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Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

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Height/Depth: 107cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 11:00:00 PM
5/5 - 367 reviews


What Makes It Great

As I lay in bed one morning, tossing and turning feeling as uncomfortable as a dog in a cat flap I thought to myself, “enough is enough Chris, time to buy a new bed” I grabbed my phone and began googling comfortable beds and who showed up at the top? That’s right, ya boy Dreams. Scrolling through their wide selection of beds, I came across one that fit my exact needs and wants. 1. Comfortable 2. Sleek and 3. Storage. And boy, that’s exacrly what you get with this bed. I grabbed my debit card and purchased it immediately!! And chose for Dreams to build it (to save me the hassle, because you know... sore back;) ) so waited around 3 weeks and my bed arrived and was built in around, 30 or so minutes. Which allowed me to fit in an episode of Brooklyn 99 and chow down my breakfast. They done a fantastic job! Now... in my haste of buying this bed so quickly as I didn’t want it to run out of stock... I accidentally clicked the wrong size of bed DOH! So contacted Dreams and straight away they resolved my issue and even credited a few of the extra charges and explained that it was no hassle whatsoever and it will dismantled, taken away and the new one will be built. FANTASTIC!!! Now.. the important part. This bed looks the part, I chose the dark grey fabric. Had a few compliments let’s just say and by few... I mean my mother. The sturdiness is outstanding! No more old loud, creaky frame! the under bed storage is more than enough, you could hide horse under there... not that I recommend that.. anyway, moving on. The comfort is really great and has made my mattress feel newer due to the slats and base giving it extra support. Overall, I highly recommend this bed if your into, sleek, stylish, modern looking furniture, extra storage and hiding farm animals. 10/10

Questions and Answers

Hi. How many pieces does the bed Come in. I live in a second floor flat with small corridors. Would it be able to fit through

Answer: Hi , The Wilson will come in four boxes, these dimensions will depend on the size of the bed that you are buying. Please see these below: 4ft Bed Frame: Box 1: 110cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 17cm (W) Box 2: 60cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 14cm (W) Box 3: 28cm (H) x 196cm (L) x 10.5cm (W) Box 4: 72cm (H) x 190cm (L) x 12cm (W) Double Bed Frame: Box 1: 110cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 17cm (W) Box 2: 60cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 14cm (W) Box 3: 28cm (H) x 196cm (L) x 10.5cm (W) Box 4: 75cm (H) x 190cm (L) x 12cm (W) King Bed Frame: Box 1: 110cm (H) x 162cm (L) x 17cm (W) Box 2: 60cm (H) x 162cm (L) x 14cm (W) Box 3: 28cm (H) x 200cm (L) x 10.5cm (W) Box 4: 78cm (H) x 200cm (L) x 12cm (W)

Please could you tell me the dimensions of each of the boxes the bed comes delivered in. I know the base frame folds in half but we have such a tight corner to get it round, I need to double check. Many thanks

Answer: The box dimensions will depend on the size of the bed that you are buying. Please see these below: 4ft Bed Frame: Box 1: 110cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 17cm (W) Box 2: 60cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 14cm (W) Box 3: 28cm (H) x 196cm (L) x 10.5cm (W) Box 4: 72cm (H) x 190cm (L) x 12cm (W) Double Bed Frame: Box 1: 110cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 17cm (W) Box 2: 60cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 14cm (W) Box 3: 28cm (H) x 196cm (L) x 10.5cm (W) Box 4: 75cm (H) x 190cm (L) x 12cm (W) King Bed Frame: Box 1: 110cm (H) x 162cm (L) x 17cm (W) Box 2: 60cm (H) x 162cm (L) x 14cm (W) Box 3: 28cm (H) x 200cm (L) x 10.5cm (W) Box 4: 78cm (H) x 200cm (L) x 12cm (W) Kind Regards Dreams

Is is possible to send out a sample of the silver and grey fabric to check for the right colour? Thanks

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately we do not offer samples. You can however find this product in one of our stores / showrooms, or another product in this colour to get an idea on what it looks like in person. If you would like to visit, you can use the find in store button on the product page and enter your postcode to see where this is stocked closest to you. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

is there a guarantee?  and for what? and how long?

Answer: Hello , The bed is guaranteed against manufacturing faults for up to 1 year. However, you can take an extended cover out for 8 years, which covers manufacturing faults for up to 8 years & accidental damages up to 5 years. If you'd like more information about our Bed Cover Service Plan please follow this link: http://www.dreams.co.uk/bedcover I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

What's the difference  between maintenance  and assembling?

Answer: Hello , Maintenance is the after-care that this product will require to keep it in its best condition. Saying this, there are no specific maintenance requirements for the Wilson. The assembly is the process of fitting together the separate components into the completed bed frame. This can be bought for £49.99 at the checkout stage online. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

What depth mattress do I need to get please for a double in this

Answer: There is no recommended or suggested depth of mattress to use on this bed frame. Please bear in mind that the depth of mattress will affect how much space is required on the hinged side of the bed. Depending on the weight of the mattress, the speed of the lift will vary so be careful until you get used to the speed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Good afternoon, Would a small mattress fit in the storage area under the slats? Is there any guaranty on the lifting mechanism? Many thanks

Answer: Hello, This could possibly fit if the mattress is smaller then the mattress needed for the bedframe in general. It would also need to be a depth of 22cm or less. The mechanism will be covered in the 1 year manufacturing guarantee however there is a 8 year plan through checkout available for you to purchase. Many thanks for the question.

what do the mattress dimensions need to be?

Answer: The required mattress dimensions will depend on the size of the bed that you require. This bed frame is suitable for all our standard size mattresses. Relevant mattress dimensions/sizes can be found on our 'Bed and Mattress Guide' page - the link for this is located at the bottom of the homepage. Kind Regards, Dreams

What size mattress does the Wilson Ottoman Kingsize take please as dimensions seem to be 161cm x 231cm but standard kingsize memoryfoam mattress is 150cm x 200cm or superking mattress 180cm x 200cm, thanks

Answer: Hello, All beds are measured with there individual dimensions so you know the amount of space you need to fit the bed in the room of choice. The mattress dimensions will definitely be different as they sit within the frame. Our frames are designed to fit any UK standard mattress. Many thanks for the question.

I currently have two electric beds (making it into a double bed) the mattresses are 2'3 each would these (together) be suitable to put on the double base

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. Two 2'3 mattresses would equal a standard double size 4'6, however it sounds like your mattresses are suitable for an adjustable bed meaning they will probably be 200cm in length rather than the standard 190cm and therefore would not be recommended for the Wilson bedframe.

If we bought it can you keep it in storage until we can have it delivered as we are not in our new house yet.

Answer: Unfortunately we are unable to store any products for customers. However, when ordering in store you may be able to pick a later delivery date so that this item can be delivered once you have moved in. Please note that this will be dependent on lead times. Kind Regards, Dreams

i need my king bed and mattres removed,thank you

Answer: Hi , We offer removal / recycling at an extra charge. This is only available upon purchase of a new product. To add on this service please tick the option within checkout or if ordering in store, ask a member of staff to add this service to your order. We hope this helps you.

Is there a cost for you assembling the bed ? 

Answer: Yes our delivery team are able to assemble your new bed frame - this option can be purchased at the checkout page online. The cost of assembling the Wilson bed frame would be £30 for a Single or £50 for a Double, King or Superking. Kind Regards, Dreams

Good afternoon Does this bed come with a orthopaedic mattress included and if not do you have any beds with this combo please? Thank you 

Answer: This bed frame does not come with a mattress, this will need to be purchase separately. Unfortunately none of our bed frames comes priced with any mattresses, hence there is no combination of bed frame with an orthopedic mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the warranty on this bed?

Answer: Dreams offer a 12 month guarantee on all bed frames. If you would like to extend coverage we would recommend that you purchase our bedcover service plan which will cover your item from a variety of accidental damages for 8 years. Kind Regards, Dreams

It tells me the dimensions. Is it the dimension of the full bed including the fabric frame and bottom frame of the bed?

Answer: Hello , The dimensions are from the bottom of the side rail to highest point of headboard. From the board to the foot-end, and from the edge of the side rail to the other end of the side rail, including the frame. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

My new ottoman bed creaks very loudly. To the point that it wakes me up regularly. This seems to be on the side that lifts. Why is this 

Answer: Hi , We advise that when your ottoman bed is installed, work the pistons 4-5 times to free up initial movement. If problems continue to consist please see the below troubleshooting video. https://youtu.be/C95E0PD4N9o Thank you for your question.

Hi. Do you do this bed to fit a 160x200cm mattress? or do you have another similar storage bed that will fit that size mattress?

Answer: Hello , We don't have any bed frames that will take that size mattress as its not a UK standard measurement. We can provide a made to measure divan however this can be offered through our telesales line on 0800 652 5090. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, I am thinking of purchasing this bedframe. I was just wondering how easy/convenient it is to dissemble it when I move house? If so, will it affect the quality of the frame after dissembling it? Thanks.

Answer: Good afternoon, The bed frame is held together with nuts and bolts that are provided. This makes the frame easy to take apart if moving. Taking the bed apart and re-assembling will not affect or weaken the structure of the bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

How do I close the storage bed? It opened easily but I can’t seem to close it again

Answer: Good Evening, Please ensure that your mattress is on the bed frame before trying to close the ottoman. If you are still struggling we would recommend that you contact our customer service team who will be able to assist you. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you get a mattress with this? If not what’re the measurements I would need please so I don’t get the wrong size mattress x

Answer: The Wilson bed frame is not sold with a mattress. All of our bed frames are compatible with UK standard sized mattresses . You can shop mattresses on our site by bed size, and these will fit our bed frames. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello can you please give me the dimensions of the slat frame? Thanks 

Answer: Hello , This will depend on the size of the bedframe you were going for, this will be roughly 122x190cm for a small double, 135x190cm for a standard double and 150x200cm for a king size. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Does the base split in two as I'm not sure if it would fit up my stairs!? What is in the four boxes that it's delivered in?

Answer: Hello , The base does not split in two, but comes in 4 boxes. Box 1 has the headend, legs & drawer, Box 2 has the footboard, Box 3 has side rail and fixings, and Box 4 has slat frame. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

What size mattress should I use for the double?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. A standard Double size mattress will usually measure approximately 132-135 cm in width and 190cm in length. Depths vary but this frame will be suitable for any normal double size mattress. Kind regards, Dreams

does it come with a mattress ???

