Lucia Upholstered Bed Frame

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Code: 253-00020
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Height/Depth: 107cm
Updated: 8/17/2019 6:24:39 PM
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What Makes It Great

Myself and my Fiance spent hours deliberating which bed to go for, we were always going to go with Dreams but the sheer amount of beds on offer left our heads spinning. After 3 visits to various Dreams stores to actually SEE the beds we got ourselves set on the Lucia and quite frankly... WE. ARE. VERY. VERY. VERY. PLEASED! It pulls the room together nicely and was a breeze to assemble (recommended 2 people). It all came together quite seamlessly with minimal stress. Overall the bed feels sturdy and very well manufactured, the texture of the material is much better than we could have envisioned and the two draws underneath are HUGE! we can almost fit our wardrobes worth of clothes under the bed! I would very highly recommend this product to anyone that wants a simplistic and well made bed to compliment the rest of their room. Great value for money and more than happy with the overall service!! Thank You Dreams!

Questions and Answers

If i'm having problems with the frame what sort of warranty do i have

Answer: Hello, You are provided with a 1 year's guarantee. Many thanks for the question.

Do you assemble the bed

Answer: Hello, There is an assembly service available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

The super king size is no longer available as an option, do you know when it will be back in stock?

Answer: Hello,, Should be available to order in approximately 4 weeks. Many thanks for the question.

Do I have any in stock to pick up from the store instead of waiting over 5 weeks for this item? 

Answer: Hello, Store's are showrooms only, everything will generally be on a delivery basis to the household. Many thanks for the question.

What are the dimensions of the drawer on the king size bed

Answer: Hello, The dimensions of the drawers are as follows: Width 120cm x Depth 73cm. These do not differ on the size of the bed, therefore these dimensions are the same for both the King and Double. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi Dreams team, Can I please ask if a queen mattress with dimensions of 59"/150cm by 75"/192cm will fit onto this bed if it were a double? Thank, Greg

Answer: Hello, This will fit a kingsize however will have a 4cm gap either end. Many thanks for the question.

what is the price of the grey bed after sales bed

Answer: Hello, As stated on the website the bed has come down from £399 to £349. Many thanks for the question.

What is the height of the foot of the bed in cm? Many thanks.

Answer: Hello, That's 63cm. If you need any other dimensions check out our dimensions tab. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

hi steve here can you tell me when its avalible in super king thanks

Answer: Hello, This will be available from mid-March. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for your question.

Can you tell me the dimensions of the storage drawers for the Lucia bed please?

Answer: Hello, This will be 120cm x 73cm. Many thanks for the question.

What are the dimensions for Lucia single bed please? 

Answer: Hello, This will be 222cm by 100cm. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, Just wondering why the superking size for this bed is no longer available?

Answer: Hello, This is currently out of stock and will appear back when this is readily available. Please contact our live chat agents to provide an email address. They can then let you know when the product is back in stock. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, What is the delivery time on this bed in king please?

Answer: Hi , It depends on where you live. We have the online store locator to help provide an estimate on how long it would take. It is located on the product page. Many thanks for the question.

What is the distance between the sprung slats?

Answer: Hello, This will be approximately 4 to 5 cm. Many thanks for the question.

What's the weight of the Lucia once it's been put together?

Answer: Hello, This will be 57.4kg in a single. Many thanks for the question.

Am looking for super king size.

Answer: Hello, This is only available in the colour grey. Please use the link given to see if this will be a great option for you. Many thanks for the question.

What's the weight for a double when put together?

Answer: Hello, This will be 72kg. Many thanks for the question.

can I please have the weights of a double and king size

Answer: Hello, This will be 72kg for the double and 75kg for the king size. Many thanks for the question.

Hi is the bed frame creaky and noisy like a few reviews have said.

Answer: Hello, This is a solid bed frame and will not show such effects if assembled firm and correctly. We provide a service for this through checkout to make the delivery of the bed frame a smooth process into the bedroom. Many thanks for the question.

HI does cushioned slats make a difference

Answer: Hi , There is definitely a huge difference with cushioned slats. Thank you for your question.

Would this be available to buy and take from store on the day?  Thanks :)

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately not, this product is delivered from the main delivery depots. Thank you for the question.

Would a mattress with a width of 137cm and length 190cm fit the 4' 6" frame ? 

Answer: Hi , Yes this will fit the frame. Many thanks for your question.

