Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame Rated 4.71/5 based on 981 customer reviews
Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame

Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame

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Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6

Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

The Isabella is a stunning and modern-looking ottoman bed design that will add to the feel of your room. It comes in either a deep walnut or warm oak finish with an indented headboard. I personally prefer the warm oak, it is more in keeping with the more modern bedroom. The ottoman design of the product means you get an easy lifting mechanism for storing away bedding and sheets.

The Isabella is well reviewed and of high quality in both design and construction, the slats are sprung and help give additional support to the mattress, adjusting the tension slightly.

The great design doesn't stop there though and part of any good ottoman frame is in the headboard, in this case a uniquely designed feature that looks great and is it's own feature. 

Reviews for the Isabella are great with an impressive 800+ reviews and 96% consumer satisfaction. Customers particularly enjoyed the beautiful design that allows it to stand out beyond anything else in the market. Others enjoyed the ease of the build combined with the great value for money. 

Negative reviews are far fewer but there is still a small handful. These customers were unhappy with the build quality on what was delivered. It seems like there have been a few minor issues during transit and that is the main source of these issues. Provided what you receive is complete, people tend to have a great experience thereafter.

Reasons to Buy

Unique design will appeal to many without anything else on the market with similar look and feel.

Ottomans are a personal favourite due to the sheet scale of storage space underneath the bed. 

96% consumer satisfaction at time of review is extremely high.

Up to 8 year bedcover service plan available for additional purchase.

Reasons to Avoid

Limited sizing penalises those with smaller bedrooms.

Fairly long lead time will put off those in need of a bed in a hurry.

Sprung slats are a sign of good quality but can make the mattress feel firmer.

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Of The Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good

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What Makes The Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame Great?

Beautiful oak or walnut finish

Indented head end

Solid base ottoman storage

Divan comes with ample ottoman storage space to store your clothes and other items. You'll never have to worry about where you're going to put your stuff again!

Front opening ottoman

This front end opening ottoman storage is perfect for condominiums, apartments, and smaller homes. It's a great way to make the most of vertical space in your living room or bedroom

Build time: 2 people | 1 hour

This is the amount of time and the people required to conduct the build process efficiently. While you may manage yourself, if it best to get the help of someone else where possible.

Let our experts assemble your bed - select this service at the checkout

The supplier has a unique installation and assembly service whereby the consumer is able to have their product built by the experts. This was you can avoid a lot of swearing, missplacing tools and yelling at your kids and end up with the finished product from the get go. Take advantage of this service by adding this product to the basket and heading to the checkout to see options

Solid base ottoman storage (Storage depth: 25cm)

One of the main reasons for purchasing an ottoman bed frame is the under-bed storage space on offer. The storage space encompasses the entire bottom of the bed and is the most versatile storage option available in any bed frame. If you have a messy room that is low on storage and you need somewhere tucked away, this will be the one for you.

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Customer Reviews For The Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame

Based on 981 reviews
Good bed, infuriating to assemble

Recently purchased this bed from the Cardiff Dreams store, in regards to the quality of the final product, we are very happy. The storage is ample, and the springs surprisingly light making the bed was to open and close. The only downside was the assembly. For example: - The bed was delivered in 5 boxes, in which the instructions were in the 5th package (i.e. labelled 5 of 5) inside the plastic packaging for the slats. It would've been a lot more logical to place the instructions inside the first box. It was only when I had emptied the boxes (in order) that I could find the instructions. - The instructions, which I can only describe as absolutely awful, were not particularly clear. Not all items were listed (a problem), so there was a bit of guesswork in identifying the items. - The pieces were not labelled, which although a minor gripe, when you are dealing with reasonably heavy constituent parts, is quite irritating! - Corners were cut in the manufacture of the base parts. For example, the holes for which you were meant to screw the cam dowels into were too small, which resulted in a few frustrating 'mis-screws' where the dowels ended up at a jaunty angle, and had to be re-affixed. Another example is when you attach the headboard to the main bed frame. As opposed to simply installing a metal thread for the long screw to fit into, you are provided with a barrel nut. Unfortunately, these nuts are open at both sides, so it is incredibly easy to have them the wrong way around, making it very easy to cross thread them whilst trying to screw in the screw. Once you add in that it is incredibly easy to rotate these nuts very slightly which makes them impossible to screw into, it becomes somewhat of a nightmare. What should've been a simple 2 minute task (screwing in 4 screws) took me the best part of 30 minutes. Very infuriating. Purely a situations where a slightly better design would result in assembly being a lot easier. Generally all in all the bed is excellent, but the assembly was infuriating

Very good and sturdy bed

The bed exceeded my expectations. I was expecting something quite flimsy made out of fibre board but I got a very nice, sturdy bed that will no doubt last many years. The bed can be put together by one person up to a point. The slats are already assembled into a metal frame that needs to be positioned on top of hinges that are in lifted position so the slats frame can be screwed to the hinges. That is not one person job so dont be brave about it. The hinges make lifting the slays and mattress up a doddle. More force is needed getting it down. The space underneath is vast and its a great solution for those who chose furniture with maximising storage in mind. I am stealing one star because of the tolerances. The bed went in together alright. On one occasion the tolerance meant that about couple of millimetres had to be shaven off from one of the beams. Didnt mind that as that was on a well hidden part. Second intolerance is on the middle beam. When screwed in place the whole frame pivots on the middle beam ever so slightly. The weight of the mattress and slats didnt resolve the problem. Putting some felt pads under one side. Nothing I cant live with and since its wood, Im sure it will settle into place over the years.

Huge gaps around the mattress

Maybe we got unlucky with this one but it started off with the bed not being delivered when it was meant to be. We were only informed the night before delivery that theres been an issue with the bed not being ready so wont be delivered the next day. It was then delivered after 2 weeks. About the bed - - Beautiful bed, unique design however unfortunately we had to return it as I didnt like how the mattress didnt fit well on the bed and the gap between the frame and the ottoman feature. The pulling bar thing that helps lift the bed for the storage plus the wooden frame infront of it were more than about 4 inches away from the mattress and slates and there was also a big gap where you could see all the stuff stored underneath the bed. If that doesnt bother you then go for it as it gets covered with the duvet anyway but its not for me as I cant stand thinking theres spiders and other creatures (big enough to enter that gap) whove also made their home in my storage area! Its a shame it wasnt made perfectly because the design was so elegant and colour went well with our room too

Solid and comfortable

I received the bed just under a month ago. I had never had sprung slats on a bed before and was a little concerned at how comfortable it would be with my current mattress. However it turned out to be very comfortable and makes for a great nights sleep. The bed is straight forward to put together, it takes around 1 hour, but you will need 2 people and a few tools . It is very heavy to manuever but this also means it is very solid and does not creak or move around as some beds with sheels or legs would. Also the ottoman hinge function is very smooth and easy to operate, again itis very solid and does not make any noise (I have found some ottoman beds mechanisms do rattle when you move about on the bed.) Plenty of storage space underneath. (I would advise installed a small battery operated lamp as the top of the bed near the head board can be very dark when raised) I have only knocked off 1 star as a few of the metal fixings broke while I was building the bed, luckily I had extras at home. But the type of fixings are readily available from hard ware stores.

Happy with the bed

We bought this without seeing this colour on display - believe the Dreams stores only have the oak on display. This goes very well with the colours in our bedroom and so we chose this other colour. The bed doesnt float too much out - maybe just 5 inches or so. The photo is a bit misleading due to the angle and it looks as if its floating more than it really is. The bed itself was delivered with some damaged parts. Brilliant customer service from Dreams that they threw in free assembly to compensate. The assembly guys did the job in 1 hour when it might have taken me 4! I would recommend paying for it even though like me you may wish to save money - definitely think its worth it. The bed itself is otherwise good quality and sturdy and I have no hesitations recommending it. Wait for when its on sale, definitely do not pay full price though!

Needs better packaging

When I bought this I liked the design of the bed, with the storage space underneath. However, when it was delivered the the bed rail had slight damage and the head of the bed was damaged as well. They have been to replace both parts of the bed but was informed (by there delivery person) the bed rail was the foot of the bed. When they came to replace the head of the bed that was damaged again. The driver said that the wooden bed frames don't transport well. However when you looked at the packaging there was a big rip in the box it came in. I think it needs more care when being handled either in storage or in transport. I gave the 4* rating as I'm not sure who caused the damage or where the damage occurred, I hope it doesn't the easily in future. I'm just basing the rating on my experience.

Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame and Mattress

Easy to build with 2 people. Looks very nice and the Ottoman mechanism to raise and lower the mattress appears to be very good indeed. Lots of very easily accessed storage space under the mattress frame. Clean and unfussy lines. Wood is of differing shades and grain however the overall effect is good. Cannot report on the longevity of this product. The wood panels and frame are not as substantial as I expected. However we have a very heavy mattress and have slept on our new bed several nights now and have not experienced any movement and/or squeaks / noises coming from em either the new mattress or new bed bought from Dreams. All in all a pleasure to do business with and very helpful and knowledgable staff with very friendly and helpful delivery persons too.

