Hopkins Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Rated 4.85/5 based on 1355 customer reviews
Hopkins Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Hopkins Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

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Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6

Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

The Hopkins Fabric Upholstered Bed Frame is a long-standing and well regarded ottoman frame manufactured by The Dreams Workshop and sold exclusively through the popular bed and mattress retailer Dreams. Let's dive further into the makeup of this popular product and determine whether it may be suitable for you.

Starting with the inside, you have a piston operated ottoman base. This is one of the better options for those looking for storage as you effectively get the entire surface area of the base to utilise for bedding, linen and whatever else you want hidden from view. The reviews for the ottoman design don't throw up any areas of concern regarding the lifts suggesting quality continues throughout the life of the base unit. 

Onto the outside and you get a solid base board finished in 2 available colour schemes of oatmeal or slate. I personally prefer the slate which feels more modern for this decade, either will generally suit most homes however with both favourable colours that blend in well.

Sizes for the Hopkins are good, with all popular sizes available except single, this may deter those with smaller rooms however, there is a small double available which may squeeze in.

Reviews for the Hopkins Ottoman Bed are good, with over 1300 reviews and a market leading 98% consumer satisfaction. Customers love the brilliant storage on offer and is one of the most mentioned features throughout. Others enjoyed the durability and strength of the unit with only 1 negative review in 1300+ that mentioned poor build quality. This ratio should give huge confidence that the product you receive will be built to last and satisfy all storage needs. 

Reasons to Buy

Fantastic reviews, well made and durable.

Ottomans are the best option for those needing more space.

Lots of sizes available, albeit missing single.

Reasons to Avoid

Price point may exclude those those shopping in the lower segment looking for more storage.

Those with smaller rooms may also feel left out with single not available in this design despite there not really being a technical reason for it not to exist.

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Of The Hopkins Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good

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What Makes The Hopkins Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Great?

Easily accessible ottoman storage

Divan comes with ample ottoman storage space to store your clothes and other items. You'll never have to worry about where you're going to put your stuff again!

Improved ottoman piston design

Most new ottomans are rolling out with this improved piston design. Quieter and easier to manoeuvre, the new and improved design has no negative downsides compared to its predecessor. 

Quilted high head end

The head end sits the the top (or head end) of the bed and in this particular product is quilted in design. A quilted design looks great and suits most modern rooms while also proving to be particularly comfortable to rest up against. Crucial for those looking to utilize a headboard as a means of propping yourself up.

Feet integrated into the foot end for stability

Upgraded version of the Evert bed frame you know and love

Internal storage depth: 31cm

This sort of storage depth is ideal for pillows, spare duvets and other trinkets that you need to store away in the bedroom. The depth here is probably not suitable for those looking to replace full drawer sets, however, should provide great additional storage for those with limited room.

Build time: 2 people | 1 hour 45 minutes

This frame is quite an advanced build that will take an approximate 1 hour 45 with two people. That's not to say you couldn't manage this sort of thing yourself, however, it is advisable to utilise an extra set of hands.

Let our experts assemble your bed - select this service at the checkout

The supplier has a unique installation and assembly service whereby the consumer is able to have their product built by the experts. This was you can avoid a lot of swearing, missplacing tools and yelling at your kids and end up with the finished product from the get go. Take advantage of this service by adding this product to the basket and heading to the checkout to see options

Internal storage depth: 22cm

This sort of storage depth is ideal for pillows, spare duvets and other trinkets that you need to store away in the bedroom. The depth here is probably not suitable for those looking to replace full drawer sets, however, should provide great additional storage for those with limited room.

Internal storage depth: 26cm

This sort of storage depth is ideal for pillows, spare duvets and other trinkets that you need to store away in the bedroom. The depth here is probably not suitable for those looking to replace full drawer sets, however, should provide great additional storage for those with limited room.

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Customer Reviews For The Hopkins Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Based on 1355 reviews
Lovely bed!! but parts were missing.

THE GOOD: - Amazing build quality, feels very sturdy! - Incredible storage space. - Looks the part. Certainly looks more expensive than it is, even at this price point. I absolutely love this bed! Such a great purchase. I was looking to replace my existing cheap and creaky Ottoman with something more substantial. Browsing online I came across a few Ottoman's in a Dreams promotion so head down to the store to see them in person. This item wasn't in the promotion, but the quality of it vs. the others immediately surprised me and I went over budget to pay for it. The Oatmeal colour was lovely but given I have a darker carpet I wanted a darker colour but was worried the Slate would be too dark. Store colleagues have swatches for their bed frames so it's worth popping into store if you're not sure. The build quality of this bed is really really good. You really do get what you pay for and given you spend so much of your life in bed, it's worth the extra. The arms which hold the bed base and mattress are made from a solid metal. None of this cheap aluminium stuff you'd find at cheaper price points. The storage area is huge! It utilises 4 base boards sat on top of a cross-beam. The space inside is a little less than Dreams claim in the dimensions, but will happily fit plastic storage boxes up to 42 litre capacity (from places like B&M). After all that there's even then some room beneath the bed to slide a few things under it too. The beds component parts came in 5 boxes and are quite heavy so you'll probably need two adults to put this together (King size). It took us about 2 hours to construct it. There's certainly plenty of screws etc so you can be sure it'll be sturdy. Given COVID etc there was quite a wait on this and so I ordered it and patiently waited the 3 and a bit weeks for delivery. The delivery experience was good, with updates by text and email and a phone call on the day. I live on the first floor and the team were happy to bring the items in to the flat for me which really helped. My first nights sleep on this bed was a breath of fresh air vs the old frame. I could tell the difference immediately. In my opinion a solid base such as this or a divan is a much better option versus a slatted base. A platform base doesn't tend to wear as much on one side - especially if you're a single person or have a heavier sleeper on one side of the bed vs the other. THE BAD: The assembly instructions for this bed say you need 4 metal plates to join the two base boards together when in actual fact there is only enough screw holes on the bottom for 2 plates. The instructions are wrong here and had us hunting through all the boxes for a while before we figured that out. Perhaps they need updating Dreams? Secondly, the two base boards were actually missing 8 screw holes on the underside where the little plates should go. These plates basically keep the two based boards attached at the join. While there were markings where the screws should go, it was as if the manufacturer forgot to drill them. Fortunately this didn't impact the frame to the point I couldn't sleep on it but I still wanted to get it resolved. I emailed Dreams and after a few days had no response. Chasing this up by calling customer services, the young lady on the phone was very apologetic and helpful, although I often struggled to hear her through the background noise of her home working environment which she didn't seem too bothered by. Unfortunately, the resolution is where Dreams let me down. I now have to wait 3 and a bit weeks to get the matter resolved. Dreams are ordering two replacement base boards from the manufacturer which is going to take another 3 weeks. Come on! Poor show. The reason this annoys me so much is the fact that if it had been a major issue with the bed I'd have been sleeping on the floor for those 3 weeks. That'd have been less than ideal if I was a vulnerable person or something?! I've already waited 3 weeks for this bed and - in actual fact - all it needs is 8 pilot holes screwing into the bed to get the screws to grip the wood. I feel the current boards will simply be scrapped and go to landfill after this when they're perfectly fine. I said I was happy to drill those in, but I didn't want to void the warranty. Sadly Dreams wouldn't approve that, which I suppose is understandable. SUMMARY: Amazing bed, 100% recommend. Amazing built quality. You'll sleep well. Hopefully yours will be fully complete and you'll have no issues.

Love the bed but hate the smell

NEGATIVES; Bed has a strong hessian material type smell to it. I have to spray it daily and leave the windows open to air it. It has been two weeks and it is better but you can still smell it. Headboard isn't aligned properly so you can see the metal inside at the top a little just before the actual edge of headboard (the middle panel that is cushioned was not put in correctly) but as the headboard is one piece you can not fix yourself it's just luck of the draw that ours was slap dash in the factory I guess. Very hard to close, hopefully will loosen with time. I have only given this bed 2 stars for quality and value as our headboard is not correctly made and the bed smells. However I have opted to chose yes on recommending to a friend as if you can put up with spraying it daily and airing out the room the look and function of the bed is worth it I think (we just got unlucky with the headboard it seems) POSITIVES; Lovely design of bed and great colour, I love the fact the feet are integral and not pine wood effect like a lot of other ottoman beds! A nice neutral colour allowing us to chose any paint for the walls really. Sturdy and comfortable frame with smooth lift up. Plenty of storage space. We opted to pay extra to have it put together and they arrived and left within 30 mins and didn't leave behind any mess and were really nice. Bed was delivered within 7 days of ordering and we were kept informed with emails and the delivery team called on the day when we were on their way to us.

