Osaka Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame Rated 4.71/5 based on 345 customer reviews
Osaka Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame

Osaka Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame

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Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6


becky says

Ottomans are becoming increasingly popular in recent years as peoples living spaces tend to become more cramped. With that in mind, the Osaka Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame could be the missing link you need. 

What you’ll love about the Osaka Upholstered Ottoman TV Stand

The Osaka bed frame allows you to raise your TV up and down so you can find the perfect viewing position when you find yourself propped against the headboard. It’s also perfect for watching shows and movies as there’s no need to get out of bed! You can also use it for playing games on your TV’s, as there’s a handy storage area underneath the bed that, when combined with a long HDMI cable, will see game consoles hoked in and ready to go. Not only is the Osaka functional but it is stylish as well and will look great in your bedroom or study, and it’s a great way to accessorise your room.

Upholstered, or fabric beds as they are commonly known, are becoming increasingly popular in recent years thanks to easy care maintenance and strong good looks. The Osaka takes this tried and true design and betters it with chunkier design that will be a stand out piece in your room.

What you’ll hate about the Osaka Upholstered Ottoman TV Stand

Some people have complained that the TV included has poor black levels and is of basic components and quality. Fortunately Dreams have already accounted for this and have given you multiple upgrade paths that see you being able to add 4K upgrades and even size upgrades that see you able to extend the 32" beyond this and up to a maximum of 43" with that all-important 4K resolution. Ideal for those with a premium plan Netflix subscription handy.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

  • Is it easy to set up? Yes, it’s very easy to set up. Just 2 people and 1 hour and you’ll be watching your favourite shows and movies in no time from the comfort of your bed.
  • Does it require assembly? Yes, the bed frame does require an amount of set up but isn't too difficult.
  • Does it come with a warranty or guarantee? The bed stand comes with a 1-year guarantee. Further to this you get a 1-year warranty on the included TV.

What customers thought?

Customer feedback is really strong with a time-of-writing rating of 4.7 and an impressive 350+ reviews. Customers particularly loved the quality of components with high quality design and materials throughout. People also enjoyed the tidy cable job provided with the frame that makes the TV a seamless part of your bedroom without the extra wires. There are some unhappy customers however, albeit rare, in an instance surrounding the base board slats that support the mattress whereby it seems these can fail over time and require replacement. Fortunately Dreams have an excellent customer service department and these issues are quickly rectified.

Reasons to Buy

Easy to assemble.

Good quality components that come well reviewed.

TV upgrade options available.

Reasons to Avoid

Limited sizing due to the nature of the frame.

Some complaints around base board long-term support.

Price point understandably high but comes at a cost of alienating portions of the market.

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Of The Osaka Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Osaka Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame Great?

Supplied with a Samsung 32 inch LED TV

This TV is HD ready and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

Wireless remote to control TV lifting mechanism

I personally prefer wired remotes on adjustable and TV beds because I have a habit of losing them down the back of the bed or lost in the duvet covers. That said, plenty of other people love the wireless nature of the remote and the flexibility offered.

Built in 2.1 sound system

Ottoman storage TV bed frame

Divan comes with ample ottoman storage space to store your clothes and other items. You'll never have to worry about where you're going to put your stuff again!

Quilted vertical panelled headboard

Some bed frames come without headboard to allow you to appropriately accessorise and provide further customisation to your sleep space, however, in this instance you get the entire package, featuring a luxurious panelled headboard.

Available in grey or oatmeal fabric

1 year guarantee included

1 year guarantee is average in the UK mattress industry. While it should not put you off (mattresses typically last for 7 years before being replace), it is the minimum that you get with a product. Depending on your price point, you might be able to attract a higher warranty or guarantee period

Samsung UE32N002 LED TV

This TV is HD ready and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

2 x HDMI ports

2 HDMI ports in a TV is fairly standard but crucial for those looking to make full use of their media center. A TV bed is no different and by having enough space for a smart fire stick and a games console you can be sure your TV bed is future-proof.

1 x USB input

utilise this clever 1 port hub as a means of charging your phone or tablet. No need to additional plugs and wires, all build in!

1366 x 768 resolution

There are a few different resolutions available depending on the size and option selected on the order page, this is the lowest resolution available and still offers 720p resolution and is considered HD-Ready but not Full-HD.

The TV comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

A one year warranty is commonplace for the industry and in line with expectations. This gives you enough time to determine any manufacturer faults and is typically within the period that issues would occur.

LG 43 LK5900 LED TV

This TV is HD Ready and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

1920 x 1080 resolution

This bed frame comes with a TV as standard with a full HD resolution of 1920x1080. While not 4k, this is going to be more than enough at the viewing distance and size of TV.

Built in Wi-Fi

With most smart-homes being almost entirely run through Wi-Fi, having it built in will prove beneficial with no need for additional homeplugs of cables.

Web OS Smart TV

This smartTV comes with LG's built in Web OS, giving you access to great apps like netflix, disney, amazon instant and plex.

Build time: 2 people | 1 hour

This is the amount of time and the people required to conduct the build process efficiently. While you may manage yourself, if it best to get the help of someone else where possible.

Let our experts assemble your bed - select this service at the checkout

The supplier has a unique installation and assembly service whereby the consumer is able to have their product built by the experts. This was you can avoid a lot of swearing, missplacing tools and yelling at your kids and end up with the finished product from the get go. Take advantage of this service by adding this product to the basket and heading to the checkout to see options

LG 43" 43LM6300 Smart LED TV

This TV is HD Ready and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

Ottoman storage TV bed frame (Storage depth: 26cm)

One of the main reasons for purchasing an ottoman bed frame is the under-bed storage space on offer. The storage space encompasses the entire bottom of the bed and is the most versatile storage option available in any bed frame. If you have a messy room that is low on storage and you need somewhere tucked away, this will be the one for you.

It has an LG 32-inch SMART TV

Control the TV lifting mechanism with a wireless remote

I personally prefer wired remotes on adjustable and TV beds because I have a habit of losing them down the back of the bed or lost in the duvet covers. That said, plenty of other people love the wireless nature of the remote and the flexibility offered.

Built-in 2.1 sound system

Handy ottoman storage with a solid base board

Ottoman beds can open from either the end or the side, providing one of the most impressive and diverse storage solutions available. This type of base typically includes a lift system and is ideal for increasing storage in smaller rooms, allowing bedding, clothing, toys, and more to be stored and accessed conveniently. 

Storage depth is 26cm

Quilted, vertical panelled headboard

The head end sits the the top (or head end) of the bed and in this particular product is quilted in design. A quilted design looks great and suits most modern rooms while also proving to be particularly comfortable to rest up against. Crucial for those looking to utilize a headboard as a means of propping yourself up.

Upholstered in woven fabric with a choice of 2 colours

With a multitude of different fabrics it's going to be really straight forward and easy for you to find a color that suits your room design and decor while still fitting within budget. the range of upholstered fabrics are both durable and hard wearing while still looking classy and elegant.

Rest easy with our 1-year guarantee

A one year guarantee is suitable for many as the vast majority of problems that may occur often do so within that first year. At the same time, more and more retailers are beginning to offer multi-year warranty and guarantees although these often come at a slightly higher price point on average.

It’s an LG 32” 32LM63 SMART TV

2 x USB input

The USB sockets allow you to plug in your phone or any other device that can be powered via standard USB A connection. This means less tangles, less wires and less plugs around your bedside. 

TV comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty

A one year warranty is considered typical within the industry, offering long enough between purchase and expiry to address any issues in manufacturing that would typically be identified in the initial days of purchase. 

It’s an LG 43” 43LM6300 LED TV

3 x HDMI ports

3 HDMI ports in a TV is fairly standard but crucial for those looking to make full use of their media center. A TV bed is no different and by having enough space for a smart fire stick and a games console you can be sure your TV bed is future-proof.

