Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Rated 4.75/5 based on 649 customer reviews
Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

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Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6

Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

The Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame is sold by Dreams and manufactured by the internal brand called The Dreams Workshop.  The Ealing is the start of a growing trend in the Dreams bed frame inventory that is seeing them branch out more and more toward ottoman storage options over traditional frames. The reasoning is simple however, Ottoman frames are not only more useful, thanks to their built in full-surface-area design, they're also more frequently higher reviewed. People simply love ottoman bed frames.

The Ealing is a complete solution, this means that not only do you get the frame and the ottoman solution underneath, you also get the pictured vertically-stitched padded headboard to rest your head against while watching TV or reading a book. The padding does a great job of offering depth and comfort to a stylish and textured fabric frame.

With a depth of 29cm, the storage on offer is impressive, giving more than ample room for linens, sheets and other bedding that you want to keep hidden. As far as practical storage solutions go, this one's a winner. 

Reviews for the Ealing are good, with over 600+ at time of review and an impressive 96% consumer satisfaction. Customers remarked on the good space saving features of the base, while others commented on how easy it all fits together, making it an easy go-to for those that don't want to spend the day having to relearn DIY. Among the reviews surrounding ease of use were more positive tones surrounding the build quality and design, with many remarking on the modern and timeless design that aims to please.

Negative reviews were far harder to come buy with  a small handful surrounding poor lead times through the pandemic. This is something that has since been rectified and while delivery times have never been particularly impressive with the Dreams lineup, they are at least now reflective of when you will receive the item. We had 2 more complaints surrounding a strong chemical smell that was lingering longer than the 24hours you would normally expect but both of these were from the same time period a year ago which would suggest potential storage issues surrounding one particular batch and not something indicative of further issues or scrutiny.

The Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame is available in two different colours of grey and silver. I typically recommend the darker grey however, in the case of the Ealing the grey is perhaps a little two dark for my tastes and so the silver likely wins out for me. 

Reasons to Buy

Fairly quick delivery lead time of 10 days.

Both colours are neutral that will easily blend in with existing decor.

Price point won't offend those looking for value.

Reviews are strong and customer satisfaction is extremely high.

End loading ottomans are a great easy way to lift the unit.

Reasons to Avoid

No superking option available will disappoint those looking to dress a larger room.

Only available to view in-person in a very limited amount of Dreams stores, however, customers have provided us with plenty of room shots that will help your buying decision.

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Of The Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good

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What Makes The Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Great?

Vertical stitched padded headboard, ultra slimline ottoman base

This headboard is perfect for people who want to make a statement. It comes with an ultra slimline ottoman base with vertically stitched padded upholstery that will save space in your bedroom.

Upholstered in a slightly textured woven fabric

Frames can come in numerous different materials, and designs. This one in particular comes with fabric upholstered in a modern design that is sure to leave guests envious of it's fantastic style and comfort. 

Available in 2 colours, grey and silver

There are a couple of different colour options available that will be dictated by your existing (or planned) decor for your room. We would recommend contrasting colours right now as that seems to be the fashion, but mileage will vary.

Features front opening ottoman storage

This front end opening ottoman storage is perfect for condominiums, apartments, and smaller homes. It's a great way to make the most of vertical space in your living room or bedroom

Solid slimline base board

Build time: 2 people | 1.5 hours

This frame is quite an advanced build that will take an hour and a half with two people. That's not to say you couldn't manage this sort of thing yourself, however, it is advisable to utilise an extra set of hands.

Let our experts assemble your bed - select this service at the checkout

The supplier has a unique installation and assembly service whereby the consumer is able to have their product built by the experts. This was you can avoid a lot of swearing, missplacing tools and yelling at your kids and end up with the finished product from the get go. Take advantage of this service by adding this product to the basket and heading to the checkout to see options

Need your old bed frame removed? Let our delivery team remove and recyle your bed frame, simply add this service at the checkout. Or find out more info here.

Bed recycling services allow for your bed or mattress to be taken away on delivery of your new one. This saves a painstaking trip to the local tip in a car too small for the job, or a costly council visit. Options available in the checkout for this service.

Need your old bed frame removed? Let our delivery team remove and recycle your bed frame, simply add this service at the checkout. Or find out more info here.

Bed recycling services allow for your bed or mattress to be taken away on delivery of your new one. This saves a painstaking trip to the local tip in a car too small for the job, or a costly council visit. Options available in the checkout for this service.

Features front opening ottoman storage (Storage depth: 29cm)

This front end opening ottoman storage is perfect for condominiums, apartments, and smaller homes. It's a great way to make the most of vertical space in your living room or bedroom

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Customer Reviews For The Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Based on 649 reviews
Decent bed overall

Once built up, the bed feels sturdy and does the job well. However, it was quite problematic to put together in the first place in my experience and caused quite a bit of frustration. I'm well used to putting together items like this and this one was a bad experience unfortunately. I'm not a fan of the board design which lines the bottom in the storage part of it. They just sit on the floor not attached to anything and are supposed to line up and sit flat across the bottom. I had a bit of difficulty doing this as they seemed to be too large for the area and took quite a bit of effort to place. In addition some of the bolts used in the process seemed to not fit properly and were ridiculously difficult to screw on. Even bending the spanner used to try to tighten them. I also had a bad experience with Dreams on this occasion. Part of the bed delivered was faulty and could not be used. It took a good couple of weeks to replace this part and customer service were not particularly helpful. I also had to dispose of the bulky faulty part myself. Whilst I completely understand the challenges posed during the pandemic and change in processes as a result, I expected more from dreams on this occasion to make up for a poor customer experience.

Could be much cheaper, but overall a decent bed

I ordered this bed frame due to tight space constraints on a house we bought with fitted furniture. I also wanted an Ottoman due to the amount of storage space you gain. We waited 3 months for the bed to arrive due to being told it was popular then was in stock then wasn't available then finally it arrived in January despite it not being available on the website any longer. Construction-wise it's OK but the main flaw is that the base of the frame isn't there, other Ottomans I've seen have supports at the bottom onto which you place panels to keep things off the floor. Not this one, you construct the frame and the base just sits on the floor. Except it doesn't fit, the boards are too big and we've had to opt to not put them in and simply have it open to the carpet. The second flaw is one of the bolt holes to secure the lifters to the mattress base is 0.5cm out of alignment, this is too far to try to push a bolt so couldn't be used. Not flaws you expect in a 600 bed frame. But after all that, it's a decent frame, tonnes of storage space due to the Ottoman style and the frame and lifters are very strong, definitely takes the weight off a good king size mattress to make it easier to push down.

