Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame Rated 4.65/5 based on 179 customer reviews
Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

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Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6

Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

The 800i variant from Sleepmotion is the top of the lineup from the popular brand and aims to satisfy many of the needs of those in need of an adjustable bed. For those who don't know, Sleepmotion operates under the Dreams Workshop umbrella and is sold exclusively through our premier partner.  The brand has been around for a number of years and covers everything in the value and premium segments for the retailer. When it comes to the 800i there are a few benefits that sees it rise above the 100i,200i and 400i and the majority of these benefits are entirely around the amount of direction and adjustment capable for the bed. With the frame you get 4 adjustable areas for the head, back, lumbar & feet changes, far beyond that seen with other retailers. The huge amount of adjustment proves ideal for those who are disabled in particular but also suit those who want to get more out of their bedroom as the adjustments allow you to easily watch TV, sit up and experience better posture and alignment while you sleep. 

The Sleepmotion 800i comes in a few different sizes, missing out on single sizing but covering the bases with the larger sizes well and the price point is particularly appealing also, coming in lower than you would expect given the amount of tech at hand. 

More about that technology, and this bed has smart features and wireless connectivity, allowing it to be controlled by the Dreams Napp app or via the wireless remote controls. The benefit of this is if you lose the remote down the back of the bed and you're too comfy to move, you can use the app without delay to get that perfect position.

Reviews for the product are particularly good, with over 200 reviews to date. Customers loved the product, with an impressive 4.7/5 and a 95.48% consumer satisfaction. Customers particularly enjoyed the practicality combined with the comfort offered from differing positions, both of which are thanks to the unique 4 additional positions available in this particular model.

Reasons to Buy

People with mobility issues in particular see this product as a life saver, rightfully so it gives back the ability to easily adjust positions while you sleep or are awake.

Price point very reasonable given the improved tech on display that far betters rivals.

Reasons to Avoid

Total package price, once paired with a compatible bed can price people out of the market. However, Dreams allows you to remove VAT from any sale of adjustable bed base where you can prove you are eligible as sick/chronically disabled helping to reduce the price fairly significantly.

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Of The Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame Great?

4 adjustable areas: head, back, lumbar and feet

Controlled via the Napp by Dreams app or wireless remote (included)

The new Napp by Dreams app has more features than ever, not only can you control your sleep, with health monitoring that can track your sleep cycle. You now get the ability to control the bed, being able to navigate up and down in line with your comfort preference.

Zero Gravity technology provides a weightless feeling and eases pressure points

The zero-gravity technology within this base supports a sleeping position that allows for neutral body posture  which was developed by NASA.  The position and technology combined helps provide a state of weightlessness. NASA to this day continues to place astronauts in this position prior to take-off, equalising their weight and easing the stress on their bodies prior to space launch.

2x USB ports

utilise this clever 2 port hub as a means of charging your phone or tablet. No need to additional plugs and wires, all build in!

2x massage units (back and feet)

One of the additional features of this base is it has further lumbar support with two relaxing units on the back and feet to massage the body.

Standalone: no need for a separate bed frame

Compatible with the 800i headboard

Sturdy metal legs and reinforced base

Weight limit: 355kg / 55 stone (including weight of mattress)

Mattresses can vary in their weight, normally around 30-50kg. That leaves plenty of weight limitation in place for most people and should not cause any issues with the frame.

Mattress not included, view our range of compatible mattresses here

You require a certain type of mattress for adjustable bed bases, as such there is a slight limitation and restriction against suitable products, worry not however, the range is still vast enough for many competitive and well priced deals to help you find the right mattress.

1-year guarantee included

A 1 year guarantee is typical for the industry and the type of product on sale. This guarantee protects your protect for the first year of ownership which is often the time in which most problems would otherwise occur. 

Underbed light

Sync cable - easy to sync the bed frame to the wireless remote

Images are a visual representation. There will be a slight gap between the base and mattress when not in use, this is normal.

2 people required for assembly

Self assembly is required with this frame, however, the manufacturing quality and tolerances within should make for easy work.

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Customer Reviews For The Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

Based on 179 reviews
Sleepmotion 800i - almost perfect!

Very good adjustable bed. I love that the pillow area is separately adjustable from the head end and that there is a dedicated, adjustable lumbar section. The zero gravity preset on the remote and the ZG bed position is great for relaxing and really "taking a load off"! The twin USB charging ports on each side of the bed is a nice touch, as is the under-bed lighting. The dual adjustable massage function (head & foot) works extremely well too. So, why only 4 stars, you may be wondering? Well, I can forgive that the delivery/installation team forgot to plug in the foot massage unit, so I had to get under the bed to see what was wrong and sort it out. This led to another discovery. The cabling underneath the head end is a real mess, with cables dangling down all over the place. I had my bed set up at full height (both leg sections installed) as I intended to use the area for under-bed storage, but I do not feel comfortable doing this at the head end as I am afraid I may dislodge or damage something by snagging a cable as I slide my storage boxes under (which I had already purchased in advance!). I did my best to tidy up the cabling while I was under there, but the cable from the power supply and to the two USB charging ports either side are still dangling down. My last adjustable bed had excellent cable management and was very neat, so this was not a problem. Come on Dreams, how much would a few extra cable management clips cost? Decent ones, not the cheap, clip-in plastic ones currently used which are clearly lacking in strength and quantity. Under-bed LED lights: these are only at the head end, none in the foot section and are badly positioned behind part of the frame so a good deal of the light is blocked. Surely it is obvious people may want to store stuff under both ends of the bed, not just the top-end! Oh, wait, you can't do so with any peace of mind due to dangling cables! Last is the top surface of the bed. It is so slippery that the slightest nudge on the side of the mattress causes it to slide across. Perhaps it's just my mattress, but I had the same mattress on my previous adjustable bed and this never, ever happened. So, all in all a very good bed in terms of its functions, but not perfect and with room for improvement in quite obvious areas.

