Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame Rated 4.92/5 based on 36 customer reviews
Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame

Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame

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4.9/5 - Read 36 Reviews
Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6
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Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

Introducing the Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame - a bed that truly merges style and technology in a unique and seamless way thanks to its sleek and contemporary design. This bed is sure to be the focal point of any bedroom over ordinary bed frames as the 32" SMART TV that is tucked away in the footboard, easily controlled by a wireless remote and a quilted headboard with stylish vertical panelling. The upholstery on the frame is also fairly luxurious as it is finished in a smart grey fabric, bringing a touch of elegance to the design. The adjustable feature of the bed is a cherry on top making it a dream for anyone who wants to elevate their sleep experience. But what did customers think you ask? Lets dive in and find out.

Customers who purchased the Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame have been generally very satisfied with their purchase with many reviewers commenting on how the bed has transformed their room and their sleep. Some reviewers have reported that the bed was easy to install, with one customer stating that it only took about 30 minutes for the Dreams professional service to assemble. Others found it easy to assemble themselves, with easy to follow instructions that outweigh those provided by other retailers.

Other reviewers have also praised the adjustable feature of the bed, stating that it has greatly improved their sleep and postures. Many reviewers have also been pleased with the included 32" SMART TV, stating that the picture quality is crystal clear the sound quality more than meets the expectations that a built-in unit would provide.

Its not all sunshine and rainbows however and there were still a few complaints regarding the bed. Some reviewers found it heavy and difficult to move once it was assembled, while others wished there were more colour options available, having had to sacrifice on colour to get the right style for their room and having been left feeling hard done by. However, these complaints were in the minority, with most customers highly recommending the bed. Overall, the Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame is a comfortable and high-quality bed that is perfect for those who want to combine their sleep and entertainment needs.

The Seoul Adjustable TV Bed Frame is also upgradeable, as strange as that sounds. The frame has multiple options to choose from in the form of an adjustable Sleepmotion 200i or 400i  base. This base sits within the unit and means you can customise your bed to fit your needs, whether single or multi adjustment to get comfortable. So do not delay, upgrade your bedroom to a sanctuary of entertainment and relaxation with the Seoul TV Bed Frame.

Reasons to Buy

Stylish and contemporary design that is not available elsewhere.

Unique pairing compatibility with adjustable bases from the retailer.

Reasons to Avoid

Some reviewers found it heavy and difficult to move.

Limited colour options available which do not satisfy the huge assortment of different colours of modern room design.

Assembly of the bed might take couple of hours and be challenging for a single person to undertake on their own, albeit most people seemed to manage easily.

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Of The Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame Great?

1 adjustable area: head

Adjustable bed frames come with varying different specifications depending on needs. This particular model keeps costs low by only focusing on what is important and elevating your head up and down. This is great if you are disabled and need help getting up and out of bed, or too if you just want something more convenient than a headboard to act as your cushion while you watch TV. Regardless of which configuration you go for, the head adjustable area is the most commonly utilized.

Controlled by a wired remote (included)

The wired remote control means that you will never lose it in the night, roll over and lose the controls for a week as they gather dust in a previously undiscovered crevice. Ideal for ensuring you always have controls on hand when you need them.

Weight limit: 300kg / 47 stone (including weight of mattress)

Mattresses can vary in their weight, normally around 30-50kg. That leaves plenty of weight limitation in place for most people and should not cause any issues with the frame.

2 adjustable areas: head and feet

Adjustable bed bases can come with multiple different areas of adjustment and in differing quantities with a single area being most frequent. This frame goes one step further with 2 adjustable areas in both the head and foot end allowing you to be propped up while watching TV or have your legs elevated up or down to be able to relax.

Controlled via the Napp by Dreams app or wirelesss remote (included)

The new Napp by Dreams app has more features than ever, not only can you control your sleep, with health monitoring that can track your sleep cycle. You now get the ability to control the bed, being able to navigate up and down in line with your comfort preference.