2 x USB sockets

The USB sockets allow you to plug in your phone or any other device that can be powered via standard USB A connection. This means less tangles, less wires and less plugs around your bedside. 

Features built-in Wi-Fi

It’s an LG 43" 43UN7100(6) 4K UHD TV

When it comes to television and consumer media, 3840 × 2160 (also known as 4K UHD) is the dominant 4K standard and the one most commonly associated with the term. A 4K TV is the modern standard for resolution and performs well with crystal clear viewing.

3840 x 2160 resolution

When it comes to television and consumer media, 3840 × 2160 (also known as 4K UHD) is the dominant 4K standard and the one most commonly associated with the term. A 4K TV is the modern standard for resolution and performs well with crystal clear viewing.

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Customer Reviews For The Osaka Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame

Based on 345 reviews
Incredible bed, best I've ever experienced!

Amazing bed, delivered very quickly after ordering and put together expertly by the two gents that fulfilled the delivery/installation. Installation was on the top floor of a townhouse (converted semi-detached property) and nothing was too much trouble for the Dreams staff. The components were heavy and despite the weight the parts were carried to the top of the house without issue, or any damage to any internal paintwork, walls or doors. The team were very Covid aware and wore appropriate face coverings during the process and the bed was put together in about an hour. The bed itself is exactly what we hoped it would be. It is very sturdy, looks amazing and is very comfortable to sleep on. Hands down the best bed I've ever had or slept in. I'm a bit of a night owl and don't usual like going to sleep, but I genuinely look forward to going to bed now and am already feeling the benefits of a better nights sleep after just a couple of weeks of having the bed. The TV function (we chose the smart TV option) is great, and opening/closing the TV unit at the foot of the bed is smooth looks really cool - friends and family think it's a bit flash too :-) The TV provided is great and of a perfect price/quality for what you need for this kind of thing. The soundbar adds great depth to the TV sound which if you take the Smart LG TV upgrade option also comes with "virtual" surround sound built in. We've watched a couple of movies using Netflix and our Firestick and it's been great. My daughter loves watching movies in bed with us before she goes to bed. The Bluetooth connectivity is a bonus; I listen to movies with my Bluetooth headset while my partner gets some sleep. I've also hooked up my phone to the TV so that I can cast my phone screen to it - which is pretty neat as I have a library of old school console games on the phone that I can now cast to the screen for a bit of retro gaming before bed. Cracking service, decent price, overall you really do get what you paid for and we couldn't have asked for anymore with our purchase. Would recommend this bed to anyone and have no doubt sold a couple of these to friends and family already after they've seen ours! Thanks Dreams!

Really good bed frame that is practical

Overall its a sturdy well designed bed frame that looks great in my room. The ottoman function works great and there's plenty of storage in there. The wires which power the TV mechanism are simultaneously well hidden but also easily accessible should you need to change anything. All that is required is opening the ottoman, move the 'floorboards' and you have access. The floorboards are not nailed down so is easy to remove. The head board is surprisingly comfortable, although don't get your hopes up too high. The colour is also pleasant and fits with our colour scheme well. Two issues however: 1) advertised build time is not realistic. A family member who helped me build this is pretty handy and it took us around 4 to 5 hours to build compared to the 1 or 2 hours quoted in the instructions. Its not a major concern but just be aware. 2). The function to lift the TV does not work completely. Essentially, when using the remote to lift the TV out of the frame, it stops short of where its supposed to finish, meaning a centre meter or so of the TV screen is blocked. This is easily remedied by briefly lowering and re-raising the lift, which will allow it to reach its complete lift, but its is really annoying considering the price of the frame. I would have sent the frame back if there wasn't a solution. However, the app which you can use instead of the remote works flawlessly (TV lifts up completely), so I believe this is less a problem with the lift mechanic and more with the actual remote itself. The app has made a deal breaking issue more of a minor inconvenience, and actually you will probably use the app more than the remote anyway as you can control music and volume on there too. Overall this has proved to be a good purchase as it adds more storage to the room with the ottoman but also saves storage if like me, you enjoy watching TV in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. It means valuable space is not taken up by a TV stand or desk elsewhere in the room.

A very happy 12 year old

Pro's: It's a great looking bed, with a smooth, quiet, mechanical motion lifting the TV. The smart TV is a decent spec too and the controls for everything are simple to use, with a nice caddy supplied to store them all in. The bed goes to together fairly easy but 2 people are required for just a couple of the sections, although it is not a quick assembly as the instructions suggest. I'm very competent at flat-packs, etc and this took over 3 hours, with help when required. It was packaged really well, which may not seem important but in my opinion, if there has been a lot of care in the packaging and transport then it's a good sign of decent quality. Con's: The mattress base board didn't align properly, even after ensuring the bed was square and the 2 bases need to be butted up tight before you screw in the brackets or you'll miss the wood. It would also be advised that you will need a minimum 1.5m HDMI cable if you are using a DVD player, which isn't provided. Ideally the cables need to be installed before you put the base on, etc. Knowing what I know, I would buy this bed again tomorrow.

Completely worth its value!

We have always purchased kingsize, but this bed is a beast! Its wondefully large. The base of the bed is so big and heavy so if you choose to build it yourself (which we were able thanks to the helpful video on youtube) make sure you build it where you want to put it. Once its built its heavy to move. The bottom of the frame is the heaviest with all the lift and tv etc. We decided on this bed as weve been without a proper bed for over a year and have always brought cheaply. This bed is our luxury and it really doesnt disappoint. The headboard is quite plush and pretty. The bed base is rather sturdy. Its easy to lift to access storage. We spend most evenings in bed watching tv now rather than apart in seperate rooms. Its been a life changer and i look forward to going back to bed everyday!. The speakers in the base are great, sometimes I put some music on when getting ready for the day via bluetooth. The only thing i would have liked is an additional remote holder, there are only two slots but three remotes (lift, tv & speaker). We have put a firestick in the tv so an additional remote!

Fantastic product but double check measurements

We love this bed. We have the super king and it is still sleek and not encumbersome in the room. The storage underneath is fantastic and the tv element is just a joy. It's not loud raising up and down either. Putting it together it recommends 2 people, this is about right but if you have to get the individual boxes up the stairs then 1 of you needs to be He-man as it is very, very heavy. It would probably be fine for 2 delivery people who are used to heavy manual handling but as it's doorstep delivery due to covid (totally fair enough) be prepared to break a sweat and maybe pull a muscle!! In that respect, make sure the dimensions not only fit your bedroom but also up the stairs! The only issue in actual assembly....some of the pre drilled holes do not line up. Especially putting the bed base boards on (the ones your mattress will lie on) we had a lot of the holes not line up with the brackets so it created a bit of mess with all the extra wood shavings from screwing new holes and also it's a bit wonky but it has held the weight and is stable.


We recently purchased this bed around 2 weeks ago, and wanted to give it some time before writing a review. We got the king size bed in Oatmeal and upgraded the TV to 42inch (well worth doing and spending the extra money!). The bed is amazing quality, not bulky at all and well worth the price. It was tricky to put together however, the video is really useful and you definitely need 2 people to build.The fabric quality is lovely, a really nice colour and matches our decor to a T. I was a little nervous buying a bed I hadn't seen in person, but the reviews are very accurate and it didn't disappoint. The only thing I would note is that the remote to control the TV going up and down isn't automatic, so you have to hold the button until the TV is all the way, only a small niggle that could be improved, but don't let that deter you from buying the bed. Very happy with our purchase, and a very good investment, luckily we won't be moving anytime soon as the bed is heavy once in position.

