Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Rated 4.76/5 based on 3254 customer reviews
Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

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Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6
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becky says

Ottoman bed frames are a great way to update your bedroom with a luxurious touch of class. The Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame is sure to add a touch of sophistication to any bedroom interior. It features a slatted base and sprung slats for maximum comfort, and is available in three different options. It will match beautifully with the Wilson bedside chest or storage chest, and can be customised with either grey fabric or faux leather fabric of your choice.

This beautiful and practical Ottoman bed frame is perfect for those who are looking for a minimalistic, flexible style. It features a side opening ottoman that can be used as additional storage space. The head and foot ends of the bed are adorned with scroll patterns and the Ottoman base is covered in fabric. These features work in harmony to create a chic, modern look that will suit any bedroom.

This luxurious bed frame is built with a generous storage compartment that is perfect for storing all your bedside essentials. Available in three stylish fabric colors, this frame will beautifully complement your bedroom decor.

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Of The Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good

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What Makes The Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Great?

Side opening ottoman

The side opening ottoman is the perfect way to store your extra bedding. It will hold all of your blankets, pillows, sheets, and other bedding and let you easily find what you need.

Scrolled head end and foot end

Scrolled style is a type of design that sees a hugely popular and decadent design paired with modern neutral color schemes to create an attention grabbing frame that can be utilized in any bedroom to add further class and elegance. The design features soft and subtle curves that feel luxurious and regal.

Cloth ottoman base

The ottoman bases are available in a range of different styles and colours but all of which maintain the same cloth material covering the ottoman base.

Sprung slats

Sprung slats are typically made from a flexible beech wood and are curved in design slightly to help give an amount of flex. These slats generally have more bounce and are made of a better quality with improved spacing when compared to traditional wooden slats.

Available in grey (fabric), silver (fabric) or black (faux leather)

Choose the colour to suit your room with a variety of differing and contrasting options to suit any contemporary room set.

Internal storage depth: 25cm

This sort of storage depth is ideal for pillows, spare duvets and other trinkets that you need to store away in the bedroom. The depth here is probably not suitable for those looking to replace full drawer sets, however, should provide great additional storage for those with limited room.

Matches our Wilson bedside chest in silver or grey and our Lucia storage chest in silver

This bed frame comes as part of an extended collection of other bedroom furniture, available to view in our furniture section of Want Mattress.

Build time: 2 people | 1 hour

This is the amount of time and the people required to conduct the build process efficiently. While you may manage yourself, if it best to get the help of someone else where possible.

Let our experts assemble your bed - select this service at the checkout

The supplier has a unique installation and assembly service whereby the consumer is able to have their product built by the experts. This was you can avoid a lot of swearing, missplacing tools and yelling at your kids and end up with the finished product from the get go. Take advantage of this service by adding this product to the basket and heading to the checkout to see options

Internal storage depth: 20cm

This sort of storage depth is ideal for pillows, spare duvets and other trinkets that you need to store away in the bedroom. The depth here is probably not suitable for those looking to replace full drawer sets, however, should provide great additional storage for those with limited room.

Let our experts assemble your bed frame - select this service at the checkout

The retailer has a chosen delivery partner that gives the ability to have the product assembled by a third party. Avoid unnecessary hassle for a low fixed cost and get the look you deserve in your bedroom of choice.

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Customer Reviews For The Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Based on 3254 reviews
Looks nice and has great storage

I have a limited amount of space to work with in my bedroom and can't fit a normal size double so had been looking at small double options for a while, specifically in the ottoman style as easy to access storage was also a priority. Bed comes in 4 flat packed boxes that may require 2 people to life depending on your strength. Easy to assemble once all the boxes are unpacked and the bed parts and nuts/bolts/screws are all laid out, provided you follow the instructions carefully. I had read a couple of negative comments about this bed before I purchased namely it made a lot of noise when you moved about and secondly that the gas pistons that hold the bed frame at 45 degrees when accessing underneath storage are hard or impossible to push down afterwards. On the noise when moving about comment, I have to say I have not experienced this and so the previous reviewer either got a dud or hadn't tightened everything enough. However the gas pistons are really hard to move and you definitely won't shift them until you have assembled them into the bed and have a mattress on top to help with downward force. I found pushing down then releasing, pushing down then releasing in a sort of rocking motion got it started and then it's brute downward force to push it down fully. Nearly a month later and it is certainly a bit easier to close the bed frame but do think carefully if you don't consider yourself that strong. That being said, I am a 10 stone runner with not a lot of upper body strength and I manage it, and on the plus side you know the frame will never fall on your head when you are under it. Overall I am very pleased with how it looks, how comfortable it is (this is also down to the mattress of course) and the size of the storage and ease of access. Would recommend to anyone who needs a stylish looking bed with good storage but not the room for a normal double size unit.

Escape from your busy life

As I lay in bed one morning, tossing and turning feeling as uncomfortable as a dog in a cat flap I thought to myself, enough is enough Chris, time to buy a new bed I grabbed my phone and began googling comfortable beds and who showed up at the top? Thats right, ya boy Dreams. Scrolling through their wide selection of beds, I came across one that fit my exact needs and wants. 1. Comfortable 2. Sleek and 3. Storage. And boy, thats exacrly what you get with this bed. I grabbed my debit card and purchased it immediately!! And chose for Dreams to build it (to save me the hassle, because you know... sore back;) ) so waited around 3 weeks and my bed arrived and was built in around, 30 or so minutes. Which allowed me to fit in an episode of Brooklyn 99 and chow down my breakfast. They done a fantastic job! Now... in my haste of buying this bed so quickly as I didnt want it to run out of stock... I accidentally clicked the wrong size of bed DOH! So contacted Dreams and straight away they resolved my issue and even credited a few of the extra charges and explained that it was no hassle whatsoever and it will dismantled, taken away and the new one will be built. FANTASTIC!!! Now.. the important part. This bed looks the part, I chose the dark grey fabric. Had a few compliments lets just say and by few... I mean my mother. The sturdiness is outstanding! No more old loud, creaky frame! the under bed storage is more than enough, you could hide horse under there... not that I recommend that.. anyway, moving on. The comfort is really great and has made my mattress feel newer due to the slats and base giving it extra support. Overall, I highly recommend this bed if your into, sleek, stylish, modern looking furniture, extra storage and hiding farm animals. 10/10


We've had this bed for just over two weeks now. We have the Kendall mattress alongside the Wilson ottoman bed. Delivery was great, the drivers popped the boxes into the master bedroom and were very cheery and tidy (shoe coverings put on at the front door). I managed to put this bed together myself, with the help (!) of my toddler, it was super easy to do - apart from the base, now that was tricky - thankfully my 8yr old was on hand to hold it in place whilst I attached to the pistons! Put together in around 1.5hrs in total and I am not only pleased I could whack it together myself but I did so with few (quiet) swear words. I did worry, when putting the mattress stoppers in on the opposite side of the ottoman opening, because the pressure of sliding them in caused the other side to shoot open... thankfully the weight of the mattress stops this. I was concerned that my husband may be catapulted out of the bed one night. No such luck. We opted for the kingsize and despite worrying when it was all in boxes that it would be too big, it's not, it looks great and it's incredibly comfortable. I did read others annoyance about the material base for the ottoman on the reviews on here but I can't find fault with it, it's incredibly strong Velcro and it's held together perfectly. So glad I chose this bed because my bedroom was becoming a dumping ground for many things (as I'm sure any parent knows - anything random just gets dumped into mum and dads bedroom) but now at least it can be hidden and it's finally back to looking like a bedroom, not a skip. All in all, bed's a hit. Thanks Dreams!

No storage base

I'm very disappointed in this bed for only one reason: there is no base in the ottoman storage area. It seems to be excellent quality, very sturdy and was easy to build. I was very impressed overall until I reached the end of building it and was searching through the boxes for the base, only to discover there was nothing other than a bit of fabric that attaches to the bottom of it with Velcro. So everything you put in it essentially sits on the floor, which isn't very practical when you need to move the bed and it gets dragged along the floor inside the bed. I think for the price of this bed (it wasn't exactly cheap) there should be a base, the whole point of buying an ottoman bed is to use it as a storage area inside the bed, not under it meaning you can't move the bed without removing the items within. I have purchased several ottoman beds over the years and this is the first one I've had without a base. Indeed, even the one it replaced, which cost a third of the price from Argos and was of much inferior quality had a solid base in the ottoman storage area. I can only assume this is a manufacturing cost saving exercise, but the minimal saving completely ruins the design. At the very least there should be an option to add a proper storage base at the point of purchase or after purchase. The only other thing I would point out is that the bed doesn't lift up very high to access the storage area, not anywhere near as high as previous ottomans I've had. Just makes it a bit more difficult to access, but isn't a deal breaker.

Dreams are easier with a Dreams Bed

The bed we purchased was a standard double divan with storage underneath whivh is easly accesed .It arrived as a flat pack perfectly packaged and easily assembled using the supplied instruction sheet complete with alan key and spanner clear precise instructions, an option when purchasing the bed from Dreams was the option for a small fee to have the bed assembled. When assembling the bed it becomes quite apparent how well the bed has been put together in the manufacturer's work shop. Its a lovely modern bed with a fantastic amount of storage underneath, if i was to be slightly critical on any part of this product it would be pushing the mattres back in to place after gaining access to the storage , the opening mechanism works using oil filled dampers and untill they have been used a few times they are quite resistant to being closed, no issue for an adault but would be difficult for a younger person until they were used a few times . The bed and matress are extremely comfortable, Even though the bed is in our guest room we slept on.it for a week as a trial and to be quite honest i believe its even more comfortable than our bed and mattress that cost ten times more than our purchase from Dreams. We will certainly use Dreams again and i have already reccomend Dreams to friends and advised them to make Dreams the first store to check out when looking for a bed and or mattress.

Great looking, spacious bed!

I purchased this bed early last month. The bed was delivered on time and the delivery men were very friendly and chatty. Myself and my Wife opted out of the assembly option and chose to assemble it ourselves. When the bed arrived it came in a number of large boxes which made us question whether we had made the right decision with regards to self assembly. After unboxing the items, we were relieved as there really wasn't many seperate parts to building the bed. The instructions were extremely easy to follow and we managed to assemble it without any issues. A bit of advice however, I'd suggest using a powertool to aid in assembly as it's much quicker than using standard hand tools. Overall, if you're happy with DIY, the bed is not a challenge to assemble. Once assembled, the bed sat perfectly within our bedroom. A sylish, modern and relatively light weight bed which looks excellent. The ottomon feature is also extremely handy, leaving plenty of room for storage under the bed. I wouldn't attempt to lift/close the bed without a matress on as it takes a lot of force to close it. With a matress, opening and closing is simple. I'd greatly recommend this bed if you're looking for a new one, it looks great, has excellent build quality and I have no doubt that it'll last for years to come.

Very classy, should last some time!