Nice looking bed.

Nice looking bed with storage space. We were looking around for a bed & this was the first store we looked in. Initially told on enquiring about the costs in the shop that delivery would be 1st Nov and that if we bought on that day, they'd do a deal. A few hours later, having looked in a couple of stores & on returning home, we decided to go with that bed but as the store was an 8-10 mile round trip, we decided to phone in the order. 1st difference was that the delivery date went from 1st to 25th November. The deal was 20 off if we had their guys build it for us ie 40 instead of 60. We were moving and agreed to that but when we came to pay, by card, they said we couldn't have the bed delivered to our new address as it was different to our billing address, unless we paid in the store, not over the phone. Which also meant they couldn't build it for us after all! The fact that we were paying the full amount and they would have the money long before we actually received the bed didn't seem to matter. We've bought a lot of things on-line and over the phone and never come across this before. Word of warning if you buy this bed. The headboard is actally part of the base constrution and therefore a solid piece. Get the dimensions before you buy, especially if you have closed in and/or narrow stairs. Took a couple of hours to build it ourselves.

Good bed frame

Bought this Ottoman bed frame in kingsize, upholstered in oatmeal fabric, several weeks ago. I used to have a 4 drawer bed frame but drawers could be difficult to open/close, and bedside cupboards needing moving to access 2 of them. I wanted the extra storage & easy access that an ottoman claims to provide. I also wanted a comfortable padded headboard for sitting up against. I was worried that even with gas lift, the kingsize mattress would be heavy to manoever. It looks good, and the headboard is comfortable to lean against, being tall and padded. The oatmeal fabric is smart, natural & neutral in appearance. The storage space is much bigger & more versatile than a 4 drawer divan. Opening the ottoman does take two hands and a bit of strength. I was told that they tend to get easier with use? But mine is a king size, so the a single would be very much lighter. Closing the bed by pushing it down takes very little strength. Someone who was very short, say only 5 foot, could find it a little high to put strength behind when reaching up to close it. The bedding all stays in position when opening/closing the ottoman. I paid for it to be delivered and built for me, to ensure it was done correctly, especially with the gas lift feature. Apparently the gas lifts are variable, and may fail sometimes and have a limited life. But they can be replaced.

Great Bed, amazing value!

I bought this around a month ago, and ever since the bed has been assembled I have left it or found it very hard to leave it . The bed frame itself does take up quite a bit of room; however, it makes up for it with the enormous amount of storage underneath. The assembly was easier than I anticipated, still took a couple of hours as any bed would, I did hurt my back putting the ottoman fixing on as you have to get inside the bed however, one sleep on the bed and mattress sorted that out. The only disappointment was that I thought the ottoman could be lifted from the side but unfortunately not, but having the ottoman lift from the front is better and easier in my opinion. It is an extremely strong and well made bed, so much better than the slats that usually come with these sorts of beds. I opted for the slate colour and the colour is perfect for my room. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to buy a double or king size bed!

Sweet Dreams!

I've had this bed delivered just 3 months ago (after much deliberation) and it is one of the best investments i've made. The king size bed is just the size I needed for the limited space that I had and the storage below is amazing! The measurements were accurate which meant that I had managed to fit the bed in the command position I'd wanted. It's high, strong and presence very dominating- one couldnt move the bed by themselves and the lift takes a little getting used to with a heavy mattress. I also bought a Serenity mattress from Dreams and it fits well. Together it makes a great feature in my bedroom. I have had so many compliments from on-lookers which has certainly validated my awesome decision over and over. I'm absolutely thrilled with the purchase. Delivery was swift and I personally commend cheerful Simon and Mark who constructed the bed frame in no-time and cleaned up well afterwards. Thanks for making my dream come true.

Best ottoman frame!

I purchased the Hopkins king size ottoman frame for my parents to be delivered on the 20th of December 2019 and the service was amazing. The Dreams delivery team were extremely friendly and engaged in general conversation with me which I loved. I paid for the assembly of the product and they ensured they wore their protective footwear when coming into my house. They assembled the frame within 20 minutes which I found unbelievable! And by looking at the frame it is worth while purchasing the assembly so you can get on with your day and let the experts do it as it is more complicated than you may think. They disposed of the old frame as well and made sure they took it out carefully to prevent any damage within the house. The frame itself is extremely neat and tidy with amazing storage space! The delivery team done an amazing job as the frame is even better than I thought. 10 out of 10!

Best value bed ever.

Me and my partner thought we would invest in a platform divan style ottoman bed. It has been the best decision we have ever made about our home furnishings. We love the fact that not only do we get the best night sleep we have ever had but when we purchase anything new (as we have children) we look around our house to find space to home things, we can actually put so many items under our bed its incredible. Opening the bed up is really easy, its almost like opening s hatch to a basement its so deep. We love the fact it flows with our decor and is the center piece in the bedroom, our two year old daughter runs into us in the morning ready to have a cuddle with me and my partner every day. I honestly dont know what we would do without this bed and the value for money is second to none. Thank you Dreams!

Excellent Quality

Had the bed around a month now and it's fantastic. No creaking, no shifting, no issues at all. The headboard is sturdy for those fellow sit-up-in-bed-with-a-cup-of-tea people, the Ottoman mechanism is amazing. The gas lift makes it super easy although even with a heavy memory foam mattress, it's a bit stiff to get back down, even for a 20 stone man like me. But as with all gas mechanisms, time will help that that. I'd suggest paying extra for it to be assemble if you can, I didn't and though we got there, it was laborious and tiring. Get 2 strong people to help as its very heavy. My only gripe is that the floor of the ottoman does leave you with less room for things, but you could take this out and place stuff directly on the floor underneath. Overall its an amazing bed. Best one i've ever had.

Hopkins bed and Dreams service

The Hopkins bed was ordered for 31 March and arrived on time. Because of the coronavirus it could not be assembled by the delivery men so I got out my trusty electric screwdriver and assembled it myself very easily-there were a couple of points in the instructions which were a little ambiguous but generally the instructions werewell above average. The fabric covering is extremely good quality as is the padded headboard which is higher than most beds and all the better for it. The mattress I ordered it was not delivered because the hypnos factory that manufactured it had closed because of the coronavirus. I phoned Dreams and they appreciated my situation and have supplied me with an interim mattress until the original one can be assembled and delivered. All in all A very good service


We purchased the Hopkins Ottoman King Size Bed with mattress in the Boxing Day Sale with extra 20% off... It was a great bargain. My husband and l did a lot of research on line and in store before finally settling with the Hopkins bed. We loved everything about it the size, material, headboard, space underneath and the colour which we felt would truly match well and compliment our newly classy decorated grey and white bedroom. We found the services from store (Assistant Manager Deryck) to delivery (Great communication), to building our new bed (Friendly & professional) to be excellent. We slept on our new Hopkins King size ottoman bed last night and had an amazingly good night sleep. Thank you Dreams for making our dreams come through with this quality, cosy, elegant, extravagant bed.

Very sturdy bed

Bought as a replacement to an old creaking flatpack double bed from Ikea. The first thing that struck us was how heavy the individual pieces are, when assembled it is an extremely sturdy bed and does not make any noise when rocking. Cleaning isn't an issue either and there is lots of storage space. Beware of leaving things on the side of the bed overnight as when the ottoman is opened, stuff can roll down to the headboard and be crushed in the gap between the headboard and lift base The only qualm I have is the slight off gassing smell that seems to be linger, this could probably been avoided if we let the individual pieces off gas for a day or two before assembling them but we couldn't wait. The smell is slight anyway, and easily dissipates by opening a window

Great Bed!