Comfortable & convenient

Comfortable, good storage space. TV built into the bed is great, but the bed creaks whenever we get in or out. (I've tightened the fixing bolts to the point where I'm worried I'll strip the threads if I tighten them any more but it still creaks). There's a huge storage area under the bed but an improvement would be to install some kind of light under the bed (in the ottoman storage) as it's really dark (I've fitted an LED strip with a movement sensor which seems to work okay). The soundbar works well, but seems to have a mind of its own - it will switch itself on randomly and switch from optical to bluetooth by itself when first switched on, but once you get used to that it works fine. Be aware that if you use the "media bay" you will need a fairly long HDMI cable to run from the TV to the BluRay player (or whatever you have) Overall, we're happy with the bed - it's comfortable and keeps the TV out of the way if we're not watching it

The Best Frame I have Bought!

The bed frame is brilliant, it is sturdy and looks as good as it does on the pictures. I opted for a build service, so i can't comment on how well it went together, but it didn't take the guys long and from looking at the instructions myself, it didn't look too difficult. The TV mechanism is a little noisy when lifting or lowering the TV, but it runs smooth. I recommend getting the mobile app to control everything as I now have 4 remote controls. one for the TV, one for Sky, one for the footboard soundbar and another for lifting and lowering the TV. My only concern was the support on the piece under the mattress that tops the ottoman. It fits snug around the edge of the bed, but there is nothing in the middle. I made a little extra support for that as I am heavier than your average man, but this was only for my peace of mind, the bed gave no indication that it was needed.

Best Bed Ever !!!

Wow... what can I say. An unbelievable bed and the best night sleep iv ever had. It's been a satisfied experience from start to finish. The dreams store team were brilliant and very helpful and couldn't do enough for me especially Gemma from the cribbs causeway branch. Was a fast delivery, great communication, delivery drivers were 5 star. And even with the Covid 19 restrictions me and my partner put the bed up ourselves in about 1hour and half. The instructions and online tutorials were super easy to follow. Cant recommended this product enough from dreams. Well built, strong stylish material. We opted for the upgraded TV package and it does not disappoint. This is by far the best bed I have ever owned and I will definitely purchase further products from dreams in the future.. maybe some matching bedside tables :)

Fantastic Bed ! Dont hesitate just buy it!

We Love this bed - its super cool and smart- im the envy of all my friends! Well constructed and in a modern contemporary style it fits perfectly in our new loft conversion bedroom. The tv is fab , and as we had limited choices due to lofts sloping ceilings a TV bed was the perfect option, lots of research and our own previous experiences with a lesser tv bed and this came up top of the list! Visited the showroom in Hedge end with a view of just looking- we were treated so well by the proffesional and friendly staff, a qurstions answered ( they knew their stuff!) we paid in full there and then! Deliverd and assembled proffesionally and covid safe we have no regrets at all and highly recomend this product in favt the tv is a better quality than all the TVs in the house and we have quote a few tvs!

Super bed

With our house having a weird layout set up I have always wanted to maximise space where we could. Looked at this style on other sites but this one stood out for us with the options it had. Before purchase Id measure it out using string on the floor and remember the height also as we got caught a little short with that. Saying that it still fits great and makes our room so much better. The ottoman style is brilliant for storage or hiding away items. Having the T.V away when not in use is great. We opted for better sound bar and feels like your in the cinema when watching anything. One thing Id recommend before purchase is decorate before hand as bed is 200kg and not easy to move. Not something you think about asking before purchase.

Osaka TV Bed Frame and Tempur

Purchased the Osaka TV Bed Frame mainly because we wanted an Ottoman storage unit. This bed had good storage, a colour that matched our scheme and came with the bonus of a TV and Sound Bar. We declined the offer of installation preferring to do it ourselves. The instructions said it would take one hour, but that would be after the 30 mins needed to unpack all the boxes and check the contents. It was wrapped really well. The instructions are not the best so in reality it took over two hours and a bit of head scratching. Having said all that it is really well made and seems very sturdy. The TV and sound-bar work well and up to now all seems well, but we have only had it two weeks.

Just received my new TV Bed from Dreams.

Hi Just had my TV bed delivered to me around two weeks ago. The delivery arrived right on time, two men happily constructed the bed within a two hour time scale. Both men where very nice and explained the workings and of the functions of my TV Bed whenever my bed was fully constructed. Very positive experience, my bed is super comfortable for me and my little Mini Yorkshire Terrier who loves lying up on my bed watching Disneys 101 Dalmatians. Would highly recommend Dreams to everyone who is considering buying a new bed. Super-Fan-Dabby-Dossy Thank you once again to everyone involved with Dreams, I truly love my new TV Bed. Kind regards Mrs Lorraine Smyth

Fantastic frame with modern day luxuries

Love our king size ottoman bed frame! The headboard is perfect as its quilted when you sit upright in bed its very comfortable for both your back and to rest your head on. The storage underneath is great lots of space! The sound bar is fantastic, and we opted for the 43inch telly which is the perfect size for this bed, I think the 32inch would have been too small. I would highly recommend paying for someone to assemble the bed for you if you're DIY is not up to scratch. The only thing to note is once the bed is in place, there's no moving it as its so heavy! So get any decorating done before the beds put in place.

Amazing bed and service

Ive wanted a tv bed for years and finally made the decision to buy one and Im so glad I did! The bed is sturdy and looks great. The tv quality is brilliant. We had an issue with the assembly initially (assembled by dreams) and the ottoman part of our bed couldnt be finished, but two members of staff from dreams sorted the issue out made sure we had a safe bed to sleep on for the time being and within a few days the parts were replaced and reassembled by the dreams team. I didnt have to spend anytime talking to customer services or chasing anyone for a delivery date. Couldnt recommend them more.

Well worth it in the long run

Packaging of all 6 units was very robust - took a while to unwrap it all! Construction took some time too; clear instructions that have to be followed carefully. Hit an IT issue with the tv lift (my fault - didn't read all the details provided). Called the help line who responded 2 hours later and were very polite. If you're not into advanced Ikea-type construction, could be well worthwhile paying the 100 fee to have Dreams build it for you, although you won't have the insight to how the techie side is put together. Final product is excellent quality. We consider it good value for money.

Most sensible purchase ever made.

We called into dreams a couple of months ago looking to purchase a new bed due to bad back issues caused by old bed/mattress. From the moment we entered the shop until we left with the receipt was an amazing experience. The service, demonstration, and knowledge was second to none. It may have been an expensive purchase However we both thought over your lifetime theres an awful lot of time that humans spend in a bed so why not buy something quality that we both liked. Every night since weve had the new bed its like staying in a hotel room every night. Very happy with our purchase!!

Great size

We bought this in a double as we already have another tv bed in a king size and felt a double would suit the size of the room this bed was going into better however the Osaka has a much less bulky feel to it than our previous design does so we could probably have got away with a king size again. I will say the tv riser mechanism on this one feels cheap compared to our other and the sound not as good. I do wish headboards would be designed with a styled back as not everyone wants their headboard against a wall so a stylish fabric or panel would be a bonus.

Who needs a sofa?!?