I was looking for a new bed in this colour however without that crushed velvet material and came across this, which I think is a little different and very classy. Although I got this for 250 in the sale, I would definitely pay the full price, it's so worth it. Very easy to assemble, took me about 3 hours mainly on my own. The gas mechanism is quite tough/stiff and requires force when pushing down however I prefer this as it means its safe and secure. The storage is amazing! It didn't take me long to fill it and I can't believe how much I've managed to fit underneath it. At first, there was a constant creaking sound on one side whenever I moved, which was really annoying and put me off massively...until I noticed it was the lifting strap material rubbing on the frame below that it rested on. I removed this and the creaking was eliminated..I can lift it just as well without the strap. The only thing I would advise to dreams for those keeping the strap on is to perhaps make the strap the same colour as the bed as the black isn't very flattering against the grey bed frame. (Stands out obviously). The headboard height is perfect and really comfortable to rest on. The material is good quality and the bed overall is very pleasant to sleep on.

Wilson ottoman Bed - Fab

Ordered bed roughly a month ago now and no complaints at all with the product and service. Multiple emails and texts informed when my delivery was due and the bed was straight forward to assemble. Took a couple of hours but nothing difficult, Helps to have atleast two persons just so someone can hold pieces together whilst the other inserts the bolts/screws. Ottoman feature can be set up to open from either left to right - your choice!, The instruction manual that came in the delivery also provided a youtube link to watch an instructive video on how to assemble step by step and I was able to download a further copy from the website. The bed itself is true to the images on the site and is a lovely light grey. Looks well put together and ties in with the room beautifully. Bought at time for 349 but noticed it has gone down in price at the moment! Great value for something that looks like it might have cost alot more. Only draw back was the velcro backing on the panel to fit the base of the bed as it was slightly smaller than the frame itself, so we had to really tug to get an even enough backing all the way around. Closing the bed is a little difficult too but I imagine this might ease over time.

This bed looks great BUT...

Really impressed with the sales service. After initially ordering the wrong colour, I called Dreams and they sorted that out no problem and delivery was prompt and very well communicated. As with most flat packed furniture, this bed tested my marriage but only because my husband gets immediately stressed about the process before weve even started. However, despite being a flat pack whizz myself, we did stumble on a couple of issues. First of all the ottoman mechanisms need to be fitted on the left or right depending on how your room is laid out, there are blue and red stickers over pre-drilled holes on the head and foot of the bed, on the bed we ordered someone in manufacturing must have been chatting whilst putting the stickers on as two of the stickers were in the wrong place causing 5 minutes of confusion. Secondly, we got to the last hurdle and we have faulty gas springs which help the bed go up and down... needless to say I will be calling Dreams in the morning to sort this out and hope they will continue to give the great service theyve offered so far. Overall, lovely looking bed but a quality control check wouldnt go amiss before the parts leave the factory.

Good quality $ft Guest Bed

I Purchased this as a 4ft guest bed in the spare room. I wanted it for the storage, which does really well. Your items are stored directly on the floor when the bed is assembled, but there is a base cover which Velcro's to the underside of the bed. This is the only fiddly part of the assembly. Before you assemble the bed it is best to open this base sheet and hang it over the banister to allow it to flatten out. The assembly look a little daunting when you first see all the parts, but as long as you sort the fasteners into the three sets as in the instructions you won't go wrong. Good quality and goes together well, nice fabric too. The mechanism needs quite a lot of effort to close, this may be due to the gas rams being new, but i know that this can also be affected by the weight of the mattress you choose as the heavier this is the easier it will close due to the extra weight; this also may be more noticeable as the bed is a 4ft bed and i can't imagine that Dreams would have differing rated gas rams. Say that if you close it by directly pushing on the frame and not the mattress its not really a big issue and i would still recommend it.

First one we saw and the best of them all

The idea of an ottoman bed came to my wife. I came across this very nice-looking bed from Dreams and we went to see it the next day. Opening to one side or the other was just what we needed with our sloping ceilings. The price was good too. Only problem: the strange net thing at the bottom. Why would you have that, we thought? Wouldn't it make sense to have a solid base. So we abandoned the Wilson and went searching for another type - everywhere. Nothing looked as good as the Wilson, however, or seemed as well made. (The reviews show it's not going to last forever and you need to go easy on the struts, of course). The fabric stapling on some beds we saw was extremely haphazard. BUT HERE'S THE THING: coming back to the Wilson, the webbing suddenly made sense. It's better than a solid board. You can take everything out, remove the webbing and hoover underneath. With a heavy storage bed and a solid base, you'll probably never clean underneath it. IN CONCLUSION, the Wilson was professionally delivered, easy to put together, and it's absolutely phenomenal in terms of storage space.

overall pleased, but not 100%

Well, it looks great, lifts up fine (but you should expect it to be hard to push the slats down after you first attach them, it's pretty stiff). Big down-side is that I was expecting the bottom of the inside of the bed to be hard - so that when you put stuff inside it would all be contained literally inside the beds base. Instead it's a piece of fabric Velcro'd to the bottom of the four sides of the bed. So basically as soon as you put anything heavier then a pillow in it, the Velcro material will pop off and it'll be on the ground - not inside the bed base at all. This isn't a huge deal, but it was kind of incredibly annoying to find this out mid-way through putting it together. Didn't see mention of it on the website before purchase. Not sure if I overlooked some detail in the description but I think it should be photographed at least to make it super clear that it's a material base inside. My solution will be to remove that Velcro fabric and buy some plastic tubs to put inside it instead (resting on the floor but under the mattress at leastl). Other then that it's a nice looking bed.

Sturdy, attractive, bed frame!

Bed was delivered a month ago, we chose the small double, as it's for our daughter. It was delivered in 4 boxes, flat pack, numbered 1 to 4 so easy to know which order they had to opened in. Checked all the components to make sure everything had arrived according to instructions that came with the bed; as a note keep your bits and bobs by the bags they came in, as the instructions are clear and refer to the stickers on the bed panels and the bags for screws, etc that you need to fit each part. Was surprisingly easy to put together followingthe steps, one person on their own could accomplish the task, but easier with two people, as there are a couple of fiddly parts. Once it's together a very sturdy piece of furniture. The ottoman space is really good, my only negative is the base of the ottoman is a sheet, all be it a relatively strong sheet, that velros onto the bottom of the bed, but other than that, this is a bed that will last my daughter a good number of years. She's thrilled with the colour, style and fabric and she tells me it's extremely comfortable. Would recommend.

Decent bed but nothing amazing

I've left my review quite a while since purchase so I can give an accurate rating and review. The features of the bed itself are good (ottoman base). To set it up was quite a pain and very fiddly...after my fingers stopping aching I was able to enjoy the bed a bit more. The quality is average. The underlay for the ottoman area is thin and basic. The hinge system itself works well. After a few months I decided to reposition the bed in my room and so needed to swap the side of the bed that the ottoman went up on. That was no easy task on my own but still managed...eventually. If you are thinking of buying this bed frame I would be more steered towards saying don't buy it. The metal part of the base squeaks quite a lot...even after using WD40 and oil etc. Just sitting on the bed/getting into bed makes it squeak. (It's not my mattress as this is brand new). Overall a bed that does the trick if you don't mind the little bits here and there that will eventually get on your nerves. Would I buy a bed again from Dreams? I would certainly have to think twice next time.

Simple yet stylish, great storage solution!!!

Bought from the Truro store along with a mattress (Kendall double) and the service was great (served by Lucy in-branch). I was limited on choice due to wanting a side opening bed but this was a great result in the end! Easy instructions and I was able to assemble without too much hassle on my own, it is a bit awkward with all the separate boxed and tonnes of packaging but I don't see much of a solution to that. It looks good in the room, and the fabric seems to be hard wearing... After a few weeks, all is good, operation of the bed is simple although it does require a bit of strength to get it to go back down (better than falling down) and I had to re-tighten a couple of screws that had worked loose in the settling period due to a "creak" but was quickly sorted. Storage isn't a large as some but it does sit on the floor via a dust protector, which is better than some I've seen with a false floor 10mm of the ground which flexes. All in all pleased with my purchase

LOVE! Beautiful bed that doesn't break the bank!

I bought this bed in January after breaking my beloved fabric ottoman bed that I had for 5+ years. I honestly didn't think I would find a bed that I would love as much. When it arrived the delivery guys where lovely and very courteous and even though you could tell they were super busy, they took the time to have chit chat while taking my bed up to the THIRD floor! (Poor guys!) This bed was such good value for money and I am completely in love with it. It was super easy to assemble (even for a donut like me) and once assembled it makes a beautiful and sleek addition to my room and matches the decor perfectly, you can't even tell it's an ottoman bed as it looks as if its raised from the floor. The ottoman bed opens side-wards and it lets you pick which side you wish to open up by (which is useful when you have small spaces your working with) I highly recommend this bed for anyone who wants a bed that is sleek, beautiful that doesn't break the bank! Thank you Dreams!

Wonderful service

We are very pleased with our new ottoman bed, high quality, very comfortable and looks beautiful. We were more impressed by the quality of the service however. We first visited the Talbot Green store where advisors were very friendly and helpful but not at all pushy and even with health restrictions everything was easy to look at and try. We then ordered online as we needed time to decide on which bed we wanted, we had to use the online chat a couple of times which was really easy and advisors there were friendly and helpful too. The price was reasonable, delivery times were very quick and there were clear updates. We paid for the bed to be built as well as delivered, the delivery team were brilliant as well, kept us updated, arrived on time, took all safety precautions, did exactly what they'd promised and put the bed together very quickly, checking we were 100% happy before they left. When I need another bed I will definitely use Dreams again, no hesitation.

Nice little bed

I bought this a few weeks ago upon reading the reviews. Dreams kept you up to date with delivery throughout and the delivery driver will call you half an hour before they are due to arrive and deliver it to room of your choice. Bed was easy enough to assemble. Instructions were clear. Except for the last part when assembling the gas pump, they dont mention that you had to apply equal pressure to either end of the frame to push the bed down. So we didnt know why it wouldnt go down and we were afraid we would break it. Therefore we Had to google it and watched a YouTube video. Now the bed is easy to lift up and push down. Storage section under bed is big enough, although it is only a piece of cloth held on by Velcro, so not sure how sturdy that would be. Overall I would recommend this bed! It is sturdy and it will look good in any bedroom. Although I do find that the small double mattress fits smaller than the bed, not by much if youre bothered about this.

Fabulous service

Bought this bed for my daughter a couple of weeks ago and can honestly say that the service was fabulous. I phoned the shop first to see if they had it on display so I could view it first which Im glad I did as I was originally going to buy the grey but after seeing it at the shop it was very dark and looked more of a sage green colour, so we went for the silver which is very light grey and absolutely gorgeous. It came within 5 days the delivery guys were great too taking it up to the top floor of my 3 storey house. And it was easy enough to build as my two teenagers made it. It a little stiff to close but they have told me it will get easier which it has and I wont open that often any way. Looking to buy a similar one for my self from there now after falling in love with my daughters. Oh and I recommend the extended warranty too for any marks scuffs breakage of slats etc as its only 40 for 8 years so well worth it. Thanks you dreams, Im now now dreaming of my own.