Hi,does the storage chest come with the bed or does it need to be bought seprately in addition l. 

Answer: Hi , The storage box is sold separately. Many thanks for the question.

What are the messurments for the single bed please? Thank you

Answer: Hi , The measurements for the single bed is: Height - 106cm Length - 221cm Width - 99cm Many thanks for the question.

are there storage drawers in the single base?

Answer: Hello, Yes, there will be one large storage drawer. Many thanks for the question.

what is the difference with a solid slat and sprung ?

Answer: Hello, Please refer to this page for further details. Many thanks for the question.

my super king mattress is 180x190cm which is 10cm shorter than a king mattress but your frames are the same length for both sizes. W\ill my super king mattress be too small for this frame?

Answer: Hello, Your mattress will fit in a super king bed frame however will have 5cm either end. Many thanks for the question.

We have this bed, but i think we need some new slats for it. Are we able to order these separately?

Answer: Hello, This can be done through customer services on 0800 652 5090. Many thanks for the question.

Biggest panel on the super king bed please?

Answer: Hello, This will be the headboard end of the bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

What is the measurement of the largest panel please?

Answer: Hello, This will be 106cm by 145cm. Many thanks for the question.

Hi! I was wondering if this bed is one that can be disassembled and reassembled for moving house?

Answer: Hello, This can easily be taken apart again and re-assembled again. We also provide downloadable instructions on the product page. Many thanks for the question.

Does the mattress sit on top of point E? Or does it fit in below that... I mean is the bottom on the mattress 38cm above the ground or is it lower?

Answer: Hello, The mattress will be sitting slightly lower as it will be on the wooden slat system. This will be approximately 32cm from the ground. Many thanks for the question.

Is it essential to have the headboard and foot board or can you just have the bases with the drawers?

Answer: Hello, The headboard is apart of the bed frame. This can not unfortunately be sold separately. Many thanks for the question.

Is the head board attached already to the base of the bed

Answer: Hello, This will come altogether flat packed upon delivery. Many thanks for the question.

Hi sorry just want know if the head set of the bed can be sold differently, I bought my bed about 4 years ago and the leather is all crack  so I don't know if I can buy the set to replace it.

Answer: Hello, Please call customer services who may be able to source you a replacement part. You can call them on 0800 652 5090. Many thanks for the question.

Hi what is the over all length of a king size bed including the head board and toe board ? 

Answer: Hello, This will be 230cm. Many thanks for the question.

Do you take old beds and mattresses?

Answer: Hello, This is a service we can provide through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, I am referring to your product code 263-00021 (Lucia Brown Faux Leather Upholstered Bed Frame). Can this bed frame support the weight of product code 133-00650 (Insignia Bedgebury Pocket Sprung Mattress - Very Firm)? And do they fit into each other?

Answer: Hi , This mattress is fine for this bed frame, as long as you order the same size (Eg, a double mattress for a double bed frame) it will fit with no issues. Thank you for your question.

Can i get this assembled? or partly assembled, i.e without the headboard

Answer: Hi , The headboard is part of this frame. If you would like assembly, please add this option to your order in the checkout. Thank you for your question.

Can you tell me how deep the draws are in cms?

Answer: Hi , Of course, the dimensions of the drawers are as follows: Width = 120cm x Depth = 73cm. These dimensions do not differ on the size of the bed, and therefore they will be the same for all bed sizes. Thank you for your question.

what is the benefit of upgrading to sprung slats?

Answer: Hi , Sprung slats are from a stronger wood, have an extra strengthening bar in the middle and are upwardly curved. This means they're more durable. We recommend upgrading to sprung slats if this will be your main bed. Thank you for your question.

Hi do you do this in a super king size?

Answer: Hi , This is not available in a super king size. Apologies for any inconveniences caused. Thank you for your question.

What side is the drawer on for this bed in a single?

Answer: Hi , This drawer can be placed on either side. Thank you for your question.

What type of mattress wld u recommend for this bed

Answer: Hi , Any mattress as long as it fits the frame (Double mattress for a double bed) would be fine. It is dependant on your personal comfort preference. Thank you for your question.

Can you please advise of the frame size - I am ordering a new mattress to go with the new bed just ordered, but I have 2 options - UK Double (135 c 190) or EU Double (140 x 200).

Answer: Hi , If ordering a double sized frame then you should buy the UK double sized mattress and this would fit. Thank you for your question.