Purchased in Oatmeal looks fantastic! This is a great bed, it was really simple to put together - all the tools required to do so were provided so this was a bonus (especially because Ive just moved into a new house and had no tools with me!). Took no longer than 1 hour to assemble, instructions are clear and concise. Once put together it is evident that the mechanics to lift the bed are solid, minimal effort is required to lift. When you do lift the bed, there is lots of available space to store things and theres a decent depth too. The headboard is part of the bed & is very comfortable to use. The bed is quite practical for a clean freak like me because its really easy to hoover underneath the sides of the bed.


Had this bed for 4 weeks now it is brilliant Teamed it with silent night altho - comfort 1400 mattress. Looked at loads of ottamans this was the best, double the price but you can see difference. Alot more well made . Wooden base for mattress not slatted , chunky wooden frame for bottom boards not metal frame. The side arms are stronger, to lift up it is easy and pull down . Head board is great feature . Came well packaged up 5 boxes , took as long to unpack and unwrap as it did to put together . Took 2 hrs to build We have a king size . Beware as head board box / head board is the biggest parcel and we only just got upstairs as we have a bathroom / hang over over the stairs . A king size is wide .

Great Storage Space

Could fit almost everything under here (spare carpet & suitcases). It is good that the Ottoman opens from the bottom is allows you to reach all the items stored under the bed around the sides of the bed. It is better than an Ottoman opening on the side because then there are areas of the storage space that are difficult to reach. NB: There was one suitcase that couldn't fit under the bed because it was too wide. So you need to plan what you are going to store under here before purchase and ensure that it will fit. Time will tell about the performance of the Ottoman. It has only been 3 weeks so far and working well. Note, we took out insurance on this in case anything goes wrong in the future.

Good quality, solid made!

I've had the bed for just over 2 months and its a winner! I chose to assemble myself and it was very straight forward. The material feels hard wearing but soft to touch which makes the headboard very comfy to lean on. The sizing of this super king was perfect for our room as it didn't have the bulky trim at the foot of the bed. Plenty of storage underneath and the mechanism is quiet and easy to operate. One piece we received had a slight bit of damage to it but getting through to customer service was easy and they replaced the part swiftly; it didn't stop me putting the bed together and the team replaced the new piece for me free of charge when they arrived. Excellent all round.

Dont trust response in q&a

We purchased the bed in 2018. Great bed apart from pistons. Our warranty ran out end of 2019 however on questions and answers and during beginning of COVID speaking to a representative we were told pistons do not break and if they do we would replace a free of charge. As factories were closed we were told to get in touch again. However end of May during COVID Im pregnant trying to lift a bed that doesnt work only to be told that I have to pay to purchase something that they have stated does not break! Why am I being charged for something that shouldnt break? Maybe change your responses if thats the case or clearly state so this doesnt cause confusion in future

Great bed, can't fault it

All round really great looking bed! Lovely fabric, colour, quality make. The colour may be slightly more oatmeal-grey in real life than as seen on the website. Headboard is high which is great but seems SLIGHTLY thin such that if i push back on it it there's a small bit of wobble - not a problem. Finally, you might want to know that the divan base automatically lifts itself up if there's no mattress or weight on top. Initially was worried about this in relation to flipping the mattress myself, but having both turned and flipped the mattress I realised this wouldn't be a problem at all. All in all, definitely would recommend this and very happy with purchase

Solid, sturdy and very handy!

I recently upgraded from a double sized bed to a super king so I decided to purchase an Ottoman for the storage space. The bed was quite straightforward to assemble but can be tricky on your own! Dreams were fantastic too from ordering to delivery. A special mention to Michael the delivery driver in Swansea who was fantastic in giving advice on assembling the bed and just generally being friendly! Overall the bed is brilliant as its sturdy and the space underneath is brilliant now for storing items unlike your conventional drawers. Highly recommended and is probably one of the best things I've bought alongside the Eve Sleep mattress to go with it.

Solid build

We were looking for an Ottoman bed for extra storage and are not disappointed with this one! The build quality is impressive, the frame, the base the mattress sits on and also the base for the storage are strong and sturdy and feel like they will last a long time. The upholstery is finished nicely also. Importantly for me you can easily remove the base panels to aid vacuuming underneath. My partner with help from our 10 year old son had no trouble putting it together one afternoon, it was pretty straightforward and they enjoyed themselves rather than seeing it as a chore! It feels really grand in our room, we are so pleased we chose this bed!

Just what we were looking for.

We were looking for a bed frame with storage, which offered a solid (rather than slatted) base for our heavy mattress. We wanted an integral headboard. We wanted an Ottoman style storage facility that lifted up from the end of the bed rather than the side. It had to be easy to lift, as it had the heavy mattress on it. This product ticked all the boxes. It was worth paying the team to assemble it for us. It is rock solid and the accessible acres of storage under the mattress helped free up a cupboard or two. The 4 panels on the storage area can stand the weight of a man, but can easily lift out to vacuum underneath. All good stuff.

Lovely looking nice quality bed frame.

We were looking for a bed frame in a beige material. This fitted the bill. Love the simple plain design of the sides and some detail on the headboard. Even though we were not looking for an ottoman style we preferred this to the divans that are joined in the middle and had very cheap shiney metal feet that did not match anything else in our bedroom.The bed is good quality with a lovely tall headboard. It took a little while, but was easy enough to assemble ourselves. It feels solid, looks like quality and love the tall height when the mattress is on top. So very pleased with our purchase. Colour match was spot on with room too.

Sturdy, but no easy to assemble

This was purchased for my son's new apartment. It's not our first purchase from dreams and, because of past experience, we chose to use Dreams again and are not disappointed. The bed is sturdy with a comfortable headboard and plenty of storage space. I would, however, recommend paying for assembly. This is not an easy bed to assemble with some heavy parts and requiring at least two (strong) people. We assembled this ourselves and, compared to our previous experience of professional assembly, it took three time as long (and we are quite adept DIYers). Overall an excellent purchase and one I would certainly recommend.

Elegant , Classy and practical!

We chose this bed as we needed a king size in a smaller room. This fits the bill . Not only is it beautifully made it is very elegant in the room. However as it is an ottoman bed it has masses of great storage space . Such a boon in a new build house where space is at a premium. It is very comfortable and with our new Hyde and Sleep matters has transformed our lives . Getting good sleep is so important and we never realised how much we needed a new bed until we went on the sleepmatch machine and found we were using the wrong mattress type . Since getting it right we have slept like babies !

Comfortable nights rest & Splendid room accessory

The ottoman hopkins bed was easy enough to assemble following the instructions. Once it was put together i started puttmy storage under the bed base. It was so roomy, it took more than i thought it could. Using vaccum storage bags made it possible to store so much. I'm impressed by the base making my mattress so firm and gives a comfortable nights sleep. The headboard gives a full extension to the bed frame so when you rest back you have a comfortable support for upper back. Having a material covered bed frame makes the room more warm and welcoming, can't wait to go to bed.

Brilliant bed, no more sleepless s noisy nights

Love the new Hopkins Superking ottoman bed frame. Solid build, easy to assemble with clear instructions. You can just tell as you unpack the boxes and put it together that's it oozes quality workmanship. There's tons of storage below and it's a huge improvement on the 15 year old bed it replaced. That was creaking every time my wife or I moved about giving us both restless nights.. This frame is silent not a peep, don't have to roll slowly or climb in quietly in fear of waking her up. For added peace of mind we took out the bed cover so many years of trouble free sleep ahead..

A contemporary double ottoman bed

I ordered this bed at the end of November as I wanted a new bed for my daughter for Christmas. It was delivered within a week of ordering and within the alloted time frame. I paid for the assembly service and the delivery team took it upstairs, assembled it and removed all the packaging in under an hour. The bed is lovely; they have used good quality upholstery fabric and the head board is very padded and extremely comfortable. The ottoman storage is a great feature, there's lots of space for all sorts of stuff and the platform top is light and easy to lift.

