Yardley Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Rated 4/5 based on 115 customer reviews

Yardley Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

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Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 91cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 10:38:30 PM
4/5 - 115 reviews


What Makes It Great

Living in the far north of Scotland buying products can and regularly are problematic with many companies shying clear or charging an arm and a leg for delivery. Dreams are different and although delivery is a little more prolonged they are happy to arrange it. I was kept completely up to date on the delivery with regular updates and a timed arrival, delivery drivers were excellent and helpful. The bed itself is excellent and simple to put together - around 40 mins and it was done, it feels substantial and solid built, the slats are already fitted and is just a case of attaching headboard and fitting the lift up frame. Price is very good for what you get. Many bricks and mortar companies don't fare too well with online sales but my experience here has been excellent from placing the order to receiving the goods and simply won't go elsewhere for my next bed purchase.

Questions and Answers

Would this bed fit through a loft hatch unassembled?

Answer: The Yardley will be delivered in 3 boxes, the dimensions of these are: Single Box 1 12cm (H) x 105cm (L) x 93cm (W) Box 2 14cm (H) x 193cm (L) x 33cm (W) Box 3 8cm (H) x 188cm (L) x 88cm (W) Double Box 1 12cm (H) x 152cm (L) x 95cm (W) Box 2 13cm (H) x 193cm (L) x 33cm (W) Box 3 11cm (H) x 188cm (L) x 88cm (W) Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you need space at the end of the bed where it open or can the foot be against a wall

Answer: Hi , This can be against a wall, it will not affect opening the bed apart from the bed should be opened from the middle and the footend via a strap. Continuously opening from a corner may twist the frame over time. Thank you for your question.

Do you do assembly service if so what cost

Answer: Yes our team our able to assemble this bed frame for you - this service can be purchased at the checkout. The price of this for the Yardley bed frame will be £30 for a single or £50 for a double. Kind Regards, Dreams

because this has slates (boards) does this mean this bed could break very easily.......................and is the base solid where the storage area is?

Answer: Hello, Absolutely not, these beds are very strong and durable. The under boards are made of ply wood and have fabric surrounding them but they sit on the floor keeping your belongings off the floor. Many thanks for the question.

How do I get a mattress with the bed for the offer

Answer: This bed frame does not come with a mattress and therefore the price displayed is for the bed frame only. If you require a mattress also, this will need to be purchased separately. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the photo show the maximum that the mattress can be raised, or does it go up any further? Also, is there storage under the whole of the bed or just the bottom half (foot end)?

Answer: Hello, There will be storage across the whole bed underneath. The bedframe raises up higher then what is shown in the photo to allow you to access the space across the whole frame. Many thanks for the question.

Hello, could you suggest a mattress for this 4ft 6" double. Dimensions say its 203cm length. I would prefer a memory foam 200cm. Thanks

Answer: Hi BrainD, These dimensions are of the outside frame so will naturally be larger than the mattress itself. Any double mattress would fit within this frame. Thank you for your question.

How much is assembly ?

Answer: Hi , This depends on what size you are requiring. If you go through to checkout you can add assembly to your order and it will give you a breakdown of costs by size. Thank you.

Is this available with a side opening? Instead of it opening from the bottom?

Answer: Unfortunately the Yardley Bed Frame is only available as a standard ottoman which opens at the front, it is not available to open at the side. Kind Regards Dreams

Would the single bed be able to hold someone who is about 100kg

Answer: We do not have a specific weight limit for our bed frames; they are designed to take a variety of different weights of mattresses and sleepers. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is it east to assemble and do you have to use alen keys or is it screws that come supplied

Answer: Hello, This is very easy to assemble, all the tools are supplied in the fixing kit and you will need a screw driver at hand if assembling yourself. Many thanks for the question.

Does the ottoman bed have a floor in it or does it just stand on your carpet

Answer: Hello, There is fabric to separate the storage to the flooring. The benefit of this rather then raised flooring allows for better storage depth. Many thanks for the question.

Is there weight limit in case the bed is sometimes used by two people at once?

Answer: This bed frame does not have a weight limit and has been designed to take a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there a weight limit for the storage area?

Answer: The base of the Yardley is fabric and therefore there is no weight limit as the items stored in the base will sit on the floor. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the bed easily moveable to get around when hoovering?