What is the height of the head board as thinking about when it goes up the stairs

Answer: Hi , The headboard is 106cm in height and 99.5cm wide. We hope this helps you and thank you for your question.

Hi, I have this bed and I’m too tall for it. Is it possible to change the foot end for a similar non-sleigh variant? And if so do you sell such parts separately? Thanks

Answer: Hi , Please call our customer services team on the number at the top of our site and someone will be happy to help you. Thank you for your question.

Hi I am thinking of purchasing this bed frame (single), when you stand at the base of the bed what side do the drawers pull out on please ?

Answer: Hi , You can decide which side you would like the drawers to pull put upon assembly. Thank you for your question.

The slat holders have all perished (only 2yrs old) & the slats are falling out, believing its a simple & cheap task to replace them i tried to buy more but this size are totally unique cannot be purchased anywhere so now my bed is useless! Please advise?

Answer: Please ring customer services on the number at the top of our site. Thank you.

Hello, I am looking to buy the Beaumont double mattress from Dreams. The size is 137cm width, 190cm length, 23cm height.  Will it fit this bed frame in double? 

Answer: Hi Claudis 88, Yes this will. Thank you.

what is the height of the base

Answer: Hi , The floor to the top of the side rail measures at 38cm. Thank you for your question.

Can’t you tell me if a European King (160x200) mattress would fit in the super king Lucia frame?

Answer: Hi choggers, No, your mattress would be too small. Thank you for your question.

So a 160x200 mattress would technically fit in the SK bed frame but there’d be a gap, is that correct?

Answer: Hi , Yes that is correct, there would be a 20cm gap. Thank you for your question.

Can the front head board be taken off ????

Answer: Hi , No, this head board cannot be removed. Thank you for your question.

Will a Doze mattress fit this frame or will it not be thick enough on depth?

Answer: Hello, This mattress will compliment the frame well as it will not over hang with the sleigh styled foot-end. Many thanks for the question.

What are the dimensions for a super king mattress for this bed 

Answer: Hi , These are all UK standard frames so they will take any UK standard mattress, as long as the size matches both (eg - Super king frame would take a super king mattress) Thank you.

Hello. Do you sell alternative foot-ends for this bed, or is there a non-sleigh foot-end from another bed that might match? Many thanks

Answer: Hi, This model comes as displayed only. We have models named Bond and Dakota that come with high or low foot ends. Thank you.

What is the weight limit on a double bed please.

Answer: Hi , There are no set weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you.

Hi can you tell me the weight of the king size please once all assembled. 

Answer: Hi , The weight of the king size is 100.6 KG. Thank you.

Is the length of the bed including the lip at both ends of the bed?

Answer: Hi , Yes, this is included in the dimensions. Thank you.

How easy is this bed to put together on your own or can the delivery men help you, as I would be adding the recycling option to my order to be able to take away my current bed.

Answer: Hi , We have assembly instructions on the product description section if you would like to read these before deciding the difficulty. However, we offer assembly at an extra cost so our team can do this for you. Thank you.

Will I be at a huge loss if I don’t have the sprung slats? 

Answer: Hi Oggy We always suggest sprung slats where possible as it improves comfort when sleeping. It is entirely up to you and your personal preferences and comfort when you sleep. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Hi, We have just placed an order for this bed(Lucia). We have a double mattress dimensions (135cm x 190cm), however, the dimensions mentioned on Lucia say (length: 222cm, Width: 145 cm). Now, we are worried that our mattress (double) will be small?

Answer: Hi , The Lucia double bed frame will fit a standard double mattress. Thank you for your question.

How heigh is this bed? It’s the only size not listed under dimensions for this bed

Answer: Hi This bed has a height of 107cm (47in) at the headend. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

I have just purchased this Lucia bed in a king size. Just wondering would the King Orchard pocket sprung mattress (SKU - 135-00507) be ok for this frame. 

Answer: Hi , Yes, any king sized mattress will fit this king size bed frame. Thank you for your question.

What is the size gap between the slats please?

Answer: Hi , This will be approximately 4 to 5 cm. Thank you for your question.

High of the bed frame to the floor?

Answer: Hi , The height from the floor to the top of the side rail is 38cm and the height from the floor to the bottom of the side rail is 4.5cm. Thank you for your question.

the little side table shown on the last photo does it come with the bed

Answer: Hi , No, this side table is not included. You can purchase this separately below: Thank you for your question.

Hi, would this bed frame allow a deep mattress eg 28cm depth without the mattress sticking above the end of the bed frame?