Put your feet up!

Ive had the bed a few weeks now and am getting used to it. The first thing I will say is its a very firm surface and with a firm mattress its quite solid and extremely heavy - make sure you are certain where its going cos youre not moving it around! The bed adjusts at the head, back, lumbar and feet. This gives you extra control on your position and there are many adjustments you can make. The remote and the app are quite basic, its easy to use. The remote is rechargeable on the speaker which can be connected to Bluetooth to play music. There are four USB ports 2 each side to charge your phone. Theres a massage function which effectively vibrates the bed, there are various settings and its quite relaxing after 10 to 20 mins. It is, however, quite loud and will vibrate to the floor below - if that bothers you. There are pre set positions you can go to with a push of the button, two are adjustable to your own setting, theres flat and also Zero G (I didnt find this the right setting for zero gravity but I guess thats personal) All in all it does what it says on the tin - a very solid bed, adjustable for sitting up in bed, for raising your legs and head. If you are looking at adjustable beds I think its a good buy, certainly more reasonable in price than many of the beds advertised. I highly recommend trying this out in store, the staff are helpful and will leave you to familiarise yourself. Before choosing any bed or mattress you really need at least two 15 minute sessions. I dont regret buying it, and hopefully it will last for many years.

Overall a nice bed but slight quality problem

Love the adjustments on this bed. ZeroG is very comfortable, and the raised head/body end is good if you have reflux etc. The under bed LED lights are a great idea but switching them on is a struggle in the dark as the remote backlighting only comes on when you press a button.....and it isn't easy to distinguish what you are pressing! I'd prefer the lights to be a side mounted button away from the other functions. Also, whilst the app is a useful option, I'd love to be able to control it from Alexa as part of the bed time routine. Sadly it is not Alexa compatible. We also found that the lower left side of the bed is slightly higher than the other 3 sides. Dreams changed the bed for us but the next one was the same. I have now discovered that this is due to the mounting holes for the frame being drilled in the wrong location. It appears this is done by a machine so they are all the same! We are learning to live with it but the difference is around 2cms. Finally, we bought the bed with a very deep mattress. The installers did not offer us a choice of height for the feet (by default they used the tallest feet in the pack). Only later on did we discover the feet could be made lower which was far more sensible, so we dismantled and reinstalled ourselves.

Sleepmotion 800i Bedframe

I purchased a king-sized Sleepmotion 800i bedframe in 2021. I am using a Silentnight Miracoil Pillow Top Mattress with it. Sleeping on a pillow top mattress is really comfortable but when combined with the Sleepmotion 800i's choice of positions the comfort levels exceeded any expectations I had. I sleep in the zero gravity position and when I wake I like to raise the back to lay for a bit. The only problem with this is the Sleepmotion 800i provides a comfort level that makes it is too easy to fall back asleep! The build quality is really high. I was surprised at how well made and solid the frame is. I chose the king-sized Sleepmotion 800i so I worried about the strength of the back and any weakness/flex at the sides when raised in the sitting position. My worries were needless as the build quality negates this. The dual USB sockets at both sides are handy and easily accessible. The massage function works really well even in the king-sized bedframe. The under-bed lamps give off a soft light that allows you to see but does not disturb sleep. It is a magnificent peace of kit. Certainly worth the money. I have no reservations in recommending the Sleepmotion 800i .

Lovely bed but

Had this bed almost 2 weeks. The comfort of the Hyde & Sleep Raspberry mattress is amazing for a great nights sleep. The adjustable base is ideal for a raised upper body sleeping position, but, this makes the body go further down the bed. I chose the double bed, which I now realise was the wrong choice as my feet go over the bottom of bed, I'm only 5ft 5in. I wish this had been advised this when I was choosing my bed. I would advise anyone to get the kingsize. I still have no headboard as it is still out of stock. Having no headboard has an issue, every time I get in/out of bed, sitting on the side of bed, the mattress moves to the other side by a couple of inches I need to go to the other side to push it back. Hopefully the headboard wont be much longer until its available! The massage feature is vibration and rather noisy. I dont think I will be using it. The usb charging is a great extra. The under-bed light is not very bright but enough to see where you are going.