Answer: Good afternoon, The product weighs 51kg, but is not on castors or sliders so the degree of ease to move will depend on what flooring it sits on. Kind Regards, Dreams

What mattress would be recommended to purchase with this bed?

Answer: Hi , There are no limitations in what mattress you can purchase with this bed frame - whatever mattress you find most comfortable. Thank you for your question.

How big is slatted base? I need it in a loft bedroom and hope it will go up the stairs

Answer: Hello, The slatted part of the frame does not come as one big piece, it will come folded in half so this will go up the stairs easily. Many thanks for the question.

Can this be easily dismantled after assembly?

Answer: Good Evening, The assembly time on this bed frame is 30 minutes and therefore this will be fairly simple to both assemble and disassemble. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello , Can I come to store and pick up bed with my car instead  using a delivery?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not offer a collection service for our bed frames, delivery of these to your address is required. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi is this a king size bed

Answer: The Yardley Bed Frame is available in Single or Double only, unfortunately this frame is not available in King size. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, does anyone know if the lifting mechanism will take heavy mattress. My wife has a bad back, and we need to know the hydraulic system works well and take the weight.

Answer: Good Evening, Our bed frames have been designed to take a variety of different mattress weights and still function effectively. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this bed (storage area) have a solid base? If so, what is it made of?

Answer: Hello, There are under boards made from ply wood coated in fabric that stops your belongings from touching the floor. Many thanks for the question.

What is the standard depth of an ottoman bed

Answer: Hello, There is no standard depth to an ottoman bed however on a general scale this will be between between 20/30cm. Many thanks for the question.

in the single bed size does the top part lift from the end/foot of the bed or the side? where I need to put it there is no space at the end to access the foot end

Answer: HI , This is opening from the foot end only. We apologise for any inconveniences this may cause. Thank you for your question.

Do you have beds in stock or do you have to wait to collect

Answer: If you are ordering this particular bed frame, it will be delivered within 7 weeks of ordering. Kind Regards, Dreams

Are the headboard purchased separately

Answer: The Yardley bed frame comes with the head board included - this is not purchased separately Kind Regards, Dreams

Can I change my delivery address after ordering online as I am moving to a new address 

Answer: Hello, Once ordered, you will have to contact our customer services to have this amended. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, What material is the bottom of the bed where you store the items, is this wooden planks or fabric and does the bed have wheels at the bottom

Answer: Hello, The bottom will be a fabric material and the bed will not be on wheels. Many thanks for the question.

What is the exact size of 3.0 single bed

Answer: The Yardley Bed Frame in Single 204cm (L) x 102 cm (W) x 91cm (H). Kind Regards, Dreams

There is 90cm in the description but I think that's the highest spot of the frame but how high is the bed with a usual mattress?

Answer: Hi , This is 30cm to the top of the frame without the mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Would you take away a sofa bunk bed and would I have to dismantle it

Answer: Hi , If it is a bed that is being disposed of then yes we would. Thank you for your question.

What is the height at the foot end of the bed frame 

Answer: Hi , This is 30cm, but the storage is only 25cm in height. Thank you for your question.

Do you take an old bed frame away

Answer: Hello, We do indeed. This is presented as an option through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Do you have an assembly service for this bed?

Answer: Hello, Yes, this will be £38. It will be available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

How strong are the wooden slats on the base? The last bed I had in a similar style they kept breaking as were made from flimsy wood.

Answer: Hi , These sprung slats are quality beech for the flex this is a fantastic frame. Thank you.

How does the ottoman open is it on a catch or do you need to press down to release it and do you need extra space on the foot side to release it or will it still open if the foot side is against the wall

Answer: Hi , There is a material loop that you use to pull the bed up. Thank you for your question.

What's the height of the headboard? And is the storage base fabric or solid?

Answer: Hi , The headboard measures at 91cm, and the base is fabric. Thank you for your question.

Does it come with a mattress

Answer: Hi , No, you will need to purchase a mattress separately. Thank you for your question.

does this bed have to be fitted with the headboard

Answer: Good morning, Yes, the head end is an integral part of the bed frame. Kind regards Dreams

Hi does the bed make noises when moving thanks

Answer: Hi , No, this bed has a sprung slat system so is sturdy. Thank you for your question.