Answer: Hi , This bed frame would allow for a 28cm depth mattress. The side rail height is 33cm and the foot end height is 62cm so would not go over the end of the frame. Thank you for your question.

hight off headboard you have has 107cm that is 42inchs by my tape measure you say here either 45 or 47 which is right?

Answer: Hi , The height of the head board should be 107cm which is 42inches. Thank you for your question.

what is the basic material of bed frame?

Answer: Hi , This bed is upholstered in a polyester fabric. Thank you for your question.

hi the drawer in bed has right side, can I change to left side?

Answer: Hi , This bed has a drawer both sides. However if you purchase a single Lucia it will only come with one drawer which can be assembled either side. Thank you for your question.

Will a mattress of 23 inches thick fit the double frame

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. A 23cm depth mattress would fit the Lucia bed.

Hi Is the Insignia Ashdown Pocket Sprung Mattress suitable for this bed (both in king size) Thank you. 

Answer: Hi , Any standard king size mattress would be suitable for this bed in the king size. Thanks for your question.

What are the dimensions of the bed side units please?

Answer: Hi , These bedsides do not come with the bed frame, you will need to purchase them separately in the link below: The dimensions of the bedsides are H53cm x W42cm x D43cm. Thank you for your question.

We want to buy the king size bed but we are worried the mattress won't fit. Will a mattress that is 200cm long, 150 cm wide, and 24 cm thick fit comfortably?

Answer: Hi , Yes this size mattress will fit this bed frame in king size. Many thanks for your question.

Can you please tell me the dimensions of the drawers on the super king frame please? Thank you 

Answer: Good Evening, The dimensions of the drawers on our Lucia bed frame are: 120cm x 73cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

what is the best mattress you would recommend for the super king size bed

Answer: Good Evening, Mattress choice is purely dependant on type preference, we have a range of mattresses which include pocket springs, memory foam or combination mattresses which contain both springs and foam. The type of mattress you would like will be dependent on the comfort that you require. We would recommend you visit one of our Dreams store to try the different mattresses that we have on offer. Please be assured that any super king Dreams mattress will fit this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, can anyone tell me is it difficult to open the drawers of this bed if you have thick luxury carpet on the floor? 

Answer: Good Evening, The gap between the floor and the bottom of the bed is 4.5cm and therefore it is unlikely that a thick carpet would inhibit the drawers from opening. If you would like to see this bed in store, we would recommend using our 'find in store' feature to see which Dreams store closest to you has this bed frame on display. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the difference between solid and sprung slats? Which are the strongest?

Answer: Solid slats are one piece of timber that goes from one side of the bed to the other - the support is split across these slats. Sprung slats are slightly curved which gives more support - in addition the slats are split down the middle so the left and right side of the bed have their owns slats; this provides greater strength and support. Kind Regards, Dreams

What type of slat is good for someone with a back pain please? Solid or sprung?

Answer: Good Evening, Slats are designed as a feature of the bed frame and therefore do not contribute to the overall comfort. We would suggest looking at your mattress type and choosing one that is supportive to help with your back pain. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, does this bed have a suggested weight limit.

Answer: Good Evening, Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of mattress types and sleepers alike and therefore we do not advise of a specific weight limit. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, Can you please tell me if the headboard can be taken off the bed to be replaced or is it solid and part of the bed.  Can you advise of any beds that you have with separate headboards please if not Thank you 

Answer: Good Evening, Unfortunately we do not offer a replacement head end for this bed frame, it can only be sold as part of the entire frame. This is not a feature that we offer with any of our bed frames. Headboards can be purchased separately and can be paired with our range of divan bases. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, What weight will the solid/sprung slats support? Cheers

Answer: Good Evening, Our Bed Frames are designed to accommodate a variety of different types of mattresses and sleepers alike and therefore we do not specify any weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, What are the flat pack dimensions of the kind size bed with spring slats? Thanks

Answer: Good Evening, The King frame comes in 4 boxes: Box 1 - 16.5cm (H) x 166cm (L) x 116cm (W) Box 2 - 11cm (H) x 215cm (L) x 20cm (W) Box 3 - 35cm (H) x 204cm (L) x 11.5cm (W) Box 4 - 63.5cm (H) x 122cm (L) x 7.5cm (W) Kind Regards, Dreams

How big are the drawers?