Answer: Hello, This bed frame does not come with a mattress. However, we have a great range of mattresses that you can choose from that will best suited to you. http://www.dreams.co.uk/mattresses I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Do you need some room on either side of the bed when opening the ottoman? The head of the bed will be fitted between 2 wardrobes so wondering if we need space on either side?

Answer: The ottoman base sits inside the frame so the amount of space required will depend on the depth of the mattress used as this will protrude over the top, but will be supported by clips when elevated. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi I have a 100% memory foam mattress no springs just memory foam. Will this bed be compatible with my mattress as have been advised in the past that a slatted bed is not recommended with a mattress like mine and that extra slats should be added

Answer: Good Evening, You are able to use a slatted base with your mattress however sprung splats may contribute to your mattress feeling slightly softer in comparison to using a platform top base or standard slats. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi  Is the base underneath the bed cloth based or hard back based?

Answer: Hello, The base underneath the Wilson is made from cloth. This not only keeps your stored items dust free and clean, but also helps maximise the amount of space you have to utilise. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

There are no assembly instruction online for Wilson bed. Where can we find these?

Answer: Hello , Sorry about that. I have now put them online for you, and can be found here : http://www.dreams.co.uk/media/wysiwyg/responsive/assembly_instructions/Wilson_AI.pdf I hope that helps and thank you for your question.

The width is reported as 146cm, would a normal double mattress with width of 135cm mean there was a lot of space either side of the mattress between the frame edge? or what is the width of the "inner area" in the frame bed. Also is the base solid? 

Answer: Hi , The width of the frame will always be bigger than the width of the mattress as these are the external measurements. Please be assured that the double mattress will fit the double frame. Thank you for your question.

How long would delivery for this bed please

Answer: Hello , This depends on where you are situated for delivery. An estimate can be given on the product page with the postcode check or an exact date can be seen before payment through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

If I order it now can it be delivered in the beginning of April

Answer: Hello, This can be done. If the dates do not show that far ahead, book the delivery for the furthest available and then contact our customer services on 08006525090 to get the date you need. Many thanks for the question.

How deep is the storage unit inside? Are there any sections to the storage or is it all one big open area inside the bed?

Answer: Hello , The depth of the storage unit in the Wilson is 9 inches and is one full storage unit, however there is a metal support rail running just across it for the slats. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

How long is the guarantee on your beds?

Answer: Good Evening, Dreams covers all of our items for 12 months, however extra coverage for 8 years is available via purchase of our Bedcover policy; more information can be found on the Dreams website. Kind Regards, Dreams

can you take off the headboard?

Answer: Hi , This bed frame only comes with this headboard and is only compatible with this headboard. If you were to remove the headboard completely then this would not be safe to lay on. Many thanks for your question.

Does anyone who has previously had this bed have any remedies how to minimise the noise, everytime someone moves?!? It's driving us crazy - we have tightened everything yet it creaks and bangs and squeaks! Help!

Answer: Hello, Please double check the fittings and tighten them. If this does not work please call Customer Services on 0344 292 0000 who will be able to advise you on this issue. Sorry about this and thank you for your question.

Our bed is extremely noisy we’ve put wd40 on it and made sure there isn’t too much being stored underneath but it hasn’t made any difference. Can you suggest anything else?

Answer: If the bed is still noisy, it is recommended, just in case, to just ensure that all nuts and bolts are tightened securely as any movement around these can cause the bed to be noisy. Kind Regards, Dreama

Do you recycle old bed frame and mattress? If so, how much you charge?

Answer: We offer recycling services to take away your old mattress and bed frames. Please visit the link below to find out more. https://www.dreams.co.uk/recycling-services Kind regards, Dreams

HI, can I use a Euro double mattres that I have already purchased? The measurements of the mattress are: 140 x 200 cm.. I see the width of the frame is 145cm so I thought it would fit.

Answer: Hello , 145cm is the full width of the bed and the width of the sleeping area is 135cm, therefore unfortunately a Euro double mattress would be too big for this bed. Thank you for your question.

What is the maximum mattress weight? Will the support in excess of 80kg mattresses? Are the struts 1000 newton gas?

Answer: Hi , We do not have the details for the maximum pressure in newtons, however, this mattress will support in excess of 80KG and the pistons cope with the pressure. Thank you for your question.

Do you have a store in the Republic of Ireland? This bed is perfect for my room as it won't accommodate a standard double. It would be too expensive to ship from the UK. Hoping!

Answer: Hi Unfortunately we do not have any stored in the Republic of Ireland. Our Northern Ireland franchise stores do deliver to the republic however. Please call 0289 050 8300 for a delivery quote.

I want this in King Size. Is this at all possible?

Answer: hi - The Wilson only comes in small double and double sizes. If you're looking for a larger storage bed in king size then try this link: http://www.dreams.co.uk/beds/storage-beds/shopby/bed-size--5-0-king

Is the storage underneath the bed strong? Am I able to put heavy things in there without damaging it?

Answer: Hello , Heavy items can be used as the base and floor are separated with a cloth base. A great benefit of allowing you to store any item underneath. Many thanks for the question.

Hello Someone previously asked which side the ottoman opens up and they got an answer saying left hand side.. I got told off a man who works in one of the stores that it depends on the way you build it, so either side? Is this correct? Thanks

Answer: Hello, Apologies for this, yes the gentleman in the store is correct, this bed can be opened either side it all depends on how it is assembled. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi Is there  weight limit for this bed?

Answer: Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

I have a room that is 240cm wide, will this bed fit In? Many thanks 

Answer: Hello , The bed will fit within the room for both sizes. Please make sure to measure around furniture when looking at the dimensions on the product page. Many thanks for the question.

I've read a few comments that state this bed is lower than it looks - can you give me the height from the ground to the base of the mattress?

Answer: Hello , The height up to the side rail measures at 26cm, the full height will be dependent on the depth of the mattress you choose. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

What are the dimensions of just the base of the bed? (I assume the dimensions already listed are from the outside edges at the top). Thanks. 

Answer: The dimensions for all sizes are as below: Small Double - 201.5cm (L) x 130cm (W) Double - 201.5cm (L) x 1245cm (W) King - 209.5cm (L) x 160.5cm (W) Kind Regards, Dreams

what size are the slats?

Answer: The slats will be different dimensions depending on the size of bed that you require. If you can confirm the size I can advise of the slat dimensions. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this bed come with a mattress or do you have buy it as extra..

Answer: Hello , The Wilson Bed Frame does not come with a mattress. Choose from our wide range of mattresses here: www.dreams.co.uk/mattresses Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi what length is this bed end to end , basically how much room does it need

Answer: Hi The length of this bed frame is as follows, small double and double is 221cm (87in) and the king is 231cm (91in). Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Is this bed (Wilson Silver Fabric Ottoman Bed Frame) available in the 4ft double? The dropdown box to select size doesn't show it as an option but it is an option in teh dimension section.

Answer: Hi , The Wilson bed frame is available in a 4ft double, however only in the grey colour option. The silver is a standard double and king size only. Thank you for your question.

Hi, I have a mattress which is 160cm wide by 200cm long, would this fit the king size bed? 

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately not - you would need a 150cm x 200cm mattress for a king size bed frame otherwise the mattress would hang over the ottoman base. Thanks for your question.

Is there a locking mechanism when the bed is being moved, as it keeps on lifting up when moving it ?

Answer: Good afternoon, I am afraid there is no locking mechanism for this. The pistons along with the weight of a mattress should hold the base down when being moved. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, do the sprung slats support the middle of the bed or will the mattress sag?

Answer: Hello , The sprung slats are on either end with a metal support bar placed centrally within the frame. The mattress will not sag for this reason. Many thanks for the question.

hello i was wondering where the bedding is from please :) do you sell it in store ?? thankyou 

Answer: Hello , If you visit this link, you should be able to view our bedding. We have online only ranges. http://www.dreams.co.uk/bedding/bed-linen Many thanks for your question.

How much space is needed at the side of the bed for it to open? How close can the bedside tables be? 

Answer: Good afternoon, The frame that lifts fits within the base. The depth of mattress used will determine how much space is required on the hinged side of the bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do these beds open upwards at all or only slide outwards? I want mine positioned next to a wall but there is another wall fairly close the other side of the bed too as have a small room. I would have no space either side to slide open at all.

Answer: The Wilson is a side-opening ottoman - this can be fixed to open from either side. Unfortunately it cannot be changed to open from the front. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can the bed open from right to left is it just the way in the picture

Answer: Hello , The storage will open from just the one side, though you can choose whether the opening is on the left or the right. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Can you tell me how big the bed is length ways as it says 222cm but it curves round either end I need to know how long it is with the curves please as I'm not sure it will fit in the space I have.

Answer: Hello , The 222cm in length will be for the small double and double Wilson bedframe including the curved head and foot end. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

where would my closest store be that i could find this bed to view around chard area?

Answer: Hello , This bed is within majority of all our store's however to be safe you can use our store locator to contact the store closest to you. Many thanks for the question.

Does the storage open from just one side or both?

Answer: Hello , The storage will open from just the one side, though you can choose whether the opening is on the left or the right. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Is it possible to buy replacement sprung slats?

Answer: Hi , Yes this is possible. Please ring customer services on the number at the top of our website and somebody can sort this out for you. Thank you for your question.

What level do the slats sit in relation to the side boards - are they flush? We have a 160cm width mattress (European King) & in our current UK king frame the mattress can overhang by 5cm each side and it isn't a problem. Is that the case for this frame?

Answer: The slats sit relatively flush to the side boards, however we cannot guarantee that your mattress will be suitable for use with this frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Could I have dimensions of the mattress suitable for this frame please? In centimetres preferably. I am thinking of ordering either small double or double frame.

Answer: Hi , A double mattress sized 190 x 135 would fit the double Wilson and a small double mattress sized 190 x 120 will fit the small double Wilson. Kind regards Dreams

Hi do you have a Manual of assembly I’m moving home and had paid to have this assembled and lost the instructions 

Answer: Good morning, The assembly instructions can be downloaded in the overview of the product page. There are separate instructions for a double and a king. Kind regards Dreams

Hello. I have a mattress with the following dimensions: 135cm x 190cm x 25cm. Which frame would this fit?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The dimensions you have specified are for a Double size mattress and this will be suitable for any of our Double size frames. Kind regards, Dreams

Hi - which mattress should I use with this please?

Answer: Hello , Any mattress that you feel is suited to you will be fine for the bed frame. A pocket spring mattress would be an ideal choice. Many thanks for the question.

