the bed and the service we received.


Sturdy, Good Looking & Easy to put togeather

I've had the bed for about 2 weeks now and it's been great so far. It's a comfortable, solid and well manufactured bed. It looks and feels very sturdy with it's thick and wide solid wood slats. The bed frame doesn't have any give or wobble which is exactly what i was looking for. It's got a nice modern contemporary (without being garish) design that looks good anywhere and the bed was very quick and easy to assemble.


amazing bed and much better than i was antcipating

I have just bought a home and as such I am having to furnish from scratch which is an expensive process. As such my main reason for buying this bed was the cost i believe it is one of the cheapest beds dreams has on offer. When I received the product i was amazed the wood feels solid and high quality. you would not look at this bed frame and think it was a cheap product. its amazing value for money!


Fantastically Happy

I bought this product for my daughter as she needed a new bed. She was transferring from a cot bed and needed something bigger and better. We purchased based on price, quality and the guest bed option. It was easy to assemble and we were happy with the quality of finish. My daughter now loves her new bed and it’s extra bed feature is always handy when her cousin comes to stay. Ten out of ten.


Sturdy bed frame

Great delivery into room of choice. Easy enough to put together WITH THE RECOMMENDED 2 PEOPLE! I tried on my own and spent hours but prob just me! Love the wood, got the bedside tables to match. Would have been helpful to have the appropriate bolts etc inside, not stuck to the box as I nearly missed these in their small red packet ( or at least instructions saying where they are). Comfy bed though


Great single bed

Decided on this in white for the spare room. Along with a memory foam mattress. It’s very comfortable for nights when the wife kicks me out, only joking. I’ve had a few friends stop over and all have said how comfortable it is. The white goes with any colour, and the frame is well made. They Dreams guys assembled it for me, but it looked straight forward if you tried to tackle it yourself...


Good looking, strong and and easy to build bed

Bought to replace a similar style bed that side bar had broken. Looked for ages for one that would fit a 20cm deep matress on the trundle, and looked solid (i.e. not lots of small timber pieces glued together). Very happy with this and it was a bonus that it was very easy to put together (much easier than our previous one). Good enough quality for constant use in my teenage son's bedroom.


Looks great and seems sturdy

Received this bed a few weeks ago and I'm delighted with it so far. We chose it because we particularly like the rounded styling with less corners for small children to hurt themselves on. It was very easy to assemble, took maybe 30 minutes on my own with no issues. It seems to be very sturdy (although only time will tell). It's a great looking, modern bed for our child to grow up with


Very attractive woodwork and style

I bought this about a month ago because an ordinary divan bed would not fit upstairs. This came as a pack and was assembled very quick by the delivery men. The mattress fits nicely in the frame. The frame is very attractive and has a head frame. It looks nice in my room and the style and wood is an attractive modern design. It is also very comfortable and spacious for a single bed.


Great to have a comfy bed

Moved house in December but we couldn't get our old bed up the stairs. Ordered our new bed from Dreams. A mattress on the floor isn't great so it's been fantastic to be sleeping in a bed since mid January. It looks great and it's comfortable. Infact it's so comfortable we really struggled to get up at first. Hope this bed is still in stock when we come to replace our other beds.


Solid bed, great price

Bought one woodstock with solid slats, one with sprung. Both are great. Simple construction, looks like it will hold well over time. Frame wood is of a decent quality also. The solid slats, had some splintering of the wood grains where the connecting bolts are pre-drilled, peeled these away to avoid splinters when changing bedsheets in the future. The sprung slats are superb


Solid Sturdy Frame

I brought this bed 2 months ago. On the whole I like this bed, however it does have some imperfections in the wood e.g chips in the wood and some rough finishing on edging in different areas around the frame. However, I have reported it and am due for a inspection visit soon, where I hope I will get a replacement bed or parts replaced as I really love the overall bed design.


Good buy!

I bought this bed a month ago after looking at it in store. It was extremely easy to assemble and actually only required one person - the box said two but that's just because it's massive. I got the standard slats and comfort is no issue. It's also a good height so I can easily use the space underneath for storage. I bought it on sale so I would definitely recommend it.


Excellent quality at very reasonable price

Bought because it looked good in the showroom and seemed like good value. Loved the clean contemporary styling and now I've assembled it I can confirm the detailed finish is great. Quick and easy to assemble with robust fastenings, much better than the last one I put together and that was a considerably more expensive bed. I would now rate it as excellent value for money.


Amazing bed, amazing price

This bed was extremely easy to build. I put it together on my own and it was up in 10 minutes. All fixtures are already attached to the bed so it’s simply a case of slotting everything into place. All that is needed extra is a screw driver for middle leg. Frame feels robust and has a really nice finish which is impressive for the price. Definitely would recommend!


Solid Bed

Great communication and great delivery, the bed is really good and was easy to make, however this was made a little bit harder based on the fact that I was given the instructions for another bed! Was very easy to make even without instructions. Would buy from dreams again but next time I will ask for a PDF of instructions just in case its a harder bed to build.