Zero Gravity technology provides a weightless feeling and eases pressure points

The zero-gravity technology within this base supports a sleeping position that allows for neutral body posture  which was developed by NASA.  The position and technology combined helps provide a state of weightlessness. NASA to this day continues to place astronauts in this position prior to take-off, equalising their weight and easing the stress on their bodies prior to space launch.

Weight limit: 355kg / 55 stone (including weight of mattress)

Mattresses can vary in their weight, normally around 30-50kg. That leaves plenty of weight limitation in place for most people and should not cause any issues with the frame.

3 adjustable areas: head, feet and lumbar

This is one of the more premium adjustable bases that you can get, with 3 adjustable areas rather than just the head, this option gives more ways to sleep and relax, particularly ideal for those who have trouble getting comfortable or are disabled, this level of adjustment is a great consideration.

Controlled via the Napp by Dreams app or wireless remote (included)

The new Napp by Dreams app has more features than ever, not only can you control your sleep, with health monitoring that can track your sleep cycle. You now get the ability to control the bed, being able to navigate up and down in line with your comfort preference.

2x massage units (back and feet)

One of the additional features of this base is it has further lumbar support with two relaxing units on the back and feet to massage the body.

Supplied with a Samsung 32-inch LED TV

This TV is HD Ready and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

Wireless remote to control TV lifting mechanism

I personally prefer wired remotes on adjustable and TV beds because I have a habit of losing them down the back of the bed or lost in the duvet covers. That said, plenty of other people love the wireless nature of the remote and the flexibility offered.

Also available as an ottoman tv bed frame

Ottoman beds can open from the end or the side, offering one of the most diverse and impressive storage solutions available. This type of base is typically available on some form of lift system and is ideal for increasing storage in smaller rooms allowing for bedding, clothing, toys and more to be packaged and stored away with easy access.

Quilted vertical panelled headboard

Some bed frames come without headboard to allow you to appropriately accessorise and provide further customisation to your sleep space, however, in this instance you get the entire package, featuring a luxurious panelled headboard.

Available in grey fabric

The grey fabric utilised in this product produces a sleek matt finish that looks elegant in any modern room set. The material is thick enough to provide durable support for a number of years and will suit darker rooms.

1-year guarantee

A 1 year guarantee is expected and standard for the industry. If anything goes wrong with your product within that period you are able to get help and support and ensure that you are not left out of pocket on any repair of replacement.

Samsung UE32N002 LED TV

This TV is HD ready and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

2 HDMI ports

2 HDMI ports in a TV is fairly standard but crucial for those looking to make full use of their media center. A TV bed is no different and by having enough space for a smart fire stick and a games console you can be sure your TV bed is future-proof.

1 USB input

utilise this clever 1 port hub as a means of charging your phone or tablet. No need to additional plugs and wires, all build in!

1366 x 768 resolution

There are a few different resolutions available depending on the size and option selected on the order page, this is the lowest resolution available and still offers 720p resolution and is considered HD-Ready but not Full-HD.

The TV comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty

A one year warranty is commonplace for the industry and in line with expectations. This gives you enough time to determine any manufacturer faults and is typically within the period that issues would occur.


This TV is HD Ready and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

2 USB input

utilise this clever 2 port hub as a means of charging your phone or tablet. No need to additional plugs and wires, all build in!

1366 x 768 resolution

There are a few different resolutions available depending on the size and option selected on the order page, this is the lowest resolution available and still offers 720p resolution and is considered HD-Ready but not Full-HD.

Compatible with selected mattresses

You require a certain type of mattress for adjustable bed bases, as such there is a slight limitation and restriction against suitable products, worry not however, the range is still vast enough for many competitive and well priced deals to help you find the right mattress.

If you need help with assembly, take a look at our Seoul assembly video.

This product is delivered in a self-assembly capacity, meaning it will be easy to get up the stairs and into the bedroom, ideal for those with limited space or tight corners to navigate. Don't be put off by self assembly, the instructions provided will make easy work of the task at hand.