Quality frame and stylish design!

I bought this online after researching online for the best Ottomon sofa, the colour and design really stood out. I paid extra for assembling and when the 2 guys arrived it was all done in 30 minutes! I'm very happy with this purchase and would recommend this. Only improvement would have been is if the delivery drivers had contacted me the day before as they only rang in the morning before 8am and I was asleep and exhausted after moving all my stuff the previous evening. Wasn't expecting them to arrive before 9am but glad they came on the specified date.

A good ottoman storage bedframe

A very nice bedframe with good underbed storage. Decent strength, and okay quality (don't think it was worth the 1k price paid however). Also it took over 7 days for the plastic smell to dissipate (even with the bedframe left open to the air next to an open window for most of each day). I assume some of the components were vaccum packed in plastic in a factory and had been sitting for a long time. I would recommend the bedframe however if you can get it on sale. Bear in mind to check delivery timeframes though as my order took over 12 weeks to arrive!

A bed fit for a royal.

Fantastic bed. We bought the super king ottoman with the solid base. As it is flat pack assembly we were able to get it up to our loft conversion bedroom, turning it into a room of splendour. Combined with a luxury mattress it is proving to be one of the best beds, if not the best bed we have ever slept in. Sumptuous and stylish, literally fit for a King or Queen. Practical also with the ottoman storage, which is significant - enough to store all your opposite season bedding, duvets and pillows. Would not hesitate to recommend this bed.

New bed

The bed is good, delivery was on time and we got several notifications in advance. Unfortunately I have to give a reduced score because the 60 refund (due to covid restrictions and you not being able the erect the bed) has not been paid back yet. Contrary to the notification that detailed the refund would be immediately after delivery, the processing of the payment only began following me contacting you over 10 days after delivery. To compound that i have been told that the payment will take 7 to 10 working days. That is not good enough

Solid bed, excellent customer services.

I brought this bed from the Clapham North branch and the sale and transaction was completed with a phone call. The customer services I received from the female member of staff and the store manager was fantastic and I am so pleased with the bed..A bit on the large side and be warned the headboard is huge, tall in height. I found the colour to be darker then the pictures, if you can I would advise going to the store to see it before you buy. Initially I was a bit daunted by the size but now I love it. A purchase I am glad I made!

Comfortable with great storage

We bought this product after 2 favourable reviews within our family. The only downside was that in preparation for delivery I printed off instructions off the internet, and they turned out to be different from those in the box, so about an hour wasted. That said once assembly began it was logical to follow and much easier as a 2 person operation. Don't overtighten things. My only other issue is that our mattress slips, but is that mattress or bed?! Warts given, it is an excellent product and we are very happy to have bought it.

Best buy bed

Second night on my comfy new bed. Very steady bed and looks very good as we saw at the showroom. The storage is amazing, I've put away many vacuum storage and still plenty space. Love the oatmeal colour, material is well made and the whole structure of the bed is strong. As compared to my last bed was slats. I been telling my friends and family already of this amazing bed i have. Think I've urged a few customs going to Dreams. Overall, the service of buying and the lads delivery and assemble was great. Highly recommended

Absolutely amazing bed

We did wait over 2 months to get it delivered. But let me tell you. It was so worth the wait. Quality of the bed is the highest of the standards. I put most of it together by myself. Being pregnant and bare in mind it's super king size we got. Only needed help with lifting up two heavier bits for lid. The mechanism to open and shut works so smoothly and easy to lift up and close. Had my first night sleep in it. It was perfect. So in love with my new bed. Delivery service was excellent too..Very happy customer here

Hopkins Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

This is our first Ottoman bed and we can't get over how good it is. Not only do we have the extra storage, which really makes a difference in a flat where space is at a premium, but it's somehow actually made our mattress even comfier! Much better night's sleep for both of us who have health problems where sleep is affected. The mechanism to open the bed is really easy and effective, and the bed looks fabulous in our bedroom, plus the headboard is great for sitting up and reading. We would certainly recommend.

Lovely Bed

I bought the Hopkins bed about a month ago in king size and am really happy with the purchase. Its sturdy but sleek and the headboard is a good size with nice cushioning. I ordered the oatmeal colour and am quite happy that its not brown oatmeal colour, its more like a creamy grey. The ottoman function is smooth to pull up, although you will need a two hand push to put it back down again. The storage is ample and is a good hideaway for things not regularly required. Very happy with this bed from Dreams!

Fabulous storage

Weve had this bed for about a month now and LOVE it. We chose super king to give us and the fur babies enough room. So glad the hubby talked me into the larger size. The colour goes with everything and the storage is immense. It also has a solid base instead of slatted so it feels far more substantial. The thing that swung it for me (over other designs) was that you can vacuum under the edges or even pull up the floor in the storage compartment for a more in-depth vacuum. WIN if youre a clean freak.

Excellent, low-profile Ottoman bed

I was looking for the lowest-profile Ottoman-style bed, in order to take up the minimum amount of space in my bedroom. This bed fits the bill perfectly. It looks excellent and was fairly easily put together. Notably, it would have been harder with a single person and / or without a power tool. The Ottoman storage has been invaluable; storage a vast amount of stuff that I only require intermittent / seasonal access to. The hard base of the Ottoman storage is also a huge plus. Well recommended.

Solid bed frame and ample storage

I first purchased a super king bed frame in June for the master bedroom, and it has been such a storage revelation that I replaced the bed in the spare bedroom just 3 months later with this same bed! The fabric is good quality and looks as though its going to be durable. The storage underneath is unrivalled; most options Ive seen previously have been spoiled by being split into sections. Having one large space to accommodate irregular size items is wonderful. I highly recommend this bed frame.

Quality product

Opted for the super king. Be warned the headboard is massive - we only just managed to get it up the stairs, check your measurements very carefully, if you have a tight staircase forget it! Bed is very easy to assemble and instructions very clear. Storage room is vast and is generally a very sturdy quality product. Very pleased with it. Bed went down in price 1 week after ordering it. I contacted dreams and 160 was refunded to my card 2 days later. Customer service were very easy to deal with.

Sturdy and looks great

Sturdy, well made and looks great! There was a defect in the original bed that was delivered and customer service sent someone out to rectify this within a week. The team that delivered was fast, polite and did a great job - highly recommend the extra for this service. Took all the hassle away. I do wish you made this in single too though as looking for beds for the kids and had the settle for others that are not as sturdy.

Smart, Sturdy & Spacious

Well, so far, after almost a month of use, we are pleased. The bed is stylish in an understated way. Despite its size, it doesn't seem to dominate the bedroom. The ottoman aspect has yet to prove itself. Obviously, it's neater than simply stuffing stuff under a traditional bed, but the downside is that it takes a decent amount of strength to lift the hinged base up to access the interior. My wife will need me to be around if we want anything put into, or taken out of, the storage space.

Storage depth is not 26cm it is 23cm

Annoyed about that as that was the main reason for selecting the Hopkins, so please Dreams correct this so it doesn't happen to anyone else looking for deeper storage, so that is my reason for the four stars but apart from that the bed is very nice looking very good quality and easy to assemble for two o.a.p.s! We got the slate and it's very contemporary and will go with anything, definitely recommend the bed and Dreams,price at the minute is brilliant so get your bed bargain now people! ;)

Lovely bed

Stylish bed, bought for teen son, who is very happy with it! Assembly was easy enough- dreams please add video to your YouTube channel! Only downside, the mattress seems to slip around the base, sideways.. which is annoying and doesnt look great, easy enough to ouch mattress back but shame it doesnt stay put. The solid base is good too.. no slats.. the storage is impressive under the bed and the lift system is ok, easy to pull up and a little more effort required when pushing down again

Love the bed frame, would recommend

This bed frame is just what I wanted, and I love how it looks. It looks expensive and I love the slate colour. There is lots of storage inside, which is what I wanted as I live in a flat with barely any storage. I have knocked a star off because there were two small catches on the front of the headboard itself (other than that, it was in perfect condition) and also because it took about a month to be delivered, during which time there was an offer and the bed went down 120 in price!

