Yardley Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Rated 4.7/5 based on 692 customer reviews
Yardley Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Yardley Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

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Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6

Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

The Yardley Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame is a luxurious looking bed frame with an easy to assemble design. It is made from a faux leather material (or fabric if you prefer). 

This bed frame is available in faux leather or fabric options depending on your needs. The faux leather is easy to clean and maintain while the fabric in grey is timeless and goes with much of todays decor. The addition of the ottoman gas lifts allows you to open the storage compartment at the foot of the bed for additional storage space.

Reviews are strong, being one of the more popular products in the Dreams lineup. Customers particularly enjoy the sturdy design and well-priced but well-made structure. At time of writing we have near 700 reviews and a customer satisfaction score of an impressive 96%. 

Reasons to Buy

Great price point for an exclusive and unique design that is sure to prove popular.

Reasons to Avoid

Limited size and colour options.

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Of The Yardley Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Yardley Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Great?

Front opening ottoman

This front end opening ottoman storage is perfect for condominiums, apartments, and smaller homes. It's a great way to make the most of vertical space in your living room or bedroom

Available in black faux leather or grey fabric

Faux leather can be just as durable as real leather but with the added benefit of being vegan friendly.  This type of leather can often withstand scratches and scrapes that would be more problematic for genuine leather. 

Stitch detailing

Sprung slats as standard

Sprung slats are typically made from a flexible beech wood and are curved in design slightly to help give an amount of flex. These slats generally have more bounce and are made of a better quality with improved spacing when compared to traditional wooden slats.

Internal storage depth: 25cm

This sort of storage depth is ideal for pillows, spare duvets and other trinkets that you need to store away in the bedroom. The depth here is probably not suitable for those looking to replace full drawer sets, however, should provide great additional storage for those with limited room.

Build time: 2 people | 30 minutes

This product requires two people in order to build safely and easily. You might look at it and think it can be done with one person, but actually it just proved to be a bit of a pain. It's a great idea to team up with a buddy to tackle this build head on.

Let our experts assemble your bed - select this service at the checkout

The supplier has a unique installation and assembly service whereby the consumer is able to have their product built by the experts. This was you can avoid a lot of swearing, missplacing tools and yelling at your kids and end up with the finished product from the get go. Take advantage of this service by adding this product to the basket and heading to the checkout to see options

Internal storage depth: 22cm

This sort of storage depth is ideal for pillows, spare duvets and other trinkets that you need to store away in the bedroom. The depth here is probably not suitable for those looking to replace full drawer sets, however, should provide great additional storage for those with limited room.

1-year guarantee

A 1 year guarantee is expected and standard for the industry. If anything goes wrong with your product within that period you are able to get help and support and ensure that you are not left out of pocket on any repair of replacement.

Storage depth: 22cm

The storage space available in this luxury divan will provide plenty of room for most bedroom items with the most logical choice being replacement bedding, sheets and pillows. The storage space is deep enough to allow further items to be stored for those who want a clutter free minimalistic experience.

Sprung slats gap (cm): Single / Double: 8.7

Sprung slats are typically made from a flexible beech wood and are curved in design slightly to help give an amount of flex. These slats generally have more bounce and are made of a better quality with improved spacing when compared to traditional wooden slats.

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Customer Reviews For The Yardley Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Based on 692 reviews
Good value for money...

Was going to purchase an ottoman bed and firmer mattress from John Lewis, but the ones I wanted had been out of stock for several weeks...and still are. Had purchased a couple of times before from Dreams so no issues there...always had good experiences though usually in store. Needed to have a slatted frame for the mattress which it does and preferably a solid base for storage - very rare theses days, this seemed to check all the boxes. Also the mattress needed to be firm or medium/firm so the Hudson ticked that box too. All easily done online. Given good info re delivery and all dates and times and all went smoothly in delivery day...old divan bases, mattress and headboard collected too. Assembly was easy, even by myself, took a couple of hours as I was being deliberately slow as to make sure didn't miss anything. Only downside is that the bed itself is a little lower than anticipated so that takes some getting used to...not a huge issue though. Looks good and works well, happy with purchase.

Good for the price seems bargain so far.

I havent used it yet but I wanted to win tv but after I've used it I'll say more. But what I can tell you is the price was good and it was easy to put together. You could do it on your own but it's best to get help. As I haven't used it yet I can't tell you how strong it is which I'm curious about. The material on the underside I didn't expect theres a sheet held on with velcro. I wasn't expecting this and thought there would be more secure for an ottoman. So obviously you can't put much in it and if you do it'll be on floor and you will need to empty before moving. I forgot to check this before buying my mistake. Although I'm not sure what other beds do this is my first ottoman they may all do this. I think if the ottoman opened from the side rather than bottom it would be easier to store things in as it's hard to store by the headrest, but it's still achieveable. Time will tell how well it holds up I bought the warranty that seems a good buy. For the price you can't go wrong.

Easy build and great delivery

Living in the far north of Scotland buying products can and regularly are problematic with many companies shying clear or charging an arm and a leg for delivery. Dreams are different and although delivery is a little more prolonged they are happy to arrange it. I was kept completely up to date on the delivery with regular updates and a timed arrival, delivery drivers were excellent and helpful. The bed itself is excellent and simple to put together - around 40 mins and it was done, it feels substantial and solid built, the slats are already fitted and is just a case of attaching headboard and fitting the lift up frame. Price is very good for what you get. Many bricks and mortar companies don't fare too well with online sales but my experience here has been excellent from placing the order to receiving the goods and simply won't go elsewhere for my next bed purchase.

Utilising the tiniest of spaces

Having been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for two years in my tiny cottage, I decided it was about time to get a proper bed, so having had excellent service from Dreams before I didn't waste time looking around elsewhere. I chose the Yardley Upholstered Ottoman to enable me to utilise the storage underneath. With lockdown in full swing, the efficient delivery team were only allowed to place the parcels inside the front door. So I had the interesting task of assembling the bed, by myself, in a room that only measures 6ft by 9ft! After an hour of grim determination the result has now been two weeks of wonderful sleeps, so much better than the two years previously. Thank you Dreams, five stars !!

Lovely storage bed, with lots of room

Nice comfy bed, with ample storage, the building of the end was pretty straight forwards, apart from at first I though there was no footboard, but after phoning up the store, they said that it is in a zipped compartment in the headboard, along with the vecro covering for the bottom of the bed. Building time is no more than 30 mins. The only issule I found was lineing up the mattress frame to the lift, as it took some playing around to get it even on both sides. The material of the faux leather is lovely, and just needs a light rubbed with a dusting cloth once a week to keep it looking like new. It perfect for those who have little storage and no means of putting any up.

Great delivery service!

