Evolution Fabric Upholstered Ottoman 43 LG TV Bed Frame Rated 5/5 based on 101 customer reviews

Evolution Fabric Upholstered Ottoman 43 LG TV Bed Frame

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5/5 - 101 reviews


What Makes It Great

Having slept on an old metal-framed bed for the first 7 years of marriage I thought it would be nice to surprise the wife with a new bed. I had a few different criteria, plenty of storage (for her!) and a TV (for the kids....honest!). Off she toddled to work and I set to work stripping the old bed, chucking the frame out and clearing the room. The lads from Dreams arrived bang on time and lugged the 7 boxes upstairs so I could get assembling. I can honestly say unboxing and unwrapping all the different parts took longer than actual assembly - from starting actual assembly to finish took maybe an hour and a half. The lads said it was a two-person job but be assured one person can do it easily enough. The bed has transformed our routines especially at weekends - the girls (2 and 3 years old) pile in the moment they hear the slightest noise and happily spend the first few hours of the day chilling out in it watching Frozen for the billionth time. The ample storage space has now been filled with summer clothes and camping gear - it truly is a massive underbed space. The bed itself is really solidly constructed; great build quality, nice fabric, a solid base and the clever little gas-ram system for lifting a heavy mattress for easy access underneath. The instructions were a doddle to follow even for me. I managed to get the bed during one of Dreams' offer periods and would suggest that the price I got it for was about right.....the TV is a very adequate 32'' LED - ironic that for writing this review I can win a 55'' one which wont fit at the end of the bed that's for sure but yes, a 32'' one when it's only 6 feet from your face is perfectly fine. There's a couple of inches of wiggle room either side of the TV so I'd suggest a 36'' screen would fit. The motor that drives it up and down is plenty powerful enough for a heavier model and it still makes me laugh as it comes up out of the end panel - kind of tacky but kind of cool too. Overall, if you're looking to transform a dull, traditional bedroom into something just a little more up to date and you have a slight sense of humour or maybe you're must having that mid-life crisis and can't quite stretch to a Ferrari and a younger woman then this is the bed for you - and your wife and kids!!.

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1 USB input

1366 x 768 resolution

Samsung 32 U32 M5520 Smart TV

2 USB input

1920 x 1080 resolution

Built in Wi-Fi

Web OS Smart TV

Supplied with a Samsung 32in LED TV

Stunning fabric

Front opening drawer

Pleated high headboard

Samsung UE32N002LED TV

2 HDMI Points

3 HDMI inputs

Build time: 2 people - 1 hour

LG 43 LK5100 LED TV

Side opening ottoman

Supplied with a LG 43in LED TV

Questions and Answers

Hi i have this bed on order with the ordinary led tv, but i have in my room alredy a 32" led smart tv can this be fitted instead. Many Thanks mike

Answer: Hello , This would not be recommended as the TV's that we put in these beds are a certain weight for the lifting bracket and we run the wires certain ways to avoid the lifting mechanism, and damaging the TV or the bed itself. I am not saying this is not compatible though we just do not recommend it and it does void your warranty Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, Is the bed difficult to dismantle, in the event of changing the bedroom carpet?  Can you split  it into 3 section to facilitate its removal from the room?

Answer: Good Evening, This bed can be dismantled if required and can be split down into the various subsections. If you need to understand how this bed frame is dismantled, we would recommend that you refer to the assembly instructions to help understand the process of how the bed frame is fixed together - this will then make it easier to dismantle. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you fit an alternative 32” inch TV to the bed?

Answer: Hi , We do not recommend changing the TV as the TV provided has been fitted via the correct fixtures and fittings. As a precaution, Dreams are not liable for damages if your TV bed was to break because of changing the TV, therefore it could end up costly for the customer and we advise against this. Thank you for your question.

Can you fit a bigger TV to the end of this bed using the mechanism? If so, what is the maximum size?

Answer: Hi , We do not recommend changing the TV as the TV provided has been fitted via the correct fixtures and fittings. As a precaution, Dreams are not liable for damages if your TV bed was to break because of changing the TV, therefore it could end up costly for the customer and we advise against this. Thank you.

Does this bed include the mattress or is that am extra cost on top? 

Answer: , This bed frame does not include the mattress, therefore the price online indicates the price of the bed frame alone. We have a range of different mattresses available online and in store that can be purchased with this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

What about including the mattress. How much will it come up to?

Answer: Hi , Our TV beds all come without mattresses. The total price will depend what size and what mattress you intend to choose. Please view our range of mattresses here http://www.dreams.co.uk/mattresses Thank you for your questions and I hope this helps.

Can the TV be used with headphones? We have ordered the LED TV. If the answer is no and we need another cable can this be purchased separately?? Please advise, thank you. 

Answer: Hi , Yes this TV does have the socket there for you to plug in headphones. If you require two sets of headphones to be used at the same time then you will need to purchase a separate double adapter. I hope that helps. Many thanks for the question.

Trying to order this bed but get message saying out of stock is this correct & if so when can I order?

Answer: Hello , Yes that is correct, this bed is out of stock at the moment. Please click on the green button under the price to leave your email address, and we'll email you when it is back in stock. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

I need to dismantle the bed to change the carpet. I paid extra for your team to make it for me. Is it easy to dismantle and can you give me any tips?

