Sleepmotion 200i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame Rated 4/5 based on 144 customer reviews
Sleepmotion 200i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

Sleepmotion 200i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

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What Makes The Sleepmotion 200i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame Great?

1 year guarantee included

1 year guarantee is average in the UK mattress industry. While it should not put you off (mattresses typically last for 7 years before being replace), it is the minimum that you get with a product. Depending on your price point, you might be able to attract a higher warranty or guarantee period

Adjustable at the head and leg end for comfortable lounging

Controlled via the Napp by Dreams app or standard remote (included)

Dreams have integrated their own Napp app into the technology featured in this bed frame meaning you don't just have to use the remote. The napp app is part of Dreams new Sleep Technology initiative and allows you to control bed functionality while monitoring your sleep to help you understand how to get the most out of your bed and mattress.

Both a standalone bed frame and slot in base

Strengthened metal legs with reinforced base

Mattress not included, view our range of compatible mattresses that work with this motion bed frame

The mattress is not included allowing you to choose one that suits your needs or use one you already have. If you do need a mattress why not save money on shipping and order them all at once, you could even pick out your matching bedding.

Zero gravity function where feet are elevated to the same level as the heart, helping to take pressure off the back and spine

The zero-gravity technology within this base supports a sleeping position that allows for neutral body posture  which was developed by NASA.  The position and technology combined helps provide a state of weightlessness. NASA to this day continues to place astronauts in this position prior to take-off, equalising their weight and easing the stress on their bodies prior to space launch.

Customer Reviews For The Sleepmotion 200i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

Based on 144 reviews

Fits & works a treat!

I bought the i200 from the Chandler's Ford branch, in Southampton from a very wonderful and honest sales rep called Katie. I was buying this for my sons room, as he often sits in bed (like most youngsters) and plays the Xbox with his friends. Also, if he's unwell, it will help to prop him up. I was apprehensive about buying because it was to sit within my sons existing, wooden, bed frame; I didn't want the mechanical base exposed. So I went away, measured up the wooden frame and returned to the store the following day to check against the i200. All seemed well and Katie was very confident it would fit. With that the purchase was made. I had to wait a month due to it being new / shipped. It arrived today and be warned, it's heavy! 81kgs in its box. I got the delivery men to leave it downstairs and I was going to carry it up later, assuming it might be in two parts; I was wrong. I took it out of the box and the wife and I managed to carry it (stair by stair) upstairs, separate to the additional bits within the box. If needed it will part in to two frames which are held together by two swivel nuts and bolts. You have a choice of legs at either 3", 6" or combine the two for 9". I went for the 6" legs as that suited the wooden frame best. From there it's a simple case of screwing on the legs, plug in the front motor (the back motor is already plugged in) and plug in the transformer - done! Again beware that this is a two man job when lifting and shifting. Once it was flipped and on its legs I was then able the push it into the wooden frame. I took one side of the wooden frame off for ease and replaced once the i200 was in place. If the rooms big enough you could just simply lift the outer frame over the top and drop it in place. Very simple, very comfortable and my son loves it. The remote looks and works great, with buttons that light up when in use. I believe you can control the bed via an app on your phone too, as the instructions state. I'm now considering buying one for the wife and I as we're due a new bed. On that note, I'd imagine the i200 works best with a foam mattress as I wouldn't think a spring mattress would last too long being manipulated by the up and down motions. All in all, a fantastic product and excellent service from Dreams, hense the long review being worth my time! Ps. I've included some photo's that may help a potential future buyer. Kind regards, Mark Roberts


Great no-nonsense option for adjustable bed fans!

I’ve had this bed for a little while now, and frankly I don’t think that I could sleep on a ‘regular’ bed again. I like the freedom and versatility, ease of use and the variety of support as a wheelchair user. Especially in terms of disabled folks in varying levels of personal requirements, if you’re looking for a sign as to whether or not this bed will be for you? This is it. It’s not low, and you can transfer well so you won’t have to put any raising equipment under the bed. Not too high, not too low and if you’d like it to be a bit higher for a transfer, you can use your remote to raise it so that you can get in and out, or lower as necessary. On bad pain days, I also really appreciate the help with position adjustment and I just feel like I have more options with this bed. It sits you up completely, and the foot end comes to about 45 degrees plus (if 90 degrees is straight up to the ceiling). There’s also two buttons to return it to completely flat which is better than having to do it every time! Lastly, for those with conditions that require legs raised at night(lumbar, cardiac) or an incline at the head (like gastritis/GERD etc) this is the right move. I’m glad I made this purchase, and if I see any questions coming up in the community, I’m happy to edit the review with a few answers. For able bodied folk and disabled folk alike, I’d say that this bed is worth the purchase and compared with almost any other kingsize adjustable, the price is out of this world. Hope this helps!