The 2 gentleman who delivered my bed in 3 separate boxes were on time and professional in their manner of a delivering process. 1 of them even spoke to me about my Guitars and asked me what's my favourite type or types of music? In which we consequently had a pleasant and interesting conversation about our musical tastes. I checked over with him what I should do just incase there's an issue with any of the parcels, he was sharp, quick and informative with his response. It was reassuring to me to know what to do giving the information he had gavin me, and end the process. Guy's really knew what they were doing, thank you.

Excellent value bed

Firstly the bed was easy to assemble and very very solid does not feel like a flat pack bed. It's the first ottoman bed I've had and was a bit sceptical due to the price thinking it might be weak or wobbly but this is not the case. Overalll it has to be a five start due to the quality and price Only down side is that the pistons are only good to hold the bed up for a limited wieght I think it's 45kg (not 100%) I didn't check this prior to purchase and my mattress is slightly heavier, so I have to hold the bed up to access the storage underneath. It not a major issue as it's only just overweight so it's easily held.

Not a bad bed for price but could be made better

Looks great but the parts that make up the bed are not all cut in a uniformed way so we ended up with one side of the bed not quite long enough to meet the end board, leaving a gap in one corner of the bed. Its easy enough to put together. Took two of us an hour after unpacking. If you have an Allen key attachment for your power tool this will be much quicker. There is an error on build instructions though. Itll tell you to put the brackets in the wrong place with one set going at the top of the bed but the pre drilled holes for the brackets are both at the bottom of the bed.

Very comfortable and plenty of storage

I bought this about a month ago. It's a very comfortable bed with plenty of storage underneath which is very easy to get to by pulling up the metal bar at the base of the bed until the hydraulics kick in. The under bed storage is very large, holding 1/3 more than my previous standard double bed, due to the smallish frame sides and the supports. I got the black version which has a very nice finish. The sturdy wooden slats provide ample comfort. I had a slightly damaged part, which was rectified very quickly and efficiently by customer service when I contacted them.

Great bed

A very well designed and quality feeling bed that was fairly easy to put together, the lack of hard base in the ottoman was, at first, a little concerning but the velcro'd fabric base is actually more than adequate, the only small negative we had was that the foot board and fabric base are stored in a zip compartment in the headboard, although the headboard is fitted with a small tag stating this, in our case that tag had fallen off in the box so we spent quite a long time figuring this out. A note at the beginning of the instructions would have been more helpful.

An Absolute Dream

I purchased this bed after moving into my first house, and after years of sleeping on an old bed too short and too creaky the difference has been night and day. I've gone from struggling to get comfortable to almost instantly falling asleep and waking without an alarm for the first time in 8 years. The storage space below is also very handy and easy to access. And when I'm not using the bed for sleep it feels very well built and solid, no creaking, and no shaking of the headboard. Could not recommend this bed enough.

Good quality at a great price

Needed an ottoman single bed for my 13 year old son as he has just moved into a smaller room and wanted more storage for him. I have has cheap beds from online unknown companies before and regetted it, so wanted to go to a well known bed specialist. I was not disappointed, very happy with the look, design, and quality of it. I paid for the bed to be put together, which I think was a reasonable cost. My son also loves his new bed and the storage underneath is a great usable space. Would highly recommend this bed.

Best Bed Ive Ever Bought!

Im very happy with the overall build quality and craftsmanship. It looks great and has A LOT more storage space than the photos indicate. This is a great choice for those that want to declutter their room. When the bed is pushed flush up against the wall, the top of the headboard section acts as a shelf. This is a really cool bonus feature that isnt apparent until its set up. Handy for tv remotes, phones and other items (see photo for a better idea). If you havent already, buy this bed now!

Great, but some features could be better.

I got the single a few years ago and have loved it so much. However, the slats underneath have split and gotten worn in only about 5 years. some of them have snapped completely and despite buying more slats, it's almost impossible to fit them as I can't remove the plastic that holds them there. Some of the slats have also split horizontally and I have no idea how this has happened. I am now upgrading to a double and am considering purchasing this one again, however still concerned about the slats.

Yardley Ottoman Single Bed

Yardley upholstered single ottoman bed. Very simple to put together and once completed very sturdy indeed. Bought for my son, who loves it. Very comfortable and sturdy bed. The storage space is great and the novelty of being able to lift the bed to reveal storage is easy, controlled and stable. All in all we are very pleased with the bed. This is our third bed from Dreams and they always last the distance. Im sure this bed will last many a year and was superbly priced. Thank you Dreams.....

Lovely beds and excellent delivery service

Purchased two beds in the sale. The Cooper King and Yardley Black Faux single, both ottoman beds. Had to wait a while for delivery due to low stock but the discount was worth it. Quality of beds is excellent and they were easy to build. The delivery process was also excellent with communication being really informative. The delivery driver contacted me to give a time of delivery with an hour slot. He was very polite and would certainly use Dreams again, and recommend them.

Great purchase recommended

Great quality material used, very sturdy and elegant look well worth the money and shows in the bed frame quality. Was easy to assemble with easy instructions and actually looked like the product in tht pictures unlike some place. My son absolutely loves this bed the storage fits everything of his collections of board games, toys and bedding with deep storage and we still have room for more without it being cramped and messy, which leaves more room in my son bedroom.

Excellent ottoman bed

I bought this bed in the sale and honestly I'm so happy with it. It wasn't too difficult to put together at all and the ottoman feature is really useful as we don't have a lot of storage space and it's amazing how much you can actually store within it. The pull-up mechanism feels sturdy enough to use often and the quality overall is great. I also love how comfortable and cushioned the headboard is if you're sitting up in bed as well. 5 out of 5 stars!

Great storage

I bought this ottoman bed frame over a month ago, didnt have any issues assembling with the girlfriend, I have however dented one of the metal triangles which hold the side of the bed which flips up (I am just under 14st) doesnt cause any real issues though. As a result I would recommend this bed more for children then two adults. Despite this the price and space you get from this bed as the frame as it is not chunky makes it a worthwhile purchase.

Its okay

Placed the order without the knowledge of the delivery time was a six weeks process!!! Bed is okay, I didnt realise it had only a dust sheet at the bottom and not a wooden base. Its a nice cheap bed overall, I havent had any problems with it at the minute ( its only been three weeks ). Wooden slats seems strong as Ive put two mattresses on it, hasnt given way yet ! Its okay, slightly difficult to put together but its doable. Good luck

Yardley Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

I am really pleased with this bed and this is my second one that I have ordered - we also paid for the extra to have the bed made up, and the old one taken away - the guys that came were helpful and friendly and even though one of the hydraulic Gas Struts was faulty it was reported straight away and the same day the office contacted me and advised a replacement would be sent and it arrived the following day - really pleased with the service.