What are the internal base measurements for the bed ie:mattress - can this fit a Euro double reflex foam mattress at 140x200 or just a UK double 135x190 Thanks 

Answer: Hello, The bed is designed to fit standard British sized mattresses and would not be suitable for European sized mattresses. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi, which side does the bed ottoman open is it from the left or right side?

Answer: Hello Hayley, Apologies for the previous answer, when you assemble this bed you can chose which side of the bed you would like this to open on. Thank you for your question.

Do you guys do assembling on payment basis too

Answer: Hello , The assembly option will be presented through checkout for £49. This will be carried out when we deliver the bed frame to you. Many thanks for the question.

Can it open from both sides ? 

Answer: Hello , No it cannot open from both sides but you can choose which side you would like it to open during assembly. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi , can you put the handle to lift up the bed on any side?

Answer: Hi , Yes, the assembly instructions will show you how to install the bed frame with the handle on either the left or the right side. Thank you for your question.

Hi. Could I have th measurements of the bed inside the frame ?

Answer: Hello , This would be the same dimensions as the mattress- 135cm x 190cm for a double and 150cm x 200cm for a king. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, I would like to view this bed prior to buying. Is this available to view in Newry and if not could you tell me the nearest store in Northern Ireland to Newry it is available to view in? Thanks

Answer: Hello , The N.I stores operate under a franchise, I would advise to contact the Belfast office to confirm that on 028 9050 8300. Many thanks for the question.

What is the gap distance of openings betwen each slats? Is it possible to change the top to platform or add a platform on top of the slats with you?

Answer: Hi , 90mm between slats, unfortunately its not possible to change to a platform top however our Francis or Hopkin bed frames do have a platform top. Thank you.

Can you adjust the mattress height? Worried about feet hitting the end board

Answer: Unfortunately this bed frame is fixed in place and you are unable to adjust the height of the ottoman where the mattress rests. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can this king size bed for a tall 190cm person without the feet hanging over the edge? 

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. All our King Size beds are designed to be used with a standard King size Mattress which measures 200cm in length so this should be sufficient.

I know the length of the bed is 222cm,what about only length for mattress?

Answer: Hello , The small double and double are 190cm in length. King and super king are 198cm in length for the mattress measurements. Many thanks for your question.

Hi maybe a stupid question but is mattress included??

Answer: Hello, The mattress will be sold separately however if you after a set that is inclusive, this will be within our divan bed range. Many thanks for the question.

Does the base have wooden slats or is it made of metal? Thank you

Answer: Hello , The slats will be wooden however the frame work is made from metal with a supporting central bar for added support. Many thanks for the question.

We have tight stairs and won't be able to fit the slat base up in one go. Will it split in 2? Looking at the fitting instructions it might be possible

Answer: Hello , The slat base is folded in half when being delivered flat-packed. You should be able to get this up your staircase. Many thanks for the question.

Are the slats screwed down?

Answer: Hello , This frame will have sprung slats and it will have placeholders for which the wooden struts are slotted into. Many thanks for the question.

What are the measurements of the mattresses that will fit this bed? And does the foot board and head board come with it?

Answer: Hello, This bed will fit standard UK size mattresses. The head-end and foot-end will both come with the bed. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

If I put the hinge side of the bed against the wall, will it open properly or do I need a gap?

Answer: Hi , When the ottoman is lifted it will not over hang the side rail and therefore you should not need to leave a gap. Thank you for your question.

Hi! Are the measurements printed correctly? only 4ft is 122cm and the width of your 4ft double is 131cm, thanks.

Answer: Hi , Yes the measurements are printed correctly. The difference in the 4ft and 4ft 6 double is the width of the bed. Many thanks for the question.

What are the internal clear dimensions of the storage area in the bed? We need to work out whether we can store a spare single mattress in it which is 200mm high.

Answer: Hi , The dimensions hold 646 litres, and would accommodate fitting a small mattress inside. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

What would the length and width of the mattress for the double have to be

Answer: Hello , The length and width of the mattress for the double would be as follows: 135cm x 190cm I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi  Can we fit a standard British mattress 135x190 into a small double frame..

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately not, a small double bed frame will only fit a mattress that is 120 x 190. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Would a 190cm x 123cm x25cm mattress fit? 

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. Yes a mattress with the dimensions you have provided would be suitable for the Wilson Ottoman in Small Double (4FT) size option.

What side does storage open looking at it face on from the bottom of bed

Answer: The ottoman can be assembled to open on your desired side - it is not fixed to only open on one particular side. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can the bed be placed against a wall on the non-opening side, or does it need space to overhang when you open it?

Answer: Good Evening, Yes, when the ottoman is lifted it will not overhang the side rail and therefore there is no need to leave a gap. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there a required gap that the bed must be away from the wall for lifting the bed to get to the storage? also is there a specific matress for these kimd of beds?

Answer: Hello , No gap is needed and no specific mattresses are required at all, so you can choose one that suits you best. Thank you for your question,

Is there a manufactures guarantee?

Answer: Hi , Yes the manufacture's guarantee is 1 year. However we also offer an 8 year service plan for a one off fee. Thank you for your question.

The storage area, i read it is fabric base? Does it sit on the floor and can take any weight? E.g books or is the thing we store have to be light? Thanks

Answer: Hi , Yes, this a fabric base. It sits on the floor so there is no weight limit to what you store within the ottoman. Kind regards Dreams

Is there a maximum weight for the mattress for the king size frame?

Answer: There is no maximum mattress weight for this bed frame - any mattress from our range will be suitable to use. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello Does this item come with a manufacturers warranty/guarantee?

Answer: Hello , The product comes with a 1 year's warranty as standard and a 8 years optional bed service cover plan. Many thanks for the question.

Can I order a fabric swatch? Bought this bed in silver and now want to find some matching curtains. 

Answer: We would recommend that you contact our customer service team who should be able to provide you with this. Kind Regards, Dreams

I have put my bed together and it's ok but as soon as I attached the gas pistons the mattress wouldn't go down and they don't seem to budge at all? I tried lifting it more to then lower it but this didn't work either?

Answer: Hi , Please call our customer services team on the number at the top of our site and someone will be willing to help you. Thank you.

does the bed frame comes i leather.i need it in kings size leather black .

Answer: Hello, I am afraid not. For this specification, you will be best looking at our manhattan bedframe with storage. Many thanks for your question.

Customer Reviews

Based on 367 review

Great looking, spacious bed!

I purchased this bed early last month. The bed was delivered on time and the delivery men were very friendly and chatty. Myself and my Wife opted out of the assembly option and chose to assemble it ourselves. When the bed arrived it came in a number of large boxes which made us question whether we had made the right decision with regards to self assembly. After unboxing the items, we were relieved as there really wasn't many seperate parts to building the bed. The instructions were extremely easy to follow and we managed to assemble it without any issues. A bit of advice however, I'd suggest using a powertool to aid in assembly as it's much quicker than using standard hand tools. Overall, if you're happy with DIY, the bed is not a challenge to assemble. Once assembled, the bed sat perfectly within our bedroom. A sylish, modern and relatively light weight bed which looks excellent. The ottomon feature is also extremely handy, leaving plenty of room for storage under the bed. I wouldn't attempt to lift/close the bed without a matress on as it takes a lot of force to close it. With a matress, opening and closing is simple. I'd greatly recommend this bed if you're looking for a new one, it looks great, has excellent build quality and I have no doubt that it'll last for years to come.

First one we saw and the best of them all

The idea of an ottoman bed came to my wife. I came across this very nice-looking bed from Dreams and we went to see it the next day. Opening to one side or the other was just what we needed with our sloping ceilings. The price was good too. Only problem: the strange net thing at the bottom. Why would you have that, we thought? Wouldn't it make sense to have a solid base. So we abandoned the Wilson and went searching for another type - everywhere. Nothing looked as good as the Wilson, however, or seemed as well made. (The reviews show it's not going to last forever and you need to go easy on the struts, of course). The fabric stapling on some beds we saw was extremely haphazard. BUT HERE'S THE THING: coming back to the Wilson, the webbing suddenly made sense. It's better than a solid board. You can take everything out, remove the webbing and hoover underneath. With a heavy storage bed and a solid base, you'll probably never clean underneath it. IN CONCLUSION, the Wilson was professionally delivered, easy to put together, and it's absolutely phenomenal in terms of storage space.

LOVE! Beautiful bed that doesn't break the bank!

I bought this bed in January after breaking my beloved fabric ottoman bed that I had for 5+ years. I honestly didn't think I would find a bed that I would love as much. When it arrived the delivery guys where lovely and very courteous and even though you could tell they were super busy, they took the time to have chit chat while taking my bed up to the THIRD floor! (Poor guys!) This bed was such good value for money and I am completely in love with it. It was super easy to assemble (even for a donut like me) and once assembled it makes a beautiful and sleek addition to my room and matches the decor perfectly, you can't even tell it's an ottoman bed as it looks as if its raised from the floor. The ottoman bed opens side-wards and it lets you pick which side you wish to open up by (which is useful when you have small spaces your working with) I highly recommend this bed for anyone who wants a bed that is sleek, beautiful that doesn't break the bank! Thank you Dreams!

Fantastic Bed - Stylish yet useful!

I bought this bed with the hopes of creating a lovely place to sleep whilst also acting as a useful storage place...and I was not wrong! Fabulous bed which looks lovely in my newly decorated bedroom and the easy opening mechanism allows me to store all my clutter which makes my room a much more peaceful place! Only wish I’d read about the headboard height first as it’s slightly larger than expected and covers up my window, however that’s a small price to pay for such a lovely and stylish new bed! The fabric is lovely to lean against unlike harsh wooden frames which creates a much more pleasant environment for my nighttime reading! Definitely would buy again!

Good strong bed

I really like this bed. It was very easy to put together, I managed to do it on my own from boxes to up and together in 20minute using a drill as an electric screwdriver. It’s strong and sturdy so very pleased. I think it looks lovely and more importantly the storage is huge and easy to get to, so all the wife’s bits and bobs, old shoes etc “that get used regularly” and couldn’t possibly be thrown away, can collect dust out of sight and she can easily open and close the bed to access the rubbish/bits and bobs “regularly”. The bed has been up and used for a month now. Still no problems and looking great. We would highly recommend.

Quality bed & easy to build

Although it would have been quicker building the bed with another person. I managed to tackle this ottoman solo. The instructions were easy to follow, the parts came well packaged and not a nut or bolt was missing. Fully assembled, the bed is sturdy and works as intended, however the gas struts are a tad tight at first. I thought that I was going to break something when I first tried closing the bed back down. You really do need to lube up the struts by opening and closing the bed multiple times before leaving it settle. All in all, myself and my partner are very happy with the product and would definitely recommend to others.

