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Lucia Upholstered Bed Frame

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Code: 253-00020
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 107cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 10:27:17 PM
5/5 - 371 reviews


What Makes It Great

After sleeping on the new bed, my review is this: at first when I laid down it felt like a cloud in heaven but after a while, it felt like a hug. Not just any kind of hug, not the awkward hug you give your in laws when you’re confused if they give kisses on the cheek or just a simple wave, no... this is a hug that’ll leave a lasting impression of comfort and security. When I woke up, I was worried I wouldn’t notice a difference, I was wrong. I got up for my morning routine and while I was cleaning my teeth, I realised my posture was instantly better. Not a single twinge of pain, not a slightly stiff muscle, I was like jelly, so much so, I was worried I was going to fall into a puddle state if I stood there too long. I woke up relaxed, at ease and like all my troubles had gone away. If there is one thing I can say about this bed, is that this bed feels like therapy, somewhere I can go feeling stressed and wake up having let go of all my problems and troubles.

Questions and Answers

what is the best mattress you would recommend for the super king size bed

Answer: Good Evening, Mattress choice is purely dependant on type preference, we have a range of mattresses which include pocket springs, memory foam or combination mattresses which contain both springs and foam. The type of mattress you would like will be dependent on the comfort that you require. We would recommend you visit one of our Dreams store to try the different mattresses that we have on offer. Please be assured that any super king Dreams mattress will fit this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

What are the dimensions of the largest piece that will be delivered? We need to get this up some attic stairs.

Answer: Hello , The Lucia bed frame comes flat packed ready to be assembled. The different parts contained are shown in the assembly instructions here: The largest part seems to be the headboard with dimensions as follows: 3'0 Single: H115cm x W100cm 4'0 Small Double: H115cm x W130cm 4'6 Double: H115cm x W144cm 5'0 King: H115cm x W159cm 6'0 Super King: H115cm x W192cm I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

will a kingsize mattress fit the kingsize sleepmotion 200i

Answer: The Sleepmotion 200i is compatible with standard UK sized mattresses, however it is important to ensure that the mattress purchased is compatible. As this bed allows movement of the head and foot end, the mattress used must be suitable for this. We have a range of compatible mattresses available to purchase online and in store - these can be found by filtering by mattress type 'sleepmotion mattresses'. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the difference between solid and sprung slats? Which are the strongest?

Answer: Solid slats are one piece of timber that goes from one side of the bed to the other - the support is split across these slats. Sprung slats are slightly curved which gives more support - in addition the slats are split down the middle so the left and right side of the bed have their owns slats; this provides greater strength and support. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi can you tell me the difference between the standard slats and the sprung slats please ?

Answer: Hi , Solid slats are one piece of timber that goes from one side of the bed to the other - the support is split across these slats. Sprung slats are slightly curved which gives more support - in addition the slats are split down the middle so the left and right side of the bed have their owns slats; this provides greater strength and support. Kind regards Dreams

Do you sell single mattresses that would fit the king size bed? I'm looking to put 2 mattresses side by side on the king size bed. The dimensions say W192 & L230, but the single mattresses seem to be much shorter than this.

Answer: Hello , A standard single would be 10cm too short in length to fit a king size bed. If you're looking for different mattress tensions and firmness, our Flaxby range: includes zip and link mattresses or split tension mattresses that are made to suit individual needs in one bed. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi the bed length on the dimensions say it’s 222cm but able to fit a mattress 190cm? Does this mean 22cm of the frame won’t be covered by the mattress? I ask this as I just ordered this and hope a mattress size of 190cm length fits

Answer: The length dimension displayed on the site indicates the total length of the bed - this includes the head end and foot end. The sleeping area is smaller than the total length as this is the area where the mattress lays. If you have ordered a mattress measuring 190cm in length, this will be suitable to fit a double Lucia. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, can anyone tell me is it difficult to open the drawers of this bed if you have thick luxury carpet on the floor? 

Answer: Good Evening, The gap between the floor and the bottom of the bed is 4.5cm and therefore it is unlikely that a thick carpet would inhibit the drawers from opening. If you would like to see this bed in store, we would recommend using our 'find in store' feature to see which Dreams store closest to you has this bed frame on display. Kind Regards, Dreams

i have this bed in a single with sprung slats. When the drawer is in place the support leg gets in the way, stopping the drawer fron closing. I have had to remove the leg to get the drawer to close. Will this affect the strength of the slat system?

Answer: Hello , Thank you for bringing this to our attention, the support leg should not get in the way of the drawer closing. By removing it, it should not affect the strength of the slat system. If you have further issues please call our Customer Service Team on 0344 292 0000 for assistance. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps

What is the difference between the sprung slat and solid slat? 

Answer: Hello , Solid slats are the standard rigid wooden struts that come as standard. Sprung slats are a german designed upgrade with curved and flexible slats that help support the person and mattress better. This also includes a central support bar which give a strong and sturdy structure. Many thanks for the question.

What's the difference between stands and sprung slats? Also does the bed creak? I've got a similar style bed and wake everyone up when I even move on the bed or get up.

Answer: Hello , Solid slats are traditional wooden slats that go across the bed and provide the mattress with a very good level of support. They are sprung with with a metal frame with centre support legs. It provides more give for the mattress, which aides comfort and prolongs their longevity. Many thanks for the question.

Hello, Can you please tell me if the headboard can be taken off the bed to be replaced or is it solid and part of the bed.  Can you advise of any beds that you have with separate headboards please if not Thank you 

Answer: Good Evening, Unfortunately we do not offer a replacement head end for this bed frame, it can only be sold as part of the entire frame. This is not a feature that we offer with any of our bed frames. Headboards can be purchased separately and can be paired with our range of divan bases. Kind Regards, Dreams

What are the dimensions of the bed side units please?

Answer: Hi , These bedsides do not come with the bed frame, you will need to purchase them separately in the link below: The dimensions of the bedsides are H53cm x W42cm x D43cm. Thank you for your question.

Do you get the mattress with the bed frame? 

Answer: Hello, The mattress is not included. We have a wide variety of mattresses that can be chosen to suit your individual sleeping style. To help you choose your mattress please visit our mattress guide: I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

How much is it for delivery and for the men to assemble please??

Answer: Hello , We are currently in the process of reviewing our delivery charges to ensure our customers receive the best value. However, as it currently stands our standard delivery costs £39.00 and assembly is priced at £49.99. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Is there a charge for recycling the old bed and for assembly of the new bed ?

Answer: Our delivery team are able to remove your old bed frame for £25. Assembly of your new bed frame will depend on the type of bed purchased - for the Lucia, we would charge £30 to assemble a Single or £50 for a Double, King or Superking. Kind Regards, Dreams

please i want to know if the frame comes with a mattress.

Answer: This bed frame does not come with a mattress, if you require a mattress, this will need to be purchased separately. We offer a wide range of mattresses online and in store which would be suitable for use with this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you have a store in The Republic of Ireland? I love this bed and would love to get it but it would be too expensive to ship from the UK.

Answer: Hi , We don't have a store in The Republic of Ireland I'm afraid, however, we do have stores in Northern Ireland that would be able to deliver to ROI. To organise this, please call them on 028 9050 8300. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

what is the benefit of upgrading to sprung slats?

Answer: Hi , Sprung slats are from a stronger wood, have an extra strengthening bar in the middle and are upwardly curved. This means they're more durable. We recommend upgrading to sprung slats if this will be your main bed. Thank you for your question.

What type of slat is good for someone with a back pain please? Solid or sprung?

Answer: Good Evening, Slats are designed as a feature of the bed frame and therefore do not contribute to the overall comfort. We would suggest looking at your mattress type and choosing one that is supportive to help with your back pain. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, Just wondering why the superking size for this bed is no longer available?

Answer: Hello, This is currently out of stock and will appear back when this is readily available. Please contact our live chat agents to provide an email address. They can then let you know when the product is back in stock. Many thanks for the question.

Hi is the bed frame creaky and noisy like a few reviews have said.

Answer: Hello, This is a solid bed frame and will not show such effects if assembled firm and correctly. We provide a service for this through checkout to make the delivery of the bed frame a smooth process into the bedroom. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, What is the delivery time on this bed in king please?

Answer: Hi , It depends on where you live. We have the online store locator to help provide an estimate on how long it would take. It is located on the product page. Many thanks for the question.

What are the dimensions of the drawer on the king size bed

Answer: Hello, The dimensions of the drawers are as follows: Width 120cm x Depth 73cm. These do not differ on the size of the bed, therefore these dimensions are the same for both the King and Double. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, What are the flat pack dimensions of the kind size bed with spring slats? Thanks

Answer: Good Evening, The King frame comes in 4 boxes: Box 1 - 16.5cm (H) x 166cm (L) x 116cm (W) Box 2 - 11cm (H) x 215cm (L) x 20cm (W) Box 3 - 35cm (H) x 204cm (L) x 11.5cm (W) Box 4 - 63.5cm (H) x 122cm (L) x 7.5cm (W) Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you tell me how deep the draws are in cms?

Answer: Hi , Of course, the dimensions of the drawers are as follows: Width = 120cm x Depth = 73cm. These dimensions do not differ on the size of the bed, and therefore they will be the same for all bed sizes. Thank you for your question.

Does this bed is available in grey colour only? Thanks

Answer: Hello , This bed comes in a grey fabric or a brown faux leather: Matching bedside tables can also be bought alongside the Lucia bed frames. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Can you please tell me how many slats in total there should be? Had this bed delivered today and I believe there may be some slats missing. We can't put it up yet as we are in the process of moving so need it flat packed for another week or so. 

Answer: Hello , Please call customer services on: 0344 292 0000 as they will be able to advise you on how many slats there should be and can order you more if there are some missing. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

If I ordered this bed how long would the delivery take? 