2 people required for assembly

Self assembly is required with this frame, however, the manufacturing quality and tolerances within should make for easy work.

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Customer Reviews For The Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame

Based on 36 reviews
First moving TV bed and never looking back!

So after much research and looking at various beds on dreams, I settled on purchasing the Seoul Sleepmotion 200i Adjustable TV Bed with 32" LED TV. As i mentioned in the title of this review its simply amazing. firstly, the building of the bed was not bad, my partner and I managed to put this bed together in over an hour. simple to follow instructions and felt very solidly put together. the quality of the materials used seem very good to me, everything works as expected and is going to be around for some time. I would recommend a TV bed to anyone, it frees up space in a bedroom if you are lacking in space, and the adjustable bed frame makes finding the perfect position to sleep or watch TV just the best. I feel like a stranger now every time I go into my lounge and see my sofa there. one word of warning for the gap between the bottom of the TV lift mechanism and the surround that is covered in fabric, we on our first night lost a remote down the gap and ended up spending about 20 minutes trying to get it out. if you can avoid that, you have the best bed you will ever sleep on.

Seoul tv adjustable bed

Dreams honoured their price promise and refunded 500 Just fab!), The delivery crew were great (thank you & well done Dreams!) For the price I paid I am very happy. Overall it is a lovely bed, I choose this bed for my partner who is extremely poorly and often unable to get out of bed. I needed the bed to be adjustable and this was the only tv bed I could find which was came in a double. Weve had the bed for 2 weeks now and the sleep-motion 400i is just wonderful. The massage feature and zero gravity feature have been an absolute godsend. They really help ease my partners pain so for that reason alone, it is worth every penny. .I do have one negative which I should probably point out for potential buyers the remote control that lifts the tv broke on day 1 - its really flimsy, poor quality plastic and certain levels not what you would expect for the money paid! . I have yet to contact dreams for a replacement but I am sure they will accommodate - I have deducted 1 star from my review to reflect the poor materials used for the remote.

You need this bed in your life if suffer with back

We initially went into our local store to buy an automatic adjustable bed because both my wife and I suffer with bad backs. The sale person who we dealt with was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and we quickly made our minds up to purchase the sleepmotion bed. However, when we saw the seoul bed frame we immediately fell in love with how stylish and modern it looks. It was delivered and assembled a few weeks later by two love!y delivery men who put the bed together and gave us a demonstration on how it works. I was initially worried about how comfortable the bed would be but with in a few days of sleeping on it my back pain has reduced and I sleep much better as a result. The bed came with an LG smart tv which appears to be a really good quality tv with lots of features and being snuggled up in bed watching tv during the cold winter nights is great. I would highly recommend both the sleepmotion bed and the seoul bed frame. Great purchase .

Duvet day with a twist.

We bought this bed a month ago & are glad we did. It offers everything we need for a great nights sleep & a duvet day with a twist. The T.V has a great quality picture & is effortless to raise & lower, no getting out of bed required. The motion base lifts us to the right height as required for a super comfortable T.V, reading or internetting experience. Looks great too. The only negatives we have is that a couple of the threads on the feet were rusty. My husband had to take them into his workshop to clean & lubricate them before we could fit them. The bed was straightforward but timely to assemble & this problem was annoying. There was also some loose stitching on the headboard which we didn't expect from a bed of this price.

Happy Customer

Its a lovely bed my daughter loves it so do me and my partner... Realized that some beds do have lights but I dint find any beds when I was purchasing this option... If you have sleepmotion you cant have storage space thats the only thing I was bit sad but love the bed its just perfect and we are getting another one once our other bedroom is ready... Its just perfect only without storage I was really happy with customer service and the delivery and installation staff everything arrived on time, they were give the wrong mattress but they just made call and within less than an hour we had the correct mattress delivered... We are one happy customers...

Just what I wanted!