Wonderful Bed

Lovely bed. Fairly easy to assemble ourselves. The fabric is a lovely design and colour. End-lift underbed storage is very easy to lift and offers full space under the bed which is a perfect space saver, and completely covered so you don't see it under the bed. Headboard is about an inch bigger either side of the bed, so would considered that if you're fitting into a tight space. Fabric is also easy to clean if you have pets/young children.

Stylish practical bed

Bought this for my teenage son, as we have just decorated his bedroom. It looks grown up! and will last him a good few years. Delivery was well organised and the bed was well packed. It took two of us about 45 mins to build up in situ, the only problem was getting the hydraulic struts to work as they were very stiff but now we have opened it up a few times it is easy. The bed has loads of storage space and we are really pleased with it.

Nice but bed slates Ottoman part dont stay up

This is nice and looks good for the price. However the bed frame does not stay up when you lift to access what is stored underneath. This is with the Johnstone mattress from dreams on - this was a bit disappointing but fine for us as there are two of us and we dont need to access the items stored regularly. The metal is welded near the slates but looks misaligned. The website says 30 mins assembly and the instructions say 3-4 hours.

Stylish double bed with storage

I originally bought this particular bed because it was an ottoman, to make the most of the storage space underneath. The convenience of this as well as the black leather finish make my studio flat bedroom comfortable and clutter free. Its low sides makes changing sheets easy and more suitable for a deeper mattress. It took less than an hour to assemble on my own from clear instructions and the tools in the kit. Thank you Dream's!

Exceptional value for money.

I waited a while to review the bed, and I have to say that almost a couple of months after purchase, I can't complain; excellent quality price, and the storage compartment underneath is big! Assembly is not too difficult, and clear instructions are even for a beginner. I can do it with patience and no hurry; I finished assembling the whole bed in about 3 hours, and it had excellent packaging. Reasonable structure; I recommend it!

Great quality and easy to assemble

I bought this Ottoman bed for my Sons room and we are both very happy with it. It looks stylish, is sturdy and the storage is amazing. Great value and good quality. Two of the parts come zipped in the headboard so we had a minor panic half way through assembling but a quick call to Dreams told us where to look. It does say on the instructions but hard to notice. All in all very happy with the delivery service and the bed.

Comfy and spacious

Great little bed. Single dimensions are not as advertised: Width is 95cm and not 101cm but this was actually better for us and doesn't make much difference to the bed itself. A lot more space under the bed than anticipated and very easy to raise and lower. Putting it all together took 2 minutes on my own. Delivered as advertised although we didn't receive notification of when our time slot was which was worrying at first.

Nice bed but mechanisms for ottoman do not work

The bed is lovely and quite easy to put together - definitely need 2 people to put together. However the mechanisms that hold the bed up to use the under bed storage do not work - one of them works perfectly, but the other is stuck and will not go in and out. We rang customer services who sent 2 new ones out but the same problem again and therefore still waiting for a mechanism that works so we can use the storage.

Well made, solid bed

I've had this bed 2 weeks. It was delivered when I was told, the 2 guys were helpful and polite, I put it together by myself, it took over 1 hour (recommend 2 people do this ideally), it was fairly straightforward to do. The bed itself gives great support to my mattress, no more sores on my hips (I'm a side sleeper) and the extra space underneath is a great bonus. All in all, I'd recommend this bed and Dreams.

Excellent Yardley Ottoman Bed

Love this bed. Perfect fit for my small double room. Looks exactly as the picture shows but I also went in store to check it out. The lifting mechanism is excellent and moves seamlessly. Heaps of storage underneath. And I highly recommend you pay the assembly fee - they were in and out in 15 minutes! Saves hours of figuring it all out (my own experience with my other ottoman bed!) and is worth every penny.

Excellent all round

I bought this ottoman bred frame from Dreams after doing quite a lot of research. It was the combination of looking good, the size and the amount of storage that made me choose it. I haven't been disappointed. The amount of storage is fantastic, it is very comfortable and looks lovely in my room. The guys who delivered and installed it were very friendly and professional. It pays to buy with the experts

Ottoman Bed Frame

Frame is perfect for what I wanted. The ottoman design works well in my narrower room so can access the storage from the near end of the room. Only issue is that the lining beneath is quite thin & I can imagine might break easily. The charcoal colour is nice & neutral, and the material is comfortable. Even with the mattress on top, it isnt too heavy for me to raise the ottoman to access the storage.

Yardley Ottoman bed review

Comfortable bed with good storage facility - construction is not super high quality, but it's priced accordingly so no complaints with that. We opted for the DIY assembly - not difficult but there is no instructions included, so bear that in mind if you are not practically minded! Store assistant in High Wycombe (Mick) was very friendly and knowledgeable. Overall very happy with the purchase.

Yardley upholstered ottoman bed frame

Extremely pleased with every aspect of this purchase. The delivery guys were efficient, polite and informative. The bed was very well packaged and all items present. The assembly was straight forward and following the simple instructions was complete in around forty minutes. Bought for my teenage son hes found it very comfortable with no squeaks and rattles. Would certainly recommend.

Bed purchase

I wanted something robust for an energetic 13 year old, and soon to be a young man. Quality was important with equally good service and after sales care. I was not disappointed, Dreams did it all and the delivery process was also spot on, why can't the delivery team call you on the day if they have your number, and they did call to ask if they could deliver early.

Great product

The most important point is that both my sons had a new bed and with the new mattress have slept well since purchasing them. For us as parents the strorage space is fantastic and we can finally move around the bedroom without knocking our toes on their toys. It was also very easy to put together, approximately 40 minutes for the first and 30 minutes for the second

Better decision Ever Made

This is very lightweight and wonderful bed to be honest. i have chosen this bed for my kid room and it is complimenting the room so well. I am very pleased with the bed. Not to forget but i had chosen the assembly from Dreams and that was one of the best decision i made, team was very efficient and did the job so quickly which i would have not imagined myself.

Solid storage bed

Bed bought for our 5year old son. Great storage capacity, build quality seems good. The support struts on the frame lid are solid, so trust its safety. Reasonable simple to build. To note the bottom is just fabric held in place with velcro. Does the job but time will tell on how this wears with use. In general very pleased with this bed and our son loves it.

Stunning Bed!

I bought this for my 9yr old when i re-decorated his room. It looks absoloutley stunning and is very modern. Super easy to lift and put back down and the storage is just great. The only issue we had was the velcro, I'd probably prefer a zip for the bottom. Overall experience and thought 9/10.. Even when they came to assemble the bed the service was excellent!

Lots of storage

I really need more storage so I bought this bed. It did take about an hour for my partner and I to assemble it but it was worth it. Delivery was excellent, from the time I bought it online to the time the delivery men knocked on my door I was kept informed all the way. Comfortable and good support for my mattress. No complaints. Wish I had bought one sooner.