Answer: The dimensions of this are: 17cm (D) x 60cm (L) x 120cm (W) Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there a charge for recycling the old bed and for assembly of the new bed ?

Answer: Our delivery team are able to remove your old bed frame for £25. Assembly of your new bed frame will depend on the type of bed purchased - for the Lucia, we would charge £30 to assemble a Single or £50 for a Double, King or Superking. Kind Regards, Dreams

Will a materass that is 140*200 for the double frame? Many thanks! 

Answer: The Lucia Double will accommodate a mattress that measures 135 x 190cm, therefore a mattress that is 140 x 200cm is unlikely to fit. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi the bed length on the dimensions say it’s 222cm but able to fit a mattress 190cm? Does this mean 22cm of the frame won’t be covered by the mattress? I ask this as I just ordered this and hope a mattress size of 190cm length fits

Answer: The length dimension displayed on the site indicates the total length of the bed - this includes the head end and foot end. The sleeping area is smaller than the total length as this is the area where the mattress lays. If you have ordered a mattress measuring 190cm in length, this will be suitable to fit a double Lucia. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, Will a normal double mattress fit this bed nicely?

Answer: Yes, a standard UK double mattress will be the ideal fit for a Lucia in double. Kind Regards, Dreams

How much is assembly 

Answer: Assembly of the Lucia Bed Frame will cost £30 for a Single or £50 for a Double, King or Super King. Kind Regards, Dreams

please i want to know if the frame comes with a mattress.

Answer: This bed frame does not come with a mattress, if you require a mattress, this will need to be purchased separately. We offer a wide range of mattresses online and in store which would be suitable for use with this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

does the lucia, if it has sleepmotion still have drawers?

Answer: If purchased with Sleepmotion, the Lucia will no longer feature drawers. Kind Regards, Dreams

I have always slept on a pocket strung mattress, but have wondered about changing to something different. I have a serious lower back problem which cannot be cured only managed. have you any advice (I cannot sleep on a firm mattress) for something else.

Answer: Our Sleepmotion bases help support your head and legs, working to ease painful pressure points and improve circulation - this will provide better support and comfort whilst you sleep. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the bed come with a mattress?

Answer: This bed frame does not come with a mattress, therefore the price showed online indicates the price of the bed frame only. If you require a mattress, this will need to be purchased separately. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does  it come  with  headboard 

Answer: Hi , The head-end featured in the image is included with the bed frame. Kind regards Dreams

Hi can you tell me the difference between the standard slats and the sprung slats please ?

Answer: Hi , Solid slats are one piece of timber that goes from one side of the bed to the other - the support is split across these slats. Sprung slats are slightly curved which gives more support - in addition the slats are split down the middle so the left and right side of the bed have their owns slats; this provides greater strength and support. Kind regards Dreams

For the super king Lucia, what mattress size is required please?

Answer: Hi , The super king Lucia will fit a standard super king mattress (180 x 200cm). Kind regards Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 review

Great looking bed, sturdy, lots of storage!

I am so happy with my new bed! It’s a lovely silvery grey colour, looks very expensive and looks lovely next to my newly painted grey walls! Easy enough to put together although did take longer than the hour estimated! I ordered the spring slat frame instead of the wooden slats and ended up with the screw pack for the wooden slats! But after emailing dreams, I had a quick response and the right screws were posted out to me immediately! The drawers are very solid and a good size! Also they are separate from the actual bed frame which makes these very easy to manoeuvre in and out, and also you can remove them completely if you wanted to and store extra things right under the bed if you wanted too! No negative points, would 100% recommend!

Great bed!

Came very quickly, I think 2 or 3 days before the estimated delivery. Very pleased with this. It was really well worth the money. Sure you can get better beds for more money but as I wasn’t yet willing to spend more, I got this and was very pleased as a result. Assembly took about 45minutes +/- and can be done by one person but best by two people especially towards the end. Simple instructions. The bed is very low but I like it cause it doesn’t feel like it takes up the whole room but it’s still a feature in that it looks nice. I still manage to put a box of shoes under my bed but nothing too high. Overall, very happy and no regrets!

Stylish grey super king

Had this dark grey super king Lucia a month now and very pleased with it. Goes well with our bedroom. Drawers are on wheels as opposed to runners so can take more weight. Spacious. We paid for the bed to be assembled. The 2 men were very nice and wore the shoe covers without being asked to. The delivery van was not loaded with our slats but after one or two phone calls they arrived 2 hours later with another Dreams man to finish building the bed. The bed we replaced was from dreams. Bought about 11 years ago. Would definitely recommend Dreams.