Very happy (after a few adjustments)

This is a great value bed for the price. Took a lot of fiddly bolts to put together, just time rather than difficulty though. We did find it very creaky to begin with too but sussed out it was down to the support bar on the inside of the bottom grey side panel that wasn't quite rigid enough to support the black slatted base frame. The lifting strap was also causing the base frame to slide off the support bar and forcing the grey side panel to deflect and bow out. This made an awful creaking noise whenever we moved so just fitted a small bracket on the support bar to locate the base frame onto and stop the grey side panel from deflecting out and keep the base frame from slipping off the support bar. No more creaking!!! Now very comfortable and looks brilliant too. Never had a bed with an end at the bottom before either, brilliant for tucking the bedding into so the cat can't get his claws in our feet in the night anymore!!!

It's secretly a cats room

This is a very good quality bed. It's build quality is great, it's sturdy and has plenty storage space. Now my partner believes everything should be an ottoman because of this bed. The only down side is for pets as there is the small gap when the matress is lifted for access to the storage space, which our cat flies into, on the opposite side . With alot of stuff already stored in there, I am surprised there is still so much space that the cat is happy to run in and out of. It's exceptionally quiet and once the gas powered mechanism gets going it's very eastly to use. The matress is secured very well with just two little brackets. It's height is just right and the headboard also as it allows you to be fully sat up in bed without having your head bouncing of the wall. In its price bracket and feature bracket I don't see another bed beating this one. If my cat and partner are happy then it's a fantastic purchase.

Expected more...

I bought this on the sale a few weeks ago. Delivery was fine, efficient and quick. The bed was much more difficult to put together than we thought it would be (although the videos were helpful). The gas struts were so stiff it wouldn't close and we thought we had a dud bed. After much internet investigating we found out you just have to apply a lot of pressure (think full body weight of two grown ups at least). The most disappointing thing about the bed is, although it looks smart and elegant, the bottom of the bed is just a large piece of cheap looking fabric with Velcro around the edge to fasten it to the base... I should have known looking at the description etc but I didn't expect something like that on a bed frame we paid quite a lot for (even on sale). Generally okay overall. Make sure the closed frame is resting correctly on the side bits of wood (they do mention it in the instructions).

Quality Ottoman Bed

Bought this for my new house as a temporary bed for the master bedroom, intending it to end up in my daughter's /guest bedroom. The quality of finish is superb, and the fabric much nicer in the flesh than in the very dull photos on the website. Storage space is cavernous - fabulous! I discarded the velco base and have used plastic sorage boxes. Went together well at a steady pace , and the hydraulic struts work well ( remember to read the instructions and 'work' them by raising and lowering the slatted base plenty of times before you put your mattress on top. Two people will make this easier initially) . My niece came round and fell in love with the bed and is now ordering one too. I would definitely recommend this base, it's excellent value and very stylish. Would keep it in my master bedroom but I've fallen in love with the Emyvale metal bed base for a period look in my Edwardian home.

Good perfect for the price

We bought this bed for my daughter (12) with the recommended mattress. Its perfect for the price. And upholstery finish is good. The ottoman function creaks a bit when she turns over - metal rubbing underneath- so had to buy some extra pads to stick onto the area the metal rubs (what supplied was insufficient). Also my one big learning from buying online - I thought I had checked the please construct on delivery box - which is so small and insignificant on the page I missed it.... having assumed it was being constructed when it was delivered - as all the emails I had talked about that service and the removal of the packaging - this wasnt the case. The driver was happy to build but the depot told him he didnt have enough time and they would call me back to re arrange - I never heard from them. Slightly unhelpful and a watch out for future buyers of this or any other bed.

Easy to assemble

The bed was easy to assemble and is a great use of space. There is a good amount of storage space under the bed and it is easy to lift up and push down. The material is good and durable - my cats have tried to scratch it a few times and no threads have been pulled which is great! The one thing that I'm not so sure about is that the base of the storage space is a piece of material which is attached by velcro. This hasn't been a problem so far, however I feel that if a lot of items, or heavier items are placed in there, it might pull the material away from the base of the bed. It also means that essentially, the items under the bed are sitting on the floor. I don't have a problem with this myself, but thought it worth a mention as I didn't see this written in the description, so could be a deciding factor for some people. Overall, a really good bed for a good price.

Lovely bed

We've had our King size Wilson Ottoman for about three weeks now. We ordered this product when it was on offer, so was chuffed with the price, especially being King size & an Ottoman!! Arranged the delivery. Had a phone call on the day it was supposed to be delivered, stating the time slot. The delivery men were lovely & helpful. The bed came in four big boxes, each box number labelled, which helps. I love a flat pack!! The instructions were clear & the assembly on the bed was very easy. I managed it by myself. The only thing I can fault is, one of the screws was too small for the designated hole, I'm still looking for a replacement one. Make sure you tighten the screws as at first, the bed was very noisy to get in & out, specifically on the opening side of the Ottoman. Overall, very happy with the product & I would recommend.

Really great bed (only 1 flaw)

I bought this bed after looking at it in store. It is fairly straight forward to put up, looks great, has a generous storage space and is really sturdy. I have had many comfortable nights sleep since I got it. I only dropped my star rating to 4 because the ottoman base wasn't what I was expecting. In store they had a board base - in reality the base of the ottoman is actually a piece of black cloth that is velcro'd to the base - which I would worry about putting anything other than linen or pillows on. I decided to keep it off and use it for anything. The only comment (as an advisory) other than the Velcro sheet base is that it is fairly low set - I have a really thick mattress so it's ok for me, but some people may struggle. I really love this bed and am really glad I bought it.

Honest as possible

Ok so its not the worst bed but I do feel manufacture could possible look into making some small changes! For example when laying in this bed on the side that goes up you feel as You might just end up sleeping in the storage lol needs something to stop bed having so much flex one side. And lastly Velcro to hold on bed bottom to lay strorage? Im sure there has to be something better?! Looks great, instructions not the best but ok however all stuff is in labelled bags so always s silver lining as they say! Delivery men lovely, on time! And text smd call sent as promised by dreams. Took ages for bed to become available but I suppose cant be helped. Overall price ok not sure Id recommend to friends and family but does the job looks nice. Hope this helps!

Good bed

Lovely bed frame, the colour and fabric is good quality. My headboard came broke via transit, dreams was able to replace that around one month after, which was unexpected due to the COVID 19 circumstances. Only a few issues with the frame, the side panels of the bed can be a bit squeaky, especially when moving off the bed. Lastly the slates seem to chip onto the bottom of my mattress (Hudson mattress) which is a double sided mattress, so once I flip it I will have to take the bits of wood chipping out of it. Its not a major problem though. I personally dont mind the Velcro cover at the bottom of the bed but some people may not like that and prefer wooden panelling. Overall the bed is great and the hidden storage is amazing, holds a lot of stuff which is perfect.

Very Happy With This Purchase

We received our bed in good condition and the delivery team assembled it in good time whilst being very friendlt and professional. The bed itself is great. Although it does take up more space in our bedroom than our previous bed does due to the curved headboard design and the board at the foot of the bed, the storage capacity is great. The ottoman lid lifts up really easily and opens at an angle that makes it easy to access the storage area without the pillowes falling off the bed. The only thing I'd change is have it open at the foot of the bed than at the side. However, this a minor issue. The frame also supports the mattress at a comfortable height. Not too high. Not too low either. The colour of the frame goes well in our room. Very happy with this purchase.

Large, takes up space - but quality

Had this bed for about two years now and love it. Storage is decent at the end and there's enough storage underneath the mattress to put some things. This bed is definitely suited to only someone who has a large room, as it takes up a huge chunk of space due to the design at the head and foot of the bed. The rear of the headrest sticks out a little bit, giving about 5 inches between the back of the bed and the wall. The headrest isn't as comfy as it looks however - it's purely some fabric over some harder material underneath, not a cushion. If you like to sit up in bed then you may need one with a comfier headrest. Definitely recommend this bed to anyone with a large room, very happy after 2+ years with mine and will be keeping for hopefully much longer.

Love the bed.

I bought this before I was due to move into my new house. Due to the length of time i had ordered it the bed got reduced in the bank holiday sale. I phoned dreams and they refunded me the difference straight away no fuss . I paid for the assembly as I had been told it was a bit difficult to assemble. The delivery guys were done in no time. They asked which side i wanted to lift for the ottoman base and positioned it in the right place too. I love the amount of storage underneath. There is loads of room. I got the kingsize. It looks classy too. Definitely recommend this product. Be aware of the measurements and take into consideration the sleigh part as the dimensions on the website are for the base only not the extra bit where the headboard and foot curve.

Super comfort!

This bed was delivered to us on 13th December. Delivery was on time and the delivery men were really professional and placed it in our bedroom. We were given a two hour window but luckily we were first on the list so it arrived at 7.30am. A quick call before hand so we knew they were on their way would have been handy but we were still really happy. The bed was easy enough to assemble, mostly complete by my partner in his own. Just needed a little help now and then. The bed is extremely comfortable and the colour was exactly what we wanted. We chose this bed for the ottoman storage feature and an si glad we did! There is ample storage underneath avd it is easy to access just by lifting the pull tab. All in all we are really happy with our purchase!

Ottoman bed purchase

Bought this bed from Dreams for my son. Store assistant was very helpful and the overall shopping experience was easy. Unfortunately the wait time for delivery was quite long. We opted to make up the bed ourselves, but the piston arms were faulty. I reported this to the online number and they arranged for the men to come and look at it for me. The time slot I was given was 8am which I think slightly unreasonable when I have 3 children to get to school but that was all I could have so I accepted it. The men who arrived were lovely. Helpful, polite and knowledgeable. They agreed the pistons were faulty but hadn't been given any replacements so they then had to be ordered in and arrived a week later. Bed is now sorted and all is good with the world.

Fantastic ottoman bed

I bought this item a few weeks ago. It was exactly what I was looking for which was a side opening ottoman. I didn't assemble the item myself but paid for dreams to do it and it was a very reasonable price. The bed itself looks fantastic and the colour is exactly what I expected, the ottoman itself is easy to use and has a handy tie to assist in lifting it up. The bottom of the bed is not solid and is fact a piece of cloth that protects your floor from items placed underneath, I prefer this then to a hard base as I expect it would be very difficult to build. It has a slight rolled foot end which is a nice feature and a lovely heightened head board. It was a very good price too. I am very very pleased with my bed and would definitely recommend this

Gorgeous bed and fantastic service

Great service from start to finish and i love my new bed. From entering the shop not long before closing we were welcomed by friendly staff that were helpful (but not pushy). We chose the bed after looking at different styles. While deciding the sales person helped entertain the children showing them features of the beds which made it stress free. Delivery was arranged quickly for a Saturday which helped around work. Delivery men kept in contact with me and called ahead to come early as there was a cancellation. They helped bring bed upstairs (little touches like taking shoes off to go upstairs was thoughtful). Bed was easy to put together by my partner and it is very sturdy, comfortable, lots of storage space and looks beautiful!!

Sturdy bed!

