Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame Rated 4.83/5 based on 120 customer reviews
Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

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Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6
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Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

The Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame is a highly advanced bed frame that offers a range of features designed to improve your sleeping and lounging experience. With 3 adjustable areas (head, lumbar, and feet), users can easily find their ideal level of comfort and support while lounging or sleeping. The bed frame can be controlled wirelessly using the included remote or through the Napp by Dreams app, making it easy to adjust the bed to your desired position.

One of the standout features of the adjustable platform is its Zero Gravity technology, which helps to ease pressure points and improve circulation. This technology, combined with the bed's 2 massage units for the back and feet, allows users to fully relax and unwind. The bed frame is also sturdy and well-constructed, with metal legs and a reinforced base, and it has a weight limit of 355kg (including the weight of the mattress).

In addition to its functionality, the adjustable platform is also stylish and can be used on its own or dropped into one of Dreams' Sleepmotion compatible bed frames. A 400i headboard is available separately for those who want to complete the look.

Based on the customer reviews provided, it seems that the Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame is largely well-liked by its users. Customers have praised the bed's 3 adjustable areas, Zero Gravity technology, and massage units, as well as its sturdy construction and compatibility with a separately-sold 400i headboard. Many reviewers have also reported improvements in their sleep quality and a reduction in the severity of their snoring after using the bed.

It's worth noting that some customers have mentioned that the bed frame can be a little expensive, but overall the value for money seems to be good based on the features and benefits offered. No specific dislikes were mentioned in the customer reviews we looked at.

Overall, the Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame is a highly-functional and comfortable bed frame that is well worth considering for anyone looking to upgrade their sleeping and lounging experience.

Reasons to Buy

Well loved by customers and featuring some impressive movement options controlled via remote or app.

Fair price point given the amount of motion available.

Plenty of compatibility with mattresses in the range.

Reasons to Avoid

Price point, while reasonable given the quality of components, is still quite pricey, which considering the functionality of adjustable beds is sometimes more utilised in the frail and disabled, may prove a barrier to entry for those on a fixed income.

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Of The Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame Great?

3 adjustable areas: head, feet and lumbar

This is one of the more premium adjustable bases that you can get, with 3 adjustable areas rather than just the head, this option gives more ways to sleep and relax, particularly ideal for those who have trouble getting comfortable or are disabled, this level of adjustment is a great consideration.

Controlled via the Napp by Dreams app or wireless remote (included)

The new Napp by Dreams app has more features than ever, not only can you control your sleep, with health monitoring that can track your sleep cycle. You now get the ability to control the bed, being able to navigate up and down in line with your comfort preference.

Zero Gravity technology provides a weightless feeling and eases pressure points

The zero-gravity technology within this base supports a sleeping position that allows for neutral body posture  which was developed by NASA.  The position and technology combined helps provide a state of weightlessness. NASA to this day continues to place astronauts in this position prior to take-off, equalising their weight and easing the stress on their bodies prior to space launch.

2x massage units (back and feet)

One of the additional features of this base is it has further lumbar support with two relaxing units on the back and feet to massage the body.

Can be standalone or dropped into one of our selected bed frames

Sturdy metal legs and reinforced base

Strengthened metal legs with reinforced bases offer superior stability and durability to ensure that your bed remains sturdy no matter how much you move around or jump on it. The metal legs also help reduce noise from movement and provide a level surface for your mattress. Additionally, the reinforced base helps the frame last longer, distributing the weight evenly across the frame to minimise the risk of structural damage.

Weight limit: 355kg / 55 stone

Mattresses can vary in their weight, normally around 30-50kg. That leaves plenty of weight limitation in place for most people and should not cause any issues with the frame.

Mattress not included, view our range of compatible mattresses here

You require a certain type of mattress for adjustable bed bases, as such there is a slight limitation and restriction against suitable products, worry not however, the range is still vast enough for many competitive and well priced deals to help you find the right mattress.

1-year guarantee

A 1 year guarantee is expected and standard for the industry. If anything goes wrong with your product within that period you are able to get help and support and ensure that you are not left out of pocket on any repair of replacement.

Sync cable - easy to sync the bed frame to the wireless remote

This adjustable divan bed is the perfect option for those who want a comfortable and convenient sleeping experience. It can be adjusted to your preferred position with the use of a wireless remote. This makes it easy to adjust the bed quickly and easily, without needing to get up or move around. 

Images are a visual representation. There will be a slight gap between the base and mattress when not in use, this is normal.