Answer: Hello , If you add the item to your basket, you will get a delivery date at checkout before payment or using the estimated delivery date checker on the product page to get a likely timescale. Many thanks for the question.

Will I be at a huge loss if I don’t have the sprung slats? 

Answer: Hi Oggy We always suggest sprung slats where possible as it improves comfort when sleeping. It is entirely up to you and your personal preferences and comfort when you sleep. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Does the bed come with a mattress?

Answer: This bed frame does not come with a mattress, therefore the price showed online indicates the price of the bed frame only. If you require a mattress, this will need to be purchased separately. Kind Regards, Dreams

How easy is this bed to put together on your own or can the delivery men help you, as I would be adding the recycling option to my order to be able to take away my current bed.

Answer: Hi , We have assembly instructions on the product description section if you would like to read these before deciding the difficulty. However, we offer assembly at an extra cost so our team can do this for you. Thank you.

Can i ask the basic height of the bed (ie the height of the bed where the mattress is sat). The only dimensions shown are the headboard height.

Answer: Hello , The height of the side rail for the Lucia Bed is 38cm. The height to the slats (that sit inside the frame) is 32cm, this is where the mattress sits within the base. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

The colour is described as 'silver', but in the picture it looks more like beige to me? Can anyone help me with the colour?  The silver one - Thanks

Answer: Colour can be inconsistently displayed on different computer screens. If you would like to view the colour and fabric, the Lucia bed frame is on display in Silver in all of our stores Kind Regards, Dreams

I have always slept on a pocket strung mattress, but have wondered about changing to something different. I have a serious lower back problem which cannot be cured only managed. have you any advice (I cannot sleep on a firm mattress) for something else.

Answer: Our Sleepmotion bases help support your head and legs, working to ease painful pressure points and improve circulation - this will provide better support and comfort whilst you sleep. Kind Regards, Dreams

I have a width gap of 58and half inches,will a double fit?

Answer: The width of the foot end of the double is 58 inches, so this should fit but you would be unable to open the storage drawers. Alternatively the small double is 52 inches wide. Kind Regards, Dreams

I have had one of these beds for my son - Is this relatively easy to self assemble?

Answer: Hi there, The assembly requires two people and the main part is straightforward, the drawers can be a bit tricky with a total estimated completion time of an hour. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi Two questions 1. Is this bed color comes just in brown? Or we can choose black as well? 2. I see on the picture, next to the brown bed are two small table ! How we can order that two small table as well? Because it is the same color of bed and nice!

Answer: Hello , The bedframe only comes in brown or a light grey. You will find the bedside chests in the furniture section of the website to have the match set. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

How long is the bed (ie., do dimensions show it's actual length from headboard curve to the curve in the foot end), trying to work out if will fit in our box room?

Answer: Hello , Yes the dimensions show the length from curve to curve, so the full length of the bed is 222cm in the single and double and 229.5cm in the king. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Am looking for super king size.

Answer: Hello, This is only available in the colour grey. Please use the link given to see if this will be a great option for you. Many thanks for the question.

What is the distance from the top of the bed to the top edge of the drawer. 

Answer: The distance from the top edge of the drawer to the top of the side rail is 13cm, the distance from the top edge of the drawer to the top edge of the headboard is 81cm Kind Regards, Dreams

the little side table shown on the last photo does it come with the bed

Answer: Hi , No, this side table is not included. You can purchase this separately below: Thank you for your question.

Hi, would this bed frame allow a deep mattress eg 28cm depth without the mattress sticking above the end of the bed frame?

Answer: Hi , This bed frame would allow for a 28cm depth mattress. The side rail height is 33cm and the foot end height is 62cm so would not go over the end of the frame. Thank you for your question.

Hi I was wondering if there is anyway we could put a Lucia Grey Fabric Upholstered Bed Frame King Size at Winter Sale Price £449 on hold/reserve. We are going to purchase this bed but we just need to make a decision on the Mattress.

Answer: Hello, We are not able to reserve products. However you can buy a bed and book a future delivery date, giving you more time to choose a mattress. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi, I am referring to your product code 263-00021 (Lucia Brown Faux Leather Upholstered Bed Frame). Can this bed frame support the weight of product code 133-00650 (Insignia Bedgebury Pocket Sprung Mattress - Very Firm)? And do they fit into each other?

Answer: Hi , This mattress is fine for this bed frame, as long as you order the same size (Eg, a double mattress for a double bed frame) it will fit with no issues. Thank you for your question.

Hi, What weight will the solid/sprung slats support? Cheers

Answer: Good Evening, Our Bed Frames are designed to accommodate a variety of different types of mattresses and sleepers alike and therefore we do not specify any weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, does this bed have a suggested weight limit.

Answer: Good Evening, Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of mattress types and sleepers alike and therefore we do not advise of a specific weight limit. Kind Regards, Dreams

What's better the sprung slats or the solid slats? 

Answer: Hello , Sprung slats make the frame structurally more stable as you have a central support rail, while solid slats provide a firm base. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

What are the dimensions for a super king mattress for this bed 

Answer: Hi , These are all UK standard frames so they will take any UK standard mattress, as long as the size matches both (eg - Super king frame would take a super king mattress) Thank you.

Hello, can one be viewed at your Colchester store? Thanks

Answer: Hello, This or it's sister bedframe (same design different colour & materials) the manhattan, will have an example on display in every store. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What type of mattress wld u recommend for this bed

Answer: Hi , Any mattress as long as it fits the frame (Double mattress for a double bed) would be fine. It is dependant on your personal comfort preference. Thank you for your question.

Could the bed be delivered sooner than the 29th Dec?

Answer: Hello , I am afraid not, you can check estimated deliveries on the product page and get given exact dates through checkout before payment. Many thanks for the question.

Is the length (B) from the beds foot to foot all from the furthest point each end ?

Answer: Hello , The length (B) measures the longest part of the bed, so on the Lucia is would be further from the foot to the foot. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

High of the bed frame to the floor?

Answer: Hi , The height from the floor to the top of the side rail is 38cm and the height from the floor to the bottom of the side rail is 4.5cm. Thank you for your question.

hi the drawer in bed has right side, can I change to left side?

Answer: Hi , This bed has a drawer both sides. However if you purchase a single Lucia it will only come with one drawer which can be assembled either side. Thank you for your question.

What is the measurement from the outside of the headboard to where the draw starts? the head of the bed would be going into a 70cm deep alcove and we would like to know if the draw would still open.

Answer: Hello , For such specific measurements you would be best going to store. Your closest store is Counting House Road in Leicester Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Does this bed Lucia come in any other colours than grey?

Answer: Hello , Yes the Lucia also comes in a dark brown faux leather, which can be found here: I hope that helps and thank you for your question.

Do u do finance?

Answer: Hello , Yes we do, if you'd like more information please look take a look here: I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

have you any heavy duty adjustable beds 

Answer: Hello , Yes we do the Conquest Adjustable Bed, that can take up to 24 stone. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

what is the difference with a solid slat and sprung ?

Answer: Hello, Please refer to this page for further details. Many thanks for the question.

Will this bedframe be in stock for a long time? Myself and my partner love it and want to by it for our brand new home in may 2016 ??

Answer: Hello , The Lucia bed frame is currently part of our stock line and there are no plans for it to be discontinued any time soon. I hope this helps and good luck on the move.

Will any mattress suit the frame? I'm looking at ordering the Wakefield Pocket Sprung Mattress, would this be suitable?

Answer: Hello , Yes any of our mattresses - as well as the Wakefield in same size as the frame would go well with the Lucia. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Does the mattress sit on top of point E? Or does it fit in below that... I mean is the bottom on the mattress 38cm above the ground or is it lower?

Answer: Hello, The mattress will be sitting slightly lower as it will be on the wooden slat system. This will be approximately 32cm from the ground. Many thanks for the question.

Will a materass that is 140*200 for the double frame? Many thanks! 

Answer: The Lucia Double will accommodate a mattress that measures 135 x 190cm, therefore a mattress that is 140 x 200cm is unlikely to fit. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi how deep are the drawers, as I want to store shoes in there.  Thanks  Nicola 

Answer: Hello , The depth of the drawers is 60cm for the single, double and king. For the small double the depth is 47cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi is this bed in Clydebank store and is sale on in store

Answer: Hi , The product will be within the store on display. The prices online for the product will reflect what is seen in store as well. Many thanks for the question.

Will the drawer go either side of the bed please

Answer: Hello, The Lucia comes with 2 drawers on either side of the bed. It is not possible to move both drawers on one side. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

How much would the finance be for this bed?

Answer: Hello , The finance options we offer are interest free so you would only pay the price of the bed as it displays currently. Many thanks for the question.

Can i get this assembled? or partly assembled, i.e without the headboard

Answer: Hi , The headboard is part of this frame. If you would like assembly, please add this option to your order in the checkout. Thank you for your question.

Hi! I was wondering if this bed is one that can be disassembled and reassembled for moving house?

Answer: Hello, This can easily be taken apart again and re-assembled again. We also provide downloadable instructions on the product page. Many thanks for the question.

Can you remove and dispose of old beds if a new bed is purchased, delivered and assembled??

Answer: Hello , The bed disposal will be £39 with assembly of £49. Both part of our additional services as part of the delivery. Many thanks for your question.

Hi, is this bed available to view in the Rugby store on J1? Thanks for your help!

Answer: Hello , Yes, this will be available. You can also contact the store to make a appointment for a product viewing within store. Many thanks for your help.

Hi, I have this bed and I’m too tall for it. Is it possible to change the foot end for a similar non-sleigh variant? And if so do you sell such parts separately? Thanks

Answer: Hi , Please call our customer services team on the number at the top of our site and someone will be happy to help you. Thank you for your question.