Great looking bed

I bought this bed for my daughter as her room was becoming so cluttered with all her things (guitars,sewing machines, teddies, books). Also her little brother likes to snuggle up in her room and watch movies and draw now and again so I thought it was time for a double bed. It has been a great investment as we have managed to fit all the clutter neatly away under the bed and it’s still easy to access her things and take out what she needs. The room now looks tidy and grown up which is what she wanted. She also now enjoys tidying her things up which is a revelation! Would definitely recommend.

My 2nd Dreams Bed - So much improved!

We are delighted with our Wilson bed. After being happy with an oak bed from dreams for many years I returned to purchase again. The improvements in design are excellent. So much easier and quicker to build. The Strong gas driven action lifts the mattress easily and doubles our storage, especially useful in a small bedroom with limited space - we had drawers in the old bed but couldn’t access them - this new bed solves that problem brilliantly. It’s a low bed which is easy to get in and out of - the foot and head board give it a really nice look. Very pleased with the bed overall.

Brilliant bed!!

I bought this bed a few months ago for my son who had grown out of his mid-sleeper. He absolutely LOVES it and it’s up there with the best furniture purchases I have ever made. The bed is beautiful - stylish, comfortable with integrated head and foot boards and the real bonus is the big concealed storage. The mechanism to access the ottoman is really well made and easy to use. So much better than divan drawers and really worth the extra money. It has already been taken apart and put back together when we moved house over the summer and we had no issues at all.

Great price, great bed

I purchased this bed just before new year as I decided to jazz up my bedroom a little bit. I was looking for an appropriate side opening ottoman bed and boy did I find it!! Great feature allowing you to choose which side it opens from, really opens up your options for the configuration of the room, masses amounts of extra storage underneath the bed because of this!! High quality materials, very easy to put together as I did it on my own in less than an hour! Overall, extremely pleased with the product and would certainly recommend this bed to others

Fantastic Bed - Super Happy

I ordered this bed a few weeks and it came today. I ordered a small double in silver for my daughters bedroom. We also opted to have it assembled by Dreams. The guys who came to assemble the bed were lovely; they did a great job of putting up the bed. My daughter absolutely loves her new bed. Previously she had a single bed and wanted something bigger, she doesn’t have a huge room and we were concerned about space - the small double ticked all the boxes. We also ordered a mattress from Dreams to go with the bed, and that’s great too.

Excellent bed

Bed arrived yesterday and I’m really pleased. Looks great and was a reasonable price. There is a huge amount of storage, and it’s easy to open. It’s a bit harder to close but I was told that it will get easier with use. I thought all the pillows, cushions and throws would slide off when I opened it but miraculously everything stays put! I paid for delivery and assembly which was worth every penny. The delivery team were excellent - really quick and courteous, and very careful not to damage anything. Highly recommend

Bed frame

When I bought this I didn’t take into consideration that the head and foot board had a roll on it so it has taken up more space, this has caused some problems as I have to side step along to get into bed as I have built in units. I am now getting used to it being lower than my previous bed . The storage space under the bed is excellent. When I got this bed it made me sort out my room and did a Mary Kudo and I now feel free. Since having this bed I have had some excellent sleep and don’t want to get up. A good buy !


Last year our trusty, uncomfortable old bed collapsed. My husband repaired it. Again and again and again. Then some more. One Saturday he went out and it collapsed for the final time (I may have helped it...shhhh!!) I then ordered this bed while he was out (double shhhh!) It arrived and he duly relented and put it together. All I can say is wow! After years on old trusty tossing and turning, we are sleeping brilliantly! Thank you. Now if you have a snore cure for husbands I could order, that would be great:..

I’m in love with my new bed

I bought this bed in December, and it was delivered in January. I was kept up to date in regards to my delivery and got a phone call the morning of delivery. I’ve recently moved into a new build and the address does not come up on most navigation systems but the delivery men were patient enough to follow my directions and call me if they ran into any trouble finding the property. My new bed goes amazing with the decor in my room and I have saved so much space by having the storage under my bed.

Looks great and practical too

Decided to get this bed instead of a cheaper one from Argos/amazon/Groupon as reviews were always mixed with those ones. Really glad we chose this. The bed took 2 hours to assemble, clear instructions and the slats already in place. Feels well made and very sturdy. The bed’s just the right height... not too low and the storage space underneath is amazing! So practical. I was worried it would be hard to open and close but it isn’t at all. Delivery was spot on too. Would happily use Drerams again.

A lovely smart bed

Bought this for my daughter a month ago and we have been very pleased. The bed looks fabulous, and the storage is great. The ottoman was a bit tricky for my daughter to shut originally, but she is now able to open and shut it independently. Putting the bed together was fairly straightforward. Delivery was great and the delivery man was very polite and very helpful. We also bought an extremely comfortable mattress from dreams. Overall we are very pleased with our purchase. Thank you

Fantastic bed, love the design and features.

I bought this bed for my daughter and she us over the moon, so much so Its now even harder to get her out the bed in the mornings...She loves the colour and the fact that she can store all her odds and ends under the hindged mattress giving her more space in her bedroom...Its easy to lift the mattress with a material tab at the side of the bed and you can also choose whoch side you would like the mattress to be lifted from...All in all a great bed and mattress...thanks

Couldn't be happier (especially the storage!)

I bought the king size for a smallish one bed flat and the storage underneath has already proven to be so useful. It is purely free space and extremely easy to access (no need to even remove cushions etc). The upholstery of the bed is lovely and looks like it should be at least double the price - have had many compliments. So far very happy and it was put together with complete ease by the Dreams team (worth adding on for a very reasonable price). Would recommend!

A quality bedframe with great storage capability!

I bought this bedframe for my new apartment last month. The assembly process was fairly simple and I was able to complete it by myself, however, the hydraulic system used to raise the bed proved stiff and difficult to operate. The fabric covering the headboard and frame is fantastic and looks great. The sturdiness and quality of the materials are also impressive. Overall I would recommend this bedframe to anyone looking for something both stylish and practical.

Sturdy Ottoman

My partner and I took delivery of this a few weeks ago, and it came in 4 boxes. We opted to assemble it ourselves, and managed to do so in about an hour using power tools. So far the frame seems sturdy, and the lifting mechanism has a robust feel to it (doesn't feel like you're going to bend any of the metal components). There is a good amount of storage under the mattress, and the stabilising bar across the middle doesn't really detract from that space.

Great value bed !

Bought this whilst on offer after seeing it online but then popping in to my local store to see it for myself. The fabric is great quality and it's a very sturdy bed. Comes with sprung slats for comfort. The two delivery guys put it together for me and also showed me what to do if I ever needed to dismantle it to move house or change which side the ottoman opens.. so straightforward !. Really pleased with the service and communication from Dreams so far

Great bed

Good quality bed, well built, and nicely finished. I went for the king size, and I’ve managed to store plenty under the mattress. The only slight negative is the bed bottom is fabric which attaches to the frame base with Velcro. If you’re planning on storing much under the bed, this bottom won’t take much weight. I store my things directly on the floor, which I’m happy with, but if you want to keep things off the floor then you might struggle

Great storage

I purchased this bed a month a go & I haven’t been disappointed with my buy. The bed has an amazing option to store items below it. It has an easy to open pull up system, which enables you to full utilise this storage space, to hide away items you don’t use on a regular basis. The fabric on the bed is made of a hard wearing material & the colour was exact to the description on the website. Overall, I am extremely pleased with my purchase.


THIS BED IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, IT'S SIMPLE TO PUT TOGETHER AND THE COLOURS ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. IT HAS SO MUCH STORAGE UNDERNEATH IT I COULD ACTUALLY LIE UNDER IT AND STILL HAVE WRIGGLE ROOM (I won't though because it's unsafe). The only slight downside to it is that it may be difficult for people under 100 lbs to close it but this is easily sorted by doing some bounces. Overall, I T I S G O O D B U Y I T

Stylish and Useful

Purchased for a small room. We opted for the small double ottoman and it fits the room perfectly. Stylish and comfortable, the headboard is perfect for reading. The storage is good but the base of the bed is only a black sheet of fabric that is velcroed to the bed. We had expected something a little more substantial. The Dreams assembly was a great option and the chaps had the bed built in under half an hour. Overall a good purchase.

Fabulous !

Gorgeous ottoman bed, nice colour and fabric and the bed is very sturdy. The lift up function takes a bit of muscle as it’s quite heavy once you put your mattress on, however we are just keeping spare bedding in there so don’t have to keep going in and out of the storage everyday. We opted to pay for Dreams to build the bed, they did it very quickly. Great guys, fantastic job. Love love love my new bed, thanks Dreams.

Great bed

I bought this bed for my new house and I’m glad I did, it looks so good in the room and was quite easy to put together (two of my friends did it in less than an hour while I sat and watched!). It’s quite low to the floor but I don’t mind that. The ottoman was very difficult to shut at first but got easier after a few tries. The headboard looks great and I’d definitely recommend. It’s a bit pricey but that’s what you get.

Looks beautiful.

Bought this about a month ago. It was quite easy to put together, but needed two strong men. It looks really lovely in my bedroom. There is plenty of storage space under the bed. My only negative comment is that being a double bed it is quite heavy to lift up and even harder to put back down. (Needed hubby to do this. However I am 70 years old and so it could just be me). Very pleased with the bed and would recommend.

Lovely bed

This is the second Wilson silver fabric ottoman bed frame we have purchased. It looks great in the bedrooms and the colour is fab and matches any decor. We made the bed up ourselves and took about an hour, the instructions were very professional and easy to follow. The delivery service was excellent and prompt. It has great storage capacity and is easy to open and close. It is very comfortable and a great height.

Great height and looks smart. Storage works well

Weve had this frame almost a month now, delivery was quick, came in 4 boxes. I opted to build myself, really is better with 2 people. Went together well, the instructions were easy to follow. Only downside was there was only 1 Allen key, loads of bolts to do up made it more time consuming than needed. The ottoman function works well, we were worried about opening with Duvet etc on it but it works fine.


Really lovely bed!! Stylish and practical, so much space underneath. Its solid and great quality!! I couldn't find another ottoman that opens from the side for this price!! Dreams never fail to deliver on quality!!! Really happy with my purchase!! I didn't attach the base sheet and prefer it that way. Dreams also assembled this for me and the price for assembly is definitely worth it!!