The gap between the base and the adjustable movement section seems to be around 10mm to 15mm. This gap is the required tolerance needed to allow the adjustable actions to move without issue.

2 people required for assembly

Self assembly is required with this frame, however, the manufacturing quality and tolerances within should make for easy work.

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Customer Reviews For The Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

Based on 120 reviews
Versatile adjustable bed base

We bought this unit to fit inside our existing oak framed bed and needed some careful measuring to make sure it fitted OK, so we visited the showroom to carefully measure up. The staff there were extremely and we were able to fully test it out as well and were sure it was the right thing for us, particularly with the extensive features available. We had been looking at cheaper slatted type adjustable beds but were advised the solid base type were superior. Having ordered it and set a delivery date right at the start (which was nice) we were later offered the opportunity to bring the delivery forward so we only had to wait around 3 weeks to get the unit. The delivery went smoothly with the strong delivery guys taking the bed sections right where we needed them - they were gone within a few minutes of their knock on the door. Assembly was easy, though it did take two of us to flip the assembled bed over as it is quite heavy. The wooden bed frame had been slightly modified to accommodate the unit but it slotted in perfectly and looks great. We reused our existing Ergoflex mattress, though we had been prepared to change it if necessary as Dreams could not promise it was suitable. So the unit works perfectly and fulfils all its promises, though we have yet to use the massager - my wife will no doubt benefit from it when she gets a bad back. The only slightly disappointing aspect was that the three 'memory' buttons on the remote control are not programmable. In use, we only normally use about three positions outside the preprogrammed 'TV', 'zero G' and 'Flat' buttons so if the M1,M2,M3 buttons could be set up by us, it would be easy to go straight to the inclination required. We are both normal height or perhaps a bit shorter, and I was surprised to find that, with the back tipped up for watching, our feet were right up against the end of the bed. I imagine long legged people would suffer a bit with this Those minor niggles aside, we are extremely pleased with both the product and the service from Dreams - 5 stars well deserved!

Cosy comfort and control

Comes well packaged in two large boxes. Two people recommended to move, unbox and put the two halves together. The suppled instructions are good enough and there's also a YouTube video from Dreams that's really good. Once bolted together connecting the cables is super easy as they are colour coded and also not interchangeable. Each of the legs are two pieces giving a six inch or nine inch option. Initially I went for the nine but that makes for a really high bed - good if you're six foot or above. I've refitted the legs with just the six inch sections. The range of motion once you're up and running is fantastic and the remote control is backlit so you can see what you're doing. The massage options are really good with three levels for each section. There's also a lumbar support which is really useful. There's an app for your phone and that is my only criticism really as it's trying to be a "health and lifestyle" app rather than a simple phone based remote control.

Looking ahead to blissfully happy peaceful futures

Due to a progressive collapsing back and legs issues I thoroughly checked the market and found the only bed that matched my needs was the Sleepmotion 400i a strong frame which allows me to get into every position that I need, legs up to help my blood circulation to flow easily and the zero gravity position which I find a very comfortable sleep, waking up without any back pain issues. There are many other positions and massage facilities that I use to help me relax. My only negative I have is they dont do the Sleepmotion 800i as a single bed. In the near future I will be buying a 2nd Sleepmotion 400i single bed so I can attach the 2 single beds together to make a super king size that can operate independently of each other as I need to sleep in the zero gravity and my wife to be in anti snoring position for us to be blissfully close and happy again.

You don't have to need one, to enjoy using it

It's well made and very heavy, the remote control is simple and straighforward, it lights up when you select one of the options it doesn't stay lit for very long, this could be annoying in the dark, after a few days you remember where all the options are, if this is an issue then you could just use your mobile phone. The massage option is nice has 3 levels of intensity, and I can now sit up and read without having to fight my pillows, I found a slightly flatter pillow was more comfortable when using the head in a raised position, my only negative is the bed feels a bit warmer for my preference, and you have to move your bedside table when you raise the bed head or you won't be able to reach it, overall I am sleeping better and I'm happy with the bed, maybe I will try some bamboo bedding to help cool the bed down.

Best sleep ever!

I am disabled and have severe arthritis finding getting out of bed particularly difficult. I also have to use 2 pillows under my knees to try to get comfortable in a conventional bed. I decided that it would be a huge benefit for me to have a bed which helps me sit up to help get out of bed and allow me to sleep without pillows under my knees. To say I'm delighted is a huge understatement! I have never had such a comfortable bed allowing me to have the most comfortable and most restful sleep ever. I can't reccomend this bed highly enough. If you have problems getting out of bed or have arthritis in your spine, hips and knees, or you spend a lot of your time in bed please get this bed. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Dreams do come true.