Delighted Dreams Bed Owner

My Son bought this bed he suggested I try it I have arthritis in my knees & other joints after 10 minute rest we ordered a double bed ! We dealt with the same gentleman at Dreams who went above & beyond. Since getting this bed I have after 2 full weeks not woke with pain once. I've slept incredibly well. Its an investment I wish I'd made years ago. Although I still have mobility issues & pain due to arthritic changes least I have respite when sleeping or resting. The mattress is like no other I've ever experienced & the pillow aids shoulder & neck pain I feel less stiff in the mornings also. Many thanks to the 2 gentlemen who asembled the bed. I found Dreams a very good company to do business with all staff were professional going above & beyond & nothing was too much trouble . I am delighted.


Sleepmotion 200i bed

My bed was delivered and fitted 5 days ago and I'm already sleeping better. I have MS and have difficulty get up and off the bed in the morning so decided to buy this bed after speaking to the knowledgeable staff at the Bentley Bridge Wolverhampton Store and reading the reviews. The bed sits me up without any effort from me which is what I needed. I chose a double bed with an hard mattress, thats because I'm quite weighty and it's so comfortable. You can sit on the side of the bed unlike the electric beds with wooden slats. I wasn't able to buy the headboard due to dreams not having or able to get stock but glad I didn't, I prefer it without. There is one minor irritation that is the mattress moves slightly so every morning it has to be straightened but this wouldn't put me off the bed.


Fantastic Relaxing Escape

I’ve had this for about a month now. It’s fantastic and so versatile. I don’t need it for mobility issues just yet but it was an investment for the future and something to give me somewhere to escape to. I love the zero gravity function; you do feel like you’re floating on air! Really easy to use and the remote is great. Only downside has been not being able to use the Napp App with it. I had to chase it up and someone did her back to me saying the App is being revamped so hopefully will be able to use it with the App soon. Highly recommend this bed. It’s worth it. There are two heights you can have it assembled to; I chose the higher option but either would have been fine.


Love it!

I have a smallish bedroom and opted to buy my sleepmotion bed as a standalone product. With the bedding on it does not look as basic as it does on the website. What I would say, it is heavy and be sure it is in the place you want. It has no wheels and not easy to move. A nice touch for the taller person or less mobile is there are extensions to the legs so you can choose the height of the bed. I chose to have the bed built for me and the guys left the leg extensions with me should I need them in the future. I am very happy with my choice and enjoying watching tv in comfort.


Ultimate comfort

This bed is proving to be perfect for my needs. The adjustability is great for sitting up to read, or just relaxing using the zero gravity position. The made up bed looks absolutely fine without buying an additional frame. I’m using this with the compatible Hyde and Sleep raspberry mattress. I’m having the most comfortable sleep I’ve ever had. Due to Covid restrictions the delivery was made to the hallway. The bed is delivered in two heavy boxes which my husband and his friend managed to take upstairs. They found the bed quite easy to set up.


Adjustable Double Bed

I bought this a few weeks ago and I am so happy with it. Delivery was easy as 2 people delivered the bed and set it up. They were both brilliant and they done it very quick, they also asked me before the put it up as there were 3 different Option on how high I wanted the bed. These 2 men were very helpfull and really nice. I can only recomend them and the bed. I am sleeping better and I have less neck back and hip pain. I definately made right decission with this bed.


Such comfort!

This bed replaced a previous electric bed that broke. It offers superb control of positioning for a person with chronic arthritis It has two height positions making getting in or out easier. Is so comfortable and adjusts easily for raising upper body and legs to bend into a relaxing position which can be adjusted in small movements when needed. A strong construction with two motors it feels sturdy and reliable. Was good value and I am Very pleased I purchased this model.


Sleepmotion 200i double bed frame

It’s a great bed frame, very smooth and quiet in operation. I would recommend glider pads as it’s difficult to move on carpet due to its weight. Only slight problem I have had was pairing with my smart phone, instructions did not mention the pairing button on the power supply cord (I paid for assembly so did not see them use for the remote) so wasted time attempting it, still not paired as second attempts, the Ap has frozen, no doubt it will work in the end.