Answer: , If you are dismantling this bed frame, we would recommend that you download the assembly instructions to help act as a guide. Unfortunately we do not provide instructions to dismantle our bed frames. Kind Regards, Dreams

Please can this bed set be well packaged for export to outside the country?

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not deliver to any countries outside of the UK and are unable to alter the packaging type to accommodate this. We can provide exact dimensions of each packed box if required. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, I was wondering when this bed will be back in stock as it had advertised under the photo 'in stock for fast delivery' so are you expecting more in? Many thanks 

Answer: Hello , Yes, we are expecting more within approximately the next two weeks. If you leave your email address in the box above we can email you when it becomes available again. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

how is the tv arial connected as normally it would be a cable in to the loft? 

Answer: Hello , The ariel wire needs to plug into the lowest point at the central area of the foot end for this bed, this will be located on the inside and a ariel technician can also help you with this. Many thanks for your question.

What is the maximum depth of TV this bed can take? Mine was damaged and I need to buy a replacement but they all seem to thick. 

Answer: Hello, Please contact our customer services team as they may be able to issue you a replacement TV that is specifically designed for this type of bed frame. You can contact them on 0800 652 5090. Many thanks for the question.

Is this bed spring slats or solid slats? Does this bed come with a guarantee? 

Answer: , This bed frame does not have a slat system, it has a solid platform top base which offers exceptional support and durability. This bed frame will come with a one year guarantee. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this in slate grey? The picture appears brown.

Answer: Hello , This bed can come in an oatmeal or slate grey colour. However, if you'd like to see the bed before purchasing it please visit one of our many stores. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi,  Is there an extra cost to have the Smart TV as opposed to the standard LED TV? If so, what is the extra cost? Thanks in advance

Answer: Hello , Yes there is an additional cost of £200 if you opt for a Smart TV as opposed to an LED TV, which is added automatically to the overall price. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Does the dvd opening have to be on the same side as the opening or can it go on the hinged side.

Answer: , The side rail with the media compartment can be placed either side - whichever is preferred. You will need to determine this before assembly. Kind Regards, Dreams

What are the dimensions of the 5ft bed? They don't show in the link you provide.

Answer: Hi Yule, If you click the dimensions tab they are displayed in both the Double and King size. Length: 244cm Width: 155cm We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

I do not want media compartment gap....is this possible? How long does winter sale last?

Answer: Hello, This comes as standard on the bed frame. It can be used as a storage compartment as well. The winter sale ends on the 24th January 2016. Many thanks for the question.

hi does the tv bed come with a remote is control the tv going up and down

Answer: Hello Yes this TV bed does come with a remote. The TV can be moved up and down by pushing a button on the side rail. I hope this helps, and many thanks for your question.

How do you connect the TV channels.....is there a built in aerial?

Answer: Hello, The delivery crew will assemble this for you and tune the TV. The TV will need to be plugged into an aerial socket. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Please can you tell me if the base is wooden slats or sprung?

Answer: Hi , The bedframe will contain a wooden base across the bedframe. This will be a stronger option in comparison to slats in general. Many thanks for the question.

Our tv in our bed has broke .. and we need to replace it what are the specifications that we need to purchase a new tv is it a slimline or a standard LG tv 

Answer: , We would recommend contacting our customer service team to determine exactly which TV is required for your model of bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there a maximum weight of mattress for this bed? I have a tempur mattress and want to make sure the ottoman will still work.

Answer: Hello , We do not have a specific weight restriction and a tempur mattress will be fine for this bedframe. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can you buy a replacement base for this bed? Our has broken and we cannot repair it again. 

Answer: , We would recommend that you contact our customer service team on 0800 652 5090 to inquire about ordering replacement parts. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello  How many plug sockets are required for this bed, I am having one delivered this next week and am trying to prepare for the installation, also in the showroom I noticed that inside the bed at the front there was some power points but how many? 

Answer: Hello , This bed requires two plug sockets and the others at the front are used up with the bed parts. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

In response to an earlier question, you had said that Ottoman box only opens on left side. But, in a more recent answer you say that this can be chosen at the time of assembly. Can you confirm which answer is correct please

Answer: Hello, This is a choice you can make at the time the bed is being assembled, you get to choose the side you want this to open on. Many thanks for the question.

how much would it cost with mattress on direct debit

Answer: Hello , Mattresses vary on price however finance is available from £400 or over to be eligible for interest free payments. Many thanks for the question.

Hi In a previous answer you state bed will only take a 32" tv due to the lift mechanism. Can you please explain why on p1 of the assembly instructions it states you can have a 20" to 42" tv if it's a slimline LED tv under 37kg and within a certain size

Answer: Hello , I'm very sorry about this, the lifting mechanism is universal and any TV up to 42" will fit. Thank you for highlighting this and I hope this helps.

Hi I would like to purchase this bed, but I own a Sky box and a Wii. Where would they be stored?

Answer: Hello There is a media compartment on the side panel where you can store your game console and tv box. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

I want to order this bed and it's out of stock,can I still order and do you do price promise?

Answer: Hello , Yes we do price promise, add you email address and we'll email you when it's back in stock. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

what is the size of double bed with tv? and what is the size of single 3?