Awesome features

My son is disabled. He has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and so is limited in what he can do. This bed is a life transforming product for him. He suffers with alot pain and so he gains self confidence in managing this with use of changing positions and massage. Life changing as he is more relaxed. He loves music and loves suter voice. Music and massage couldn't ask for more. But yes the frame has USB ports so he can charge his phone and ipad. Awesome. He loves gadgets and this bed was made for him. Can't forget about under bed lighting which helps me to check in via a baby monitor to see if needs anything. I love it and my son refuses to get out of the bed which is a massive thumbs up. I can get a couple of extra hours of undisturbed sleep with regards to getting up to change his position during the night and less time spent massaging and stretching in the morning before gets up. He has the power to control that boosting his self confidence.

Solidly built luxury at a decent price

A lovely wonderful bed. the best bed ive ever slept on which i bought for convalescence when i get out of hospital. got everything you need if your going to be in bed alot. Putting it together was tough heavy work though as it weighs a ton and two bolts would not screw in as supposed to to keep two halves together so moving it is going to be really difficult you'll need 2-3 strong men to move this bed and put together again. The massage function is really nonsensical as the mattress nullify s its effect to a large extent and adds weight. could do with a holder on both sides for the remote control. To reduce weight perhaps the makers should make the frame out of carbon fibre instead of carbon steel and instead of board for mattress support a wire mesh support would be better as that would reduce weight and allow mattress to breathe underneath. Didnt buy headboard in fact because of my worry about weight

An electric bed with fabulous features

If you are considering an electric bed this product wont let you down. My father purchased this after suffering from lack of sleep due to his current bed. From the moment we stepped into the store the knowledge our sales person Andy had was incredible. This bed not only does everything you could wish for but the additional features such as the zero gravity function and the light under the bed totally complete this unit. The comfort level is amazing and the team in the store help to ensure you are matched to the correct mattress, using the mattress matcher technology in store. Since purchasing this bed my Father sleeps so well and is for the first time in years sleeping through the night. The additional guarantee you can purchase gives you peace of mind for 10 years on any mechanical issues. Well worth the money and the team deliver, set up and go through all operating instructions in the house.

Brilliant for tv watching and general relaxing

Wanted to leave this review because I'm not infirm,old, or disabled, just an average guy with his mrs, and this bed frame, combined with the hyde and sleep blueberry mattress we purchased ,is a game changer for modern living, great for watching tv, reading, laptop use,ETC and the massage function after a hard day is sublime, if a little noisy when in use! sleeping in the various positions is a little more of a removal from the familiarity of horizontal flat sleeping, and does take some getting used to however, but I feel it will grow on me through use. This is a lifestyle bed, not a hospital or clinical product, and even has charge points for your phone and tablets built in, the underbed light is a bit of a joke though as the remote doesn't stay lit throughout the night, so you can't find the button to turn it on . I would say take the plunge and buy one, don't think you will be disapointed!

Very pleased better than expected!!

This bed was everything I was hoping it would be and the quality was better than expected. This bed has solid moving plates where alot of other electric beds have wooden slats which in my experience I always end up breaking!! It's movement is silent with some useful presets especially the lay flat button which automatically adjust the bed ready for sleep no matter what weird and wonderful position you have put it in. The under bed LED lighting is a nice touch and is on a timer so you don't accidentally leave them on. The underside is well organised with no obvious pet traps and my cats love sitting under it. The only thing I underestimated was just how heavy this bed is and I would pay for the installation service if given the opportunity. Overall I am delighted

Very happy customer!

Excellent bedframe - delivery was smooth despite the labyrinthine path the the bedroom and assembly was straightforward. The bed itself is a masterpiece of engineering. Smooth, consistent operation with no sudden jolts resulting in much needed comfort and relief for a back sufferer after 3 spinal surgeries. Paired with a Tempur mattress, this is an improvement for me who never thought I'd be happy to replace a water-bed. No part of the machinery extends downwards from it's rest position, so storage under the bed is safe (we have a pair of Ooler mattress temperature controllers there) and the USB are powerful enough to charge phones etc. in a reasonable time as-well as powering a Google home mini and Chromecast for the TV. Great product.

Eased back problems

Suffered backache for 12 years since a bike accident, no more than a few hrs sleep per night. This bed helps mould the mattress to what makes my back comfortable and I am sleeping more than I have done in years. You do need to purchase the headboard, otherwise the pillows fall off the top of the bed. One little niggle..I wish the backlight on the remote control would stay on longer or even have its own on/off button. Its so you don't have to turn on the bedroom light everytime you want to adjust the bed. In the dark you have to press any button before the back light comes on, then its gone off again within a half second before you can find the button you really want.

Great comfortable adjustable bed.

I brought this bed as Im disabled and have major problems with my back. This bed is perfect for me as I can now get into a comfortable position to sleep, regardless of how much pain Im in. I love the fact you can use the app to set the position too. Love that it has USB points both sides, so I can charge my phone overnight but have to reach easily if needed. The under bed lights give just enough light for you to see the edge of the bed, but not bright enough to disturb your sleep. The back raises enough to enable to to sit up fully and watch TV & the lumber support is great for added support. The massage feature is an added bonus.