Great comfort

I bought this 2 weeks ago because of problems with my hip and back. Previous I lay on the Sleep Match Mattress Checker and it listed the mattress's that would suit me best. I tried a few of the suggestions then when I saw the motorised bed I asked if there was a mattress suitible for me on the list and there was. Love this bed as i can set it to a position which helps me with my pain.


10/10 would recommend!

Such an affordable adjustable bed frame. It has a very smooth action and is pretty quiet. I sleep so much better with a slight incline and watching tv in bed is fantastic! The zero g option is great when you've been on your feet all day. The guys that delivered and built the bed were excellent too! I would recommend this bed to anyone and everyone! So happy with my purchase.


Rest in comfort

This bed has been one of the best purchases made in 2019. We bought this for my father, who at 85 has mobility issues and getting in and out of bed caused him pain. He loves the bed as he can adjust the position to suite. The remote control is perfect as many other beds tried had hardwired control who which wrapped around his feet. Not so good at 85 Just a great buy!


Even better than I imagined

Over the past weeks this has transformed my sleeping. I wake up completely rested and relaxed. I have had sleep problems for months, and I am partially disabled in my legs. Had never imagined buying a bed that could be adjusted like this and I've no regrets. Moreover, it could not be easier to adjust with the controls. Frankly it's a joy!


Comfortable and practical

As a 92 year old woman, who has only recently become less agile, this bed is incredible. Its simple design and ease of use can be heavily appraised. Its head and feet adjustable ends help provide the optimum sleeping position aswell as assisting me on and off the bed. I've been sleeping 6+ hours a night, which hasn't happened in years!


So impressed

We bought 2 singles 3ft wide beds, pushed them together to make a super king so that we can raise the head and feet to suit individual requirements. We have been married for 56 years and can honestly say that we have never slept better than we do now. No more leg cramps and helps with lowering blood pressure if foot of bed raised.


Sleep motion 200i

a good bed, only 4 stars because I had to re-programme it, my user error but I still don't feel I should need to. However it works and I get a good rest. Impeccable delivery service on time, polite and helpful and carried off my old bed, at a price. Good firm to deal with and a good product and my foam mattress is ideal on it.



The bed was set up in no time at all. The fitters were swift and confident in what they were doing.The bed was shown working and all parts checked. The bed is very maneuverable and accommodates all positions at a touch of a button.The bed is sturdy and well made. The mattress is good quality and just right for my back.


Just wow. Glad I bought it.

I’m not old but love the fact the back rises and the feet are lifted. It’s just a comfy way to sit and read in bed. Then when my back neck knee arm et al are a bit achey I adjust the bed to a comfy position, very glad I came across this.i would suggest higher legs than I have on my bed as it’s low on the mid setting for me.


Sleepmtion Adjustable 200i bed

I love my new adjustable bed, my only regret was that I didn't get it earlier. It is extremely comfortable and my chronic reflux problem has improved since I have elevated the head of the bed by 5 inches. Definitely recommend the bed. The service I received from the Dreams salesman to the delivery has been brilliant.


Sleepmotion 200i adjustable bed.

Really good adjustable bed, we have had a few in the past and some cost much more than this one. This bed is a different class to the others and a plus is that the legs for the bed has included extensions so you can set 3 different leg heights (was not made aware of this until we received it ) what a bonus .


I wish I'd bought years ago.

My life has been made so much easier. I can raise my legs and get out of bed without struggling so much now. Cannot recommend highly enough. I have the single bed set at the highest level. This anables me to fit 5 underbed storage boxes underneath. 20% off the base too at the time of purchase, this helped!



I wrote a HUGE and helpful review today, with pictures, but the moderators said it didn't pass their guidelines. They failed to tell me what didn't pass so I could have deleted said part and resubmitted - wonderful. I even praised their staff; never mind. So therefore... The i200 is good. Done.


Great Features

This Sleepmotion adjustable bed frame allows individual control of both the head and foot end with the touch of a button, this provides you with the perfect level of support. An adjustable bed frame can help ease painful pressure points and improve circulation - providing the perfect nights sleep.