Quality Bed

Bought over the weekend and arrived within a week by an efficient and friendly delivery team. The bed itself is simple in appearance but is made of high quality wood that is solid and sturdy. Simple enough to build with two people and the instructions were easy to follow. Would recommend this bed if you’re looking for a solid double bed on a relatively low budget.


Solid bed, easy assembly

I was a bit worried that for a budget priced bed, the quality would be a little compromised. No worries there though when it was delivered on time. Delivery tracker and driver contact was great and saved taking too much time off work waiting and waiting. The bed was easy to assemble and I'm glad I paid a little extra for the sprung slats. Very pleased.


Like bed, but damaged on arrival

This bed looks great in my room. I was disappointed upon unpacking and seeing that there were loose screws on a bracket which attaches the side panel to the footboard. During assembly I could see that the damaged bracket wasn't up to the job and I reinforced the join. The bed is sturdy now but I expected better quality than this from a major retailer.


Woodstock wooden bed review

Excellent bed, easy to assemble and sturdy design. The style for me is minimalist with a smooth varnished finish. I am impressed that the runners are 1 solid piece, not several glues together like other designs. Overall I am very impressed design, ease of assembly and finish. Would highly recommend this bed frame to friends, family and even strangers


Great bed - questionable fittings

The bed itself is very good. However, one of the connectors didn't fit. It was easy enough to open out and fix, but you don't expect that from a new bed. Had it been just one I would have suspected that it'd been dropped. However, I bought two identical beds and the problem was there on the second as well ! Clearly a manufacturing flaw in that batch.


Good looking, solid bed

Bought this bed to replace one we'd had & loved for 20 years but we wanted a king-size. Bed looks great, really happy with the quality and design. I love the detail of the joints which give it a little something extra. Bed was simple to build to so that's a bonus too. Overall a really nice, stylish piece of furniture which goes with anything.


LOVE this bed

I am absolutely in love with this bed frame. It looks perfect in our bedroom. I think it's such good value for money. We decided to buy the king size and are so happy with the amount of room we feel we have when we sleep, it's like we are sleeping separately! The simple wooden style is so in at the moment and this one is perfect for the price


Great and modern

I thought i would treat myself after having the same bed for 16 yrs my son put it. Together for me and now its up im so pleased the men that delivered it and the mattress was so polite friendly and helpful in carrying it up stairs.custom at dreams store in eastleigh was so helpful and friendly polite just like the delivery men rate 10/10


Gorgeous bed

I bought this bed two weeks ago and so glad that I did. It looks great in my room, even better then I remember in the showroom. The guys came and assembled it and within 25 minutes I had my new bed and mattress and my old ones taken away. Amazing service and I am so pleased with my bed. Literally do not want to get out of it in a morning!


Sturdy Build

I bought the bed frame in the single size and its quite sturdy for a wooden frame. I also like how the headboard has an interlocking system fitted so there is no screws showing which is aesthetically pleasing. However my had end to get nicked between the wood plank and mattress when changing covers. Overall its a great sturdy bed frame.


A well worth purchase!

The quality of the bed is brilliant, such good value for money. It looks exactly as shown in the pictures and it’s so straight forward to put together. I have been looking for a white wooden bed for a while and I am most definitely pleased with this purchase! Definitely got the most out of my money and would most definitely recommend.


Nearly 5 star

I bought this a month ago. It’s a great bed, very easy to put together and looks good in my room. It’s confortable and I’m very happy with my purchase. It would have gotten 5 stars but there wasn’t a hormsrilled for the top slat to screw into so we just laid that flat on top. Couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of sending back.


Solid and great value

Bought this and assembled it for my daughter’s room. It looks great and is very solid. When complete, my wife noticed a mark on the front of the headboard. She called Dreams and they were couldn’t have been better - they sent a new headboard and fitted it, even though I built the bed in the first place. great customer service!


Very sturdy bed frame

Purchased for my teenage son along with a pocket sprung double mattress. He is extremely pleased with it. Took us about 45 minutes to assemble. Really needs two people to do this. Bed frame is not too heavy when assembled but is very sturdy, no movement or creaks. Looks good for the price. Purchased sprung slat option.


Attractive and a good price

The bed is nice looking and was not too expensive. However it is not as sturdy as I would have hoped. It would benefit from an extra couple of wooden legs in the centre, we got a kingsize bed and there is only one small and rather flimsy leg in the centre of the bed Lets hope it holds out, I expected better from Dreams.


Nice bed frame. Waited 9 weeks!

We bought this frame to replace our old ottoman so it was very different. The bed looks simple yet classy. We bought a mattress with it and it came right to the same height as the end of bed frame. My husband single handedly assembled the frame with no problems.. The downside, we had to wait for 9 weeks for delivery!!!


Much nicer than I imagined

I needed a new bed, had always fancied a king-size and rather liked the minimalist look of this one. I was a bit wary about how it would look and the quality of the wood considering the price, however when it arrived I was genuinely pleased. It’s a lovely honey-coloured wood, feels pretty sturdy and fits together well.