Great style bed but a nightmare to put up

A great ottoman that is super easy to use and far lighter to lift then other ottomans we have had. The bed is not slatted so it doesnt have much give in it, so you will need a thick mattress to accommodate for this. Material is also super nice and smooth. Ours was a nightmare to put up with several of the pre made holes not lining up as they should making it extremely hard to put together and very fiddly. We will be asking for a replacement on one piece as the holes are that bad.

Very sleek, strong and easy to lift

We have purchased 3 of these beds. 2 in slate grey and 1 in oatmeal. First one was purchased well over 2 and half years ago and its still just as strong. We are clearly happy with this bed hence the further purchases. This bed was chosen as we didnt want a bed with a footer due to the sizes of the bedroom and also the size of storage under the bed is amazing! Again this is extremely helpful with the size of the rooms. The ottoman is easy to lift and close. Highly recommend!

High spec, good quality bed with storage

Our children have grown up and left home so we are upgrading each room. This bed is modern, sturdy and perfect for storage. It was so easy to build and my husband managed this with no boo boos or plasters :). The bed itself is of high quality and we are now building the furniture around it. I was surprised how much we could store underneath and The bed really is the stand out feature in the room. Highly recommend, without a doubt. Purchase to delivery to building- perfect

Amazing design & excellent storage!

I bought this bed a month ago & its the best Ive ever had!! The bed is well modern, designed & made from quality material. Your can tell its a quality product by the attention to detail when manufactured. It also has excellent storage capacity with solid hardboard sub-base panels, not cheap cloth material like other manufactures. Easy to follow instructions & took me just under an hour to put together by myself. Great product & highly recommended!!

Best bed owned.

The bed is solid, well made, easy to put together and a beautiful colour. The fabric is very thick and of good quality and the headboard gets lots of compliments. The ottoman function is smooth and super easy to use ! The delivery drivers kept in contact all morning vial mobile to update me on how close they was and was more than happy to carry all the boxes up to a 2nd floor Flatt. I paid full price but it is currently on sale so do not hesitate buy it now !

Wonderful Bed Frame

Ive not had this bed frame for very long so I cant say anything about longevity; however, I can say that so far its been wonderful. I bought this to replace an old metal bed frame and Im so glad I did. It looks really nice in the room, the height is perfect and its just very comfortable to sleep on. The storage underneath was more than I was expecting and it looks neat and tidy. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a fabric ottoman style bed frame.

Perfect Bed

I purchased this bed purely because i needed an otterman for extra storage to make room for my new baby. The boxes looked daunting however it was easy to put together (thanks to the advice from the delivery men) and Its incredibly sturdy and the space underneath the bed is HUGE. I was worried about being able to lift the mattress to access the storage bit whilst pregnant but i can do it with ease and no strain or pressure. I am very happy with this purchase


So pleased especially with the amount of storage!! Great quality, a bed is always a big commitment as you have it for so long, we definitely made the right choice! Doesnt make any noises when you move about either! Great service delivery was nice and early and plenty of dates to chose from, when they arrived it took about 40 mins for it to be assembled and all rubbish was taken away. I have always purchased beds from dreams and will continue to do so.

Fab Frame

Really lovely, great quality and solid. Makes sleeping on it a very enjoyable restful experience along side my new mattress. No creaking or squeaking unlike my old bed. Only thing thats taken a while to get use to is that when the mattress is on, it feels much higher than my old frame and mattress. However the quality and look of the combination is worth it, as is paying to get the bed assembled, Id still be there 3 week later trying to work it out!!

Great storage, solid frame

Bought this a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed it; the bed has a sturdy and stylish frame, and the storage area is surprisingly spacious. It may be a minor point, but another thing we appreciated is that the ottoman lift straps matched the bed fabric and were thick, so it actually makes the bed look more expensive AND felt more functional than others we tried. Combined with the excellent assembly service, I wouldnt hesitate to get this again

Everything it needs to be

This was delivered during the coronavirus pandemic safely and promptly. We managed to put the bed together ourselves following the instructions provided. All components of the bed are well manufactured and precise enabling the assembly to be a fairly straight forward process. The bed is sturdy and looks very stylish and modern and the storage space is vast! Overall a brilliant bed which ticks all the boxes on storage space, style and build quality.

Sturdy, mattress transforming and great storage.

We bought this bed a month ago, Dreams were right on time with delivery and their delivery men were polite, shoe covers on and very quick with the bed installation, even taking the cardboard away with them. We were going to get a new mattress with our new bed, but, because its not a bed with slats its completely changed our mattress, in to a firm perfect mattress for us. The bed remains sturdy and has fantastic storage space underneath.

Great style and storage

First time we've had an ottoman style bed frame and so glad we did as the storage it offers has helped us remove some clutter. We love the style of the frame and colour goes great with our room decor. Assembly was pretty easy although I'm so glad dreams put it in the bedroom as each pack was pretty heavy. Also glad they told me which order to unpack... not as the packs are number would you believe and that was also a big help.. thanks guys.

Great bed

This ottoman bed is great, it comes with a fixed headboard and is easy to lift and put down. The frame itself is not very low which is great as it still offers the luxury feeling of a divan bed, there is a large amount of storage you can fit underneath and a base at the bottom so all your storage is not sitting on the floor. I recommend the bed assembly option as it looked quite complicated but delivery drivers were quick and great!!10/10!

Solid, well built, ottoman lifts with ease.

Phenomenal storage space underneath. The removable wooden inserts which allow you to store heavier items directly on the carpet underneath the bed are such a good idea. Lifting the bed to access the storage is easy even with the mattress on it thanks to the heavy duty pneumatic pistons on the bed, but you do have to pull quite hard to bring it back down - that said it's very easy as an adult. Looks great in the bedroom, and is very sturdy.


I brought this product about a month ago. The service in the store was helpful, with it being easy and simple to make our purchase. The delivery was quick and efficient. Our ottoman is very spacious as I am able to fit all the towels and bedding in with lots of room spare for little things that I don't want out in the room. The slate colour that we got it in, went with our dcor and matches mostly any bedding. Very nice and affordable.

Solid, quality bed

I am very happy I spent a little extra to get this bed. Each of the parts feels high quality and robust. Once assembled, the whole bed feels solid and higher quality than I was expecting. It looks great in my room and the space underneath is ideal storage space making the whole room less cluttered. I assembled it myself, with my brother, in a little over an hour. The delivery team were polite, professional and speedy. Thank you.

Love it!

Love this bed - we endlessly looked at various different models and colours but none beat this one. Really happy with the bed. The storage is great and the mechinisms are sturdy and we can lift with confidence. We also had the bed set up by the delivery team and it was the best money spent - they had it up and done in within half an hour. Would really recommend this bed and the service that came with the purchase and set up!

Excellent Service From Start To Finish

As per the title cannot fault any part of the process. Thoroughly listened in the shop to what we needed and explained the price match guarantee. Dreams reduced the price of the bed in the sale 2 weeks later; no hassle contacted them, they reduced the price immediately. Delivered on the date arranged at the time arranged. The delivery guys were polite, courteous and efficient wearing covers over their shoes, all in all 5*****

Great bed

I bought the bed a month ago and really pleased with the look of the bed and its large headboard. Storage is particularly useful and with the mechanism, it is easy to operate. I chose to have the bed assembled as part of the delivery which was a good idea. The bed is sturdy and solid so is heavy to move. However it is raised off the floor which I like. After one month's use. I would definitely recommend this bed.

Best dream bed

Initially, the delivery was a shamble and delayed by a week, result no bed for a week. However customer care officers were very supportive and kind so the delivery people. They still made the 'dream' come true particularly since the all process almost turned out to be a 'nightmare'. I love my bed and free cushions. I continue to have good night sleep. Priceless. Definitely recommend the bed. Best buy ever. Thank you DREAMS.