Answer: Hello , Dimensions of double are 220.6cm X 139.4cm. We do not do this bed in a single unfortunately. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can i buy this bed without the TV? I know you mentioned in another question about using a certain tv but i am ok with using my own so would prefer to buy it without a tv.

Answer: Hello , The bed comes with the TV as standard within the price. We do not sell it as an option without, I'm afraid. Many thanks for your question.

Can the bed be fitted to be lifted from either right or left hand side? Or just the way it shows in picture?

Answer: Hello , This bed can only be lifted as it is shown in the picture - from the left hand side. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

I looked in store and was told a 40" Samsung TV was provided which could be updated to a Samsung Smart TV. On your website a 32" LG TV is provided. Which is correct? (re-asked as didn't appear)

Answer: Hello , The Evolution comes with a 32 inch TV. If you want a 40 inch TV you can go for the titanium bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

Can you let me know the dimensions of the TV slot. I was in your store yesterday and was told you could fit upto a 42" TV. 

Answer: Hello , The product can only fit a 32" TV as standard, this is why we have this included with the frame. Many thanks for the question.

I've had this bed for 2 years it now makes a squekin noise when I move or turn over. It can't be the mattress as thats Tempur full foam. How can I stop the noise?

Answer: , We would recommend that you contact our customer service team on 0800 652 5090 who will be able to advise. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the TV lift and lower mechanism electric, and is the lift mechanism remote control operated.

Answer: , Yes the mechanism for lifting and lowering the TV is electric and is controlled by a remote control. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi. Could you tell me the weight of the bed with a tempa mattress please. 

Answer: , Depending on which Tempur mattress you select, the 2 x products together will weigh approximately 190Kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

The LG TV provided with this on the web is now pretty much out of date and has poor reviews. Is it possible to change the specification of TV or have the bed supplied without a TV?

Answer: Hello , The TV that comes with the frame, is sold as a set only. The frame can not be sold separately. Many thanks for the question.

Tv ports at the back have stopped working. What’s the best process for repair/replacement? Can it be easily replaced with any 32”? 

Answer: , We would recommend that you contact our customer service team who will be able to help you here. Kind Regards, Dreams

The t.v’s that you supplier are they smart t.v’s are they WiFi enables? Thanks 

Answer: , This bed frame comes with a choice of TV - this can either be a standard LED TV or a Smart TV. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you confirm that the length of the double bed is 220 cm including the TVs housing - the illustration isn't clear,

Answer: Hello , Yes I can confirm that the length is 220cm including the TV's housing. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What kind of wood is it?

Answer: Hi This bed is actually fabric finished, not wood. I hope this helps. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Hi can you please tell me the overall weight of this bed and is it safe to have up stairs in a house? 

Answer: Good Evening, The weight of this bed frame in a double is 136kg - this frame is suitable to have upstairs. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can I decide not to have console gap?

Answer: Hello, This comes as standard on the bed frame. It can be used as a storage compartment as well. Many thanks for the question.

I don't have an ariel socket in the bedroom so I have been using a free standing ariel for the TV I have at the minute...would this still work with the TV that's in the bed? 

Answer: Hello , Yes you can use this, although it will compromise the picture. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Do you provide the assembly / installation option? 

Answer: Hello, For this particular bed we do, and this is carried out free of charge. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi how does this bed arrive when it is delivered as we have purchased this for our loft and we are hoping it comes flat packed but are now starting to worry a little. Regards. Ruth. 

Answer: Hello , Not to worry, the bed comes flat-packed for a easy move to the bedroom of choice. Many thanks for your question.

Hows the tv pick up channels ? I mean shows .. and mentions no airiel on it ..

Answer: , The TV is required to be plugged into an aerial socket to be able to pick up live TV Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there an IR repeater so any devices such as sky boxes in the media compartment work when pointing the remote control for the sky box at the tv?

Answer: Dear , I am afraid there are no IR repeater's that come with the TV bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

I have ordered this bed in store 3 days ago. I have just seen on the video that I could upgrade to a smart tv. Would this still be possible as I wasn't offered this option in store. Thanks

Answer: Hello , You can do this through our customer services department on 03442920000. Many thanks for the question.

Can a surround sound system be added to this bed in anyway and if so is there a way of purchasing one through dreams?

Answer: , Unfortunately you are unable to add a surround sound system to this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you advise what cleaners to use on this particular headboard .. need to get a couple of grease spots out .. soapy water not any use. Thanks 

Answer: , We only advise using warm soapy water to clean the fabric on this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

I have recently purchased this bed and was assured that it can accept a 40" TV which I already own. Looking back through the previous questions I can see a reply stating 32" maximum. This is contrary to what I have been told. Can a 40" fit?

Answer: Hello, This bed frame can only be used with the width of the TV is comes with. Many thanks for the question.

Hi we currently do not have a tv in bedroom and all other TVs in house are set up with Virginmedia so how do we connect this tv? Would we have to get a multi room set up from virgin? Thanks 

Answer: , We would recommend contacting your TV service provider to confirm this. Kind regards, Dreams

Are there speakers in this bed

Answer: Hello , This does not include speakers, it has a TV for this model. Many thanks for the question.