Ealing Ottoman double bed

Took Dreams 3 attempts to finally get everything right. Initially delivered with 3 faulty pieces. 2nd attempted they offered assembly and to switch out the faulty pieces. However the footboard was switched with another marked up footboard. Once assembled the bed board was skewed and longer then the bed frame and not sitting flush against the footboard. Also the floorboards didnt fit snuggly together. I raised this with the assembly crew but they just made it out as if thats how its assembled. Worst of all they damaged my property in the process. I spoke to customer services who offered a new bed and money for the repair to the property. Although there was some confusion on the 3rd attempt, as they expected only delivery and not assembly the guy was decent enough to hear my out and fix my problems. Im happy with the bed but was an unnecessarily long drawn out process. On the plus side customer services were helpful and keen to resolve my problems.

The ottoman of dreams!

My boyfriend and I are massively impressed with this bed. Despite reading a few reviews on other websites that there had been issues with Dreams delivering their beds during the current Corona situation, we were desperate for a new bed so thought we would take the risk! The bed arrived less than a week from purchase, on the date and time that was given to us, so we were very pleased. The bed itself was reasonably easy to put up and it looks amazing! We have been looking for a reasonable priced ottoman for ages, of good quality and so glad we have picked this one! Although it may be helpful to know that the Silver colour advertised is very much so just a light grey and we suspect that the other grey is fairly dark, so may be something to consider when choosing which suits you best. Thank you Dreams!


I always buy my beds from Dream's and have recently updated my own bed to a Sutton. I've jus redecorated my sons room and bought an Ealing. These beds are Ottoman beds, with plenty of storage underneath. The beds inc mattress are of a comfortable height to get in and out of bed easily. They are very comfortable and headboard is included. When i ordered it was one price, prior to delivery the price dropped, i called Dreams and they price matched to the discount without any issue. Im currently choosing the next bed i need for a single room. I paid for Dreams to build my bed which gives me peace of mind that its been done correctly. Would definetly recommend. The only possible negative is, it would be nice to have more colour choices, that are a little more what i would class as girlie.

Bed of Heaven!

Very well made. Remember to have your bed completely in position when you build it as you wont be able to move it when its built. Its solid !the only negative i have found at the moment is its very difficult to close the storage lid however its not a problem as i just call on hubby to do it! It should better in time once the hydraulic struts loosen off.Bags of storage space and better mattress support than slatted framed beds for mattress comfort too. Its on the low side from the floor but not too low for getting up im 60 and have no problem leaping out of bed in the morning! Value for money especially as I got mine in the sale. It will last many years.i would definitely recommend it looks so stylish and the neutral grey will go with any decor.

Ealing Ottoman Bed

I am very happy with my Ealing Ottoman Bed and would recommend to friends. The delivery was made by two very pleasant guys who delivered the bed packages that were very heavy to the room I wanted them in. The bed came in three boxes with instructions that were easy to understand, though I would advise to have someone to help as it was easy once I coaxed a friend with a bottle of wine, but I think if i was alone it would have been much more difficult. Once built I thought the gas springs would have no chance of lifting my very heavy Hypnos mattress, but I was wrong as it lifts it with ease and closes very softly without slamming closed. So to wrap up, it is a great bed for a reasonable price with great customer service. Thank you Dreams

Dreams Come True...

I spent three days shopping online for my new beds; and I had very specific things I needed the bed to meet. After several hours and feeling like I had given up, I landed on the Dreams website and locked eyes on the Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame. The purchasing process was quick, and I was able to lock in a suitable delivery date quite easily. I opted in for the assembly men, to save myself time (and stress) - and on the day, the delivery and assembly was done professionally and quickly, observing all of the COVID-19 guidelines as well. I was very impressed with the final look; it's been a few weeks now and the hydraulic lifting function is as smooth as when it was built. Very happy with my purchase, and would definitely recommend it!

Storage galore!

Really impressed with this bed. Easy to put together, instructions say 2 person assembly but I managed on my own safely. So much storage room, exceeded my expectations - I can fit multiple handbags, shoes, seasonal clothing, blankets and theres still space left! Hydraulic mechanism makes it so easy to lift up and close as it requires very little effort, the hydraulics really assist so you dont have to bear much of the weight at all. Material on bed is lovely, appears as if it will be hardwearing over time. Overall very stable bed, makes a change from my previous creaky old bed! Very pleased, have already recommended this bed to friends and family.

Exactly what we wanted

We ordered this bed for our daughter. It's her first double, moving on from a bunk bed. The style is simple, modern and unfussy. It's construction is straightforward and the look is exactly what she wanted. We paid for the build service and I was glad because the delivery team were lovely and got the task done in around 20 minutes. I'm sure it would have taken us longer ! The product is exactly what we wanted and has so much storage capacity. The operation of raising the base is smooth and easy. I would note that it is quite a heavy item and not easy to move once built - it does not slide easily - so build it where you want it to be !

Great bed, easy to put together, would recommend

We were really pleased with the Ealing bed (in light grey). The photos don't actually do it justice; the fabric is much nicer and less synthetic-looking than in the photos. It might be one of the cheapest ottoman beds, but it feels sturdy and doesn't creak at all. Putting it together is definitely a 2 man job, but the instructions are simple enough for the most part. We were surprised that there isn't actually a "bottom" to the bed - it's 4 hardboard sheets that just sit on the floor inside the frame, but don't let that put you off, it doesn't actually make much of a difference once the bed is in position.

Honestly, I do not work for Dreams!

This bed is a joy. With a solid base, no more slats breaking or creaking every time you or your partner breathe too deeply. Built predominantly single handedly, it was clear how to put it together. What was lacking was my dismal strength and ability to follow basic instructions. However, after realising I had put the sides on the wrong way round (clever I know!) I eventually got there. The mechanism is strong for lifting the mattress and I am sure that it would work fabulously in hide and seek ... or maybe not even hide and seek, just an excuse to hide from the family. Buy this bed people ... buy buy buy!