We had the bed delivered and assembled by the Dreams team - they were absolutely fantastic and it took them no time at all to assemble! The actual frame seems very sturdy and hasn't wobbled or creaked since we've had it. The delivery men gave us the option as to which way the ottoman lifted which was very helpful to have the choice, and the actual mechanism seems fantastic - it's stiff enough that you know the bed won't collapse on you when opened, but easy enough to close with a push. The material the bed is made from is a lovely quality and looks fantastic. It's super comfy to sit up against the headboard too - perfect if you have a TV in your room! Overall, I would absolutely recommend the bed, so far we have loved ours!

Easy to use

It was fairly easy to put together, normally a two person job but I managed on my own, though if you have access to another person I would recommend it! The head and foot board both have a padding in them which is nice because you can lean on them for a bit. It's easy to clean (I just use a hoover, even dog hairs don't stick to it well) and so far my dog hasn't managed to rip the fabric with his ridiculously sharp dew claws. The underbed storage is deceptively big, I have several suitcases, two duvets and most of my winter clothes under there, and really easy to get to. At first it's quite difficult to push back into a closed position, but that's because of the hydraulics used, which is described further in the instructions.

Amazing bed, despite initially tough piston.

Great quality and sturdy bed that doesn't creek unlike my old IKEA one! Simple to put together following the instructions provided. For some reason the instructions were found in box 3, would have made more sense for them to be in box 1. When the bed was built, one of the pistons seemed to be broken and wouldn't go down even with considerable force. Although once the mattress was on the bed it did eventually go down, once lubricated the piston did move a lot easier. Unfortunately I only tried the piston with the mattress after I'd contacted customer services to replace the seeming broken part. They were very helpful and the part arrived quickly even if it was to next door... Despite the stiff piston the bed is amazing.

Great bed

Honestly cant fault the bed best purchase I've made moving into my first flat! I was a little nervous with the mixed reviews, people saying it was squeaky and they struggled to close the ottoman, but I've had no issues so far. My partner and I are both around 5ft or myself being even shorter so I was worried we wouldn't be able to shut the ottoman if it was fully opened but I'm able to do it no problem alone. For the price of the bed at a king size its a nice wee bit of luxury on a smaller budget. My partner also had a nice experience with the guys that came to build the bed they were very helpful and chatty and built it up very quickly and removed all the packaging with no issues so I defos recommend that service too!

Beautiful bed, hard to assemble

The bed is beautiful, lovely colour and fabric and looks great in the room. Storage underneath is a good size too. Only thing stopping me giving a 5 star rating is the assembly. You definitely need 2 or 3 people to assemble it. Some of the holes in the metal frame weren't fully drilled through, so you couldn't get the screws through. Also the assembly instructions don't make it clear that in order to get the hydraulics to lower after you've assembled the bed in the upright position, you need to put a mattress on so there is even weight on top of the frame - or it won't lower! We initially thought the bed was broken before going on google and reading other people had the same problem!

Great bed!

I bought this a month ago after reading a lot of nice comments about it, and I happy with my purchase. It looks great in the bedroom with plenty of storage underneath. However I wouldn't give the 5th star, just because it was a pain getting the pistons for the lift mecanism to work. After putting the bed together, it just wouldn't go down. I had to go on multiple forums online to finally find out that it is common to have stiff pistons, supposing they've been in warehouse for a long time. If you do face similar issue, just leave the mattress on it for a few hours (need some weight for the gas lift mecanism to start working), and try to push down again, it should work.

Beautiful frame

I bought this a few weeks ago when I was decorating my room, the frame arrived in 4 separate packages, making it easier for me to carry up the stairs. The delivery man left it at our door and kept his distance from us - very respectful. The instructions on how to build the frame were very easy to follow. It is an ottoman frame, and it doesnt take a lot of strength to lift the frame up which I am very please about. The fabric of the headboard and foot board is a gorgeous colour and comfortable to rest against, it is not scratchy and quite soft. I bought it in the sale, 399 down to 279 and I was able to use my student discount on top of this. Definitely recommend.

Fantastic Bed - Stylish yet useful!

I bought this bed with the hopes of creating a lovely place to sleep whilst also acting as a useful storage place...and I was not wrong! Fabulous bed which looks lovely in my newly decorated bedroom and the easy opening mechanism allows me to store all my clutter which makes my room a much more peaceful place! Only wish Id read about the headboard height first as its slightly larger than expected and covers up my window, however thats a small price to pay for such a lovely and stylish new bed! The fabric is lovely to lean against unlike harsh wooden frames which creates a much more pleasant environment for my nighttime reading! Definitely would buy again!

Great storage with thus Ottoman

We bought the frame on boxing day online whilst away on holiday, i was impressed that Dreams offered to deliver this to is on the 28th at a time that suited us. Delivery went smoothly and earlier than expected on the time slot, the frane itself was easy to put together but there were a few instances that the detailed bits could have been better, however if youve had a dreams bed before they are all similar to fix together. Its definately a two person job for the base to fit to the hinges because of the weight! The bed frame itself is great and has given us more storage in what can only be described as a small bedroom. Overall very happy with this purchase!

needs minor design alterations.

Excellent bed frame, easy to put together. I am 76 years old and managed to assemble it on my own. Couple of minor things that would improve it, first I didn't like the plastic sliders on the feet. It made it too easy to move on our wooden floor, not a problem as I removed them and stuck felt pads on instead. Would have been nice to have felt pads included so you have a choice. Next the mattress stops for when you lift the frame are far too short, the ones supplied to not stop the mattress from sliding off when you lift the frame. Final moan, the fabric cover for the base of the bed is useless, I threw mine in the bin and made a solid mdf base to fit.

Fantastic solid bed with loads of storage space

We bought this king size bed a week ago after choosing it online due to store closures. We eventually decided to order from Dreams as they are a well known bed company. The delivery process was great, we had plenty of updates regarding the order. The bed did take some time for my husband to build but the end result is fantastic. Im really pleased with the bed, it looks great and its really well made. I previously had a bed with storage draws, but this bed has so much storage space underneath. The bed is really easy to open too - I can see the mechanisms are going to last due to the quality of the parts. Overall Im really pleased with this bed.

Great nights sleep

Me and my girlfriend moved home and with two lumpy mattresses decided to go to dreams and actually get a great mattress. We did the sleep match and found a mattress we fell in love with. The beds seemed too pricey so we left and went online but after hour's searching and struggling with finding a good and affordable frame and a company willing to bring it up into our 2nd floor flat we found ourselves back on dreams website and buying this one. So far its been great it looks the part and the ottoman compartment is very easy to use my 5ft 1 girlfriend can use it. Feels strudy and alongside the mattress is making it difficult to get out of bed.

Good strong bed

I really like this bed. It was very easy to put together, I managed to do it on my own from boxes to up and together in 20minute using a drill as an electric screwdriver. Its strong and sturdy so very pleased. I think it looks lovely and more importantly the storage is huge and easy to get to, so all the wifes bits and bobs, old shoes etc that get used regularly and couldnt possibly be thrown away, can collect dust out of sight and she can easily open and close the bed to access the rubbish/bits and bobs regularly. The bed has been up and used for a month now. Still no problems and looking great. We would highly recommend.

Quality bed & easy to build

Although it would have been quicker building the bed with another person. I managed to tackle this ottoman solo. The instructions were easy to follow, the parts came well packaged and not a nut or bolt was missing. Fully assembled, the bed is sturdy and works as intended, however the gas struts are a tad tight at first. I thought that I was going to break something when I first tried closing the bed back down. You really do need to lube up the struts by opening and closing the bed multiple times before leaving it settle. All in all, myself and my partner are very happy with the product and would definitely recommend to others.

Great bed

I dont normally write reviews however dreams has had a lot of bad comments of late on social Media so I wanted to restore peoples faith! I went in to buy a different bed however this was on offer so went with it and really pleased I did. The double offers amazing storage which is great for a teenage boy! He mechanism is really really stiff the first time you try to close the bed however after using force the first time its absolutely fine. Everything from purchase, keeping in contact re delivery to actual delivery was great! Will definitely purchase from dreams again and tempted to buy another for the other teenager in the house!

Exseptional Quality

I bought this to replace my old bed as I wanted somthing which a matched my new decor better aswell as have better under bed storage. I ordered the bed online during the coronavirus lock down and the bed was delivered to my house quickly and on time and the delivery was contact free and respected social distenceing in rules which I thought was very respectable. The bed was well packaged and clearly designed for ease of assembly as the slats and their frame came as one piece making it easier than other beds I have assembled to put together. Overall I am very happy with my experience with dreams and the quality of my new bed.

Fantastic purchase

I bought this around 3 weeks ago. Me and my partner ended up putting it together and it took around 2 hours for us to complete. It wasnt difficult to do. Just a bit fiddly. The bed itself is beyond comfortable. Im very happy with it. The ottoman feature is perfect as I live in a small house and struggle for space. Its worth noting that the mechanism is a bit stiff at first. I think it takes while for it to loosen up but once you ge the technique right then its not a bother. Overall Im extremely happy with the bed. Its definitely worth the purchase. I purchased this bed in the sale - so didnt pay full price.

Excellent choice

We bought the Wilson ottoman bed a couple of months ago and my husband and I are so pleased with our choice. We love the colour of the fabric, it seems to be really durable and good quality. If you look a bed with plenty of storage room, look no further. This bed will answer all your needs. We bought some large storage boxes and they fit perfectly giving us plenty of room. Another great feature is how quick and easy my husband managed to assembly the bed. Even though normally is a 2 person job, it was easy enough to put it together just by my husband. Overall, we love this bed and we are more than happy with our choice!

Incredibly made

I've had my bed a week now, I paid for it to be assembled as this way I knew it would be put up quick and efficiently. I was not let down at all, the two guys who came to deliver and assemble were lovely, wore protective shoe covers whilst in my house, were incredibly polite talked me though the working of the ottoman and how to dis-assemble If I needed to move it. The bed was finished within an hour, and is perfect, incredibly sturdy, holds a lot under neath, whilst heavy and good quality is easy to lift to get to the storage. This was by far the best investment I have made whilst moving into my new house. Very happy.

Perfect! Exceeding expectations

I bought this a month ago and as we had moved house and needed a new bed. I ordered online and received emails at every step to confirm order, delivery ect. I received a courtesy call to confirm delivery. The 2 delivery men didn't complain at carrying the bed up 2 flights of stairs to our bedroom. I dreaded the asembling oof the bed but I didn't need too. Clear instructions and all tools needed meant the bed was built withing an hour and a half and simply and straight forward. The fabric is lovely and looks really smart. I'm glad we went for the ottoman design as we have lots of added staorage in our room now.

Everyone should have an ottoman bed!

Lovely looking great quality and what an amazing solution for storage- it has SO much space under it! Have given four stars as nowhere in the instructions or support video does it explain how stiff the gas lift solution bars are- I went in to a store to ask and the sales lady was really patronising asking if I had read the instructions (of course) and then saying she has been in beds for years and you just have to almost crack a factory seal - be warned you have to use so much force it feels like you will shatter the bed frame!! Its a great bed though- update your video and instructions please!!

Great looking bed

I bought this bed for my daughter as her room was becoming so cluttered with all her things (guitars,sewing machines, teddies, books). Also her little brother likes to snuggle up in her room and watch movies and draw now and again so I thought it was time for a double bed. It has been a great investment as we have managed to fit all the clutter neatly away under the bed and its still easy to access her things and take out what she needs. The room now looks tidy and grown up which is what she wanted. She also now enjoys tidying her things up which is a revelation! Would definitely recommend.