Excellent quality at a very affordable price.

This was bought to replace an ottoman double bed in leather that was showing signs of wear, natural and scratching contributed by cats. The space under the bed offers the necessary extra storage that modern houses lack and, having viewed a few other options, this matched exactly what was required together with proving less likely to be damaged by cats scratching the bed frame. The choice was between this bed and another more expensive one. The choice was not made on price but whether or not it was functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing, and, of course, fitted with existing other bedroom furniture and furnishings. This matched perfectly those criteria with the bonus of at a very good, affordable price. Very pleased with this purchase.

Highly recommend

I cant say anything other than outstanding customer service from start to finish! Once I had purchased our bed, I was kept informed every step of the way. I paid for the bed to be assembled and the guys who came, were very professional and polite, taking the packaging away too. Unfortunately after they had left, I noticed a chip at the foot of the headboard, so contacted Dreams straight away and nothing was too much trouble. A very quick return trip to replace the headboard was made and again, a different pair of guys came and again were excellent and once again took all packaging away. Thank you Dreams, for a throwback to good old fashioned customer service, very much appreciated! (Isabella Wooden Ottoman Bed)

Great storage (for the wife only)

Best thing ever!! I have now managed to reclaim some cupboard space for myself as my wife's collection of jumpers, fleeces and other "useful" items that never get worn are now under the bed. Easy to lift up to access the above mentioned although a little bit harder to close if you are short and slightly on the lighter side, which makes it easy for the wife as she is short but less lighter than she used to be. Seriously, it's made of sturdy stuff but the final assembly, once you have all the side panels on does need two people. Assemble it in the room the bed is going to be in as it is heavy and you will not get it upstairs.Message to all the diy men out there, read the instructions!! It will go quicker.

Lovely bed but rattles

Im not sure how to review this bed. On one end, it looks good, the quality is good, and its a comfy and spacious bed. On the other end, the metal frame rattles on the wood when closed. Ive never had an Ottoman bd before so maybe this is just normal, but for the price I am pretty disappointed. Ive opted to put some fabric stickers on the wooden frame to minimise noise, however it does still make really annoying rattling noises depending on how you sit/move. I initially thought my bed was faulty and to Dreams credit they sent out firstly some to take a look at it, and then actually sent a brand new bed. However its clearly just the design of the bed as both have done this.

Sturdy but straightforward to assemble

I was pleasantly surprised by the sturdiness of the lifting mechanism. I have had these type of 'lift up, under storage beds before and their weakness is usually the lifting and lowering system but this bed seems rock solid in that department. It looks and feels a good quality product and I was impressed by the fact that there were even matching floor panels for the inside so that the items being stored are not on the carpet. Very impressed all round and I was quite disappointed that the bedding ends up obscuring the view of the bed frame as it is quite a good looking piece of furniture. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a little bit of quality at a good price

Lovely bed

Lovely bed, looks great and is really easy to use. I was concerned it may be heavy to lift but after the first couple of uses (which they tell you about) the mechanism for lifting it is really smooth and easy but firm enough to feel safe. Plenty of storage space and much easier actually than a drawer divan. The headboard is more comfortable than you would expect, being wood, and the walnut finish is really classy looking. Delivery, removal of old bed and installation/assembly went like a dream (pun fully intended) and the delivery and assembly guys were polite, friendly, efficient and very helpful. Cannot fault the bed or any aspect of the delivery at all.

Good elegant bed with useful storage

Nice good looking elegant bed...goes well with the 'short bread biscuit' colour carpets we have got. offers good storage for all the stuff in the house you dont use often... Two points to mention - 1. when the bed arrived the first time, it had a scratch on the head board but when we inspected closely, there were other marks as well, so look out closely. The customer care team arranged replacement. 2. when there is no mattress, the hydraulics make the slatted panel remains open. There is no locking mechanism for it to be kept attached to the bed base. so, when we had to move the bed, we had to tie the panel to the handle for to avoid any damage.

Very Stylish and modern design.

I bought this bed two weeks ago. My old bed and mattress had served 20+ years and needed replacing. I needed storage for a small bedroom. I don't mind admitting that I had not heard of an Ottoman style bed before. This fitted my needs perfectly. The construction of the frame sits directly on the floor and therefore obviates the 'under-the-bed' void and the need to clean this area. The gas pistons to raise the bed and great and do not much strain to lift up. I took insurance to cover their failure which gives me peace of mind. Overall I am impressed by Isabella Wooden Ottoman Bed Frame it is modern stylish and practical for today's living.

Solid ottoman

This is a great sturdy bed which looks really good. Id researched lots of oak ottoman looking for the right bed for our room. My only reservation with this bed was that there would be a small gap at the headboard end of the bed because the headboard is curved and that this would mean we would end up with a dust trap. Weve not had the bed long enough to know whether it will be an issue, but I think the overall look of the bed is worth an awkward extra clean from time to time. Was relatively easy to put together, the ottoman is a little stiff at first and we found having two people (one either side) made it easier to begin with.

Stylish modern design with loads of storage

I saw this bed in the showroom and was sold on it, it looks great and it's well made. The delivery men arrived on time and were really helpful and polite. Assembly instructions say it needs 2 people but I did it myself and I'm no weightlifter. One piece of advice: it says to fit the gas springs to the lifting arms *before* fitting the mattress frame to the arms. Don't. Lie the arms down flat and fit the frame to them using the 2 screws nearest the foot end, then raise the frame and arms and fit the gas springs which will hold it in the upright position, then get underneath and secure the frame using the rest of the screws.

Not only lovely to look at, also fabulous to sleep

We bought our new bed a month or 2 ago. It is a lovely looking bed and so very comfortable to sleep on. The hydraulic mechanism to left the bed frame makes it easy and reassuring for a small lady like me to use. The storage is excellent underneath is sturdy and is a really good size. The shop kept me up to date with delivery date and I was called on the day by the delivery team to let me know the time of arrival. They were friendly and courteous and after assembling the bed, took all packing away. I highly recommend the bed, the staff, the delivery team and the whole process from when we first walked into the shop.

best looking storage bed for this price range.

This bed was delivered in several boxes and made it manageable to carry up the stairs (that is considerate of Dreams). The bed looks nice once assembled, it is sturdy and has good storage space. The veneer is of good quality, the only thing I found was that the material felt a little bit thin and cheap and the bottom of the storage was basically a few thin pieces of plywood laid on the floor/carpet. For the price (699 for king size) this is the best looking storage bed in the market and we are happy with it. (we found that the next price range is near 1000 and does the same job really, you just need a good mattress).

Spot on

We were after something affordable but stylish and this was spot on. The ottoman function (whilst it replaced an old style raised bed with really useful boxes underneath) really feels like it gives more accessible storage that can be used every day with ease. I enhanced our new bed with Amazon sourced LED motion sensor strip lighting around the left and right which really sets it apart and is so easy to install. Delivery was also great they rang me with a window brought it in what more do you want! Only thing I will say....setup is NOT a one person job. Nearly killed myself several times on the metal frame step...

Nice bed

Nice bed It took me 1.5 hours to put it together including carrying it up stairs (but I am an engineer) It took a little bit of working out how far to screw the metal pins in. The shoulder on the pins doesn't stop you from screwing them in to far. Only needed an extra pair of hands for attaching the lifting part of the bed The quality is good for the price The bed doesn't squeak The lifting mechanism is easy to use Dreams texted me loads of times to tell me when the bed was going to turn up.(possibly too many times) One part was damaged in transit but they replaced it within a week, with no problems.

Looks lovely, brilliant storage, pain to build

Really happy with the look, function and storage of this bed. However the fittings are so poor that it makes it very difficult to build, good job were not planning on moving as you wouldnt want to make it again and dont think one of the fittings will ever come out again. Me and my husband have built lots of furniture in the past, hes a qualified Electrician and I have worked as a prosthetist and orthotist so building a bed really shouldnt have been as hard work as it was. Spent so long trying to get all the rubbish threads to bite. Also quite a few bits damaged but luckily did me anywhere that will show.

Great quality bed

I purchased this online due to covid restrictions and shops being closed. I found the reviews very helpful in making my purchase. The ordering process was really easy and there was a good offer purchasing a mattress at the same time which i did. I was able to choose my delivery date abd was keot informed by texts and emails throughout. The bed was easy to put together with two people and i was pleasantlysurprised at the quality of the bed, the ottoman style gives lots of storage space and is very easy and smooth to operate. Very happy with my purchase and woukd recommend dreams service and products.