Could you please confirm the length of this bed? Dimensions state 227cm but I measured it roughly in the store and it appeared nearer 220cm?

Answer: Hello , 227cm will be the correct length for this bed in a double. Many thanks for the question.

 Can you control the tv from both sides of the bed?  I'm confused is it a LG or Samsung smart tv provided when upgraded

Answer: Hi , This TV is an LG 32" (LG32LH604V) Smart TV when upgraded. Thank you for your question.

What is the size of Evolution Slate Grey Fabric Upholstered LG LED TV Ottoman Double size Bed Frame 

Answer: Hi , The height is 123.9cm, width is 139.4 and the length is 227cm. Many thanks for your question.

Slightly confused by video and description, but is it a Samsung or LG TV included? Thanks.

Answer: Hello, They have all been recently changed to a Samsung TV included. Many thanks for the question.

Can you purchase just the bed base on its only without TV? And if so how much would it be?

Answer: Hello , Our TV bed frames can only be purchased with a TV bundled. Thank you for your question.

Hello , what is the biggest size of tv that this bed can hold .  Thank you 

Answer: Hello, The biggest TV is the one supplied with the bed at 32". Many thanks for the question.

Hi, someone previously asked whether this tv bed comes with a remote to operate the lift mechanism.  The answer given was not completely clear Can u please clarify.  Is the lift mechanism controlled by remote control as well as push buttons on the side?

Answer: Hi , Apologies for the confusion, this is a remote lift. Thank you for your question.

Could I put a bigger tv in this bed or does it have to be a 32inch? Thank you. 

Answer: , This frame is only suitable for use with a 32 inch TV. Kind Regards, Dreams

is there a weight limit for the Evolution TV Bed double size

Answer: , There is no limit of maximum weight to this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the tv come with a remote to tune it in or turn it on? I can’t get my tv to come on 

Answer: Hi , Please call customer services on the number at the top of our site. Thank you.

hi can this bed come in single by any chance

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately this frame does not come in single. Thank you for your question.

What is the guarantee on this bed please

Answer: , This bed frame comes with a one year guarantee. Kind Regards, Dreams

I’d like to put storage boxes under the bed in the ottoman what is the maximum height of storage box I could fit to ensure the bed closes ok?

Answer: , The depth of the internal storage area is 23cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the ottoman open on either side or it out fixed as in the picture ?

Answer: , The ottoman can be fixed to open on either side, Kind Regards, Dreams

Would a normal king size mattress fit this bed?

Answer: , Yes a standard king mattress would be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi how heavy is this bed please

Answer: Hello , This is 136kg. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Can you change the side of the bed which opens up I mean left or rightside?

Answer: Hello, This can be chosen when assembling the bed. Many thanks for the question.

Will a mattress that is 26cm deep fit on this bed fame neatly?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. Yes a 26cm deep mattress would be suitable for this frame.

What size tv can fit into the king size evolution tv bec

Answer: , The King Evolution comes with a 32" TV. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi How long is the mains lead on the television please? 2 questions answered saying the bed had a remote to lift mattress up & the switch for the TV to go up is on the side of the bed (it has a remote control) both answers are wrong surely ?

Answer: , The length of the mains lead is 1.5m. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the total height of the end board when the TV is raised?

Answer: Hello, This will be 50 inches. Many thanks for the question.

Can you confirm if the drawer hole where consoles can go can be moved to either side of the bed?

Answer: Hi , Yes you can. Thank you for your question.

Hi i was wondering after reading some of the other questions, what tv does it come with is it samsung or lg? 

Answer: Hi Brain F, This is an LG. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 review

Evolution Oatmeal Fabric LG Smart LED TV Ottoman

It may be obvious to say but preparation is everything, before installation, make sure your cables are in situ. Once built, this bed assembly is extremely heavy. For ease, we paid the Dreams delivery / installation team to assemble the bed, who explained the controls of the bed & TV channel options on completion, including taking the packaging away, leaving it all neat and tidy. There are two controls for the TV lift, a remote control unit that's stored in the side pocket of the bed and a manual rocker switch (keep the button depressed) in the media compartment area. The LG LED TV comes supplied with a coaxial aerial T piece and 90* right angled HDMI cable adapters, I would recommend using a 90* right angled Ethernet cable adapter if not connecting the TV via the built in Wi-Fi. The TV remote is slightly fiddly as the buttons are on the small side. The Freeview & Freesat Live TV channel hopping has a quick response but you do have to wait if changing to the Smart TV channels as in catch-up, Netflix and Amazon Apps to load. The sound is good, the speakers are to the rear of the TV (in our situation) a 2' 6" gap to the bedroom wall, there's no real need for additional speakers though there is enough clearance to sit along either side of the TV (on its motorised shelf) if need be. Originally we were not sure about the viewing distance of a 32" TV when in bed, surprisingly it's very comfortable without any strain on the eyes. We've had the bed now for two months (November 2017) and we're very pleased with it. We would certainly purchase this TV bed combination again, if the need arose. I've even thought about buying one for the second bedroom but I can't face lifting up the floorboards to route the cables again.


Love it!