Comfortable and flexible adjustments

Only had bed for one night but overall pleased especially with delivery team very helpful guys. A little disappointed with underbed lighting as not all way round bed and expected 'mood' lighting to be different colours but it only white. The Apps to use are the suri900i app which works fine but doesn't seem to operate massage well I can't make it work. Napp by dreams works fine and massage does work with this app but it seems to have limits to rise functions as it stopped the back rise halfway up so has to use suri app to rise further. Not ideal so hopefully Dreams can sort this out using 2 apps isn't fun when you're half asleep!.

very good purchase

We are using it a lot! The reasons I'm giving it 4 starts are the following: - the USB ports are either not working properly or not delivering enough energy, because I can't charge a tablet with them; - the Dreams Napp app only allows you to memorize two positions (?) which is what the remote control allows you; you should be able to memorise, at least with the app, as many positions as you want; - the Dreams Napp app doesn't provide any predefined positions, like reading, watch TV, etc.

Great bed, shame about the light.

The bed works great, good range of motion and easy to use. It dropped a star because of the "under bed" lighting. You'd imagine the bed would light up around the edge with some sexy down lights. Instead two small lights on one half of the bed cast about enough light to find a lost slipper, the lights are also mounted to the frame behind all the wiring so you get unsightly shadows from all the wires. So, the light is functional but not aesthetic. The manufacturers missed a trick there.

Great Bed But Tec disappoints

We bought the bed about 6 months ago. The bed its self is great. The First issue I have is that the USB ports will not charge an iPad at all or fast charge an iPhone. Secondly if my wife links her phone to the bed via the Dreams app then my phone will not operate the bed as it seems you can only link one device at a time the the bed. Finally my other gripe is the under bed lights only seem to stay on for 10mins and the turn off, and there doesnt seem anyway to change the timer.

Sleep Motion 800i adjustable bed

Excellent! Bought this bed to help with reflux problem. The zero gravity position is fantastic. Wouldve given 5 stars but the fact bed delivered with no offer to put together after spending so much was a disappointment, this is not an easy bed to build (VERY heavy so needs at least 2 strong ones to fix together) Massage feature on bed just a vibration but its just an included extra. Double USB ports on both side of bed a bonus. Nice neutral colour too

You get a lot for your money

An excellent strong frame with space beneath for storage. The main adjustments position the mattress as with many similar beds but there is a lumber adjustment which I have found greatly improves my back support. A unique feature that did not appear to be advertised is the under bed lighting. Operated by the remote, very useful when getting out of bed at night. The light automatically goes out after a few minutes. I liked it so much I bought another one.

Rise up

When our old adjustable gave up and died, we knew we had to get a new vibe. Sleepmotion 800i answered our prayers and more, with lights and wifi and massages galore, So we chose and paid a lot less than expected, and got a delivery date selected. Two delivery men named Jamie and Dave, arrived and erected bed on the date, even sang a Westlife song to demonstrate. Took rubbish of packing away, outstanding service from sale to delivery no more to say.

No going back!!

This is a great bed. Look at it as an investment in yourself. The additional adjustability compared to previous models is absolutely worth it and makes such a difference to my back. The lights under the frame are a brilliant touch, and mean im not walking into things when I get up at night! If you're not sure about it, go into the store and try it. After that, there's simply nothing else that will compare!

Good value/ Price

After falling for the beds attributes I looked at others similar and decided that price wise and base build wise Dreams had ticked the right box. Wait time was reasonable and paid for installation as well. This was done with respect for property by the installation/delivery team. Great flexibility of bed positions light could have been all around base with dimmer function is the only negative so far.

Great Bed Frame

This adjustable bed frame has plenty of useful options and functionality. Bought for my wife who has motor neurone disease this bed has made her life so much easier getting in and out of bed and the multiple position settings mean she can get really comfortable whether sleeping, reading, having a drink or watching TV. The massage function has proven itself very useful as has the under bed lighting.

Sleep motion 900i with Hyde and Sleep

Very well built weighing in at a total of 94kg. Heavy duty throughout and feature rich with head and foot massage, memory functions, 4usbs 2.0, Bluetoothh speaker, inductive remote charging with voice activation. Aesthetically the design options are limited, modern looking none the less. The bed is fully adjustable, head, back, lumbar and foot. Should never need another bed bsse

Amazing bit of Luxury

I can only describe this bed amazing, it is a lovely bit of luxury. Instead of being propped up with pillows to read or watch tv the bed elevates to required position and it is so comfortable. If you had any kind of disability this bed would be very useful however we just wanted the added luxury. I also love the massage selections, night LED lights are useful as are USB ports.

Good quality, good movement.

Very flexible options for your bed positions, for head, back and legs. Is reasonably quiet and some memory settings make repeat use easy. Massage settings are just irritating vibrations, but we didn't buy it for them. (Minor comments - Needs an off switch for the USB lights, and other lights under bed should be just movement triggered, not only from the remote).


I am very happy I opted for the 800 and not the 400 version. The key benefits of the 800 aren't being emphasised enough in my opinion. The pillow tilt is crucial if you ever want to watch TV in bed or use laptop. And finally the bed does have a slight "wall hugging" feature meaning you can just about reach the bedside table when the bed is upright position.