I'd like to know the width and length of the 3' single Lucia bed frame please 

Answer: Hello , The dimensions of the 3ft Single Lucia Bed frame are as follows: Width 100cm x Length 222cm. I hope this helps and thank your or your question.

What is the depth of the Lucia bed frame from the slats where the mattress will sit, to the top of the footboard - just want know the thickest mattress I can get without it spilling over the top of the footboard?

Answer: Hello , The depth of the mattress from the slats to the top of the footboard is approximately 24cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

I am due to receive this bed tomorrow, what tools will I require to assemble the bed?

Answer: Hello , We provide everything apart froma screwdriver within the assembly pack. This will be required for all bedframe's Many thanks for your question.

What are the dimensions of the storage drawers for the double? I need to know how far I can pull them out.

Answer: Hello , The dimensions of the Lucia double drawers are: Width 119cm x Depth 62cm x Height 14 cm. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi sorry just want know if the head set of the bed can be sold differently, I bought my bed about 4 years ago and the leather is all crack  so I don't know if I can buy the set to replace it.

Answer: Hello, Please call customer services who may be able to source you a replacement part. You can call them on 0800 652 5090. Many thanks for the question.

Hallo,can i also get this leather black king size bed without its headboards?i recently ordered a headboard and it would make sense buying a bed with a headboard.Thank you

Answer: Hello , I am afraid this bed does not come without the headboard as all pieces are needed to build the bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

If I order this bed online how do i pay monthly for it please.

Answer: Hello, As long as it is over £400 finance is provided through checkout. This then can be spread over up to 18 months. Many thanks for the question.

Can you please advise of the frame size - I am ordering a new mattress to go with the new bed just ordered, but I have 2 options - UK Double (135 c 190) or EU Double (140 x 200).

Answer: Hi , If ordering a double sized frame then you should buy the UK double sized mattress and this would fit. Thank you for your question.

Which side of the bed is the storage drawer please? Can it be put on either side?

Answer: Hi , The double and king have two drawers, one on each side. The single has a drawer on the left hand side. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, does the Lucia have a metal support beam down the middle of the bed to support the wooden slats?

Answer: Hello , This will have a metal beam support when you choose the sprung slats as an option for the bedframe. Many thanks for your question.

Can you get the drawer on the single bed to be on the right hand side. I see on the picture it opens on the left hand site.

Answer: Hello , That is not a problem as you can choose what side the drawers are on when assembling the bed frame. Many thanks for your question.

Is this bed available in store to see before purchasing?

Answer: Hello , Yes, this is on display in our Clydebank, Uddingston & Abbotsinch stores. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Is the length of the bed stated the actual maximum or just feet to feet as the feet sit well in from the end of the headboard

Answer: Hello , Yes it is the maximum length of the frame, not the feet to feet measurement. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

how high is this bed from floor to top of base without mattress

Answer: Hello Faithie, The Lucia Bed Frame measures 38cm from the floor to the top of the side rail. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Will a Doze mattress fit this frame or will it not be thick enough on depth?

Answer: Hello, This mattress will compliment the frame well as it will not over hang with the sleigh styled foot-end. Many thanks for the question.

How much is assembly 

Answer: Assembly of the Lucia Bed Frame will cost £30 for a Single or £50 for a Double, King or Super King. Kind Regards, Dreams

is this bed available in any Birmingham stores so i can collect it tommorow?

Answer: Hello , I am afraid not as stores are showroom's only for display. Everything is on an order basis. Many thanks for the question.

with this price is the mattress included.

Answer: Hello , The mattresses can be purchased separately. The price will be for the bed frame only. Many thanks for the question.

Hello what would be the best mattress for kingsize for this bed please.

Answer: Hello, A mattress with pocket springs in the base of the mattress will be a great choice for this frame. Many thanks for the question.

What is the height of the foot of the bed in cm? Many thanks.

Answer: Hello, That's 63cm. If you need any other dimensions check out our dimensions tab. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Do I have any in stock to pick up from the store instead of waiting over 5 weeks for this item? 

Answer: Hello, Store's are showrooms only, everything will generally be on a delivery basis to the household. Many thanks for the question.

what depth of matress would you recommend for this bed please.

Answer: Hello , There is no minimum depth as this bed will be comfortable for a range of mattresses. Many thanks for the question.

What size mattress will fit the king size Lucia bed?

Answer: Hi , Any mattress that is 150cm x 200cm will fit a king size Lucia bed frame. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

What are the messurments for the single bed please? Thank you

Answer: Hi , The measurements for the single bed is: Height - 106cm Length - 221cm Width - 99cm Many thanks for the question.

Hi do you do this in a super king size?

Answer: Hi , This is not available in a super king size. Apologies for any inconveniences caused. Thank you for your question.

Can the drawer be on the left hand side?

Answer: Hello , There is a drawer on the left and right side of this bed frame. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps

Hi just wondering how much does assembly cost and will any double bed size mattress fit?

Answer: Hello , The assembly cost for this will be £49, this will also take any UK double mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Customer Reviews

Based on 371 review

What a surprisingly wonderful bed!

Myself and my Fiance spent hours deliberating which bed to go for, we were always going to go with Dreams but the sheer amount of beds on offer left our heads spinning. After 3 visits to various Dreams stores to actually SEE the beds we got ourselves set on the Lucia and quite frankly... WE. ARE. VERY. VERY. VERY. PLEASED! It pulls the room together nicely and was a breeze to assemble (recommended 2 people). It all came together quite seamlessly with minimal stress. Overall the bed feels sturdy and very well manufactured, the texture of the material is much better than we could have envisioned and the two draws underneath are HUGE! we can almost fit our wardrobes worth of clothes under the bed! I would very highly recommend this product to anyone that wants a simplistic and well made bed to compliment the rest of their room. Great value for money and more than happy with the overall service!! Thank You Dreams!

Fantastic stylish bed frame

I bought the Lucia bed frame just recently in dark brown colour, and paid extra for the sprung slatted base, so delighted with our new Lucia bed frame, it's gorgeous, the faux leather bed upholstery is really stylish and smart, we love our new Lucia bed from dreams! Would definitely recommend to everyone! It's a lovely stylish comfortable bed, so comfy we don't want to get out of bed in the mornings! Dreams delivered as promised on time, and the delivery men were lovely! And very polite and helpful, even took it upstairs for us, wonderful company, wonderful delivery men, will be purchasing any further beds etc from this company in the future, they are a very well known company! Dreams is the word! Added bonus! Our Lucia bed frame has 2 built in large drawers with dark matching faux leather material, its a lovely bed frame, you won't be disappointed!

Great looking bed, sturdy, lots of storage!

I am so happy with my new bed! It’s a lovely silvery grey colour, looks very expensive and looks lovely next to my newly painted grey walls! Easy enough to put together although did take longer than the hour estimated! I ordered the spring slat frame instead of the wooden slats and ended up with the screw pack for the wooden slats! But after emailing dreams, I had a quick response and the right screws were posted out to me immediately! The drawers are very solid and a good size! Also they are separate from the actual bed frame which makes these very easy to manoeuvre in and out, and also you can remove them completely if you wanted to and store extra things right under the bed if you wanted too! No negative points, would 100% recommend!

Great bed!

Came very quickly, I think 2 or 3 days before the estimated delivery. Very pleased with this. It was really well worth the money. Sure you can get better beds for more money but as I wasn’t yet willing to spend more, I got this and was very pleased as a result. Assembly took about 45minutes +/- and can be done by one person but best by two people especially towards the end. Simple instructions. The bed is very low but I like it cause it doesn’t feel like it takes up the whole room but it’s still a feature in that it looks nice. I still manage to put a box of shoes under my bed but nothing too high. Overall, very happy and no regrets!


I bought this bed a month ago, the delivery men were lovely and although I did not pay for them to assemble they gave me hints and tips to make it easier. (I mentioned that I had just had new carpets put down, without asking they put shoe covers over their boots which was thoughtful). Putting the bed together was very easy, although it took me a good few hours I was able to do it by myself! The drawers are bigger than I originally thought they would be, lots of extra storage space. One of the best purchases that me and my husband have made, super comfortable and looks gorgeous and expensive!

Fabulous bed frame

Bought the frame online after seeing it in store and loved it. The main frame itself was fairly easy and straightforward to put together, we had it built in about 45mins and required little effort.. the drawers however, totally different story! Took 45mins per drawer, the wheels were a total pain to put on! Once finished though it's totally worth it, and the drawers are a great size. Material is lovely, and our kingsize mattress fits perfectly. I'd definitely recommend... though if you can spare the £50 for them to assemble, I would definitely pay for that!

Stylish grey super king

Had this dark grey super king Lucia a month now and very pleased with it. Goes well with our bedroom. Drawers are on wheels as opposed to runners so can take more weight. Spacious. We paid for the bed to be assembled. The 2 men were very nice and wore the shoe covers without being asked to. The delivery van was not loaded with our slats but after one or two phone calls they arrived 2 hours later with another Dreams man to finish building the bed. The bed we replaced was from dreams. Bought about 11 years ago. Would definitely recommend Dreams.

Beautiful and durable.

I bought this bed about a couple of weeks ago and am glad that i did. They guys who delivered it were brilliant and didn't take them long to put the parts together and i had my beautiful sturdy bed. Very comfortable when i had the mattress on. Bed is very good. My only down side about the bed is, the side drawers are sort of separate from the bed frame. When you try to reposition the bed, the drawers are left behind and you have to slot them back in bed. Apart from this downside, this bed is very good and strong.. Will recommend.

Lucia Fabric Bed Frame.

