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Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame Rated 4/5 based on 56 customer reviews

Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame


What Makes The Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame Great?

2x USB ports

utilise this clever 2 port hub as a means of charging your phone or tablet. No need to additional plugs and wires, all build in!

Sturdy metal legs and reinforced base

Sync cable - easy to sync the bed frame to the wireless remote

Images are a visual representation. There will be a slight gap between the base and mattress when not in use, this is normal.

Weight limit: 355kg / 55 stone (including weight of mattress)

Mattresses can vary in their weight, normally around 30-50kg. That leaves plenty of weight limitation in place for most people and should not cause any issues with the frame.

2 people required for assembly

Self assembly is required with this frame, however, the manufacturing quality and tolerances within should make for easy work.

Mattress not included, view our range of compatible mattresses here

You require a certain type of mattress for adjustable bed bases, as such there is a slight limitation and restriction against suitable products, worry not however, the range is still vast enough for many competitive and well priced deals to help you find the right mattress.

1-year guarantee included

A 1 year guarantee is typical for the industry and the type of product on sale. This guarantee protects your protect for the first year of ownership which is often the time in which most problems would otherwise occur. 

Controlled via the Napp by Dreams app or wireless remote (included)

The new Napp by Dreams app has more features than ever, not only can you control your sleep, with health monitoring that can track your sleep cycle. You now get the ability to control the bed, being able to navigate up and down in line with your comfort preference.

Zero Gravity technology provides a weightless feeling and eases pressure points

The zero-gravity technology within this base supports a sleeping position that allows for neutral body posture  which was developed by NASA.  The position and technology combined helps provide a state of weightlessness. NASA to this day continues to place astronauts in this position prior to take-off, equalising their weight and easing the stress on their bodies prior to space launch.

2x massage units (back and feet)

One of the additional features of this base is it has further lumbar support with two relaxing units on the back and feet to massage the body.

4 adjustable areas: head, back, lumbar and feet

Standalone: no need for a separate bed frame

Compatible with the 800i headboard

Underbed light

Instructions download: double / king / super king

Customer Reviews For The Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

Based on 56 review

Put your feet up!

I’ve had the bed a few weeks now and am getting used to it. The first thing I will say is it’s a very firm surface and with a firm mattress it’s quite solid and extremely heavy - make sure you are certain where it’s going ‘cos you’re not moving it around! The bed adjusts at the head, back, lumbar and feet. This gives you extra control on your position and there are many adjustments you can make. The remote and the app are quite basic, it’s easy to use. The remote is rechargeable on the speaker which can be connected to Bluetooth to play music. There are four USB ports 2 each side to charge your phone. There’s a massage function which effectively vibrates the bed, there are various settings and it’s quite relaxing after 10 to 20 mins. It is, however, quite loud and will vibrate to the floor below - if that bothers you. There are pre set positions you can go to with a push of the button, two are adjustable to your own setting, there’s flat and also Zero G (I didn’t find this the right setting for zero gravity but I guess that’s personal) All in all it does what it says on the tin - a very solid bed, adjustable for sitting up in bed, for raising your legs and head. If you are looking at adjustable beds I think it’s a good buy, certainly more reasonable in price than many of the beds advertised. I highly recommend trying this out in store, the staff are helpful and will leave you to familiarise yourself. Before choosing any bed or mattress you really need at least two 15 minute sessions. I don’t regret buying it, and hopefully it will last for many years.


Sleepmotion 800i Bedframe

I purchased a king-sized Sleepmotion 800i bedframe in 2021. I am using a Silentnight Miracoil Pillow Top Mattress with it. Sleeping on a pillow top mattress is really comfortable but when combined with the Sleepmotion 800i's choice of positions the comfort levels exceeded any expectations I had. I sleep in the zero gravity position and when I wake I like to raise the back to lay for a bit. The only problem with this is the Sleepmotion 800i provides a comfort level that makes it is too easy to fall back asleep! The build quality is really high. I was surprised at how well made and solid the frame is. I chose the king-sized Sleepmotion 800i so I worried about the strength of the back and any weakness/flex at the sides when raised in the sitting position. My worries were needless as the build quality negates this. The dual USB sockets at both sides are handy and easily accessible. The massage function works really well even in the king-sized bedframe. The under-bed lamps give off a soft light that allows you to see but does not disturb sleep. It is a magnificent peace of kit. Certainly worth the money. I have no reservations in recommending the Sleepmotion 800i .