Beautiful solid bed frame

The wood used to make this bed frame is beautiful and such a lovely colour. It is solid but easy enough to lift to get to the storage compartments. I have disabilities but can still lift and shut this bed. Did have to find the knack to close it but once I managed this then dont have any issues now. The headboard is built in all in one which is a bit different and out of the ordinary. Paid extra to get the bed built and glad I did as they were friendly, efficient, clean, removed the packaging and followed all Covid-19 regulations. Highly recommend both the bed and paying that extra for it to be built.

Delighted with this bed.....

I had been toying with getting a new bed for a while and so happy I did. The obvious choice of 1st place to look was Dreams due to their advertising and, no surprises, I was able to locate, chose and order this bed very quickly and easily. Everything from start to finish was simple and efficient. The bed is extremely useful with the underneath storage and especially useful in hiding Xmas presents from small nosey children. It is also very comfortable and solid in build. The hydraulic arms really to hold it open very well so no danger of it falling on your head like I've heard reports on other beds.


Delivery - FIRST CLASS. delivery slot was 0900-1100. They phoned at 0902 to say they would be there in seconds, and they were!! Leigh and Simon were so helpful, put it in the room I specified and were gone. Brilliant! Product assembly - It was so easy to do, picture instructions were spot on. Comfort - Too comfortable, I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings! Storage - Loads of room, far better than expected and easy to lift up and down, even for my wife who is tiny. Overall - The whole process from ordering through delivery to trying it out has been a DREAM. Thank you to the whole team

Excellent bed!

We bought this ottoman bed for our new cottage. It looks great and it's very practical, and easy to lift. When you store things under the bed, you can easily access your belonging at any time and since you can actually see them, you are less likely to forget where you have placed certain items. The delivery was great and even though it was tough to get the mattress up into the bedroom due to the small and narrow staircase, the perseverance by us and the Dreams team paid off and it was successfully placed on the bedstead. A good quality, sturdy product. I strongly recommend it!

Love the ottoman! Great quality!

So much storage! It's brilliant. If you're looking for an ottoman bed, this is perfect. And it was so easy to assemble! We were warned off self assembly, but we gave it a go anyway, and it took about 40 minutes longer (you do have to read the instructions!!) but we managed it. I haven't had a bad night's sleep since we got the bed. :) I will say one thing about assembly! Make sure you put the mattress on to close the bed after it has been assembled - we worried we had put it together incorrectly because it would close but, turns out, it just needed the weight of the mattress!

Happy Customer - Good service, great Product.

Although delivery took a little while, as the bedframe had to be ordered, our bed was delivered on the date as arranged, in the time slot agreed, the team were helpful and professional and this bed is the perfect height for us, very solid frame and looks great in the space. It has been worth the wait! We are very pleased with our purchase, both the mattress and the bedframe, we couldn't be happier or more satisfied. Thank you Dreams! The sales team at the Ashford store were brilliant too and very helpful all along the way. Absolutely no issues with this purchase whatsoever.

Happy Customer

The Oak finish is very appealing, the bed-frame is sturdy however the headboard allows a slight wobble which is fine if against the wall. The mechanism to lift the mattress for storage is very handy and works well. There are a few chips in the bed-frame but am happy to let this slide as it doesn't affect its appearance noticeably - I would recommend paying extra for the delivery crew to assemble this as they seemed very knowledgeable with their product and had it ready within half an hour. My one annoyance is that I paid full price and can now see offers are available.

Great bed, loads of storage space, east to build

Really nicely made bed, fits well together with relatively easy to follow instructions. Trust the instructions when it says the ottoman pistons wont lower the frame without a mattress on it! So have a mattress ready otherwise the bed frame will be fixed in the up position. I have no faults with this bed at all, it really is great. Theres loads of storage space underneath and its great that you can get to all of the space so easily. A little rigid to lower from the up position, but I guess thats because its still really new and thats certainly not a fault.

Beautiful Bed, wonderful sleeping

We have had this bed for approximately a month. I chose to set the bed up myself and while it is a little tricky it wasn't difficult for myself and my wife. The bed comes in 5 big boxes with the instructions and all associated fixings. Once built the big advantage is that it is on the floor (no legs), so the space in our bedroom is maximised. It is unbelievably sturdy, until we bought and built this bed I dont believe I have slept on anything so quiet! When put together properly there is no creaking which multiplies the sleeping experience. It is perfect.

Isabella Ottoman King Size

Very comfortable, sturdy and sylish. Had a problem with one of the pieces which had to be replaced a week later, but that all went very smoothly. I wasn't sure abut the Ottoman style at first, being used to divan drawer or frame under bed storage. I love it though. The mechanism is smooth and solid. The storage is a good capacity. It fits the two IKEA storage case I already had and there is room for two more which will stop the usual dust getting into bedding, towels and any other bits and pieces I might want to hide in there. I'm pleased with this buy

Great style

I bought this bed for my son's room to replace his childhood single bed and provide some additional storage for when he is home from university. I needed his help to assemble it - it is a 2 person job. Everything is well labelled and it is a straightforward job for even those with rudimentary practical skills, as long as you follow the clear instructions. It took about 2.5 hours in total and we were taking our time. My son is very pleased with it, the bed looks good, it is a solid structure of good quality materials and most of all he loves sleeping in it!

Fantastic sturdy bed with storage.

Bought this for my 14 year old son with storage for his stuff. Comes in 5 boxes and Dreams drivers will put the boxes in the room of your choice (they are heavy!!). Instruction to build are your usual pictures (same as other self assemble) and they do need some time to understsnd what your supposed to do. The assembly does take two people and you may need a third to help with the metal frame. Took about 90 minutes but looks great and good quality wood. Service from Dreams was top notch - kept informed about delivery and the drivers are great!

Looks great, operates smooth and easy assemble

Great ottoman bed. Sturdy, easy to assemble (yes, it is a two person job - at least to assemble the slats and lift function) and the headboard has already received positive comments. Lift function is smooth and appropriately balanced to rise and fall easily with a mattress and bedding on top. The attractive arch in the headboard means that the top and bottom are flush but there is space of a several centimetres at socket height - this works great for me as I have sockets which can still be used and accessed, despite being hidden behind the headboard!

Pleased with my purchase

I am very pleased with the Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed, although it is lower than my previous bed I find this more comfortable. I have a king size model and still have saved 15 inches in length from my previous bed. It is clean, attractive and easy to store things underneath. There is much more room with the ottoman than with just drawers underneath the bed. Cannot recommend it enough. It took my husband 1 hour 10 minutes to assemble and the instructions were easy to follow. Remarkably everything we needed was included in the packing.

I love my Isabella Ottoman Double Bed

I fell in love with Isabella ottoman Bed first sight! Melissa helped me with all the measurements and insurance, in detail, fantastic customer service. I have decided to pay to assemble the bed, no headache. The team came in punctual, clean, neat and in 30 minutes the job done. They have explained to me the best way to push it down and all sorts of tips. The bed is absolutely beautiful, elegant and so comfortable! Great value I really recommend it. Amazing ladies at Tunbridge Wells, very happy with the service from A to Z. Thank you. Laura

Great sturdy bed frame!

I bought this (a double) a month ago whilst it's on promotion and it's my best buy so far! It arrives promptly on the delivery day. The delivery guy is very helpful to deliver all packages to the room of our choice. The bed frames arrived in 5 very well packaged boxes. It takes some effort to assemble the bed with the instruction, but once assembled it's a very sturdy bed, with plenty of storage. it looks great with the oak color in my spare room. The bed is expected to last for a very long time. Definitely recommending this bed frame.

The best bed Ive ever bought!

This is a brilliant bed, well made, looks great and the amount of storage is amazing. The storage space is a self contained box so your items dont sit directly on the floor. All of our bed linen and towels fitted in here (with more room besides) meaning we could get rid of our old ottoman and save space in our bedroom. The bed is easy to lift to access the storage space and holds itself in place thanks to the lifting system. All in all if you want a great looking, well made bed that provides lots of storage this is a great option.

Just the most perfect bed!

We spent so much time looking around to find the perfect bed. When we saw this bed in the light wood we both liked it, but loved the sample of the dark wood. However, we could not find a store that supplied the dark wood to view. Therefore, we purchased from the small wood sample and the pictures online. Once the bed arrived, we definitely made the right choice. The storage space under the bed is huge and the colour is perfect. I would advise on the addition of requesting the guy to put the bed together as it feels so solid.

Grear Bed

Bought this bed a month ago now, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Combined with the mattress I got, its like sleeping on air. The bed itself is made of high quality materials, the bed hinge is effortless in moving it. The "floor" under the bed is a great added feature, one I did not know about till I relieved the bed, keeps everything off of my hard wood floor underneath the bed. The headboard, which has a slot, and the lip around the base, are perfect for my LED Lights which adds the ambience. Overall an amazing bed.