Bought this bed for teenage daughter. She absolutely loves it. Looks very chic, grown up and modern. I have to say the build quality is excellent. Very well built and very sturdy. Stinger than even the mighty Ikea quality! The drawers are so strong you can actually stand in them. As an engineer myself I am always disappointed with build quality these days, but this thing is really good quality. We are buying one for ourselves too as we have been so impressed. Absolutely a great buy and would not hesitate to recommend.

Exceeded expectation

Looked at this item online, and went into into the shop to see it in person. Looks even better than the photos. The colour is classic and design modern. Great sturdy large drawers either side that can store huge amounts. Delivery was easy to book, and delivery people really helpful. It did take quite a while to put together and is a two person job. It might have been worth the extra money to have it put together for me. Overall very happy with the purchase.

Very sturdy and great value

Very impressed with the build quality of this bed frame the instructions were very easy to follow I built this myself it took around 2 hours we are really happy with our purchase the material is very hard wearing and looks like it will last a long time, this is the first bed we have had with draws and they are a great size and easy to pull in and out and you also have room in the bed frame for other items if you are short of space or want to get rid of clutter.

Looks great

Bought this bedframe for our first home. Delivery was amazing. They men set it all up for us. They were kind enough to move the old bed into the spare room for us. They were quick and efficient and very polite. The bed itself is lovely. Looks great and everyone whos seen it has said how lovely it is. The price was definitely worth it and people think we paid more than we did for it. Definitely pleased with it and so glad we picked it.

Sturdy bedframe

Very happy with this bed frame, very sturdy and large, bought the super king size thinking it’s only 12 inches bigger than a king, but with the frame added on you need a lot more space than anticipated, just do your measurements first! Only negative I can find is that the grey frame and headboard tend to look beige in certain lights although it is definitely grey, haven’t noticed any creaking as mentioned in other reviews, a great bed!

Stylish and smart

Had the bed for about a month and glad I did. I have loved the look of sleigh beds for a long time and it feels right. Its comfortable and the headboard is perfect for leaning on when reading or watching tv. The storage in the drawers is more than ample and the sprung base makes it comfortable still. The only comment negative I can make is that it's better to build with someone rather than o. Your own. It took me sometime.

Very comfortable bed

Bed looks lovely in the room. The delivery team was extremely efficient, assembled bed in the loft bedroom , were quick , left after clearing up after themselves. I had put off changing the frame thinking how difficult it would be and I was so pleasantly surprised at the completely atraumatic experience ! The bed looks nicer in the room than it even did on the photograph. Now looking at other beds that need changing.

Great purchase

I purchased this bed a few weeks ago & I am so pleased with it! We took a risk & bought online without actually seeing the bed in store but it turned out to be a good decision. We paid to have the bed assembled & it was worth every penny! The 2 guys came on time & had assembled & removed the packaging within 30 mins. We were so impressed with Dreams we’ve bought a sofa which is due to be delivered next week.

Lucia Storage Double - Dark Grey - FAB

Bought this bed in the Boxing day sale, saved a significant amount on the double lucia dark grey bed with sprung slats. Great delivery service. Easy to assemble. Bed feels strong and is able to take a deep firm mattress. Very comfortable sleep, was worth paying the extra for the sprung slats. Stylish design. Love the dark grey colour. All in all a great service by Dreams and a wonderful bed! Highly recommended

Fantastic bed frame! Highly recommend

This product is extremely expensive looking. So easy to assemble took my husband less than 2 hours to assemble himself. The longest part was the draws. It looks fantastic and with our amazing mattress this bed frame completes the look. We are so pleased with our purchase and recommend this to anyone. The fabric is strong and looks stain resistant. We got it in Super King size and it is truly fantastic.

Great product, very comfy!

We were looking for new bed for our teen and went to the store over the festive break. We ordered a double bed in store and then ordered another online on the same evening (to take advantage of the 20% promotion). Our boys are both delighted with the beds, SO COMFY! One barely comes out of his room now as he lies on his new bed playing games on his PlayStation. Great quality and reasonable price.

excellent bed frame very solid

I bought this frame a month ago and it was a very quickly delivery just 4 days. The delivery guys took it up and explained how to put it up and where to start first. Putting it up was easy the draws a bit more work but still easy to do and very very solid. we bought an advance wooden bed slats which i can only recommend it is different from the rest and easy to set up and very comfortable.

Stylish and practical

I bought this bed about a month ago as our old bed needed replacing. We previously had a sleigh bed and I wanted another but wasn’t sure about a fabric one. I’m so glad we did buy this one. I love the colour and the drawers under the bed have plenty of room to house all our bedding. The headboard is very comfortable for when sitting up in bed. I would definitely recommend this bed.

Amazing bed!

I bought this bed 3 weeks ago in my local Dreams store. I saw the bed online and I loved it but going to see the bed in person makes me feel even more in love. The bed has got lot of space to move around and it makes you feel like your in some sort of of hotel because it so comfy and cozy. The storage can be small for some people but it good enough for me..I keep my shoes there.

Fantastic bed!

I've had this bed over a month now. It's literally the best looking bed I've ever had and suits my bedroom perfectly. It's exactly what I was looking for. Also, I put this bed together by myself. Sure it took me a little longer than it said on the instructions but I didn't struggle one bit. The draws are great for extra storage too. Would definitely recommend to others!

Great bed

I put the bed frame together by myself and it was easy to do. I bought the sprung slat upgrade and it was definitely worth it. The drawers were a bit harder to put together compared with the frame but was a lot easier to use a drill. The bottom of the drawers move about a little when put together but when something is put in the drawers it's not an issue. Really happy

Gorgeous & amazing quality

I bought this bed in October and I am so pleased I did! The colour is gorgeous and it is such a sturdy good quality bed. I chose to add the additional option of the bed being built on delivery and it was an absolute blessing. The delivery guys were polite and friendly and built my two drawer, double bed in under 30 minutes! Thrilled with my purchase, highly recommend.

Very solid and practical

This bed feels extremely solid, and the drawers are very large and practical for storing bedding and freeing up other space in the bedroom. I think the design makes this bed look more expensive than it was. I'm very pleased with it. The drawers are slightly tricky to put together as the holes are not pre-drilled, so I would consider paying for the assembly service.

Love my new bed!

Bought this about a month ago and absolutely love it. So sturdy and no creaks or anything! Delivery was straight forward and the delivery lad even took his shoes off at the door before taking the bed upstairs for me! Very polite. Placed the boxes where they needed to go and gave me some tips on building the bed. Thanks, will definitely order again when i need too!

Beautiful bed!

Purchased this bed on offer after seeing it online, also went into store to see what it looked like and staff in store were very helpful. Ordered the next day online and got to choose my delivery date which was handy due to work commitments and only had to wait a week for it to arrive! Easy to put together and it’s a gorgeous bed! Very happy with my purchase!

Good value and style

I bought this product from Dreams web site based on how it looked only,very stylish and with storage underneath,the actual product is more than what it looks,very sturdy but easy to build and the single storage drawer is very deep and goes from side to side in,it is a third of the size of the bed very handy.This bed ticks all the boxes for value and style.

Excellent Bed

I bought this bed on moving into a new property. The delivery was prompt and the product is of a good quality. The only downside was the self-assembly. The slats did not fit the frame so they were attached as well as possible. Not a big problem but just a shame for what otherwise is a high quality product. I would suggest upgrading to the sprung slats.

Love the material used on this frame

Very happy with our dreams purchase. Although one of the panels sent to assemble one of the drawers wasn't right (the groove cut out to slot bottom in was too thin) I think it was meant for a smaller model. No problem I personally sorted it. Overall the delivery team was as great and the quality of the product is also great. Would recommend. Thank you

Great bed - practical and stylish

Really happy with our purchase. It looks lovely, is comfy to sit up against and is a nice colour grey, not too light or too dark. Drawers underneath are good and provide excellent storage but would benefit from being on runners. That said I would recommend to anyone, husband put up on his own easily. Delivery and communication from Dreams brilliant.

I love my bed!

I have had this bed for about 3 weeks now and I love it. It looks nice, it's a dark charcoal colour. The drawers are independent to the bed and are on quite substantial castor's. I have always had a double bed but upgraded to a king size bed, and can't believe 6 inches makes so much difference, if you'll excuse the pun! Very pleased with my choice.

Very stylish and grand bed

I bought this bed over a month ago now after spending a long time looking at various different styles and colours. I am absolutely thrilled that I went for this particular bed because it is absolutely stunning. I bought the king size and it’s massive! The lovely colour of grey gives the bed a gorgeous and classy look. I am so very pleased with it!

Looks lovely in my bedroom.

I bought this a month ago and i am really happy with how it looks. The drawer space is good. They do come out sliding from side to side when you open them. Don't know if that's because I have barely anything in but there isn't a runner along the side of the drawer but they do the job. The fabric is a lovely colour and feels nice. I'm happy so far.

Great quality

Iv had the bed a couple of weeks now and am very happy with it, its a lot sturdier than i thought it was going to be and the faux leather is better quality than a lot of beds iv seen. It took me about an hour and a half to put up on my own so it does take a little bit of time but that could be cut down by using an electric screwdriver

Great Service! Great Product!

Although my original purchase was not in stock, Dreams called me and helped me purchase this bed which I am thoroughly happy with! The delivery service was excellent, the driver kept me updated throughout the whole morning until their arrival and put the bed together for me within 30 minutes! Can't fault the delivery, service and bed!

Superb elegant yet minimal bed

I bought this bed a few years ago. It is still going strong and still as beautiful. Easy to assemble and the inexpensive firm mattress I bought with the bed isn't bad at all either - actually it's still very good. I am immensely satisfied with both items. I only wish teh matching box was in the sale right now so I cd get it too!