Well..what can I say about my ottoman bed frame apart from it's a absolutely fantastic. All through the lockdown I have been making purchases with amazon, but this is by far the best purchase that I've made this year. It has so much room to store my personal items underneath my bed, and created alot of space in my bedroom, so thank you very much dreams.

Lovely bed

We bought this bed just after Christmas in the sale, we were so happy with our purchase, despite the fact I was dubious at first with the bed seeming a lot lower than our previous bed, however when we finally put the bed together it was perfect! The ottoman was a bit of a nightmare to sort but we finally did it! So much storage and such a lovely bed!

Great value

My son has been sleeping on this for the last month and says it's the greatest. Very easy to put together, glad I didn't pay for the build. Good smooth function to the lift and not too heavy for my lad. Plenty of storage under, I keep finding stuff under his bed that shouldn't be there, he's that desperate to fill the space. Would recommend highly.

Fantastic bed with plenty of space underneath

My teenage daughter has a tiny bedroom so wanted lots of storage in her bed. Her clothes, books, keyboard and keepsake box are now all hidden away nicely. She manages to lift and lower it by herself and loves her new bed! It also looks great with its fabric headboard, and as it sits directly on the floor there's no dust gathering underneath.

Good all round bed with the added bonus of storage

The bed has been great, plenty of storage and its all neatly packed away under the bed, the pistons make it an absolute ease to lift the bed as they do all the work and pushing it back down is much of the same, Im a heavier guy so was a little worried about spring slats but theyve been great, arguably my sleep has been better than before!

I have been framed!

If I were to advise on buying it, would I do it? Nah If I were to recommend it, would I do it? Nah If I were wealthy enough to buy all the available stock and then resell it with a profit, would I do it? Absolutely YES! Not only is this a good looking and practical bed with its understorage, it also sparkles the business side in you!

Easy to build and looks good

Bed was extremely easy to build. All parts in separate bags labeled with letters which match the installation steps. Once assembled bed feels solid and looks good. The storage space underneath is great and the gas powered lift mechanism makes a accessing it simple and easy. Our 5 year old is very happy with his first "big boy" bed.

Great storage solution

The fabric quality of the bed is pretty good, it isn't scratchy and is ok when sat up and leaning against the headboard. The mechanism for lifting is solid and stays perfectly in place when raised. The only downside to the bed is that the slats do squeak a bit. But overall a great bed frame with the storage solution we needed.

Easy to assemble and great quality

As someone who is terrible and impatient with flatpack furniture, I initially booked a handyman to build this but after he postponed, we decided to have a go ourselves. The bed came in just three boxes and we had built it in under an hour. Quality is great and plenty of storage underneath which is easy to access! Would recommend.

Absolutely Perfect!!

This bed is probably one of the comfiest I've ever been. It's squeaks a little bit sometimes but that's never bothered me, and the storage space underneath more than makes up for it, as I've always had way too much stuff to store normally! And the two who came and put it together were polite, friendly and done within 10 minutes!

Ottoman Bed

A great quality product and easy to put together. Looks brilliant in my 11 year olds room - he is really enjoying his grown up bed with the secret compartment! Delivery drivers were superb, very helpful and carried it up to his room and gave me a few tips on which box to open first. Great service all round, well done Dreams!

A dream experience.

We are so pleased with the whole 'Dreams' experience, from day one, walking into the Bromley branch & viewing and then ordering the bed frame. Did they mind when we delayed the delivery twice (bedroom not ready yet) not in the slightest! It was delivered promptly when we were ready and it is beautiful. Well done to everyone.

Attractive and practical

Easy to put together with simple instructions. I managed it on my own. The base looks like its sturdy quality in the instruction picture but it is just a flimsy piece of material that is stored in the headboard so make sure you give it a good rummage when you're taking all the parts out of it. The bed is light and attractive.

Two Beds!

I bought a small double bed and a single bed from Dreams and paid the extra to have the beds fitted and rubbish taken away. The beds were perfect with no issues at all and the two workers who came in to complete the service were polite and efficient. Overall, extremely satisfied and would recommend Dreams to everyone.

Perfect Teen Bed

Bought this for my teenage daughter and its a big hit. The mechanism to lift the bed to access the storage area is really high quality and means that its easy to lift. It stays open while you access the contents which makes it really useful additional storage. Its good to look at and very practical too. Very pleased.

Happy with purchase

Bed is great. Easy to pull up and down. Seems solid and well made. Would buy again. I am so happy that I paid extra for Dreams to put it together as it took them about 20 minutes and it would been a stressful task as I was moving that day. The chaps were friendly and efficient and communcated well on delivery time.

High Quality Bed

The delivery men were excellent and friendly. The bed was very easy to assemble, me and my son assembled it in as little as an hour! Its also very comfortable to sleep on. Also a large storage space to store items and it is a high quality bed and looks stunning. Thank you very much Dreams. Would highly recommend!

Excellent product, highly recommend

Absolutely love this product. Bought two singles to replace my parents' king size bed. The mechanism for opening is very light and easy compared to the old one. Lots of space underneath, and the faux leather is lovely. Relatively easy to put together. Really happy with this purchase. Would definitely recommend,

Its a game changer

Ive had a this bed for around 3 weeks now and its been the best 3 weeks of sleep Ive had in a long time The frame was delivered on time , was simple to put together with some assistance and the storage is perfect for my shoes and other items Overall its a great product and very well worth the purchase

Lovely bed!

The bed is exactly as described and very easy to put together, however two of the components of the bed were sealed inside the headboard and none of the instructions explained this so there was a brief panic until we found the missing parts. Other than this very happy with the bed and great value for money.

Great bed

Looks great! Chose this bed as it would be easy to clean and wipe down. Its a very sturdy bed, will definitely last a lot a longer than the previous bed (lasted us 9 years) which we bought from another company. Would definitely recommend as it was not only easy to put together, its also low maintenance.

Yardley bed

Bought for my 13 year old as a replacement for his high sleeper. The storage space is brilliant, better than I expected- and ideal for smaller bedrooms. I was worried it would be difficult to pull up, but it isn't at all thanks to the gas lift. It looks smart, and more importantly, it is very comfortable.

Simple to put together and looks great

I bought this bed on the internet in the sale as a spare bed for our single room. We needed a spare bed but had the need to keep some storage. The bed was simple to put together and the faux leather is good quality. The amount of storage under the bed is deceiving and there was more that I has thought.

Great Storage

I bought this for my new house with limited bedroom space. It's the best thing I've ever bought. The amount of storage available under the bed is amazing, it's easily accessible to lift up even with all the bedding on, the items in storage stay clean and you don't need to hover under the bed. Fantastic!

Yardley Bed frame

I bought this bed frame for my son and he loves it. It looks very smart and is perfect for the size of his room as it takes up less room with the end of the bed frame being flush with the mattress. The storage underneath is a really good size and has much more room that I expected it to have.