Isabella Ottoman double bed

SO happy with my new bed , looks lovely and the storage is amazing, I was not able to put it together one my own so I contacted the shop that I bought it from and they gave me the name of company that could put it together . They did say this could have been done when it was delivered at a fee , for some reason I was not told that when I purchased it . The delivery guys Paul Danil Lewis and David Appleton were brilliant I missed there call when they arrived they very kindly came back to deliver the bed , Great service all round

Great bed-frame with modern look and ample storage

Overall a really great bed-frame with nice modern look and an incredible amount of storage. Delivered in 4 relatively easy to handle packages, and relatively easy to put together (needs two people). When it was delivered, we found that one item on the shipping list, an item in the "parts" bag, was missing, but a call to Dreams and one next day delivery later we were all set. One big plus is that there are no distinct legs, the full frame simply sits on the floor, so highly beneficial in spreading the weight across carpet.

Good quality bed

I brought this bed frame to provide extra storage space in my small bedroom and I wasnt disappointed. Its a lovely quality frame and I found it easy to put together on my own. Its a lovely solid good looking bed frame and I am really pleased with my purchase. I would recommend this bed frame especially if like me you want to match solid oak bedroom furniture as it really is a good match. I especially like the way the bottom of the frame sits under the top as you dont catch you feet on it even in the smallest of rooms.

Great looking storage bed

i spent quote a long time looking for a bed that offers a lot of storage and at the same time does't look like a 'coffin'. This bed achieves exactly that. It looks great and rather stylish, offers lots of storage under the bonnet, unlike some other ottoman beds, the metal support mesh doesn't go deep inside the bed frame, which allows for more storage without making the bed too high . It is also very easy to lift and the whole construction seems sturdy. Very comfortable to sleep on and quality product.

Great bed but ..

We have had this bed for several years now and it still looks as good as new. Lots of storage the lifting mechanism still works smoothly. However there is nothing to hold the mattress in place so it does slip around and the slats are quite far apart so we ended up having to put some boarding underneath to make it more comfortable- our previous dreams bed base was really sturdy but had a raised edge which kept the mattress in place. - its great value and really well made - just have this one niggle.

A real statement in our bedroom

We bought this bed without seeing it in person, only on the website. We opted for walnut color and the color is slightly darker compared to the photos online. But this is such a beautiful bed frame, a real statement in our bedroom. The curved edges of it have been so cleverly though, the space underneath is massive and with the movable panels I am able to clean under the bed every now and then. It is very sturdy and the materials used are really high quality. Absolutely thrilled with our choice.

Incredible bed, incredible service

The bed is a fantastic quality that feels strong, sturdy and hasnt made a single squeek yet. We paid for the building service and the 2 who came to build it not only built it effieiciently but also cleaned after themselves. They phoned ahead of time to give us an estimate as to when they would arrive and they were accurate to what they said.This was a huge help considering my wife is pregnant and it took all the stress and difficulty out of the process. Will I buy from dreams again? Yes I will

Quality bed frame

Very impressed with the bed frame, it is absolutely solid, the frame is defonetly of a good quality construction unlike cheaper frames I have gotten in the past, it doesn't creek at night when moving around like other bed frames. The only issue I would say you may have is that you do require two people to build this, specifically when I comes to attaching the hydraulic struts to the part which houses the slats, there is no way around this, trust me you will need two persons for this part.

Easy to assemble

This bed frame is very sturdy and easy to assemble. I quite happily managed it on my own. The storage space is very useful and easy to access. The only down point is that the mattress delivered is significantly firmer than the one in the shop but that is not a frame issue, more likely the one in the store was old and well bounced on to soften it up. If you buy a mattress to go with this frame make sure you find out how long it has been on display and try the newest one possible.

Fantastic bed grear value

I bought this as an impulse myself and my partner wanted a new mattress and after visiting the store in bolton this bed screamed storge, space and practicality over the bed is easy to lift up and down and looks great its a neat design available in a couple of shades of wood. We absolutely love the bed we actually bought the bed mattress and 2 pillows and what a result. A great service from dreams on time with updates and assembly at home we will definitely go back to dreams again.

Great storage bed!

Love this bedframe! It was really easy to put together between 2 diy-hapless people (I wouldn't bother paying extra for assembly if you own a couple of screwdrivers!), has loads of storage and it is easy to operate the lever / lifting of the mattress (after a few uses). Feels solid even through it is veneer and looks really lovely in the room - I love the cutout in the headboard, it makes the bed itself look smaller in the room and has a lovely natural sheen to it. Very happy!

Lovely design and great storage

Really took a long time choosing this bed and it has not disappointed me. Dreams efficiency was optimum from recycling to putting up the bed very professional and speed was incredible. The delivery guys knew they product and went through everything lifting the bed is effortless once you are confident with it and knowing their excellent customer service team I'm not worried with after care if anything goes wrong !!!! I've had the bed for 21 nights and still happy with my choice

Nice ottoman..

Was looking for Ottoman in wood in the market, it's the best one we could find. Bought one in walnut colour 1 month back.. was confused abt the height but, when we put a mattress (25 cm deep, firm), we are completely satisfied. One saw at shop had too much clearances between bed and mattress at sides but, mine is perfect. Delivered to room, assembly took 1.5 hrs to build with my wife..if the instructions have notes abt parts in which number box, it would be better!

Great ! ^_^

Very good quality bed, had for a month now and is working absolutely fine. The pull up is very easy, push down is much more difficult- but shows how it is not going to fall on you when you get things ojt the bed :) Took me and my partner 3 hours to build, There is a scuff on an outside panel but for whats its worth the duvet would cover it anyway. Great storage solution for a tiny bedroom in a tiny flat, no compromise on the size though! King size all the way ^_^

Lovely bed

Beautiful bed, very strong and sturdy. Easy to put together. Was a little worried at first as without the mattress on top the base stayed upright but as soon as mattress was on it stayed down. Very nice design, the only flaw I would say is the handle for lifting the base, this could have been designed better to suit the frame and also the bolt heads which can been seen on the outside of the frame for the ottoman mechanism - they aren't really in keeping with the wood

Absolutely fantastic buy

SO pleased with the bed frame. Colour is a great match to our walnut wardrobes. The wood grain looks lovely. It was really easy to assemble. The lift up function was quite stiff at first but seems to be easier now( after a couple of months ). Absolutely loving the storage space underneath. I have managed to fit loads of things under there! Freed up floor and drawer space. The slight overhang at the foot end means you dont stub your toes as you walk past.

Better than expected

Very happy with how product turned out, easier to put up than I thought just read the instructions carefully guys! Pictures online don't do the storage size justice I bought this bed because I wanted less clutter in my room and its still only half stocked. The Delivery team were brilliant I got a call at 10 to 8 to say my time slot was between 8:15 and 10:15 and they turned up at 8:10 saved me waiting around all day and I could go about putting it up then.

Great product and great service

Really good bed. Easy to build, decent amount of storage space too. Unfortunately, when the bed arrived there was a bolt that hadn't been threaded and wasn't usable and there were no spares which meant I couldn't finish the build, it took around a week to get the new one sent out for me to finally finish it. Staff, however, i can't fault at all. Extremely helpful in store, helped us get the boxes up to the room and then on the phone to sort out the problem.

Lovely solid wood bedframe with tons of storage.

I'm really happy with my ottoman bed frame. The wood looks super sleek and stylish (and it's proper solid wood - it's quite a heavy frame when all assembled) and it wasn't too bulky. I've got quite a small bedroom so needed something with storage and that wouldn't take up too much room and this did the trick perfectly. The storage is also ample - I've fit 2 full size suitcases, 4 plastic boxes of clothes and a number of shoes and smaller items under there.

Super sturdy

I bought this bed as I needed a frame that had plenty of storage and great support! This bed does just that it holds a lot of weight n holds it well with no noises or signs of struggle Plus the storage underneath is a lot bigger than I imagined I paid for the delivery men to assemble the bed and they were lovely very polite and did it very quick they also moved it to where I wanted it in my room which I thought was helpful All in all a great buy!

Come to the dark side, it is quicker

There are 2 options when purchasing this bed, light wood or dark wood. Light I could get in approx 12 weeks, dark in 2. I took the dark wood option. It turned up on the right say, at the right time. The guys that delivered it were friendly and helpful and left it where i needed it. I took the option to put it together myself. It took 2 of us a little over an hour to do that and it looks fabulous. Comfy bed, looks great, loads of storage. I am happy

Lovely piece of furniture

Bought this bed for the storage & the great modern design. We felt it was different to all the faux leather ottomans that were for sale & the fact that the real wood smell permeates the air when new is lovely. There is lots of storage & the gas struts are very effective. The one things that does let it down are the wooden boards for the bottom of the storage, under the mattress, which do look a little cheap & out of place with the rest of the design

Great Design and Stable

The Bed frame is flat and stable. The bed frame has excellent walnut wooden finish which is unique comparing to others bed. comparing to our last bed frame which had four legs so if one leg was damaged the bed frame would be unstable. I recommend all to have stable bed frame like this. It has a lot of rooms for storage where we keep our families storage underneath bed frame which is simply great. I will definitely buy same sort of frame in future.