Absolutely perfect again!

I brought this along with a mattress, bed was delivered perfectly to the master bedroom, delivery drivers took their shoes off and were very polite. The bed went together easily and I put it together by myself and was fairly straightforward. All in all I really can't fault anything from purchase to completion, perfect 10 all round.

Lovely bed

I bought this for my teenagers room its a lovely looking bed, attractive soft fabric and very sturdy frame. The 2 drawers, one on either side of the bed, are large and very useful storage. My daughter loves it and Im really happy I bought this particular frame. Money well spent. Would definitely recommend this bed from Dreams.

Amazing Dreams !!!!

I bought this bed a month ago, and can't stop lying down in there !!!! That's one of the best purchase I bought in a last few months. We just so exited to go sleep in this comfortable, perfect design bed... it's really worth the price and time to wait for it! I am just about to buy another one for my little princess dreams!

Looks and feels fabulous!

I bought this bed to move into our new home in February and I’ve not been disappointed. Dreams offered fab customer service even when we asked to amend our order. The bed itself was easy to assemble with great additional tips given by a very lovely deliver man. The fabric is gorgeous and it looks wonderful in our modern home!

Beautiful design- solid

A lovely bed , really looks beautiful, brilliant quality , very solid . Storage underneath is very good, helps me save on space. Fits myself and quite a few of my daughter's clothes in . Delivery drivers were lovely and so friendly, hoping they enjoyed their well deserved coffee from me. Very efficient and helpful.

very well made bed frame

I thought quality product like this was consigned to years gone by with flimsy bed frames and bed draws that fall apart after a couple of years now being the norm. how wrong can you be. really well engineered sturdy bed frame and yes really sturdy storage draws that as per other reviews, you COULD stand up in!!!!!

Perfect colour, Great Size, Easy to construct.

This bed arrived a few weeks ago and we have been very happy indeed. We opted for the Super King and its been incredible. Although it's recommended you build it with 2 people I was able to put this together myself. Very easy to construct. The drawers have a lot of screws so took a long time but was easy enough.

Lovely looking bed.

Lovely bed. Purchased for sons new bedroom. Great colour very light grey/silver. Well made and sturdy frame with 2 large draws either side. We chose self assembly and to be honest it was quite easy for the two of us to do. Didn't take long and instructions were easy to follow. Would definitely recommend bed.

Great features

Bought this to replace a squeaky metal framed bed and I love it! The fabric is a lovely feel and look, the drawers underneath are so much bigger than I expected which is incredibly handy. The headboard is comfy to sit up against when in bed. Easy to put together and really is a great feature in my room.

Looks amazing!

We purchased this a month ago and was unbelievably easy to put together. My husband was working away and managed to get this up in a few hours (bear in mind I Have two children under 4) it looks amazing and is a great statement in our room. All really sturdy, even the two drawers that sit underneath!

Great looking, brilliant value

Bought this bed in the grey colour, super king size about a month ago, and use it nightly in our master bedroom. Very pleased with everything about it, and can't fault it. Feels nice and sturdy, and good quality. Easy to assemble, and really pleased with how it looks in our bedroom. Would recommend.

Easy to assemble, comfy and looks good!

We brought this for our daughter, we got the super king model as same size as her last bed. We managed to assemble in about 2 hours which isn’t bad considering the delivery man said it takes them an hour and thought it would take us a day. Looks good and is comfy for the price we are happy.

Practical. Easy to assemble.

Super happy with this bed. It was easily to assemble and looks far more expensive than it was. Clearly good quality and it's beautiful to match. I would not advice paying 50 quid to assemble this - if I had been duped I would have given this 4 stars. You will need a set of allen keys though!

Beautiful bed

Bought this for my 10yr old daughter as she was in a mid sleeper. It was hervthar chose the colour but I wasn't sure as her other furniture is white. However it looks really good and stylish. Very grown up. Was fairly simple to put together with 2 people. Seems very sturdy. Would recommend.

Absolutely love it

I bought this bed in the silver a couple of weeks ago and I’m so pleased with it. It looks amazing, I paid for it to be assembled which was done quickly, and it has plenty of storage underneath. My mom came round the other day and she loves it so much she wants to buy the same bed now too!!

really stylish classy bed frame

I bought this a few weeks ago and was delighted when it arrived I have recently downsized from a very large family home to a two bedroom retirement appartment and my bedroom looks really stylish and very classy this really lifted my spirits at having to leave my home of thirty five years

Great item

I brought this a month ago during the bank holiday sale . It’s the best purchase ever. Everyone who comes to see my new home always mentions how homely the bed looks ! It really is very very comfortable and strong . The delivery team were fanstastic and the in store team were so helpful

Beautiful bed

The bed has a soft, flowing design. The colour grey is light and brightens the room. It is smaller than anticipated but is longer than other small doubles I've had in the past. It is well made and sturdy. It looks expensive but it was value for money.overalli am pleased with this bed.

So good, I now have three!!!!!!

I bought the faux leather version of this bed and now have three of these in my home!! They are very comfortable, easy to assemble, great quality, and have the all important additional storage draws either side which are just great! Top marks for a very stylish and well made bed.

Excellent value

We bought super king size few weeks ago . Ordered sprung slats but as not available Dreams offered refund of the difference and extra £50 as gesture of apology . Pleased so far with the look and feel . Our mattress is quiet thick and expensive so don’t feel much differently so far .

Overall Quality bed

Love this bed frame. The fabric look isn’t just a great look but it’s hard wearing and relatively straight forward to put together. The bed is solid and looks classy. Would definitely recommend. The delivery men also advised us to build the drawers first which helped big time.

I don't want to get up!!!

So glad I replaced my very old sleigh bed for this beautiful new one. To be honest I hadn't realised just how old and worn my last bed was, you kind of just get used to it but my goodness I now have the bed of dreams!! Excuse the pun. Best money I have spent this year!!

Excellent quality for price!

Very solid bed, I had option for solid slats though which help but overall very impressed with quality of product when compared to price. You can't rally grumble. Underbed storage is also very handy, comes in the form of two solid draws which actually sit on the floor.

Great bed

We bought this and opted to build it ourselves, for once the instructions were in plain English, and it was easy to put together. Only down side if you pick the sprung slats, you do need to have long arms to screw in the leg at the middle, other than that it’s perfect

Never slept so well!!

So please we made the decision to buy a new frame. The wife and myself were sleeping terribly on our old metal frame. It was sagging in the middle and we were worried that our mattress was ruined. Turns out a Dreams solid frame was what we needed. Revolutionary!!

Easy to assemble

We have had the bed for just over a month now. Although the mattress isn't from dreams it is a very comfortable bed and looks great. It was easy to assemble the instructions were clear. The draws are heavy so there needs to be two people putting them together.


I using this bed for a months, I find out this bed frame is really sturdy. And the colour we love it (brown pvc). And super bargains cos we brought it for a sale. The delivery man is really nice when they come to your house they will taken their shoe off.

Great bed

Fabulous bed. It’s really sturdy and super easy to put together. The drawers fit nicely under the bed too so no catching when you open them. The fabric is tough too and doesn’t seem to damage easily. Really pleased with the bed, it’s made our bedroom.

Super comfy for a great price

Brought a bed about a month ago now and i do not regret a thing i have had some of the best sleeps of my life with this product and i would not hesitate to come to Dreams again should i need to in the future. Amazing quality and easy/fast to set up.

Cosy Bed!

I brought this bed about a month ago for my spare bedroom, and have had no complaints! It's getting to the point, where I want to sneak in to have a cosy night sleep rather than my own bed! Delivery was great, delivered to the bedroom of my choice.

Really good customer service

I initially ordered the bed in the wrong colour but when I called up they made the change and emailed proof straight away. Delivery date was accurate and came right in time with the estimated delivery date! Really good quality for the price too.

Love it

Got this in brown faux leather. Its a great bed in Super King. The draws are great too, there on wheels on the floor so no chance of coming off the runners like with our old bed and the size of the draws is really big too. Even had room to spare.

Looks brilliant

Very happy with this bed frame, was easy to assemble and had some good advice from the delivery guy to help with the setup. Overall we’re very happy and have been sleeping great. The drawers underneath are solid too and fit plenty in them.

Great quality bed!

Bought this to replace a cheap ottoman storage bed which was awful and creaky and felt unstable! First night on this Lucia bed was amazing, so sturdy and felt safe and stable. Plus it looks amazing, really makes the room look super classy!

the bed for you !!!!

I bought this bed roughly a month ago , the amazing delivery team were polite and helpful , the bed itself is amazing ! It’s big , the perfect height , excellent quality !! The drawback are brilliant and spacious,, and glide like a dream.

Great for storage

The drawers are an excellent size for under the bed storage and the headboard is tall enough to sit up well in bed. The only potential downside could be the length once pillows are on the bed as taller people couldn't stick their feet out

Love it!

I bought this bed last month, so happy we purchased from dreams we were getting high qoutes from other stores for very similar beds. The bonus of this is that it has storage. Easy to put together , it took my partner and I about an hour.

Love it. Feels durable and comfortable.

Bought the bed 2 weeks ago and it is just like we expected it to be. Comfortable and has a high quality feel to it (of course time will tell). It was easy to assemble it and we hope to get many years of comfort from it! Would recommend!

Best purchase I have made

I bought this bed a month ago for my new flat and it is just perfect. The colour is beautiful and brightens up the room. The draws are a great addition as well. cannot fault it! Easy to put together, looks amazing and is super comfy.