As we were changing the mattress we decided to change our bed too as the old one was too low for my liking. I have spinal problems in my thoracic and lumbar regions. Me and my wife-to-be thought that if we were spending good money on the mattress we may as well do the same for the bed. In fact, why not get what some people would consider to be a luxury bed? So, we got a bed with a TV in it. We opted for the self-build option and have to say it was easier than expected with a very clear instruction manual. Just allow more time than the 1 hour that the manual states. So, how does it compare? We love it! No more stooping to get into bed, getting out is much easier for me too. I also look forward to going to bed now, even going earlier than i used to so I can watch a little TV before nodding off. Weekend mornings are now spent in bed watching telly instead of getting up and dragging myself downstairs to make breakfast. I find I'm going downstairs for breakfast later than usual!


Love this bed!

We have had our TV bed for just over a week now. We chose the colour Oatmeal and I just love the way it looks in our room. The King size gives you plenty of room and as two tall people, enough length. We opted for the TV without SmartTV, the quality is great and I was worried the distance between ourselves and the TV would be too close but it’s just right. It also works fine moving it up and down. We decided to pay for the delivery team to set it up for us. The delivery team were polite and had it done within 40 minutes, they asked us which side we would prefer to have the ottoman open. The storage underneath the bed is a huge space too. We had heard that the bed was extremely heavy. We did need to move it in the end, only a couple of inches, it was heavy to move but not impossible. The bed frame did come with a couple of marks on it, I haven’t tried to get it off yet but apart from that the quality overall is great!


The evolution slate bed

I bought this bed for my son I wish I had bought for myself. This bed is elegant it is a beautiful feature without appearing overly dominant in the room. The fabric is a great base colour that you can dress up or down. The mechanics of the TV and ottoman are so easy to use. I was lucky to get a 40 inch smart TV with the bed which my son loves. This bed may appear costly but you are paying for a beautiful well made solid frame that myself and son put together with out difficulty. We were missing a screw for the TV, I contacted customer service and received replacement screws the following day. Dreams service was fantastic from the point of purchase to recieving the final screw. This bed is amazing get over whatever is holding you back from purchasing Dreams have great purchase deals go treat yourself you spend a lot of time in bed so do it in style and comfort.


Great space saver!

I brought this a few months ago and had it delivered when I moved into a new house. Great space saver with the storage underneath and we did have a wall or enough space to put a tv in the bedroom, so having it in the bed was perfect! The little media section (to put dvd/sky box etc) is big enough for a games console and a sky q mini box side by side. As for the build, it is relatively simple to put together in a few hours. There’s no slats, it’s just 2 solid panels that you put the mattress on. Personally I like it being solid so it doesn’t bow on the slats like other beds but that’s just personal preference. Overall all a great bed, if I ever need another one I would go for a similar one.


After a year is still as new

I bought this bed almost a year ago. We went into our local store accidentally as we wanted to visit another store and we didn't even want to buy a tv bed just a simple box bed with few drawers....but we seen this bed. We bought a very nice firm mattress with it and we got 2 pillows and 1 mattress protector with it - this is the best mattress protector I ever used - for free. We love the bed and the mattress too. It should comes with a 32" tv, but they were out of stock, so they sent a 40" tv....You can guess I didn't complain. The bed is in new condition as the mechanism, the tv and the mattress as well. The storage is fantastic, and it looks very luxurious in my bedroom. Thank you Dreams!


Stylish and comfy, yet sturdy!

The bed itself is great! Looks exactly like the images on the website and we are loving being able to watch tv in bed! The only problem Is, the bracket provided to mount the tv was not suitable for the model of TV that came with the bed. We tried very hard to mount the tv on to it but the screws provided were not long enough to hold the tv on to the bracket and the tv just kept falling off. We couldn't be bothered with the hassle of calling Dreams to dispute this and wait for the right bracket (we waited over 10 weeks for the bed to be delivered when we were initially told it would take around 6-8weeks), so went and bought our own so we could the tv safely.


Great bed

This is a great product that ticks all the boxes. Our requirements were quite specific and this does the job perfectly. With nowhere to put a TV in the room without spoiling the look of it, this is perfect, we went for the smaller TV as it is just at the foot of the bed & is pretty close, especially when you are used to the TV being 10' away, and I think we made the right choice. The lift action on the ottoman function is great and there is plenty of space to store whatever you need, ours currently has spare bedding beneath it & is an absolute godsend! This is our 2nd ottoman bed & I won't buy anything else from now on.


Bedframe is very good

I bought the bedframe a few months ago. Excellent quality. Bought a top quality mattress and have a great nights sleep every night. I was expensive but worth it. The one drawback is the tv. We bought the smart tv but it comes preloaded with pay tv such as now tv Netflix and amazon prime. It has BBC player but not itv. You cannot load your own so selection is very limited. If you don't have it connected to an external ariel you cannot watch freeview and I don't want an aerial running over my carpet.


Solid construction

I've had the bed a couple of weeks now and WOW....... the quality of the ottoman mechanism is amazing the frame is solid and went together really easily. The new mattress took a few days to get used to but well worth it. I opted for the smart tv and am thoroughly happy, even when the first tv had a fault with the firmware, Dreams could not do enough for me and dispatched a replacement a couple of days later. The only very minor criticism is the tv lift mechanism is a little noisy but that is it.