Excellent storage although corners are very sharp and stick out further than the mattress. We had to buy some foam protector off the internet to prevent having permanent bruised shins. Also there is a bit of a gap that a small kitten or child's hand could get into the storage area where the mattress doesn't cover at the foot if the bed. We bought the correct sized mattress si it's obviously part of the design. It will also let dust in I think.

Isabella bed

The Isabella bed is good quality with a nice sturdy bottom in the ottoman. Easy enough to put together by ourselves and looks lovely. Unfortunately, we did not have a good experience with Dreams and had to wait over 3 months for delivery when originally quoted 6 weeks. The delivery team battered both the bed and my house when they were delivering the boxes which is why 3 stars have been given. 5 stars for the bed itself and 1 star for Dreams!

Excellent quality and storage, low cost

After two nights in it, I really love this bed. It's been very comfortable (love the curved headboard!) and really high quality material, but at a surprisingly reasonable price. I'm also very pleased with the amount of storage under the bed. Only minor niggle is that assembly could be easier: it is a bit hard to get some of the screws into the grooves as they cut into plastic and are deeper than the surface, not flush with the surface.

Beautiful bedframe

This bedframe is an absolute stunner, I bought it in the darker walnut colour and it is gorgeous. The only reason it isn't 5 stars is because of the base, the floor boards in the ottoman aren't secured in anyway and are slightly too small for the bed so there's a bit of carpet showing through, also there's a cut out hole in one so that you can lift them out but I think it makes it look a little cheaper. Would still definitely recommend!

Isabella King Size Ottoman bed

This my second purchase of this bed so I knew what to expect and this purchase is no different. This is simply a quality bed,structurally the frame is sturdy and built to last. The lifting mechanism manages very well and capable of lifting quite heavy mattresses. The storage space for the king size is huge and certainly a further benefit. Overall very pleased and would highly recommend to anyone considering purchasing this bed.

Great value for a quality bed.

Bed was easy to order online and was delivered perfectly on time by very helpful chaps. Bed is exactly as ordered and though we have only had it a couple of weeks is comfortable and sturdy. I am a keen amateur wood worker and I know poor quality items when I see them and this is not your laminated chip board rubbish often found in well known stores. Solid wood and high quality parts give a feel of a strong and high standard finish.

Quality Bed

This is a lovely looking bed perfect for our attic bedroom. We purchased the walnut colour and looks great against white walls. The ottoman base is sturdy and haas a very strong base which a lot of these style of beds dont have. Very pleased with my purchase and the delivery men were so polite they took their shoes off as soon as they entered the front door. They also informed me of which box to open first which was very useful.

Isabella Walnut

We needed a sturdy bed to replace our delapidated ottoman. We opted for the Isabella because it was the ideal size and colour for our room. It was pretty easy to put together and feels really solid. We have some vintage furnishings and the walnut compliments the room so well. Plenty of storage and a great improvement on our last ottoman. No movement in the frame and now we've added a topper to a mattress, it feels very luxurious!

Looks great

This is a great looking bed and I'm very pleased with the quality of it. The storage space underneath is very good and lifting and dropping the mechanism is nice and easy. I would recommend paying the fee to have the delivery guys build the bed though. I didn't, and attaching the mattress slats to the piston mechanism took two of us a lot of blood, sweat and tears, as well as a few choice expletives. Very happy overall though.


Had this bed a fortnight now and totally happy with it, although I appreciate that a lot of that is due to the mattress. However, the bed itself is great. Easy to assemble - think it took longer to unpack from the boxes than it did to assemble, but packed so that no chance of damage. Instructions were clear and tools required were included in pack. Plenty storage underneath and fits in perfectly with our refurbished bedroom.

Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame

I had the Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame assembled a few weeks ago and I am very happy with it. Mine is a walnut, king size and looks very elegant. I paid for it to be assembled by Dreams and the guys were very good as well as friendly and polite and finished the job under 45min. They were shoe covers too, which i thought was fantastic as we do not wear shoes at was altogether a very positive experience.

Nice bed only let down by poorish fittings

Had bed a few weeks now, excellent, only thing was the pistons for lifting the bed up and down were very stiff and thought there was a problem with them but with encouragement they now work fine, would be good to have a few extra screw heads, I cant remember what they are called but 3 broke when fitting but I think I may have tried to over tighten them, fortunately I had spares in my shed!! Apart from that all good

Comfortable, stylish, good value

I am very pleased with the purchase from Dreams. The bed was fairly easy to assemble, very sturdy and I love the underbed storage. It takes 2 people to assemble and make sure you have plenty of space before you start. It tokk an hour or so to assemble. Don't panic if the hydraulic arms appear stiff, once the mattress is on they work perfectly. A good quality bed that is practical, stylish and fits with most decor.


this bed has fitted in so well with our other furniture. looks good quality and seems sturdy. there is much needed storage .my partner had no problem putting it together. dreams usually put it together bit due to lockdown they couldn't however they did say when restrictions were over they would honour the promise of putting it together. would definitely recommend this bed and dreams. wonderful customer service.

Excellent quality and storage area

We bought two new bed frames when we moved to our new house about 5 years ago - both ordered from Drems. Having used both of them we think, should have ordered the other one Issbella as well. Design and quality excellent, with plenty of storage area underneath. No issues so far with frame, gas pipe. We liked it so much that when it came to buying a new bed frame for spare room, by default it was Issbella again.

Absolutely love the storage space!

I wanted an ottoman bed but had looked for ages and they all seemed to be leather which is really not my taste so I was delighted when I found this - it looks great and the storage is so easy to access. Ordered online and delivery went exactly as planned - I was given a two hour delivery slot and they kept me informed. Assembling was a bit of a challenge but we got there eventually. Definitely a 2 person job.

Amazing Ottoman Bed

I have been needing to upgrade from a single bed for a while now, having a small room doesn't help though so being able to utilise the under bed storage that this product allows was a big factor in purchasing it. The delivery was quick and efficient and assembly was simple. I have enjoyed a wonderful night sleep every night for the past few weeks as well as love the look of my room now with this addition.

Good quality, a little fiddly

Delivered very promptly and is a very nice quality bed. Instructions are clear but can be a little on the vague side, found the construction side of the bed to be quite fiddly. I largely constructed it myself with receiving help on the section which requires the metal slat frame to be screwed to the pistons, took 3+ hours in all. My recommendation is to certainly pay for the bed to be constructed for you.

Good storage, Great design

Delivered in manageable boxes, so needed a lot of assembly and 2 people to do it safely. Not difficult to assemble, instructions easy to follow. Bed locks together firmly, and Access to good storage nice and smooth. Headboard is slightly curved making it comfortable to sit up against in bed, and doesnt take up much room. Very pleased with it, looks a lot smaller in the room than our last bed.

What a life and space saver :)

We bought this bed as we had moved house and our bedroom was now smaller than before. This bed easily stores 80% off my wardrobe collaction and my partner still has room on his side. The compartments underneath are a fantastic size. The bed was very easy to assemble and looks as if it would have cost a lot more than it did. Very sturdy and easy to operate, even for a smaller person like myself.

Great Storage

We bought this bed recently, we had redecorated our bedroom and wanted a special bed to complete it, this bed fit the bill perfectly Ottoman beds are the perfect storage solution, we used to store alot of things under our old bed but they were awkward to get to and were covered in dust, the new ottoman bed accomodated all that was under our old bed and more besides and is now easily accessible.

Colour very different to picture

We love the storage and the bed was easy to assemble. The instructions were in one of the larger boxes. I'm happy with the bed except the walnut colour in reality is hugely different in the picture on the website. It is much much darker more a mahogany shade than the lovely brown in the website pictures. If I'd known that I would have ordered the oak version. So overall I'm fairly disappointed.

Solid and practical

We have had this bedframe for almost a month and have really found it comfortable. It looks super in the room and the ottoman feature is a great space saving aspect. The pistons work well and my wife finds the single, central lifting handle a real advantage. My tip, especially if you purchase a deep mattress is to buy king size quilt and bedding. It makes the whole ensemble look great.

Worth the wait!

Absolutely perfect bed frame - exactly what we needed. Had to wait over four weeks for delivery and slept on a mattress on the floor in the meantime, but it was so worth the wait! Good amount of underneath storage, tidies away all the mess we had. Staff who came to put it together were on time (actually early), polite and quick. Made sure to wear shoe coverings on our carpet.

Ok but looked much better on the website

Overall not a bad bed but looked much nicer on the website. The frame is sturdy and I like that it comes with the floor cover. However the colour is not great, as has almost yellow tones vs. the deep walnut shown. It wasnt too difficult to make, took an hour for 2 of us. Some very small chips on the headboard. Delivery was on time (though a 12 week wait) and with good communication.