Outstanding purchase, i struggle to get out of bed in the morning when i raise the bed its just like stepping out so simple ,and is superb to watch the tv ,with the bed sitting me up,there are times when i just want to lie a lot longer, and i put the massage on its so comforting.the mattress is soft to medium,what a brilliant sleep, you get what you pay for all is pure quality, my only regret is i wished i bought it a long time ago,but you cant turn the clock back.i am a very happy customer and a big thank you to dreams and to the lovely girl in dreams shop in Stirling that had the patience of a saint,to might shure she sold me the perfect bed for myself and my wife,well done.

Finally a good nights sleep

After struggling with getting a good night's sleep due to injuries i read about the sleepmotion range. After visiting dreams and discussing my needs with a salesperson and trialling the bed we decided to putchase the sleepmotion 400i. The company kept us up to date with emails regarding delivery, the guys that delivered and set up the bed were first class, quick curteous and professional. With a certain amount of trepidation we tried the bed on the first night and had the best night's sleep in absolute ages, and have continued to sleep completely comfortably since. Cannot fault the bed or the company in any respect, very highly recommended

Sleepmotion 400i

The bed looks very modern and sleek and you would not know it is an electric bed. Good range of movement and easy to operate. The 400i is the mid range option but does almost everything the more expensive 800i does. I also like that the legs are not on each corner ( just inside the frame which means there is no chance of stubbing you toes on them. Easy to hoover under the bed especially if you have the extra leg height fitted on delivery, which the brings the bed up to a more standard height. Remote sometimes takes a few presses to register. Extended warranty is good value giving 8 years cover on the electrical mechanisms and bed frame.

Sleep, Sit, Elevate

This bed is great and much more affordable than the older Temperpedic/Posturepedic bed I had. I also appreciate that, as heavy as it is, it's considerably lighter-weight than the old bed, so I can move it around the bedroom if I feel like it. The mattress is comfortable and breathable, and sometimes I feel like I can spend the whole day in bed (and I have). The reason for 4 rather than 5 stars is that when the mechanism is flattening, the top portion of the mattress slams down a bit instead of staying/meeting with the base smoothly, so it's a bit jarring but something I'm sure I'll get used to.


As we are retired now we decided due to health reasons to purchase an electric bed. In the shop we went for the 200i on the sales person recommendation. However upon checking the website decided to upgrade to the 400i this has the back and leg massager integrated, and so glad we did. My ife spent a lot of time standing in her job and this allowed her to have the bottom half raised to aleviate pressure on her legs. It was also ideal for her back . If you are considering a new bed i cannot recommed this bed more highly. PS i think the wife is superglued to the bed after a month.

My experience of purchasing my bed from Dreams

I was recommended by friends who had bought a similar bed fromDreams, to go and visit their showroom. The service was friendly and professional, no rush and plenty of opportunity to ask questions and look around. I also visited other stores offering similar beds but in my opinion the one in Dreams seemed to be of a superior quality.After buying and using this now for a couple of weeks I know I chose well. It has reduced my usual physical problems with sleeping, and gives me the rest I have long since despaired of achieving. Incidentally the delivery and installation was excellent

Sleepmotion 400 i

I love the 400i, I don't think I'll ever sleep on a flat mattress again, as I now prefer the head and foot ends slightly raised. I always get a great night's sleep, with no aches or pains. The mattress is less heavy than my previous flat mattress so much easier to rotate, though it doesn't need to be flipped over, which is also a benefit. The only improvement to make would be side supports (similar to the foot end stop) for the mattress to stop it moving sideways. The remote and smartphone app make the motion easy to control and give options. Great product, thanks.

Adjustable bed is great

I purchased this adjustable bed because I suffer from severe back pain and sleeping in a regular bed was very difficult. I can adjust the new bed to any position to make the bed comfy for me. It takes the strain off my back. It's like a hospital bed but it looks like a regular bed including having a head board though this is an extra. I am definitely more comfy when I am in bed now. I couldn't comment on the lumbar spine adjustment because my lumbar spine is painful and I prefer to have no pressure on this part of my body. I would definitely recommend this bed.

Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

Best bed ever, I have fibromyalgia, in pain and can`t sleep but this bed eases all that with the sprung mattress they sold to me at the same time. I`d bought so many beds cheaper hoping to find the right one, should have just saved my money in the first place and bought this. Its hard wearing, takes a lot and I mean a lot of weight and the electrics are quiet and it glides smoothly into place. The vibration, massage settings are an added extra, love the lumbar support, I needed that. Thankyou Dreams for making my life so much better. Sweet dreams xx

Great sales man

Love the fact that you can adjust the bed. Very good for reading or if your legs ache and you can lift them up. The massage is good but because our mattress is really thick it is not very intense. Easy to put together and height adjustable. The best experience for us was in the sales room (Knaresborough) we were there a long time as buying a bed is a big deal for us and the chap was ever so patient. He was good humoured as well and made us feel really comfortable. I dont think we would have considered this base without his input

The most comfy ever

So pleased I bought this bed! I have copd so sleeping in an upright position is so much better for me. I did contemplate getting the 800i instead of the 400 but I stick with the 400 and do wish I had gotten the 800 for the neck positioning also but Im very happy with the 400. My only gripe is what they call the king size 5ft is actually a standard double which is 4ft 6 inches! Had I known this Id have went for the super king 6ft instead. But its the best bed ever and its made life much better for me.

Certainly a Dreams bed

I shopped around carefully before deciding on the Dreams Bed and I am absolutely delighted with my purchase. The Dreams bed has a solid construction, variable head, leg and lumber support positions and the remote control makes it so easy to adjust my Dreams bed into the most comfortable positions, also the Dreams bed has a very modern streamlined shape. I couldn't be more pleased with my choice of the Dreams bed and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for the most comfortable ,easily adjustable bed

Sleep motion adjustable bed frame and mattress

This product was well under the price I expected to pay, the sales staff were very helpful and the delivery personnel were excellent, they assembled the bed talked me through the operations and disposed of my old bed in a efficient and timely manner. The bed itself is very comfortable. I spent some time lying on the bed and using the remote control to find the best position for me, the remote has a preset button so now I just get in bed press the button and the bed moves to the position required

Amazing functions, life changer!

Great purchase! We use 'Zero Gravity' mode (ZG) often, especially after I play sports and feel fatigued and achey. It feels amazing, like you are weightless and it's difficult not to drift off in that position which is meant to be the natural sleeping position. The massage function is quite good but I wouldn't say it's outstanding, although we haven't yet used it properly so it'd be unfair to review it negatively. All in all, a really good buy from Dreams with cover for 99.

Good Purchase

Overall I think this bed frame has been a good purchase for me. I have been wanting to have an adjustable bed for a while and this has been a good choice in terms of the number of positions you can have to get completely comfortable. I am not fully convinced by the massage function yet. It also comes with height extenders for the legs which is a great option if you would prefer the bed to sit a little bit higher than standard.

bed parts proportion

The bed i sturdy and work well. I had one and has bought one more. Great product. It would be perfect if the bed proportions were better split (head, fixed mid region, legs and lower legs). The weakness of the bed is in the proportions. The medium fixed portion of the bed is too long, as a consequence the header start to go up in the thoracic region instead of the lumbar. The legs start to elevate in the middle of the legs.

First time adjustable bed buyer

A little wary because first time buying an adjustable bed but so pleased we committed and the Sleepmotion 400i plus the mattress chosen is very comfortable. Especially useful when using the bed in the daytime for reading, using a tablet etc. I was able to reconfigure the old bed frame around the new bed and it's moving platform so looks good too. Easy to find a comfortable position with the memory functions. Very pleased.

Sleepmotion 400i

This bed is phenomenal. I cant imagine sleeping flat anymore. The simple ability to raise your top half up to watch TV, work in bed, breastfeed with such ease is a Godsend. I bought a lot of items in my recent house move and this bed is by far my very best purchase. I have already made converts - my parents, aunties and Grandmother are planning to purchase this bed too. Hats off to Sleepmotion Im with you for life.

Small space, this is perfect

Great space saving large bed. We wanted a king-size bed, but had limited space. Only way forward was a frameless bed. This fits perfectly. I had compliments on it looking hotel quality. The feet height is amazing, I struggle to stand up in the morning and with the bed so high and only being 5ft3 it's perfect. You have options to choose from on the height of the bed upon delivery which is fantastic.

Sooo comfy!

Easy to put together with simple instructions, I just managed myself but really needs another person to flip it over onto its feet, its really heavy! The bed is awesome, we went with the medium Hyde and Sleep mattress which is super snug. The only thing we didn't factor in was when the bed is raised up, your out of reaching distance of your bedside table (take your cuppa with you ;-)

Great bed shame about the service

The bed is fantastic no issues there but I asked for my bed to be disposed of and charged 30 to find they would only take the base. Had I have known this I would have asked the council to take away as they are cheaper and would have taken the mattress too. When I rang the Peterborough office to complain I was told "never mind!" and no email address to make a formal complaint.