Loving it

I got my bed mid September and it's the best night's sleep I've had since I've moved. Love the bed, I can relax and watch my TV or play my games console all from the comfort of this bed. Smooth motion when raising or lowering the TV and a brilliant quality TV too. The ottoman feature is amazing. I have recently moved into a smaller room and having an ottoman helps make use of the limited space available to me. Comfortable bed and mattress, brilliant TV and great value for money.



I've had this bed for about 10 months now and I absolutely love it! I have a virgin HD box and DVD in the opening and the smart TV is fantastic. Check the dimensions as it's much less bulky than I expected...I only wish I'd bought a bigger one! It is EXTREMELY heavy so there will be no cleaning under it and make sure the fitters have it exactly where you want it...but apart from that I can't fault anything. The service from Dreams was 10/10!


Couldn't of bought better.

I purchased this bed over a month ago now x although there was a mix up within the delivery which got sorted ASAP I cannot complain bout the costumer care. The bed itself was well worth the money very good quality, sturdy, the hydrolic storage is fantastic no banging. Or sudden shutting its silent, and the tv mechanism is of a good quality too x I am overall very pleased with my purchase and device received x love my bed x


Solid bed

I bought this bed for my teenage Son and he loves it, it was fun to put together and took a while but the quality of the structure is great, every part was well made and fitted where it was supposed to. It looks great and stores loads of his stuff underneath with an easy lift mechanism. Only criticism is that the media tray is too shallow to fit a PS4 fully but small problem for a good product. Might buy the king for me.


Great service great bed!

Amazing bedframe. Bought this bed from your Blackpool branch. Amazing service from both Stacey and David, they both answered all my questions with ease and also helped myself and my daughter in finding the perfect mattress that was within our budget too! Thank you to both members of the team. The frame looks amazing and is easy to use! Would definitely recommend this frame and Dreams for their service


Fantastic quality!

I bought this ottoman bed 3 weeks ago and I love it! The ottoman pulls up with ease and the storage is massive!! This was the deal breaker for me. The telly is a great bonus, hidden away nice and tidy, great for a cosy winter night in. The bed is made to perfection, it’s so heavy! The temper mattress seems so much more suited as the bed is solid underneath. 5 stars from me and my partner.


Great bed and amazing TV

The quality of the finishing is very good and the TV quality which is a Samsung LED 32 inch is fantastic. The image on the website for the remote control for the TV mechanism does not match what was provided apart from that everything was brilliant. The lifting mechanism for the underneath storage is quite heavy but this may loosen with time and the underneath storage is very large.



We've had this bed now for a couple of months and is well worth the money. Plenty of space thanks to the ottoman and very impressed with the tv at the end. Wouldn't know how to put it together as I paid the extra for the guys at dreams to fit but they done a fantastic job and were done in less that 2 hours!! Would highly recommend this bed!!


Best bed I have ever owned

What a great bed, best I have ever owned. Fab quality, the TV is ace and the remote lift is pucka. I decided to build my self and it was pretty straightforward, not off the inexperienced DIY er I might add. Only downside is I have to watch Spongebob in the mornings now as my boys take over the TV Great Value for money thank you


Literally a dream!

We’ve just moved house and as such decided to treat ourselves to a new king size bed. I couldn’t be happier with our choice. The bed is built to a great level of quality and were yet to have a bad nights sleep! There’s plenty of storage underneath as an ottoman, built very sturdy, and every last detail has been finished well.


Fantastic bargain

I bought this a month ago online which is always a bit of a risk, but it was worth it! Paid extra for fitting but was so worth, the guys were friendly and professional and so quick! TV quality is great and ottoman is the easiest lift one I’ve ever seen and all for a brilliant price! Thank you dreams, I sleep so much easier!


TV bed, but better...

Trying to find a good TV bed that we loved the colour and fabric of but also ottoman storage in our price range was difficult, until we see this in Dreams, stylish, well built and very comfortable with out Tempur mattress. And so pleased we bought the matching bedside cabinets too, love our new master bedroom!


The best bed I've ever owned!

I bought this a little under a month ago - it's by far the best purchase I've ever made. Was a little worried it would dwarf the room but actually I've found the room feels bigger and the integrated storage is so useful! Be careful not to put too much weight in there but you'll be amazed at what fits!



It's nearly been a month since I had this bed and I can't remember life without it. I love the fact that I can press a button and the tv pops out the end. It amazes me every time! I also love the ottoman part, it's a great way to store things, so much room! Such a good solid bed!


Fabulous bed

I bought this bed for my son who had a cabin bed for years and would not part with it, this certainly changed his mind. It is fabulous quality, looks really expensive and has great storage underneath. The mechanism for the TV is great and very quiet. Would highly recommend.


Fantastic service

Got our tv bed few months ago service in the store was fantastic. When they delivery men came. There was a txt to give time frame, call to say they where 10 mins away, took their shoes off without being asked and brought own sheet to put their shoes on. Would highly recommend


Great bed - super comfy, plenty of storage

Really pleased with this bed. Very comfy, sturdy, loads of storage underneath and compact sleek TV that saves you needing additional furniture to mount it on. The team when installing the bed also talk you through its features which was really helpful. Happy to recommend it


Great Product, Great Service, Great Option

We had a great experience purchasing the bed from Dreams the product is fantastic and the service that we got from dreams was simply faultless from buying to delivery. The product is very comfortable and is making a massive difference when it comes to our nightly sleep.