I bought this bed with 32" Samsung tv a couple of weeks ago and it the best thing I've bought! I'm glad I chose a smaller tv as I think a bigger one, that close, would have been too much. But the picture is brilliant and the mechanism for it coming in and out of the bed works perfectly. The sleep motion feature is perfect for my arthritic back, hips and knee and it's great to be able to sit up and watch tv! I'd recommend this to anyone and I also had the Dreams team assemble everything for me and was so worth the extra cost!

Soel sleep motion 400i Tv bed with Therapur Matres

Easy to follow instructions to assemble, we had to do it ourselves due to Covid rules. Fabulous adjustable bed frame, I have had superb sleep since I started using this bed and mattress. Such a novelty having a TV at the bottom of the bed and the smart Tv works independently from the WIFI so no need to connect to an Ariel socket in the wall. Fabulous product and just as I imagined it would be.


I am very happy with my purchase. I have bought the bed +tv + matress+ bedside cupboards about 1 month ago and I am very pleased with them. Also it is easy to assemble, just need to be patient. The sleep motion option is great, it helps me a lot when I want to watch tv or just relax. I really enjoy the all package (sleep motion bed, mattress, tv).

Worth the wait

Had this bed 1 week now. After a long delay of my original order I upgraded to this bed and I am so glad that I did. Bought with the Hyde and Sleep Lilac mattress. I have had great nights sleep also suffer bad back and this bed is wonderful. The customer service from start to finish was superb and great delivery guys. I highly recommend this bed.

Definately recommend this bed

After a few teething problems that the Dreams team went out of their way to sort out - I love this Seoul 400i adjustable bed. Very happy with it. I paired it with a tv bed frame and so glad I did, it's a perfect set up now for lazy or not feeling great days offering fantastic support and massage accompanied with entertainment. Thank you

Seoul Ottoman TV Bed Frame

We purchased the Seoul Ottoman TV Bed after much deliberation as it didnt come cheap. However, from day 1 there are absolutely no regretsweve had the best nights sleep. Really glad that we made the decision to go for it, as having worked hard all our lives, we deserve a comfortable sleep.

Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame

This might be the most expensive bed we have ever bought but it is also the most comfortable bed we have ever slept in. The different recline and massage options are brilliant, it was reasonably easy to put together and we look forward to sleeping in this bed for many years to come. Bliss!


I've had this bed for a few months now with the blueberry mattrace omg its amazing best nights sleep ever i have a really bad back and this bed allows me to sleep on my back which I could never do before,the two lads that set the bed up were brilliant too would highly recommend this bed

Great Features

The Seoul bed frame has a modern style and a sumptuous high quality finish making it an incredible centre piece of any bedroom. Paired with the Sleepmotion adjustable base, this frame not only looks stunning but provides an incredible sleeping experience.

Seoul TV Sleepmotion Bed :)

Absolutely love this bed, best sleep Ive had in years. The only down side I have is that I really wish that there was more variation in colour, but not too big of a deal. A must buy for someone who wants to a world class sleep and entertainment.

Amazing Bed best sleep for years

After a long while of deciding we choose this bed and best decision we could have made. And while ordering the seoul bed the staff couldnt have done a better job. We had it built for us and the professionalism f the guys were amazing. Thank you

Comfort with style

Really happy with the bed. Super comfortable, stylish and great TV included. Worth the money but did take a good couple of hours with two of us putting it together. Delivery drivers were great and got it all upstairs safely and sractch free.

Seoul Sleepmotion TV Bed is amazing

Fabulous bed that has transformed our room and sleeping. Not sure how easy it is to install as we paid the extra for Dreams to do it. It only took about 30 mins. Chose the 32 TV which is more than enough to watch in bed.

Even better than expected

Looks great, brilliant quality. So glad I bought this bed. It's even better than expected. Only problem is I don't want to get out of it in the morning. Love lying in on the weekends and watching movies. Absolute bliss

Sleep motion adjustable bed

It is very heavy so once in place you wont want to move it again, quite easy to assemble as long as you follow all the instructions . It all works as it should and is not extremely comfortable

A must have

Beautful bed frame , sturdy and really comfortable to lie on , looks really glam, the tv is a really good quality tv, crystal clear picture, highly recommend


My father who is elderly and has breathing issues finds this the perfect bed, as his position can be altered effortlessly, making his breathing easier.