What is the maximum mattress weight that this hydraulic system can lift?

Answer: Hello, There is no set weight restriction for this bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

what are the dimensions of the storage compartment on the double bed

Answer: Hi , There is a 25cm depth of storage on this model. Thank you for your question.

Hi does the Yardley ottoman bed come with a headboard or do I have to purchase that separately it is shown with one in the picture but want to make sure. Many thank

Answer: The headboard is included with the Yardley bedframe Kind Regards, Dreams

May I know the internal storage dimensions especially the depth? I am considering if can I fit a luggage in it. Thank you.

Answer: The internal storage depth of the ottoman is 25cm Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this come in parts ? As a whole frame is impossible to fit through my stairs to take upstairs.

Answer: Yes, the Yardley will come delivered in two boxes. Kind Regards, Dreams

hello what is the internal floor material?

Answer: Good Evening, The storage area of this bed has a fabric base. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the weight load limit for the wooden slats?

Answer: Hello, There is no set weight limit for the bedframe. Many thanks for the question.

Can I confirm that the frame has a gas / hydraulic lift as purchase will be for my elderly parents?

Answer: Hi , Yes, the Yardley has a gas lift mechanism. Kind regards Dreams

warranty information?

Answer: This frame comes with a 1 year guarantee. Kind Regards, Dreams

what is the length and the width of the storage compartment

Answer: Hi , This would measure at 135cm x 190cm. Thank you for your question.

What is the maximum weight for this bed please?

Answer: Hello, We do not have a set weight restriction. Many thanks for the question.

How deep is the storage compartment when closed? I'm looking to buy a storage box to go under the bed and want to make sure it's not too tall

Answer: Hi , The depth would measure at 25cm. Thank you for your question.

Hello, Please can you tell me what sort of feet this bed has?

Answer: The Yardley Bed Frame has plastic feet. Kind Regards, Dreams

What are the measurements between the slats please?

Answer: The space between the slats is 12cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

As you said the foot end is 30cm tall, is that excluding a mattress 

Answer: Hi , Yes, these measurements are the frame alone. Thank you.

Is the storage base thin board or fabric?

Answer: The base of the Yardley is fabric. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi. Could you please clarify for me. I've just been advised on your webchat that all of your ottoman beds come with a base but in the Q and A's it says there is only a sheet for the floor?

Answer: Hi , None of your personal assets touch the floor. Thank you.

Does this include the headboard? 

Answer: Hello, Yes, this is apart of the frame. Many thanks for the question.

Hi bedboss, Is there a base to the yardley ottoman bed or do the items stored sit on the floor?

Answer: Hi , There is a dust sheet on the bottom only. Thank you.

Hi is this bed a gas lift 

Answer: Hi , Yes this bed frame is gas lift. Kind regards Dreams

What is the height of the base from floor to where the mattress sits (without the mattress)?

Answer: Hello, This will be 30cm. Many thanks for the question.

Customer Reviews

Based on 115 review

Don’t lean your head on the headboard

I have just replaced one of these beds. The shiny faux leather material on the headboard started cracking and peeling off during the first year. I was told that it was due to the natural oils in my hair and because I had rested my head on the headboard. Dreams sent someone out to investigate, but stuck with their decision. The material in not fit for purpose. I do not put any products on my hair and wash it under the shower every day. The bed looked fine when I first got it, but didn’t keep its looks. The base of the ottomer also calapsed, but that was because I stored things in it. Provided you just want to look at this bed and don’t want to use it for the purposes it was designed, you should be ok. I’ll never buy from Dreams again.

Looks good but loaded with problems

I ordered this bed in January, had to wait till March for it to finally arrive, assembly seemed fairly straight forward and the hydraulics worked well. Then the problems arose. The Hydraulic beams are not threaded at the end, so any wait on them will force them to pop out. Although the bed rises well, when both beams are in place, it takes a considerable amount of force to put it back down, and that's when the beams pop out or snap out of place. Poor design choices and bad assembly makes a nice looking bed and turns it into a nightmare to live with.

Good quality at a great price

Needed an ottoman single bed for my 13 year old son as he has just moved into a smaller room and wanted more storage for him. I have has cheap beds from online unknown companies before and regetted it, so wanted to go to a well known bed specialist. I was not disappointed, very happy with the look, design, and quality of it. I paid for the bed to be put together, which I think was a reasonable cost. My son also loves his new bed and the storage underneath is a great usable space. Would highly recommend this bed.