Great bed

Great storage bed, seems to be well build and sturdy. Was easy to assemble on my own in just over an hour, with clear easy to follow instructions . Modified mine slightly by addining a wooden frame painted grey around the bottom. This was to increase the amount of storage underneath, as wasn't quite tall enough for some bits I wanted to store under there, Now has masses of room. Also installing a led headboard light works really well due to height of headboard. Added a light underneath as well as it can be a bit dark underneath trying to find things in the evenings. Overall very happy with this bed.

Great quality and masses of storage space!

Absolutely perfect. Fits the space perfectly, huge amount of storage inside, and it supports our heavy mattress just fine. The mechanism is stable and sturdy too. Also recommend the delivery team - courteous, efficient and super-quick at putting it together and removing the old divan. The frame is lower than our old divan, but that's a trade we've been happy to make considering the huge amount of extra storage we now have. Stuff that used to be crammed into the two forward drawers of a divan and a nightmare to find is now brilliantly spaced out and there's room for more to come.

Opinion and Experience about the Bed

This a good sized ottoman bed which is made from a good fabric material. Due to it being flat on the top and having nothing ridges, it feels like extra space isn't taken up by the bed. However, the mattress can move about due to this, which could be annoying if you move around in your sleep. The handle to lift the bed to reveal the storage in the bed is easy to locate and due to the good hydraulics easy to lift and put it back down. The base of the bed is made up of four wooden panels which are of a decent quality where as some bigger ottoman beds have strong wood on the bottom.

Lovely bed, poor customer service

Really lovely bed and the team who assembled the bed were very professional. Frustratingly, the final piece to complete the bed (2nd part to mattress baseboard) was incorrect, see photo - it stuck out by 5 inches when meant to be flush. I had to do a lot of chasing to get the issue resolved, furthermore had to wait a week for them to come back and replace with the correct part. I had dismantled my old bed for them to take it away so had to sleep on the new bed with it being insecure. That aside, really happy with the bed itself.

My first ottoman

A sturdy bedframe, took two people to assemble and wasn't too hard. Some of the parts was heavy and we needed to lift them around a bit, especially as we were building it in a narrow room. The headboard is nice and soft - but not too soft. Have yet to store things inside. I'm happy as it looks nice even though it has a faint smell of what I guess is the fire protection treatment, but it aint too bad. Also make sure that you build the frame straight or the bottom tiles will be a bit of a struggle to get in.

Very pleased

We needed something that wasnt too bulky, as space in our bedroom is limited, yet we also wanted a decent king size frame with storage. Looking around there were cheaper options, but were glad we settled on this one. It fits the bill being sturdy, effective and it looks nice. Our hybrid mattress is very heavy but the ottoman lifts fairly easily. Putting it together wasnt too much of a chore either, it took two of us about an hour to do. Very pleased with the service from Dreams and the product itself.

Ealing upholstered ottoman bed frame

Ticks all the boxes. Web chat team were amazing when I was asking lots of questions to ensure I got the best deal (many thanks to Allison and Seb is particular) and also the 2 delivery / installation guys were brilliant (Blaize). Communication with updates on delivery was also really frequent and kept well informed at all times. So product as required and service topped it off. Mattress really comfy snd my teenage son is really happy. Storage space in bed has enabled whole room to be decluttered

Perfect bed

This bed is exactly what I was looking for. Its perfect for the space of the room as it means I can make full use of the space underneath to store shoes and handbags etc. It feels very sturdy and is easy to pull up and down and not too heavy to easily get to the storage like some others Id seen when I was shopping around. Because of the hydraulics of the frame I opted to pay for it to be assembled upon delivery. The guys were great, very quick and very safe with the Covid restrictions.

Sturdy, good storage, love it!

We absolutely love this bed! We replaced our old ottoman with this and we were a bit worried about it not having a slated base like our previous one and it being a bit cheap - we had nothing to worry about, its so sturdy and has the bonus of not being creaky! Some reviews complained about the base not being contained but this worked better for us as it gives more storage. Took the other half just over an hour to build on his own (although he is a flat pack pro). Totally love it.

Great bed, lots of storage space underneath!

Works great, easy to assemble, looks great too! Took about ~45 mins to put together for one person. The delivery guys were very friendly as well. Bed is still quite heavy to lift, but manageable. Loads of space underneath for storage. I seem to recall the description saying that the base has a fabric bottom, but instead it is a set of 4 boards that lie along the floor. Not that impressive (they don't even lock together), but works well enough to keep things off of the carpet.

Amazing service from Dreams

Ordered the Ealing Ottoman bed due to the nice design. The delivery came with few days after the order was placed, with was very quick in today situation. Delivery driver call in advance before the delivery and take the package to the chooses room. The assembly was easy and the bed looks great. The material is very hight quality and should last a long time. Very happy with the purchase, this is 2nd bed I ordered from Dreams and will be happy to order from them again.

Great bed

Great bed and a lot better than I expected, We first saw this bed in a dreams store. At first, when in the store, I was a bit sceptical, thinking this bed felt a bit on the cheap side. But after deciding on ordering the bed, I found that this is actually a very well build bed. There is a lot more storage than i was first expecting and after having a 'cheaper' bed previously, I have found this bed to be incredibly silent. Would recommend to anyone, great product.

Simple, convenient and stylish

From the looks to the quality of the bed frame, it holds up very nicely and goes along well with the decor and colour scheme of my bedroom. The storage provides sufficient space to store extra duvets and covers to shoes and other items. One of the most difficult thing for me whilst looking for a bed frame was the height of the base - out of all that Ive seen, this one was perfect as the height of the base was low enough to have it be of low-medium profile.

Lovely but..

Looks lovely, very sturdy construction and not too hard to put up between 2 of us. However we couldn't get the four slats that go on the floor under the bed to lay flat. Can't see it so more of an annoyance than anything but think the holes for one of the base side panels were slightly too far in, causing the inside to be too small to fit all 4 slats. Other than that (and the extended delivery time) love the overall look and feel of the bed and would recommend!

Great buy

Nice solid upholstered bed. Came in 4 boxes, with all the parts and tools to self build. Took around 2 hours to build it doing it alone and around 15-20 mins for the final part by using some assistance. Its got a good solid feel once built, the frame itself is designed in a compact stlye and is not as thick as more pricier ottoman beds, that saved me some space. For the price its absolutely fantastic and well worth it. I would definitely recommend this bed.