Cannot explain how much we love this bed!! Our old one was so squeaky and fragile and this one doesn't make a sound! So sturdy, so comfy, just lovely. The extra storage underneath is just perfect. Plenty of room and the bed isn't too heavy to lift up! Couldn't be happier that we bought this.

Good Value

Easy to assemble and looks nice. Quite difficult to reach the back of the storage underneath, but it'a great to have more storage anyway. The frame has 2 legs in the middle therefore you can't put stuff in correspondence of them otherwise it won't close properly. Overall please with it.

Bed and mattress

It was my first I ordered in this shop and I am not regretting, the bed it amazing my son love it. Dreams was really organise for the delivery they contact me the day before by email, text message even the call me. I recommended this bed it simple to fixe and u have a nice sleep on

Absolutely love this bed!

Really easy to put together by myself and my husband, the storage underneath is big enough to hold all the towels and bedding for the whole family and best of all there are no squeaks or any noise coming from the bed whilst moving around on top of it. Best bed frame I've ever purchased

Love it !

Bought this approx 2 weeks ago and am very happy with it as is my son. Its a sturdy, well made and comfortable ottoman bed which has lots of storage underneath. It opens up easily (you don't have to have muscles like a weight lifter !) and looks much more expensive than it is.

Great value Ottoman Bed

Easy to assemble. The double bed needs two people and took us about 75 mins. Solid construction. The sprung base has even made the mattress feel new again. Easy enough to lift because of the gas struts. Very happy with this purchase and even more storage room than we expected.

Easy to assemble

We found this bed very easy to assemble and after a hint from our delivery driver that there was a zip in the back of the headboard with the base board and bottom sheet in, this saved us thinking they were missing parts. Unfortunately part of the bed was damaged in transit ?

Just what I wanted

The product's description and how it was sold to me without anyone trying to sell me something more sophisticated gave me a good impression. The product fulfilled my requirement as I need more storage capacity and the comfort afforded by the bed was useful but not critical.

Great bed!

Looks good, even better than the picture; sturdy with plenty of storage and at a reasonable price. Easy to put together albeit that some fixings were missing and incorrectly labelled. Delivered on time; plenty of notification beforehand and helpful instruction on delivery.

Great service, great product

Ordered to replace an old bed. Chose the recycle and assembly service. Received text and phone call before delivery. The delivery guys were really efficient and polite and recycled and assembled in no time at all. Bed looks great in son's room and son is happy. Win, win.

Lovely bed and non squeaky

Managed to get this in the sale - absolute bargain - absolutely lovely bed with plenty of storage - however I would say the time putting together was longer than the suggested time on the website, lots of fiddly parts - other than that I am very happy with this purchase

Excellent bed for excellent price

Super happy with the quality of the bed. Really easy to lift the ottoman up and down. Amazing storage space. I paid for the installation and it was worth every penny. The delivery guys were friendly and fitted the bed together quickly. Fully recommend the bed and Dreams


I purchased the black faux leather single ottoman bed for my teenagers room and it is perfect. He is quite tall and the length is perfect. There is plenty of storage. The delivery and assembly was brilliant. The men kept their distance and wore the appropriate ppe.

Fantastic quality- would definitely recommend!

This bed frame exceeded my expectations! The quality is fantastic and it was so easy to put together. The storage capacity is quite alot and I was pleasantly surprisinged at how much could be storage. I have previously bought from Dreams and have found no one better.

Excellent bed for a teenager!

This was bought for my teeanage son. We've had it a few weeks now & it's perfect for him. Discussions in store with staff were helpful, ordering online was simple, delivery guys kept me up-to-date & the assembly of the bed was very easy. Storage space is ideal too.


Bought this about 2 months ago sand it is absolute quality, great room, great stability, very good mechanics as it is so swift to open and close, very good quality, easy to set up, all round perfect bed to go for whether youre a teenager or looking for yourselves.

Single ottoman bed- great buy!

A lovely quality single bed with underbed storage. The storage room is great for hiding all our son's toys. Easy to lift e and with a soft release so the bed doesn't slam down, it is great quality. Material is soft and durable and easy to wipe down. A great buy

Sturdy, handy little Ottoman Bed

So far very sturdy and looks exactly how it did on website. I had assembly booked in as well. The guys who delivered also put the bed together in pretty much no time. Plenty of space underneath, easy to use gas springs to open or close. Great experience overall

Easy to Assemble

Really easy to put together, however it must be said that burying some of the parts in the headboard and not mentioning it in the instructions was very annoying. And im not sure if maybe the mattress is too heavy but the lifting mechanism does seem to struggle.

Excellent value for money

The bed is as described and has plenty of storage space. It looks good and is practical. Value for money wise its excellent. And when we got stuck constructions it the Dreams customer services team were prompt and helpful and resolved our issue in no time.

Excellent priced quality bed

All arrived and contains easy to follow assembly instructions. Took a bit of effort to release the gas suspension but once done it works perfectly. An ideal height once the matress is in place and plenty of storage underneath. Looks great in the room too.

Yardley Bed (single)

Delivered on time by a friendly driver. Bed looks really nice in my sons room. I like that it is quite low as he has moved to this from his cot bed. Seems sturdy and great to have space for storage. Did take slightly longer than 30 mins to assemble.

Great cheap ottoman

Bought this for my sons 16th birthday, easy to build and comfortable with a large amount of storage. Headboard is less than a metre which is hard to find these days but fits under the window sill so great for versatility in arranging the furniture...

Yardley black faux leather upholstered bed frame

This bed frame is an ottoman style bed with great storage under the bed, good value for money. Delivery team Cristi & Eduard were very courteous, made sure they had protected covers over their shoes on before entering our home, they are a great team.

Excellent bed with storage

Lovely bed frame with excellent storage space. It fits perfectly in my small spare room. The bed frame is fairly low but I prefer this as it's meant the bed doesn't look like it's taking up as much space. The storage space is great for a single bed.

Nice good quality single bed

Lovely solid bed, was actually pretty easy to put together yourself. The grey does come up slightly darker that in the picture. We also purchased with the recommended mattress its quite soft but very comfortable my 4year old loves his big boy bed!

Just perfect!

I ordered the bed for my son for his new room when we moved. I had to change delivery date and address at short notice and customer service staff were so helpful. Bed was delivered in the timeslot and was put together with no fuss .. def recommend

Recommended for those looking for storage

Very pleased with this bed, great value and a good size for a compact double room. Put together myself in not much time at all although would recommend enlisting a friend for assistance on some parts. Great storage underneath, overall recommended

All you need!

I really like it. It has plenty of storage underneath, its a great quality bed, neutral and modern colour and style, and its comfy! But of course what matters the most is that its completely silent {wink wink wink}, trust me. Its a great bed!