Looks nice, feels nice

I was worried about this - would it actually look nice? But it does when it's flat, which is during the day. The mechanism is great - it's possible to become really comfortable very quickly. I chose the medium mattress as recommended for sciatic problems and it's excellent. Very happy with this.


Great product, excellent service

I bought this as I suffer from spinal arthritis and hated the idea of beds which are for disabilities. This is great, comfortable and substantial. Very reasonably priced compared to others The installation was worth it, very polite and had it all up and running for me. Cant fault bed or service


Great when it works but always breaking down!

Twice the motor has failed since we bought in July 2020. Dreams were quick enough to replace it though due to the pandemic we went several months without it working. Now we've just found out the zero gravity button isn't working. It's really tiresome to keep calling them up!


The bomb

This bed has made the rubbish movies of today much much better.... Breakfast in bed is 100% better due to the adjust functionality... All in all, this is the best bed I have ever purchased and I recommend that you (the person reading this) buy this bed too.


A bed with health benefits

We love this bed and the health benefits it can help with. It's a bit smaller than the usual King size bed we had, and also it's higher, so that might not suit older people who need to sit down to get dressed. It is very comfortable and we enjoy going to bed!


200i adjustable bed frame

We have never had an adjustable bed before so I did some research, I was very impressed with Dreams adjustable beds for ,style, strength, the different ranges, it is very good quality and comfortable would highly recommend this product to family and friends.


Excellent buy and good value for money

The quality of the bed is excellent.It’s functional are very easy to operate.It’s the right product for my wife who had a bypass surgery and is bed ridden for me the past one year. Makes her life easier and comfortable. I would highly recommend this bed .


Fantastic electric bed

I bought the bed a month ago and was so pleased with the design and ease of purchase. The bed is just perfect. It is so comfortable and adjusts easily into multi positions via remote control It looks stylish too, unlike some other electric beds


wonderful full nights sleep

I bought this bed just over 2 weeks, and I can't have bought a better bed, I have terrible back problems, that an ordinary bed could not make better, until I bought this, I did no sleep in months, but now it has fixed all my back problems.


Sleep motion 200i

This is an ideal bed for someone who has mobility issues as it assist in so many ways, the mattress is very comfortable and doesn’t sink when sitting on the edge of the bed.. I would have no concerns in recommending this bed to others


Great frame

This frame only adjustable bed is just great it goes up under your pillow so you can read or watch tv and it raises your legs at the other end. Great value great wireless remote I gives a lot better nights sleep than just a mattress.


Changed my life!

I bought this as I suffer from severe back problems. Now, whatever my back is doing, I can find a position to suit me and even managed to get off the bed on my own!!!!! Mechanism is very smooth and quiet, very easy to use. Marvelous!


Good but had some issues

I love the bed. But the only problem is when when you order two SINGLES. They do not fit with a king-size headboard so so bit disappointed about that. I was told that they would go together but now I've got to make my own bracket.


Great Service

We bought this bed for our elderly mum. Delivery was well managed and on time and the bed was put together quickly and efficiently. Mum says she the bed is very comfortable and the adjustable features make life so much easier.


Brilliant Nights Sleep

Purchased the The Dreams Workshop - Sleepmotion 200i on the 25th February 2020 with a delivery date of 14th March 2020. From start to the intallation day the service was excellent...For style & comfort perfection...


New adjustable bed

It’s very easy to work , I have a bigger duvet so can’t see the frame work , mattress superb . Very happy with it and the great service I received both from shop assistant and delivery guys who were very helpful .


Best sleep ever

Our son, having stated that he had his "best sleep ever " has prompted us to order 2 more sleepmotion beds !! He had respiratory issues but the adjustable function is just brilliant ! We would highly recommend.


Great bed, sound sleep

Bought this bed 3 weeks ago and can say I’ve been sleeping a lot better after elevating the head section. The zero gravity function is so good for my back I wake feeling energised. Well worth the investment.



I bought this as my mobility is failing. I couldn’t get comfy at all in my bed. This helps so much with getting in and out of bed, being comfy and blood flowing as you can set the feet to different height.


Great features

I have had this bed a month and it has proved invaluable to me. The remote control is easy to use and I can get into the most comfortable position for me. Brilliant when I want to sit up in bed and read.


Great features and simple

Bought this bed for my mum and I must say it’s the best. Simple but effective. Really good for the price too. It’s easy for my mum to get in and out of and she has it slightly raised to help her sleep.


Comfort & features are amazing.