Ideal bed for every room !

My teenage daughter decided she wanted her bedroom changing around, and so we needed a small double bed that also had ample storage room. In this bed weve found it. She absolutely loves it, and all her bits and bobs are in the space underneath (which isnt under slats but a hard base so no dust to gather there). She loves the design and I am very appreciative of the courteous delivery drivers who put the bed up quickly and professionally in no time at all.

Decent bed, some important design flaws

The bed itself is reasonably well made, the Ottoman hydraulic mechanism works well. However there is a major design flaw. The bed, which is very heavy as it is, doesn't come with any legs. This makes moving the bed almost impossible, especially if you have carpet in your bedroom. Trying to slide it (as your unable to lift it) will ruin your carpet. I called Dreams customer service to try and find a solution but they did't have any.

Definitely recommend

Its a very nice and elegant looking bed with lots of storage space. Very easy to open the storage. Some reviews said that the bed had a smell- just want to say that the smell is from the bed being in storage and went away after a day of properly ventilating the room. We got it assembled from dreams and the service was totally worth it. The guys were in and out in half an hour and very professional and took all covid measures.

Sturdy, good quality bed frame

Very sturdy, good quality Ottoman bed frame. Very good deal as it came with the headboard. I paid for assembly and the two gentlemen doing the assembly were very quick and efficient with their job. Ottoman works very smooth. Only negative feedback I have is that the delivery was rescheduled twice so I got the bed 1 month after the initially promised delivery date. No other issues. Would strongly recommend this product.

Beautiful cosy feel

This bed frame is beautiful!! The tall headboard frames your sleeping area to make it cosy and calming. The storage space underneath this bed has decluttered not 1 but 2 rooms in my home and the ease of getting in and out is second to none. We paid to have this nec put together so I cant confirm whether or not it was easy to put together but it only took the gentlemen sent about 20 minutes! Would highly recommend.

Strong sturdy bed with added features

The bed is amazing value for money, strong sturdy and solid - im a heavy person and this bed has been fantastic and with storage is an added bonus to this bed. The service i received from the sales associate in the Sheldon branch was brilliant her product knowledge was excellent- and there wasnt any force selling on the day she just wanted to genuinely help me find the right bed for my budget and requirements.

Not the greatest!

I hate to leave bad feedback....unfortunately we are not really happy about this purchase. We paid an additional cost for it to be erected, but I don't think it was put together correctly - as the insert on the floor do not join up and it's not flush when closed (and we have checked that the store one does) and after 3 weeks it was clicking when in bed. I was expecting better and I'm extremely disappointed.

Nice Slick Bed

Sturdy, good quality bed...easy to assemble... my husband build it alone within 2 hours ...only help he needed is to hold those heavy metal rods while screwing them...my only complaint is the colour ...it is tad bit lighter colour than those online pictures...sadly it wasn't available in store to view in person when I visited the store... however, we liked the bed very much...good underbed storage too...

Excellent value for a great night's sleep!

This bed is absolutely amazing! I couldn't be any happier with this purchase. It is so comfortable to sleep on, firm but light at the same time with the soft mattress topping. The lever to open the underneath storage is simple to use so that it glides open easily. The bed looks really smart too. It's excellent value for the price you pay and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending this bed.

absolutely love it

we absolutely love our new bed frame the colour is true to what is shown and the storage feature is game changing. the delivery and assembly men were extremely polite and worked very quickly. there was an error where the depot forgot our mattresses, which while slightly annoying , was rectified correctly and delivered as soon as possible. overall good service , great quality bed & mattress .

Woman power!

Beautiful, classy and sturdy bed frame with abundant storage. Instructions mention it is a 2 man/person job to assemble and takes 1.5hrs, but in my case it was 1 welsh woman and completion was 4/5 hours! All the tools were included and the instructions were relatively easy to follow. Of course needed help carrying the boxes to the bedroom! Love this bed frame and very happy with purchase.

Lovely bed frame

Despite having not been able to see the bed frame in store, it was exactly what I was hoping for. Lovely light grey colour (silver), good quality and easy to assemble (as long as you follow they instructions, they even provide you with a screwdriver). Simple but modern design, hoping it will be timeless and not need to be replaced for a long time. Plenty of storage space underneath too.

Ealing ottoman bed- highly recommend

I love this bed! Looks stylish and so much more expensive than it was. Great ottoman storage too, lots of room to store bedding etc. Really easy to lift ottoman also, not to heavy. Very sturdy bed that is fantastic quality . Highly recommend Purchased Hudson pocket spring mattress also. I bought a firm mattress and it is very comfortable Very impressed with comfort and quality.

Not a solid floor

I have had this bed for my son for a couple of weeks now... everything was smooth in delivery , assembly for me and my husband was quite straight forward.. the only negative comment that I have is that the base (Four pieces of board) is just placed onto the floor and not attached to anything or lifted from the floor. I was expecting a metal frame like my bed that the boards fit into.

Great, but not perfect

The bed itself is lovely and the base of the mattress is solid. However, there is nothing to give structural integrity to the perimetral footboards, other than 4 thin floorboards that sit on the floor. As a result, when you close the bed it doesn't always close smoothly and you have to push it down to close it properly. Other than this minor issue, the bed is a nice and stylish.

Stylish and functional

If you looking for 2 in 1 bed that is the right choice. Big storage space to keep your unwanted stuff, easy to close and open too. Look really stylish which is one of the most important part when you designing your bedroom. Big bonus is head board, which is included with bed. Most of the time that will be additional cost to pay when purchaise the bed. Bonus. Highly recommended.

Ottoman bed - amazing value and top quality build

Beautiful bed, looks absolutely great and just how it looks in the pictures. Really solid build, the ottoman is a great feature and is a brilliant storage solution. The customer service team were great, delivery was bang on time and the bed was built and put together really quickly and without fuss. Really chuffed with my shopping experience with Dreams and great value for money

good quality bed

Happy with the bed, was a bit compliacated to put togteher definitely need 2 people and a bit of patience! ive never had a bed made like this before i usually have 2 halves that clip together. There is lots of room for storage under the bed. Probably wouldnt move easily as would need to be taken apart but overall good quality bed. I got the silver which is a loght grey colour

My first Ottoman bed.