Lovely quality and great storage

Great bed, the gas lift feature works really well and adds very useful storage. Looks really smart, easy to build and comfortable too. Watch out for the end piece being stored inside the headboard on delivery, thought it was missing at first!


Amazing bed! I was so stressed about which bed to buy and didnt want to spend a fortune. Found this bed and I love it, super comfy and sooo much storage! Theres so much more space underneath than I expected, I should of brought this sooner!

Strong and sturdy with plenty of room

Strong sturdy bed, well built by the dreams delivery team. I've slept on the bed for 2 weeks now and have no complaints. It doesn't make a squeak no mater how much you move on it. Plenty of room to store everything I wanted to under the bed.

A great bed. Service and delivery was spot on

In spite of a couple of delays - which were understandable in 2020 - the service and delivery was spot on. The bed was easy to construct, by myself, and there were only a couple of fiddly bits with the bolts and nuts, but nothing major.

Good for the price

I bought this a month ago, I usually spend a little more on beds but this has been great! Solid feeling and pretty easy to put together. The mechanism is a bit stiff but has loosened a little so hopefully that'll continue to get better.

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Questions and Answers About The Yardley Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Hi. We have a tight fitting door space. Does it come in small parts?

Answer: This bed is delivered in three boxes:Single bed:Box 1 - H-12cm x L=104.5cm x W=93cm Weight=15.4kgBox 2 - H-14cm x L=193cm x W=32.5cm Weight=23.6kg Box 3 - H-8cm x L=188cm x W=88cm Weight=10.5kg Double bed:Box 1 - H-12cm x L=151.5cm x W=94.5cm Weight=15.4kgBox 2 - H-13cm x L=193cm x W=32.5cm Weight=23.6kg Box 3 - H-11cm x L=188cm x W=88cm Weight=18.5kg

Would this bed fit through a loft hatch unassembled?

Answer: The Yardley will be delivered in 3 boxes, the dimensions of these are:SingleBox 1 12cm (H) x 105cm (L) x 93cm (W)Box 2 14cm (H) x 193cm (L) x 33cm (W)Box 3 8cm (H) x 188cm (L) x 88cm (W)DoubleBox 1 12cm (H) x 152cm (L) x 95cm (W)Box 2 13cm (H) x 193cm (L) x 33cm (W)Box 3 11cm (H) x 188cm (L) x 88cm (W)

Do you sell single beds which hook together?

Answer: We do not sell these, we do sell divan beds though which come split in half. For instance, a super king divan, comes in two pieces, each being 90cm wide (the width of the single option). These then link together to create a super king. Please note, the length of this is greater than a single (200cm vs 190cm). Thanks, Dreams.

How long would you be able to keep it for, before delivery? We are having an extension built and may not possibly be ready until the end of October. Would you be able to hold off delivery for that amount of time?

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. You should be able to do this, yes. If you add the product to your basket and go to checkout, you should be able to select your preferred delivery date before having to pay. Hope this helps and please do let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks, Dreams.

Is this bed a gas or piston lift and what is the difference between them?

Answer: This has gas pistons. Essentially, there is a handle attached to the end of the frame to lift the ottoman. There are then gas pistons in the bed which keep the ottoman open, whilst accessing the storage. Thus, meaning it is easier to open than a manual lift. Many thanks,Dreams

Is the bed easy to across a carpet

Answer: This bed weighs 49.5 kgs and the ease with which it could be moved across a carpet depends on the weight of the mattress, items in the storage etc. We would also recommend setting up this bed in the position that you plan to use it! Hope this helps, Dreams.

Is the slatted base flat packed? I need it to be as I have a very narrow staircase

Answer: The double is delivered packed in the following dimensions. Package 1: Weight:18.5 kgs | Measures:11 x 69 x 188cmPackage 2: Weight:19 kgs | Measures:12 x 94.5 x 151.5cmPackage 3: Weight:25 kgs | Measures:13 x 32.5 x 193cmThanks, Dreams.

I have the tempur cooltouch hybrid elite 25d mattress, would this bed hold the size and weight of this mattress?

Answer: It should be able to, yes. All of the bed bases are tested to BS EN 1725, then they are tested against a user of approximately 110kg. (Domestic use only). Mattress weight and user weight should be distributed evenly.

Do you need space at the end of the bed where it open or can the foot be against a wall

Answer: This can be against a wall, it will not affect opening the bed apart from the bed should be opened from the middle and the footend via a strap. Continuously opening from a corner may twist the frame over time.Thank you for your question.

Does this bed assemble without the head board, or is there another product available.

Answer: This bed frame is not able to be assembled without the headboard. If you would like bed without a headboard, we would suggest looking at the range of divan bases, by searching 'divan base' on the Dreams website.

Do you do assembly service if so what cost

Answer: Yes the team the able to assemble this bed frame for you - this service can be purchased at the checkout. The price of this for the Yardley bed frame will be 30 for a single or 50 for a double.

because this has slates (boards) does this mean this bed could break very easily.......................and is the base solid where the storage area is?

Answer: Absolutely not, these beds are very strong and durable. The under boards are made of ply wood and have fabric surrounding them but they sit on the floor keeping your belongings off the floor.Many thanks for the question.

What is the maximum weight (mattress and persons included) that this bed can withstand?

Answer: All of the bed bases are tested to BS EN 1725, then they are tested against a user of approximately 110kg. (Domestic use only). Mattress weight and user weight should be distributed evenly.Many thanks,Dreams

How do you lift the otoman bed? Do you have to lift the matteress up first and then get under the bed? Because seems no way to lift the bed without lifting the end of the materess first. Thanks

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. This bed is manual, so it would require you to lift the frame. The handle is located at the foot of the bed attached to the lifting frame.Many thanks,Dreams.

What are the dimensions of the slats? I need to purchase replacement as 2 have snapped

Answer: I am sorry to hear this, If you contact the customer service team they will be able to assist you in purchasing new slats, you will just need to provide them with your order details.

Can this bed be delivered in multiple boxes? I have a flat on the 2nd floor (attic style) and the stairwell is curved and fairly tight, I don't think a fully assembled bedframe would fit.

Answer: Apologies for the delay in clarifying this. The Yardley arrives in 3 packages measuring the following: Package 1: 1295152 Package 2: 1333193 Package 3: 1169188 .

How do I get a mattress with the bed for the offer

Answer: This bed frame does not come with a mattress and therefore the price displayed is for the bed frame only. If you require a mattress also, this will need to be purchased separately.

If I put a tatami mat on the bed slats as well as a mattress would this interfere with the gas assisted lifting? The tatami mat weighs approx 28kg.

Answer: We would advise against putting anything between the slats and the mattress. This isn't something that has been tested so we wouldn't know if this would cause an issue or not.

Does the photo show the maximum that the mattress can be raised, or does it go up any further? Also, is there storage under the whole of the bed or just the bottom half (foot end)?