Sublime sleep motion

The i400 sleepmotion base is wonderful. It fully adjusts to give support to any part of your body. The anti snore and sit up for tv are great but the massager is the real icing on the cake! Highly recommended. Dreams were very efficient. Bed was delivered within 3 days the installers were first class. Very pleased with all aspects of the product and service

Solid bed for a solid nights sleep

Ok, this was a bit of luxury purchase but the 400i adjustable bed is fantastic. The range of adjustment is great and really helps with my back. It is a very well built piece of kit which looks like it will last a good while. I'm already sleeping better and couldn't be more pleased with my purchase especially at the price paid. Thoroughly recommend.

First class all round

Excellent from initially ascertaining which type of bed we required. Due to covid, we could only do this online, but it was made very easy. First class customer service from the moment we put our order in. Regular updates. Delivery on time - Dreams could teach other companies out to provide excellent products and service, Highly recommend

Lovely bed

This is a little bit of heaven. I love a gadget and being able to move the bed rather than have to get out and rebuild my mountain of strange shaped pillows is wonderful. I sleep sitting as I have a bad hip but there are good days when I want to be more supine. Love it to bits. Took a very very long tome to arrive though.

Wish I brought one of these when they came out.

In no time I was able to play around with the controls to find a comfortable position for watching TV while in bed. Now the position is saved in the remotes memory all I need to do is push M1 of the three memory buttons on the remote to return to the position. Wish I brought one of these when they first came out.

Stronger than I expected.

The bed frame is very sturdy. I have the extended legs so that I can store things underneath, which does make the bed quite high. I'm going to experiment with a valance to see if it ends up in a mess when I move the mattress about. It's not unsightly on its own, it just doesn't match anything about my room.

Great features!

The features in the 400i bed frame provide great comfort due to the extra adjustable area for lumbar support. Being able to choose a bed frame that suits your own style to partner with the base, along with the addition of massage units, creates a real feel of luxury so you can properly relax in bed!

Life changing bed!

Can not fault this bed, head and legs come up high, brilliant for chronic conditions, massage points and the lumbar support is the best part, no more pain, easy to put together, wireless remote, good height can easily clean underneath, amazing for reflux as it goes up so high, great nights sleep :)

Best therapy for a good night's sleep

Really comfortable and helped with post surgery requirements for leg elevation. Simple to use controls with many adjustments making it easy to find a comfortable night's sleep and leg elevation during the daytime. Best thing we have purchased in a long time; should have done it sooner.

Is the firm mattress too firm ?

Bought for me when I have a bad back. Bought for my to daughter to use when she is home. Since purchase my daughter has been home and been using the bed. I chose the firm mattress in the shop, but my daughter feels this is too firm. I have not yet had the opportunity to sleep on it.

Very good price and mid-high range adjustable bed

I bought this just before the official launch as there was only the 200i and 900i. sleep motion then brought out 2 new intermediate models so perfect for choice and getting the best value for the essential options you need rather than paying for features you are not going to use.

Electric bed fantastic positions

Love the frame. It is neat practical works great. Has different positions easy to use remote the vibration massage is lovely on legs. Just what i need for my 87 year old mum who is constantly pushing buttons and getting he body in all sorts of comfortable positions.

Marriage saving bed

This bed is so easy to put together and is controllable by a remote or an app. App required for our setup which is two singles side by side! Add a tempur firm mattress and hit your partners no snore setting and your marriage is saved! Truly life changing!

An excellent purchase

This is a very heavy duty frame has controls to raise the head and feet independently an anti snore mode. Zero gravity mode and a massage mode there is even a tv mode which puts you into the best position for watching tv Pleased with our purchase

Exceptional adjustable bed with remote control

Great adjustable bed with a lumber support and massage in the shoulder and feet areas. Its transformed my wifes sleeping shes able to set the bed to a comfortable position. And to have a cordless remote control and an app to control the bed remotely.

Great Investment.

Great investment. A bed that can relate to my bodies aches and pains. I would highly recommend this bed to everyone. Once you tried sleeping on this bed adjusting it for your comfort you will never go back to a normal bed. I love it. Thanks Dreams.