Fantastic bed!

I've had this bed over a month now. It's literally the best looking bed I've ever had and suits my bedroom perfectly. It's exactly what I was looking for. Also, I put this bed together by myself. Sure it took me a little longer than it said on the instructions but I didn't struggle one bit. The draws are great for extra storage too. Would definitely recommend to others!

Very solid and practical

This bed feels extremely solid, and the drawers are very large and practical for storing bedding and freeing up other space in the bedroom. I think the design makes this bed look more expensive than it was. I'm very pleased with it. The drawers are slightly tricky to put together as the holes are not pre-drilled, so I would consider paying for the assembly service.

Love my new bed!

Bought this about a month ago and absolutely love it. So sturdy and no creaks or anything! Delivery was straight forward and the delivery lad even took his shoes off at the door before taking the bed upstairs for me! Very polite. Placed the boxes where they needed to go and gave me some tips on building the bed. Thanks, will definitely order again when i need too!

Beautiful bed!

Purchased this bed on offer after seeing it online, also went into store to see what it looked like and staff in store were very helpful. Ordered the next day online and got to choose my delivery date which was handy due to work commitments and only had to wait a week for it to arrive! Easy to put together and it’s a gorgeous bed! Very happy with my purchase!

Excellent Bed

I bought this bed on moving into a new property. The delivery was prompt and the product is of a good quality. The only downside was the self-assembly. The slats did not fit the frame so they were attached as well as possible. Not a big problem but just a shame for what otherwise is a high quality product. I would suggest upgrading to the sprung slats.

Love the material used on this frame

Very happy with our dreams purchase. Although one of the panels sent to assemble one of the drawers wasn't right (the groove cut out to slot bottom in was too thin) I think it was meant for a smaller model. No problem I personally sorted it. Overall the delivery team was as great and the quality of the product is also great. Would recommend. Thank you

Very stylish and grand bed

I bought this bed over a month ago now after spending a long time looking at various different styles and colours. I am absolutely thrilled that I went for this particular bed because it is absolutely stunning. I bought the king size and it’s massive! The lovely colour of grey gives the bed a gorgeous and classy look. I am so very pleased with it!

Absolutely perfect again!

I brought this along with a mattress, bed was delivered perfectly to the master bedroom, delivery drivers took their shoes off and were very polite. The bed went together easily and I put it together by myself and was fairly straightforward. All in all I really can't fault anything from purchase to completion, perfect 10 all round.

Amazing Dreams !!!!

I bought this bed a month ago, and can't stop lying down in there !!!! That's one of the best purchase I bought in a last few months. We just so exited to go sleep in this comfortable, perfect design bed... it's really worth the price and time to wait for it! I am just about to buy another one for my little princess dreams!

Absolutely love it

I bought this bed in the silver a couple of weeks ago and I’m so pleased with it. It looks amazing, I paid for it to be assembled which was done quickly, and it has plenty of storage underneath. My mom came round the other day and she loves it so much she wants to buy the same bed now too!!

Excellent quality for price!

Very solid bed, I had option for solid slats though which help but overall very impressed with quality of product when compared to price. You can't rally grumble. Underbed storage is also very handy, comes in the form of two solid draws which actually sit on the floor.

Easy to assemble

We have had the bed for just over a month now. Although the mattress isn't from dreams it is a very comfortable bed and looks great. It was easy to assemble the instructions were clear. The draws are heavy so there needs to be two people putting them together.


I using this bed for a months, I find out this bed frame is really sturdy. And the colour we love it (brown pvc). And super bargains cos we brought it for a sale. The delivery man is really nice when they come to your house they will taken their shoe off.

Great for storage

The drawers are an excellent size for under the bed storage and the headboard is tall enough to sit up well in bed. The only potential downside could be the length once pillows are on the bed as taller people couldn't stick their feet out

Best purchase I have made

I bought this bed a month ago for my new flat and it is just perfect. The colour is beautiful and brightens up the room. The draws are a great addition as well. cannot fault it! Easy to put together, looks amazing and is super comfy.

Beautiful bed frame

This is a lovely bed frame feels nice and looks nice love the under storage draws lots of space in them and very sturdy upgraded to the sprung slats and I'm glad as this gives the bed extra comfort with the mattress on top.