Very Nice Ottoman Frame

We were after an Ottoman frame what with needing extra storage space etc etc. Saw this and could visualise this in the master bedroom immediately. Bought this and a shiny new mattress and after having it delivered by the excellent delivery service that Dreams supply I set to work building it. The frame is solid, the mechanism for the ottoman is faultless and reassuringly sturdy. After putting on the new mattress and getting things set up I can say that I (and the wife) are not disappointed. This is a lovely bed frame, with the added bonus of discreet storage at a fair price.

Stylish design

We bought the base as we needed more storage; we were pleased that we could fit all our spare bedding in the base but I do remember the store's design making it look more spacious (deeper) than it is. A couple of stitches also weren't finished off perfectly, but they just need trimming off. With that being said, we are really pleased with the bed overall. It is stylish and, in the dark grey, looks modern and complements most colour schemes. The storage is a nice feature and it is easy enough to get in and out of the storage with the assistance of the pistons to support the lift.

Not bad for the price

It's a decent bed however if I'd have known that the 'storage' was actually a piece of fabric secured underneath the bed with Velcro straps then I would have never have bought it. When you lift the the mattress, the storage is basically a hollow space so aside from the thin fabric sheet you would be seeing your carpet/floor boards. The Velcro doesn't even go all around the sheet so there a gaps. I thought there would be space underneath my bed to vacuum etc, but the minute you out something in there it's stitting on the floor. There should have been a picture of this on the website.

My 2nd Dreams Bed - So much improved!

We are delighted with our Wilson bed. After being happy with an oak bed from dreams for many years I returned to purchase again. The improvements in design are excellent. So much easier and quicker to build. The Strong gas driven action lifts the mattress easily and doubles our storage, especially useful in a small bedroom with limited space - we had drawers in the old bed but couldnt access them - this new bed solves that problem brilliantly. Its a low bed which is easy to get in and out of - the foot and head board give it a really nice look. Very pleased with the bed overall.

Great Quality, Easy Assembly

I bought the Wilson Ottoman bed frame for my master bedroom, to replace my old Argos double bed which was falling apart. Transaction was hassle free and delivery was faultless. Details regarding disposal of old frame/mattress could have been clearer on checkout. Bed was well packaged in four boxes and clearly marked. Instructions were excellent and easy to follow. Assembly took a few hours by two novices. I am delighted with the look, quality and comfort of this bed. The ottoman storage is generous and easy to access. I would highly recommend this produce and this company.

Lovely bed

I brought this a few weeks ago and its amazing! Lovey light grey colour The material it great, the storage is amazing! Would completely recommend Easy to move around if wanted to move bed Easy to lift and close Really sturdy and the fact that the bed is scrols both ends gives it a beautiful look! Also having the sprung slates makes any uncomfortable mattress feel comfy I paid for the asembely Two men came Simon and leigh they were very polite and assembled my bed in minuets And also ales which side I wanted my ottoman lift which I thought was nice

Looks lovely.

Once made this bed is lovely and looks lovely. Making it however wasn't that easy, upon opening and shutting the ottoman part it rubs on the fabric so how long it will last I don't know. Also it makes a metal noises when getting into the bed, we have checked everything is fitted correctly and can't tell where it's coming from. The frame was easy to essemble but the slatted part was not easy and the instructions aren't as detailed as they should be for this part. I don't like the handle provided to open the ottoman part. It's very basic and doesn't match the bed fabric.

Brilliant bed!!

I bought this bed a few months ago for my son who had grown out of his mid-sleeper. He absolutely LOVES it and its up there with the best furniture purchases I have ever made. The bed is beautiful - stylish, comfortable with integrated head and foot boards and the real bonus is the big concealed storage. The mechanism to access the ottoman is really well made and easy to use. So much better than divan drawers and really worth the extra money. It has already been taken apart and put back together when we moved house over the summer and we had no issues at all.

Wilson for the win

I love how comfortable the Wilson Ottoman bed is with the firm mattress. My sleep is so much better now and is more restful. The service from start to finish was brilliant and without hassle. It was an easy process in store and then when the bed was delivered it was put together in no time. The ottoman feature was explained and demonstrated. The storage in the ottoman is brilliant, it currently has all my winter clothes which is pretty much a whole double wardrobe of clothes and all extra bedding. I am very pleased with how much I was able to fit under there.

Great bed - nightmare to put it togethet

The bed comes in several large cardboard boxes - so large I truly could not lift them without help. (After making the bed there was a boot full of cardboard to take to the tip). It took 2- 3 hours to assemble and you need 2 people. There are some very heavy parts and really don't think it's an easy job. Once assembled we were thrilled. It looks amazibg and loadd of space in the ottoman. We love that there is a solid base as many of these beds just have a fabric base. Closing is fine if you lean on the mattress rather than pulling the strap downwards.

Beautiful bed!

I saw this bed online but wanted to see it in store before purchasing. The sales assistant was very helpful. She showed us how the ottoman works and gave us advice on building it. It was delivered very quickly and was fairly straight forward to assemble. The hydraulics were the most fiddly. They were a bit stiff to begin with and if you dont close it down properly your bed will creak when you move. But they have loosened off and we have learned to close it very firmly now. Overall we are very happy with our new bed and cant fault the service from Dreams.

Looks lovely but some niggles...

We really love the way this bed looks, but we did have a few problems putting it together. The pistons were very stiff to start with and I couldnt get the bed to go down. After a lot of use I can get the bed down, however with some force which means its impossible to use the strap which if you arent careful can trap fingers! The bed is also quite creaky but we are yet to investigate why so this may be resolved with some wd40 or tightening some screws up. Overall we are happy with the product, and really impressed how lovely it look for the price. Thanks

Great sturdy, solid and stylish bed

We urgently needed a bed after we had initially ordered an item from another retailer, but the order was cancelled 2 days before delivery was due! This item is very similar to the one we liked, and only slightly more expensive. It is very well made and finished. We also paid for the assembly service which was great - we asked the chaps if they could make it so the ottoman lifted the other way than shown on the pictures due to the way our room is laid out, and they were more than happy to oblige! Took away all of the packaging too. Would highly recommend!

Be very carefulvof cheap online deals

I needed two beds 1 for me 1 for my son i was redecorating our bedrooms my sons was done 1st so i bought a bed on line it looked good and was cheaper then most saving of about 100 so ordered it it came on time we put it together it was an ottoman that night my son sat on head end and the hinges collapsed i called them they didnt want to know so when my bedroom was finished i bought 2 new ottomen beds absolutely fantastic you could tell the difference in quality so 100 saved but in realty wasted 400 go to your shop where you can see what your buying

Beautiful to look at

I bought this bed several weeks ago. I chose a small double (4'wide) as I have quite a small bedroom. The width is ideal, however I did not consider the length! As a sleigh bed the overall length of the frame is about 7 foot (it takes a 6'mattress) which makes it look out of proportion and very long for a small room. The bed itself is well made and good quality with plenty of storage. The instructions are good but it is very fiddly to erect, even with two people. All that being said, it's a stylish, comfortable bed and is as described in the advert.

Great price, great bed

I purchased this bed just before new year as I decided to jazz up my bedroom a little bit. I was looking for an appropriate side opening ottoman bed and boy did I find it!! Great feature allowing you to choose which side it opens from, really opens up your options for the configuration of the room, masses amounts of extra storage underneath the bed because of this!! High quality materials, very easy to put together as I did it on my own in less than an hour! Overall, extremely pleased with the product and would certainly recommend this bed to others

Nice sturdy bed

This is a nice looking bed, it feels strong and sturdy. I assembled this myself in a couple of hours, encountered a couple of issues, namely one of the hinges/cylinders didn't line up with all 4 necessary holes, regardless of whether i reversed the opening. Also was unable to close the bed once i had attached the gas cylinders to the hinges, i assume hinges are stiff because its a new bed, but also suspect that there is a nack to it that i've yet to master! Will speak to dreams about the issues just in case i have missed something along the way!

Solid, reliable, good value and very pretty!

I'd heard some awful stories about ottoman storage beds going wrong! So did a lot of research and the Wilson scored very highly in terms of reliability of the mechanism and value for money. Because it's side-opening it also has a lovely matching headboard and curved footboard and looks really lovely. So I ordered it from local Dreams in Llandudno. Delivery was free and quick. The frame was easy to put together and we've been using it for almost two months. Great storage space, easy to open and close. Feels solid and good quality. Very pleased!

Happy shopper

Turned up on time, assembly instructions good and very pleased with quality and comfort after 3 weeks use. Price was well below budget which was the icing on the cake. The pistons are stiff but the clear instructions tell you this so don't panic when it feels like it might break before closing ! Didn't bother with the canvas underbelly as it seemed pointless . I assembled it by myself in two hours and I am not a DIY person. Two people would have helped at the piston and bed frame stage. I used a cyclists Allen key rather than the included key.

Such a lovely bed!

I bought this bed just before Christmas and the process couldn't have been easier! I opted for self assembly and that was simple too and didn't take too long. The bed itself is high quality and very sturdy and the solid slat design is great as it means there's no squeaking noise when anyone moves about in the night. The ottoman feature is also smooth and easy to lift up and down, I would highly recommend this bed! The fabric also has a tight weave which means if pets go on it there's minimal chance of their claws causing pulls in the fabric.

Sturdy, Good quality and Usefully

This bedframe is brilliant looks super great and was simple to build up. It is very sturdy no rocking or creaking when being used. The ottoman for lifting the mattress up for storage underneath is substantial, I have quite a heavy mattress and it lifts and holds no problem atall. The storage underneath its self is a huge space for storing what ever you want and when the frame is down you wouldebt be able to tell it lifts and you cant see anything beneath it. I can highly reccomend this bed frame for the quality and convenience it provides.

A well designed bed frame that looks good.

This is a well designed bed frame that looks good. It is a sturdy design that is easy to put together. The frame instructions are quite comprehensive with diagrams for each assembly step. The Ottoman mechanism works well though it does need a little effort to lift open helped by the supporting gas struts. Overall, a well designed piece of furniture. The Dreams delivery team were very helpful carrying the bed frame to the bedroom and offering advice on assembly. The fabric is nice quality and matches what was displayed on the Dreams website.

Beautiful bed

I bought this bed recently as my double had collapsed! I bought a king sized and my gosh, I don't regret it! This beautiful bed exudes luxury and class and fits perfectly into our bedroom! The ottoman base is also extremely handy for them bits you don't need or don't want to see! Plenty of storage, very comfy and brilliant colour! We ordered during COVID-19, delivery was quick and the service adhered to government guidelines! Brilliant service and have already recommended to some friends of mine who are looking for a new bed too!x

The BEST ottoman bed storage!

My old bed frame has decided to break after 10 years. I was worried and panicking to find a new bed asap due with Christmas delivery. I researched and looked on ottoman bed online on the same night. I went for the Dreams store on next day. I looked around and found the perfect bed frame. I bought it straight. I was happy they gave me a time frame for delivery which was a week! On the day of the delivery. The workers has set it up in 30 minutes. I fell in love with the ottoman bed. More storage than my old one! Pleased with everything!