Good quality bed

I was looking for a good quality, reasonably priced, modern looking bed for my small bedroom, and this is exactly what I got. The bed is of a very good quality. It looks very smart, simple but modern. I chose self assembly and the instructions were very clear and it was easy to put together. Very happy with this bed.


Spot on

Whilst I am thoroughly satisfied with the product, I wish to complement Dreams on their excellent delivery, with a well communicated time slot, phone numbers to contact, and the ability to speak to someone was very accomodating. The drivers took their shoes off on entering the house, and I am very pleased all round.


Quality materials and easy to put together

Bought this for my 16 year old daughter and delighted with our experience of dealing with Dreams. Kept fully up to date with delivery and when product arrived impressed with quality of materials. Both myself and my daughter put the bed frame together, which was very straight forward with clear instructions provided.


Good solid bed

I bought the single bed for my son who was moving out of a toddler bed. The assembly instructions were very easy to follow and allan keys included so no tools required. Bed feels very solid and likely to last a long time. Delivery team were very courteous too, delivering the bed and mattress to room of our choice.


Bed frame that exceeded expectations

This frame ticked every box. Excellent value, very solid, modern great looking design. This is better than many beds we saw on our search for the perfect one, that were more than twice the price. So good that we almost bought another one for the spare room but eventually decided that variety is the spice of life.


Mothers new bed

I bought this bed for mother 2 weeks ago, and was very pleased with it. The only recommendation I would make is to let clients know that the conditions of the old bed disposal needs to be more specific. My mum who is 94 loves it. The schamphered edges on the head and base board are excellent design and detail.


Good but a few issues

Overall a very good looking bed and seems very sturdy after a month of use. A very nice height and the storage is amazing! A thing to mention however Is the poor delivery condition it arrived in as the parts didn’t seem to be properly fit and has caused them to hit off one another resulting in a few minor marks.


Fabulous bed frame

Ordered this as I usually have divans, thought I would try something different. The frame came well boxed and it took my son in law no time in putting it up for me ( I am elderly ) the slats are on a sheet type of thing so easy to lay. All in all I am extremely happy with it and it looks lovely in my bedroom.


Good Price Indeed!

Bought this wooden bed frame from Dreams 1 month ago for my guests. So far, it is fantastic product, nice good looking colour also looks very solid & strong. Ample space at the bottom of the Bed as well which can be a tidy storage space if you need storage. Overall, highly satisfied with the product so far.


Sturdy design and great aesthetic

I bought this before Christmas. It seems to be well built thus far, easy to put together and I like the look of it. Particularly the fact there is plenty of space underneath for hidden things. Delivery was timely, I was told the hours they would arrive and the delivery drivers were prompt and friendly.


Great bedframe

I purchased this bed for our master bedroom. It was incredibly easy to assemble. I also purchased the upgraded slat system with sprung slats and additional metal poles to support the middle of the bed. Have been using the bed for several weeks now and am very pleased. Would highly recommend this bed.


Easy to assemble, looks great.

Purchased for new property. Chose the spring slat option and it was ideal it came folded in half, helped make the building process easier. Otherwise it was just attaching 4 lengths of pre assembled wood together. Recommends to people, managed by myself but a second set of hands would have helped.


Ottoman bed frame - loads of storage

Great find for my daughter who is back and forth to Uni and has so much ‘stuff’ and claims she doesn’t have enough room to put it all away. Not used yet as I am decorating and she isn’t home but it looks great, no huge headboard to dominate the room, lifts up easily and plenty of storage underneath.


Solid bed

I bought this bed for my 8 year old son and I’m very happy with my purchase. The bed looks fantastic and seems to be solidly constructed. It was very easy to put together and I expect it to last a good few years. it was well packaged and the delivery service was excellent. I thoroughly recommend!


Great quality

I bought the bed frame a couple of weeks ago and it has proved to be a really great purchase. The curved edges and workmanship on these joints bring a modern scandi look to the frame. We are pleased we paid the extra money for the sprung slatted base too. Quality and style for an excellent price.


Great quality

We are very pleased with this bed. It is very sturdy and the wood is a lovely quality. Please be aware that the dimensions are not correct on the website. There is a 36cm space underneath the main bed. The height of the main bed is 46cm. You could fit a mattress up to 22cm onto the guest bed.


Timeless Design

I have used this bed for three weeks. It was fairly easy to assemble. It came with all the parts and took 35 minutes to assemble. It looks very good as it has a simple timeless design. I would have preferred a stronger support for the horizontal slats in the middle, but it does seem sturdy.


Very comfortable

The bed is very comfortable and looks great in our room. It was delivered quickly and was easy to assemble. The only reason i haven't given it 5 stars is that one of the slats split after 2 days but it was replaced (and accompanied by a spare) within 2 days of us contacting Dreams about it


Beautiful bed.

I bought this bed a couple of weeks ago and has so far it has been good. The wood is beautiful and it feels sturdy. My only negative is that the slats are different to those in the instructions however we were able to work it out. Now just waiting for the matching bedside units to arrive.