Ive been sleeping on a metal bed frame for many years and once it started to deteriorate, I decided to spoil myself with a new bed and not just a plain old base but a tv bed!!! And joy of joys, what a glorious bed I now own. The Osaka bed looks really lovely in my bedroom, its not nearly as cumbersome as I thought it would be and any wooden/fabric/glass side tables look amazing next to it. I have to admit though, Im not sure I need a lounge anymore as all my tv viewing is done in my bedroom on my insanely comfy new bed! Buy it, you wont regret it :)

Super king ottoman TV bed 5*

Super King size...great bed. Easy to put together but takes time and 2 persons. the tv function is very easy to use and very pleased with the package. I had this bed recommended by my son but advised to get ottoman, easy to open the ottoman and great space for blankets etc. Would be a great idea if the box on the side for player/receiver box had an alternative, as this is not used Nice thought if a cover was also included to negate this box and utilise the space. but overall we are very pleased with this purchase

Stylish, yet practical TV bed frame

If style as well as the practicality of having to avoid a wall-mounted TV in the bedroom is the objective, this bed frame ticks all the boxes. We've used it for nearly a month now and the TV mechanism, soundbar and frame are great. Both the soundbar and TV mechanism are remote operated and very handy. The Ottoman storage space under the bed is pretty handy and overall we are very happy with our purchase. The service we received from Dreams Solihull (where we viewed and placed the initial order) was wonderful too.

Great service and product.

We received great service when visiting the store to make the purchase, we then had the product delivered, we had paid for the installation of the bed however due to delays on our carpets the delivery people advised best not to put up as the carpets would be very difficult to fit with this up. So I contact Dreams on this matter, who then reimburse us with our money for the installation fee straight away. We are very happy with the product and it does exactly what we wanted. Great storage and TV works great in it.

Pain free nights sleep

Bought the bed 3 weeks ago & to be honest the first night was the worst nights sleep in a long time, barely slept, it was so different to our other bed. After night 1 we were ready to send it back as its the most expensive bed we have ever bought. However, 3 weeks in & we are growing to love it & find that aches & pains I would usually have post exercise are not there so the combined bed & mattress are proving much better, just think it takes a little getting used to.

Osaka tv bed with 43 Smart Tv.

We got this Osaka tv bed but upgraded to the 43 smart tv as was a great offer in the sales. Never had a tv bed before but always wanted one. I can honestly say its the best bed ever, especially with a new mattress (purchased mattress elsewhere). The bed looks great, stylish and comfy. Tv mechanism is quiet and stable and responsive using the remote. Its strong and well built. No issues so far and long may it last. Would definitely recommend this bed to anyone.

Looks stunning

We have had this bed a little under a month now, it looks fantastic in our bedroom. We were really impressed by the overall finish of the bed, the frame and fabric are well put together and the quality is superb. The under bed storage is easy to access and comes in really handy, even with all the spare bedding in there, we still have plenty more storage space. The tv mechanism works really well and is really easy to use. Best purchase weve made in a while!

Comfy and spacious

Comfortable and very spacious bed, TV comes out without any issues, but we are unable to sink it with the surround sound which I don't mind but my husband is already shopping for a different tv that would work better and would be smart as it didn't come with smart tv, only internet ready. I love the bed and have a great sleep in it which is what matters the most. Great storage as well. It's very heavy so make sure you don't have to move it once built.

Excellent Bed and Service

We purchased this bed 3 weeks ago in the St Helens store. Service in store was fab and so was the delivery and installation service. Product itself is amazing and of good solid build. It is worth noting that once assembled the bed itself is really heavy so if you are thinking of decorating I would decorate before the bed is delivered and assembled. I have no complaints at all and would thoroughly recommend both the product and service.

Disappointing Sound Quality

Knowing what a 2.1 sound system is I didn't listen to the sound quality in store - wish I'd have done so. The bass is barely recognisable considering that there is a subwoofer in the foot end. I have a portable Bluetooth speaker that knocks this bed out of the park and it fits in my hand! The overall quality of the bed is acceptable but beware when assembling - not everything lines up as you would expect a product of this price to do so.

Amazing bed

Bought this bed a few weeks ago now and were in love! We purchased the bed in Oatmeal which is a lovely neutral colour goes well in the bedroom. King size is lovely and roomy, the ottoman storage is amazing and not too heavy to lift. The Tv is really good quality, only issue were having is cannot connect the tv to the built in sound bar so were playing sound directly from the Tv at the moment. Anyway this bed is well worth the money.


The service in the Irvine store was fantastic. Everything was explained to us and we purchased exactly what we were looking for. Kept up to date with delivery times etc. Delivery was as requested and the bed built and everything explained to us. Very clean and tidy work. Absolutely love our new bed and would definitely not go by Dreams should we be buying anytime in the future. Thanks for everything. Great from start to finish.

5 Star Bed

Where do i even start.. this bed is perfectly designed. It looks sleek & smart. The bluetooth speaker is a really fun addition, it also gives great sound from the TV. I was pleased with the customer service from Dreams, from the ordering at the Trowbridge store to the lovely employees who assembled my bed. The storage is fantastic. I really cannot fault this bed at all, i am having the best nights sleep in such a long time.

Great bed - comfortable and practical

The TV rises and the touch of a button (the older version you would have to hold the button down) - this is a great detail. The built in sound bar is great and you can even Bluetooth other devices to it such as your phone. The tv is of a good quality. The bed is a good height and very sturdy. The storage is easy to access. Overall this is a great bed and very comfortable and convenient. I fully recommend this bed.

Very Happy

I love this bed, its solid and operates smoothly. No issues with lifting for access to the storage and the TV lifting in and out runs smoothly. I have absolutely no complaints about this bed, well maybe the remote holder on the side could have 3 pockets as there is a remote to lift the tv, a remote for the speaker in the footboard and the tv remote but other than that its perfect. Definitely worth the money

Awesome bed

I love this bed so much. We have parrots and so our lounge is shut down every night by 8pm, meaning that we then live in the bedroom, this bed then becomes our mini lounge, great bed, tv and sound bar with loads of storage. I didnt give it 5 stars as there are 3 remotes and you cannot have tv sound and sound bar sound without adjusting the volumes separately. 3 remotes in this day an age?

Good build quality it appears

It's a beautiful piece of furniture which finishes off our newly decorated bedroom perfectly. It's a bit darker than the website images implied but still a lovely colour. Took the best part of a day to construct but it is a a beast of an item - extremely sturdy and therefore very heavy. Just love hiding the huge TV away in the foot of the bed - So much neater than stuck to the wall.

Looks fantastic is fantastic

We bought this bed and it solved all our problems without having to put a TV on our wall. I was so impressed with the quality of the bed. And the instructions were spot on and easy to follow. I was even impressed with the extension lead that they provided for under your bed to connect your TV to. Definitely recommend going to dreams and it is true you do get what you pay for.

A dream to use

The whole delivery and installation service was brilliant. The bed itself is very easy to operate, comfortable and works exactly as it should. The only tricky part is the antenna. I have to plug in and unplug mine because it needs to be outside of the bed to get any signal. I have one you plug in so there's no way it can be retracted in the bed. A solution tothis will be great.

The Dream experience went like a dream

The Dreams experience was a good one from start to finish. Good customer service in store. Good communication through the order processing period and delivery was great. The delivery team were punctual, polite and keen to ensure we were happy with the product. They pointed out a manufacturing fault, the new part was ordered and installed within the same week. Very impressed.

The whole bed experience

The bed is amazing but hard to build due to the weight. Very hard to do by yourself but worth the struggle. My biggest problem was with Dreams. I am sure all stores are different but the manager at Colchester was horrendous. If it was that my partner wanted the bed so much I would of certainly of gone elsewhere. So bed is good but the Dreams experience was a nightmare.

Great bed shame about long delivery wait

The bed looks smart and the guys who came to assemble it done an amazing job. Sound from the built in speakers was quite disappointing even though it is a 2.1 setup there is very little to no bass almost sounds as though the sub isn't connected. We waited 22 weeks for delivery. We were told when we ordered it just after new year it would be a maximum of 12 weeks.


We had a little trouble receiving our order to begin with due to circumstances beyond anyones control however, from receiving our delivery date to the actual day of delivery communication was excellent and the delivery men were helpful, friendly and attentive. Would highly recommend and would definitely purchase from them again in the future

In love with our new tv bed.