I have only had this a few weeks. But I suffer with a bad back, neck & head. This has been brilliant for me and I am getting some good nights sleep. Everyone who has given it a try things it’s lovely.


Well made solid metal frame.

I chose to have the frame only option so there is a tendency for the mattress to move sideways on the frame as there is nothing to hold it. But overall I am so far happy with this bed frame.


Great bed at great price

This has been invaluable to my mum who needs the help with sitting up. After a week in hospital on their adjustable beds she needed a comfier version for home! This has been perfect



I brought this 3 weeks ago and I'm smitten by this bed there is con at all such a smooth sale smooth delivery great customer service and the bed is the best bed I have ever been on.


Easy to use

I have used the bed for two weeks now. It is easy to adjust using the remote control. I have found the perfect adjustment to help me stay pain free during the night and sleep well.


Sleep motion bed

We brought this bed a month ago for my mom , It’s great as it allows her to sit up on her own by just pressing the button on control , she is 86 and gives her some independent


Awesome bed frame.

Great bed, very sturdy, easy to assemble (it says needs 2 people but can easily be put together with 1 person), works very well and very useful with moving elements.


An amazing clever bed

What a lovely bed to purchase if you have back or breathing problems it also has a button that puts the bed to a suitable position for you to sleep which is amazing.


Sleepmotion 200i adjustable platform bed frame

Easily adjusted to whatever position is required. Moves up and down with ease and is very quiet. Fitted sheet stays in position no matter how many times you adjust.


Very good quality for affordable price

I bought this two weeks ago. Absolutely love my bed. Can watch TV without getting sore neck and after a day at work to be able to lift legs to relax is heaven.



had this delivered a week earlier than at first expected, and for the first time since my spinal cord injury i can sleep for more than an hour at a time


Sleep motion 200i Adjustable platform bed Mr

Excellent adjustable bed, Head height goes up to reading position, leg adjustment is perfect for easing tired aching legs. Glad I found my ideal bed.


Works brilliantly

By tilting head end stops acid flow back at night time. Watching tv in bedroom, using full facility, can convert to a chair! Just need a larger tv!!


So comfy!

Only had this bed just over 2 weeks and I love it! It was comfortable from the first night. Love the zero degree feature. Great value for money too .


Dream purchase

Brilliant purchase,very easy to use. Installed by friendly experts who arrived on time Top quality ,chuffed to bits The store staff were amazing


Zero Gravity mode. Sleep motion platform bed.

After years of having problems sleeping my father is now getting much more quality sleep in ‘zero gravity!’ and feeling much better as a result.


I never want to get out of my bed again

Delivery men were absolutely fantastic,great price,putting the bed together was very easy and my wife loves it so much she won't get out of it.


So so perfectly comfortable

This bed is amazingly comfortable, it gets perfect sleeping position and the zero gravity position is out of this world. Definitely a must buy


Great features

I bought this bed for medical reasons and I'm so glad I did. I can now sleep more comfortably in the position I need to be in ie raised legs.


Excellent purchase

The entire purchase experience has been great, our advisor helped us find the perfect bed and mattress. Delivery was prompt and efficient too.


Even more Dreamy

I needed proper support for my my back and shoulders as suffer from trapped nerve in neck. It has brought me great relief I'm pleased to say.


Flexible comfort

Very pleased with this bed. Not only is it great to be able to adjust the head and foot of the bed for comfort but also for putting on sheets


Wonderful features

Wonderful feature, I love my new bed. I’ve had my bed for months now and have had the best nights sleep for years it was worth every penny.


Great bed

This bed is perfect for me as I have problems breathing whilst sleeping. The pre set bed function is just right for a nights sleep


Best Bed Ever!

Just what everyone needs! Fabulous bed! So comfy & so easy to use ! Sit up to maybe read just before lights out - not a problem!


Every bed should be like this one

Perfect value, perfect quality, pefect functionality. They put this together in a jiffy. Ill never go back to a normal bed.


Love the features for a comfortable lay

I love it it's made my position so much more comfortable for my needs being disabled. I can now position myself for comfort.


Sleepmotion 200i

I bought this bed I am very happy With it is a great product. Comfortable sleep very night what I was looking for amazing.


comfy bed

Great for watching TV and Reading. Helps you sit up in bed if you struggle sitting up on your own. Zero G feature brilliant.