Fantastic purchase *****

Good functions on the remote to adjust the bed, and makes it easier to make bed when changing the bedding on the bed. The light function on the bed is good too as it lights any dark room if you need to get up in the dark of night. It also has a massage function that I use from time to time and has various settings. All in all it was a good purchase.

Great back support

Opted for installation service to ensure set up correctly. Very comfortable and the adjustability is good. Design is minimalist which suits me. Works very well as suffer with allergies and being able to adjust head / back means get better sleep. Not so great if sharing a bed as no split mattress option and would have to get separate singles.

Sleep motion 800i

I dont usually write reviews....... Very easy to assemble. Delivered on time. Good communication from delivery crew. The bed is fantastic, been struggling with back pain sleeping in a flat bed and this has solved my problem. Been sleeping great for a month now. Best feature for me is the memory feature. 1 click and you are set. AWESOME.

Great features

I bought this bed last month as my partner is pregnant and struggling laying flat and getting in and out of bed. This is fab as you can lift up the head and back to help and also makes it so much more comfortable for her, also it raises the legs too which is great to relax after a long day! Great for watching t.v in bed too!!

A total bed of dreams

I brought this bed two weeks ago because I suffer from arthritis, and sleeping is very uncomfortable. I cannot believe how many functions that there is on this bed, and at last I have found my total dream bed and have slept like a baby since. Very reasonably priced, especially for all the positions available on the bed.

Sleep motion 800i bed frame

The Sleepmotion 800i really helps you to get comfy and in the right position for reading or watching TV or just for total relaxation. I matched the bed frame with the Hyde and Seek raspberry mattress for an amazingly restful sleep. Normally I sleep for 4 hours a night but since purchasing this bed Ive slept 8 hours.

Lovely bed!

Had this for a month now and I am very pleased with it. It has helped with my sleep and being able to raise my legs is great. Tried more expensive ones in other shops but this was by far the best and better price than similar elsewhere. Also great to have the choice of a low height setting as I'm short! Very happy.

Does what it says and more !

Love this bed! It does exactly what I need it to do no matter what position and no more hip pain either. The movement noise is very quiet, though the massage can be heard through vibrations on the floor but it doesnt disturb anyone else. I have even recommended it to 2 other people who have also purchased the bed.

Great investment for a good night's sleep

Best buy we've ever made. Not cheap but well worth the investment for a great nights sleep. There are loads of different adjustment modes. Our favourite is the Zero Gravity mode that truly feels like we are floating. Recommend getting head board and getting the delivery guys to assemble the bed as it is very heavy.

Massive and Sturdy

I got this bed for its size. It is definitely massive but very sturdy. I have loads of back and pain issues and the adjustability of this frame does help. The Zero G setting is perfect for me. I am on the heavy and obese, but with this setting my body feels weightless. The massage function does lull me to sleep.

Customisable comfort

With the touch of a button, you can find yourself in the perfect position for those duvet days. The adjustable areas allow for personalised comfort, and it includes Zero Gravity technology for a weightless feeling! The massage units, underbed light and USB charging ports really help support the modern lifestyle.

Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platforn Bed Frame

Its wonderful! After 3 years of interrupted sleep due to joint & muscle pain, & using wedges & pillows to try to support me, being able to set my sleeping position & have it stay in place has made a huge difference to my quality of sleep. The fact that I can set my preferred sleeping position is fabulous.

The Bed of Dreams at last

I would recommend this bed frame to everyone it is very comfortable and easy to use .I had not been to bed in over a year as I have a damaged spine and could not find a comfortable position but now I am going to bed on my sleepmotion 800i and getting a good night's sleep every night Thank You so much

Dreams 900i sleepmotion bed

Have had the bed for two weeks now and can say I wish I had bought it years ago. Have slept better than I have for ages The only way I could improve on the bed would have been to make the ambieant lighting be time adjustable instead of the fixed 5 minutes. Great bed, would recommend it to anyone.

Love it!

So many ways to adjust this bed. My wife and I have different back problems but we can easily find settings that are comfortable for both of us. The massage function is gentle and soothing, and not too noisy (and we have wooden floors) although it sounds louder downstairs. Great bed so far.

Should have got this years ago

Brilliant soooo comfortable, only problem now is getting up for work on time.. the gentle light under the bed is a brilliant idea if you need the toilet. Then the massarge function soothes those old bones and before you know it my old enemy the alarm clock screams in another day..

Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

Fantastic bed frame - makes such a difference to have the ability to adjust it to whatever position feels the most comfortable - I personally suffer from a reflux problem so whenever its bad I can just adjust the bed to a more upright position to guarantee a problem free sleep

Solid quality bed

Not just a cool tricked out gadget bed, its also built like a tank! Good solid build quality and I expect itll last for years! Havent got bored yet of trying in different positions as every one is super comfortable, very happy with purchase and worth every penny

Well worth the money when you get rid of the pain

I wasnt sleeping well tried different mattresses pillows sleep with my legs up so happy I bought this no more neck pains no pain in my legs I can walk as soon as am out of the bed use to take me 10 minutes to get my legs going I would recommend this bed to anyone

Sleepmotion 800i bed

Due to my health recently deteriorated, Ive had to purchase this motion bed. The raising/adjustable motion helps me during nights which normally I would struggle in a normal bed I.e. raising my legs or my upper body. For this reason, its an ideal bed for me.