I purchased this bed in king size, it's so practical with storage having the ottoman base has saved us so much room in our cupboards as has ample space for storing our blankets and spare sheets etc , the tv and built in speaker is great me and my husband love cosy nights watching tv in bed, the bed itself is great quality and looks lovely.

What a great choice !

We absolutely love our Osaka ottoman Tv bed. It was quite easy to assemble after watching the excellent video instructions sent from Dreams. The colour slate grey matches perfect with our decor, we upgraded to 43inch Tv its just perfect. Great surround sound, and love media box andvthe pouch to keep the remotes tidy.

Absolutely great with one annoying thing

We absolutely love the bed. It's a delight every time we use it! The only criticism is that the bed needs 3 remotes - one for the lift, one for the speakers and one for the TV. Since the lift and the speakers can both be controlled from the bluetooth app it seems like they could also both be controlled from one remote.

Osaka Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame!

This bed is strong and sturdy, great colour and a great fabric.The colour and feel of the bed goes perfectly with our freshly painted walls We have spent so much time in this bed so far just watching films and different series on the smart TV. There is plenty of space inside for storage. Very happy with this purchase!

Storage and Television stylish comfy bed

Fantastic bed with television. I could not fit a television into my bedroom without this solution. The bed looks brilliant and is also an extra bonus of resolving storage space. It comes with internal sockets as well as having options for the side opening storage so no worries or unsightly cables on the floor.

Excellent service

The bed it amazing the best mattress I have ever slept on. Both my partner and I have suffered with a bad back but since having this new bed its gone. The service was excellent we were only checking prices but ended up buying from Dreams everything from Purchase to delivery was first class highly recommended

5 star bed

Pair it with a great mattress and youll feel like youre jumping into a presidential suite bed. Would recommend the HD tv. We wanted the smaller tv which wasnt the smart TV. Its ok, but you need 4 remotes (assuming you have Now/Amazon tv) to get the tv up and on. Only two pockets. Painful if you lose one.

Wonderful bed

I purchased this bed over a month ago and I love it. The bed arrived promptly on the given date, it was carefully ensembled by the delivery men and the rest is history. The bed and mattress literally is a dream. Me and my husband spend quality time watching tv together, after we put the little one to bed.

Great luxury bed.

Very efficient service from purchase to delivery and assembly, well worth the 99. Nice luxury item for my new flat. The ottoman part so easy to use as well and extra storage and bed very sturdy with nice head and footboard. Bluetooth speakers very clear too. All in all so glad I purchased this.

Insight to tuning TV needed

Good service, speedy delivery, friendly guys constructed bed. Would have liked service to include set up/tuning of smart TV which was difficult as no manual, instructions were available 'on screen' but lack of manual meant I couldn't access them intuitively. Still not sure I'm using set up correctly.

Tv bed and matrices

We have never had such a awesome bed. Quality doesnt come cheep, so we spent a bit more than anticipated but worth every penny.We can definitely recommend this bed frame. We purchased at the same time the sleep easy matrices.the only issue we find is we dont want to get out of it in the mornings


I purchased this bed couple of weeks back it is absolutely Amazing .Now I have the best sleep ever.Great Storage underneath I cant believe there is plenty of room to store my bedding.Bluetooth is fantastic for playing music the sound bar makes the music really clear .So Glad I bought this bed .

Osaka tv bed

Really happy with my purchase. We opted to assemble the bed ourselves instead of including installation and found this a fairly simple task for 2 people to achieve. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Set up of the tv was straightforward Bed itself is fantastic and quality of tv superb

Living The Dream!

Enjoying my TV Bed From The First Day. Immediately It Was Assembled, I Quickly Laid On It. I Felt Different! It Then Occurred to Me Im now Living The American DREAM in London Movie Nights Just Got Better! Thank You Dream for This. My Sleeps Has Been Awesome and No More Nightmares

Looks amazing!

Really enjoying my new Osaka tv bed, i would have given 5 stars but it as i suffer with my back it was very hard to put together - just as well i had my 16 year old daughter who did most of it by herself bless her - so happy with the outcome though and it looks amazing in my bedroom!!

Fabulous bed!

We love this bed. It looks great in our bedroom and is really steady. The mechanics are smooth and the ottoman is pressured whilst the bed keeps the mattess secure. Lots of storage spage and very comfortable. Definitely recommend. (Also recommend paying the extra to have it set up!)

Great bed and mattress

I purchased this from dreams in Leicester and the staff were brilliant. The bed and mattress they sold me I couldn't be happier with. It's all round brilliant. Dreams installation team were great and very quick. Id highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality bed.

Great features

I purchased this bed last month, I think it is amazing. I love how the tv is built in so I can hide it when not in use. I also love the Bluetooth speaker where I can listen to the tv through it or connect it to my phone so I can either listen to the radio or an audio book in bed.

Osaka Super king Ottoman Tv Bed

I upgraded to the 4K tv option and so glad I did the bigger tv is much better all round. The build quality of this bed is excellent and such easy instructions to follow to assemble, the you tube tutorial is better to use. All components were present and every item packaged well.

The ultimate excuse to stay in bed!

We hadnt planned on buying a bed with built-in TV, but the moment we saw the Osaka we loved it. The whole set-up is so slick and unobtrusive, while the easy-lift base offers a huge amount of storage space. The bed itself is stylish, strong and a lovely addition to the room.

Love it!

Ordered this bed from dreams online having seen it in store. Really easy ordering process and they coordinated delivery very efficiently. The delivery men were excellent, super friendly and helpful. Took a bit of time for us to assemble but really impressed with the result.

Difficult to get out of bed now!

So happy with our purchase it feels luxurious and definitely brings new meaning to home comfort! The bed frame is stylish, mattress so comfortable, its difficult to get out of bed. The tv feature as it remotely pops out of the bottom bed frame, the kids now all want one!

Great TV bed

Great bed, sound quality is great through the inbuilt speakers, the ottaman is easy to lift up. I built the bed myself, it took a couple of hours to complete but there was easy to follow instructions. We got the 43" LG television with the bed and it is a great television.


We received our bed about 3 weeks ago and we love it. There is so much storage underneath which has really helped us out. The tv is the perfect size for the double bed and we love the speakers in the bed. Being able to connect our phones via the Bluetooth is a bonus too.

Amazing bed with great features

This is an amazing bed, the ottoman is easy to lift and has loads of additional storage space. It is stylish and the sound from the TV is brilliant. I was not sold on a TV bed to start with but its one of the best purchases we made for our new house. Money well spent!

Worth the investment!

Took the plunge to get an integrated TV/Media bed. The bed frame itself is amazing quality and looks sleek and stylish, it was straight forward to put together as the instructions were simple to follow. The structure of the bed feels very secure and well designed.

Osaka otter man bed

Tv very good, optical cable for speakers did not work, used own. Bed very good build, slightly longer build time than stated although I was a one man team but very technical. Some of the pull strings etc slightly cheaply made. But besides than good bit of kit.

Osaka TV Bed

Easy assembly, will require two people as heavy, good quality. Only improvement I would like to see is the TV lift complete the up and down cycle with one press of the remote switch, not having to hold the switch on until the TV has fully lifted or lowered.

Best bed weve ever had

We bought the oatmeal king size bed. Our TV was upgraded and we absolutely love it. The sound bar is brilliant. Netflix date nights with popcorn in our comfy bed are amazing. The kids love sneaking in to watch tv of a morning. Best bed weve ever had

Osaka Comfort

We bought this bed having been patiently and expertly choosing the mattress first. The bed is a real space saver for us as it stores away the TV and all the bedding in the Ottoman storage area. Its so comfortable too, like the best hotel bedroom.