Lucia suver fabric bed

I brought the product a few weeks ago. The overall assembly was easy. I opted for solid slats which i had a problem with. The Dreams team came out and solved the problem with out hassle. Impressed with the quality of bed and service

Great quality

I bought this a few weeks ago the part arrived on time with no issues. Once opened I was impressed with the high quality and sturdiness once it was assembled. I’m very pleased with my purchase and expect it to last a very long time.

Lucia bed

Brought this bed about 3 weeks now, and can say best night's sleep I've ever had, the frame is very solid and easy to assemble. And colour looks great, no need to purchase head board as there's no need for extra expense. Happy days.

Super comfy

We bought this after two recommendations from friends. Super comfy. We bought it with the Hyde & Sleep blueberry mattress. The bed frame was delivered damaged on one side, but Dreams are rectifying without us having to do anything.

Great bed

Love this bed, fast delivery paid for the set up which was fantastic the guy came at 8am and was leaving at 8.19am no way could me and my husband if done it that fast. The draws on the side are very Spacious and got plenty of room

My Lucinda bed

Hi we got our bed from dreams three weeks ago and could not be happier I have very bad arthritis and since we got our memory mattress I have never slept so well and the service I have received from dreams was absolutely amazing

Great bed, so comfy and I’m so happy.

I brought this bed a month ago and I’m so happy that I did, delivery driver was really polite and was happy to assist in putting the boxes where I asked him to. My partner took a couple of hours to build it and it looks great.

Stylish and very well made

This wasn't my first option, but as the divan would not fit up my stairs, it was recommended that I opt for an assembly bed. I couldn't be happier, looks great, plenty of storage with 2 large drawers, well made. Great value!

Great quality

We bought this bed a fortnight ago and we are very pleased. The delivery team was very professional and the bed was easy to build. The bed frame feels very sturdy and the storage draws are so spacious. definitely recommend.

Best bed I’ve owned

2 weeks now with this bed and it’s a dream ;), so comfortable, I used to suffer with back problems but since this nice sleep I have had no pain at all, it was easy to assemble and it’s very sturdy, would definitely recommend


I brought the bed a month ago. It was easy to assemble and a great strong framed perfect bed to finish the room off. Also can’t thank the delivery guys enough for the help getting it up the stairs and they were super polite

Beautiful bed frame

This is a lovely bed frame feels nice and looks nice love the under storage draws lots of space in them and very sturdy upgraded to the sprung slats and I'm glad as this gives the bed extra comfort with the mattress on top.

Stylish and comfortable

I broght it back in April and there was no issues with Dreams storing it for that length of time while my bedroom was renovated. The bed was very easy to assemble. And it was defently worth the wait for comfort and style.

Quality & very sturdy

I bought this bed about a month ago. I am so so happy with it. Very good quality and very very sturdy. Storage draw each side. With plenty of room. Once up looks more expensive than what i paid for it. Fantastic price.

Affordable & Fabulas Bed

We bought this bed as part of our wee ones Christmas, she absolute loves it. very stylish & smart looking. Very easy to assemble with two people & end result a very sturdy and great looking bed, can't fault it at all.

Sleeping like a baby

Bought this together with mattress, great delivery and looks just perfect in my bedroom. My awful night sleeps has turned in to best thing ever! No more back and neck pain. Thank you Dreams for making my life better!

Solidly built, good quality and easily assembled

Bought from Stockton store with the assistance of helpful staff. It’s very well built, and has a good quality feel and finish. The quality was obvious from the way it was put together with easy to follow instructions.

Easy to use drawers

Bought this and have had it for about four weeks now like the fact that the drawers are easy to slip in and out. Light grey fabric is quite trendy. Comfortable bed. Used the service to build and very straightforward.

Solid and good looking

This bed frame not only looks great but the draws underneath give bigger storage than expected and have a very thick solid base unlike most thin draw bases. It is on casters which works perfect on our Hard flooring.

Beautiful bed

I bought this bed a month ago and it is absolutely fantastic. It is stylish, sturdy and comfortable and the storage space under the bed is surprisingly large! Would definitely recommend to anyone who is interested.

Excellent quality bed!!

This bed not only looks great, it IS great! The overall quality is fantastic and I was surprised how thick the slats were! Easy to assemble too, I managed it on my own but it would have been better with two people.

Looks stunning and amazing value for money

We bought this bed after weeks of searching for yhe perfect bed for our new home. Its incredibly gold value for money and looks stunning. The delivery men were so polite and well mannered too. Very happy customer x

King Size Wow!

I wanted to treat myself to a King Size bed - I couldn't be happier. It's made my bed, my favourite place - more than the kitchen or living room - somewhere I just totally veg, watch TV, read, social media etc etc

Best choice for me

I bought this just under a month ago, never had a bed frame before and love it. So comfortable, great height, love the drawers underneath it. No bumps or awkward knee or toe bangs on the frame. Great nights sleep

Love the quality.

Me and my partner bought this a month ago and are very happy with the amount of space you get in the drawers under the bed. It means we get to lose some other drawers we had opening up our bedroom a great deal.


I had been on the hunt for a new bed for ages and couldn't find what I was looking for. I'm so glad I went with this bed as the draws under the bed are so spacious and the style is just what I was looking for.

Great sleep!

I bought this bed a couple of weeks ago and I have to say it has been the best bed so far. The sturdiness of the bed is next to none and my sleep has dramatically improved having the support of a solid frame.

Great bed frame

This is a great bed frame. Fits our room perfectly. It was made very sturdy and still going strong today. Lovely colour and fabric. Very handy with the two drawers underneath the bed which come out with ease

Fantastic purchase

I bought this a few weeks ago and I am so happy with it. It looks great in my bedroom. Was easy to assemble and is such a good night's sleep I would recommend it to anyone. Also it is great value for money.

Nice bed, easy to put together but the slats...

Overall impressed with the bed. Solid in its construction, easy to put together but the only thing that was slightly disappointing was the slats. With a lot of manoeuvring about managed to get them to fit.

Very stylish

This bed is great abit annoying to build so I would recommend using the device they provide of the delivery’s drivers doing it for you, it’s bigger than I thought but so nice and the drawer space is great

Quality piece of furniture

Bought this a month ago. Extremely informative and polite delivery man. I was kept up-to-date on every delivery stage. Bedframe was straightforward to out up and is sturdy and has a quality feel.

Great sturdy bed !

Got this bed a few weeks ago, managed to build it all by myself so isn't too complicated especially as I'm a girl under 5 foot tall ! The result was very sturdy and am extremely pleased with my purchase.

ageless finish

Had the 4'6" split leather model for 10yrs and had to have the same when upsizing to 5' kingsize. A great supportive headboard that just wipes clean and doesn't show wear. Plus great drawer storage.

Excellent quality bed

Bought this bed a month ago and so please with the design and quality. The drawers are very well made and large in size - much better than the standard style. Easy to assemble Would highly recommend.

Lovely stylish bed at a v.good price

Bought this bed for my teenager as part of a revamp of his room. The bed was easy to put together and seems very secure and stable. It did take a while and two of us, but worth it. It looks amazing.

So comfortable!!

This is our first new bed in almost 22 years and we are not disappointed. It's a lovely style and really solid, even the drawers underneath. Had a great sleep the first night and ever since. Love it

Beautiful bed

This was the first bed I brought for myself. I’m not the best with instructions, but Dreams made this so easy for me to assemble. Such a strong bed and it looks so beautiful. So happy I brought this

Very Sturdy

A bed that is really sturdy and definitely feels of a good quality. The drawers are very large and perfect for keeping your bedding et cetera, which makes it perfect for saving space in your closet.

So well made

This was our 3rd Lucia bed, we brought 2, a year ago and were so pleased with them. So when we moved into a bigger property, just before Christmas, buying another one, was an easy decision to make.

Excellent bed for the price

I bought this bed frame and when all the boxes arrived I thought they had made a mistake but it was really easy to assemble, it looks beautiful and has just finished my newly decorated bedroom off

Excellent Quality

I have owned this bed for around 1 month now and i have never had a better sleep. It is very sturdy and looks really smart. The under bed storage is larger than expected too. the dogs approve.

Amazing quality

I bought this bed a week before Christmas and they fitted it on the day and time selected. Really good quality bed and even better service. Was so good my brother recently ordered the same one.

Brilliant bed!

I recently bought this bed and couldn’t be happier. It was fairly easy to assemble (the drawers took the most time but with 2 people it was fine) and it is incredibly sturdy and looks amazing!

well made looks opulent strong good quality

this bed is so comfy the draws big enough for sheets and pillow cases very roomy. the bed is strong headboard solid and comfy to rest on I am sleeping so well great purchase.

Exactly as advertised

I bought this to replace a similar bed. It is just the colour I was expecting, made from high quality fabric. The drawers are a really useful addition - very roomy and they slide very easily.

Good quality bed with a great quality feel also.

My wife wanted a superking, I didn’t, so we got a superking and the Lucia bed is great. Had everything we needed. Drawers are of good size and quality. Solid bed all round, with a great look.

Great bed

Bought a month ago bed is great we love it. Only downside was one of the feet was damaged and we never got round to complaining and have probably left it too long now. Drawers are massive!!

Beautiful bed

I bought this bed a few weeks ago and it is so stylish and comfortable I love it. Also the delivery was very prompt and the assembler was very good and assembled the bed in a timely manner.

Lovely bed

Took 2 of us to put it together but was relatively easy to do. The draws are really spacious which is a plus point and the fabric colour (silver) goes with everything. Daughter very happy!

Excellent bed!

Bought this a month ago and am incredibly happy with it. The bed frame is sturdy and looks great in my bedroom. The installation service was also excellent and absolutely worth paying for.

Lovely bed, great colour and storage

Really really pleased with this bed, it looks great in our room (on a light grey carpet and blue wall), is comfortable and has a real 'centre of the room' look to it. Highly recommended

Good design

I bought this a month ago and we are very happy with the product. Not just comfortable but also good value for money. Furthermore, it is absolutely easy to set up and take it apart.