Awesome features

My son is disabled. He has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and so is limited in what he can do. This bed is a life transforming product for him. He suffers with alot pain and so he gains self confidence in managing this with use of changing positions and massage. Life changing as he is more relaxed. He loves music and loves suter voice. Music and massage couldn't ask for more. But yes the frame has USB ports so he can charge his phone and ipad. Awesome. He loves gadgets and this bed was made for him. Can't forget about under bed lighting which helps me to check in via a baby monitor to see if needs anything. I love it and my son refuses to get out of the bed which is a massive thumbs up. I can get a couple of extra hours of undisturbed sleep with regards to getting up to change his position during the night and less time spent massaging and stretching in the morning before gets up. He has the power to control that boosting his self confidence.


Comfortable and flexible adjustments

Only had bed for one night but overall pleased especially with delivery team very helpful guys. A little disappointed with underbed lighting as not all way round bed and expected 'mood' lighting to be different colours but it only white. The Apps to use are the suri900i app which works fine but doesn't seem to operate massage well I can't make it work. Napp by dreams works fine and massage does work with this app but it seems to have limits to rise functions as it stopped the back rise halfway up so has to use suri app to rise further. Not ideal so hopefully Dreams can sort this out using 2 apps isn't fun when you're half asleep!.


Great Bed But Tec disappoints

We bought the bed about 6 months ago. The bed its self is great. The First issue I have is that the USB ports will not charge an iPad at all or fast charge an iPhone. Secondly if my wife links her phone to the bed via the Dreams app then my phone will not operate the bed as it seems you can only link one device at a time the the bed. Finally my other gripe is the under bed lights only seem to stay on for 10mins and the turn off, and there doesn’t seem anyway to change the timer.


Sleep motion 900i with Hyde and Sleep

Very well built weighing in at a total of 94kg. Heavy duty throughout and feature rich with head and foot massage, memory functions, 4usbs 2.0, Bluetoothh speaker, inductive remote charging with voice activation. Aesthetically the design options are limited, modern looking none the less. The bed is fully adjustable, head, back, lumbar and foot. Should never need another bed bsse



I am very happy I opted for the 800 and not the 400 version. The key benefits of the 800 aren't being emphasised enough in my opinion. The pillow tilt is crucial if you ever want to watch TV in bed or use laptop. And finally the bed does have a slight "wall hugging" feature meaning you can just about reach the bedside table when the bed is upright position.


Fantastic purchase *****

Good functions on the remote to adjust the bed, and makes it easier to make bed when changing the bedding on the bed. The light function on the bed is good too as it lights any dark room if you need to get up in the dark of night. It also has a massage function that I use from time to time and has various settings. All in all it was a good purchase.


Great features

I bought this bed last month as my partner is pregnant and struggling laying flat and getting in and out of bed. This is fab as you can lift up the head and back to help and also makes it so much more comfortable for her, also it raises the legs too which is great to relax after a long day! Great for watching t.v in bed too!!


A total bed of dreams

I brought this bed two weeks ago because I suffer from arthritis, and sleeping is very uncomfortable. I cannot believe how many functions that there is on this bed, and at last I have found my total dream bed and have slept like a baby since. Very reasonably priced, especially for all the positions available on the bed.


Sleep motion 800i bed frame

The Sleepmotion 800i really helps you to get comfy and in the right position for reading or watching TV or just for total relaxation. I matched the bed frame with the Hyde and Seek raspberry mattress for an amazingly restful sleep. Normally I sleep for 4 hours a night but since purchasing this bed I’ve slept 8 hours.


Customisable comfort

With the touch of a button, you can find yourself in the perfect position for those duvet days. The adjustable areas allow for personalised comfort, and it includes Zero Gravity technology for a weightless feeling! The massage units, underbed light and USB charging ports really help support the modern lifestyle.


Sleepmotion 800i bed

Due to my health recently deteriorated, I’ve had to purchase this motion bed. The raising/adjustable motion helps me during nights which normally I would struggle in a normal bed I.e. raising my legs or my upper body. For this reason, it’s an ideal bed for me.


Good features

Had the bed 2 weeks now overall it's a great bed but there are a few things I don't think the remote menu is well set out Could do with better feet to dampen the massage feature it sounds like theres a train coming elsewhere in the house when you use it


Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Bed Frame

OMG This bed is brilliant! Wish I had bought one years ago. Very well made and sturdy. So easy to operate with the remote control and I love the fact that you can choose exactly how much you wish to adjust it to suit your needs. Love it , Love it, Love it!