Lovely beds and excellent delivery service

Purchased two beds in the sale. The Cooper King and Yardley Black Faux single, both ottoman beds. Had to wait a while for delivery due to low stock but the discount was worth it. Quality of beds is excellent and they were easy to build. The delivery process was also excellent with communication being really informative. The delivery driver contacted me to give a time of delivery with an hour slot. He was very polite and would certainly use Dreams again, and recommend them.

It’s okay

Placed the order without the knowledge of the delivery time was a six weeks process!!! Bed is okay, I didn’t realise it had only a dust sheet at the bottom and not a wooden base. It’s a nice cheap bed overall, I haven’t had any problems with it at the minute ( it’s only been three weeks ). Wooden slats seems strong as I’ve put two mattresses on it, hasn’t given way yet ! It’s okay, slightly difficult to put together but it’s doable. Good luck

Stylish practical bed

Bought this for my teenage son, as we have just decorated his bedroom. It looks grown up! and will last him a good few years. Delivery was well organised and the bed was well packed. It took two of us about 45 mins to build up in situ, the only problem was getting the hydraulic struts to work as they were very stiff but now we have opened it up a few times it is easy. The bed has loads of storage space and we are really pleased with it.

Stylish double bed with storage

I originally bought this particular bed because it was an ottoman, to make the most of the storage space underneath. The convenience of this as well as the black leather finish make my studio flat bedroom comfortable and clutter free. Its low sides makes changing sheets easy and more suitable for a deeper mattress. It took less than an hour to assemble on my own from clear instructions and the tools in the kit. Thank you Dream's!

Great quality and easy to assemble

I bought this Ottoman bed for my Son’s room and we are both very happy with it. It looks stylish, is sturdy and the storage is amazing. Great value and good quality. Two of the parts come zipped in the headboard so we had a minor panic half way through assembling but a quick call to Dreams told us where to look. It does say on the instructions but hard to notice. All in all very happy with the delivery service and the bed.

Lots of storage

I really need more storage so I bought this bed. It did take about an hour for my partner and I to assemble it but it was worth it. Delivery was excellent, from the time I bought it online to the time the delivery men knocked on my door I was kept informed all the way. Comfortable and good support for my mattress. No complaints. Wish I had bought one sooner.

Lovely bed

We bought this bed just after Christmas in the sale, we were so happy with our purchase, despite the fact I was dubious at first with the bed seeming a lot lower than our previous bed, however when we finally put the bed together it was perfect! The ottoman was a bit of a nightmare to sort but we finally did it! So much storage and such a lovely bed!

Great value

My son has been sleeping on this for the last month and says it's the greatest. Very easy to put together, glad I didn't pay for the build. Good smooth function to the lift and not too heavy for my lad. Plenty of storage under, I keep finding stuff under his bed that shouldn't be there, he's that desperate to fill the space. Would recommend highly.

Two Beds!

I bought a small double bed and a single bed from Dreams and paid the extra to have the beds fitted and rubbish taken away. The beds were perfect with no issues at all and the two workers who came in to complete the service were polite and efficient. Overall, extremely satisfied and would recommend Dreams to everyone.

Lovely bed!

The bed is exactly as described and very easy to put together, however two of the components of the bed were sealed inside the headboard and none of the instructions explained this so there was a brief panic until we found the missing parts. Other than this very happy with the bed and great value for money.

Simple to put together and looks great

I bought this bed on the internet in the sale as a spare bed for our single room. We needed a spare bed but had the need to keep some storage. The bed was simple to put together and the faux leather is good quality. The amount of storage under the bed is deceiving and there was more that I has thought.

Great Storage

I bought this for my new house with limited bedroom space. It's the best thing I've ever bought. The amount of storage available under the bed is amazing, it's easily accessible to lift up even with all the bedding on, the items in storage stay clean and you don't need to hover under the bed. Fantastic!

Could be better made

I bought this 2 weeks ago and put it together last week. It’s quite obvious when putting together that the screws positions vary when they shouldn’t. The brackets are not position perfectly either making it not symmetrical. Mattress had to be squeezed in because the sides aren’t perfectly aligned.