Looks gorgeous

I bought this product a little over a month ago. I am extremely pleased with this. It’s a very comfortable bed that is well build and the frame is solid. I would definitely recommend

Great storage!

The bed looks and feels great! The slide out storage underneath is amazing and more spacious than we originally thought. Only downside is the bed was quite tricky to assemble.

Great bed

I bought this bed in silver finish. I’m very happy with it, comfortable and lovely looking. The service from Dreams was first class too. All in all very pleased with my purchase

Luxurious and great nights sleep

This bed frame is easy to put together and to a very high quality. If you’re looking for a bed to make a statement then buy this with the storage unit. They look great together.

Beautiful Bed

Bought this a few weeks ago and finally moved enabling us to put it up. It’s beautiful, and the fabric is lovely. It seems like a quality product and the draws are a great size

Lovely Bed

I absolutely love this bed, it’s really good quality, firm and secure. I paid extra for Dreams to build it, was a really good service from start to finish. Would order again

Great Quality and Good Delivery

I have had the bed for a couple of weeks - the quality is great. The delivery men were excellent, taking great care of our house and arriving within the designated time slot.

Outstanding and great value for money

This product is nice and comfy. I bought it about a month ago and ever since my sleeping patterns has changed. Have been sleeping wonderfully and peacefully. Thank you Dreams

Love the bed!!

Very happy with this purchase! Goes lovely with the decor and it's been really well built! The draws are huge and can fit a lot of space in side them! Would highly recommend


Bought the bed a month ago along with a new latex mattress and pillows. It is an elegant piece of furniture, well stitched fabric, solid strong drawers with plenty of space.


Bought this frame after seeing it at my daughters, such a lovely design, and the draw underneath has so much space it’s great, very classy and a lovely feature to my bedroom


Nearly month and I’m loving the style and look of the bed is something else it’s like your sleeping on a royalty bed the colour and soft fabric is amazing highly recommend

Great bed

I love the design and size. It's perfect. The side drawers have pits the storage. They built the bed for me. It only took them 20 mins. If I did it, it will take me hours

Great storage

It is a lovely bed to look at and the draws underneath the bed are so spacious, which come in very handy! It is very high quality and I am very happy with this purchase.

Excellent purchase

Bought just around a month ago, incredibly comfy and a great size for my wife and I in our master bedroom. Highly recommend it and look forward to years of comfy sleep.

Stylish great quality

Omg why did I wait so long to buy a new bed and mattress !! This bed frame is perfect and comfortable, i went for the normal slats but still really comfy and stylish.

Great quality

Purchased a few weeks back and really pleased. The bed looks lovely, is a nice shade of grey and good quality material. It’s seems sturdy and hopefully long lasting!

I love it!

I had only seen this online and it’s much nicer in real life - I love it!! The quality is excellent and the installers were fast and friendly- I highly recommend it.

A fantastic non squeaky bedframe

I bought this around 2 weeks ago now and i'm very happy with it. The draws can be a little hard to open one handed on a carpet floor but apart from that very good.

Sweet Dreams!

I have been sleeping in this bed for a few weeks now and it is so comfortable. The only problem I have had is getting out of it in the morning! Totally 100% happy.

Cracking bed

Had the bed a month now and really chuffed with it. Looks great, well put together and decent storage in the form of 2 large drawers underneath. Good work Dreams


Lovely sturdy bed, beautiful shape and size, really big spacious drawers on either side. We got it in silver it’s such a lovely light colour absolutely love it.

Great product

Easy ordering Was kept up to date with delivery time Helpful delivery team Bed was easy to assemble Looks much more expensive Solid furniture Very happy

Great value

I bought this bed a month ago it is the second one we have bought as it’s a very solid and good looking at a very good price. Also practical it has good storage

Good Quality and Value

I purchased this via the website and was very happy with the delivery time and quality of the bed. I built it myself in under and hour and it looks very smart.

Fantastic value

So happy with this bed for my 7 year old daughter, it looks great and the best thing is she no longer wants to sleep in my bed as she is so comfy in this one.

A real show bed

Fell in love with the bed instantly, the quality and durability are fantastic! Easily assembled and a very sterdy bed, well worth the price. Value for money!

Very happy

Very happy with the bed, which arrived on time and was easy to put together following simple instructions. Helpful delivery service and good product quality.

Great finish

We bought this bed for a recent move for the master bedroom and it looks and works fantastically well. Great design with a classy finish. Would recommend it

Very pleased!!

We purchased the Lucia silver bed frame and not only was it simple to put together, but delivery was great & the finish of the product great too. Very happy.

Great design

I love this bed it suits our bedroom perfect and it's not to bulky or heavy, so can easily be moved, yer still solid and good quality with great storage.

Lovely comfortable bed

Bought this bed a month ago lovely bed easy to put together looks great in are bedroom very modern good storage space loads of room for extra bedding

Great quality, lovely bed

I've had this bed almost a month and i love it. The way it looks is perfect for the asthestic in my bedroom. The bed is a superking and its fantastic.

Great draws

This bed has been brilliant. An added bonus is that the draws are not actually connected to the bed, making it so much easier to use. Highly recomend.


I purchased this bed 2 weeks ago and am very impressed how stylish it looks. Sturdy drawers with plenty of room. Would definitely recommend this bed.


I bought this a few weeks back and it was exactly as I pictured it. The draws are much larger than I thought and you can really fit a lot in there.

Lovely bed

I absolutely love my new bed it has made my bedroom look so cosy. It's a lovely colour and very neutral. It's easy to put together and very sturdy.


Had our eyes on the Lucia for a few months and when the time finally came we knew it was meant to be! Beautiful in our new bedroom and very solid!

Great Quality Bed

The bed turned up on time. All the boxes were received and the bed was easy to assemble. The bed is very good quality. Overall a great experience.

Nice looking bed

Easy to assemble, instructions were very clear. Very good bed looks very nice. Delivery was quick n the delivery guys were very nice n helpful.

Good quality

Honestly this is the best bed I've ever bought. It's beautiful and the quality is amazing. Great value for money. This is a bed that will last.

Really sturdy

Bought this bed a couple of weeks ago. Very well put together. Draws underneath are very sturdy. Looks really nice. Overall a really good bed.

Really lovely bed

Bought our new bed two weeks ago and it is so smart and comfortable really pleased with what we decided on makes a lovely feature in our room

It's a well made bed

So happy with my purchase. Bed is well made and the mattress firm but soft. Had the best night's sleep ever since I bought it! Thanks dreams

Good quality solid bed

I got this bed for my daughter and we are so pleased with it. I assembled it myself to save a bitof money, which was very straight forward.

Nice product

This was a good buy, the frame looks good in the room and it's sturdy. It us also nice material in a fashionable colour. I'm happy with it.

Amazing delivery service !

Delivery was rather slow on giving a date but apart from that it was good. The delivery guys were on point and not there very long at all!

Excellent bed

Looks great and very modern, made to a high standard. Drawers underneath are nice and spacious and very strong so can hold plenty of stuff

Beautifully made, stylish bed

We bought this three weeks ago, delivered promptly, the lovely gents that built it were great and super efficient, would highly recommend.


I bought this bed just under a month ago and am so happy with it. The side drawers are very spacious. Delivery and asemblement was quick.

Brilliant Bed, big, bold and beautiful

Lovely colour, material and size. Drawers are excalty what we wanted, strong and sturdy unlike most. Great bed. With good storage space.

Superb delivery and product

I bought this bed about a month ago. It is excellent value for money. Looks lovely, easy to assemble and has two large storage drawers


Bought this bed for my daughters bedroom, she absolutely loves it. It is stylish and excellent value for money. Easy to assemble too.

Love it

Fantastic quality, easy to assemble and looks brilliant! Easy to clean! Delivery was bang on time and the delivery men were really nice

Under bed storage saved us!

Finally able to clear out the office of bed covers and towels. The other half couldn't be happier and I can work in a decluttered room!

Statement bed

We love our new super king bed. It's a real statement in our room. Easy put together but so sturdy and the drawers are really spacious.

Great Comfort

I bought this a month ago and so glad I did, we get a great nights sleep and it’s done wonders for my back. Would definitely recommend

Perfect and practical

I bought this a month ago and fits perfect in my master bedroom as well as the guest room. Definitely well built and storage is great.

Incredibly comfy

Bought this bed after looking at a few and it was definitely the right decision.. very easy to construct and a fantastic nights sleep

Really nice bed and doesn’t break the bank

I bought this a Month ago and found it’s a very solidly built bed, drawer in the bottom is very very big so you can put a lot in it.

A great bedroom feature

We bought the super king size and it looks fantastic, is super comfortable and everyone comments on how good it looks in our room.

Great quality

Brilliant delivery, on time and kept up to date with arrival time. My husband said it was easy to put together. Looks fantastic!

Lovely bed

Bought grey sleigh type bed last month - I love it! Perfect finish to my new bedroom - everyone who sees it thinks it’s amazing.

Prefect buy

I brought this bed frame just under a month ago and I’m so glad I did. It’s sturdy, large amount of draw space and looks lovely.


Looks really modern and was surprisingly easy to put together. The two storage drawers under the bed also have a huge capacity.

Great bed.

Bought this for my son. His first proper bed. He loves it. Great desgin. Was easy enough to assemble, I managed it on my own.

Soft and comfortable

I bought this three weeks ago, the delivery and service of dreams has been amazing and the quality of the product is very good.

Great Bed

I bought this bed about a month ago and it's lovely, the drawers are huge too and can fit a lot of clothes! It looks very good.