Good features

Had the bed 2 weeks now overall it's a great bed but there are a few things I don't think the remote menu is well set out Could do with better feet to dampen the massage feature it sounds like theres a train coming elsewhere in the house when you use it

Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Bed Frame

OMG This bed is brilliant! Wish I had bought one years ago. Very well made and sturdy. So easy to operate with the remote control and I love the fact that you can choose exactly how much you wish to adjust it to suit your needs. Love it , Love it, Love it!

Dreamy Nights Sleep

This bed is so comfortable and easy to use. I would use the longer legs as this bed is heavy and your not moving it easily to hoover so use longer legs and get hoover underneath. I look forward to going to bed now. Delivery and setup was excellent service.

Worth every penny

Should have brought this years ago, as I now am abke to get a great night sleep instead of constantly moving positions to try and get comfy. Great service and prompt delivery and installation. Thank you, and already recommending to friends and family

A revolutionary sleeping experience!

This frame will change the way you sleep forever. I was used to falling asleep some very awkward positions and would wake up every morning in pain. But now i can raise my head and legs I stop myself from moving, I have an incredible sleep every night!

Off to Heaven and my own Dreams-800i x

I cannot believe that Im Not in Heaven when I go to bed now. The Dreams 800i is superb! I zone out in ZG (dreams secret lullaby!) Sitting up in the morning with easy backrest fab for tea and news. Im a born again Dreamer. 800i kinda gal!

LOVE Bedtime!

Cant get enough of my Sleepmotion 800i. Bedtime gets earlier and earlier. The comfort factor due to different positions is second to none. If only you could link it to Alexa so you dont have to find the remote in the middle of the night!

Amazing Features

The Sleepmotion 900i has a huge range of ergonomic positions to choose from. With independent head, back, lumbar and foot control this bed frame is perfect in helping to ease pressure from the joints and aid with the perfect nights sleep.

Great bed, don't wait to purchase it!

Vibration and programmed settings fantastic. Only wish I had purchased it sooner. I get up less frequently at night and it provides amenities I haven't tried yet. Glad I paid to have it assembled, it was done quickly and efficiently.

Fantastic bed

I bought this bed 6 weeks ago to help me with my illness as i have not slept in years for a full night and now this feels amazing full nightt sleep so comfortable and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a great day thanks dreams

Great bed

Excellent build quality very sturdy. Im 55 and had the longer length legs fitted and just the right height for me. Smooth when adjusting the bed, great range of angles but would like to be able to turn lights off usb plugs.

Life changing

This has the to beat one of the best gadgets I've invested in. The frame is comfortable and relaxing. It's such a pleasure to be able to relax in bed watching TV or reading with your legs elevated at the end of a long day.

Sleepmotion 800i

Finally got my 800i after 6 month delay. Delivery team were excellent and the bed is living up to expectations fully. Still learning about all the options but the zero G setting is great and I am already sleeping better

Easy to operate via NAPP App. Great buy.

This sleepmotion bed comes with many different elements allowing it to be utilised for many varied requirements - massage, lumbar support, raised neck/back and raised feet support. We have found it very comfortable.

Absolutely amazing

Never had such a good nights sleep in years absolutely amazing I set massager to 10 mins and never lasted straight off to sleep and the positions are brill very happy I made that purchase thanks dreams first class

Comfortable, if pricey

Good bed, useful features. Massage function is just dull vibration, so not particularly impressive. Lumbar support sits very high up the back, so depends on body type whether that will work for different people.

Sleep motion

Amazing bed. Really comfy. Takes some playing about to find your perfect sleeping position. The side usb plugs are really handy. Its very heavy but incredibly easy to put together. Doesnt take long at all.

Best beds ever

Top marks goes out to Dreams bed. This bed sleepmotion 800i is the most comfortable bed i have ever purchase. I would recommend it to anyone. I even purchased the 400i for my mother, who is loving it too.

Solved my back pain!!

My lower back sleep problems disappeared on the first night. I put the bed onto zero gravity and was out for the count in a minute. I can now treat myself to a massage every day! Just love it completely!!!!


I bought this not so long ago but Ive slept like a baby ever since ... the Bluetooth is good quality and the massage feature is to die for Im genuinely in love with my bed for the first time in forever

5 Stars.

Extremely comfortable and has many options of positions, to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Have'nt really used the many massage options yet. I recommend this bed for people with back problems.


This bed is amazing!!!! BEST BED I'VE EVER SLEPT ON!!!!! My husband & I are so impressed & so happy with the bed frame & mattress. The Ruislip Store was amazing, the delivery team were amazing!!!!

Sleepmotion Bed

Great bed with adjustable head, feet and lumber support and in built massager. Got a great discount for it as last model, ex display. Staff are great, really helpful, friendly and attentive.

Extremely comfortable and relaxful

4 way head, lumbar, back and legs recling with 3 massage types and 3 massage speeds. 4 usb ports. Recling softly and quietly. This bed is top quality, just best for a peaceful night sleep.