Smart guest bed with compact footprint

The frame looks great made up and is not too chunky, so doesn’t take up much more space than the mattress itself, unlike other double beds. Some of the construction screws are a bit skinny and did not grip fully into the pre-drilled holes so we may replace them with heavier duty ones.


Simple and strong, looks great

Just what I wanted, classic and simple bed frame that feels very sturdy and looks clean and stylish in my room. Was also extremely easy and quick to out together Great delivery options and really helpful delivery guys getting it up to my flat for me. Great value for money all round.


quality bed with affordable price

I like the round corner design because you don't have to worry your child will bump into the sharp corners. The price is very affordable. It can be assembled easily with two adults. The foot panel is high enough to keep the mattress but is low enough to allow you getting off the bed.



Brought this bed and so far so good as im a stocky bloke only thing im worried about is that there is only 1 little bit of wood in middle of strutts to hold me and my wife past beds ive had has had bit wood up the middle for strengh but dreams seem to make good beds so we shall see


Second one I’ve bought

I bought one of these beds a year ago for my parents guest room and recently purchased another for my second bedroom. Simply because it so well priced and looks great with any bedroom design. Well made and simple to put together. So there you go, a perfect double for a great price.


Fantastic service and new bed

I have now bought two of these beds over the last six months. They are very solid and have a nice feature headboard and footboard I added sprung slats and find it very comfortable and extremely sturdy. The service from purchase to delivery was 5 Star Very good value for money


Solid Frame

Had this a few weeks now to replace my old blocks, delivery service was great from Dreams, easy set up by myself, no power equipment needed, really solid frame, it doesn't creak or feel unstable and seems like it would be easy enough to pack down and move again should you need to.


Amazing Bed Frame!

I bought my new bed frame a month ago and I absolutely love it! It is strong and sturdy without being too big or bulky. It was really easy and simple to assemble and was easily put up by one person. The colour of the bed frame is really nice. I would 100% recommend this bed frame.



Purchased this bed frame a few weeks ago but because of having the room redecorated it was not assembled until yesterday. I found the instructions easy to understand and I assembled it myself without any trouble. We are pleased with the purchase and enjoyed my first nights sleep.


Great !

I bought this bed as I needed to be able to clean underneath my bed and the divan was just too heavy and cumbersome to move. It`s lovely to look at, easy to clean, easy to move and clean underneath. The wood is solid and it`s well made. Nice looking and my bedroom looks fab !


Well-made and good value

We bought this bed a month ago and we are very pleased with it. It looks good, with a plain, simple design that could fit almost any bedroom style. It's well-made in quality wood, sturdy, and looks like it'll last a long time. And at £199 it's fairly priced and good value too.


Excellent product!

This is the second Woodstock wooden bed I have purchased as I have been so pleased with the one I purchased 2 years ago. I purchased another for a guest room. The instructions are easy to follow therefore simple to construct. I would certainly buy again and recommend to others.


Excellent Quality and Build

Bought this for spare bedroom, chose the upgraded wood slat base. It hasn't been slept on but I can say I am a 70 year old lady and managed to assemble it myself, the manufacture is first class, the instructions very easy to follow and I am very pleased with the appearance.


thoughtfully designed furniture

I bought this for my daughter post visit to local dreams store . she is now happy and enjoying the thoughtfully designed furniture every night . Under bed space which means storage room for girls, so that's an added bonus .Thanks "Dreams" for the comfy and stylish the bed is.


Great all round bed!!

We bought this bed for our spare room, we had experienced different bed frames in the past, most of which would feel rickety and/or squeak, this bed on the other hand looks and feels solid, and have had perfect feedback from those who have spent nights in it. A must buy!!


Nice beds but colour not as website

Ordered 2 beds for my daughters. Much darker wood than the pics on the website or the one we saw in local store, so doesn't look as expected. That said, easy to put together, came well packaged and the communication regarding delivery from Dreams throughout was exceptional.


Amazing Value

I bought this double bed about a month ago and I'm really thrilled with it. It's incredible value for money and looks far more expensive than it is.It fits in well with my slightly retro decor. I assembled it solo and found it pretty easy, and it seems sturdy. Very pleased!


Great bed frame!

I bought this a month a go and I’m so happy I did I wasn’t expecting how good it was from the value and pictures they seriously don’t give it justice but to my surprise it was much more than expected and was so easy to assemble the easiest bed frame I’ve ever come across


Great rigid bed frame

I bought this bed to replace an existing metal framed bed this now means my son has a good nights sleep instead of listening to the creeks and squeaks of the old metal frame. I would really recommend the solid build of this bedframe and the ease in which it is assembled.


Great value for the price

Bed frame is solid and was easy to build, probably would be easier with a second person to assist, but I built it on my own, simple to do. Frame has been solid since building and no issues, definitely recommend if your on a budget or want something sturdy yet well priced


Fantastic purchase

This is the second time I buy this bed. I love this product because it is very strong and has an excellent quality. My husband and I built it. It was quite easy to do it and it didn't take us more than 40 minutes. It is exactly what we need. Comfortable, nice and firm.