Cannot explain how much we love this bed!! Our old one was so squeaky and fragile and this one doesn't make a sound! So sturdy, so comfy, just lovely. The extra storage underneath is just perfect. Plenty of room and the bed isn't too heavy to lift up! Couldn't be happier that we bought this.

Absolutely love this bed!

Really easy to put together by myself and my husband, the storage underneath is big enough to hold all the towels and bedding for the whole family and best of all there are no squeaks or any noise coming from the bed whilst moving around on top of it. Best bed frame I've ever purchased

Love it !

Bought this approx 2 weeks ago and am very happy with it as is my son. Its a sturdy, well made and comfortable ottoman bed which has lots of storage underneath. It opens up easily (you don't have to have muscles like a weight lifter !) and looks much more expensive than it is.

Easy to assemble

We found this bed very easy to assemble and after a hint from our delivery driver that there was a zip in the back of the headboard with the base board and bottom sheet in, this saved us thinking they were missing parts. Unfortunately part of the bed was damaged in transit ?

Great service, great product

Ordered to replace an old bed. Chose the recycle and assembly service. Received text and phone call before delivery. The delivery guys were really efficient and polite and recycled and assembled in no time at all. Bed looks great in son's room and son is happy. Win, win.

Excellent bed for a teenager!

This was bought for my teeanage son. We've had it a few weeks now & it's perfect for him. Discussions in store with staff were helpful, ordering online was simple, delivery guys kept me up-to-date & the assembly of the bed was very easy. Storage space is ideal too.


Bought this about 2 months ago sand it is absolute quality, great room, great stability, very good mechanics as it is so swift to open and close, very good quality, easy to set up, all round perfect bed to go for whether you’re a teenager or looking for yourselves.

Yardley black faux leather upholstered bed frame

This bed frame is an ottoman style bed with great storage under the bed, good value for money. Delivery team Cristi & Eduard were very courteous, made sure they had protected covers over their shoes on before entering our home, they are a great team.

Just perfect!

I ordered the bed for my son for his new room when we moved. I had to change delivery date and address at short notice and customer service staff were so helpful. Bed was delivered in the timeslot and was put together with no fuss .. def recommend

Good for the price

I bought this a month ago, I usually spend a little more on beds but this has been great! Solid feeling and pretty easy to put together. The mechanism is a bit stiff but has loosened a little so hopefully that'll continue to get better.

Great bed

I bought 2 of these beds for my daughters and they are great .i put them together on my own which did take a while ,But after I conquered the first one it was straight forward .These beds are great if you need extra storage space.


Bought this for my daughter, she can now store all her shoes tidy under the bed. Really easy to put together. The delivery team were great and very friendly. I would buy this bed again, and from Dreams :)

Sturdy, easy to put together bed

Bought this bed for our little girl. Good storage underneath. Surprised at the reviews saying how difficult it was to put together, my sleep deprived partner managed it in little over an hour on his own.

This item dose not close as it should

The bed dose not close as it should, it always get stuck & dreams took over 2month to even deliver the bed, would never buy ftom them again very bad quality. oh & it takes ages to put togeather.

Strong, sturdy and superb

Build of the bed is strong and seems like it will never fall apart. The storage is superb, lots of space. Now there's more space around my room. I have already recommended this family and friends.

Great for lack of storage

Bought this because of lack of storage, it’s like a tardis and the idea of a sheet thing between the bed and floor is a great idea, only problem is a bit lower than anticipated but otherwise great

Brand new bed

Bought a ottoman double bed and apart from the foot board being inside the headboard without any notice, which took me 10 minutes scratching my head, it went up easily and looks great in my room

Storage space is ver good.

My delivery was on the 19/5 so I cannot give a rating as such yet but the quality seems very good. My only concern is how long will the bed continue to raise up and down without any problems?

Nice looking

Not very happy as I have bought this less than 2 weeks ago and the wood is being chipped away from the bed I’m not sure if is a malfunction problem or what can be done for this to be resolved

Yardley Ottoman Bed

Good quality bed great service in store very helpful. Delivery men assembled bed quickly and took away packaging. 2nd bed bought from dreams would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Great storage

We love this new bed frame. It was straight forward to assemble. It’s a real novelty to have so much storage room underneath which is so easily accessible. very pleased with it.