Makes our bedroom look luxurious

After careful consideration of other fabric bed models available starting 300+ pounds at other stores, we bought this bed from Dreams in slate color, we fell in love with the look and feel of this bed, adds a touch of luxury to our bedroom and like an icing on the cake, we also got the extended warranty for 8 years for a very reasonable rate. Rest assured our choice was indeed the best ! Would highly recommend buying this.

Solid bedframe at a good price

Love this bed. It looks amazing. It is solid & sturdy . It was quite easy to make as I studied the instructions carefully before I attempted the construction of the bed. It came in 5 boxes as it is a heavy bed which made it easier to carry upstairs. It is much nicer looking & sturdier than our old IKEA bed. The lifting mechanism is easy to operate & gives us a lot of space for storage.This is the best bed we have ever had.

Perfect bed for someone needing extra space!

I bought this bed in the middle of Jan and have been so thrilled ever since. The Dreams team set it up for me and it has given me the best sleep Ive had for a long time. My room feels so much bigger now as Ive been able to place things underneath the bed and stack it due to the height and stability of the floor panels. It is also still easily accessible due to the handles and the easy lift up/push down action. I love it!

So easy to use.

I bought this bed specifically for the Ottoman storage feature. It took a while to find one that we found aesthetically pleasing but we were very happy to settle on the Hopkins in the darker grey. It works like an absolute charm for raising and lowering with ease and suits wonderfully for neat and tidy storage without the hassle of having to lift the bed in a two man operation more traumatising than the WW1 epic '1917'.

Best decision we made!

We upgraded from a double to a superking and it was the best decision we made! Because the frame isn't bulky, it didn't take up a huge amount of extra space and we gained a huge amount of storage under the bed too. It looks really stylish in our room and we highly recommend it! We paid to have it assembled by Dreams because of the size and it was out of the van and fully assembled within 35 mins so very helpful too.

Fantastic ottoman bed

We purchased this bed about 2 mths ago, its perfect. My wife loves the space in the ottoman, handbags, bed linen etc all nicely stored away giving us more space in our cupboards. Its easy to lift up and down. The headboard is very comfortable to sit up against enjoying morning cup of tea, it really is a brilliant bed and we certainly dont regret buying it. Its neutral colour blends in to our bed room so well.

Great quality ottoman bed

Great bed with plenty of storage. The bed was delivered in 5 boxes. Due to Covid restrictions we couldnt get it built for us but with help from my wife was very easy to do. The delivery driver gave us some tips on what to do. It seems very strong and the headboard is a great strong support when sitting up. It has an easy lift function even with a substantial mattress on top. I would recommend this product.

Best Bed Company Around

Fantastic Staff.. very professional and so much time to talk and explain, also gives all the information without pushing into purchasing.. I will never buy elsewhere, my Hopkins bed is the 2nd purchase in the last 4 years, due to a separation in relationship..!! I did want to purchase a bed with tv, but due to new home, money was short but the Hopkins Ottoman bed is "Simply the Best" quality and price..!!

Best bedframe ever!

I chose the Hopkins Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame as I really liked the whole look of the bed and the quality of the fabric and build. It has lots more storage than others as it does not have a split middle section. It has a great lift mechanism which I can singly lift with ease. The whole look of this bed is second to none and would recommend anyone thinking of a new bedframe to get this one.

Opens up so much space

Im very happy with my new Hopkins ottoman - its opened up a significant amount of space, and having the boards in the base makes storing clothes far easier. Also being able to remove specific quadrants of the base boards allows you to store items of a greater depth. Self installation was relatively intuitive so didnt need all day, and the delivery service was impeccable. Id strongly recommend!

Super storage

After a poor product from another company I chose to come to Dreams and was shown the range of ottoman beds by Chris, he advised us well and we bought the Hopkins ottoman bed, delivery was quick and the bed went together as the instructions described, the bed looks great the lift mechanism is superb and theres so much space under there (we had a king size), I wouldnt hesitate recommending this bed


I bought two of these beds recently, a Superking and a Double, and i'm so pleased that I did. The frames are very classy and modern looking. The storage space is immense and the hydraulic system is very sturdy. I believe these beds were very reasonably priced and Dreams were so easy to deal with. I even opted for the home installation which was seamless. I would recommend these bedframes to anyone.

Perfect purchase

Our bed was delivered a month ago. it came in excellent condition and the delivery/installation men were excellent and very professional. We went for this bed as it was slat-free, which is perfect for us. The ottoman function is great, has excellent storage space which is one space, not divided into sections. It is a little stiff to begin with, but the more you use it the easier it is to close.

Great sturdy beautiful bed with loads of storage

I found this bed easy to build even though it took a while. Its a very sturdy well made bed, the storage space is huge and holds plenty under the boards for things I dont need to access and more in the space above them for clothes and sheets. I will say the lifting and pulling down of the bed takes a bit of force which may be an issue for some but isnt for me so would definitely recommend.


Due to COVID I was unable to take advantage of the installation a nd clear up option. So I had to get a friend to elp me assemle the bed which worked out to be pretty easy by just following the instructions (Definitely 2 persons job). The finished bed is excellent with substantial storage in the ottoman whose lift up mechanism is precise and sturdy. Very pleased with this quality purchase .

The fabric smells horrible!

Ive had this bed for about a month now and I am very happy with it with one exception .... it really smells bad! It still smells after a month! I liken the smell to an ashtray, its really bizarre! I dont know whether its the wooden base/headboard materials they used, or the fabric material but this is a pervasive smell that interferes with sleep and they really need to sort this out.

Hopkins Ottoman Bed Frame

After a smooth delivery by a friendly and polite team we are very pleased with the quality of this Hopkins ottoman bed. Using the enclosed instructions It was easy to put together and every screw lined up with their intended place. The slate colour upholstery is nice and the bed is comfortable, and feels sturdy and well made. Overall very happy with our first ever purchase from Dreams.

Solid, quality ottoman bed

Solid, quality ottoman bed. I tried the lifting mechanism on a few ottoman beds in-store, and this was by far the best. The colour is a neutral oatmeal-taupe, and will match almost anything. Storage is spacious, and obviously the driver for the purchase, but more than anything, what Im most happy with is that the bed now feels like a hotel bed, and is clearly built to last. Very happy!

Sturdy and stylish

We're really pleased with this ottoman bed frame. The style of the headboard and base is contemporary without being overly modern and the quality is excellent. Unlike cheaper ottoman bases this one is a really sturdy design that doesn't creak or bend when being lifted up - it's worth spending the extra to get this quality. There is loads of storage underneath and we highly recommend it.

Decent frame and room for storage

Straight forward to assemble but had missing parts and had to request on three occasions to get the right parts. The wrong parts were sent so had to ask again, and then follow up again to get the right parts so I was unable to assemble the bed for about 2 weeks since the packages were delivered. Some of the parts do not exactly align. Thought it would be made of sterner stuff for 799.

Brilliant bed!

Really good bed, worth all the money we pay. Well made, good support base for the mattress and nice storage under the bed. Was a bit concerned about the strong fabric smell after reading previous comments on it but is nothing to worry about. As a new bed of course you have smell of "new furniture" but it goes away after few days. Very happy with this bed. Would highly recommend!!!

Good bed

A nice ottoman. Sturdy. Lovely colour & easy enoug to assemble yourself. The smell of newness (sort of sawdusty smell) is starting to fade now, after a few weeks use. The storage underneath is great, although the bottom board scratches way too easily, so should only store soft materials in it. Quite stiff to lift the bed, which is good, and it can't be lifted with one hand only.

Awesome as expected

Love the bed, it feels very solId and sturdy. The storage depth is more like 20 cm though, and it is worth mentioning that the headboard is very large, so access could be a problem for some people especially on the Super King size. Also, we paid for the bed to be assembled, and I reckon it was really worth the money. Anyway, we love ours and hope itll prove to be durable.

Premium bed frame

This bed frame is absolutely amazing! I love the premium headboard which is thick and soft padded, also the fabric is excellent! It looks so elegant in my bedroom and I love the storage under, it is very spacious and the lift system works great and easy to pull up. This is the best bed frame Ive had in the past 5 years (this being the 5th and final one!). Thank you Dreams!!!