Lovely TV bed

Lovely constructed bed. Plenty of room underneath to have cables out of site and bedding stored. TV comes up smoothly and wires fitted in such a way as to avoid kinks. Speakers work well. We had the LG smart TV which is lovely. No complaints

Great bed, tricky assemby, long wait for delivery

Great bed, tricky assembly and some parts were marked/chipped - luckily we were able to hide or rectify ourselves. Having waited 21 weeks for delivery (instead of the 8-10 we were quoted) we didnt want to send them back/wait for replacements

Osaka Upholstered ottoman TV Bed Frame

We absolutely love this TV Bed frame, It looks amazing in our room! Love the fabric very classy, Its very sturdy and well built the storage is unbelievable it really is a Dream to go to bed and watch the 43 LG TV it sounds amazing

Amazingly comfy

We have had this bed for 2 weeks and what a difference it has made to our sleep. The mattress feels like we are sleeping on a cloud and the bed is very sturdy and looks amazing in our bedroom. We could not be happier with our purchase

Tv bed

Fantastic bed and pretty well made. Chose to put it together myself and wasnt too difficult. A bit over the top on the packaging but I suppose it was well protected in transit. Would recommend for those who enjoy watching tv in bed.

Why havent you got one

This is one oc thr best beds i have ever owned.myfriends are so jealous they want space is a great life saver due to limited space in my home.and being able to have the tv in thr bed and not on the wall is a great asset

Best bed

I have had the bed a few weeks now and the only way to describe it is have you ever looked at a cloud and thought that looks comfy? But you know what would make it perfect? A tv at the end of it! Well thats this bed and mattress

Great bed hard self assembly.

Great bed. Everything works great, looks great. There was some difficulty with the assembly and there are 3 remotes but only a holder for 2 remotes which is annoying. 32' tv is more than big enough glad we didnt pay extra for 43'

Retirement treat - not disappointed.

Retirement treat and not disappointed. We paid to have it built and would highly recommend this as it seemed a tricky job and the bed frame is solid. I'm not a great fan of a TV in the bedroom and this was the perfect solution.

Ottoman Bed and TV

Just got our new Ottoman with built in HD TV bed and its great. The quality of the bed and mattress, combined with the expert installation and service from the Dreams team, made this customer very happy Highly recommended

Love it!

The bed frame is really well-built, has plenty of storage underneath and is looks very stylish. Make sure to set the bed up in the exact place you want it as the frame weighs a tonne making it difficult to move once assembled.

Pricey but worth it.

It's been a long wait due to the pandemic but we finally received our bed and it was worth the wait. Only thing is the kids seem to have taken over, hopefully the novelty will wear off and they'll be back to their own beds. :)


Wow...ordered my bed after wanting one for years, due to Covid 19 ended up waiting nearly 4 months for it to be delivered but it was worth the wait, the features are fantastic and its soo comfy I dont want to get out of bed.

Super king size Osaka tv bed

Excellent bed, great size. Electric up/down tv works a treat the bed was easy to put together just follow the instructions which make it simple. Strong sturdy bed frame nothing to criticise yet, had a month and still love it.

Great bed

Great bed, love the tv coming out of the end of the bed, saves so much faff with cables and finding something to put the tv on. Very hard to put together so glad we paid to have it installed and would recommend this a lot!

Fantastic bed.

Great quality bed, very comfortable and looks great in our room. The team came and assembled it in no time and positioned it exactly where we wanted it. Bed is really great quality and the look and finish is fantastic

Great quality!

This bed is good, looks great in the room and the TV (32") is the perfect size for the distance from the pillows. Plenty storage for all your odd bits and bobs, a really comfy backboard and just generally decent!

Osaka ottoman tv bed

The bed frame is lovely and looks exactly like the images and there is under bed storage. The fitters who built the bed were lovely and very helpful and happy to go the extra mile to make sure the bed was perfect

Osaka Tv Bed

Really pleased, its modern and has plenty of room for storage under the bed . Looks fab in bedroom.Tv great , Love the speakers and Bluetooth function , I can also play my music now from my phone to speakers .

Dreams can come true

This is bed is what dreams are made of. Its super comfortable, makes snuggling up in bed and watching to all the more enjoyable. A definite must have if you have a room big enough for it as it is rather large

Tv bed

I have got the old bed to this one and I think its more advanced than the new one the speakers are louder and the tv ram is better with a button at either side of the bed not 3 controls before turning the tv on

Great bed really worth the money!

Super comfy bed! Fairly straight forward and easy to put together with 2 people, you do get left with a lot of boxes from packaging but so worth it! My favourite new place to bed in the bed! Soo worth the money

Brilliant bed

Brilliant bed, plenty of room in the storage compartment under it and very comfortable (bought with the Temper Firm mattress). Would highly recommend this bed due to the TV function and space underneath. 10/10

Its a bed

Sturdy, stylish, versatile and comfortable. Everything youll ever need from your bed with added storage and space saving of having the TV built in. Very heavy so dont try and move it once its installed.

Absolutely love our TV bed

We upgraded to the bigger TV, and absolutely love our bed. It said an hour to put together but it was more like 3 hours with 2 of us, but its very sturdy, very well made and we are really pleased with it.

Great experience

Fantastic team at dreams. They supported us in store to choose the correct bed for us and then did an amazing job of building the frame and connecting the electrics for us. I cannot recommend them enough!

Osaka Ottoman bed

This bed is just perfect!! Its a great height, and the headboard is lovely and comfy and well padded. The tv end is a little noisy when it raises up but is sturdy. Overall Im very pleased with this bed!

Great bed

Great bed and tv combo very easy to set up the TV with the WiFi. Glad i had it built up by the delivery people bit to heavy for me to do it. It took about an hour for it to be assembled. Well worth it.

Poor thought

This bed would be so much better without having to have 3 remote controls, very annoying! Have had tv beds in the past and as the tv goes up and down it turns its self on and offvery disappointed

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Questions and Answers About The Osaka Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Can the TV be raised and/or lowered manually if the mechanism fails? And what is the warranty on the mechanism?

Answer: It cannot be raised or lower manually if the mechanism fails, but if you were to contact the customer service team, they would absolutely be able to support and offer assistance in rectifying the issue. It comes with a 1-year guarantee but also you can purchase the Bedcover service plan, which will give you an additional 8 year protection. Thanks, Dreams.

Ive lost the remote is there anyway of raising and lowering the tv

Answer: I am sorry to hear this. You can connect a smart phone to the bed via the Napp app using Bluetooth. Instructions for how to do this are included in the assembly instructions on the product page. Alternatively you can contact the customer service team with your order details and they can look into providing you with a new remote.

Due to this being an ottoman style, is there a mattress weight limit for the mechanism to work? Any other mattress considerations, such as mattress depth? Is there a recommended mattress for this bed?

Answer: The mattress weight limit depends on the size of the bed as the mechanisms are different strengths:Double: 40-45kgKing: 45-55kgSuper King: 55-65kgWe do not have any recommendations for mattresses as this depends on personal preference, all of the mattresses are suitable for this frame.

Hi, I have purchased a TV bed with the following TV (see below). Does this come with Freeview/Sat and what other built in apps? 43" SMART 4K UHD TV?

Answer: Please find the information about this TV below: LG 43" 43UN7100(6) 4K UHD TV3 x HDMI ports2 x USB sockets3840 x 2160 resolutionFeatures built-in Wi-FiWeb OS Smart TVTV comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warrantyIt should come with all the apps standard on a smart TV. Thanks, Dreams.

Why is there a large gap at the bottom of the mattress as it is a super king size but seems small for the bed

Answer: All of the beds come as a UK standard size and are designed to fit the UK equivalent. There may be a small gap to allow you to tuck the sheet in etc. If you have any further concerns or questions, please do get in touch with the customer service team, who will be happy to help. .