Worth the money

Really easy to use and makes my insomniac husband sleep like a baby. Speaking of babies, it is really helpful for nighttime feeds for my newborn. I would recommend this to pretty much anyone at the moment. this bed is a sleep/bedroom game changer

So comfortable

Omg it's perfect don't think I'll ever get out of bed again, love the massage features and it's perfect for someone that's poorly and struggling with there back..wish I'd bought this month's ago..good value for money too..worth ever penny..

Best nights sleep

We bought this bed due to my wife having a bad back and me having asthma. I can honestly say it has had a massive positive impact on our sleeping and helped with our medical problems. I would recommend this to anyone. So easy to use too.

10/10 would bed again

This has been a great bed; easy to use, fits in the room well and I have been sleeping much better in it since it's arrival! I like the range of adjustability it has, as well as the very comfortable matress, and it's space saving design

Great bed

The bed is very comfortable and does what I need it to do. Its very simple to use too. Its much easier to get out of bed these days, I just lift the head end a little and I can easily get out. Great purchase and would recommend.

Love it, so comfortable.

Absolutely love this bed, so easy to use with the App. So comfortable. Easy to put together too. Probably would be more useful if it had electronic height adjustment too. 2 men that delivered were very helpful too.

Life changing

This bed has made a good nights sleep possible again. I suffer from chronic health conditions and struggled for years to be comfortable enough to sleep in a bed. I can't recommend this bed enough.

minimalist look.

Very good base. Adjust to several different positions using the remote control, very smooth operation. I haven't tried the foot or back massage yet, but the zero G sleep position is comfortable.

400i bed - excellent choice

Excellent purchase - I love the bed and particularly the three preset buttons on the remote control. I also like the massage vibration although apart from the lowest setting, it is very noisy

Great nights sleep

I suffer with copd,and osteoarthritis of the spine ,my bed has helped me no end i can adjust it to be able to breath better and be able to have a great night sleep ,which i havent had in years

Life changer

Fantastic. Made my lifestyle so much better. Being a senior citizen with health problems my life has been turned around. I can now sleep and relax in complete comfort. 5* for Dreams from me.

Motion 400i purchase

Great customer service received from Matt at the York store. Delivery was quick and efficient and the bed was installed by the Dream team with instruction on how to use its various features.

Smooth Beds

Really motion so smooth and you can set 3 different positions in the memory. We other electric beds and none add the functions or as well built as these. They really are the best.


The motors are quiet and smooth, memory function to remember your favourite setting and the zero G really does relieve all the pressure points and feels like your floating.

Comfort Sleeping

Couldn't expect this much comfort when I heard about it from internet and reviews. I felt my peaceful sleeping is back. The frame is strudy and installation is super easy.

Great brf

This bed together with its Tempur mattress gives a good night's sleep. The massage is a bonus for my back pain. Stops the stiffness in getting up in the morning. Great bed


As with previous review this bed basee is a must has made huge diffrence tomy life helped with insomnia disability and health issues . From sales to delivery im so happy

Incredible bed.

Such an incredible adjustable bed! Every feature imaginabhle. I soon get into my favoured position and sleep soundly for hours on end. No aches or pains, its wonderful.

Great range of features

Great range of features. Very versatile. Didnt think wed use all of them but have. Slightly cheaper than some of the other similar units and preferred the look.

Highly adjustable bed

Well worth the money for a bed that can adjust, especially if you suffer with back issues. Can even configure multiple adjustments for watching TV or sleeping!

Heavenly bed

This bed comes in two parts for easy delivery but it is simple to put together. Absolute heaven to sleep or sit up in, especially with the massage function

Best Comfort and Sleep

Absolutely fantastic, had the best nights rest since purchasing this. Works really well with a tempur mattress. Fast delivery and really efficient set up.

Ultimate comfort and relaxation.

I found the bed motion to be smooth and easy to use. The vibration is strong and can be felt all over your body when both head and feet are in operation.

400i Bed and Rasberry mattress

Helps me sleep at night I have acid reflux seems to be helping me and I am getting less reflux. Also seem to be getting a better sleepin our new bed.

Best nights sleep

Bed is fantastic slept like a baby only problem is when i put the massager on the legs its a little bit noisy but i would definitely give it 8/10

safe and sound

The bedframe was so solid, I think you could put an elephant on it and it wouldn't move! Reassuring when you and your mattress are manoeuvring.


Exactly what I wanted - I've never slept so comfortably. Excellent for sitting up and reading, and sleeping propped up to prevent acid reflux.