As expected!

I got this bed just under a month ago and it is exactly what I wanted! Ample storage space provided, easy to put together, instructions are perfect with quality fixings!

Sons bed

My son loves his new bed, especially the fact that there’s so much storage room, he stores all his soft toys in it and it’s easy for him to lift open and close again.


I'm very happy with this bed! Looks amazing, it was really east to assemble, plenty of storage underneath (exactly what I need) and smart design. Absolutely fantastic

Ottoman storage Bwd

I bought this bed for my son mainly for storage. But this bed has not only the storage but the comfort to go with it. Excellent quality and good value for money.

Wonderful bed!

I bought this bed about a month ago, not only does it look great but it feels great. Being an ottoman it provides further storage which is exactly what I needed

Amazing nights sleep

I bought this bed about 3 weeks ago and have been sleeping properly finally after a year of hardly getting any sleep in my old bed. Soo happy with my purchase

Lovely beds

We bought 2 singles and 1 double bed. The assembly was very straight forward and took just under 1-2 hours. Overall a great product and good value for money.

Excellent Storage solution

I bought this 3 weeks ago to double as a guest bed and to provide storage for bedding. It is well made, easy to assemble and has massive space for storage.

Great bed and delivery service

Bought this for our son. He is very happy. It looks great and the delivery guys put it all together for us. Excellent product for a very reasonable price.

Single Ottoman Bed

Perfect all round, fits and suits my sons bedroom in the loft, for the storage its just its just perfect, its an extra chest of draws under your bed :)

Value to money

Great sturdy bed, easy to put up, very simple. Delivery dates are hit and miss, don’t believe estimated delivery date, took twice as long in reality

All round brilliant

We are liking the new bed, the storage underneath is brilliant. Being able to hide things away is great but at the same time is easily assessable.

Great bed very sturdy

The bed took half the suggested time to put together and is very sturdy and comfy. Plenty of under bed storage space which is just what we needed.

Good, large storage, VERY heavy needs two to move

This is a great, comfortable bed with a wardrobe sized storage underneath but incredibly heavy and impossible to move without two strong people.

Great service!!

Bought a bed online great customer service, with text updates. Kept me very well informed. Paid for the build up service, and the guys were fab!

Looks great in my sons room

Looks great & easy to lift up without bedding falling off. My son loves it. Fairly easy to put together by 2 people. Took between 30 - 45 mins

Love it

It looks very stylish in my sons bedroom. Lots of underbed storage. Very sturdy frame. Easy to put bed up & down to put storage under bed.

Great bed

Great bed to sleep in. Massive storage no gap under the bed so no dust there. Easy to assemble took me less than 1 hour. Very good value

Worth the wait - great quality!

We had a little wait as the product was out of stock but was worth it. Easy to assemble, good quality. A happy son with a cool new bed.

Great storage

I bought this bed because I needed more space and it is perfect for that extra storage spaces both underneath and behind the headboard.

Nice Bed but bad service

It was bought had to wait 6 weeks delivery, when it arrived there was a missing package. Disappointed Son as he's been wait along time

Good solid bedframe with storage

Easy to assemble, adds plenty of good storage space and not too difficult to raise and lower even with a relatively heavy mattress on.

Fantastic storage!

I bought this a few weeks ago and my son absolutely loves it! A sturdy bed with plenty of storage underneath and no hassle to lift up.

Great Value

Comfort and storage is a priority and the Yardley has it in spades. The best thing is that I get it at an amazing price from Dreams.

Great storage and very comfy!

I bought this a month ago for the guest bedroom and it’s great. Love how much storage there is and how easy it was to put together.

Lovely bed

Bought for my 13 year old son, nice looking bed with plenty of storage underneath. Perfect for putting away teenage sports gear.

Quality product

I bought this bed for the storage underneath, it is well made and was easy to assemble . I am impressed with the whole package.

Lots of storage

I bought this nearly a month ago and am really happy with it, it's a good size and the ottoman storage feature is incredible!

Great ottoman bed

Bought this on sale, well worth the money. Paid for it to be build and im so glad. Son is very happy with his new double bed

Excellent value for money

I bought this for my son and it is perfect - loads of storage space underneath - bed looks good - very good value for money


Bought 2 of these beds for my teenage sons & they are excellent! Didn't take long to put them together which was a bonus.