Beautiful, stylish bed in pleasing dark grey

I bought this bed frame in December as a festive treat and an apology to my aching back! It has been fantastic. Not only has it updated the look of my bedroom, it has provided plenty of much needed storage space. The ottoman is sturdy and an excellent feature. I personally love the headboard as it supports my neck an back while enjoying a lazy Sunday morning of reading. I would definitely buy it again and have recommended Dreams to friends and family due to the excelllet and prompt service, plus the reasonable prices for top quality.

Fantastic Bed - Super Happy

I ordered this bed a few weeks and it came today. I ordered a small double in silver for my daughters bedroom. We also opted to have it assembled by Dreams. The guys who came to assemble the bed were lovely; they did a great job of putting up the bed. My daughter absolutely loves her new bed. Previously she had a single bed and wanted something bigger, she doesnt have a huge room and we were concerned about space - the small double ticked all the boxes. We also ordered a mattress from Dreams to go with the bed, and thats great too.

Great but complicated

Brought the bed three weeks ago, was fine putting the main frame together untill it came to attaching the slate fame the metal isn't completely straight and was a nightmare to get to bolts in to the arms which lift the bed. The piston arms are also VERY stiff to start with so much so I thought they were faulty however all assembled and working bed looks great was worried how it would hold up with myself and my 20st partner but it's been perfect, very comfy, purposeful the storage base is excellent! Overall I'm a happy customer.

Just what I needed!

I have had this bed for about three weeks now and so far I have nothing bad to say about it. It looks just like in the picture, the material is good quality and nice to touch, and it is comfy to sleep in. The underbed storage is spacious and very handy. I had the delivery people assemble it so I cannot comment on the ease of assembly but opening it is very easy. Unfortunately to close it i need to lean on it with my full upper body weight but that is a feature necessary to avoid accidents. Overall very satisfied with this bed!

Great bed, easy storage

We have had this bed for about a week now, and so far love it! The dark grey is the perfect shade for our lilac walls and complements our existing grey armchair.The fact it lifts up is so useful, although the only downside we've found with this is that if I'm getting ready for work and my partner is still asleep, I can't get anything stored there! Partner built the bed with no major issues in about 2 hours, but would probably be quicker with two people. It fits our IKEA king size mattress perfectly. Would definitely recommend.


Rather disappointed with this bed. To start with it is a lot lower than it looks in the photo. The headboard then looks very tall for such a short bed. There is no actual bottom to the bed, just a piece of material so anything you put inside it is just laying on the floor, separated only by a piece of cloth. I would have preferred a proper base to the bed. It seems fairly comfortable is the only positive really. Took a while to assemble. All in all I wish I had stuck with my old broken divan rather than have wasted my money.


This is my 2nd Wilson ottoman, why because my teenage children. The space underneath to hide half the junk they think is needed, solid construction. A bed that has lasted my daughter 2 years already and still looks mint! Yes it does take a little time to build, but its worth it - no more moaning bed is going to break when I lie on it, the one thing I did make sure to compliment this is buy a decent mattress, kids arent going to move out anytime soon! I get peaceful nights because they can not moan anymore....

Bed frame

When I bought this I didnt take into consideration that the head and foot board had a roll on it so it has taken up more space, this has caused some problems as I have to side step along to get into bed as I have built in units. I am now getting used to it being lower than my previous bed . The storage space under the bed is excellent. When I got this bed it made me sort out my room and did a Mary Kudo and I now feel free. Since having this bed I have had some excellent sleep and dont want to get up. A good buy !

Gorgeous bed!!

Bought the Wilson bed for our spare room. Based on reviews and price (got it in the sale) we decided to buy it without visiting a store first. So glad we did!! Bed is gorgeous!! So solidly built and better than we thought it would be. Delivery was great (friendly and professional) and was kept up to date on my order, from purchase to delivery. Couldn't fault anything at all. Will definitely use Dreams again. Great customer service, fantastic products, value for money and great delivery. What more could you want!!

Excellent bed

Bed arrived yesterday and Im really pleased. Looks great and was a reasonable price. There is a huge amount of storage, and its easy to open. Its a bit harder to close but I was told that it will get easier with use. I thought all the pillows, cushions and throws would slide off when I opened it but miraculously everything stays put! I paid for delivery and assembly which was worth every penny. The delivery team were excellent - really quick and courteous, and very careful not to damage anything. Highly recommend

Stunning frame, great storage!

I bought this bed frame at the beginning of the month after moving into a new house. Within 2 weeks it was delivered at a time that suited me, and was installed by 2 very friendly Dreams workers. The bed itself is really good quality, and the colour (silver) is perfect for the room. The ottoman storage is perfect for all the spare bedding, duvets and pillows, and thats just half of the bed! Leaving us even more storage for clothes! Would recommend highly, especially with the service we recieved from Dreams.

What it says in the tin

The bed frame is stylish but also modern, its colour isnt in your face and had a netrual colour so works with most colour schemes, easy to put up not headaches very happy with the frame . The mattress Hudson is a firm and even just have both the bed and mattress for only a few weeks Im not waking up with lower back pain Im sleeping though the night again almost like Ive got back to being a kids, its hard to press but has enough give for when you lay down and go to sleep again very very happy with both items

Pleasant Shopping Experience.

I bought a beautiful Otterman bed from Dreams in Sheffield.The staff were very pleasant and very Covid aware.The bed looks really good in my bedroom and the product is of very high quality. Delivered when I asked and assembled by the Dreams delivery guys in no time. They took away all the packaging and gave me some basic care instruction . They were ve9ry polite and covid aware also. So I had a great shopping adventure with Dreams.The bed I bought was not the cheapest but very high quality. 10 out of 10 from me.


Last year our trusty, uncomfortable old bed collapsed. My husband repaired it. Again and again and again. Then some more. One Saturday he went out and it collapsed for the final time (I may have helped it...shhhh!!) I then ordered this bed while he was out (double shhhh!) It arrived and he duly relented and put it together. All I can say is wow! After years on old trusty tossing and turning, we are sleeping brilliantly! Thank you. Now if you have a snore cure for husbands I could order, that would be great:..

Simple, elegant ottoman.

Purchased this bed as I was upsizing from a double to king size. The bed frame is sturdy, strong and easy to assemble. The side loader aspect makes it a versatile bed as you are not limited by smaller bedrooms as it can be left or right raising. The colour lends itself to almost any decor. The fabric is pleasant and the slight slope of the head board allows comfortable sitting up in bed to read for example. The narrow side meant it wasnt much wider than my old double which had wide sides. Great bed 5 stars.

Brilliant bed!

The service from start to finish was brilliant. I paid to have the bed put together and my old one taken away so no hassle at all. The bed looks lovely and is so comfy with no creaks at all! The storage is amazing. Some reviews mention that it is only a thin piece of material on the bottom and I was slightly worried about putting heavy things in it but the material is on the floor so there is no issue...I have all my camping equipment stored under it which is quite heavy. I'd definitely recommend this bed.

Excellent comfortable spacious Bed

I bought this bed just over 2 months ago. What can I say, I love it, it's really supportive and comfortable, I especially like sitting up in bed reading or watching TV and the headboard is very comfortable to lean against. The bed itself is very spacious, it was easy for me to put together on my own, takes about 3 hours from start to finish. It's warm, sturdy and my new mattress puts the icing on the cake. I use the space underneath for storage and you wouldn't believe how much stuff you can keep in there.

Excellent information

Very happy with our bed but I am most impressed with the service I received. Receiving a 2hr window for our delivery was very convenient. Then on the day I was able to track the progress of my delivery team. Our bed arrived 15mins into our allocated time. The delivery man put on covers over his shoes to keep my floors clean-I was very impressed with this and it was much appreciated. We never took the build package as we had experience of building a similar bed before. Instructions were easy to follow.

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Questions and Answers About The Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Hi. How many pieces does the bed Come in. I live in a second floor flat with small corridors. Would it be able to fit through

Answer: The Wilson will come in four boxes, these dimensions will depend on the size of the bed that you are buying. Please see these below: 4ft Bed Frame: Box 1: 110cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 17cm (W) Box 2: 60cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 14cm (W) Box 3: 28cm (H) x 196cm (L) x 10.5cm (W) Box 4: 72cm (H) x 190cm (L) x 12cm (W) Double Bed Frame: Box 1: 110cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 17cm (W) Box 2: 60cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 14cm (W) Box 3: 28cm (H) x 196cm (L) x 10.5cm (W) Box 4: 75cm (H) x 190cm (L) x 12cm (W) King Bed Frame: Box 1: 110cm (H) x 162cm (L) x 17cm (W) Box 2: 60cm (H) x 162cm (L) x 14cm (W) Box 3: 28cm (H) x 200cm (L) x 10.5cm (W) Box 4: 78cm (H) x 200cm (L) x 12cm (W)

Please could you tell me the dimensions of each of the boxes the bed comes delivered in. I know the base frame folds in half but we have such a tight corner to get it round, I need to double check. Many thanks

Answer: The box dimensions will depend on the size of the bed that you are buying. Please see these below:4ft Bed Frame:Box 1: 110cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 17cm (W)Box 2: 60cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 14cm (W)Box 3: 28cm (H) x 196cm (L) x 10.5cm (W)Box 4: 72cm (H) x 190cm (L) x 12cm (W)Double Bed Frame:Box 1: 110cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 17cm (W)Box 2: 60cm (H) x 150cm (L) x 14cm (W)Box 3: 28cm (H) x 196cm (L) x 10.5cm (W)Box 4: 75cm (H) x 190cm (L) x 12cm (W)King Bed Frame:Box 1: 110cm (H) x 162cm (L) x 17cm (W)Box 2: 60cm (H) x 162cm (L) x 14cm (W)Box 3: 28cm (H) x 200cm (L) x 10.5cm (W)Box 4: 78cm (H) x 200cm (L) x 12cm (W)

Is is possible to send out a sample of the silver and grey fabric to check for the right colour? Thanks

Answer: Unfortunately we do not offer samples. You can however find this product in one of the stores / showrooms, or another product in this colour to get an idea on what it looks like in person. If you would like to visit, you can use the find in store button on the product page and enter your postcode to see where this is stocked closest to you. We hope this helps you.Thank you for your question.

What's the difference between maintenance and assembling?

Answer: Maintenance is the after-care that this product will require to keep it in its best condition. Saying this, there are no specific maintenance requirements for the Wilson.The assembly is the process of fitting together the separate components into the completed bed frame. This can be bought for 49.99 at the checkout stage online.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

The velcro for the storage base - does the velcro touch the floor? If it does not , when storage area is at full capacity will it then force the lining to sink down to the floor causing the velcro to pull apart. If so a solid base is warranted.

Answer: The Wilson bed frame has a fabric base for the ottoman - unlike a solid base the fabric sits directly on the floor. This is to protect your flooring from any items you store in the ottoman sections. This type of ottoman storage is just as effective, the only difference is your belongings will sit directly on the floor.