Answer: There will be storage across the whole bed underneath. The bedframe raises up higher then what is shown in the photo to allow you to access the space across the whole frame.Many thanks for the question.

What is the storage base material made of? wood or fabric?

Answer: For this base there is a fabric sheet which attaches to the bottom of the frame, so any storage will sit directly on the floor, but with protection from the fabric sheet.

What is the maximum weight capacity for this bed frame ?

Answer: We currently dont specify a weight limit to the bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability..

Does the bed have a base underneath or is it storage to floor. Thanks

Answer: Good MorningFor this base there is a fabric sheet which attaches to the bottom of the frame so any storage will sit directly on the floor but with protection from the fabric sheet.

Is there a handle to open the ottoman and once opened do you have to hold it or is it on brackets or hinges to hold it up while you look in the storage. Thanks

Answer: There is a handle attached to the end of the frame to lift the ottoman. There are gas pistons in the bed which keep the ottoman open whilst accessing the storage.

do you deliver to apartment buildings? i am on the 3rd floor and if so is the assemble option available

Answer: Good Morning.We do deliver to apartment buildings and we would be able to offer assembly. You would just need to make sure the frame would fit going up the stairs or in a lift.

Hello, could you suggest a mattress for this 4ft 6" double. Dimensions say its 203cm length. I would prefer a memory foam 200cm. Thanks

Answer: BrainD,These dimensions are of the outside frame so will naturally be larger than the mattress itself.Any double mattress would fit within this frame.Thank you for your question.

What is the Mattress called in this Picture? So i can Purchase with the Bed! :)

Answer: We recommend visiting a store to find a mattress which is compatible with the bed and the correct comfort level for you as we have a wide variety.

How much is assembly ?

Answer: This depends on what size you are requiring.If you go through to checkout you can add assembly to your order and it will give you a breakdown of costs by size.Thank you.

Would the single bed be able to hold someone who is about 100kg

Answer: We do not have a specific weight limit for the bed frames; they are designed to take a variety of different weights of mattresses and sleepers.

Is this available with a side opening? Instead of it opening from the bottom?

Answer: Unfortunately the Yardley Bed Frame is only available as a standard ottoman which opens at the front, it is not available to open at the side.

Hello i just purchased a yardley double ottamam bed for my daughter..and one of her friends used it as a trampoline and broke the headboard, can the headboard be bought as a replacement part..thanks richard

Answer: I am sorry to hear this, if you contact the customer service team with your original order details they will be able to assist you with this.

What is the weight capacity of this bed, please?

Answer: Good MorningWe currently dont specify weight limits on the bed frames however all are tested for the British Standard EN1725 on strength and stability.

Is it east to assemble and do you have to use alen keys or is it screws that come supplied

Answer: This is very easy to assemble, all the tools are supplied in the fixing kit and you will need a screw driver at hand if assembling yourself.Many thanks for the question.

Is there a remote or do you lift it up? If you have to lift it up where is the handle to lift it?

Answer: This bed is manual, so it would require you to lift the frame. The handle is located at the foot of the bed attached to the lifting frame.

Does the ottoman bed have a floor in it or does it just stand on your carpet

Answer: There is fabric to separate the storage to the flooring. The benefit of this rather then raised flooring allows for better storage depth.Many thanks for the question.

Hi! Just wondering, the single bed which is 30, is it bigger than a normal single bed or is it the same size as a single bed?

Answer: The Single bed will be the same size as other Single beds. This may differ slightly to others due to the construction of the frame.

Is there weight limit in case the bed is sometimes used by two people at once?

Answer: This bed frame does not have a weight limit and has been designed to take a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike.

Is there a weight limit for the storage area?

Answer: The base of the Yardley is fabric and therefore there is no weight limit as the items stored in the base will sit on the floor.

Is the bed easily moveable to get around when hoovering?

Answer: The product weighs 51kg, but is not on castors or sliders so the degree of ease to move will depend on what flooring it sits on.

What mattress would be recommended to purchase with this bed?

Answer: There are no limitations in what mattress you can purchase with this bed frame - whatever mattress you find most comfortable.Thank you for your question.

How big is slatted base? I need it in a loft bedroom and hope it will go up the stairs

Answer: The slatted part of the frame does not come as one big piece, it will come folded in half so this will go up the stairs easily.Many thanks for the question.

My mattress is 200x140 will this still be suitable for the bed frame?

Answer: Unfortunately, this mattress would not be suitable for this bedframe. the bedframes are made to fit UK sized mattresses only.

How will this bed stop the mattress from sliding slightly off? Is there anything to stop that from happening?

Answer: The slats are set slightly inside the bedframe meaning the mattress will sit inside the frame helping to avoid movement .

How is the fabric base attached to the bottom of the frame? The instructions don't explain. They just state fix evenly but not how or with what?

Answer: The fabric base attaches with velcro, and then the feet should be fit to the base afterwards, keeping the fabric in place. Many thanks, Dreams

Can any mattress be purchased for this bed? Are there any restrictions on what sort of mattress?

Answer: Any mattress will be suitable for this bed frame, providing the size of the mattress is the same as the size of the bed frame.

Can this be easily dismantled after assembly?

Answer: Good Evening,The assembly time on this bed frame is 30 minutes and therefore this will be fairly simple to both assemble and disassemble.

Hi, Just wondering does this purchase include a mattress or do i need purchase the mattress it separately. If i need to purchase it separate can i add it on to my bed frame order to it all comes at once? Kind Regards.

Answer: This bed does not come with a mattress, but one of the mattresses can be added to your order so you get them together.

Hi can you leave the base out to make extra space?

Answer: We wouldn't recommend to do this as it could cause damage to your flooring as well as the structure of the bed frame

Hello , Can I come to store and pick up bed with my car instead using a delivery?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not offer a collection service for the bed frames, delivery of these to your address is required.

I want the double but in grey not possible on the website

Answer: Unfortunately this bed frame is out of stock at the moment. Please check back in the coming weeks for its return. Many thanks, Dreams

Hi is this a king size bed

Answer: The Yardley Bed Frame is available in Single or Double only, unfortunately this frame is not available in King size.

Hi, does anyone know if the lifting mechanism will take heavy mattress. My wife has a bad back, and we need to know the hydraulic system works well and take the weight.

Answer: Good Evening,Our bed frames have been designed to take a variety of different mattress weights and still function effectively.

Does this bed (storage area) have a solid base? If so, what is it made of?

Answer: There are under boards made from ply wood coated in fabric that stops your belongings from touching the floor.Many thanks for the question.

What is the standard depth of an ottoman bed

Answer: There is no standard depth to an ottoman bed however on a general scale this will be between between 20/30cm.Many thanks for the question.

I want to buy a doubleYardley Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame. We have a narrow doorway. Is this coming in one box?