Great features

I bought this as part of my in-house support equipment (spinal injury). Great decision! Built in features help to reduce pain, aid sleep and facilitate independence. Good value for money.

Great Night Sleep

I bought this product to aide in my sleep and well-being due to sports injuries. Since purchasing this product I have had better night sleeps and enjoy tinkering with the accessories

10/10 for Sleepmotion 800i and Tempur Mattress

AMAZING!!! Great bed frame and the Tempur mattress is out of this world!!! Finally had some good nights sleep and not woken up with a bad back!!! Wish Id have bought one sooner!!!

Ajustable bed

Very comfortable with either sleeping or sitting up. I suffer from bad back and pains all over from fibromyalgia so this bed is really right up my street and helps with the pains.

Additional Functionality

Excellent functionality. The additional adjustability give it much more freedom of movement. The extra features eg power cord plug-ins and light for night time use, are excellent

Better quality of sleep

This bed is all I could ask for, its comfortable easy to set in the right position for sleeping or watching the tv. I now go to bed earlier and get a better quality of sleep.

Best sleep ever

Really comfortable, helping with the husbands snoring and bliss for my painful hip. Had the best night's of sleep in a while since purchasing this bed, go out and get one !!!


Very good quality bed base which allows maximum flexibility in sleeping position. We can sit and watch TV and read comfortably and then adjust it for a good night's sleep

Great features

Purchased demo model at a discount, unfortunately it did not when delivered. Fair play to Dreams they replacing with the 800i the upgraded replacement free of charge

Comfort at the touch of a button

Over the moon with my purchase fantastic bed so many options to adjust you comfort levels and find your happy place, get the sleep you always wanted buy one today !

Sleep motion bed

Absolutely fantastic bed, the ability to raise various parts of the bed to ensure comfort. Paired with a tempur mattress its given us a wonderful nights sleep

Dream of a bed

What can I say. Its a dream of a bed! So many different sleeping positions to try and all so comfortable. Best decision we made - and a massage function too!

My sleepmmotion 800i bed platform bed frame

Its the most comfortable bed I have had and adjusts to give me the support that I need for a very bad back. I no longer wake up and get up with severe pain.


Excellent customer service provided, the staff in store where very professional and easy to find out information I needed, would defo shop with dreams again

Floating on air with this bed frame

Simply fabulous very sturdy and well made does everything it says on the tin great bed frame the zero g is fab extremly comfy position would deffo reccomend

Best bed ever

This bed has solved our sleep problems and the most comfortable we have ever had. The adjustments are wonderful. We are reluctant to get up in the morning!

Highly customisable, simple design.

Simple, modern design. Large number of settings. Smooth and responsive mechanism. Noisy leg massage component, but Dreams is changing out for a new part.

Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Bed Frame.

Very pleased with the 800i Sleepmotion bed, very well made, smooth operation and easy to put together with some help with lifting from a second person.

Great bed

Love the adjustable bed. ZG mode is so relaxing. Great to sit up and read a book. The massage is gentle and invigorating. Wish we bought one sooner

Dreams is the word

I have only had this bed a short while, and it is so comfortable, I suffer with a bad back, and this has worked wonders for me, i now wake pain free

Adjustment and mattress.

This bed will adjust in so many ways, making it easy to find that perfect sweet spot. Take advice from the in store staff about the right mattress.

5 stars isnt enough

I cant recommend this bed highly enough, it has been life changing for me. Its the first time in 10 years Ive slept all night. Extreme comfort.


Amazing bed for my spine condition Comfort is something out of this world And the light underneath helps at night Definitely recommend

Great bed

I bought this bed about a month ago, it is amazing has loads of features moves via app control. Also has massage features which are great.

Sleepmotion 900i

I bought this bed a month ago and i am having a better night sleep than i have for sometime as i am not moving to get comfortable

Great features

Glad I bought this model with the massage ,very relaxing bed and very comfortable, find it hard to get out of bed as so comfortable.

Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform bed frame

Bed is very easy to operate and extremely comfortable. I havent had such good nights sleep in years. Delighted with my purchase.

Adjustable bed

You can mould this bed to your body to make it the most comfortable bed Ive ever had. I would strongly recommend this to anyone

Sleepmotion 800i bed

Bed base really solid we purchased the tempur mattress bed as different positions to get the best sleeping position possible

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Questions and Answers About The Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

What is the highest distance the feet can be raised to from the floor? Is there enough room for under bed storage?

Answer: The feet cannot be raised from the floor, they need to be directly on the floor when the bed is assembled.The highest leg height is 9 inches, however nothing should be stored under the bed as this can cause obstructions to the mechanisms.Many thanksJSDreams

Hi I have the 800i but kids have messed with setting and now Lost the zero g as they set it to Sit up I have unplugged and took batteries out no look how can I reset the bed back To correct zero g

Answer: Good afternoon Thank you for reaching out with your question and sorry to hear about the issues you are having. Please could you direct your question to the customer service team as they are best placed to help you resolve this. .