Lovely beds... Easy to build

The beds we ordered are really lovely. They look really good and are very sturdy, even though I put them together. I did most of the building myself and it took me about 90 minutes for the first one and about an hour for the second one (as I'd got into the swing of it by then). The mattress is really easy to lift up to get to the storage area underneath and very easy to close again.

An Ottoman for Empires

I've been using mine for a month now...excellent solid platform for the new king-size duvet. The lifting operation is smooth and holds the weight of the mattress without slippage. The storage space is immense - as well as bedding and unseasonal clothing I found somewhere out of the way for some old movie Empires are stored in my Ottoman! (See what I did there?)

Great, solid and practical bed but avoid the shops

A very nice, solid and practical bed. The online shopping and delivery were flawless, however the in shop (Cambridge) experience is not good. We went in about five times and found the circling, vulture-like staff uncomfortable, arrogant and in one case, ill-informed on their own products. The four stars are because the end product is good and the delivery experience equally as good.

Excellent bed but be careful

This us an excellent bed, loads of easily accessible storage and it looks great. Be very Carefull when assembling the headboard end to the side rails though, there is very little thickness in the chipboard around the fixing and the corner breaks really easily when tightening the cam fixing. A couple of well placed screws that are not visible when assembled fixed the problem though.

Strong and Sturdy Kingsize Bed frame

Comes flat packed and is very easy to assemble whilst following the guide. This can be assembled on your own, however, I would suggest you have a friend with you as it's so much easier. It took two of us about 45 mins to assemble and the bed was ready, Perfect delivery from the Dreams team who delivered the product on time with excellent communication throughout ... Sweet dreams

Ottoman bed frame

Finish Quality not as good as the example in store, and 1 item inside an Undamaged box was damaged, Dreams have been very good to get the item replaced(yet to be received).Pay attention to the Instructions on the gas struts, so you dont waste the time I did thinking they were faulty, when all they need is the fully loaded finished assembly. the item is strudy and fits the ticket

New Bed

Beautiful bed, with lots of storage space and was very easy to put together with my partner. My only gripe would be the 4 bolts on either side of the bed frame, I wish they werent visible. The bed also arrived with a small amount of damage to the headboard but was quickly resolved with Dreams customer service. Overall Im very happy with the frame and would highly recommend it.


just got mine Friday, paid for the assembly. worth every penny its beautiful and got exactly what i wanted, perfect size, looks lovely and saved me a lot of space in my bedroom because of the storage, seen a few people mentioning the smell of the wood for days which I haven't found. all around brilliant and the dreams guys that put it together were lovely too. thank you dreams

Good look but some faults

Overall look was very good however there are some short comings. The holes that hold some of the screw locks are too loose meaning they dont lock in place and this has meant the end panel wont go tight. We had Dreams put it together and unfortunately because they use power tools some parts were over tightened meaning the veneer split. Luckily for us it wasnt anywhere visible

Sturdy and handy bed

I had this bed assembled about a month ago and it's proved to be very sturdy and very handy. The decent amount of storage space under the bed is great and we got the walnut shade and fits in well with our other dark wood furniture. The opening and closing of the lifting mechanism isn't too strenuous as the fitted piston help with the work. I would recommend this prioduct

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Questions and Answers About The Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Can this bed be disassembled and then reassembled? We are due to move house soon and need to know that well be able to put it back together once were in the new house. There is not the option to transport it whole as it wouldnt fit down the stairs.

Answer: Yes, this bed can be disassembled and reassembled. A copy of the assembly instructions can be found online by searching for 'Isabella' then navigating to the overview section on the product page. Here there will be a link that will take you to a pdf copy of the instructions, these can then be used to help take apart and then reassemble your bed.Good luck with your house move!

Can you provide dimensions of the packages it comes in. We have a tight staircase so need to know if it will fit before assembly. Is there a local store with one on display?

Answer: You can use the store locator to contact your local store for viewing of this product. Here below are the in box measurements for the packing.Double - Box 1 1530x1160x90, box 2- 1950 x 290x90, box 3- 2070x350x170, box 4- 1950x380x150, box 5- 1450x105x140 King - box 1- 1680x1160x90, box 2- 2030x290x90, box 3- 2150x350x170, box 4- 2030x410x150, box 5- 1580x105x140Many thanks for your question.

Are the dimensions of the delivery box really111 x 159 x 216cm? I dont see how that will fit through a normal door?

Answer: I apologise for this error. The bed is delivered in 5 boxes:Package 1:Weight: 20 kgsMeasures: 9 x 167 x 230cmPackage 2:Weight: 15 kgsMeasures: 6.5 x 204 x 27.8cmPackage 3:Weight: 29 kgsMeasures: 14.3 x 214 x 32.7cmPackage 4:Weight: 25 kgsMeasures: 9.5 x 204 x 44cmPackage 5:Weight: 20 kgsMeasures: 13.5 x 154 x 106cm

I have this lovely bed for 4 years now. I am Moving houses, would I be able to de assemble it and assemble back again? If so, where would I find instructions?

Answer: Yes, this bed can be disassembled and reassembled. A copy of the assembly instructions can be found online by searching for 'Isabella' then navigating to the overview section on the product page. Here there will be a link that will take you to a pdf copy of the instructions, these can then be used to help take apart and then reassemble your bed.Thanks, Dreams

Could I please check: 1. Is the bed made with solid wood or engineered wood? 2. Can I attach another headboard to the bed and if yes what would be the dimensions? Thanks

Answer: The headboard outer frame is made from Solid Ash and the inner panel on the headboard is plywood.The side rail is solid wood mix particle board, the footend is solid wood, the bottom board is MDF.Unfortunately you would not be able to attach another headboard to the bed as this is part of the main structure of the bed.

Hello! Whats is the lead time on the 50 walnutIsabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame? Thank you

Answer: The lead on this bed frame is on average 8 days, however this will vary dependent on your location. To find the most accurate delivery information, please progress through into the checkout and input your delivery postcode; a delivery calendar will then be available to view before proceeding with your purchase.

Hi, is this bed available or its a waiting time, if yes, how long 4.6 bed, Stoke on Trent area

Answer: Unfortunately weve seen fantastic sales of this item, hence lead times are a little longer than we would like. The current lead time would be at least 12 weeks and the Customer Services team would contact you as soon as the item becomes available and arrange a convenient time for your delivery.

Good afternoon, is the mattress recessed into the frame structure or does it lie flat above it? I have a longer-than-standard mattress so need to make sure the bed has an even surface with no edges. Also, where is it produced? Many thanks

Answer: There is a slight recess and also there are mattress retaining bars at either end of the frame to be able to hold the mattress in place, so unfortunately the mattress would need to be the correct size for this frame.The frame is produced in the far east.

Please help. I want to buy this bed but was Wondering if this is solid wood or just laminate Mdf wood please. Also what is the distance in centimetres between the wooden pieces that hold the mattress in place?

Answer: The headboard outer frame is made from Solid Ash and the inner panel on the headboard is plywood.The side rail is solid wood mix particle board, the footend is solid wood, the bottom board is MDF.The distance between the slats is an average of 8 cm's.

My bed is a few years old and still looks good but the Pistons aren't holding the mattress up when you open it to store things. Can you buy new pistons if so how much are they ?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not sell individual bed parts.However, if you bought your bed from us originally, please call Customer Services on 0344 292 0000 and a member of the team will look into how we can resolve this situation for you.I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

I like this bed but when I try to purchase it does not allow me the assembly service?

Answer: This option should present itself through checkout. If this does not provide the service on your next checkout, please call the customer service team on 03442920000 after purchase who can happily apply this to your order before delivery.Many thanks for the question.

I paid to have the bed assembled and am waiting for the delivery of a mattress from somewhere else. I had not tried to lower the slats before and now find that I cannot! Is there a particular way to do this or has something locked??

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your questions and I'm sorry to hear about the issues you have been having. In this instance, we would advise that you reach out to the customer service team who would be best placed to advise you further. .

Hi.. how lond this bed will be on sale? How much delivery charges will be to IV2? Thanks

Answer: The Spring Sale event is will run until the 2nd May 2016.Deliveries to IV postcodes are serviced by one of the delivery partners - you will receive a call 7-14 days of your chosen date to arrange delivery to your home.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What size mattress would fit in this?? Its a special size i reckon. I have already bought the bed wondering which mattress to buy

Answer: This is a standard UK sized bed, so dependent on the size you have bought you will need the accompanying sized mattress i.e you'll need a Double mattress for a Double mattress likewise a King mattress for a King bed.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

if I buy bedside table for this bed what color I should search/look for to match closely with this bed? or Any recommendations /links

Answer: I would recommend viewing this bed in store to help you match the colour to a bedside. Unfortunately we don't currently sell matching furniture. The colour / wood finish is described as Oak but this can vary across products and retailers

What amount (height) of the headboard is still visible once the mattress is in place? Is this base suitable for heavy firm mattresses? I have a new Sealy posturepedic mattress with a depth of 32/33cm and I like to know how suitable this is.