Lovely bed

Very well made/sturdy bed with loads of storage, kids love watching TV in bed. Only slight issue is that it's very heavy which is good & bad, lifting up to get to the storage is quit hard work, but this also stops the kids finding their Xmas presents!


Excellent Bed

Had this for 2 weeks and the TV is great, great picture and great sound and plenty of space in the ottoman feature. A bit daft that you spend all that money on a bed and it doesn't come with a TV aerial or controller batteries but that's just being picky.


Really happy.

The bed was an easy purchase and Karen made us feel welcome and gave us all the information and time we needed. Thank you, we have our forever bed and are really happy with it. The install was great too. The guys were helpful, quick and clean. Thanks.


Like sleeping on a cloud!

We've had our new bed for a few weeks now, and it's made such a difference to our sleep! We now wake up feeling properly rested and refreshed, and my back ache has completely cleared up. The TV included was much better quality than expected aswell.


brilliant bed

Purchased a few weeks ago and I am so happy I did, great delivery service and the bed is fantastic. Great tv and the storage is amazing. Only downside is I never watch a full movie anymore a I am so comfortable I fall asleep! Would highly recommend


Great quality and service

Extremely happy with the bed and looks beautiful in bedroom, really high quality and looks the part. Service was excellent, no issues with delivery and the team who assembled the bed were very helpful. Would recommend to my family and friend's.


Amazing product

Great solid bed. The ottoman is easy to use and access storage below. The TV lift function is silent when lifting. Would really recommend this product. It has been a joy to sleep on since we replaced our Divan base. An improved sleep!


Great quality

bought this tv bed 2 months ago, great looking, sturdy quality bed. The LG TV included has a nice picture with a good sound. The ottaman storage feature is handy providing plenty of extra storage, though a little heavy to lift.


Love my tv bed!

I bought the tv bed to go in my new loft conversion and absolutely love it! I paid for the bed to be assembled too which was the best money i could have spent the guys we’re so good and my bed was up and running in no time.


Love love love!

We had this delivered just before Christmas and love it! The delivery guys didn’t deliver one of the boxes but came back an hour later to drop it off. We built this ourself (took 4 1/2 hours) with 2 people. Very sturdy bed


Amazing Bed

Bed arrived today and it looks fantastic. The delivery crew were amazing and had the bed built in around 50 minutes. They were really helpful showing us how to run more cables under the bed and how things go together.


TV Bed

We bought this bed a month ago and we are very pleased with it. TV is just the right size and superb picture. Bed is of an excellent solid quality. Very comfortable and loads of space underneath in the ottoman part.


Lovely Bed

I brought this a few weeks ago. Lovely bed, lovely colour, only downfall is you have to hold the button to lover and raise the tv and it doesnt automatically turn off when lowered. But for the money I cant complain.



I love this bed, so does my little girl! We have movie days in bed now and it’s so comfortable it makes me not want to get out of bed, storage is so much bigger then I thought which is a plus and the tv is amazing!


One of the best purchases ever

I am so impressed with the quality, design and the overall look of the bed frame. The oatmeal works well with grey and taupe colour schemes. Also impressed with the quality of storage underneath, quite substantial


My dream bed

I got this bed one month ago and I am still over the moon with it love the tv that comes up through the bed and so grateful for the under bed storage as living in a small apartment every bit of storages counts


Great bed!

I bought this bed a little while ago and I'm very pleased with it; the TV is of good quality and the fabric on the bed is a lovely texture. When you raise the TV it is quite quiet and doesn't disturb anyone.


so much storage

this bed not only looks good it is comfy, we love going to bed every night watching one episode of our programmes before noddng off, and the amount of storage under the bed is a god send. love our new bed.


Fantastic service.

Bought this about a month ago now, the installers were prompt, friendly, did a great quality job and demo’d the setup of the TV in the bed nicely for me. Build quality seems excellent. Happy customer here!


TV Bed, Delivered & Assembled

Good communication from the delivery team, arrived on time and they assembled the bed quickly and without fuss. Bed is great, well build and everything works as expected. Wish we'd had a TV bed yeara ago!


Great Features

I purchased this bed about 8 weeks ago & it's probably the best & most expensive bed I've bought. The tv at the end of the bed is great & so handy if you fancy a lazy Sunday morning. Thank you Dreams


Brilliant Bed!

Loved the colour of the fabric, neutral, not likes the usual greys you can only normally find. Keeps the bedroom tidy and mess free. Very happy with the purchase. TV is also very good quality.


Delivered Every Promise

So happy with this bed. Sadly have to spend some time each day lying flat. This delivers clarity of sound , excellent picture and all in a quality in obtrusive footboard. Excellent value.


Great features

I bought this about a month ago, the storage system is smooth to operate, same as the TV feature and looks stylish, very happy with the product It was fast delivery and quick assembly


Tv Ottoman Bed

Great bed and lovely colour. Took a while to get it put together but was quite straightforward. Easy to lift up and down for storage. We iPhoto the smart tv and is definitely worth it.


A good nights kip.