This was a self assembly bed, which was ok for 2 people to do. Instructions were a little bit vague but we got there in the end. My only real criticism is that the bed is very low. Perhaps I should have read the specifications. Under bed storage is marvelous! The material used for the cover may prove to be the weak point, but that's the downside of online purchase I suppose.

Great bed, great storage, easy assembly

Very well priced, I love not worrying about bed slats, the under-bed storage is really useful, it's super easy to assemble; all this and it's a comfortable sleep! My previous bed was sinking in the middle and it was really uncomfortable, one night on this and all my back issues were gone. We have a good mattress but it's only as good as the frame that supports it. 5 stars!

Build is very solid

I so happy i got this bed in the sales. even the price now is very good. Had a bad experience with a bed company ok my fault it was a cheap bed but only 100 less but just built with no heart. Wow dreams bed was delivered the guys were outstanding eith the covid they were very helpful. This bed has been made with love.very positive on my buy. Plus so comfy..

Bed ordered for our first home.

Good quality, sturdy ottoman bed. Nice fabric on headboard. Large storage area underneath. The ottoman was quite stiff to begin with but its easing up over time. Delivery was on time and went really smoothly, even after changing the slot twice due to move in dates changing at last notice. Couldn't fault the customer service team sorting that out for us.

Love this bed!

Love this bed, didnt take too long to set up. Instructions were straightforward and had all the tools. Raising the bed is easy and doesnt take a bodybuilder to lift! Still sturdy enough to stop my 3 year old from trying to open it so its a good balance! Love the fact that there are boards for the botrom if the storage. Seen a few that are empty inside.

Great bed, long wait for delivery

Lovely bed although not quite as sturdy feel as the other one we bought at the same time. However, my daughter loves it. Reason for 4 stars was the length of time it took to arrive - 3 months! We just kept getting emails telling us it was delayed. Customer service were great but couldnt do anything. Dont sell something you struggle to deliver!

Amazing ottoman bed!

This bed is absolutely amazing! The finish of the headboard and overall frame gives it a high quality finish and look more expensive than it is! Part of the bed was damaged when it arrived, but got in contact with Customer Services and they immediately ordered new parts and even got the team to fit and swap out the faulty parts for free!

The most ideal storage solution

The most ideal bed. I've just moved into a 1 bed flat and this bed is such a life saver for storage, the amount you can fit underneath is incredible! Would highly recommend. It took 2 of us to put the whole thing together but follow the instructions and it doesn't take too long. Everything feels of high quality and the headboard is lovely.

Looks good, decent quality.

Bed base is well made, the rise and fall of the ottoman is easy to use. Its a great colour and headboard is comfortable. The internal base is more substantial, chipboard, than many beds, most have only a slipsheet, although fitting it was quite awkward. I'd say the new bed smell was initially strong and took a few weeks to subside.

Great purchase

Bed was delivered on time and assembled by the delivery guys. Quick and efficient. The bed is amazing, it looks stylish and of great quality. The ottoman is a lot deeper than I thought and can fit so many things such as suitcases, it's unbelievable how much stuff I can store inside. It's also very easy to open and close, effortless.

Excellent Bed

This bed frame is great. Very sturdy and solid. We previously had a wooden frame and it was so noisy when you rolled over in bed etc! There is no noise at all with this bed. The ottoman is easy to use as well. Loads of space underneath. I couldn't be happier with it. Was so impressed we bought my son the same one as well!

Happy with Ottoman Bedframe

Delivered as a flat pack self assembly. I did not pay for assembly but had difficulty finding instructions. They were actually attached to headboard. Following instructions to the letter is a must. But it took longer to assemble than suggested. Probably worth paying for the assembly on delivery to save the time and energy.

Double ottoman bed frame

Great quality / strong ottoman bed frame, excellent finish, the colour is a true likeness to images on line..my husband and I assembled it easily ,it looks amazing in our daughters new bedroom, delivery was easy with a text message the day before deliver to check timings were suitable would definitely buy again from Dreams.

Lovely bed

Thrilled with our new bed. We have a fairly small bedroom and so many ottoman beds have too big a frame. This one is perfect. The installers were very professional and the quality of the materials makes for a very comfy bed. We have got all our summer clothes and spare bedding stored in it and there is still room for more.

Super small double!

We are so delighted with our new Ottoman small double from Dreams. It is really substantial yet very stylish too and it looks so good in our guest room. The service and delivery was excellent too in spite of unavoidable delays because Dreams kept us in the loop all the way through. Essentially, everything is first-rate!

Great Ottoman Bed

We needed a bed for the master bedroom and were really impressed with build quality of the Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed-frame. It is sturdily constructed and the solid board makes for a really comfortable nights sleep. The hydraulic pistons work really well also, meaning that accessing the unserved storage is simple.

Very spacious underneath

Very nice fabic, had the bed now for 4 weeks, there is still a slight smell from fabric. It is has great storage space, for all your bedding and then some. the flat board which the mattress sits on is great for a hybird mattress, which i have a coil and a gel top layer. Very sturdy and well made, it doesn't feel cheap.

29cm deep ottoman. Hard to find!

Really easy set up. Great depth of storage which was my main reason to buy it to store my 29cm deep suitcase. Love the colour. Material looked a bit like a hessian sack but its growing on me very happy with it for the sale price of 350. Dreams team were so helpful at changing my order from small double to double.

Great bed for comfort and storage

This bed is fantastic! Just moved into our new home that has a serious lack of storage so this ottoman bed is perfect! Easy to use, super comfy head board and real solid, heavy duty bed. Loads of storage space underneath and the mattress fits perfectly on top. No extra width for frame at the sides which is perfect!

Stylish and sturdy bed

I am really pleased with this bed, it is sturdy, well made and looks very stylish. Loads of storage. The workers who built it for me did a great job - it was built quickly and efficiently, and they even put the mattress on for me (carrying it upstairs) even though it was not purchased from Dreams. Very impressed.

Comfy and spacious!

Really love this bed, cant speak for assembly as with a big move we paid extra for assembly but there's so much storage space and super easy to lift up and down, as well as being comfy! The only thing I would say is it's so difficult to move once built so make sure you assemble exactly where you want it placed!