Great quality product!!!!!

Simple process.....visited a store to check out the bed for my daughter. Had to order at the eleventh hour online but still an easy process. Great communication prior to delivery....bed arrived within the desired time slot and delivery drivers were great. Decided to build the bed myself.....no major issues even doing it on my own. Daughter was thrilled and as a result so am I!!!

Great bed for the price.

We bought the Wilson grey fabric ottoman bed about a month ago now and love it. The delivery guys were on time and very courteous, even taking their shoes off before going upstairs. Easy enough to assemble, my son and I did it in about an hour. Hardest but was fitting the bed slats to the frame. Very comfortable, sturdy and easy to open bed. Definitely worth the money.

Gorgeous material

This bed frame was perfect on picture and even better once delivered. Took 1 person to build and was easy. Material is lovely and colour is what we was looking for to go with our decor in our bedroom. The spacious room in the storage area is fantastic. Great place for hiding presents! Got this on sale and can honestly say I would never buy a bed from anywhere else!!

Beautiful, sturdy bed

Arrived within the two hour window. The delivery chaps were great and had everything in the bedroom within a few minutes, and they were really helpful and polite. Bed was easy to put together with two people but could be done by one. Once assembled it looks lovely. Perfect for the design of my bedroom and loads of space underneath. I have absolutely no complaints. :)

Great bed!

I bought this bed a few weeks ago and absolutely love it! It came very quickly I was able to pick the day I wanted the bed delivery. I also had the bed assembled by dreams the two guys who came did a great job had the bed up in no time! There is a lot of storage underneath the bed which is great. The shape and colour are fantastic would highly recommend this bed.

Fantastic Product and Great Value for Money!

We bought this product a couple of weeks ago as never had an ottoman storage bed before. The bed itself is so easy to lift (manually) and stores so many things which we cannot necessarily fit in the wardrobes (eg towels or bedding). Everything is contained and doesn’t get dusty or dirty! Fantastic value for money ottoman, well made and everything we wanted.


I've had this bed a month now and it is lovely so comfortable and feels so solid and safe, (my last bed caved in the middle due to removal men leaving out the retaining slat, and I only weigh 9st) this bed is in no danger of that happening again and it really looks stunning. I am so pleased with it I would recommend it to anyone.

Great bed great service

The bed arrived on time and communications were first class with regular updates. Bed was split into easy to manage packages. A lot of packaging but most was recyclable. Took a couple of hours to put together but overall not too complicated. Does need two people though as some sorts are heavy and need coordinating. Very comfortable and great storage.

Ottoman bed

I brought this bed a month ago absolutely love it. My old bed was nearly 40yrs old so my son treated me for mothers day because the old one squeaked so much. I have a memory mattress so the whole thing together is so comfortable and so much storage very pleased with delivery and the men who put together very professional and fast would recommend

Lovely material

I bought this bed for my son's room and am so pleased with it. It looks so smart and stylish in his bedroom. I panicked when I saw all the boxes when it was delivered but it was so easy to put together and the instructions were easy to follow, as it is a ottoman bed the delivery driver also gave me tips on how to fit the piston arms with ease.

Lovely looking bed frame

Lovely bed frame and the ottoman storage is amazing, such a handy feature to have on a bed. The build team were really friendly, professional and polite. They removed their shoes, took care when handling the product around the house and had the bed built in no time. Well worth paying extra for this service, they removed all the packaging too!

Beautiful Bed

Fabulous looking bed frame made with high quality fabric and excellent finish. This bed was quite simple to assemble with two people, however watch out for the hydraulics as they are very stiff and need a fair bit of weight to get them to move for the fist time. We put the mattress on and basically our body weight. Now runs smoothly.

Lovely bed with fairly clear instructions

We have had the bed for 2 weeks now and are very happy with it. Putting the bed together wasn’t difficult and it is very well designed, much better than other beds I have owned. The bed lifts and lowers quite easily when you have a mattress on top, don’t try to lower the frame without a mattress as it will likely damage the bed.

Lovely bed

I bought this in the January sales and it is so worth the money. I put it together myself with my boyfriend’s help and it took us both a few hours to put together. The instructions were fairly easy to follow, it just took a bit of strength to get it together. It’s a very sturdy bed and works perfectly. I am very happy with it.

Stylish Class!

I purchased this bed three weeks ago and absolutely delighted with the quality. looks very classy and mechanisms are very smooth and strong. The sprung slats also allow for extra comfort to the mattress. Delighted with my purchase. The only criticism I could have is that I would like the ottoman access to be a little higher.

Excellent quality

Can’t really fault the service or product. I was given a 2 hour slot and the team gave a call to say they would be early. The quality of the product is great, especially the slats, which was the important thing. The bed came with easy to understand instructions and was straightforward to put together in an afternoon.

Super stylish bed with hidden storage

I bought this for my son and he loves it! As do I. I wanted something that would be good for guests when he goes off to college in a few years, and this is really stylish with plenty of space for spare bedding in the storage drawer inside. It's so good looking I need to redecorate his room now so it's all in keeping!

Lovely bed

We put this together ourselves and had so much fun doing so. If anyone needs help, let us know! Haha. Very easy and straightforward assembly and a lovely bed all round. We like the fact that the bottom is fabric and lose enough to reach the ground without it being overfilled too. Very convenient for a hoarder like me!

Great bed

I bought this a month ago and it was delivered after few weeks. They assemble it in the room i wanted and after few minutes it is done and dusted. Great color, texture and a lot of space under the bed that i can put my other clothes and things. Since i love it so much i might buy another one for my guest room.

Comfortable bed and looks good

Ticks all the boxes needed: - Delivery on time and to the room needed - Easy to assemble with good instructions & Dreams video helped, took around 2-3 hours. - Fits perfectly with Silentnight mattress (purchased separately) - Looks great in the room And as a bonus a comfortable night sleep is had.

Easy to assemble and super practical

I bought this bed to put up in my new house and it arrived within great time. The delivery guys were great and even though we opted to assemble the frame ourselves, they gave us tips on the best way to do it. When we assembled the bed, it took no time at all and I love the amount of storage it provides!

Looks beautiful and feels so comfortable

Bought this for my daughter a few weeks ago and am so pleased with it. I’d read all the reviews and knew it would be a great buy. It looks beautiful and I love all the space underneath. Very handy indeed. Excellent quality and is also recommend the building of the bed by dreams. Well worth £50!

Love it

I have had my new bed about a month now and I actually look forward to going to bed & sleep extremely well! The Quality of the fabric & frame its self is very good as expected. lots of storage space too looks lovely in my room but pictures dont do it justice! Best bed iv ever bought

Stylish and practical

Bought this in combination with a Johnstone mattress, and I'm delighted with the setup. It was relatively easy to assemble at home, and has good storage underneath. The light silver- grey fabric is stylish, but not so light it'll get stained easily (I hope). Great quality and finish.


Love this bed! The storage underneath is great and the bed frame is beautiful and sturdy. I’m really pleased. Delivery great and I paid to have it put together which was done efficiently and was well worth saving myself the hassle. I have already recommended this bed to family members.

Great Bed, surprising storage capacity

The bed is took a while to assemble, and the instructions don't take into account if you want to open the ottoman from the otherside that they show you. Once you have put it together, it is great to sleep on with a surprising storage capacity. Definitely recommend for the price.

Both wife and I love it!

We were looking for an ottoman style bed but they all looked kinda boxy and boring until we found this one in dreams. Absolutely love it. Would advise getting someone in to put it together for you if you're not handy though as it was a bit of a struggle. Otherwise very very happy!

Great ottoman bed

I bought this bed about a month ago and it’s felt the comfiest bed I’ve slept in in a long while and it also benefits from having the double sized bed storage space below, which is great for storing bed sheets and towels in my storage bags. Best ever bed. Would recommend highly.

Very Comfortable

I bought this bed a month ago, It was great service and the bed keeps my room warm and comfortable. I have been having a great nights sleep so far. I must say it worth Price and quality. This bed also compliments my room and make it look warmer due to its colour and fabric.

Great looking bed

Lovely bed, it looks great in our bedroom. It wasn't difficult to put together and has lots of storage space underneath. The only thing I would change is the soft cloth underneath that forms the bottom of the storage space, I think this would be better if it was rigid.

Good Strudy bed, great storage underneath

Good Sturdy bed, easy to put togethere and looks great. Really happy with the storage available underneath. The mechanism makes easy work of lifting the mattress to access the storage, it actually takes more effort to push the thing down but really happy with it.

Great value for money

The bed is great quality for money. I love the padding on the headboard, footer and sides. Ottoman is easy to use. Only feature that could be better is the base of the ottoman storage. Items in the ottoman are resting on the floor but can’t complain at the price.

Great quality at a great price.

Bought this bed online in the sale at an excellent price, with it being a cheap as it was I was worried about quality, there was no need, the quality is excellent, the instruction are clear and easy to follow. So in overall I am really pleased I choose this bed.

Looks great, great feature

We purchased this recently and are over the moon with it. Not only does it look great, the storage is amazing and has freed up so much space in our 12 year old daughter's wardrobe. The quality of the bed is first class; we would highly recommend it to anyone.

Looks gorgeous!

I bought this bed 3 weeks ago and so far it’s great. Really stylish and comfortable, just what I had been looking for! Much easier if two of you put it together and does take a couple of hours but easier than others. Definitely recommend at such a good price.

Great stylish bed

Had this bed about 3 weeks now. It completed our bedroom the second we put it in there. Lovely stylish material, and the ottoman is easy to use and holds a lot inside the bed. Was quite easy to assemble and had no problems with it up to now. Would recommend.

Best nights sleep!

I ordered this bed online without seeing it instore, so I was a bit dubious about what is would look like in my bedroom and also how comfy, but the reviews didn't disappoint! It is the perfect bed, super comfy and great that it has added storage underneath.

Lovely ottoman bed

I bought this bed for my spare room it looks lovely and love the extra storage it’s given me. Family came to stay last weekend and they loved it as well and said they had a great nights sleep. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new bed.

Looks great in any bedroom

So pleased with this choice of bed. It is substantial but not bulky, looks great in the room and there is lots of good storage underneath. The storage space is fabric lined and is removable so it is fairly easy to get access under the bed for cleaning.

Comfy and practical!

Bought in October for our daughter! The headboard and fabric stand, in dark grey, looks the part and is comfy to lean on for reading. The ottoman stores lots of bedding and spare duvets and is very practical compared to drawers. Great value for money!