What depth mattress do I need to get please for a double in this

Answer: There is no recommended or suggested depth of mattress to use on this bed frame. Please bear in mind that the depth of mattress will affect how much space is required on the hinged side of the bed. Depending on the weight of the mattress, the speed of the lift will vary so be careful until you get used to the speed.

Hi, Can a single mattress fit underneath in the ottoman?

Answer: This will depend on the depth and length of the single mattress. The internal storage depth of the ottoman is 20cm. You will also need to check the length of your single mattress as these vary depending if they are EU or UK singles. All of the bedframes are made to UK sized mattress lengths and widths

Good afternoon, Would a small mattress fit in the storage area under the slats? Is there any guaranty on the lifting mechanism? Many thanks

Answer: This could possibly fit if the mattress is smaller then the mattress needed for the bedframe in general. It would also need to be a depth of 22cm or less. The mechanism will be covered in the 1 year manufacturing guarantee however there is a 8 year plan through checkout available for you to purchase.Many thanks for the question.

what do the mattress dimensions need to be?

Answer: The required mattress dimensions will depend on the size of the bed that you require. This bed frame is suitable for all the standard size mattresses. Relevant mattress dimensions/sizes can be found on the 'Bed and Mattress Guide' page - the link for this is located at the bottom of the homepage.

Thank you for answering my previous question re putting a double mattress on a small double bed frame. If the mattress overhangs width ways, will the ottoman bed open and still function correctly

Answer: This has not been tested so we cannot confirm that this would function correctly. The bed frame features stoppers on one side to stop the mattress from sliding off when the ottoman is open. Therefore if the mattress is too large it would not fit against the stoppers correctly.

What size mattress does the Wilson Ottoman Kingsize take please as dimensions seem to be 161cm x 231cm but standard kingsize memoryfoam mattress is 150cm x 200cm or superking mattress 180cm x 200cm, thanks

Answer: All beds are measured with there individual dimensions so you know the amount of space you need to fit the bed in the room of choice. The mattress dimensions will definitely be different as they sit within the frame. the frames are designed to fit any UK standard mattress.Many thanks for the question.

I currently have two electric beds (making it into a double bed) the mattresses are 2'3 each would these (together) be suitable to put on the double base

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. Two 2'3 mattresses would equal a standard double size 4'6, however it sounds like your mattresses are suitable for an adjustable bed meaning they will probably be 200cm in length rather than the standard 190cm and therefore would not be recommended for the Wilson bedframe.

If we bought it can you keep it in storage until we can have it delivered as we are not in our new house yet.

Answer: Unfortunately we are unable to store any products for customers. However, when ordering in store you may be able to pick a later delivery date so that this item can be delivered once you have moved in. Please note that this will be dependent on lead times.

How big is the ottoman. Width height and depth?

Answer: Please see below;3'0 single 20X93X194 CM 360 volume litres4'0 small double 20X123X194 CM 477 volume litres4'6 double 20X138X194 CM 535 volume litres5'0 king 20X153X204 CM 624 volume litres6'0 super king 20 183X204X747 CM 747 volume litres

Hi, will this bed storage still open up when the bed is against a wall or does it have to be in the centre of a room? My plan for this is for a small bedroom where this will be against a wall and that there will be easily accessible storage. Thanks

Answer: When the storage is opened, the mattress moves with the base. Although the bed does not need to be in the centre of a room, a small clearance will be required on one side to allow for this movement. Space required will depend on depth of mattress used.

i need my king bed and mattres removed,thank you

Answer: We offer removal / recycling at an extra charge. This is only available upon purchase of a new product. To add on this service please tick the option within checkout or if ordering in store, ask a member of staff to add this service to your order. We hope this helps you.

Hi, can you put a double mattress on the small double bed frame?

Answer: A small double and a double mattress are the same length, so the only difference will be the width. If you put a double mattress on a small double bed frame there will be a 15cm overhang as the mattress will be too large for the frame.

What length mattress fits inside this bed frame, thank you

Answer: This bed frame takes a standard small double, double, or king size mattress depending on what size you have chosen. Please see the mattress measurements below:Small double - 120 x 190cmDouble - 135 x 190cmKing - 150 x 200cm.

Is there a cost for you assembling the bed ?

Answer: Yes the delivery team are able to assemble your new bed frame - this option can be purchased at the checkout page online. The cost of assembling the Wilson bed frame would be 30 for a Single or 50 for a Double, King or Superking.

Good afternoon Does this bed come with a orthopaedic mattress included and if not do you have any beds with this combo please? Thank you

Answer: This bed frame does not come with a mattress, this will need to be purchase separately. Unfortunately none of the bed frames comes priced with any mattresses, hence there is no combination of bed frame with an orthopedic mattress.

What is the warranty on this bed?

Answer: Dreams offer a 12 month guarantee on all bed frames. If you would like to extend coverage we would recommend that you purchase the bedcover service plan which will cover your item from a variety of accidental damages for 8 years.

It tells me the dimensions. Is it the dimension of the full bed including the fabric frame and bottom frame of the bed?

Answer: The dimensions are from the bottom of the side rail to highest point of headboard. From the board to the foot-end, and from the edge of the side rail to the other end of the side rail, including the frame.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi, I am thinking of purchasing this bedframe. I was just wondering how easy/convenient it is to dissemble it when I move house? If so, will it affect the quality of the frame after dissembling it? Thanks.

Answer: The bed frame is held together with nuts and bolts that are provided. This makes the frame easy to take apart if moving. Taking the bed apart and re-assembling will not affect or weaken the structure of the bed.

How do I close the storage bed? It opened easily but I cant seem to close it again

Answer: Good Evening,Please ensure that your mattress is on the bed frame before trying to close the ottoman. If you are still struggling we would recommend that you contact the customer service team who will be able to assist you.

Does the ottoman king size come in one built up base as Im now worried it wont go up the stairs

Answer: No, this bed frame will come delivered in four packages. Please find the below dimensions:Package 1: 15.5 x 110 x 164cmPackage 2: 12 x 78 x 200cmPackage 3: 14 x 60 x 164cmPackage 4: 10.5 x 28 x 205cm

Do you get a mattress with this? If not whatre the measurements I would need please so I dont get the wrong size mattress x

Answer: The Wilson bed frame is not sold with a mattress. All of the bed frames are compatible with UK standard sized mattresses . You can shop mattresses on the site by bed size, and these will fit the bed frames.

Hello can you please give me the dimensions of the slat frame? Thanks

Answer: This will depend on the size of the bedframe you were going for, this will be roughly 122x190cm for a small double, 135x190cm for a standard double and 150x200cm for a king size.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Does the base split in two as I'm not sure if it would fit up my stairs!? What is in the four boxes that it's delivered in?

Answer: The base does not split in two, but comes in 4 boxes. Box 1 has the headend, legs & drawer, Box 2 has the footboard, Box 3 has side rail and fixings, and Box 4 has slat frame.Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

What size mattress should I use for the double?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. A standard Double size mattress will usually measure approximately 132-135 cm in width and 190cm in length. Depths vary but this frame will be suitable for any normal double size mattress.

Do you need some room on either side of the bed when opening the ottoman? The head of the bed will be fitted between 2 wardrobes so wondering if we need space on either side?

Answer: The ottoman base sits inside the frame so the amount of space required will depend on the depth of the mattress used as this will protrude over the top, but will be supported by clips when elevated.

Hi I have a 100% memory foam mattress no springs just memory foam. Will this bed be compatible with my mattress as have been advised in the past that a slatted bed is not recommended with a mattress like mine and that extra slats should be added

Answer: Good Evening,You are able to use a slatted base with your mattress however sprung splats may contribute to your mattress feeling slightly softer in comparison to using a platform top base or standard slats.

Hi Is the base underneath the bed cloth based or hard back based?

Answer: The base underneath the Wilson is made from cloth. This not only keeps your stored items dust free and clean, but also helps maximise the amount of space you have to utilise.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

The width is reported as 146cm, would a normal double mattress with width of 135cm mean there was a lot of space either side of the mattress between the frame edge? or what is the width of the "inner area" in the frame bed. Also is the base solid?

Answer: The width of the frame will always be bigger than the width of the mattress as these are the external measurements. Please be assured that the double mattress will fit the double frame.Thank you for your question.

How long would delivery for this bed please

Answer: This depends on where you are situated for delivery. An estimate can be given on the product page with the postcode check or an exact date can be seen before payment through checkout.Many thanks for the question.

How long is the guarantee on your beds?

Answer: Good Evening,Dreams covers all of the items for 12 months, however extra coverage for 8 years is available via purchase of the Bedcover policy; more information can be found on the Dreams website.

How deep is the storage unit inside? Are there any sections to the storage or is it all one big open area inside the bed?

Answer: The depth of the storage unit in the Wilson is 9 inches and is one full storage unit, however there is a metal support rail running just across it for the slats.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

can you take off the headboard?

Answer: This bed frame only comes with this headboard and is only compatible with this headboard. If you were to remove the headboard completely then this would not be safe to lay on.Many thanks for your question.

Does anyone who has previously had this bed have any remedies how to minimise the noise, everytime someone moves?!? It's driving us crazy - we have tightened everything yet it creaks and bangs and squeaks! Help!

Answer: Please double check the fittings and tighten them. If this does not work please call Customer Services on 0344 292 0000 who will be able to advise you on this issue.Sorry about this and thank you for your question.

Our bed is extremely noisy weve put wd40 on it and made sure there isnt too much being stored underneath but it hasnt made any difference. Can you suggest anything else?

Answer: If the bed is still noisy, it is recommended, just in case, to just ensure that all nuts and bolts are tightened securely as any movement around these can cause the bed to be noisy.Kind Regards, Dreama

So if base is fabric rather than boarded presumably this limits quite considerably what is possible to store under the bed the mAin reason for purchasing such a bed?

Answer: The fabric sits directly on the floor to protect your flooring from anything you decide to store in the bed, this does not limit what you can store in the ottoman base

Thinking of buying Wilson ottoman king size but concerned wether cloth for storage will be strong enough?

Answer: The Wilson is available to view in many of the stores. We suggest visiting your closest Chelmsford store to ensure the storage strength is suitable for your needs.Kind regards,Drems

What is the maximum mattress weight? Will the support in excess of 80kg mattresses? Are the struts 1000 newton gas?

Answer: We do not have the details for the maximum pressure in newtons, however, this mattress will support in excess of 80KG and the pistons cope with the pressure.Thank you for your question.

HI, can I use a Euro double mattres that I have already purchased? The measurements of the mattress are:140 x 200 cm.. I see the width of the frame is 145cm so I thought it would fit.

Answer: 145cm is the full width of the bed and the width of the sleeping area is 135cm, therefore unfortunately a Euro double mattress would be too big for this bed.Thank you for your question.

Do you have a store in the Republic of Ireland? This bed is perfect for my room as it won't accommodate a standard double. It would be too expensive to ship from the UK. Hoping!

Answer: IrishGirlyUnfortunately we do not have any stored in the Republic of Ireland. the Northern Ireland franchise stores do deliver to the republic however. Please call 0289 050 8300 for a delivery quote.