Answer: This bedframe is suitable for a heavy mattress as it has been tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability. With a mattress depth of 32/33cm there would be about 50cm of headboard height still available.

Good morning, Could you tell me the lead time on an Isabella Platform Ottoman Bed Frame 5'0'' in oak to be delivered to Stamford, Lincolnshire area please? Thank you

Answer: The delivery is around 10 days at the moment, but this can vary depending on your postcode.As you go through the checkout process you will be able to book a delivery before making a payment and committing to the order.

What is the maximum weight limit please?

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. We currently dont specify a weight limit to the bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability.

Hello, is there a maximum weight per person on this bed please?

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. We currently dont specify a weight limit to the bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability.

It seems from some of the reviews that the Isabella bed is not fitted with castors. Is there anything that would prevent me fitting castors of my own should I choose to do so?

Answer: I have assembled these beds and the reason they don't have castors is that this bed is very heavy. Although you may be able to modify this as there is the space, we do not recommend it at all.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

is there a base in the bottom of the storage area. if so what is this made of. also i live in birstall near leeds, where is the nearest shop that displays it. it isn't in the birstall store

Answer: There is a base and it is made of ply board. It will be best for you to contact the bradford or the leeds crown point store to find this out. You can use the store locator to bring up their details.Many thanks for your question.

Which wood is used to make this bed?

Answer: The headboard outer frame is made from Solid Ash and the inner panel on the headboard is plywood. The side rail is solid wood mix particle board, the foot-end is solid wood, the bottom board is MDF. Hope this helps, Dreams.

What kind of wood is it made of?

Answer: The headboard outer frame is made from Solid Ash and the inner panel on the headboard is plywood. The side rail is solid wood mix particle board, the foot-end is solid wood, the bottom board is MDF.Hope this helps,Dreams.

Is this a chipboard frame with a veneer, or is it actually a solid wood frame? And if it is solid wood, what wood is the frame made of?

Answer: The headboard outer frame is made from Solid Ash and the inner panel on the headboard is plywood. The side rail is solid wood mix particle board, the foot-end is solid wood, the bottom board is MDF.Hope this helps,Dreams.

Is it solid wood? what type of wood is used?

Answer: The headboard outer frame is made from Solid Ash and the inner panel on the headboard is plywood.The side rail is solid wood mix particle board, the footend is solid wood, the bottom board is MDF.

Can I please check what material this bed is made from? Is it mdf/veneer?

Answer: The headboard outer frame is made from Solid Ash and the inner panel on the headboard is plywood. The side rail is solid wood mix particle board, the foot-end is solid wood, the bottom board is MDF.Many thanks, Dreams

Is the storage space big enough for large suitcases, as the only storage place is under my bed? But always struggle to pull them out

Answer: As we do not know the size of your suit cases we couldn't possibly comment on this but the storage space is very large. Why not visit your local store and take a look with your suitcase dimensions.Many thanks for your question.

When is the walnut king size Isabella platform/ottoman due to come back in stock - delivery area would be London. Many thanks

Answer: Thank you for getting in touch with your question. Unfortunately we do not have a date for when this is likely to be back in stock, but we are hopeful it will not be in the too distant future! .

Is the bed self assembly please as we have a spiral staircase and if the base was too big, we would have problems? Dimensions of biggest piece please. Thanking you The Wrinkly Rider

Answer: The Wrinkly Rider,The bed is self assembly, or we can assemble it for 49. The biggest individual bit of this bed is the head-end which is approximately 111cm high x 144cm wide.Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi can you tell me in inches how long the total length of the Isobella Ottoman bed is please in inches if possible. I'm looking at the double size bed thanks

Answer: The length in inches is approximately 81.2inches.For future reference you can click on the dimensions tab on most products to see the dimensions in centimetres and inches.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is it solid wood or veneer

Answer: The headboard outer frame is made from Solid Ash and the inner panel on the headboard is plywood. The side rail is solid wood mix particle board, the foot-end is solid wood, the bottom board is MDF.Thanks,Dreams

Can you tell me how wide the main part of the King size bed, the part the mattress sits on, is. We need it to fit in a tight space.

Answer: This beds widest area will be the headboard, this bed is measured outside edge to outside edge to give you a true size of the frame. The total width is 144 cm.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Does a platform bed require a level floor? The room we intend it to go in has a rough finish concrete base although a carpet is due to be laid prior to the bed.

Answer: Unfortunately due to the subjective nature of the question, we would advise the customer service tea or colleagues in store, would be best placed to advise to reassure of this. .

what size mattress would be suitable for this bed?

Answer: As long as your bed frame size matches the mattress size (i.e - Double frame for double mattress) then any mattress would be suitable. It depends on your comfort preference.Thank you for your question.

I have approx 86inch from wall to end of open door, the bed I really like says it is 82inch long, will this fit in my room

Answer: Unfortunately we cannot provide a definitive answer as this would be at your discretion.However we would advise you need to consider space that is required to build the bed.

Hi. I moved my Isabella bed for room redecoration but now I cannot get the frame/slats to close. What could be the problem?

Answer: This could be an issue with the gas pistons, you will need to make sure they have been assembled the correct way round, and ensure the mattress is on the frame when closing it.

Can you tell me wot weight the bed will hold each person

Answer: We currently dont specify a weight limit to the bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability.

What is the weight limit or the storage area?

Answer: There isn't a specific weight limit for the storage area of this bed, however the ottoman storage is mainly for items such as spare bedding and should not be overloaded.

What is the height of the bed with 30cm mattress? Does part the mattress come inside of the bed by any chance.

Answer: There is a slight recess in the frame where the mattress sits of a few centimeters. So with a 30cm mattress you would be looking at a total height if around 57/58cm.

Is this coming back into stock and is there an estd date for that?

Answer: This should be coming back within the next couple of weeks, however we recommend using the "Notify me" button so you are alerted as to when this is back online.

what wardrobe matches this bed?

Answer: We do not have a particular range that goes with this however we have many wooden options that could compliment this within the collection.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is it possible to purchase the Isabella wood base but with an automatic mechanism operated by remote control?

Answer: Unfortunately the Isabella cannot be purchased with an electric lift base. However the Francis Ottoman bed frame is available with a remote controlled lifting base

Is there a maximum weight for the mattress? I don't know the weight of mine but its pretty heavy so thought it could cause issues.

Answer: Good Evening,Our bed frames are designed to accommodate a range of different mattress weights and sleepers alike, therefore we do not have specific weight recommendations.

Do the delivery men take the bed to the room you want?

Answer: Yes for a charge of 39. You can select this option during the checkout process. Otherwise it shall be delivered to your front door.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi I'm wondering if I were to pay for assembly and asked the fitters to attatched my own headboard would that be possible? Many thanks. VK

Answer: The Isabella headboard is part of the frame and cannot be removed or changed, I'd suggest the divan base range if you wish to fit an existing headboard.Many thanks for the question.

My wife has a weak back. How easy is it to lift the ottoman on a fully made-up bed (mattress, bedding etc)? Does it it have gas struts to assist?

Answer: Yes this bed does have gas struts to assist in lifting the bed. A light tug on the straps and the bed will raise itself.Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Where does the wood come from? Is it FSC certified? or from another sustainable source

Answer: The wood used for this bed frame is not FSC certified, the wood is sourced in line with the European Timber Regulations and thus from sustainable sources.

Hi, what is the price if I buy two Ottoman beds, one pale and one darker wood? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and Merry Christmas! Charles

Answer: Charles,Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too.It would depend what size you would like as the prices differ between the King Size and Double Ottoman.Thank you for your question.

Our other bedroom furniture is acacia wood. What finish would be the closest match?

Answer: It would depend on the finish of your furniture. However possibly the oak colour would be more suited as this is lighter than the walnut colour.Many thanksJSDreams

Is the storage area split in two? Or is it one large area? From the picture it looks like there might be a divider running down the middle? If so, can this be removed to create one large area?

Answer: There is a wooden panel down the middle of the storage area, this would need to be kept in place as it is part of the structure of the bedframe.

I think it's been asked but want to clarify, the measurement says length 216cm is that the total length as the isobella has an overhang at the foot of the bed

Answer: Just slightly yes, but also the headboard has a slight curve and this pushes it away from the wall extending its length. I hope that helps. Many thanks for the question.

Given it has a flat base, will this cause issues on top of underfloor heating? If it will cause problems, is it possible to put legs on it?

Answer: This base should be absolutely fine on heated flooring and it has been tested. Unfortunately it wouldn't be possible to put the frame on legs.

do you have an assembly guide that I can use to work out how to dismantle this bed as I am moving house.

Answer: Yes, the assembly instructions are available in the assembly instructions section that you can find at the bottom of the website page.Many thanks for the question.

Does this bed frame come in a king size? When I add it to my basket for checkout I get the message "Selected option(s) or their combination is not available."