Amazing bed!

This was delivered a month ago, and has been a life saver. As well as being a great looking bed, it has an immense amount of storage under it - its fantastic! Well worth every penny, and worth adding the assembly option for a hassle-free experience.

Future will be Ottoman Only beds

I bought this bed and was so impressed by the quality and material. Was worried that only 25cm height storage would be limiting but I can fit so much in - will only buy ottomans going forward amazing bed! Thank you Dreams as great value for the money

Great design and easy to build

Great bed. Easy to build and great design. Ideal to help with storage although is still quite heavy to lift once mattress is fitted. Overall very satisfied with the bed and the service from the Dreams team for delivery and collection of our old bed.

Great quality

I bought this about a month back to assemble myself, and it was very easy to do (in terms of following instructions) plus its great quality - I am really happy with my purchase and am considering upgrading my other bed now with another one of these!

So far so good

So far so good, no one has slept on this yet, so a bit difficult to review! It looks good in it's space, the ottoman feature provides a lot of storage - more than I would have imagined. I can't say how well it will last - get back to me in 5 years!

Fantastic Bed!!

I bought the bed a few weeks ago and I'm so pleased with my purchase. The quality and style of the bed is great and looks perfect in my room. I love the fact it's an ottoman and that I can choose which side it opens on. Would definitely recommend!

Excellent Value

Had this a couple of weeks now. I cannot believe the high quality for the price paid - every bit as good as a really expensive top of the range divan. Fairly easy to put togethgr but if you need any help there is a phone number. Highly recommended

Really nice quality

Impressed with the quality for the price. Took a while to put together, more than 3 hours - but once I had learned the process, bed number 2 was much quicker. My 2yo “helper” also approves, and thankfully it can stand up to “jumping on the bed”...

Excellent product

Had this for around a month and bought a small double for my youngest daughter she loves it !! Excellent product and ottoman base is always a favourite of ours. Will continue to buy beds from dreams as they seem to be far better than other stores

Really stylish and easy to lift and drop

Bought this bed a couple of weeks ago asking Dreams to assemble it. The delivery and assembly team were really good with a demonstration of how To use at the end. The storage is great,really accessible and sitting up in bed is really comfortable

Great bed

I highly recommend this bed, the size under the ottoman is large, giving more than enough room to store whichever items you would wish to put underneath. It is also useful being able to choose which side you would like the ottoman to raise from.

Superb Ottoman Bed

Bought this a month ago and it's so lovely!! The colour is great, it's a nice fit in the bedroom. The material is fantastic quality and it's been made to high standards! The underneath storage is a nice size too! Overall this bed is perfect!!


I bought this a few weeks ago. And it's perfect. Delivered in excellent condition. They assembled the bed in less then 30minuets and cleaned everything up after themselves. Polite and on time with good customer service. 100% recommend them.

Fantastic soft fabric

I recently purchased this bed, was a delay in delivery, but problem was quickly resolved by dreams HQ. The bed itself is exceptionally well made, strong structure, and super soft fabric, a dreamy nights sleep. Very pleased with my purchase

Great price

Bought when on offer so it was a great price for an ottoman bed. Very pleased with the quality, and the finished look. The space underneath is brilliant too. Really pleased with our purchase exactly as described and seen on the website.

Fantastic value!

Bought this one month ago and it hasn’t disappointed. More storage space than expected and looks fantastic given how reasonable the price was. Took 2 of us to put it together but the instructions were clear. Great product would recommend.

Wow! Fantastic Ottoman bed

We bought two of these for our not so small lads. We had moved to our new home so we made them build their own beds which they said were straight forward to build. The ottoman storage has been great for storing their collection of shoes.

Great bed and great quality

Had this bed delivered at the end of February , the drivers were extremely polite and well mannered. Took about an hour and half to assemble, the bed is a good quality bed and seems really sturdy, really happy with the quality of the bed

Excellent product

I brought this product a month ago and I’m so happy I did. Extremely good quality and quick and easy to assemble. The fabric is a lovely colour and the storage under the bed is excellent and very spacious. Extremely happy with my buy.

Quality bed

This is a quality made side-opening ottoman-style bed. We got the kingsize version and paid for the installation. The quality of the cloth is really good. The mechanism is smooth and solid. It looks like it will last a long time.

Absolutely brilliant bed!

This bed has so much storage and is a great addition to my teenager sons bedroom. He is over the moon with it. It looks stylish and was easy to assemble. The service in store was fab and delivery smooth. Would highly recommend.


I bought this for my son. He loves the grey colour and I love the quality, the under bed storage and the knowledge it will last him years to come. I may buy another for my younger son. Excellent bed. Excellent service from Dreams.

Great quality, looks amazing

I love the bed frame. It was easy to assemble and looks amazing. Very sturdy and compliments the bedroom. I would give this more than 5 stars. The price was extremely reasonable and there is plenty of space underneath for storage

Looks lovely

I bought this bed base a month ago , my husband and I assembled it ourselves, it was fairly straightforward when following the instructions. I love the bed it looks great, very solid and has lots of storage that’s easy to access.

Great buy

I bought this bed for my teenager, we are always looking for a way to get more storage so this bed was ideal, we have had this bed a month now and every thing going well, it looks great and the storage under neath is all full up.

Stylish and practical

Very happy with this bed. Bought for my son's room and looks great. The side lift opening storage is perfect and I feel is more practical and accessible compared to an opening at the bottom of the bed as we previously had.

Looks great in my newly decorated bedroom!

I bought this a few weeks ago now. I absolutely love it! Looks great in my bedroom which has just been decorated. Very easy to build and instruction were simple to follow. The amount of storage space underneath is brilliant!

Elegant and modern!

I purchased this bed frame and a mattress to go with it. Very cost effective and reasonable! It was very easy to assemble folllowing the instructions and once assembled it looks lovely and matches our room very well.

Fantastic buy

I bought this bed about 3 weeks ago. I am really impressed, great value for money, good amount of storage and very strong rather than creaking etc. Would definitely recommend if looking for a decent storage bed.

This Bed is A Dream

The bed was easily assembled by my Husband and my 17 year old, who purchased the bed. It’s lovely, looks stylish and matches every colour scheme. If it was a little higher, I would definitely buy one for us.

Looks far more expensive than the price!

Had the bed 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it. It looks the same amazing quality as beds £300-£400 more expensive. Ottoman space is an absolute godsend too and has loads of room. So pleased I chose this bed!

Great bed

I bought this bed and had the guys assemble it for me and it took them no time at all. Well worth the cost. We are very pleased with our purchase, it’s well put together and gives us the extra storage needed .

Great, strong bed, fits perfectly in our room

I brought this in December and it's a great bed, strong and plenty storage to keep my room tidy. We decided to go for this after seeing it in the showroom and we are definitely not disappointed. Thanks Dreams

Lovely bed!

Had this bed delivered last week. Took me and my partner about 1.5 hours to build but instructions were very easy and the quality of the bed is amazing. Lots of storage space underneath and looks very smart.

Comfortable and Modern

Bed is really comfortably and upholstery looks sleek and modern, especially in my grey painted room. Gas lift is slightly stiff at first to push down but with usage this loosens. I would recommend this bed!

Great ottoman

Easy to assemble but had to use own tools as the ones provided where a little flimsy and awkward but fantastic strong bed and can choose which side to operate to lift the bed easy in English instructions

Love it

Bought this bed just over a month ago and we just love it! So much storage underneath and so easy to get to it too, loves amazing in our newly decorated room and was delivered on time and with no issues

Great under storage

This replaced our old Divan and the understorage of this bed despite being lower gives so much storage space. Putting the matress down to close the bed takes a lot of force and could be a bit easier.

Love my new bed!

Delivery went smoothly and taken straight to required room, friendly delivery staff. Bed easy to construct and looks great. Very sturdy and ottoman easy to lift with lots of space underneath the bed.

Great all-round bed

This is such a great bed. We recently lost storage space, due to creating a ensuite where our old storage space was, and this bed allowed for us to store away stuff and look stylish at the same time.

Fits our requirements

Ideally I wanted a King bed frame which has a lower profile, and option for linen storage. The WILSON OTTOMAN was exactly what we wanted. Having had it several weeks, our choice has been vindicated.

Lovely bed frame

Bought this along with a mattress and the bed frame is incredible. The storage is very spacious there is no more need for any drawers just the bed and wardrobe. Easy enough to lift and put down too!

Lovely bes

I brought a new bed however the size wasn't what I wanted. The team at dreams immediately sorted it out by allocating a new delivery date with the new bed. In the meantime I can use the current bed.

Easy to assemble and amazing quality!!

I'm so happy with my purchase, it is such a lovely frame with great features and really good quality. Instructions were easy to follow which helped the build go smoothly. Would certainly recommend!

Great quality

I bought this bed for my son and he is really pleased with it. The quality of the fabric is good and the storage space underneath is really useful. Overall we are really happy with this bed frame.

Brilliant bed!

We've have had the bed for around 3 weeks and it's been a delight. So much storage and relatively simple to set up. The team were great at helping us with the purchase and then with the delivery.

Great features!!

I bought this bed about 4 weeks ago. Fantastic if you're short of space & storage! Am amazed with how much storage is under the bed!! Not complicated to put together either! Love my new tv bed!!

Great value

I bought this bed a month ago and I am very pleased with it. There are so much space to store items in the base of the bed and aesthetically the bed is pleasing on the eye. Highly recommended.

Wow just Wow

Solid, convenient and just perfect. Needed extra storage with the smart look bed frame and look no further. All finishes are great, I went for Charcoal and very easy to assemble and perfect.

Great features

I bought this for my boys room and the bed is very comfortable and has also got a lot of storage underneath which we are pleased about I would recommend this bed for any Childs room is superb

Amazing look and features!

I bought this for the comfort and also for the storage and both aspects exceeded my expectations massively as it is very comfortable and has a surprising amount of room for storage underneath

Lots of storage

Having mobility issues I found trying to get my stuff from under the bed a real pain, but not any more! With its easy lift and lots of storage, if you pack like Tetris. I'm loving my new bed.

Looks good

Looks great and easy to build with an easy to follow YouTube video. Lots of screws to tighten so we used power tools for quickness. Storage area is great and easy to open with heavy mattress.

Great looking bed

Iv had this bed around 2 months and all is good. IV had lots of compliments on how nice is looks and how easy it is to open and close. For the price this is a very nice and well made bed

Great look

I bought this about two months ago and it's perfect. The colour and design is exactly how they described on the website and the storage underneath just makes the room look so much tidyer.