What are the specifications for the 4K tv? Only the LED or smart are listed in the description

Answer: I am sorry this information is missing. Please see the specification below:Smart 4K UHD TV Specifications:LG 43" 43UN7100(6) 4K UHD TV3 x HDMI ports2 x USB sockets3840 x 2160 resolutionBuilt in Wi-FiWeb OS Smart TVThe TV comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

No sound comes out when TV is connected to inbuilt external speakers attached to the bed. The speaker works fine with TV when comnected via optical cable.

Answer: We really are sorry to hear about this issue. Unfortunately we are not able to solve this type of issue on this platform but please do get in touch with the customer service team who will be able to help you resolve this issue. .

I need to replace the 32"TV in my bed. Can I purchase any TV or fo I need one with special brackets on the back of the TV.

Answer: You would need to purchase a TV that has the correct attachments to allow it to fit onto the lifting mechanism. If you contact the Customer Service team with your order details you can purchase a replacement TV for this bed through us.

Recently moved home and the head board Does not fit up the stair case, is their a smaller head board available to purchase for this bed?

Answer: Good afternoon Thank you for reaching out with your question. This headboard comes as standard with the bed and is integral to its structure. We really are sorry to say that as such we do not have a smaller headboard available to purchase. .

How does the tv get electricity to it, how do I plug the tv in? Also does the tv need an aerial, if so, how do I plug in the aerial?

Answer: There will be a number of power cables that come with this bed frame. These include a power cable for the TV mechanism and a power cable for the audio.This TV will need an aerial and so will require access to an aerial connection.

What make is the sound system needed to set sky remote to operate volume control

Answer: The sound system is a 2.1 system from eMomo which has been custom made to work with the Dreams App. The woofer has been built into a purpose built cavity within the foot-end to improve audio quality from the standard system.

Hi, Could you tell me what make the sound system is on these beds? Thanks

Answer: The sound system is a 2.1 system from eMomo which has been custom made to work with the Dreams App. The woofer has been built into a purpose built cavity within the foot-end to improve audio quality from the standard system.

Hi is there a hole at the back of the side shelf so cables can pass through for the satellite box from under the bed?

Answer: The bed frame has a completely open area beneath the ottoman panels to keep cables and extension leads hidden. Please refer to the assembly instructions and the 360 image for further information if necessary..

What is the maximum weight limit on the super king frame? As myself and my partner are larger than normal. Thank you

Answer: Thank you for getting in touch. We currently dont specify a weight limit to the bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability..

Hi is it possible to order the Osaka Ottoman TV Bed (super king) without the TV but with all the raise and lower mechanism? also is it possible to fit the new sky glass tv instead of the standard options? many thanks

Answer: This comes with the TV as standard and you are unable to purchase this bed frame with out it. We would not recommend fitting it with another TV as these will not have been compatibility tested. Hope this helps, Dreams.

Is there a maximum mattress weight for the ottoman gas springs? We have the bed with a new mattress and can barely lift the ottoman up and we have to hold it.

Answer: There is no maximum mattress weight that the ottoman can hold although we do appreciate that the heavier the mattress, the more difficult it is to lift the ottoman. So we would advise trying in store.

Hi, will you be getting the king size in skate back in stock and if so when will it be?

Answer: This option is currently subject to shipping issues due to Covid-19. Availability is TBC while we wait for updates as to when this will begin transportation again.Apologies for any inconvenience.

Hi I have bought this bed and am trying to find out the make of TV lift as I have lost my remote control and need to source another or at least find a retrofit which runs on the same RF Frequency can you please tell me either the make or RF Frequency

Answer: Good afternoon Thank you for reaching out with your question. Please get in contact with the customer service team as they are best placed to support you with your query in this instance. .

Hi we have this bed and its great but for some reason we cant find the remote for the bed to put the tv away. Can we buy a replacement by any chance

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. I would advise reaching out to the customer service team as they would be best place to advise you further in this instance.

I have just had the Osaka ottoman bed installed, but do not have instructions for the operation of the sound bar, how do you get the tv sound through to sound bar, I get it only via the TV speakers on Blue Tooth and only get crackling when OPT light is on

Answer: I am sorry to hear that your Sound bar is not synced correctly. If you contact the customer service team they will arrange for you to discuss this with the Tech specialists.

Hello, what slats does this ottoman bed come with? Solid or sprung? And does the 32" Smart LED TV have Web OS?

Answer: Thanks for reaching out with your question. This is a solid base so does not come with slats. If you select the Smart TV then yes you can connect to the web . .

Can you amend the Tv choice? As in a samsung smart TV rather than a smart LG TV? As this is available on other beds? But this frame only has the one option?

Answer: Good Morning Hannah,Unfortunately you cannot amend the TV specification, as they are specific to the bed for functionality reasons. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Can the bed be built to allow the storage to be accessed from the right side of the bed rather than a left (the bed would need to go in a corner and the configuration of the room means that the left side would need to go against the wall). Many thanks

Answer: The mechanism can be built on either the left or right hand side to suit your preference. Details on how to do this are included in the assembly instructions.

What make/brand is the sound bar/speakers in the Osaka tv bed? The reason I want to know is I would like to set up my sky remote to adjust the volume using the sky remote instead of the one that came with the tv. Is this possible or not? Thanks

Answer: Unfortunately you cannot control the sound of the bed with a SKY remote, you would need to use the remote provided with the bed to control the bed volume.

Does this come with extension cable/sockets neede? If not how many plug sockets do I need?

Answer: This bedframe does come with an extension lead. You will only need to make sure that one plug socket it available in your room for the bed to plug into.

I wanted to know if I could get a fabric sample of the Osaka Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame in SLATE

Answer: Unfortunately we are not able to send fabric samples. We suggest visiting a local store if you wish to view the colour and texture of this bed frame.

How do we get the speaker to work on the Osaka ottaman 32,, bed

Answer: If you are experiencing issues with the speaker, please contact the customer service team with your order details so they can assist you with this.

My bed The Osaka speaking sized bed was delivered and assembled by the dreams team yesterday 15/10/20 but is giving off a very strong smell , will this smell last for long

Answer: I am sorry to hear this. Any smells should subside, however if you have concerns please contact the customer service team to discuss this further.

Why is my sound bar not playing when the tv is on and the sound bar is on?? I had the bed installed by you ??

Answer: I am sorry to hear this. Please contact the customer service team with your order details and they will be able to assist you with this.

Is there a code for the sound module to program in using a SKY Q remote?

Answer: We would recommend reaching out to the customer service team on this one who will put you in contact with the technological specialists. Thanks, Dreams.

I bought this bed a few weeks ago and it seems that only the left side of the speaker works properly and the right side and sub-woofer doesn't work as well. Why might this be?

Answer: I am sorry to hear this. Please contact the customer service team with your order details and they will be able to assist you with this.

Are there any other pieces of furniture that match like side tables?

Answer: There are no matching items for this bed. However, the Kimberley bedside chest comes in slate grey which may complement the bed frame.

Does the 32 led tv is it smart or not. Because I want to use YouTube and Netflix etc

Answer: The standard TV option is not smart, however there is a drop down option that allows you to purchase this bed frame with a smart TV

Is there a size difference in the TV depending on what bed size you choose?

Answer: The size of the TV stays the same through all the bed sizes, however the size of the TV does change if you upgrade to a Smart TV.

Hi. What is max TV size? Important max TV depth. Thanks

Answer: This bed frame can accommodate TV's up to 43" providing they do not exceed maximum dimensions of D:75mm / W:970mm / H:580mm.

Hi - cant wait to receive delivery of this in a few weeks time. Can you advise how I am able to connect the sound bar to the TV? Is this via Bluetooth? I am getting the bed assembled, so hoping that the assemblers will be able to help set this up. Thanks

Answer: An optical cable is used to connect the sound bar to the TV, this will be completed in the assembly service for you.