Great bed frame

Great bed frame. Seems to be built nice and solid. Instructions say 2 people to assemble, but can be done by one person in about and hour and a half. Added a wooden frame around base to add to amount of storage underneath, as wasn't originally quite deep enough for my needs. Still very pleased with bed though.

Difficult to move once positioned

This is a great product and reasonable value for money. However, the four hardboard panels on the bottom of the underbed space dont fit together properly, so anything stored in there just sits on top of them. Its not too much of an issue though because the bed cannot be easily moved once its in position.

Lovely Bed Frame

I love this bed frame and the photos online don't do it justice, it's a beautiful grey/beige colour in different lights. The bed was hard to put together and the bottom doesn't fit right and isn't fitted to the bed which makes it harder to move at all. The bed is great quality and ottoman feature is fab!

Colour, Size, Style PERFECT

Colour, size and style is exactly what I wanted so have to give 5 stars. The ottoman design means that I can store spare bedding for this room right on hand, no longer have to try and remember where the winter/summer stuff is. However there is plenty of room for other things if that is what is required.

Great storage

This bed is fantastic for style as well as providing a storage solution. It is quite unique with a slimline base which creates a clean finish look. The ottoman itself is very storage and with the slim base it makes is easy to pull up or down. We love the design with the simple yet classy vertical lines.

Pleasant shopping front start to finish

Lovely bed - easy enough to build - solid mattress base too which is great - first time Ive used Dreams - I would defo use again - was a pleasant shopping experience from start to finish - even the delivery was pleasant, very friendly and helpful and offered a few tips on how to build the bed easily!!

Sturdy Structure

I bought this product a few weeks ago & Im so happy I did. Although the structure itself arrives flat packed in boxes, it is practically ready made unlike items I have bought elsewhere of which require work. Once put together, the structure is very sturdy & has a lot of storage space. Very impressed!

Good quality bed

This is a nice straightforward ottoman bed. The quality of the build is good. The bed it replaced was 4 years old and started to fall to bits after about 2 years. This is loads Breyer quality that that. The operation of the lift mechanism is smooth and doesnt require a weightlifter to pull it up.

Ottoman bed frame- good but could be better

Delivery service very good, accurate time of delivery. When it comes for the bed, I was expecting a little bit more. Its not a cheap bed and waiting time is quite long so finish and quality should be better. If it was putting together could be much easier. Would I buy it again? I will say yes

Lovely bed

Such a lovely bed, looks so nice in the bedroom. Took my partner about two hours to put together, only needed a little help from me here and there. I was worried that the bed would be flimsy and wouldnt feel sturdy as were not the lightest couple :) But it feels really well made and strong.

Looks great with so much storage!

We were recommended the Ealing when the base we saw in store would be a long wait and we couldnt be happier! Its a lovely colour, loads of storage and the most friendly and helpful team who delivered and built the the new bed for us taking our old mattress away with their recycling service.

Great sturdy ottoman

Great sturdy ottoman. Can be lifted and closed with ease. If your mattress doesnt have an anti slip bottom then you may wish to purchase some anti slip mat (which goes under rugs) to stop it from slipping around but otherwise very happy with our purchase and then customer service we received

Good storage and looks great

We got this for our daughters room and she is very pleased with it. It took about an hour to assemble and was really easy using my own tools rather than the supplied tools (I always do this!). Would have been easier with a second pair of hands. Delivery was on time and staff were excellent.

A good, no frills bed.

A good bed. Fits the brief and easy to build. Ordering in store meant we got good value with a few coincident offers. However, despite us asking for reassurances that it wouldnt be affected by logistics and import issues, the delivery was delayed due to shipment and order tracking mistakes.

Great bed

We love this bed! Loads of storage underneath and the mechanism works really well and is super easy to use. It looks great. My mum and I put it together without too much difficulty, if youve got some experience putting together flat packs youll be ok but it does help having two of you.

Overall a good product, but check the storage base

This is a fine product, and my wife and I are pleased with it. However, the storage base consists of four thick hardboard rectangular panels that are a snug fit inside the frame but not fixed to it in any way. Other Ottomans we have bought in the past have a base supported off the frame.


Lovely colour and material, good quality and durable for my cats.only thing I would mention is that the mattress doesnt stay on the bed well and often slides away from the headboard, not that its necessarily the beds fault :) Lovely simple design that fits really well in my bedroom

Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed

We are really pleased with our purchase. The bed has been relatively simple to assemble and it offers such great storage, given the limited amount of space we have in our studio flat. Definitely recommended as its great quality and also the service provided by Dreams is impeccable.

Lovely sturdy bed!

Very easy to assemble, did take a wee while but that was only because I was doing it by myself. Really sturdy bed and definitely feels a lot more stable than slates. Storage underneath is plentiful and the mechanism to get under the bed moves with ease. Would definitely recommend!

Exactly what I wanted!

Very happy with the bed so far! Had it 3 weeks and Ive got no complaints! Exactly what I wanted, the silver is a nice light grey - the perfect shade! Havent tried out the storage underneath yet though. It does have a funny smell initially but after 3 weeks, the smell has faded.

Fantastic bed!

Fantastic bed! I spent ages looking for one that'd match what i wanted for my room and chose this one. The grey is a lovely color and the material used is very nice. Wasnt the easiest to assemble but it does provide all the tools you'll need in the packaging. 10/10 in my books!

Dont delay Dreams were excellent.

Excellent service for morag and everyone at Dreams. Very pleased with combined purchased thanks to hubby morag and myself. The manager was so nice on telephone when i had a wee query. Highly recommend Dreams in Aberdeen for customer service advice and a pleasant experience ty.

Effective hydraulic, nice and sturdy

Our king size bed offers us enormous amount of flat space which is really easy to access because of the hydraulics. We went for the light grey one, it looks and feels premium. You might struggle if you wanted to move the bed around in the room because of the way its set up.

Well worth the wait !

Really nice bed, not too difficult to put up. I would agree that there is a chemically smell but nothing some spray cant fix. Great space underneath and sturdy. I would definitely recommend for a flat with limited space or for a busy family home in need of using every nook :)

Perfect, just what we needed

I brought this a month ago for my daughter, shes in quite a small room and space is an issue so this bed works perfectly to help with storing all her books and other stuff teenagers have laying around. Its very modern looking and shes really happy with it. Thanks Dreams.