Quality bed

Delighted with our bed, we had under bed drawer storage before and this is so much better for storIng pillows, duvets etc, I do find the lift up a bit difficult but I'm quite petite perhaps it will get easier with use.The headboard is really lovely and would go with any room decor in my opinion. An added bonus was we got the bed in the sale so ofcourse that was a big plus.

Great bed and service, had to wait a long time

The bed is lovely and comfortable and doesn't creak. The storage space is good although we couldn't fit everything under it that we wanted to (for example our suitcase was too large). Delivery took a long time (we had to wait more than 2 months) but when it was eventually delivered the delivery drivers were very friendly and professional and got the bed constructed quickly.

Great Bed

This ottoman is great, allows for lots of storage and removable floor so you can get more in if need be. Also no need to buy a seperate headboard as the head panel incorporates as part of the bed. Only one small concern...the handles to lift are bolted on the top of the frame, rather than underneath, possibly a design failure here, as overtime this may be an issue.

Great Bed

Had the bed for over 2 weeks now. Looks stylish in the slate and seems to be well built and sturdy. Good headboard, decent storage and not as large as some bed frames which helped fit it in! Self assembly was fine apart from the thread on one hole/screw, but it did take a couple of hours and need an extra pair of hands at times. Overall very pleased with the bed frame.

Great features

I bought this bed about a month ago now, once the delivery men had finished building it we went to take a look as was shocked at the amount of storage space we had perfect for our 1 bed room first flat. Would recommend to any one who has limited space. The colour we went for was perfect for our room also being bright and refreshing. Also no squeaks when moving around.

Quality, practical, looks good.

Great quality bed, storage space we could no longer live without. Very happy with our purchase and also glad we paid the 50 for installation. Im sure this is something we couldve done ourselves but would have taken us much longer and more likely to have caused damage, the bed came flat packed and the professionals who installed it were none stop for around an hour.

5 stars if screws were aligned and hooks not bent

So we ordered two of these beds. Pros. Sturdy Lots of storage space The pulley up and down function is so far really good. Cons. The holes were not aligned. So it was difficult to screw the nuts. The hooks that are fixed where bent so we couldn't hook the side panels to the foot and headboard. The instructions were awful to follow and definitely not clear.

Lots of storage

I received my Hopkins bed frame about a month ago and am pleased with my purchase. The storage capacity is substantially useful and it stored more than I thought possible leaving the rest of my bedroom tidy and less cluttered. I like the fact the is also room underneath the storage unit where extension leads and my slippers can be tucked away easily and out of site.

It pays to shop around I guess.

Great service, was massively let down by Benson for Beds as I ordered from them in March 2021, expected the bed in May 2021. I waited in all day and nothing. Called them up and asked where it was to be told it was delayed by a month, two weeks later they then told me it was going to be September....decided to cancel and within two weeks got a lovely bed from Dreams.

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Questions and Answers About The Hopkins Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

How deep is the storage please? And later down the line will it be possible to replace the headboard without needing a new bed? I am asking these questions in good faith, I am trying to buy a bed, please give a reason if you are not prepared to answer.

Answer: Apologies for this, it seemed the moderators rejected your previous question by mistake.If you cover your bed with the bed cover then it means you're covered for 8 years as opposed to the standard 1 year. Therefore, if you have any problems with a certain part of your bed, it should be covered under this. If you would like further assurance, please ring the customer services team on the number at the top of the site and someone will be happy to discuss this with you.Thank you.

What is the height of the platform base and internal storage capacity in terms of height and width in Francis / Ealing / Sutton / Hopkins Ottoman beds ?


How do you move this bed? I assume it's a case of very gently having two people pick this up for cleaning/decoration etc? How do you advise? Also - I assume the dimensions listed are for the full LENGTH ie B incorporating base and headboard?

Answer: Thank you for getting in touch. Measurement B is from the back of the headboard to the end of the footend. We would advise that if you do need to lift the bed, that you take care in doing so. Please note that we do have the assembly instructions online which are located within the product page of the website, if you wish to dismantle the bed.

As it is a raised platform, what is the recommended weight the otterman section can hold?

Answer: The supplier recommends that the base is used evenly, where support is strong (in the middle of the cross section) heavier items can be placed, lighter items such as bedding can be used in the middle of the boards where the support is minimal, due to this there is no maximum weight provided as it can vary as to where items are placed.

What are the dimensions of the packages that this bed will be delivered in for a super king.

Answer: The Hopkins in a Super King will be delivered in 5 boxes, the dimensions of these are below:Box 1 - 186cm (H) x 13cm (L) x 133cm (W)Box 2 - 28.5cm (H) x 11cm (L) x 20.6cm (W)Box 3 - 186cm (H) x 11cm (L) x 105.5cm (W)Box 4 - 103.5cm (H) x 5cm (L) x 92.5cm (W)Box 5 - 15cm (H) x 10cm (L) x 152cm (W)

Do you know where I could find instructions please for putting this bed up

Answer: On the product page online there is a bullet point called 'Instruction download' under the heading 'Assembly details' - this is found in the main overview section. You can then click on the bed frame size required and this will download the assembly instructions in pdf form.

Hi, What are your charges for assembling the bed at customer's home?

Answer: Assembly charges are dependent on the type of bed to be assembled. For the Hopkins fabric ottoman, prices are as below:Single - 30, Double, King and Superking 50In addition the delivery service assistants will remove all packaging and take this away to be recycled.

What are the dimensions of the packages this bed will arrive in for a super king?

Answer: The Hopkins in superking will be in 5 boxes measuring:Box 1 - 186cm (H) x 13cm (L) x 133cm (W)Box 2 - 285cm (H) x 11cm (L) x 21cm (W)Box 3 - 186cm (H) x 13cm (L) x 106cm (W)Box 4 - 104cm (H) x 5cm (L) x 93cm (W)Box 5 - 15cm (H) x 10cm (L) x 152cm (W)

What are the dimensions of the packages this bed will arrive in for a standard king?

Answer: Good Evening,The dimensions are:Box 1 - 186cm (H) x 130cm (L) x 133cm (W) Box 2 - 285cm (H) x 110cm (L) x 206cm (W)Box 3 - 186cm (H) x 110cm (L) x 105cm (W) Box 4 - 103cm (H) x 50cm (L) x 92cm (W)Box 5 - 150cm (H) x 100cm (L) x 152cm (W)

Even though not a side lift, would you be able to lift by pulling up from corner?

Answer: It is possible to lift the ottoman from the corner, however this may be difficult as there is no corner lift strap. The hand strap for lifting is located at the front center of the frame which makes it easy to lift up the ottoman.

If I get a king sized bed, can the internal storage fit a double size bed measuringW135 L190 H25 cm? Thanks

Answer: Unfortunately the depth of the storage area of this bed frame is 23cm and therefore this mattress would not fit as the ottoman would not be able to close. If the mattress was less than 23cm then this would be able to fit.

What is the weight limit for two people sleeping on super king size ?

Answer: Our bed frames are designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not specify a weight limit. All frames are tested to the British standards of strength and stability.

Hi, is it possible to buy this bed but choose a different head board?

Answer: The way this bed is designed and constructed means that it is only compatible with the head end that is pictured. I am afraid that you would be unable to fix a different head end to the frame.

What size mattress is needed for this bed?

Answer: The size of the mattress would need to correspond to the size of the bed i.e. double mattress with double bed. Please note, all of the mattresses and bed frames are a UK standard size.

Does this ottoman base have an enclosed bottom? meaning the compartment has a floor, raising your stored items off the ground? If so, what is the depth of this compartment?

Answer: The Hopkins bed frame has solid base panels as the floor of the ottoman and therefore the items you store here will be raised off of the floor. The depth of the storage area is 23cm.

Would a 34cm thick hybrid mattress be too heavy or affect how the ottoman opens i.e restrict how far it will open?

Answer: Good Evening,The Hopkins bed frame will be able to accommodate this mattress as the ottomans have been designed to work effectively with a range of different types of mattress.