Lovely bed!

Great product! The bed is really high quality, and looks lovely in my new house. I wanted something simple but tasteful, that wouldn't take up too much space or make the room look too small. Would highly recommend this frame, it looks much more expensive than it is.

Questions and Answers About Woodstock Wooden Bed Frame

What is the difference between solid slat and spring slat options?

Answer: Hi , Sprung slats are from a stronger wood, have an extra strengthening bar in the middle and are upwardly curved. This means they're more durable. We recommend upgrading to sprung slats if this will be your main bed. Solid slats are the basic pine planks that hold your mattress up from the floor. You should see them if you look under your mattress. Thank you for your question.

What is the difference between slat and solid slat on the base of the bed. Thanks

Answer: Hi , Sprung slats are stronger wood, have an extra strengthening bar in the middle and are upwardly curved. This means they're more durable. We recommend upgrading to sprung slats if this will be your main bed. Solid slats are the basic pine planks that hold your mattress up from the floor. You should see them if you look under your mattress. Thank you for your question.

I'm looking at the double Woodstock bed frame, does it have an extra support leg, and if so is it absolutely necessary to fit it?

Answer: Hi , If you have the sprung slats then yes there are three, and needed however if you select solid slats not all beds come with the support leg and yes you can use the beds without this as usually this is an evolved version of the original design. Not using a support leg that is provided, although the bed can be used as normal, would void any warranty. Thank you.

Can I order mattresses from yourselves as I do not see the option.  Many thanks tony

Answer: Hi Tony, Of course, if you look in the description box there is a link titled 'wide range of mattresses' that will direct you to our mattress options. Be sure to check our bed & mattress guide for guidance on which mattress is best for you. You can find this in our 'Inspiration & Advice' link in the main navigation bar. Thank you for your question.

What is the size of the packaging the box comes in when unassembled?

Answer: Hi , This depends on which size bed frame you get. Please see the dimensions below: Single Box 1: 100.9 x 106.5 x 15.5cm Box 2: 197 x 19 x 12cm Double: Box 1: 147.9 x 106.5 x 15.5cm Box 2: 197 x 19 x 12cm King: Box 1: 162.9 x 106.5 x 15.5cm Box 2: 207 x 19 x 12cm Thank you for your question.

Hi, I would like this woodstock bed. Can I use, is it suitable for my mattress which is a Dormeo, wellbeing, hybrid memory foam and sprung mattress ?

Answer: , Providing the dimensions of your mattress are compatible with that of the Woodstock Bed Frame then this would be suitable to use. Please note that having a mattress on sprung slats will offer a slightly different feel to have a mattress on a solid base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you share a photo of what the base of the bed looks like? Or can you explain to me whether it's made from wood like the rest of the bed is meant to be or whether it is metal it is unclear in the photos whether this is fully wooden?

Answer: , This product is made up with wooden slats. If you upgrade to sprung slats, this will also be wooden slats, within a metal frame to hold them. Technical Diagrams can be seen within the assembly instructions download in the product overview. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, we cannot get our divan bed up the stairs due to a tight corner. Presumably all the wooden parts are disassembled so should not be a problem?

Answer: , I am sorry to hear that your divan base did not fit. This bed is delivered in 3 packages, if you select the size of the bed you require then look at the delivery section on the page it will provide you with the box dimensions. Many thanks Dreams

I'm quite tall does the wood at the bottom of the bed come above the mattress height? what height is the wooden frame at the base above where the mattress sits?

Answer: , The height from the floor to the top of the foot end is 58cm, it will depend on your mattress height as to how high the foot end will sit above your mattress The height from the floor to the top of the side rail is 22cm Kind regards, Dreams

Does this come in a single?

Answer: Hi , The Woodstock only comes in a double, and a guest bed option (single bed with another pull out bed underneath). If you search for 'Woodstock' in the search bar you will see both options. Thank you for your question.

Why isn't the matresss included?

Answer: Hi , The mattress is shown for photo purposes only. However, selling the bed frame separately allows you to choose your own mattress based on your own preference and comfort needs. Thank you for your question.

please advise as to how the legs are fixed to the frame and is there an intermediate support under the centre of the bed/matress

Answer: Hello, The legs are joint as one piece on the head and foot end of the frame. The bed frame will not have a under bed support as there is a option to have a guest bed underneath if needed. Many thanks for the question.

Hi I see there's a dimension measuremnt tolerance of +/-2cm, could I ask that someone check the exact width of the bed? The 2cm difference would mean a big difference to whether this will fit in my room. Thank you.

Answer: , The tolerance is due to manufacturing of the materials to make the bed. We are unable to guarantee an exact measurement i'm afraid as we do have to allow for these tolerances. Kind regards Dreams

Does the footboard extend above the top of a normal sprung mattress, or can feet dangle off the end of the bed?

Answer: Hi , This would depend on the depth/height of your chosen mattress. A mattress around 22cm would fit into this frame evenly. Any higher would then be higher than the foot end. Thank you for your question.

Why are there two beds?