Solid and good looking

This bed frame not only looks great but the draws underneath give bigger storage than expected and have a very thick solid base unlike most thin draw bases. It is on casters which works perfect on our Hard flooring.

Beautiful bed

I bought this bed a month ago and it is absolutely fantastic. It is stylish, sturdy and comfortable and the storage space under the bed is surprisingly large! Would definitely recommend to anyone who is interested.

Best choice for me

I bought this just under a month ago, never had a bed frame before and love it. So comfortable, great height, love the drawers underneath it. No bumps or awkward knee or toe bangs on the frame. Great nights sleep

Nice bed, easy to put together but the slats...

Overall impressed with the bed. Solid in its construction, easy to put together but the only thing that was slightly disappointing was the slats. With a lot of manoeuvring about managed to get them to fit.

ageless finish

Had the 4'6" split leather model for 10yrs and had to have the same when upsizing to 5' kingsize. A great supportive headboard that just wipes clean and doesn't show wear. Plus great drawer storage.

Excellent bed for the price

I bought this bed frame and when all the boxes arrived I thought they had made a mistake but it was really easy to assemble, it looks beautiful and has just finished my newly decorated bedroom off

Exactly as advertised

I bought this to replace a similar bed. It is just the colour I was expecting, made from high quality fabric. The drawers are a really useful addition - very roomy and they slide very easily.

Beautiful bed

I bought this bed a few weeks ago and it is so stylish and comfortable I love it. Also the delivery was very prompt and the assembler was very good and assembled the bed in a timely manner.

Lovely bed

Took 2 of us to put it together but was relatively easy to do. The draws are really spacious which is a plus point and the fabric colour (silver) goes with everything. Daughter very happy!

Looks gorgeous

I bought this product a little over a month ago. I am extremely pleased with this. It’s a very comfortable bed that is well build and the frame is solid. I would definitely recommend

Great storage!

The bed looks and feels great! The slide out storage underneath is amazing and more spacious than we originally thought. Only downside is the bed was quite tricky to assemble.

Lovely Bed

I absolutely love this bed, it’s really good quality, firm and secure. I paid extra for Dreams to build it, was a really good service from start to finish. Would order again


Bought the bed a month ago along with a new latex mattress and pillows. It is an elegant piece of furniture, well stitched fabric, solid strong drawers with plenty of space.


Nearly month and I’m loving the style and look of the bed is something else it’s like your sleeping on a royalty bed the colour and soft fabric is amazing highly recommend

Great bed

I love the design and size. It's perfect. The side drawers have pits the storage. They built the bed for me. It only took them 20 mins. If I did it, it will take me hours

Excellent purchase

Bought just around a month ago, incredibly comfy and a great size for my wife and I in our master bedroom. Highly recommend it and look forward to years of comfy sleep.

Stylish great quality

Omg why did I wait so long to buy a new bed and mattress !! This bed frame is perfect and comfortable, i went for the normal slats but still really comfy and stylish.

I love it!

I had only seen this online and it’s much nicer in real life - I love it!! The quality is excellent and the installers were fast and friendly- I highly recommend it.

A fantastic non squeaky bedframe

I bought this around 2 weeks ago now and i'm very happy with it. The draws can be a little hard to open one handed on a carpet floor but apart from that very good.

Sweet Dreams!

I have been sleeping in this bed for a few weeks now and it is so comfortable. The only problem I have had is getting out of it in the morning! Totally 100% happy.

Great value

I bought this bed a month ago it is the second one we have bought as it’s a very solid and good looking at a very good price. Also practical it has good storage


Lovely sturdy bed, beautiful shape and size, really big spacious drawers on either side. We got it in silver it’s such a lovely light colour absolutely love it.

Very pleased!!

We purchased the Lucia silver bed frame and not only was it simple to put together, but delivery was great & the finish of the product great too. Very happy.

Very happy

Very happy with the bed, which arrived on time and was easy to put together following simple instructions. Helpful delivery service and good product quality.


I purchased this bed 2 weeks ago and am very impressed how stylish it looks. Sturdy drawers with plenty of room. Would definitely recommend this bed.

Good quality

Honestly this is the best bed I've ever bought. It's beautiful and the quality is amazing. Great value for money. This is a bed that will last.


Bought this bed for my daughters bedroom, she absolutely loves it. It is stylish and excellent value for money. Easy to assemble too.