Very comfortable

I came over to you shop and the lady assistant was very good in explaining the bed to me and allowed me to lye on the bed .


Lovely and comfort

I got this bed about a month ago for the wife because she suffers with arthritis and find it hard to sleep in the old bed


Magic bed

I suffer from back pain and sciatica so I bought this adjustable bed to help. It’s been wonderful and is so easy to use.


Sleepmotion Adjustable bed and frame

My husband has come out of hospital and really loves this bed. So comfortable and easy to use. Really easy to assemble.


Sleepmotion 200i

Delighted with my new dreams bed. Perfect night's sleep and wake up refreshed. Just need a new TV I can watch in bed!!!


Very pleased

I ordered my bed in December 2019, but never received headboard until two weeks ago. But more than happy with it


Great Bed

Love this bed! Bought because of some acid reflux at night- by lifting the head end i have been symptom free!


Sleepmotion 200i

Excellent quality solid metal frame, all the others for sale are wood. Plus can control by app on phone hehe



Fantastic service and quality and a reasonable price no complaints from start to finish highly recommended.


Comfort with ease of operation

I bought this bed because my wife has mobility issues. It makes our lives much easier and mor comfortable


Very convenient with small isue.

The motions are different from the in store bed tested, possibly because of the thickness of the mattress.



I have now slept in this bed for 3 weeks and it’s is comfortable although there are a couple of negatives


Great Quality

The frames build quality is very impressive.Feels heavy and robust, can see it lasting a very long time.


‘The idle, luxurious life’

Very comfortable and makes reading, television viewing etc very easy. Cannot wait to go to bed at night!


top bed.

My last bed collapsed! However this bed is solid, safe, comfortable and easy to exit and access.


Great bed

Fantastic bed frame could do with the headboard being part of the bed as its absolutely necessary


Perfect positioning

I recently purchased this bed and have had the best nights sleep I have had in many, many years.


Great easy to use features,

Bought for my mum , fantastic product , fair price, easy to use up down bed features simply fab


Prefer it to be higher

It would be better if it was 3” higher. I find my back hurts from bending over to make the bed.


Easy to adjust and really smart

I brought this item a few weeks ago with the mattress and headboard and haven't looked bsck


I like the slimness of the frame

I bought this product and have never slept better I wish I had done this and got one years ago


Excellent product

I have Parkinsons and it helps me to get in and out of bed much like a riser recliner chair


Sleepmotion 200i

Fantastic bed and mattress. I should have bought one years ago. No more sleepless nights.


200i adjustable bed it’s great

This is a great bed have not slept so well for years would recommend this bed it’s great


Adjustable bed

I’m sleeping sounder now and so it seems My problems are sorted by shopping in dreams



I have only had this just over 2 weeks, but every night I have a great night's sleep

Questions and Answers About Sleepmotion 200i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

Hello, I would like to purchase this product for my person who is abroad, so I would have to order a van. Two questions: Does the bed takes full space in the van? 2. could it be installed by nonexpert too according to manual?

Answer: , To view the packaging dimension, please look under the delivery tab on the product page. You will need to select the size of the bed before looking at this so you are provided with the correct information. You do not need to be an expert to install this bed, all the information you need is provided in the assembly instructions. Many thanks Dreams

Hi,  I was just wondering would this frame fit into a double frame that I already have from oak furniture land? 

Answer: , Unfortunately we cannot advise whether this will fit as we do not know the dimensions of your bed frame. Our own Sleepmotion bed frames are specially designed to fit the 200i. The maximum dimensions of the bed frame are on the product page, however you will need to allow some tolerance to allow free movement of the base. Kind regards Dreams

Could an Emma original mattress be used with this frame? 

Answer: , You would need to contact Emma as unfortunately we cannot confirm if their mattress is suitable with this frame. You can view our range of mattress that are suitable here: Many thanks Dreams

What mattress do I need for this bed I'd like memory foam one and how much .?  Is there a bed like this which includes a mattress and how much thank you 

Answer: , A mattress will need to be purchased separately. You can view our compatible Sleepmotion mattresses (with memory foam) below: Kind regards Dreams

Is the bed compatible with spring mattress instead of foam one please? I'm not a fan of foam mattress and is wondering if the motion would still work with spring mattress. Thank you

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. You can find our range of sleepmotion compatible mattresses here: Kind regards, Dreams.