Answer: , We only have one Woodstock Bed Frame which is available with either Sprung or Solid Slats. In addition, we also have a Woodstock Bedside Cabinet that compliments this frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the height of the bed ? Product code 23300020

Answer: Hi , If you scroll down on the product page, you will see a tab titled 'dimensions'. Click this, and it will show you all dimensions for this product. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Hi yes could you please tell me what the maxinum weight each size of the base can hold?

Answer: , We currently don’t specify a weight limit to our bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability. Kind Regards, Dreams

How many pounds (kg) can the bed hold?

Answer: , We currently don’t specify a weight limit to our bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi can you confirm what age is suitable for children using the single bed please?

Answer: , We do not specify a minimum age for Children to use this bed however we do recommend considering the height of the child versus the height of the bed for safety reasons. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, the support bar that's the length of the bed for the sprung slats, what is it made of? Thanks

Answer: , The support bar is part of the drop in frame, which folds in half down the middle and is supported by extra legs. The frame, including support bar is made of metal. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you let me know the measurements for a single bed please? I have a specific space for a single bed, so need to make sure the ones online are accurate.

Answer: Hi , If you scroll down to the description and click onto the dimensions tab, you will be able to see the measurements for a single. Both cm and inches are provided. We hope this helps you.

Do you dispose of ottoman bed frames?

Answer: , Yes, ottomans can be recycled as part of our recycling service. You can find out more information about it here: Kind Regards, Dreams

Can u make 2 storage draws on wheels for under side of this bed

Answer: , We do not have matching drawers for this bed frame, however you may be interested in the Fleetwood under bed storage drawers which are new to our website, Kind Regards, Dreams

I ordered a king size Woodstock wooden bed. What’s the weight it can hold? We are 70kg and 60 kg

Answer: , Our bed frames are designed to take a range of different weights of mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not specify a particular weight limit. Kind Regards, Dreams

I need to put boxes under the single bed so will make some blocks. What is the square dimension of each leg.. about 4 cms.? And what is the measurement (single bed) at the foot of the bed from the outside of the leg to the outside of other leg ..94 cms?

Answer: Hi , The square dimensions of the legs are 4cm each. The width from one outside leg to the other will be the same as the width of the bed - 96cm. Thank you for your question.

Please could you tell me the distance between each slat

Answer: , Please see below slat distances; Solid; Single - 8cm Double - 8cm King - 9cm Sprung; Single - 4.7cm Double - 4.7cm King - 5.2cm Kind Regards, Dreams

If I pay to have my Bed Frame recycled do I have to dismantle it, or will that be included in the price?

Answer: , For the disposal service the bedframe would need to be dismantled ready for our team to collect as unfortunately we cannot assist with this. Many thanks Dreams

Are there assembly instructions for this frame? There doesn't appear to be in the Instructions section of your website.

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately, this has not been updated as yet. The bed is simply built with assembly instructions being provided within the packaging. Many thanks for the question.

Is there a gap between the mattresses when the two single beds are joined up as one large double bed?

Answer: Hi , There will be a slight partition, but there shouldn't be a hugely noticeable gap that would cause inconveniences. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Can you purchase the guest bed option at a later date than the main bedframe? 

Answer: Hi , No, this product is a guest bed. However, you can purchase the woodstock as a normal frame here: Thank you.

Is there a mattress weight limit for the lift up mechanism to work?

Answer: Hi , No there is no specific mattress weight limit for this lift up mechanism to work. It will work with all majority of mattresses. Thank you for your question.

Does the Woodstock wooden bed frame have a warranty? And if so how long?

Answer: , Dreams offer a guarantee of 12 months on all bed frames; this can be extended to 8 years by purchasing our bed cover service plan. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the metal frame for the sprung slat bed come in one piece or multiple & then put together? If the former how big is it for both double & King?

Answer: , Our sprung slat unit is a folding unit that comes in two parts, these are already joined and so there is no assembly required. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, do you have under bed storage that would fit this model?

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately we do not sell separate under bed storage. However, we do have some frames that come with under bed drawers. Thank you for your question.

I already own the Woodstock single bed. How can I now order the guest bed separately please?

Answer: Hi , Please give us a ring on 0344 292 0000 to speak to our customer services team regarding this query. We will be sure to help. Thank you for your question.

Hi, in the pictures the mattress looks level to the footboard. Is this the case for the double sized frame? Thanks

Answer: , This would depend on the depth of the mattress you have. The distance from the slats to the top of the footboard is 23.7cm. Many thanks Dreams

Are the solid slats flat and the sprung ones arched?

Answer: Hi, Yes this is correct, sprung slats are more durable and provide greater strength. We recommend these if the bed in question is your every day bed. Thank you.

Hi, does the mattress sits inside the frame or on top of it?

Answer: , The mattress will sit inside the frame on top of the slats, the side rails will slightly come up the side of the mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this bed frame in stock

Answer: , This bed frame is on a 2 week lead time from point of order. Earliest delivery date (depending on postcode) is 16th January. Kind Regards, Dreams

the duvet cover that is shown on the bed as i would like to buy both but i cant figure out where the duvet cover is from?