As Advertised ....

Love this bed .... colour is exactly as advertised and material has a lovely top quality feel to it .... well worth the money. Ottoman space extremely large. Would recommend to anyone.

Looks great and SO comfortable

We bought this a month ago and we have had the best sleep since. It was really easy to put together and the ottoman base is really useful storage space. Definitely recommend this bed.

Excellent Quality

Excellent quality for the price - ottoman works as it should with no issues. Allows for a lot of hidden storage under the bed. Frame is of high quality, no negatives about this product.

Just the job

We have had the bed a few weeks now, very happy with the purchase. Not too difficult to put together, though we did have to adjust a little at the end; so that it is equal on all sides.

Looks gorgeous!

Bought the Wilson bed alongside the Lucia storage chest and they both compliment each other so well bed is stunning easily assembled and good storage space very pleased with purchase.

Exellent Quality

Absolutely fantastic quality, price and communication! A* bed, me and my girlfriend finding it very comfortable and easy to set and use! Also bought 3 pillows and they are fantastic!

Easy to Assemble and Decent Storage

I brought this bed frame a month ago. The bed is a decent height, it was relatively easy to assemble with two people, and has plenty of storage space perfect for additional bedding.

Great Bed

I bought this bed a month ago,it was very easy to assemble,the instructions were easy to follow and very straight forward. Very smart looking bed,very comfortable. Value for money.



Great kingsize

Fantastic bed. Very easy to assembly and can tell made from good quality materials. The under storage is fantastic. Delivery man was very helpful. Took it upstairs for us. 5 star

Great bed with loads of storage

I bought this bed for our daughter. We bought the small double which has plenty of room but doesn’t take up too much room in her bedroom. Lifts easily and has loads of storage

Comfy stylist bed

Received this bed a few weeks ago. Really pleased with it. Ordered dark grey. Paid to have it assembled. Looks just like in the photo. Excellent storage. Overall very pleased.

great bed

i bought this bed a month ago its very stylish love the colour it matches well with my decor. and its got plenty of storage space in the ottoman. i love it best bed i have had

I love the bed and recommend to anyone

I love the shape, fit and colour of the bed, it fits excellently in my room. The size of the frame is excellent too, I feel like I’ve got a lot of room when I sleep at night

Excellent Quality - Elegant!

This bed is very sturdy and solid. It looks and feels amazing! Everything about it is quality. I built it alone in slightly over2 hours but I am not keen on any sort of DIY.

Brilliant bed

Bought this bed a few weeks ago and very happy with it. A good height, sturdy, lots of room for storage and a nice colour that goes with lots of other furniture and bedding!

Lift up mattress and hey lots of storage space,

Very happy with the bed ,has lots of space to hide things from grandchildrenas it is an ottoman bed.would also say the men who delivered and put it together were brilliant.

Solid value for money

Bought for our Daughter just moving into her own home. She is delighted with the storage space, solid build and comfort of the bed. I found it easy to build up. All good!

Great design

I purchased this item along with a mattress and it’s been the best sleep of my life The design works perfect with my decor and the functionality of storage is so handy!

Great bed frame!

My bedframe was delivered around 2 weeks ago, and I love it. It was straight forward to build, practical storage space, and is very stylish. All in all a great bed frame!


I bought this bed over a month ago and its transformed the bedroom, loads of room to store bags, bed sheeting, shoes, winter coats ect... feels very soild and well made.


I bought this double bed for my daughter, her bedroom is really small so struggling for space. This is perfect. Really easy to put up really impressed with this product.

Best bed I have owned.

Bed is extremely well built and easy to put together. Delivery drivers were very kind and helpful. Bed is very secure and works perfectly couldn’t ask for anything more!

Great quality and very comfortable.

Bought to replace an old brown faux leather ottoman bead. The design of the Wilson bed is modern and the quality is fantastic. It's given our bedroom a new lease of life

Great features!

I bought this bed a month ago, to try and tackle a lack of storage, and it's definitely sorted that problem. Easy(ish) to assemble, and lovely to sleep in. Very sturdy.

Very practical and smart looking bed

We brought this bed about 2 weeks ago and we are really impressed with the quality of the product. The storage space it creates is really handy and it looks very smart.

Loved it so much I bought it again!

I had this bed in my family home and then when I moved out I bought it again in the size up! It’s a lovely colour and the storage underneath is amazing and so helpful!

Good quality

A strong and sturdy bed. The grey is a lovely colour and the style looks good. Got the king size and yet fits well within the bedroom. Useful storage space underneath.

Nice looking bed.

Bought this in Jan sales with the build in home option and am so pleased with it. The delivery men who put it together were so efficient and did a really good job.

Beautiful bed

I bought and assembled this bed by myself, easy enough to do with clear instructions and looks lovely in my room. Very good product that’s received many compliments

Stunning bed!

I bought this bed a month ago and its beautiful. I ordered in the silver and its a lovely colour! Such a modern style bed, and easy to use the ottoman underneath !

Great look

I bought this a few weeks ago and am very happy with how it looks in my room. Always as the great look its easy to assemble and plenty of storage space underneath.

Great bed frame

I bought this a month ago and my missis and I are very happy with the product. It is a bit bulky for our room but it feels solid and there is good storage space.

Brilliant bed

Bought this bed a few weeks ago. Got it with a great discount, easy delivery and assemble. It goes perfectly and I absolutely love the amount of storage it has.

Superb Quality

I bought this for my youngest sons room, the small double is a perfect size for him and the bed will match well with any decor styles he has whilst growing up.

Great quality

Second bed Iv bought from dreams, excellent service and the beds are very good quality, this bed is just great, lovely fabric and study with plenty of storage.

Lovely bed

Having been messed around by a rival company I bought this bed online with no fuss! Delivered and assembled by a professional team and the bed is comfortable

Great purchase

Great bed, really high quality for the price, sturdy bed once assembled, easy to assemble on your own in around 60 minutes. Would highly recomend the bed !

Mrs Green

This bed is great value for money. It looks very stylish, the quality is excellent and is very comfortable. I am really pleased and would 100% recommend.

Gorgeous and comfy!

This bed is very homey and comfortable with lots of space underneath - very handy having a side opening! Also relatively simple to assemble for 2 people.

great bed and great night's sleep

Delivery and assembly all took place very efficiently in March and since then every night has been bliss - such comfort and bags of restful night sleeps.

Excellent nights sleep

Bought my bed a month ago for moving to my new pad. Very easy to build, comfy, stylish, and great storage at a great price. Very happy with my purchase.

Amazing bed!

I bought this bed a few weeks ago and it arrived today. I’m delighted with it and it looks even better than what I expected. I would highly recommend!!

Wilson Silver Fabric Ottoman

Great purchase Was able to install myself and looks great and works perfectly. A very happy daughter with a new bed with plenty of storage underneath.

Solid build and looks great

I bought this bed a month ago and i have to say not only does it look great but is also really solidly built with great storage that is easy to access.

Good design and easy to assemble

Good strong bed, easy to assemble without assistance, even easier with a little help. Gas struts support the Hypnos mattress when raised so very happy

Love the bed!

It took a while to put together, but so worth it- the bed feels secure and sturdy, but also looks beautiful and it’s always a bonus to have storage!!

Amazing for the price paid

Assembled very professionally, the pull up slate is very strong and opens and closes with no problem. Ample amount of storage & looks beautiful too.

Fashionable & comfortable

Had for 3 weeks. Makes our ince dull and boring bedroom look contemporary and modern. My husband isn’t in to frills and cushions but he loves it too

Amazing bed

Easy to self assemble, steardy and very spacious underneath the bed for storage. Fabric headboard and end board make it that better quality and look

Great bed super comfortable and gorgeous colour!!

Received my bed a few weeks ago arrived on time and assembly guys were polite and efficient!! Very comfortable! Really pleased with my new bed!!!

Great Amount of Storage

I bought this 3 weeks ago and so pleased with the large amount of storage. The bed is great quality and easy to put together. Looks very nice too.

Great bed and storage

Bought last month arranged for it to be built as well great service and bed is brilliant so sturdy and makes room look tidy with brilliant storage

Fantastic bed

Really easy to put together. Sturdy and looks amazing. Added feature of being an ottoman which you can choose which way it goes up is a big plus.

Modern and sleek

I now have two of these beds in the house and they are easy to clean look great and easy to put together. Value for money wise it’s a no brainier

Easy to put together and good quality!

Solidly built and storage underneath is great! Managed to put it together myself only needed help to lift the metal mattress frame onto the base.

Brilliant Bed

Very happy with my purchase, good service, excellent quality, very easy to put together and perfect for what I needed with the storage underneath

good for storage and looks great

I brought this a couple of weeks in particular having more storage room, it looks great in the bed room and gives a surprising a lot of storage

Love this bed!

I bought this bed about 3 weeks ago and I love it! It’s a beautiful colour which is very neutral and the extra storage underneath is very handy!

Perfect bed

Love the colour the fabric the design the extra space for storage underneath! The pistons are difficult to start with but ok now I got new ones.

Great product

We got the bed just after we moved into our new home. So chuffed with the quality and the finish on the material!!! Strongly recommend this bed!

Loving it

After having terrible beds in the past, this one made me happy. I love how you can store things under the bed. Makes my room that more stylish.


I bought this a few weeks ago and am really pleased with it . Has soon has you walk in the room it stands out, really well made, just gorgeous

The space underneath the bed is very helpful

The bed looks great when I put it together and the material used for it is very well made. Overall I'm very happy with it and would recommend.

Comfy & practical

I've had this bed a month and very pleased with it. It's comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and the storage space is great and easy to use.

Perfect buy

Daughter needed a new bed and this one has thrilled her. No more creaky bed! Great storage underneath and looks more expensive than it was.

Fantastic bed

Great bed, plenty of storage, easy to build and easy to access under bed storage. Extremely pleased with the product, and great price aswell


I bought this a couple of weeks ago and I'm very happy with the product. Very stylish in my room, ample of space under the bed for storage.

Excellent value for money

Really sturdy and nice looking bed. Loads of storage space easy to build and assisted lifting mechanism really helps. Really happy with it.

Great quality, great service

The bed is amazing quality, the guys came and built it very quickly and it’s so comfortable! Had a great night sleep ever since it arrived!

Excellent Quality!

I bought this for the first home I have rented and I’m glad I did! It is a timeless bed and suits any room design you want it to go with.

Amazing storage and stylish

I bought this for its looks and storage. Both did not disappoint when it arrived. The storage is amazing!!! Built it myself with ease.