Ealing ottoman bed

Bought this bed for spare room & for extra storage. Storage base of bed is just 4 pieces of board that that just sits on the floor and base surround sits on floor no feet attached to the base of the bed. Took two of us to put together you have to be pretty handy with DIY.

5 stars!

Love it! Read reviews about a strong smell but I couldn't smell much, just smells new like any other new product and that didn't last long. Putting the bed together didn't take too long but then we used an electric screwdriver. I have no cons with this bed. I love it! :)

Ottoman bed

We ordered this bed and within a few weeks we had it delivered. They put it up in no time and we were delighted with it! The mattress is great quality and so is the frame! We dont have a lot of storage space so having a huge amount of storage under the bed is perfect!!

Love it

Took a while to build ourselves. Would recommend paying extra for dreams to build it. Love the bed! Plenty of storage space especially this time of year for all the Christmas presents. Very sturdy too. Quite heavy once built so make sure you build it where you want it.

Decent, roomy bed!

Brought this bed a few days ago built it within 2 hours defo an amazing and decent storage bed. Only concern would be the boards at the bottom of the bed to cover the floor dont align proper however doesnt really matter as you cant see it with your sneakers on top!

Ealing Ottoman bed

It is a well made sturdy bed once it is all put together but just a shame that there isnt actually an ottoman base in it, the panels just sit on top of your floor under your bed so it isnt actually raised off the floor, it is still a fabulous looking bed though!!

A great bed at a good price

Very happy with this bed, arrived well packaged and delivered to my room of choice. The materials seem robust and while some components are heavy I was able to construct it on my own. The mechanism works well and once opened there is a lot of space for storage.

Happy customer

A great quality bed,good size lots of storage,very comfy and fitted together very easily. Easy to find just what i wanted on the website and the size i wanted.good description and measurements. Happy with whole process from buying ti delivery and great value.

Lovely bed

Bed is lovely, really sturdy, lots of room for storage and looks great! Only thing i didnt realise was the storage under the bed, the flooring is just 4 sheets of black coated wood which is moveable, nothing bad about it but thought there would be more to it

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Questions and Answers About The Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

What weight of mattress does the king size hold and the total combined weight with 2 people sleeping?

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. We currently dont specify a weight limit to the bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability. You should be able to utilise any UK standard king size mattress with this bed. .

Where can I find the instructions to build the Ealing ottoman bed? As I have looked at the list of beds with assembly instructions and it doesnt list the Ealing ottomen

Answer: Please look in the overview section on the product display. At the bottom of this section, you will find the instructions located. Please get in touch with the customer service team if you still are unable to find them. .

Hi, I was not clear in a previous question. I wanted to know if the Ealing ottoman bedframe can be custom made (special order) to have a side opening instead of end opening.

Answer: Apologies in any confusion. We do not accept special orders and therefore the Ealing is only available in end opening ottoman storage. For side opening ottomans, please view the Wilson, Tokyo, William or Holmes.

There doesn't appear to be a recess for the mattress, does it not slide around?

Answer: At the top of the base boards there is a support bar to stop the mattress from sliding back when the ottoman is lifted. You can view the assembly instructions included on the product page to see this.

Good Morning Does it matter what depth of mattress you can use on the Ealing?as would like quite a deep matttess if possible.if so what would you recommend? Kevin

Answer: No, it does not matter how depth your mattress is - this is entirely down to personal preference. The Ealing is a gas assisted ottoman and therefore will open with any depth mattress.

Hello, we are concerned that the mattress will slip down the bed as there is no recess. how does the mattress stay in place? Thanks!

Answer: There is a mattress support rail that attaches to the top of the ottoman lid at the top. Please see the assembly instructions on the product page for a better understanding of this.

Good morning, how is the mattress held in place on top of the slim line base? Is it recessed at all? Wont the mattress slide around on top? Thank you

Answer: The general weight of the mattresses compatible with this will hold it in place. And as the ottoman opens from the end, the mattress is supported by the headboard when opened.

Is this bed base suitable for a memory foam mattress as I've read a memory foam mattress needs to have slats to breath.

Answer: Yes, this bed frame will be suitable for a memory foam mattress. As long as you rotate your mattress regularly, there is no issue with having it on a solid base like this.

I already have a deep heavy pocket sprung mattress. Is there a maximum weight that is allowed on the bed for the mattress.

Answer: We currently dont specify a weight limit to the bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability.

I just read the ottoman can handle up to 80kg? But the weight of an average male 83.6kg and female 70kg does that mean this bed would not be suitable for a couple?

Answer: The bed is indeed suitable for a couple. The weight reference is related to what the mechanism can handle when assisting in lifting/holding the base with a mattress.

Hi, we already have this bed (love it) but are moving house and need to dismantle to move. Are there instructions for this? It was assembled by your team when originally purchased. Many thanks, Sarah

Answer: The assembly instructions for this bed are linked on the overview of this product on the product page. Please follow these to understand how to dismantle the bed.

Will I still be able to open the bed if is is placed in the corner of a bedroom?

Answer: The bed can open in the corner of a room assuming you have access from the end of the bed and no obstructions on the wall (window ledge etc) to inhibit the ottoman base from lifting.RegardsDreams

I am looking into buying this bed, i have seen alot off comments regarding the comfort and the size and fit, but there is nothing on there if this able to hold a large person, please could you confirm is this will hold a large person

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. All the bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability..

Hi. We have a very deep mattress from dreams which is sprung with a memory foam layer on top. Would this mattress work with an ottoman bed like this one?

Answer: The mattress should be fine with this base, it would just depend on your preference on what the overall height of the mattress and bed together would be. Many thanksJSDreams

The solid platform mattress goes on how thick is it as need to know if it's prone to breaking

Answer: The base board is 2cm in depth, and is supported by a metal frame underneath, please see the assembly instructions on the product page to view this.

Is it possible to get this bed without the headboard?

Answer: This bed frame cannot come without the head-end. If you wish to have a bed without a headboard then you can take a look at the ottoman divan bases.

Reviews mention foul smell which doesnt go away for days/weeks. Is this true? I have allergies, can I please confirm if it suitable for allergy sufferers?

Answer: Our beds may have a brief smell as with any new product once they arrive. If this does occur, it should not last for very long. .

Is it possible to easily take this bed apart for when moving home?