Answer: , Unfortunately this duvet cover is from our old range that we have discontinued so we no longer have any details for this. Many thanks Dreams

At what height does the slats start how many inches are they from the floor ?? 

Answer: , The slats are approximately 29cm from the floor. Options Double and above have a central support leg which is adjustable. Kind regards, Dreams

Can you replace parts of the bed frame for example if it’s damaged or broken?

Answer: , We do have replacement parts for our beds. Please contact our Customer Service Team who will be able to assist you. Kind Regards, Dreams

What are the dimensions of the three packages and the weight of each package.

Answer: Hi , To find out this specific product information, please contact our customer services on 0800 652 5090. Many thanks for the question.

What mattress length does this bed require? 190cm or 200cm?

Answer: , it will depend what size bed frame you need. A single and double will need a mattress 190cm long, a king will need a mattress 200cm long

Can this bed frame be taken down and reassembled if we move? Thanks

Answer: , This frame is held together with bolts and screws, so it is possible to dismantle and reassemble if required. Kind regards, Dreams

What guarantee is given with this bed Woodstock double bed 

Answer: Hi , This product comes with a guarantee of 1 year, but we do offer an 8 year service plan at an extra fee. Thank you for your question.

DOes the second bed that goes underneath come with the single bed? 

Answer: , None of our bed frames come with any mattresses and therefore this will need to be purchased separately. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there a support leg in the middle of the single? I want to put a trundle bed under.

Answer: , The Single option does not have a support leg, so this allows for a trundle bed to be stowed underneath. Kind Regards, Dreams

We are ready to order two of the Woodstock beds from you. We will however need to dispose of the old beds. Do you offer a disposal service?

Answer: , Unfortunately during these times we cannot offer a disposal service. We apologies for any convenience. Kind regards Dreams

hi, can you collect this bed from the store or does it have to be delivered?

Answer: , This bed is only available for delivery and unfortunately cannot be collected from any Dreams store. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello what mattress size would suit a single bed ? 

Answer: , For a single bed the best mattress would be a standard single mattress that measures 90cm x 190cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Where is the wood sourced from for this bed? Is it sustainability sourced e.g. FSC certified? 

Answer: , The wood for this bed is sourced from France and is currently not FSC certified for this frame Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the mattress sit inside the wooden frame to stop it moving around?

Answer: , The bed frame has a small lip down the sides above the slats that will prevent mattress movement. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the 'double 4'6' bed frame have a middle under support leg?

Answer: , Yes, the double frame does come with a support leg that goes in the centre of the bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can the two beds put together be used as a double bed?

Answer: Hello, This will be down to personal choice however will still require two single mattresses. Many thanks for the question.

What sort of screwdrivers will I need to put this bed together?

Answer: , The bed frame is assembled with an allan key (supplied) and a cross head screwdriver. Kind regards, Dreams

Will a small double ever be available in this bed?

Answer: , Unfortunately there are no current plans to stock a small double in this bed frames Kind Regards, Dreams

is there a centre support bar under the slats

Answer: , Yes there is a single support leg in the middle of the frame underneath the slats Kind Regards, Dreams

Has the bed got a middle leg as I like to use the under bed space

Answer: , Yes there is a single support leg in the middle of the frame underneath the slats Kind regards Dreams

What is thickness of the mattress used in the image? Alternatively what mattress is being used in the picture?

Answer: , The mattress used in this image is now discontinued but it was 23cm in depth. Kind Regards, Dreams

is it made of solid wood?

Answer: Hi This mattress is not made from any single solid wood. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Hello - When the second bed is set up is it the same height as the main bed? Its just we'd also like to use it as a double by pushing the two beds together and were wondering if this was possible! Thanks

Answer: Hi , Yes, they should be the same height as long as the mattresses are the same height as each other. Thank you.

Does the bet come with a mattress?if so what kind of mattress

Answer: , This does not come with a mattress, it will need to be purchased separately. Kind regards Dreams

Good afternoon, is it possible to make the legs longer? We are looking for a bit more space under the bed.

Answer: , Unfortunately you are unable to adjust the length of the legs on this bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

On the double bed frame which has a support leg, is this strong enough to support the slats as most beds have a support bar from top to bottom

Answer: , Yes, this has been designed to support the slats that come with the bed. Kind regards Dreams

When would storage for this bed be completed?

Answer: , At the moment we do not offer any additional storage options for this bed Kind Regards, Dreams

what is the clearance under the bed  

Answer: Hi , The clearance under the bed measures at 22cm. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Hi Please can you tell me what parts of the bed are veneered? Thanks

Answer: Hi , The side panels and the panels within the headboard will be veneered. Thank you for your question.

Do u sell the plastic clips to keep the slats held in please

Answer: Hi , Please call customer services on the number at the top of our site. Thank you for your question.

what is the width of a solid slat and what is the gap between the slats

Answer: Hi roo roo, The width of the solid slat is 7cm and the gap between them is 8cm. Thank you for your question.