Amazing Features

The Sleepmotion 900i has a huge range of ergonomic positions to choose from. With independent head, back, lumbar and foot control this bed frame is perfect in helping to ease pressure from the joints and aid with the perfect nights sleep.


Fantastic bed

I bought this bed 6 weeks ago to help me with my illness as i have not slept in years for a full night and now this feels amazing full nightt sleep so comfortable and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a great day thanks dreams


Easy to operate via NAPP App. Great buy.

This sleepmotion bed comes with many different elements allowing it to be utilised for many varied requirements - massage, lumbar support, raised neck/back and raised feet support. We have found it very comfortable.


Absolutely amazing

Never had such a good nights sleep in years absolutely amazing I set massager to 10 mins and never lasted straight off to sleep and the positions are brill very happy I made that purchase thanks dreams first class


Sleep motion

Amazing bed. Really comfy. Takes some playing about to find your perfect sleeping position. The side usb plugs are really handy. It’s very heavy but incredibly easy to put together. Doesn’t take long at all.


Solved my back pain!!

My lower back sleep problems disappeared on the first night. I put the bed onto zero gravity and was out for the count in a minute. I can now treat myself to a massage every day! Just love it completely!!!!



I bought this not so long ago but I’ve slept like a baby ever since ... the Bluetooth is good quality and the massage feature is to die for I’m genuinely in love with my bed for the first time in forever


Great features

I bought this as part of my in-house support equipment (spinal injury). Great decision! Built in features help to reduce pain, aid sleep and facilitate independence. Good value for money.


Great Night Sleep

I bought this product to aide in my sleep and well-being due to sports injuries. Since purchasing this product I have had better night sleeps and enjoy tinkering with the accessories


Additional Functionality

Excellent functionality. The additional adjustability give it much more freedom of movement. The extra features eg power cord plug-ins and light for night time use, are excellent


Better quality of sleep

This bed is all I could ask for, it’s comfortable easy to set in the right position for sleeping or watching the tv. I now go to bed earlier and get a better quality of sleep.


Great features

Purchased demo model at a discount, unfortunately it did not when delivered. Fair play to Dreams they replacing with the 800i the upgraded replacement free of charge


Comfort at the touch of a button

Over the moon with my purchase fantastic bed so many options to adjust you comfort levels and find your happy place, get the sleep you always wanted buy one today !


Dreams is the word

I have only had this bed a short while, and it is so comfortable, I suffer with a bad back, and this has worked wonders for me, i now wake pain free


Sleepmotion 900i

I bought this bed a month ago and i am having a better night sleep than i have for sometime as i am not moving to get comfortable


Great features

Glad I bought this model with the massage ,very relaxing bed and very comfortable, find it hard to get out of bed as so comfortable.


Sleepmotion 800i bed

Bed base really solid we purchased the tempur mattress bed as different positions to get the best sleeping position possible


Great Adjustable bed base

This base not only adjusts with the head, lumbar and back areas it also provides a massage, very pleased with the base unit.


Amazing bed

This bed is the best value for money out there. It's many functions are amazing and it's not easy to leave in the morning


Sleep motion beds

This is a great product and a very useful addition to the bedroom. Makes for comfortable sleeping and relaxing in bed.


Can Always Be Comfortable

No matter what mood you’re in, this bed adjusts itself for you. Easy and fun to set up, easy and fun to use.


Great features. Simply to use

Bought about 3 weeks ago. Good simple sturdy bed. High quality build and interesting smart features.


It is comfortable but not as good as I expected.

I bought this bed a few weeks ago but I expected the bed to be more comfortable than this.



Happy with this product, easy to use once all synced up to remote, app on phone great.


Absolutely fantastic bed,

This is a fantastic bed it gives me the comfort and support I need for my injuries.


Easy to use and looks great

So happy with it very quite when in operation. Love the under lighting.


Excellent finishes with several great settings

We bought this 3 weeks ago and are extremely happy with the purchase.


Good all round unit

I have had this for a month now and have had no problems at all.


Great bed

It is definitely worth the money. Giving you that versatility.


Great features, easy use

Bought this earlier this month, looks great and easy to use


Sleepmotion 900i Adjustable Bed

It’s for funky people who like tech and a good nights kip.