We are waiting for super king size bed to be delivered and will be buying a mattress- would size 200 x 200 fit this bed ?

Answer: A 200 x 200cm mattress will be too wide for this bed frame. A 180 x 200cm mattress would fit a super king bed frame.

We are looking at the 4'6 double, what size mattress would we need? what size is the headboard and the bit where the tv sits?

Answer: You will need a standard 4'6 double, which is 135 x 190cm. The head-end height is 123cm whilst the footend is 90cm.

Please could you tell me the internal measurements of the ottoman storage, thanks

Answer: The internal ottoman storage for the Super king measures 203cm x 184cm x 26cm.Thank you for your patience.

I have just ordered a osaka TV bed, does the ottoman frame come assembled or is it built on site

Answer: The frame would require assembly, if you purchase the assembly service the team would be able to do this for you.

Will a mattress with a depth of 36cm be ok with this bed or will it cover the speaker at the end of bed

Answer: The distance between the slats and the speaker is 38cm, we would recommend a maximum mattress depth of 30.5cm.

If you connecting this tv to a sky mini box do you still need an Ariel? Will the ottoman still lift with a heavy tempur mattress? Thank you

Answer: Good Afternoon Daisy,You will still require an aerial to be connected. A Tempur mattress is suitable for this ottoman frame.

What is maximum depth matress that can go on this bed without covering the speaker in the footboard - my matress is 31cm (12") thanks

Answer: The distance between the slats and the speaker is 38cm, we would recommend a maximum mattress depth of 30.5cm.Many thanks, Dreams

Whats the weight of the king size bed and is it safe to be installed on the second floor of a house?

Answer: The weight of the bedframe is 165.7kg on it's own, this would be suitable for being built on a second floor.

Where can I get a replacement remote control that brings the TV up and down, out of the bed?

Answer: We would advise reaching out to the customer service team as they will be best placed to support you on this. Thanks, Dreams.

Hi, can the head board be detached? I need a TV bed without a headboard but can't find any without. Thank you

Answer: The headboard will need to be attached as it provides structure and stability for the rest of the bed frame.

Hi What is the wattage of the sub woofer and the soundbar? Thank you

Answer: We have requested this information from the relevant team and hope to be able to share it with you soon..

Hi, I keep getting a crackling noise when I try to listen to the tv through the sound bar, I think there may be an issue with the optical cable. Also, the tv lift mechanism is quite noisy until it is halfway up.

Answer: I am sorry to hear this. Please contact the Customer Service team and they will be able to assist with this.

I need the headboard to be a maximum height of 106cm. Can the headboard height be adjusted?

Answer: Good afternoon Thank you for getting in touch with your question. Unfortunately the measurement for this is 123cm.

Does the TV remain in place when not being used or does it slide away

Answer: When the TV is not in use you can lower the lifting mechanism to hide the TV in the foot end of the bed.

Hi, I am extremely interested in this bed but unsure on the mechanism for the TV. How long is the warranty on this bit, if there is one? Also does the mechanism last a long time?

Answer: The warranty on the bed is one year. The mechanism has been designed to last a minimum of 8 years.

Does the opening of the ottoman have to be on the same side as the sky box/dvd shelf? thanks

Answer: They both have to be on the same side, but you can choose which side they are positioned on. .

What is the height of the foot end of the bed including the TV when it is fully up. Bottom to top of TV please.

Answer: We have requested an answer to this question from the colleagues and hope to have this soon. Thanks, Dreams.

does the tv come with it slightly confused on specification section about tv

Answer: The TV bed comes with the LED TV as standard, you can upgrade to the smart TV if you prefer.

Hiya I bought a bed 8years ago with a 32LG tv and the tv as broken what tv can i replace it with

Answer: You would need to find a 32 inch TV with a similar thickness to the current TV in the bed.

Do anyone know if this bed can be bought without the TV?

Answer: This bed can only be purchased with the TV, we do not have an option to purchase without.

Where can you get a replacement wireless remote for the TV lift from?

Answer: Good AfternoonPlease contact the customer service team and they will be able to assist you with this.

Can you please tell me the dimensions of the media compartment.

Answer: The dimensions of the media compartment are:Length: 30cmWidth: 60cmHeight: 14.2cm

Hi my bed is coming next week forgot to check and ask has it got phone charger cable to fit in?

Answer: Unfortunately this bedframe does not have a charging port or charging wire included.

Hello, Im updating my TV bed - so dont need a TV. Do you sell without Tv and if so how much for Super King Ottoman in Slate? Thanks

Answer: Unfortunately we do not sell TV beds without the TV. The TV is part of the purchase.

My previous tv bed I used to be able to attach my headphones and watch tv so the volume isnt off sound bar. How can I do that with Osaka? For example to my airpods?

Answer: Unfortunately air pods cannot be use with this bed as the frequency's are different .

Can the volume from the TV be played from the speaker or is it only bluetooth that can be played via the speaker?

Answer: The TV will be connected to the speaker to allow sound to be played through it.

Ive ordered this bed and requested at Smart LED TV, does this automatically upgrade to the 43" which I wanted? The bed is a Kingsize.

Answer: When ordering the SMART TV this automatically provides you with the 43" TV.

Can you buy this without the tv as I already have one to use with it?

Answer: Unfortunately, the TV beds are not able to be purchased without the TV.

What is the bottom of the ottoman made of? Is it a hard base? Or just fabric?

Answer: The bottom of the ottoman storage are base boards which are made from MDF.

Hi does the bed lift up both sides to get to the storage or just one side please?

Answer: The bed only lifts up on the left hand side to access the under bed storage

Hi. Is there any USB ports on the side the headboard for charging your phone etc? Thanks

Answer: Unfortunately this bed frame does not have USB charging points..

Will I be able to pair the tv up to the sound bar either using the bluetooth function or using a cable. I am planning on buying the super king with the upgraded tv.

Answer: The built in sound system is connected to the TV with a cable.

We have a new Osaka king size TV bed. We will be replacing the floorIng soon and will need to move the bed. How do we move the bed as it is extremely heavy?

Answer: To move the bed safely you will need to dismantle the frame.

is there a mattress weight limit o this product?

Answer: We do not have mattress weight limits on the bed frames. .

Is it possible to get a sample of the oatmeal material for matching with paint? We have the bed in order but want to make sure the paint colour we choose will match with the shade of the bed. Thank you

Answer: Unfortunately we do not have a swatch service available.

Hi, Is it possible to purchase without a TV? I already have a 32" TV and would prefer not to buy another. Thanks in advance.

Answer: You are unable to purchase this bed frame without the TV. Thanks, Dreams.

Do you provide fitting and installation

Answer: You can add the assembly service at checkout. .

What is the length, width and height of each lift baseboard?

Answer: Each half of the base board is 198 x 77.5. .

What is the fabric made of

Answer: This is made from 100% polyester. Hope this helps, Dreams.

Hey, we have a 40 inch tv but it's 10 years old so not sure if it would fit in the gap. What is the biggest width and height of the gap that the super king size can take please?

Answer: This bed will accommodate up to a 43 inch TV.

Hello what country are the TVs and beds made please?

Answer: This bed frame is made in China.

Thinking of purchasing this bed but was wondering if I can connect my Bluetooth headphones. Your sales assistant believed it was possible but wasnt sure and said to check the website. I cant see anything in the specifications if this is possible or not.

Answer: Yes, this would be possible. Hope this helps! Dreams

What is the thickness of the headboard ?

Answer: Good MorningThe headboard is 10cm thick.

Is the smart led tv 32 or 43?

Answer: The Smart LED TV is 43".

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