Sturdy and very comfortable

A well constructed adjustable bed, easy controls and very comfortable. Works well with the LG smart tv which has inbuilt freesat tuner.

Seoul Sleep motion adjustable bed with TV

Dreams was so good telling me all about this bed I am so pleased I said yes best thing I ever did soda sleep in motion adjustable bed

All one could want in a bed.

This bed is everything I wanted It is comfortable and almost infinitely adjustable Wish I had bought one a long time ago.

Great bed all round

This is a really great bed what can I say for the price its well built easy to put up and all round great buy

Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame

This bed is amazing, it is very comfortable and I recommend it to someone who really wants a good sleep.

Well worth it

Well worth the get a superb sleep.the staff in the shop were excellent and know their stuff

Great TV bed!

Great bed, excellent price with the sale, easy to put together, very sturdy, highly recommend!

Tv bed

Fantastic, and its been really great for my posture! Absolutely happy with my purchase

Tele bed

I bought this bed about five weeks ago but should have got it years earlier

Seoul sleep motion tv bed

Really good bought for a elderly person who wouldnt go back to lying flat

I love it

Had this a month now and absolutely love it .. best bed Ive ever had

Zero gravity is awesome

Awesome bed enough said just dont want to get up on a morning now

Quality bed

Quality, sturdy bed, put together easy, very pleased.

New bed

Amazing bed so comfy best purchase for a long time!

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Questions and Answers About The Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Hi, would an Emma mattress be compatible with the sleep motion bed?

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your questions. Unfortunately, we would be unable to confirm if the Emma mattress is sleepmotion compatible as we have not tested this. We do have a Hyde and Sleep range that has been extensively tested and are composed of memory foam and foam support much like the Emma.

If the TV breaks after the one year warranty would you have to replace the whole bed or can the TV be replaced by a standard TV?

Answer: The TV would be able to be replaced in this instance, as long as the dimensions/ spec are the same as this is what it has been capability test for. .

There is a link for matching Bedside Cabinet but it is not working, where can I find the details

Answer: Unfortunately the matching bedside is out of stock at the moment. It is called Seoul Bedside Chest, so please keep an eye out for this.

How high does it lift the top part of your body as my wife had her osopheges removed so she needs to well supported

Answer: The head-end lifts to 60 degrees however please note that the thicker the mattress, the smaller this angle would be.

Can a double socket for the motion TV bed be installed underneath the bed

Answer: We would advise against putting anything underneath the bed to avoid anything getting trapped in the adjustable base.

Is this available in a single size ?

Answer: Unfortunately this is not available in single size. the Lucia Sleepmotion frame is available in single.

Does the sleepmotion come with a place for game consloe

Answer: Unfortunately the sleepmotion version of this bed does not have a tray built in for a console.

Good Morning, does the bed have a 13 amp plug and HDMI port at the back of the headboard and how long is the mains lead please? Just need to plan how to get the power and TV without having trailing wires

Answer: Thank you for getting in touch. This comes with a standard UK plug and the lead is 2m.

If I purchase the Sleepmotion base, is the Ottoman storage still included? So in other words does the ottoman storage disappear if you buy the sleepmotion

Answer: Yes, the ottoman storage will disappear if you purchase the Sleepmotion base.

Hi Can the King Size adjustable TV Bed come with two separate adjustable matteresses?

Answer: This bed frame should only be used with a king size mattress.

What is the largest tv that you can have with this bed?

Answer: The most suitable TV size for this bed is a 32inch TV.

Is a media shelf with theSeoul Sleepmotion 200i Adjustable TV Bed Frame thanks

Answer: The Seoul Sleepmotion does not come with a media shelf.

Does the overall weight of this bed cause any issues structurally?

Answer: This does not cause issues structurally, no. .

Hi does the 43" smart TV fit this bed? Thanks

Answer: It does fit this, yes. .

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