Are there set heights for the head end or can it be set at any height. Also what is the maximum angle that the heah end will reach (for sitting up right)

Answer: , There are no set heights for the headend of the bed, you can adjust to suit your preference. The maximum angle the headend can reach is between 57-62 degrees, however with the thickness of the mattress this would sit you up slightly further. Many thanks Dreams

How many head and leg positions does the sleepmotion 200i have please

Answer: , There aren't a specific number of head a leg positions (this is controlled by the user) but please see below the highest angles the head and foot end can be raised by from flat; Foot end 37 - 42 degrees Head end 57 - 62 degrees Kind Regards, Dreams

How heavy is the bed, and would it be too heavy for a first floor bedroom in a house

Answer: , This bed is delivered in two packages and the dimensions/ weights of these have been attached below: Package 1: Weight: 48 kgs - Measures: 20 x 141 x 109cm Package 2: Weight: 43 kgs - Measures: 20 x 141 x 109cm Kind regards, Dreams.

Hi what is the bed hight with the mattress on as well

Answer: , The sleep motion bases are sold without mattresses, so the depth of the bed with the mattress will depend on the depth of mattress you use with the base . The height of the bed when flat, without the mattress is 35cm Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this bed come with mattress 

Answer: , This bed does not come with a mattress, these are sold separately. You can view the compatible mattresses here: Many thanks Dreams

This bed would be for a house with old narrow stairs and landing, how big is it the bed frame package  before assembling, and is there a charge to deliver it to an upstairs bedroom.

Answer: , This bed is delivered in 2 packages: Package 1: Weight: 48 kgs Measures: 20 x 141 x 109cm Package 2: Weight: 43 kgs Measures: 20 x 141 x 109cm Delivery is free to your room of choice. Many thanks Dreams

Firstly, is this bed remotely controlled. I already have a new 4ft mattress; does this bed come in 4ft size?

Answer: , This bed can be either controlled by the standard remote, which is included, or via the Dreams Napp App on your smart phone. Unfortunately this bed does not currently come in a 4ft size. Kind Regards, Dreams

What mattress should go with this.  Firm required 

Answer: , If you scroll down the product page for the 200i or 900i sleep motion base, there is a link which will take you to all of our sleep motion compatible mattresses to select from. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is it possible to buy parts separately ? I need to replace the wireless remote 

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. Please get in contact with our customer service team as they are best placed to resolve this query for you! Have a great day, Dreams.

Is it possible to buy a frame for this at a later date? I didn't get one now but I might have liked one in hindsight

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not sell the bedframes for these beds separately. If you speak to our customer service team they may be able to look into this further for you. Many thanks Dreams

As there isn't a headboard currently compatible with this bed, could the bed be fitted up against a headboard that is wall mounted provided a sufficient gap is left to allow for the movement? And if so what would be the required gap?

Answer: , We now offer a compatible headboard for the Sleepmotion 200i this can be found here Kind Regards, Dreams

How high does the back adjust upwards. I assume it goes higher than the picture? If so it it about twice as far for instance. Its a big question on buying and I can't see anything detailing this?

Answer: , The maximum angle the headend can reach is between 57-62 degrees, however with the thickness of the mattress this would sit you up slightly further. Many thanks Dreams

Is the zero gravity position correct for everyone regardless of height? My knees feel odd in it, I'm 6ft.

Answer: , This is a setting on the bed and has been through extensive market research, This could be your body getting used to the new product. Many thanks Dreams

I have a Deacon Upholstered Ottoman bed frame in King Size, would it be possible to buy this i200 in kind size and use this with my frame?

Answer: , Unfortunately, the bedframe needs different side rails to accommodate a Sleepmotion so you cannot use an existing frame with the 200i. Kind Regards, Dreams

Which headboard goes with this bed?

Answer: , We do not currently have headboards for this bed, but we will have a headboard designed specifically for this available in the new year. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the 200i easy to assemble, and do instructions for assembly accompany the bed?

Answer: , Yes the 200i is one of the simplest Sleepmotion beds to assemble. Assembly instructions will also be provided with the delivery. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this bed available with dual controls and if so would it require 2 single matresses

Answer: , This bed is only suitable for one mattress, as the base is one structure and cannot be controlled as individual components. Kind regards Dreams

I have an existing 4foot small double headboard which is floor standing.  Could I use my headboard with the 4ft 200i bed?  Thanks

Answer: , Unfortunately you would not be able to attach the headboard to the frame as the attachments are different to a standard base. Many thanks Dreams

Would a king base fit inside a boat bed wooden frame with slats removed? Its a very strong solid wood construction .