Answer: This bed can be dismantled for moving, please see the assembly instructions on the product page for a better understanding of this.

What material separates the base of the storage from the floor? Is it a solid base or material base? I understand there is a solid slimline base that the matters sits on, but I dont want the stuff I store to be sat on the floor.

Answer: There are 4 wooden boards that sit above the floor which are the base of the storage area so anything stored in there will sit above the floor.RegardsDreams

Where is this bed manufactured? Why is it only 1 year guarantee?

Answer: This bed is manufactured in the far east.All of the products come with a one year guarantee as per standard UK guidelines.

Hi, are you able to make the headboard shorter? Thank you.

Answer: Unfortunately this would not be possible as the headboard comes as standard and is integral to the structure of the bed. .

Hi, any chance that the headboard can be dismantled? We have a very narrow staircase and wont be able to bring assembled headboard upstairs. Thank you

Answer: Unfortunately the construction of this bed means that the headboard comes as one unit and is not able to be dismantled.

Is the storage base of the bed strong enough to keep a few boxes on? And is there the option for a material base rather than wooden?

Answer: The ottoman storage is intended for light storage only. Unfortunately we only have the wooden base boards available.

Is the Ottoman base of this bed solid?

Answer: The ottoman base of this frame is solid and made up of 2 sheets of wood which are attached to the lifting mechanism.

Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame - Can the small double be built with side opening?

Answer: The Ealing bed frame is an end opening ottoman and therefore cannot switch between end opening and side opening. Many thanks,Dreams

What is the weight of the bed frame

Answer: The weight of a small double is: 101kgsThe weight of a double is: 105kgsThe weight of a king is: 112kgs

What size double mattress fits the double bed frame please

Answer: A standard UK size mattress is 135*190 and would fit the double bed frames which come in a UK standard size. Thanks, Dreams.

On the Ealing Otterman bed can you get different colour headboards

Answer: Good morningThe headboard colour cannot be changed on this bed frame. The Ealing is only available in grey or silver.Many thanksJSDreams

Is like to buy this bed today but depending on the delivery time might need to change my address as Im moving house. Will this be ok? Surrey to essex

Answer: If you make your purchase by paying in full via card you will be able to change the address on the order.

We put the bed together since with tier 4 your team couldnt do it. The bed frame only stays closed once the mattress is on. Is that Correct?

Answer: This is correct, the frame does require the mattress to be in place in order for the frame to stay shut.

do you have a matching storage box for the grey Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Answer: The Ealing Ottoman does not have a matching storage box, but can be paired with the Harrow Bedside Chest.

Can you purchase this without the headboard?

Answer: This bed cannot be purchased without the headboard as it is part of the main structure of the bedframe.

Could I keep a double mattress in the sturage section of a King bed? Does it have any separations or poles that's would stop a double mattress being stored inside?

Answer: We do not recommend this. We suggest storing lightweight items such as spare bedding or clothing. Many thanks, Dreams

Can i use this bed without the bottom wooden base?

Answer: Thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately the base is integral to the structure of the bed.

can you buy feet to put onto this bed frame?

Answer: Thank you for your question. Unfortunately we do not offer feet as an option for this bed frame.

What is the material/upholstery composition? Is the 'silver' shiny at all, or is it matte?

Answer: The fibre composition of the fabric is 100% Polyester. The fabric is matte and not shiny.

Bed frame are Made in UK?

Answer: Apologies for the delay in responding to this one. This bed is manufactures overseas..

How strong is the hard base of the bed? How much is it able to hold as storage?

Answer: Our ottoman bases are suitable for lightweight storage such as duvets, pillows and linens.

Does the base have boards or is it fabric lined?

Answer: The base of this bed is made up wooden panels that fit together to line the storage area.

Will a king size Emma mattress fit this Ealing frame?

Answer: A standard UK King size mattress (150cm x 200cm) should fit the King size bedframe.

Does the base boards sit straight on the floor? I have bought this bed and i have nothing to sit the boards on which doesn't seem right.

Answer: These base boards lay directly on the floor and do not need to be secured.Many thanks,Dreams

Hi, in step 7 of the assembly for the x4 boards which go on the bottom, is there anywhere to secure these in or do they just lay on the floor?

Answer: These base boards lay directly on the floor and do not need to be secured.

Does this use hydraulics or gas piston to assist lift? It doesnt specifiy within details

Answer: This bed frame is fitted with a gas lift mechanism to assist with lifting.

does this bed have slats attached to the frame

Answer: This bed does not have slats, but has a solid slimline platform base.

What is the length of the headboard? I have built in units and unfortunately if the headboard is too long the whole thing won't fit

Answer: The width across is 138.5cm and the depth of the headboard is 8cmThanks, Dreams.

Hi, Would it be possible to obtain a fabric sample of this bed please? Thank you.

Answer: Unfortunately we do not have samples available for the frames.

Hi Team, is the base of this ottoman bed made with wooden slats?

Answer: This bed does not have slats, it only has a base board. .

Does this bed have wooden slates?

Answer: This bed comes with a solid platform base, rather than slats.

has this bed got gas assisted lift

Answer: Yes, this bed frame is fitted with a gas lift mechanism.

I would like to but this bed frame (double size), may I know which mattress size fit this bed frame? Double mattress (135 x 190cm) & EU Double mattress (140 x 200cm). Thanks!

Answer: This will fit a UK double mattress measuring 135 x 190cm.Thanks, Dreams.

Max weight it can handle?

Answer: The ottoman base will support weight of up to 80kg.

Is this bed frame ok for Tempur mattresses

Answer: This bed frame is compatible with Tempur mattresses.

Hi what is the maximum height of the storage space ? That is how large of an object could be stored there

Answer: The maximum height of the storage space is 28cm.

Does this bed come with the headboard?

Answer: Yes the headboard is included with this bed frame.

is the small double 87 inches long

Answer: The small double is 80.3 inches in length.

Hi, will this bed fit an EU single mattress ?

Answer: This bed will only fit a UK single mattress.Many thanksJSDreams

Hi, does this bed come with the headboard?

Answer: Yes this bed frame comes with the headboard. Thanks, Dreams

Can I put this bed onto castor wheels

Answer: This is not an option with this bed. .

What fabric is the headboard?

Answer: The fabric on this bed is 100% polyester.

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