Great bed

Bought this a month ago very easy to put up and seems very well made. Very happy with the purchase and would recommend it

Dream bed :-)

I bought this bed two weeks ago. Very comfy back head. Huge storage. Easy to assembly. Great price. Definitely recommend.

Right size bed, good quality and amazing features

I bought this as my last one was broken and too small. Don't have much room in my bedroom so the storage comes in handy.

Excellent bed

Good sturdy bed that is stylish and practical. The under bed storage is really useful and you can fit plenty in there.

Great space saving bed

My son loves it, very stylish! I love it as I now have storage space for all our spare bedding. Highly recommended!

Just simple and easy

just bouth this and it was so simple to bulid and lifting up the bed is so easy and smooth great for the value!

sleek bed

I bought this bed for my son! It’s so stylish and looks great! soft feel and the ottoman is really easy to use

Great Bed With Handy Storage Underneath

I brought this bed for a replacment for my Daughter and she loves it, and storage underneath is a great bonus

Great bed

This is a great bed frame. Easy to assemble and really sturdy. It looks good and has loads of storage space.

Good construction.

Very pleased with the purchase. Construction was easy, instructions were good, as is the component quality

Yard key Black Faux

Great bed lovely Sleep with my new mattress couldn’t ask a better look and for my room lovely Storage space

So much storage!

This bed has so much storage, the amount of spaghetti you can keep under your bed is immense! 10/10 from me

Really good bed loads of storage

Great bed great service loads of storage bought for granddaughters bedroom lots of room to store her toys

A big hit

Well my 15 yr old won’t get out of bed for school now so I guess you could say the bed was a big hit!

Very Practical

Bough for the kids, great storage solution, looks very sleek and is extremely sturdy and comfortable!

Great bed

Easy to put together and very sturdy when sleeping on it, also plenty of room underneath the bed

Great value excellent storage

Very pleased with the product and the guys delivered and put it together so well. Great service

just the job

was easy to assemble and has proved to be very comfortable. good guidance from the salesman.

Extreme comfort

Had this bed for about a month now and I can safely safe one of the best purchases I've made

Sturdy and comfortable

The bed is sturdy and the space underneath is very large meaning I save room in my bedroom

Comfy bed

Brought this new bed it's so comfy looks very smart is a great addition to any new room

Easy to assemble and very sturdy

So easy to assemble, mechanics work very well, looks classy and plenty space underneath.

Looks great!

Bought 2 months ago arrived last month and it looks great, plenty of storage! Ideal...

Solid bedframe with plenty of storage

Guides instructions provide ease of assembly. A quality bedframe with ample storage

Well made

This bed looks good, as plenty of storage, easy to put together and is very sturdy.

Ottoman single bed

I bought this recently and I'm very impressed with the space it's saved. Great buy

Good bed

Foot board screw fittings faulty. Was replaced with in a week, great service.

Looks great

Bought this for daughters room. Easy to assemble and saves space. Great bed

Lovely bed

Bought this bed over 2 weeks ago and so far so good happy with my purchase

Comfort beyond your imagination

Excellent purchase. It not only looks good but is also very comfortable.

Great storage, easy to open . Great mattress

Excellent double bed. Very comfortable and very well made, very pleased .

Great Stuff

Great service everything on time also kept posted along the whole process

Ottoman bed

Superb bed and great value only downside is it took 8 weeks to come.

Great Product

This bed frame is easy to construct and works well. Would recommend

Great product

Easy to build up, amazing comfort!! I will suggest it to everyone!!


Easy to assemble, loads of storage space! Looks nice and modern


We bought this a few weeks ago very stylish. Loads of storage

Looks really smart and rear for storage

I am happy I invested in such a product that meets my needs

100% Satisfied!!

Good quality, easy to assemble 10/10 on delivery service.

Good bye

Very easy tp put together, very pleased with the quality.

Great value

I bought this for a small room and the storage is great


bought last month, easy to assemble and solid structure

Useful storage space as required

Bought a couple of weeks ago and finding it very useful

Divan single bed

Got this last weekend, great for storage and very comfy


Good value, quick set up and dreams stgg were helpful

Great features

It’s been really useful specially the storage space