Answer: , We would only recommend dropping a Sleepmotion unit into a Dreams bed as they have been specifically designed for this. Kind Regards, Dreams

Good Afternoon. Please could you tell me what the clearance is from floor to bottom of base please? This question was asked but no measurements were given in the answer. Thank you

Answer: , The clearance is 22cm with the 9cm leg being used. We do not recommend any storage under the bed due to the moving parts. Many thanks Dreams

What is the maximum weight capacity on a double and king size bed?

Answer: , For the Sleepmotion 200i there is a total weight limit of 355kg (55 stone) - this includes the weight of the mattress. Kind regards Dreams

hi is that 2 sigle sleepmotion base will fit into the ellis superking size bed frame

Answer: Good Evening, No, two single Sleepmotions will not fit in a Superking Ellis. The Superking Sleepmotion will fit in the Superking Ellis. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the bed rise to an upright sitting position (ie. nearly 90 degrees)? Thanks.

Answer: , The head-end lifts to 60 degrees however please note that the thicker the mattress, the smaller this angle would be. Kind Regards, Dreams

Would you remove my existing adjustable bed when buying a new one

Answer: , We do offer a recycling service, please see more information on this here: Many thanks Dreams

Is there a weight limit for these types of adjustable beds please?

Answer: , For the Sleepmotion 200i there is a total weight limit of 355kg (55 stone) - this includes the weight of the mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the frame assembled or has it got to be assembled? We are restricted for access to get it up stairs so it would have to be assembled in the bedroom?

Answer: , The frame requires assembly so it can be assembled in the bedroom. We offer an assembly service online and in store. Kind regards, Dreams

Can two single beds move independently?

Answer: , This frame is one unit, unfortunately there isn't a separate left and right hand side, the frame would move as one. Many thanks Dreams

Would I be able to out a headboard on this bed?

Answer: , This is the only suitable headboard for this bed: Many thanks Dreams

Hi I didn't ask for the pack sizes I asked when the beds together it weight about 92 kilo is this a lot of weight to be in a first floor bedroom

Answer: , There is no reason that this bed would not be appropriate to sit on a stable first floor of a house. Kind regards, Dreams.

Can you buy 2 single motion bases and put them into 1 bed frame

Answer: , Unfortunately two single sleep motion bases are not compatible with our double, king or super king bases Kind Regards, Dreams

Have bought this bed but find it awkward to pull out when making bed. Do you have casters that would make this easier.

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. Unfortunately we do not have this option available. Kind regards, Dreams.

Does the bed come with leg extensions to make it taller? How easy is it to construct as you are nit currently offering a build service? Are you planning to offer the headboard in any other color?

Answer: , Yes, the feet on this bed are adjustable - they can be positioned at 2 settings, either 6 or 9 inches. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the height clearance if sliding something underneath the bed (with and without the legs extended)?

Answer: Ian, We would advise against putting anything underneath the bed so there are no obstructions. Kind regards Jessica

Is this a slatted bed base, or is it like a muti-part divan? None of your pictures show the construction without the top covering (under the mattress)?

Answer: , The sleep motion base is not slatted but a moveable board base that the mattress sits on Kind Regards, Dreams

What headboard could be purchased with a small double bed frame?

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not have a headboard suitable for the small double 200i headboard. Many thanks Dreams

You say the height of the bed when flat, without the mattress is 35cm. Is this the with the basic 6 inch legs or the maximum with the legs extended to 9 inches... hoping there is the extra 3 inches to add on here!

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. This is including the 6inch leg. Kind regards, Dreams.

Does the 200i or 900i in 5’ king size require 2 mattress’s ? 

Answer: Good Evening, No, they will just require one standard UK king size mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there vat relief on the bedframe.

Answer: , Unfortunately this bedframe is not eligible for VAT relief. Many thanks Dreams

does this have adjustable legs

Answer: , The legs are not adjustable, it is the base which moves. Kinds regards, Dreams

We have a Tempur memory foam mattress. Is this suitable for use with this bed frame.

Answer: , A Tempur mattress is suitable for our sleepmotion base. Many thanks Dreams

Does this have the zero gravity function 

Answer: , Yes, this comes with zero gravity technology. Kind regards Dreams

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