Dawson Single Ottoman Sound Bed

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Code: 253-00016
Retailer: DreamsDreams
Height/Depth: 112cm
Updated: 9/21/2019 6:56:14 PM
4/5 - 22 reviews
Rated 4/5 based on 22 customer reviews


What Makes It Great

Well where do I begin!!! I bought this bed for my 4years old son. He loves his bed to pieces. It took a while for the bed to arrive as it was in high demand and out of stock. Boy am i glad to say it was worth the wait. The picture doesn’t do it justice. The fabric is super soft and it feels like velvet. I could go on and on about this bed. My son always tells everyone he meets about how he’s got a sound bed. He said to me “mum i love my bed but I love you more”. He’s a sound sleeper but every time it gets dark he keeps asking me, “mum is it bed time now so i can go to bed cos I always play music on the iPad and connect it to the speakers behind his headboard”. It’s so soothing for him. Thank you so much dreams.

Questions and Answers

Is the head board removable?

Answer: Good Evening, Unfortunately the headboard on this bedframe is not removable. Kind Regards, Dreams

You’ve said that the headboard isn’t removable, is that for transporting as well? 

Answer: Good Evening, The head end can be removed to be transported, and will be a separate component on delivery. However, the bed cannot be used without the head end. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this ottoman come with a choice of side lift?

Answer: The Dawson Ottoman Bed is only available with the front lift, unfortunately this bed frame is unavailable with a side lift option. Kind Regards, Dreams

Will Dreams Hyde and sleep mattress single 90cm by 190cm fit on this bed? As the mattress doesn't fit my current bed

Answer: The sleeping area of the Single Dawson Bed Frame measures 92cm (W) x 193cm (L) and therefore the Single Hyde and Sleep Mattress should fit on this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

This bed ok for adults weight or more suited to a child's weight 

Answer: The Dawson Sound Bed can be used by both adults and children - we do not have specific weight limits for our bed frames. Kind Regards, Dreams

What are the internal storage dimensions for this bed please? 

Answer: The storage dimensions for this bed frame are 190cm x 91.5cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Please could you provide me with the storage depth dimensions too? 

Answer: The storage dimensions for this bed frame are 190cm x 91.5cm - the depth is 24.5cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the bed come with a mattress or with out

Answer: This bed does not come with a mattress. We offer a variety of mattresses online and in store that are suitable for, and can be purchased with this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do the speakers need a power source?

Answer: Good Evening, Yes the speakers on the Dawson Bed Frame will require a power source to be plugged into. Kind Regards, Dreams

does this bed have sprung slats

Answer: Yes, the Dawson comes with it's own sprung slat system. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the base of the ottoman fabric or wood please?

Answer: This ottoman does not have a fabric base, it has solid base boards. Kind Regards, Dreams

is there a special way to close and open this bed

Answer: The ottoman is opened and closed using the fabric handle that is situated at the base of the bed. This is used to manually lift up the ottoman. Kind Regards, Dreams

Where does the Bluetooth charger connect to the bed?

Answer: The speakers connect to the bottom of the headboard. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the length and width of the bed? 

Answer: This Dimensions for the bed are as follows; Length 211cm x Width 103cm x Head-end 112cm Kind regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 review


I bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. The Bluetooth speakers in the headband connect really easily to her phone to allow her to play her music. Her room is also so much tidier now she can store all her games, DVD’s etc under the bed. I paid a little extra for assembly when delivered which was really handy. The guys put this together in no time, saving me a lot of hassle.

Lovely Bed

The bed arrived over a week ago and so far I love it! The design of the bed overall is lovely with good storage space. It was also very easy to put together the bed! However, it would have been better if it was easier to lift the storage area. I really liked the idea of the hidden speakers- very trendy indeed. However, the quality of the sound wasn't so great.

Great purchase

I purchased this bed for my 6 year old son and it has had a really positive effect on his bed time routine. Assembly was great. I did it on my own with ease however it took me slightly longer than suggested but it is do able. I am really pleased I bought this, it’s looks good and paired with the right mattress, it’s a winning combination.

Great stylish bed

I bought this bed 2 months ago and just been delivered 2 days ago..the delivery men were amazing they looked after my Newly painted property... They assembled the get and took the packaging away. My daughter was thrilled with her new bed she's almost 12 and feels GROWN up . Thank you dreams.


Soooo easy to put together. Arrived in prompt time. No messing about. Delivered and put up in no time at all. Had a much cheaper version from ebay and fell to pieces in no time. This bed is sturdy and the speakers are an added high quality bonus.

Excellent bed !!!!

I bought this for my 12 yr old son, I’m absolutely thrilled with it as colour is a lovely mid grey and the fabric is gorgeous with the hidden speakers as well which I blue toothed his Alexa too his friends all want one as well so trendy !!!!

Good solid storage bed

I bought this bed for my teenage daughter, it has plenty of storage and is good quality. The headboard speaker is reasonable and kicks out a decent level and quality of sound

Great beds, easy to build

Great new addition to the bedroom. Simple enough to build with clear instructions. It says they are two people constructions but I did them myself easily enough.

Great bed.

Daughter very happy with her new bed. Plenty of storage. At last her room is tidy. Speakers work in the headboard. Just saving to buy another one.

Amazing Features!

This sleek and stylish single bed frame has tonnes of storage space and with hidden speakers in the headboard it's packed full of great features!

Brilliant bed

My daughter loves this bed. It has plenty of underneath storage space. She loves the integral speakers and the colour

Best thing ever

I’m a student living with my parents and this bed was perfect for my little room. Plus loads of storage space.

loved it

I like the bed as its quite sturdy and it has bluetooth speaker which are great and its very luxurious


That Good I even got rid of my hi-fi system. Their was some damage when delivered however.


Bought for my daughter. Loads of storage and the sound from the headboard is brilliant!

Good for the money

I got this a few weeks ago, good sturdy bed with good storage. Great value


Stylish, really comfy and very well constructed. One very happy daughter!

Great for storage and really solid

Been a really good buy and guys who assembled it were great

Blue tooth amazing

Yes amazing bed blue tooth storage space was really handy

Strong bed

I bought this for my son 1 month ago and he loves it

Great bed well made

Bought this for my 13 yr old daughter who loves it