Is the storage base made form wood or material also where do you find the assembly instructions

Answer: The ottoman storage base is made from chip board and the assembly instructions can be found in the 'Assembly Details' section of the product display page.Many thanks,Dreams.

Would this bed be able to support a heavy mixed super king size mattress? It has srings foam and gel, otty mattress. What is the weight limit?

Answer: We do not specify a maximum weight, however all of the bedframes have been tested and pass the British Standard BSEN1725 test for strength and stability.

Hello does the bed squeak when turning over in bed

Answer: If assembled correctly this bed frame will be sturdy and hence will not creak. This bed frame also has a solid platform top, so this will minimise any noise.

Can you provide an upholstery fabric sample for this bed?

Answer: Unfortunately we cannot send swatches out to customers at the moment, but there are swatches available to view for all upholstered beds in all of the stores

Hi, Please can you advise what the weight limit is in the storage part of the bed? Thanks :)

Answer: We do not have a set weight for the storage capacity, however we would advise it is only suitable for light storage such as bed linens or towels.

Do the pistons that lift the mattress. Ever stop working and if they did. How would one elderly person lift the mattress. Thanks

Answer: Apologies for the delay in answering this question.The pistons do not stop working. If they do, please contact the Customer Service team.

I am looking to buy Two Hopkins a king and a superking bed. Please can you suggest mattress size that fits the best for both sizes.

Answer: The Hopkins King will fit a standard king size mattress (150 x 200cm) and the super king will fit a standard super king mattress (180 x 200cm).

When storing items in the ottoman do they store directly onto the floor or is there a base panel? Couldn't tell on the images. Thanks

Answer: There are base panels for the storage, please see the assembly instructions on the product page for a better understanding of this.

What is the largest dimension of the packages this bed will arrive in for a king size? I may have it delivered to a different address so want to work out if I can then transport it myself. Many thanks,

Answer: The Hopkins Bed Frame in King will be delivered in 5 boxes, the largest box dimension is:Box 2: 29cm (H) x 11cm (L) x 206cm (W)

Hi, we need this bed to fit in a gap of 1206mm wide, you quote a measurement of 1200mm which would be fine but also a measurement of 48 inches which is 1220mm and therefore too wide, can you tell me the actual width please.

Answer: Please see widths for available sizes below:Small Double - 121.5cmDouble - 138.5cmKing - 154.5cmSuper King - 184.5cm

I have a temper mattress. Will this be light enough to ensure that the pistons work safely?

Answer: HelenfbeeThe pistons will be substantial enough to comfortably work with the TEMPUR mattress.Thank you for your question.Kind Regards,Robin

Do you provide an assembly service as I am not able to put the bed together myself?

Answer: We do offer an assembly service. You will be able to add this service once you have added the bed to your basket.

Hi, Does the headboard come with this?

Answer: Good Evening,Yes, this bedframe comes as per the images on the website - so the headboard is included in the price displayed.

Can I get a sample of the fabric for each of these two options? Do they come in a King?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not have a sample service available.This bed is available in king size in both colours.

What is the size of the boxes for a super king? Your previous answers are misleading.

Answer: The Hopkins Bed Frame does not have any storage boxes. The internal depth of the ottoman storage area is 23cm.

How much will it cost for you to assemble the bed for us?

Answer: Good MorningThe cost for the delivery team to assemble the Hopkins for you will be:Double King or Superking - 50

Is the platform that you put the mattress on one piece or two?

Answer: The platform top is made of two parts which are then fixed in place to the ottoman lifting system.

Viewed bed in store & noticed that join in fabric where buttons are was 1cm lower on one side than other. Told by staff that tolerance is 2.5cm! Please confirm if delivered bed did not have 'level line' we could return.

Answer: We would recommend that you contact the customer service team to discuss this issue further.

Hi, What fabric is this bed covered in? Cotton? Synthetic? Polyester? etc. Also, what is the measurement for the gap below the bed, not the internal storage, the small space from floor to the base of the ottoman. Thank you!

Answer: This bed is upholstered in a polyester fabric. The height from the floor to the base is 9cm.Thank you for your question.

Does this frame have a slatted or solid base? If it is a solid base, is it sprung, or rigid?

Answer: Good Evening,The Hopkins Ottoman has a solid base. This base is solid and does not have any springs in.

The bed base itself, would the base be able to fit round a corner to enable the bed to be upstairs 2nd floor flat. The area where the mattress lays on? One piece or 2 pieces?

Answer: The base board comes in 2 pieces which are individually fitted to the lifting mechanism.

Hi could you tell me if the mattress is included?

Answer: Good Evening,The mattress is not included in this price, this will need to be purchased separately.

Hi, just a quick question, What size matteress will fit the small double in this model bed? Thank you

Answer: Good morningThe small double frame will be compatible with all small double mattresses (190 x 120)

Hi there, do you know or are you possibly able to disclose when the super king size bed will likely be available in the colour oatmeal? Can't find another bed anywhere that I like more than this one.

Answer: We really are sorry but we do not have this information available right now. .

Hi we have this bed but the hardboard is to big to fit in our room. We have a super king bed. Can any other size headboard fit this bed frame? As we are just sleeping on the mattress on the floor. Many thanks

Answer: Unfortunately not. This headboard is integral to the structure of the bed. .

What are the dimensions of the feet of the bed as we may need to use bed raisers as I am buying for an elderley person?

Answer: As this is an ottoman frame we would not advise using this with bed raisers.Many thanks.Dreams

Please state the internal storage depth of this item. I'm unable to get to a store to measure this item due to disability. It is essential that I order online and I cannot do this without the full item info.

Answer: The internal storage depth is 31cm (from base of storage to ottoman base)Thank you for your question.

I am thinking of buying this bed frame but even though it's an ottoman bed can you tell me whether it has solid slats or sprung slats? Many thanks

Answer: This bedframe has a solid platform top and not slats, solid or sprung.

Hi, Can this bed fit a 200cm long mattress?

Answer: Yes, the Hopkins in king is able to accommodate a 200cm length mattress.

Is the bed wooden slate based

Answer: This bed frame comes with solid base boards, it does not have slats.

HI, does this bed base have slats underneath or is it a continuous board?

Answer: The Hopkins comes with solid base boards, it does not have slats.

What is the maximum mattress weight capacity recommended for this bed in a super king size.

Answer: Good AfternoonWe do not have a weight capacity for a mattress on this frame.

Can you please give details on what type of fabric this bed is upholstered in?

Answer: The upholstery material on this bedframe is 100% Polyester.

Viewed the Hopkins ottoman in Dreams Norwich today. We want a superking but does it only come in slate as we prefer the oatmeal fabric.

Answer: Unfortunately this product is currently out of stock..

Is it possible yo get a fabric sample for this bed please?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not have a sample service available.

Can the headboard be cleaned?

Answer: We recommend spot cleaning with warm soapy water only.

What is the maximum mattress weight a king size Hopkins can support & pistons lift?

Answer: We have no set weight limits on the bed frames.Thank you for your question.

Is there a limit on the weight of the mattress and what the frame can lift up?

Answer: Good Evening,There is no mattress weight limit for this bed frame.

I am considering to buy either Francis / Ealing/ Sutton / Hopkins ottoman to store my single tempur matress of H21 W90 L190 in the internal storage base. Can this tempur matress fits all these 4 Ottoman beds ?

Answer: Yes, a Tempur mattress can be used with these beds.

Hi, does this bed come with a guarantee?

Answer: All of the products come with a 1 year guarantee

What is the depth of the internal storage space?

Answer: The depth of the internal storage space is 23cm.

Is this a solid base or is it covered slats?

Answer: The Hopkins bed frame has a solid platform top.

Hey, can you tell me is the base that lifts up a solid board or is it slates?

Answer: The Hopkins bed frame has a solid platform top.

thinking of buying this but what is the width of the head board as the room is quite small so need to know exact measurement

Answer: The width of the double headboard is 139cm.

Is the base of the storage part cloth or solid please? Thanks

Answer: The base of the storage area is solid.

What hight is the head board please from floor to top of headboard

Answer: This measurement is 103.5cm.

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