Great product highly recommend

Great product for an elderly person in need of this bed, great for comfort, correct posture and blood circulation through the massage function

Comfortable and practical

As I have a couple of operations to go through I decided to beget a bed that would be comfortable and help in recovery. Im not disappointed.


easy to use, helps breathing, supports painful areas of your body, helps you to get out of the bed by lifting your upper back. great great


Its vey comfortable, but takes a few weeks to get used to, but once in bed you dont want to get out, does wonders for my aches and pains

Best nights sleep ever

This bed is fantastic, It cradles me in a comfortable position all night, yet during the day when flat it looks like a normal double bed,

Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable platform bed

The bed frame is nice and sturdy lots of positions for my needs and wants fits nicely into my bedroom and looks smart with head board


I love this bed it has help improve my quality of sleep so much and is having a definite change to my health. Would highly recommend.

Sleepnotion 400i adjustable bed

I love the contemporary and slimline look of the bed frame as well as the excellent adjustable functions and massage. A total winner!

good night sleep

Had a Water bed for the last 35 year used to have problems getting out of bed not any more just push a button on the remote control

Mr curry

Quick delivery after placing my order Delivery men Was very helpful and professional Great service Keep up the good work

Sleepmotion 400i - simple to assemble

Easy to assemble, although really heavy to turn, even for 2 people. Headboard took longer to fit, due to close proximity to legs.

Ahhh Bliss!

This bed is so comfortable. I havent used all of the functions yet, but being able to raise my head and feet os really good.

Well worth it if you suffer from ill health

I knew i wanted a sleep motion base as i struggle with chronic pain and mobility. This has so many functions. Very happy.

Sleep motion 400 i adjustable bed

Its very comfortable and easy to manage the different positions. The staff were very helpful when choosing this bed.

Comfort and Luxury

I have trouble sleeping and this is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. Well worth the price.

Helped my mum get out of bed

Bought for my mum who has mobility problems, to help her get out of bed, and thankfully it has helped.

Attempting to shorten the legs after fitters insta

When the installers fixed my bed they tightened the legs so much I had great difficulty in loosen them


We bought this bed 3 weeks ago and we received on time. So far it's exceeded our expetactions.

My new bed!

It is really special and works exactly how it should. It has made a big difference to my life.


Transformed my nights! Now able to sleep comfortably with the problems with my neck. Love it!

Fantastic Sleepmotion Frame

Have only tried raising my feet but its fantastic and on waking my swollen feet are no more

Needs to be easier to control height.

Adjustable height but not right for me, high too high, low too low To get in and out of bed.

Slumber land at it's best.

Very comfortable and the different vibration motion settings really helpful with my back.

Sleepmotion 400i

I find the massager far too noisy, hence on 3 stars. Other than that Im pleased with it.

Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

Very comfortable with the firm mattress- excellent quality and good solid, sound build

Sleep motion 400i

Its very noisy when on the vibrate setting. Sleep will not be an option in this mode!

Sleep tight

Perfect position to watch TV , get breakfast in bed or simply sleep. Motor so quiet

Dreams adjustable bed saved me so much money.

I have now got used to my adjustable bed, and it does exactly what I want it to do.

Sleep motion 400i

Brilliant bed love it wish we went for the 800i but that will be our next purchase

Sleepmotion 400i great best ever purchase

Sleepmotion base very good helps with positioning yourself to a comfortable sleep

400 sleep motion bed

The best bed ive ever bought , quite simply the best. No more new beds for me.

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Questions and Answers About The Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

I notice you said that the bed should not be entered when it is raised. I need a bed that can sit me nearly upright as I have a spinal cord injury. I would then transfer off the bed. I have no core muscles so can't sit up on my own.

Answer: I am sorry to hear this. Unfortunatley this bed is not designed to bear weight at a single point which is why we advise not to enter or exit the bed while in a raised position. The bed is intended for a distributed weight, so there is no excessive pressure on the mechanisms. I apologise I cannot assist any further here.Many thanksJSDreams

Good morning I have already purchased a dormeo mattress and I would love to have this bed. Would I be able to use them together and how does the mattress manage to stay in place and not fall over the bottom edge.

Answer: You would need to speak to Dormeo directly so they can confirm if their mattress would be compatible.There is a mattress retainer bar that is fitted onto the end of the base to keep the mattress in place. Please see the assembly instructions on the product page for a better understanding of this.

Good morning Is it possible to put 2 single Sleepmotion beds together to form 1 superking so that you can adjust the beds independently?