Husband is on single hospital mattress on our current super king bed as it is adjustable on both sides, need new bed that can be used with a hoist can this bed be used with 2 single mattress even though the bed lifts as one thanks

Answer: Thank you for getting in touch with your question. the sleepmotion bases are one complete base and would operate as one. If you were looking for this function you would need to purchase two single beds.

What headboard can I purchase with this bed?

Answer: We currently do not offer any headboards suitable for use with this base. the product development team are currently sourcing these and they will be available to purchase online and in store shortly.

Is the 900i suitable and beneficial for someone with fibromyalgia. ?

Answer: This bed frame has orthopaedic functions and will ease painful pressure points and improve your circulation for maximum comfort and support. With the included massage function.

We have a solid wooden bed frame would the 800I fit I side it it's a king size

Answer: Unfortunately not, you would need to purchase one of the bed frames that are specifically for the sleepmotion bed as the side rails are longer than the standard bed frames.Many thanksJSDreams

Hello Does this fit tempur kingsize wide mattress? thanks

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. This bed frame is designed to fit the equivariant UK standard size. i.e. a king size mattress with a king size bed frame. .

how do the VAT relief on the product I have bought your site says nothing about VAT relief every other bed company that you can claim it back even please send me the necessary form

Answer: Unfortunatley none of the products that we sell are eligible for VAT relief, as their sole purpose is not intended for the aid of disabilities as per HMRC requirements. Many thanksJSDreans

What are the dimensions with the box? I'd like to know if it would fit up my staircase.

Answer: The package dimensions can be found below: Package 1:Weight: 44 kgsMeasures: 21 x 104 x 141cmPackage 2:Weight: 44 kgsMeasures: 21 x 104 x 141cm.

Hello, I am looking to purchase The 900i, but I need to inquire about how the furniture breaks down to ensure it will be able to go upstairs and turn into a bedroom located in a terrace house. Cheers

Answer: The 900i comes in two packages:Package 1: Weight: 63 kgs Measures: 20 x 141 x 104cmPackage 2: Weight: 65 kgs Measures: 20 x 141 x 104cm

In double bed size, can each side be operated individually, or would one have to purchase two single beds

Answer: Our sleepmotion bases are one complete base and would operate as one. If you were looking for this function you would need to purchase two single beds.

Can this bed hold weight for 30 stones?

Answer: The total weight limit for the Sleepmotion is 355kg (55 stone) - this is the total weight, so will include the weight of the mattress also.

Does the Sleep motion 800i go up and down in height as am in a wheelchair

Answer: Thank you for your question. This product does not go up and down in height, it only adjusts in the way you can see in the pictures. Thanks, Dreams.

Is there an option to purchase a headboard with this bed?

Answer: There is not yet an option to purchase a headboard for this, but we will be looking to launch headboards in the new year.

does this beds take a weight over 25 stone

Answer: The total weight limit for the Sleepmotion is 355kg (55 stone). This total is inclusive of mattress also.

Do you have to have legs fitted or can it sit on floor

Answer: The legs that come with the sleep motion base do need to be fitted in order for the base to work properly

I have a wooden bed frame and have measured it and looking at the measurements for the sleep motion 800i I think the bed would slot into the frame. Is this a possibility?

Answer: Good AfternoonWe wouldn't advise putting this in a bedframe as it has not been tested to ensure it is compatible.

Can you get a smaller size legs for this bed as the ones on mine are too high I've only 1 set on it

Answer: The legs for this base can either be set at 6cm or 9cm, but cannot be replaced with different legs.

Can this be built in a color of my choice?

Answer: This frame comes in one colour only. However, the 200i is compatible with a range of drop in bases.

the 800i has lumbar alignment, but the 200i does not. Is it possible to see what difference this makes on the website, or only in a showroom?

Answer: We would recommend visiting one of the showrooms to feel the difference in this instance!.

Can the 900i be used in place of the 200i with the Ellis bed frame?

Answer: Currently, only the 200i can be used with the Ellis bed frame, you are unable to use the 900i.

Hi. Just wondering how easy is it to put up a king size? Can 1 person do it alone? Im unable to find instructions on how to build it

Answer: The sleep motion bases are quite heavy and will require two people to construct safely

Is the massage feature meant to automatically cut off after a set time?

Answer: We have sought confirmation on this and will update you once we have a response.Many thanks,Dreams.

Exactly what is the bowl thing for the remote? Is it just a magnetic holder so you dont lose control or does it charge remote? I find it ugly and remote too small. Doubt I will use either

Answer: This unit is for charging the remote, this is also the Bluetooth speaker

Does the Bluetooth charging unit come with security to ensure only authorised people can connect to it?

Answer: Yes you can set a passcode to ensure only you can access the blue tooth

does this have adjustable legs

Answer: Good afternoonThe legs are not adjustable it is the base which moves.Kinds regardsDreams

Are the height of the legs adjustable/changeable to allow clearance room for a manual hoist.

Answer: The legs for this base can either be set at 6cm or 9cm.

At its highest mode, how high does the bed frame go? In centimeters ideally.

Answer: The back rest raises to 62 degrees.Many thanks,Dreams.

Hi how high does the back rest go please?

Answer: The back rest raises to 62 degrees.

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