Great bed

I’ve had it about a month and have never slept so well


Quality product would definitely recommend

Absolutely brilliant bed so comfy and very well made


Great bef

Great bed, caters for all my needs, and looks good.


5 star purchase

Very nice to have one of these, perfect for reading


Strong built

Very strong built weighs a lot easy to put together

Questions and Answers About Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

With this bed please could you send me a link to compatible headboards and also if there's any other colours of the base

Answer: , This Sleepmotion base currently only has one compatible headboard, which you can find in the link below. Unfortunately this is the only colour it comes in. Kind regards Dreams

What headboard can I purchase with this bed?

Answer: , We currently do not offer any headboards suitable for use with this base. Our product development team are currently sourcing these and they will be available to purchase online and in store shortly. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can this be used with the Alexander superking bed?

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately the 900i will not fit into the Alexander bed frame. You can shop our Sleepmotion bed frames here: Kind regards Dreams

Is the 900i suitable and beneficial for someone with fibromyalgia. ?

Answer: , This bed frame has orthopaedic functions and will ease painful pressure points and improve your circulation for maximum comfort and support. With the included massage function. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this bed eligible for VAT relief for disabled people? And if so, would the VAT also be deducted from a compatible mattress if purchased together? 

Answer: , Thank you for your question. We have a page dedicated to VAT relief. Please visit the below link for more information. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, I am looking to purchase The 900i, but I need to inquire about how the furniture breaks down to ensure it will be able to go upstairs and turn into a bedroom located in a terrace house.  Cheers

Answer: , The 900i comes in two packages: Package 1: Weight: 63 kgs Measures: 20 x 141 x 104cm Package 2: Weight: 65 kgs Measures: 20 x 141 x 104cm Kind Regards, Dreams

In double bed size, can each side be operated individually, or would one have to purchase two single beds

Answer: , Our sleepmotion bases are one complete base and would operate as one. If you were looking for this function you would need to purchase two single beds. Many thanks Dreams

Can this bed hold weight for 30 stones? 

Answer: , The total weight limit for the Sleepmotion is 355kg (55 stone) - this is the total weight, so will include the weight of the mattress also. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there an option to purchase a headboard with this bed?

Answer: , There is not yet an option to purchase a headboard for this, but we will be looking to launch headboards in the new year. Kind Regards, Dreams

does this beds take a weight over 25 stone

Answer: , The total weight limit for the Sleepmotion is 355kg (55 stone). This total is inclusive of mattress also. Kind regards Dreams

Foot massage DOESN'T WORK because in the feet raised position, the mattress is sitting way above the bed frame!? Any ideas on how to fix this?

Answer: , Please contact our customer service team on 0800 652 6750 who will be able to help you with this issue Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you have to have legs fitted or can it sit on floor

Answer: , The legs that come with the sleep motion base do need to be fitted in order for the base to work properly Kind Regards, Dreams

I have a wooden bed frame and have measured it and looking at the measurements for the sleep motion 800i I think the bed would slot into the frame. Is this a possibility?

Answer: , We wouldn't advise putting this in a bedframe, as it has not been tested to ensure it is compatible. Many thanks Dreams

Can this be built in a color of my choice?

Answer: , This frame comes in one colour only. However, the 200i is compatible with a range of drop in bases. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can the 900i be used in place of the 200i with the Ellis bed frame? 

Answer: , Currently, only the 200i can be used with the Ellis bed frame, you are unable to use the 900i. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi. Just wondering how easy is it to put up a king size? Can 1 person do it alone? I’m unable to find instructions on how to build it

Answer: , The sleep motion bases are quite heavy and will require two people to construct safely Kind Regards, Dreams

Exactly what is the ‘bowl’ thing for the remote? Is it just a magnetic holder so you don’t lose control or does it charge remote? I find it ugly and remote too small. Doubt I will use either

Answer: , This unit is for charging the remote, this is also the Bluetooth speaker Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the Bluetooth charging unit come with security to ensure only authorised people can connect to it?

Answer: , Yes you can set a passcode to ensure only you can access the blue tooth Kind Regards, Dreams

does this have adjustable legs

Answer: , The legs are not adjustable, it is the base which moves. Kinds regards, Dreams

Are the height of the legs adjustable/changeable to allow clearance room for a manual hoist.

Answer: , The legs for this base can either be set at 6cm or 9cm. Many thanks Dreams

Hi how high does the back rest go please?

Answer: , The back rest raises to 62 degrees. Many thanks Dreams

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