Worth the money you don’t have!

Easy thing to build which is great for me but I’m always asleep while sleeping on it, so i have no idea how grand it truly is.

Great quality product

I love my new bed which makes it harder to get out of in a morning now :). Great service, great quality and also great price!

Lovely bed

I am extremely happy with my purchase - it’s very solid and sturdy. The draws are lovely and the material is of high quality.

Just gorgeous

This bed is perfect. Super easy to put up and also really great quality! The material is strong and the colour is gorgeous.

No complaints

Bed is great, you don’t really appreciate how big a supper kind size is until it’s in the room. Installers were also great

Great bed!!

We bought this bed a month ago and absolutely love it, and compared to all other bed and the prices it’s such a good buy.

Great purchase

Good quality, looks great in our room. Would recommend. Not too hard to put together yourself, just takes a bit of time.

Love it

I recently bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. It was easy to put together and took no time at all

Love it!

Very happy with our new bed. Easy to put together. The drawers underneath are very strong and sturdy. Looks great too!

A Great night's Sleep...At last!

Purchased this bed a couple of weeks ago and have slept soundly since! Stylish and comfortable, what more do you need

Great Design

When we saw this bed we just had to have it, I put it together myself with no problems at all, It looks stunning.

Great buy

Excellent quality, clear instructions, sturdy bed and lovely design. Excellent customer service and swift delivery!


I bought this matching set .its now built and very sturdy and firm .great nights sleep and matched my colour scheme

Great bed

I bought it two weeks ago and it's really beautiful that has added value to my bedroom. It's very durable as well.

Worth every penny

I bought this bed a few weeks ago. Very very easy to assemble compared to other retailers. Very comfy to sleep on

Great Bed

Bought this a little over a week ago and am very happy with it. Relatively easy to put together and looks great.

Great Bed

Excellent design, quality and very sturdy. Easy instructions to assemble the bed. Would definitely recommend.

Beautiful bed

This bed is gorgeous revamped my bedroom amazingly, so easy to put up and super comfy you wont be disappointed!

Excellent Product at affordable Price

Great Customer Service. My queries was dealt with in a professional way with regular updates on the delivery.

looks great

Very nice looking bed purchased for my daughter, and she is delighted with it. Really finishes her room well.

Small double bed review

I bought this bed last month for my 13 year old daughter. Easy to assemble. Nice looking bed. Comfy mattress.


Bought for my daughter to give her a grown up bedroom. Was easy to assemble and has good storage underneath.

Great bed

Had the bed a few weeks now. No complaints. Its fully bedded in, and I'm not lying (though I am lying down).

Lovely solid bed

Bought this as we were moving into our new house. The bed is gorgeous and very solid. Well worth the money.

Beautiful Bed

A gorgeous bed with lots of storage with the 2 drawers. The drawers are strong and sturdy and a good size.

Looks amazing!

Couldn't be happier, looks stylish and well made. Drawers are super useful and cant go wrong for the price!


What an amazing bed! Went for the double, and we love it. Fit the room so well and its desgin is flawless

Looks great!

Looks great, easy to assemble with clear instructions. Even better we got it on a great deal in the sale.

Looks amazing

I bought this a month ago and absolutely love it! It looks great, was easy to assemble and is very sturdy

Good look

Really sturdy and comfortable, large drawer centrally located both sides, nice design and quality fabric


We are really happy with the new bed frame. very comfortable easy to get on and off. matches the bedroom

Quite comfy

Am so happy with the leather upholstery finish, it's quite solid and comfortable. Good value for money.

Super King Comfort

The bed arrived on time and looks and feels as it did in the show room. I can't wait to go to bed now!

Sturdy! Stylish!

So pleased with my new bed! Didn’t take long to assemble and is perfect! Good height good size love it

Looks the part, feels the part!

We bought this 1 month ago, it is lush! Looks lovely in our bedroom and is super comfy! Very happy!

Looks great.

We've had this new bed for a few weeks and we're thrilled with it. It looks great and is very sturdy.

Looks stylish

This looks stylish with a simple, clean design and looks like it would be more expensive than it is.

So comfortable

We bought our new bed a few weeks ago and we have benn having a fantastic nighrs sleep ever since.

Loads of room

I brought this just under a month ago a brilliant bed with loads of spare room in lovely and comfy

Nice style very compact

I like the style of the bed and the colour the drawers are nice and compact and slide very easily

Exactly as picture

Exactly as pictured - drawers on both sides on wheels. Not the smoothest but then not used often

Great quality

The bed is a very good quality. The under bed draws are huge. Really pleased we choose this bed.


Great looking bed. Solid frame with big solid drawers. Easy to assemble. Great value for money.

Fantastic bed

Lovely bed which looks great in our room. Easy to put together and loads of room in the drawers

Very stylish product

I bought this, and so pleased with this product, it is a very comfortable and looks so stylish.

Very smart

I bought this a few days ago and have liked ever since.It was so easy to make and Looking nice!

Out like a light

A really comfortable bed, lying in this bed compared to my old bed an amazing sleep experience.

Good space

This bed is exactly what we thought it would be, it has good space underneath and is stylish.

Good quality.

I bought this a few weeks ago and I love it. It looks good. The colour and style are perfect.

Very stable, well made and sturdy

I purchased this product 4 weeks ago and I am very very happy with it. A great night’s sleep!

Awesome bed

Very pleased with bed, easy to put together, looks exactly like the photo couldn’t be happier

Great night sleep

Easy to assemble, lovely modern look fits well in the refurbished bedroom, brilliant storage

Lovely bed with great storage

Lovely looking bed with great storage. Strong frame and drawers are of a high strong quality

Strong frame

Very good quality, I like how the draws are designed aswell they won’t brake like other beds


My son has now had this mattress for about a month now, he says it’s the best he’s ever had!

Great price and service.

Ordered 3 bed with installation. Both products and service was brilliant. Highly recommend.

Great size

I brought this bed a few weeks ago and myself and my husband are really happy with this bed

Amazing features

This bed is comfortable. Was reasonable easy to put together. Not heavy either. Looks good

Good But

Great bed nice strong and lovely but the bottom footer makes it difficult to make the bed.

Great Bed!

Highly recommend and good quality bed! Was simple to fit as well and also done it myself.


I bought this 3 weeks ago I've never had a better sleep like I have on this bed brilliant


I brought this a month ago and I’ve had the best night sleep since couldn’t be happier :)

Looks great

I bought this bed frame a few weeks ago and I love it! Its really stylish and looks great

Great looking and great storage capacity

Great product and really happy with my bed modern looking and has practical features too

Comfy Bed

Great bed for master bedroom, good size, comfortable, and great storage space in drawer

Great value and so comfy!

I bought this a month ago and im so happy with it, great quality at a reasonable price!

Great comfy bed and looks great

Bought it a couple weeks ago and the delivery and quality of the bed are both brilliant

Excellent spacious bed

I bought this bed a month ago and it is great. 2 very large draws and very solid frame

Top quality

Top quality bed frame with good size under storage. Would highly recommend this frame

Great looking bed

Very well made, great looking bed had my eye on it for awhile had to get, very sturdy

So comfortable

Sturdy and stylish. So comfortable. Worth every penny. Best sleep we’ve had for years

my new bed, luciana

i have had this bed about a month now and it is so comfortable my sleep has improved

Stylish bed

I love this bed and the drawers are very useful, it makes my bedroom look beautiful

Excellent looking bed

I've had this bed 1 month. It looks great. Was easy to install and is very sturdy.

Looks stylish

I bought this bed a few weeks ago and it was easy to put up and looks really nice.

Great Bed & Easy to put together

Had this bed for a couple weeks, looks great, very sturdy and easy to put togethet

Lovely piece of furniture.

Fabric is really nice and well made. The draws are spacious and assembly was easy.

Solid build

Great looking bed easy to put together bought with a sigma mattress no complaints.

Very sturdy!

Have for a few weeks now and no complaints. Easy to put together and very sturdy.

really easy to assemble and looks great

we are delighted with this bed frame, went together easily and great drawer space

Great bed!

very nice looking, very good value for money and looks more expensive than it is!


Bought for my daughter and she loves the style, storage space and build quality.

Great looking

I bought this bed last month and am very pleased with it. Great value for money!

Great Features

Delivery was great easy to ensemble delivery guy gave us some tips great service

Stylish and comfortable

I bought this bed about a month ago and have had a great night sleep ever since.

Beautiful bed

I bought this bed month ago fab quality would defiantly buy more in near future

Looks good, useful storage.

I am very happy with my purchase - looks great, with useful storage underneath.

Excellent bed

Really good solid frame good size drawers aso nice good quality fabric choices.

Great bed I love it

I brought my bed in August so happy with it so easy to build and great a price

Great Design

I have now had this bed for over a month and we love it. So much storage in it


We can’t fault this bed! It has plenty of under storage and has a solid frame.

Top quality bed

Bed is elegant and sturdy, I'm so happy with the purchase, highly recommended.

Good product

Very easy to assemble, even the draws were simple! Would definitely recommend.

Love this bed

We are so happy with this bed, smart and sturdy and huge! Just what we wanted.

We absolutely love our beds

Fantastic beds, they were assembled for us in just an hour from the best team


Really lovely bed would recommend this to everyone lovely colour fits perfect

Very sturdy

Very happy with this purchase. Bought for master bedroom and looks beautiful.

Great nights sleep

Very pleased with my purchase. Very sturdy, looks nice and has aided my sleep

Very well built

Brilliant quality, and very easy to assemble, far superior to my previous bed

Great bed

I brought this bed last month and it’s amazing, looks luxurious and so comfy

Looks beautiful

Very happy with this bed frame. Plenty of storage and looks very beautiful.