Answer: We apologise for this error. It has been looked into and amended, the product is available to buy. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.Thank you for informing us.

Does the metal frame of this base that the mattress lays on come in two halves? Also are you able to order the head board dismantled for easier access getting it up tricky staircases? Thank you

Answer: This bed is delivered flat packed in 4 boxes. The metal frame comes in one piece, however it can fold in half.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi, Can you tell what is the base wood material used for that frame (pine, mdf, hardwood, chipboard etc.)? I also presume the veneers used are natural oak, not printed oak veneers? Thanks.

Answer: The bed frame is made from a combination of Ash solid wood, Poplar solid wood, Plywood, Veneer and Particle board.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi I have this bed frame and now only one of the gas struts work, the other is locked ? Any ideas or can I purchase replacement struts ?

Answer: I am sorry to hear this. Please contact the customer service team with your order details and they will be able to assist you with this.

is it possible to completely remove (or cut off) the headboard? Or would this undermine the structure of the bed?

Answer: Good afternoon This is integral to the structure of the bed and as such we would not recommend completely removing the headboard in this way. .

Hello, I'm from Estonia and I'm interested in having the bed. Can I buy it if I'll arrange the delivery (some logistic comp)? And will the mattress 140x200 fit in the frame?

Answer: We can deliver to a shipping company of your choice but unfortunately we do not deliver abroad. 140 X 200cm is not a standard UK size.Many thanks for the question.

is the Isabella ottoman oak available as a double bed as the only size option seems to be a king size bed?

Answer: We do, unfortunately it is currently out of stock. It should be back in stock at the beginning of December.Sorry about this and thank you for your question.

Good Afternoon I am looking to purchase the Isabella Ottoman bed in Oak finish and would like to know if delivery for the end of January is possible. This would also include a pocket sprung mattress I have chosen. Thank you

Answer: Yes delivery for the end of January is possible, please select your required delivery date at the checkout.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

I am not interested in the headboard. Is it possible to place the order without it? Is it possible to assemble the bed frame without the headboard?

Answer: The headboard is part of the main structure of the bedframe, unfortunately the frame cannot be purchased or assembled without it.

Is there a weight limit to this beb

Answer: Our Bedframes do not have a weight restriction, we simply advise you follow the care instructions to prolong your products life.

Is it at all possible to get this bed in a single?

Answer: GeorgeAs it stands there are no plans to provide this product as a single bed frame. Sorry about this.Thank you for your question.Kind Regards,Robin

I was wondering if it might be possible to order replacement parts for this bed? One of the gas cylinders on my bed has failed and needs replacing.

Answer: Not a problem, please call the customer services department on 0344 292 0000 from which they can help you with this.Many thanks for the question.

Is there warranty with this product ?

Answer: As standard you get 1 year guarantee, however you can purchase bed cover for an 8 year service plan at an extra cost.Thank you for your question.

Hi,are you going to assembly the bed

Answer: We have a assembly service available through checkout. This is optional as the bed will be delivered flat-packed.Many thanks for the question.

can you remove the headboard if not wanted?

Answer: The headboard can be removed from the bed but we would not recommend this as it adds structure and stability to the bed.

Does this bed have a base or do your things go on the floor

Answer: The Isabella Ottoman Bed Frame has a base, to protect your items from the floor.I hopt this helps and thank you for your question.

We have a narrow stairs and struggled to get a single ottoman base up there. Does the double ottoman bed come in smaller self assembly pieces. ??

Answer: A double ottoman bedstead will be easier to move than a divan styled base as they do come flat packed.Many thanks for the question.

If it starts to squeak after a few weeks what could I do to stop the squeaking

Answer: The bed should not make this noise. If this is occurring, I would call the customer services to deal with this query.Many thanks for the question.

Hello, can we order new sets of tools for assembling this bed. We moved and lost a lot of them along the way. Or can we also use Ikea tools instead? Thanks

Answer: Please get in touch with the customer service team as they are best placed to advise you further on this one. .

Hello I want to buy this item and was wondering if when you left the bed up is it heavy? (By the handle)

Answer: This will not be the case as the labour of lifting the frame up is supported by the gas hydraulic pistons.Many thanks for the question.

I really love the Isabella bed. Is the It in double in both oak and walnut? Or is the oak only available in King size?

Answer: This is available in a double, however it is unfortunately out of stock until mid December.Sorry about this and thank you for your question.

Can you please advise the overall dimensions of the King Size Isabella? It appears from the diagram that the length and width given are for the part which sits on the floor. The distance from wall to the end of mattress is critical for me.

Answer: Bobby,The 216.2cm is the full length of bedstead, not just the part that sits on the floor.Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

How easy is it to move the bed? Can gliders be fitted to it?

Answer: Glides are not able to be fitted to this bed frame and hence it would not be easy to regularly move this bed.

Hi, Can you please confirm if there will be any warranty on this frame ?

Answer: I can confirm that this bed frame comes with the standard 12 months manufacturers guarantee.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Will this bed be available in kingsize?

Answer: This bed is currently unavailable as a King Size but will be available to purchase in around 3 months time.

Is the base of bed is fitted to the bed frame. What are the dimensions for storage space?

Answer: The bed base is fitted with the frame altogether. The depth of the storage space will be approximately 29cm.Many thanks for the question.

If I were to order this bed frame, how long would it take to arrive? Thanks

Answer: This will depend on the area you live in, you can check this before checkout to see provisional dates.Many thanks for your question.

What size/weight limit are the gas pistons to get replacements as ours have stopped working

Answer: Please reach out to the customer service team as they may be able to support you with getting replacements. Thanks, Dreams.

What size mattress in inches is suitable for king size bed?

Answer: This bed will take a standard UK king size mattress which is 59inches x 78inches.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Please can you tell me if it is possible to purchase a new handle for lifting the ottoman up. Mine has snapped so can no longer lift it up using the handle.

Answer: Please get in contact with the customer service team as they are best placed to resolve this for you. .

Do you have a range of furniture which matches this bed? Is the Berkeley range a near exact Walnut finish?

Answer: Yes the Berkeley walnut range is the closest match to the Isabella bed frame.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Does this bed come with the mattress.

Answer: You are currently viewing the bed frame only. Bed frames come separately from mattresses unless buying a divan set.Thank you.

Do you charge for assembling ottoman beds

Answer: Yes we do, the charge for assembling the Isabella Ottoman bed would be 49.99.I hope this helps and thank you for your question,

Can the divider in the storage compartment be removed?

Answer: Unfortunately this is integral to the structure of the bed and as such, it should not be removed. .

is the double bed size suitable for 140 x 200 cm mattress?

Answer: Unfortunately the size mattress would be too big. The double bed needs a mattress that is 135cm x 190cm.

I have an ash ridge pocket sprung mattress to go with this. What is the gap between struts?

Answer: This mattress will go perfectly well with the bedframe. The gap between the struts is 5/6cm.Many thanks for the question.

Will a 300cm by 150cm King mattress fit?

Answer: No, this bed is made for a standard king size mattress which is 150cm x 198cm.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

I need to buy replace the slats and holders for them. Where can I do this?

Answer: If you have your Dreams order number, the Customer Service Team will be able to help you with this.

Hello. Can you please confirm how long this bed will be on sale for? Thanks

Answer: The Isabella is in the sale up until it ends on Tuesday 12th January 2016.Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Is the headboard made of solid ash? I understand that the bed is made of solid ash, ash veneer and particle board, but it doesn't say which parts of the bed are solid ash. What is the outer frame of the headboard made of? Solid wood or veneer? Thanks.

Answer: The headboard outer frame is made from Solid Ash and the inner panel on the headboard is plywood.

I bought the walnut version a couple of years ago and I am looking for a replacement slat. Can I purchase this from you and if so how much?

Answer: Yes, please ring customer services on the number at the top of the site and someone will be willing to help you.Thank you.

Is this make from solid oak or is it veneer?

Answer: This bed frame is made from a combination of solid ash as well as ash veneer and particle board.

Hi, can you please confirm if this bed support mattresses with 30 CM depth

Answer: Yes I can confirm this bed will support a mattress with a depth of 30cm.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can you recommend furniture which matches this bed? I would like bedside drawers plus a bigger drawer unit but can't see whether this belongs to a range?

Answer: We do not do a matching range with this bed frame but will have complimenting options available.Many thanks for your question.

What are the dimensions?

Answer: The dimensions can be found in all available sizes under the dimensions tab on the product page.Many thanks for the question.

Isabella Oak Finish Wooden Ottoman Bed Frame! Please, can you help me to understand, what would be a dimensions of a mattress? Thank you.

Answer: The dimensions of a mattress for this frame (in a double) would measure at 190cm x 135cm.Thank you for your question.

Hi. Can you please confirm if the total length of the bed is 206 cm? I see that the base is shorter than the slats length, can you give me dimensions for that also please? Thank you.

Answer: I can confirm that the length of the bed is 206cm. The base is 194cm.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

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