Do you do the furniture range that accompanies this bed

Answer: Hi , Not at present, however it could be something we add in later dates. Thank you for your question.

Do you provide an assembly service and if so is there a charge

Answer: Hi , Yes we do. You can add this charge on to your order within checkout. Thank you for your question.

What is the ash wood bed made of please?

Answer: , This bed frame is made from a combination of solid ash and ash veneer. Kind regards, Dreams

Are there any chests of drawers in this range?

Answer: , Unfortunately there are no chest of drawers available in this range. Kinds regards, Dreams

Hi, I have european standard matterace 140cm width will this matterace fit in the bedframe? thanks

Answer: Hi , This frame takes a mattress to these dimensions: 137cm x 190cm. We hope this helps you.

Please can you tell me the measurement from the floor to the underside of the dbl bed ('E' in the dimensions drawing) I'd like to know how much space there is for underbed storage boxes/ or possibly even a trundle which I know I'd need to purchase separat

Answer: , The dimension from the floor to the underside of the bed is 36cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can a single tempur matteress fit this bed ?

Answer: , All standard UK sized single mattresses should fit the Woodstock Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, could the king size take a 160cm x 200cm mattress?

Answer: Hi , The king size will only take mattresses sized 150cm x 200cm. Kind regards Dreams

Can you confirm if the dimensions as shown on your website are correct? The dimensions of " Floor to top of side rail" at 29cm seems particularly low when compared to a 'standard single bed' and even when compared to the "Foot-end height" of 58cm. 

Answer: Hi , Yes, the dimensions are correct as shown for this model. Thank you for your question.

Hi, can the queen frame it fit 140cm european standard matterace. Or the inside is fit 135cm? thanks?

Answer: Hi , The measurements for the double bed are : 137cm x 190cm Thank you for your question.

How much of the bed frame is solid wood rather than veneer? 

Answer: , Only the side rails of the Woodstock Bed Frame are Oak Veneer. Kind Regards, Dreams

We’re missing a lot of fittings/ stands under the bed due to moving, do you sell fittings separately?

Answer: Hi , Please call customer services on the number at the top of our site. Thank you.

Will this be ok for a 22 stone person

Answer: , Yes, this bed would be suitable for a 22 Stone person. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the Woodstock available in white?

Answer: , Yes, this bed frame is available in white as well as ash. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, is this flat packed. I cannot get a single bed up the stairs (mattress is fine) so both the main bed and the guest bed would need to be self assembled.

Answer: Hi , Yes this bed is flat packed. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

will you take my old bed away if i make an order

Answer: Hi , Yes we have recycling options. You can add this option within checkout. Thank you

I have a very limited gap in which to fit the bed (142.5cm) would this bed fit in that gap as it says allow +/- 2cm. thank you

Answer: Hello, The bedframe will just about fit into this tight space. Many thanks for the question.

Does the double with solid slats have a central support?

Answer: , The solid slat system does have a center support leg. Many thanks Dreams

Are the sprung slats on this bed suitable for use with a pocket sprung mattress? Thanks

Answer: , Yes a pocket sprung mattress would be suitable to use. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the weight limit for users of both the single and the guest bed?

Answer: Hi , We do not have set weight limits on our frames. Thank you for your question.

How heavy is the bed, please

Answer: , The weight of the Woodstock in a double is 42kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

Provided they are under 22cm deep can I use two identical matresses for these beds?

Answer: Hi , Yes of course, this would be absolutely fine. Thank you for your question.

Hello, how high is the underbed storage please? Many thanks

Answer: Hi , The height of the under-bed storage is 22cm. Thank you for your question.

Thank you JSDreams for your answer but I think the dimension you gave must be that between the legs along the length of the 3ft Woodstock bed. I was after the dimension between the legs on the end of the bed. Hope you can answer this. Thanks

Answer: , I apologise about this, the dimension is 88.4cm. Many thanks Dreams

What are the dimensions, (see your dimension diagram) dimension E and Dimension F of the Woodstock 4'6" Double wooden bed please. Yes I am aware there is a central leg. Many thanks.

Answer: , Dimension F is 22cm and dimension E is 36cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

On the king size bed whats the max weight this bed would handle

Answer: Hi, We do not have weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Hello I’m planning to buy a clip-on hanging shelf that will attach to this bed frame.  Please could you tell me the width of the side rails so that I know what size clip will fit.  Many thanks

Answer: , The width/thickness of the side rail is 2cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

when the base of the guest bed is up, is it the same height as the base of the proper bed, so that both mattresses can be the same height when using as a double is the guest bed a full 3ft width size

Answer: Hi , Yes, the guest bed is a 3ft single. Thank you for your question.

Is the main bed assembled using dowel and bolts or metal clips as with metal frame beds. The one in the Shrewsbury store has metal clip assembly which facilitates dismantling unlike a dowel system.

Answer: Hello, This will be constructed in the same way. Many thanks for the question.

What is the the gap between the sprung slats?

Answer: , There is a gap of 6cm between the slats. Kind Regards, Dreams

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