Great Comfort

I bought this a month ago and so glad I did, we get a great nights sleep and it’s done wonders for my back. Would definitely recommend

A great bedroom feature

We bought the super king size and it looks fantastic, is super comfortable and everyone comments on how good it looks in our room.


Looks really modern and was surprisingly easy to put together. The two storage drawers under the bed also have a huge capacity.

Prefect buy

I brought this bed frame just under a month ago and I’m so glad I did. It’s sturdy, large amount of draw space and looks lovely.

Great bed.

Bought this for my son. His first proper bed. He loves it. Great desgin. Was easy enough to assemble, I managed it on my own.

Lovely bed

I am extremely happy with my purchase - it’s very solid and sturdy. The draws are lovely and the material is of high quality.

No complaints

Bed is great, you don’t really appreciate how big a supper kind size is until it’s in the room. Installers were also great

Great purchase

Good quality, looks great in our room. Would recommend. Not too hard to put together yourself, just takes a bit of time.

Great buy

Excellent quality, clear instructions, sturdy bed and lovely design. Excellent customer service and swift delivery!

Great bed

I bought it two weeks ago and it's really beautiful that has added value to my bedroom. It's very durable as well.

Great Bed

Bought this a little over a week ago and am very happy with it. Relatively easy to put together and looks great.

looks great

Very nice looking bed purchased for my daughter, and she is delighted with it. Really finishes her room well.

Exactly as picture

Exactly as pictured - drawers on both sides on wheels. Not the smoothest but then not used often


Great looking bed. Solid frame with big solid drawers. Easy to assemble. Great value for money.

Great price and service.

Ordered 3 bed with installation. Both products and service was brilliant. Highly recommend.

Amazing features

This bed is comfortable. Was reasonable easy to put together. Not heavy either. Looks good


I bought this 3 weeks ago I've never had a better sleep like I have on this bed brilliant

Great Bed!

Highly recommend and good quality bed! Was simple to fit as well and also done it myself.

Great looking and great storage capacity

Great product and really happy with my bed modern looking and has practical features too

Great value and so comfy!

I bought this a month ago and im so happy with it, great quality at a reasonable price!

Comfy Bed

Great bed for master bedroom, good size, comfortable, and great storage space in drawer

Great comfy bed and looks great

Bought it a couple weeks ago and the delivery and quality of the bed are both brilliant

Top quality

Top quality bed frame with good size under storage. Would highly recommend this frame

Excellent looking bed

I've had this bed 1 month. It looks great. Was easy to install and is very sturdy.

Excellent bed

Really good solid frame good size drawers aso nice good quality fabric choices.

Great Design

I have now had this bed for over a month and we love it. So much storage in it

Good product

Very easy to assemble, even the draws were simple! Would definitely recommend.

Very well built

Brilliant quality, and very easy to assemble, far superior to my previous bed

Very sturdy

Very happy with this purchase. Bought for master bedroom and looks beautiful.


Really lovely bed would recommend this to everyone lovely colour fits perfect

Really good quality

Not actually slept in it yet but looks really good and easy to put together

Great bed frame

It’s a great bed frame, good quality for the price and looks so luxurious.

Excellent features

I bought this a week ago and OMG this is item i purchased easy to assemble

Bed frame

Fabulous quality, looks stylish and lovely colour wth additional storage

Excellent bed

I love that nice bed , it is strong and comfortable and perfect quality

Great quality

Brought about 2 weeks ago. Looks stunning and was easy to put together


Lovely design and great value for money. Storage is impressive too


Brought 3 weeks ago love this bed having draws is an added bonus

Love it

Delivery was amazing, bed was easy to build, and I just love it!

So comfortable

I got this a few weeks ago. It is brilliant definitely recommend


Impressive looking and the drawers underneath are really sturdy

good quality

nice colour, steady, but a bit difficult to assemble to newbie

Very comfortable bed

Very stylish easy to put together and very comfy a great bed

Really great

I bought these product a month ago, it's is really awesome.

Great quality

Have been using for around a month and am very impressed.

Excellent Bed Frame

Easy to build. Lovely fabric, looks neat and comfortable.

Great Products

I Bought this 1 month ago and even now I really love it.

Quality Bed

Simple to put together, easy access storage, very comfy

New Bed

I brought the bed last Month, and never slept so well

Great bed!

Awesome bed and friendly installers. Great service.


i brought this product 3 weeks ago and i love it xx


Absolutely stunning looking bed with ample storage

Aesthetically pleasing

Looks fabulous in my bedroom