Perfect size

I bought thus a month ago and have found it to be the perfect size, with plenty of storage underneath. Simple to put to together aswell

Great bed

We bought this bed for our daughter after buying the same one about a year ago for our son and seeing how good they are. Great beds

Looks fantastic.

Bed looks great when assembled. I assembled the bed myself and it took me approximately 1 hour. Looks stylish and is very comfortable.

Love this bed.

I bought this bed a month ago and I am so happy that I choose this frame. The king size is spacious and the storage space is perfect.

Excellent and spacious storage!

I bought this bed for my wedding and I have to say this is really good and sturdy with lot of under storage which is a bonus for me!

Good value for money

We bought this bed for our daughter. It is exactly what we wanted. Good quality and plenty of storage. I would recommend this bed.

Sturdy, easy to assemble, good quality

I managed to put it together by myself in around 1.5hrs. Sturdy frame, looks really smart. Lots of space underneath for storage.

Small Double bed

I got this bed for my daughter. She loves it. Looks great. We paid for the guys to build it. They were quick and did a great job

Fantastic ottoman bed!

This bed was easy to put together, it's solid and looks amazing, there is lots of storage space too, my son absolutely loves it.

Easy & Great Quality

I brought this in the sale and is a great buy! Really easy to put together and the quality is great! I would defiantly recommend

Excellent bed

I bought this for my son and he confirmed that he had the best night’s sleep! The storage is also great for all of his stuff:)

Great bed

I’ve had this bed for roughly a month and very happy. Great storage solution and looks good and high quality easy to assemble

Sturdy bed

The bed is for my 17 year old son, he is fairly hard wearing on furniture in general but this is a sturdy piece of furniture

Very sturdy and comfortable and sleek look

I brought this January and was very pleased with the quality if the bed. Could tell this will last me for a very long time.

Sturdy frame & great price

I bought this for my son and he is thrilled with it. The price was good and it feels sturdy. Ottoman feature is easy to use

Super quality

I bought two of these. One for guest bedroom and one for the master bedroom. The quality is superb. Fantastic storage too.

Fabulous bed

I bought this for my son and it is great, it is stylish and practical with the great storage space. No more messy floors!

Spot on

10/10 for comfort and aesthetics. Had no issues with it and the instructions for putting it together were easy to follow.

Loads of storage!

I bought this as I direct replacement for a similar model that had aged. Easy to use, light weight but sturdy. Perfect.

Great storage

Bought this bed two months ago. The storage underneath it makes the room seem bigger as most stuff is underneath it now


I bought this a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier with my purchase, sturdy build with slick design. Can’t go wrong.

Great looking bed

Fantastic bed great bed for the money bed looks lot more expensive even with the Price reduced many thanks dreams John

Great storage!

Excellent bed, easy to put together, very strong and sturdy, loads of storage and great colour and finish. Faultless!

Loads of storage, great bed

Bought this bed a month ago and it’s got lots of space for storing things away. Lovely bed and very easy to assemble

Lovely bed

I bought this bed in the sale in January and it I love it Looks great.. and the storage underneath is really good.

Great quality and robust

See my other review as I bought two. Looks good, is strong and very pleased with the purchase. Photo is the silver.

Great bed, beautiful colour

I bought this for my teenage son who needed more space to spread out. It was very easy to assemble and it sturdy.

Super bed

We bought this bed for our daughter and she loves it. The storage underneath is superb and she is delighted by it

Great frame

I got this along with a new mattress and I can say it's amazing. Sturdy, easy to use. Great price for what it is!

So far so good

No issues with the bed as it stands. Is looking good and the extra storage is a lifesaver. Happy with my purchase

Fab frame

Quality piece, looks great in dark grey. Really practical storage solution as opens on the side rather than end.

Amazing bed

Needed storage & I’ve got plenty of it with this bed. It’s so easy to operate. Looks high end is so comfortable.

Lovely looking bed

Great looking and straightforward to put together. Great storage underneath as well. Daughters are really happy!

Love this bed

I've had this bed for just over a month and it is great. Very solid and easy to put together. I would recommend.

Great product!

I bought this bed a month ago and I am so pleased. Sturdy bed and easily assembled. Large space for storage.

Great features and great nights sleep

I brought this a month ago and I’ve never felt so revived every morning. Very comfortable and love the storage.

Great design loving the storage

Bought this 6 weeks ago best decision I made. Looks great,so comfortable, storage is main selling point for me.

Modern classy & awesome

I bought the product 2 weeks ago. Fantastic quality. I love the underbed storage. It's above all expectations.

Great ottoman bed

Bought this bed almost a month ago and it is excellent, great quality & easy to assemble. This will last years

Brilliant bed

Bought 4 weeks ago and love it Good solid bed with plenty of room underneath Good quality material covering

Love the look and plenty of storage!

Bought online and was delivered within 3 weeks. Very happy with this bed, love the ottoman storage underneath.

Nice bed

Good value, easy to assemble and been a good night's sleep ever since! Absolutely nothing to complain about :)

Lovely looking bed

This bed was really good value and very easy to put together. The instructions were well written and concise.


Purchased the bed frame only, very easy to put together and easy to use lifting mechanism. Perfect and modern

Great bed great price

Bought for son could easily be used by adults as stylish good space underneath for storage looks really good

Smart and spacious

This bed looks really smart and comfortable. The storage space is massive and very practical. Love this bee

Great investment

I'm so happy with my bed, it's sturdy, has a huge amount of storage, looks fantastic and was easy to build.

Great bed

We brought this bed as it has storage and it’s great. Lovely colour and material and easy to put together.

Great bed & Dreams are brilliant

This is our 2nd bed in this range this is for our daughter, great service and product. Highly recommend.

Love it

I absolutely love this bed, lifts up and down with ease and loving the colour! And a bargain in the sale

So comfortable!

This bed makes it difficult to get up.... it is so comfortable... looks fantastic. Really happy.....

Great frame

We got that couple of weeks ago and are happy with this purchase. It is not cheap, but money spent well.

Great bed!

A really good bed! Easy to assemble with 2 people and a really sturdy supportive frame! Excellent stuff

Comfortable and useful

Bought this bed during the Christmas sales and very pleased, prompt delivery and very easy to assemble

You've been framed !

Bought this to replace my son's cabin bed. He chose it himself and seems really taken with his choice.

Lovely bed

I bought this a few weeks ago and it looks lovely and was pretty simple to put together. Very pleased

Great bed

Happy with this product, loads of space underneath for storage. Easy to assemble and love the colour!

Great Bed

Had this bed for a couple weeks now and I love it! Has good storage space and is very comfortable.

Great for kids storage!!

Bed is excellent but delivery service and chap delivering were beyond helpful Very happy overall

Fantastic bed, just as described

Bought this bed for my daughter. Very stylish and very comfortable. Excellent storage underneath.

Lovely attractive bed with useful storage

This looks great in my daughters bedroom and has great space underneath to get stuff out of sight

Perfect service, product and value

The title says it all really. Excellent product, great price, service A1. Couldn't ask for more!!

Great bed, great delivery!

Bought this bed a month ago and is brilliant, easy to put together and loads of space underneath.


I bought this bed a month ago for Son's room. Excellent bed, great for storage. Easy to assemble.

Fits perfectly with the room

I brought this not that long ago l, great delivery super service and fits perfectly Into our room

Lovely bedframe

I bought this after looking at many I'm really pleased with my choice I've told friends about it

Amazing bed

Looks so nice in my room, only a small house so the ottoman bed comes in so handy for shortage!

Stylish and great for storage

I bought a double for my son, and was so pleased, I then bought a small double for my daughter!

Great bed, loads of storage space

Bought this a month ago & so please with it, I have so much more storage now & it looks great.

Love the storage

I’ve only had 3 weeks but it’s a great bed with loads of storage. Enough for 8 under bed boxes

Great bed

This bed is what i was looking for fantastic quality and affordable love it highly recommend

So much storage

Storage is incredible, huge space easy to lift and close mattress or bedding doesn’t fall off

Great sturdy bed

I brought this bed as i need more storage. I love it Its nice and sturdy and looks amazing


This is so beautiful and comfortable. I keep recommending Dreams to all my friends. So happy

Gorgeous bed

Love this bed so much. Looks great in our room. Really impressed with the storage space too.

Great bed

Purchased a month ago, better than expected. So spacious when the bed is lifted. 2 thumbs up

Great bed.

We needed more storage in our bedroom and this was perfect. Looks great, easy to assemble.

Fantastic bed. great storage.

Bought bed recently at great price. Very well made with greaty storage. Love it very much.

Perfect upgrade

We bought this small double, its the perfect size and the storage of the ottaman is ideal.

Super Comfy

Bought for my daughter 1 month ago. Really well built, comfy and great delivery service.

Lovely bed.

I bought this for my daughter and she loves it. Lots of room for storage and looks smart.


Great bed. The fabric is very good. My son loves it and waking him up is now even harder.

Lovely finish

Great product, perfect size for my bedroom and very practical with great unserved storage

Great product

Had the bed frame for three weeks. Very sturdy, easy to lift mechanism to access storage.

Lovely bed

We have had the bed up now for a few weeks and no problems. Easy to build and looks great

Great looking bed!

This bed is a great centre piece for the bedroom! Lovely colour and is of a high quality.

Great ottoman mechanisms

Great quality and the ottoman mechanisms is the best I've seen. Plenty storage as well.

Easy to build!

Fantastic bed, very pleased, easy to build and really useful side opening. Looks great.


Had about a month now was easy to put together looks brill would definitely recommend.

Great value for money

Lovely looking bed for the price and well made too. Looks lovely in my son’s bedroom.


Sturdy, soft frame, plenty of storage space, perfect for what I need at a decent price


Iv had this about a month really nice sleep opens from side so much better then front

Great value for money

Comfortable with good storage . great value for money. Delivered on time as promised.

Great storage

Bed was superb in quality and has a lot of storage under the bed. nice modern design.

So pleased with first one, brought another!

Stylish, comfortable and provides great storage. Really pleased with this purchase.

Great bed

Bought this for my daughter who absolutely is over the moon with everything about it

Soo comfy!

My husband & I bought a bed and a mattress from Dreams & it’s been a complete dream

Great Size and storgae facitlity

I bought this last month and it looks and feel amazing with great storage facility.

Great product value for money

Bought this bed and it’s has exceeded my expectations great looking and great value

Love it

Love our new bed. It's sturdy. Looks lovely and the storage underneath is amazing.