Answer: Unfortunately there is no way to connect the beds, but you could stand them next to each other. However they would be 10cm shorter than a super king size. They would also need to be controlled with the individual remotes they come with, you wouldn't be able to use one remote for both beds.

Hi cannot seem to find an energy rating anywhere for the 400i superking

Answer: Sorry for the delayed response on this. We have been looking into this and as the bed frame falls out of scope for the EPREL (European Product Registry for Energy Labelling) we have not tested this for an energy rating. We apologise we are unable to provide further information on this. Thanks, Dreams

please can you explain the difference between back support (that the 400i has) to lumbar & back support (on the 800i) ?

Answer: The 400i has back and lumbar support, these are the same on the 800i, the only difference is that the 800i also has head support which is a small section at the top of the bed which can tilt to change the angle of your head when you sleep and can help open airways while you sleep.

Can you add bed rails to this bed

Answer: If you mean side rails we will be selling this bed as a drop in with a bedframe in the near future.If you mean patient helper rails, then unfortunately we cannot confirm this as we have not tested this with the bed.

Are your sleep motion i400 bed frames compatible for a headboard? And if the frame only fits your mattresses shouldnt that be a fixed price for a complete set option with discounts being given on whole unit prices or discounted assembly of the unit.

Answer: We are currently designing a headboard for the 400i frame, we aim for this to be available in March 2021.I am sorry but unfortunately we do not have a discount available to purchase the frame with other items.

do you take the old bed away

Answer: Unfortunately due to the current lockdown we are unable to offer disposals at the moment. Once the lockdown restrictions have eased we will be able to review offering this service.

The 200i has a metal anti slip bar at the end of the bed, the pictures for the 400i does not show this. Is this optional for this model or not a possibility

Answer: Apologies for this, as you can see in the reviews section from a customers photo and within the assembly instructions, the 400i does have a metal anti slip bar. Thanks, Dreams.

what is the delivery time

Answer: Good MorningThe delivery lead time for this bed is around 2 weeks. If you go through the checkout process a delivery date will be offered before you make a payment.

Hello how much does this weigh.? Super king. Removal men want to know..?

Answer: The bed is delivered in two packages:Package 1:Weight: 53 kgsMeasures: 21 x 109 x 186cmPackage 2:Weight: 53 kgsMeasures: 21 x 109 x 186cm

Is the bed designed to help me get out of bed?

Answer: Unfortunatley this is not the purpose of the bed. The bed shouldn't be entered or exited whilst any section of it is in the raised position.Many thanksJSDreams

Does the sleep motion 400i base come in a single base .

Answer: Unfortunately the Single 400i is currently Out of Stock, but we are expecting it to be back shortly. Please check back soon. Many thanks, Dreams

Can I use an electric blanket on this bed, when the position is only slightly raised at the head and shoulders?

Answer: Yes you can use an electric blanket however we would advise that you select a blanket with elastic straps to allow for movement. Thanks, Dreams

How much space underneath? And can you store stuff under there?

Answer: The clearance is 22cm with the 9cm leg being used. We do not recommend any storage under the bed due to the moving parts.

Is it ok to use underbed storage with this bed, or do the moving parts move below the baseline height of the frame at any point when in motion? If items can be placed underneath what would the height limit for these be?

Answer: The clearance is 22cm with the 9cm leg being used. We do not recommend any storage under the bed due to the moving parts.

Hi can the sleepmotion 400i be purchased with the matching headboard as a standalone bed, without the need to have a different frame?

Answer: Yes, with the compatible headboard, this would be used as a standalone bed! Hope this helps, Dreams.

are the 200i and 400i the same height off the floor? looking for a higher bed

Answer: Yes, the 400i bed frame has a height of 44cm whereas the 200i has a height of 35cm. Thanks, Dreams

Do you have any 3ft ottoman adjustable beds please.

Answer: Good morningUnfortunatley we do not have any adjustable ottoman beds in this size.Many thanksJSDreams

Is there a rail at the end of the bed to keep the mattress from slipping over the end

Answer: The frame does have a retaining bar to keep the mattress in place.

Hi, does the 400i have an adaption for a headboard yet?

Answer: Unfortunately the 400i does not yet have a matching headboard.Many thanks, Dreams

Are your mobility beds exempt from value Added Tax?

Answer: Unfortunately the adjustable beds are not exempt from VAT.

Hi can these beds be used if you have a pace maker

Answer: You can use this bed with a pace maker. .

How heavy is this frame? Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Bed Frame

Answer: In total the frame weighs 78KG.Many thanksDream

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