Bought this bed from local Dreams store, best bed I've ever slept in. The built in tv is a bonus, Only one drawback, they should design them with a built in kettle & toaster as well.


Good construction & sturdy

The delivery & guys who put it together were very good, I reccomend using the guys for this as it was very heavy, and sturdy. So far so good everything seems to be working fine


Great feature gorgeous looking bed good quality we

Bought this bed to save space and gain space Brilliant features Bought this bed for our son in the spare room Never leaves the room We want to buy one now now he loves it


Perfect for the job

Great prodict, extremely practical for a room if you have a room with no space for a television. And even better when you have a little one who wants to be up early hours.


Great nights sleep

I have now had the bed for 2 weeks and can’t believe I didn’t buy it sooner. The bed looks so classy, the tv is perfect and best of all it’s so comfy. Worth every penny


Fantastic bed!

What a fantastic bed, we have always had a TV in our room but it has always taken up too much room. Having the ability to store it in the foot of the bed is brilliant!


All I could have asked for!

I bought this bed three weeks ago and I love it. It’s comfortable and has plenty of storage space. It’s really easy to lift the mattress up and push it down again.


Lovely Bed

This is probably one of my best buys, we needed a new bed and decided on this one and although it took a bit of putting together it was well worth the effort!


Fab bed!

We bought a bed and mattress a couple of months ago and we love it! It's an ottoman bed and the space has proved invaluable!!!! The mattress is awesome too!


Great bed love it

We bought this bed as we had been undecided for years about buying one and we are not disappointed at all very sturdy and makes watching TV in bed easier


I love this bed !

The best bed you will ever own. Everything about it is stylish and expensive looking and the TV is a great addition pictures don’t do it justice.


Great addition

Had our new ottoman bed a few weeks now. And I've still not pressed the button to bring tv up lol.(I don't watch tv in bed....him indoors does)


Lovely quality bed well made

Glad we eventually purchased from dreams after months searching for the perfect bed for us so pleased with the product and service we received



I absolutely love this bed! The TV is brilliant, the bed is very well made and had brilliant storage underneath! I couldn't be happier!!!


Great product, highly recommend if looking for a T

The bed is excellent quality and does exactly what is says on the tin. Only quibble is I don’t rate the Samsung TV that was supplied.


Great tv bed

Had this bed a week. Love the style and look of the bed. Great being able to watch tv and then hide it away. Would definitely recommend.


Great Quality

We were in desperate need of more storage and wall space and this bed does both. Great quality, comfortable and loads of storage space.


Great bed with a good gimic.

Had this bed a little over a month now. Its great! A little smaller than expected, but great storage space and good quality parts.


My daughter loves it.

We bought the bed for my daughter and she loves it, very comfortable and the TV fitted in the bed gives her more wall space.


Lovely bed

It’s very quite lifting the tv up, great storage underneath. The bed is very heavy so I’m glad I got dreams to build it



I brought this bed for my new house, I absolutely love it. Dreams have been so good from the start until the end.


Love it!

I love this bed! Only one downside is that the tv coming up and down is quite noisy but that’s not that big a deal



Really impressed, looks great, I was dubious when my husband suggested it but really really chuffed we had it


extremely happy!

Bought it just before Christmas and haven't slept so well. Really comfortable, well made and a space saver.


Fab bed

I bought this bed a month ago it's the most comfortable bed we have! The service was fantastic from dreams,


Great product best on the market for the price

This bed has a sleeker design, quite motor also easy to install compared to my old tv bed cannot fault it


Lovely bed!

We bought this bed just under a month ago and we love it! The storage is great and it’s very comfortable


Excellent Bed

We treated ourselves to a new bed when we moved house and absolutely love this! Would highly recommend


Love our new bed

I brought this bed a month ago and love it the delivery guys were brilliant. Everything went to plan


Simply awesome

I bought this bed and there is only one tiny little drawback - I just never want to get out of it!


Perfect Purchase!

I brought this a month ago, really happy with the product. Looks great and is really practical.


Excellent features

Was simple to put together,wires hidden away out of site,large storage,and a great addition


Good sleep

Would recommend this bed to anyone, so when my son moves out he will be getting one aswell.


Fantastic bed

I bought this bed a month ago, delivery was quick, bed is very well made, lots of storage


Love how well it’s made!

I bought this a months ago and it is built of a very highly quality and looks great!



I bought this bed 2 weeks ago took us all day to build but well worth it love it



Had this bed 3 weeks now. Love the comfort and the warmth from it. Very relaxing.


Great bed

The bed is nice and what I expected, easy to put up with instructions,thank you


Great features

So pleased with this bed - looks stylish and is just what I was looking for



I brought this 6 weeks ago looks lovely in the bedroom so pleased with it


Love the TV and the storage.

I brought this bed three weeks ago and its the best thing i have brought.



Now had my bed 4 weeks and can honestly say it is the most comfiest ever


Lovely bed

We got this 2 weeks ago and so comfortable and it looks stylish.



Great bed with lots of storage room and the tv is top notch


Proper bonza!

What a Cracking bit of kit the tv pops out of nowhere


Amazing Bed

I've had this bed for a few weeks now and I love it


Great all round product.

Mega impressed with the bed. 5 stars all day long.