Answer: Please find the delivery dimensions below: Package 1: Weight: 62.5 kgs - measures: 91 x 148 x 214cm

Can this double fit my mattress which is 200 x 150 cm , please? Thanks

Answer: The frame would be slightly too small for a mattress of this size, the frame dimensions are 190cm x 137cm.

The room i want the bed in is not long enough for the headboard to sit against the wall.. therefore the side of the bed will need to be put against the wall. How sturdy is the headboard if it does not have wall support?

Answer: When built correctly this bed is very sturdy and therefore the headboard will not need wall support. Many thanks, Dreams

What is the maximum weight mattress that can used on the double bed frame for the ottoman to work effectively?

Answer: We do not specify any weight limit, but industry standards suggest a mattress up to 80kg is suitable.

What clearance do I need to allow at the end of the bed to be able to open it?

Answer: When the ottoman lid is lifted the total height is 122cm from the floor to the top of the frame.

how tall does the bed get with the ottoman feature lifted up?

Answer: When the ottoman lid is lifted the total height is 122cm from the floor to the top of the frame.

in the single bed size does the top part lift from the end/foot of the bed or the side? where I need to put it there is no space at the end to access the foot end

Answer: This is opening from the foot end only. We apologise for any inconveniences this may cause.Thank you for your question.

Do you have beds in stock or do you have to wait to collect

Answer: If you are ordering this particular bed frame, it will be delivered within 7 weeks of ordering.

Are the headboard purchased separately

Answer: The Yardley bed frame comes with the head board included - this is not purchased separately

Does the storage have a wooden base or do the content just sit on the floor?

Answer: The frame has a base that fixes to the bottom, so items will not be sat on the floor.

Can I change my delivery address after ordering online as I am moving to a new address

Answer: Once ordered, you will have to contact the customer services to have this amended.Many thanks for the question.

We are moving and intend on keeping the frame in one piece if possible when we do. Do you know the weight of the full frame and headboard?

Answer: This bed would have been delivered in one package which weighed 62.5 kgs. Hope this helps, Dreams.

Does the headboard come complete with the bed frame ?

Answer: The headboard is included in the bedframe as it is part of the main structure.

What price is this with a mattress?

Answer: This will be dependent on the mattress you decide to buy with this bed frame.

What size mattress will this bed take ? As it gives me no dimensions

Answer: This particular size will take a standard double mattress of 190cm x 137cm.

If we purchase 2 standard single (twin) ottoman bedframes, can they be fixed together to make a double base (like divan twin bases can be hooked together)

Answer: Unfortunately it is not possible to attach these two bedframes together.

Is point C in the dimension diagram the widest part of the bed? So its no wider than 59 at all? Thanks

Answer: We can confirm that the widest part of the bed is no wider than 59 inches. Thanks, Dreams

Do you deliver to Ireland?

Answer: Unfortunately the franchise company only deliver within Northern Ireland.

Hi, What material is the bottom of the bed where you store the items, is this wooden planks or fabric and does the bed have wheels at the bottom

Answer: The bottom will be a fabric material and the bed will not be on wheels.Many thanks for the question.

What is the exact size of 3.0 single bed

Answer: The Yardley Bed Frame in Single 204cm (L) x 102 cm (W) x 91cm (H).

There is 90cm in the description but I think that's the highest spot of the frame but how high is the bed with a usual mattress?

Answer: This is 30cm to the top of the frame without the mattress.Many thanks for the question.

Would you take away a sofa bunk bed and would I have to dismantle it

Answer: If it is a bed that is being disposed of then yes we would. Thank you for your question.

Can you take away an old bed when delivering/ assembling a new one?

Answer: You can add this service as an extra add on at checkout. .

What is the height at the foot end of the bed frame

Answer: This is 30cm, but the storage is only 25cm in height.Thank you for your question.

Do you take an old bed frame away

Answer: We do indeed. This is presented as an option through checkout.Many thanks for the question.

How strong are the wooden slats on the base? The last bed I had in a similar style they kept breaking as were made from flimsy wood.

Answer: These sprung slats are quality beech for the flex this is a fantastic frame.Thank you.

Do you have an assembly service for this bed?

Answer: Yes, this will be 38. It will be available through checkout.Many thanks for the question.

How does the ottoman open is it on a catch or do you need to press down to release it and do you need extra space on the foot side to release it or will it still open if the foot side is against the wall

Answer: There is a material loop that you use to pull the bed up.Thank you for your question.

What's the height of the headboard? And is the storage base fabric or solid?

Answer: The headboard measures at 91cm, and the base is fabric.Thank you for your question.

Hi do you collect a metal frame beds

Answer: We can collect metal bedframes with the recycling service.

Does it come with a mattress

Answer: No, you will need to purchase a mattress separately.Thank you for your question.

What are the dimensions of the slats this bed takes? Im not interested in buying more I just need to know.

Answer: This sprung slats gap for this product is 8.7cm. Hope this helps, Dreams

does this bed have to be fitted with the headboard

Answer: Yes, the head end is an integral part of the bed frame.

Can you fit a spare mattress in the storage space?

Answer: Good MorningYou wouldn't be able to store a mattress in the ottoman.

What is the maximum mattress weight that this hydraulic system can lift?

Answer: There is no set weight restriction for this bed frame.Many thanks for the question.

Hi does the bed make noises when moving thanks

Answer: No, this bed has a sprung slat system so is sturdy.Thank you for your question.

Does this take a euro and uk mattress.

Answer: This bedframe is only suitable for a UK size mattress.

what are the dimensions of the storage compartment on the double bed

Answer: There is a 25cm depth of storage on this model.Thank you for your question.

Hi does the Yardley ottoman bed come with a headboard or do I have to purchase that separately it is shown with one in the picture but want to make sure. Many thank

Answer: The headboard is included with the Yardley bedframe

May I know the internal storage dimensions especially the depth? I am considering if can I fit a luggage in it. Thank you.

Answer: The internal storage depth of the ottoman is 25cm

Does this come in parts ? As a whole frame is impossible to fit through my stairs to take upstairs.

Answer: Yes, the Yardley will come delivered in two boxes.

Do I have to buy the mattress separately

Answer: Yes, you must purchase a mattress separately.

What is the weight load limit for the wooden slats?

Answer: There is no set weight limit for the bedframe.Many thanks for the question.

hello what is the internal floor material?

Answer: Good Evening,The storage area of this bed has a fabric base.

Does the base come with castors

Answer: This Yardley bed frame comes with plastic feet.Thanks, Dreams

Are there any finance payment options?

Answer: Good AfternoonFinance is available for orders over 500.00.

I want to order this bed and would like the bed to be assembled for me. If I add assembly fee to my order when ordering online will the delivery team assemble it for me? I heard from a friend that dreams werent doing assembly because of the covid19

Answer: Yes, Dreams are now offering assembly again.

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