Is the storage underneath the bed strong? Am I able to put heavy things in there without damaging it?

Answer: Heavy items can be used as the base and floor are separated with a cloth base. A great benefit of allowing you to store any item underneath.Many thanks for the question.

Hi Is there weight limit for this bed?

Answer: Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits.

Hello Someone previously asked which side the ottoman opens up and they got an answer saying left hand side.. I got told off a man who works in one of the stores that it depends on the way you build it, so either side? Is this correct? Thanks

Answer: Apologies for this, yes the gentleman in the store is correct, this bed can be opened either side it all depends on how it is assembled.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Looking for Quin size

Answer: I am afraid that this bed frame is only available up to King Size. We do offer a selection of other frames up to Super King, including some ottoman beds.

I have a room that is 240cm wide, will this bed fit In? Many thanks

Answer: The bed will fit within the room for both sizes. Please make sure to measure around furniture when looking at the dimensions on the product page.Many thanks for the question.

What are the dimensions of just the base of the bed? (I assume the dimensions already listed are from the outside edges at the top). Thanks.

Answer: The dimensions for all sizes are as below:Small Double - 201.5cm (L) x 130cm (W)Double - 201.5cm (L) x 1245cm (W)King - 209.5cm (L) x 160.5cm (W)

I've read a few comments that state this bed is lower than it looks - can you give me the height from the ground to the base of the mattress?

Answer: The height up to the side rail measures at 26cm, the full height will be dependent on the depth of the mattress you choose.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

what size are the slats?

Answer: The slats will be different dimensions depending on the size of bed that you require. If you can confirm the size I can advise of the slat dimensions.

Hi what length is this bed end to end , basically how much room does it need

Answer: 7Charlie1927The length of this bed frame is as follows, small double and double is 221cm (87in) and the king is 231cm (91in).Thank you for your question.Kind Regards,Robin

Is this bed (Wilson Silver Fabric Ottoman Bed Frame) available in the 4ft double? The dropdown box to select size doesn't show it as an option but it is an option in teh dimension section.

Answer: The Wilson bed frame is available in a 4ft double, however only in the grey colour option. The silver is a standard double and king size only. Thank you for your question.

Hi, I have a mattress which is 160cm wide by 200cm long, would this fit the king size bed?

Answer: Unfortunately not - you would need a 150cm x 200cm mattress for a king size bed frame otherwise the mattress would hang over the ottoman base.Thanks for your question.

Is there a locking mechanism when the bed is being moved, as it keeps on lifting up when moving it ?

Answer: I am afraid there is no locking mechanism for this. The pistons along with the weight of a mattress should hold the base down when being moved.

Hi, do the sprung slats support the middle of the bed or will the mattress sag?

Answer: The sprung slats are on either end with a metal support bar placed centrally within the frame. The mattress will not sag for this reason.Many thanks for the question.

How much space is needed at the side of the bed for it to open? How close can the bedside tables be?

Answer: The frame that lifts fits within the base. The depth of mattress used will determine how much space is required on the hinged side of the bed.

Do these beds open upwards at all or only slide outwards? I want mine positioned next to a wall but there is another wall fairly close the other side of the bed too as have a small room. I would have no space either side to slide open at all.

Answer: The Wilson is a side-opening ottoman - this can be fixed to open from either side. Unfortunately it cannot be changed to open from the front.

Can the bed open from right to left is it just the way in the picture

Answer: The storage will open from just the one side, though you can choose whether the opening is on the left or the right.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

where would my closest store be that i could find this bed to view around chard area?

Answer: This bed is within majority of all the store's however to be safe you can use the store locator to contact the store closest to you.Many thanks for the question.

Length wise..so does this make the bed frame about 12 inches longer than the mattress? (king size).

Answer: The measurement here is referencing the scrolls on each end of the bed. The actual mattress area is 81inches. The frame is 91 inches in total.

Can you tell me how big the bed is length ways as it says 222cm but it curves round either end I need to know how long it is with the curves please as I'm not sure it will fit in the space I have.

Answer: The 222cm in length will be for the small double and double Wilson bedframe including the curved head and foot end.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Does the storage open from just one side or both?

Answer: The storage will open from just the one side, though you can choose whether the opening is on the left or the right.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

What level do the slats sit in relation to the side boards - are they flush? We have a 160cm width mattress (European King) & in our current UK king frame the mattress can overhang by 5cm each side and it isn't a problem. Is that the case for this frame?

Answer: The slats sit relatively flush to the side boards, however we cannot guarantee that your mattress will be suitable for use with this frame.

Is it possible to buy replacement sprung slats?

Answer: Yes this is possible. Please ring customer services on the number at the top of the website and somebody can sort this out for you.Thank you for your question.

Could I have dimensions of the mattress suitable for this frame please? In centimetres preferably. I am thinking of ordering either small double or double frame.

Answer: A double mattress sized 190 x 135 would fit the double Wilson and a small double mattress sized 190 x 120 will fit the small double Wilson.

Hi do you have a Manual of assembly Im moving home and had paid to have this assembled and lost the instructions

Answer: The assembly instructions can be downloaded in the overview of the product page. There are separate instructions for a double and a king.

Hi what is the dimensions for the matress for a small double or do i just pick any small double matress i dont want any gaps thanks

Answer: All of the Small Double mattresses are the same size: 120cm Width and 190cm LengthHowever, we do allow for a tolerance of +/- 2cm.

Hello. I have a mattress with the following dimensions: 135cm x 190cm x 25cm. Which frame would this fit?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The dimensions you have specified are for a Double size mattress and this will be suitable for any of the Double size frames.

What are the internal base measurements for the bed ie:mattress - can this fit a Euro double reflex foam mattress at 140x200 or just a UK double 135x190 Thanks

Answer: The bed is designed to fit standard British sized mattresses and would not be suitable for European sized mattresses.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi - which mattress should I use with this please?

Answer: Any mattress that you feel is suited to you will be fine for the bed frame. A pocket spring mattress would be an ideal choice.Many thanks for the question.

Hi, which side does the bed ottoman open is it from the left or right side?

Answer: Hayley,Apologies for the previous answer, when you assemble this bed you can chose which side of the bed you would like this to open on.Thank you for your question.

Do you guys do assembling on payment basis too

Answer: The assembly option will be presented through checkout for 49. This will be carried out when we deliver the bed frame to you.Many thanks for the question.

Hi , can you put the handle to lift up the bed on any side?

Answer: Yes, the assembly instructions will show you how to install the bed frame with the handle on either the left or the right side.Thank you for your question.

Can it open from both sides ?

Answer: No it cannot open from both sides but you can choose which side you would like it to open during assembly.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi. Could I have th measurements of the bed inside the frame ?

Answer: This would be the same dimensions as the mattress- 135cm x 190cm for a double and 150cm x 200cm for a king.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the gap distance of openings betwen each slats? Is it possible to change the top to platform or add a platform on top of the slats with you?

Answer: 90mm between slats, unfortunately its not possible to change to a platform top however the Francis or Hopkin bed frames do have a platform top.Thank you.

Hi, I would like to view this bed prior to buying. Is this available to view in Newry and if not could you tell me the nearest store in Northern Ireland to Newry it is available to view in? Thanks

Answer: The N.I stores operate under a franchise, I would advise to contact the Belfast office to confirm that on 028 9050 8300.Many thanks for the question.

Can you adjust the mattress height? Worried about feet hitting the end board

Answer: Unfortunately this bed frame is fixed in place and you are unable to adjust the height of the ottoman where the mattress rests.

Hi is this bed quiet low

Answer: The base of this bed frame is 30cm from the floor. The height will then differ depending on what depth mattress is placed on top.

Can this king size bed for a tall 190cm person without the feet hanging over the edge?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. All the King Size beds are designed to be used with a standard King size Mattress which measures 200cm in length so this should be sufficient.

I know the length of the bed is 222cm,what about only length for mattress?

Answer: The small double and double are 190cm in length. King and super king are 198cm in length for the mattress measurements.Many thanks for your question.

Hi maybe a stupid question but is mattress included??

Answer: The mattress will be sold separately however if you after a set that is inclusive, this will be within the divan bed range.Many thanks for the question.

We have tight stairs and won't be able to fit the slat base up in one go. Will it split in 2? Looking at the fitting instructions it might be possible

Answer: The slat base is folded in half when being delivered flat-packed. You should be able to get this up your staircase.Many thanks for the question.

Does the base have wooden slats or is it made of metal? Thank you

Answer: The slats will be wooden however the frame work is made from metal with a supporting central bar for added support.Many thanks for the question.

Are the slats screwed down?

Answer: This frame will have sprung slats and it will have placeholders for which the wooden struts are slotted into.Many thanks for the question.

What are the measurements of the mattresses that will fit this bed? And does the foot board and head board come with it?

Answer: This bed will fit standard UK size mattresses. The head-end and foot-end will both come with the bed.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

If I put the hinge side of the bed against the wall, will it open properly or do I need a gap?

Answer: When the ottoman is lifted it will not over hang the side rail and therefore you should not need to leave a gap.Thank you for your question.

Hi! Are the measurements printed correctly? only 4ft is 122cm and the width of your 4ft double is 131cm, thanks.

Answer: Yes the measurements are printed correctly. The difference in the 4ft and 4ft 6 double is the width of the bed. Many thanks for the question.

What would the length and width of the mattress for the double have to be

Answer: The length and width of the mattress for the double would be as follows:135cm x 190cmI hope this helps and thank you for your question.

What are the internal clear dimensions of the storage area in the bed? We need to work out whether we can store a spare single mattress in it which is 200mm high.

Answer: The dimensions hold 646 litres, and would accommodate fitting a small mattress inside.We hope this helps you.Thank you for your question.

Would a 190cm x 123cm x25cm mattress fit?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. Yes a mattress with the dimensions you have provided would be suitable for the Wilson Ottoman in Small Double (4FT) size option.

What side does storage open looking at it face on from the bottom of bed

Answer: The ottoman can be assembled to open on your desired side - it is not fixed to only open on one particular side.

Hi Can we fit a standard British mattress 135x190 into a small double frame..

Answer: Unfortunately not, a small double bed frame will only fit a mattress that is 120 x 190.I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Can the bed be placed against a wall on the non-opening side, or does it need space to overhang when you open it?

Answer: Good Evening,Yes, when the ottoman is lifted it will not overhang the side rail and therefore there is no need to leave a gap.

Is there a required gap that the bed must be away from the wall for lifting the bed to get to the storage? also is there a specific matress for these kimd of beds?

Answer: No gap is needed and no specific mattresses are required at all, so you can choose one that suits you best.Thank you for your question,

Is there a manufactures guarantee?

Answer: Yes the manufacture's guarantee is 1 year. However we also offer an 8 year service plan for a one off fee.Thank you for your question.

Can you choose which side it lifts open from? or is it just from the left as pictured?

Answer: The bed can be lifted from either side. Details of how to assemble it either way are within the instructions.

The storage area, i read it is fabric base? Does it sit on the floor and can take any weight? E.g books or is the thing we store have to be light? Thanks

Answer: Yes, this a fabric base. It sits on the floor so there is no weight limit to what you store within the ottoman.

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