Carson Wooden Platform Bed Frame Rated 4.48/5 based on 233 customer reviews
Carson Wooden Platform Bed Frame

Carson Wooden Platform Bed Frame

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Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6
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Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

Get a good night's sleep with Carson, a platform bed frame that has been designed to let you rest easy. It offers plenty of storage compartments and large slats for maximum airflow, all in a simple, modern design that will fit in any bedroom.

Get a bed frame that will last with the Carson Wooden Platform Bed Frame

The Carson bed frame is built to last. With its solid pine and pine veneer construction and dark stain finish, this bed frame will provide a sleek and sophisticated platform for any bedroom. It includes 6 wicker baskets and 4 open shelves to offer ample storage space, while the low-rise platform design ensures that it remains perfectly in line with the Japandi trend. What's more, you're in good company, with an impressive amount of customer reviews that are largely positive with many happy customers.

Reasons to Buy

Plenty of additional storage space which will suit those who have limited access to traditional storage through drawer chests and wardrobes. 

Price point fairly reasonable given the high quality and positive reviews.

Reasons to Avoid

Fairly lengthy lead-times for delivery.

Limited sizing available.

Limiting 1 year warranty.

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Of The Carson Wooden Platform Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Carson Wooden Platform Bed Frame Great?

Solid pine and pine veneer construction

Pine is robust, durable and more sustainable than other woods and is the ideal choice for those looking for a high quality finish that looks great in any bedroom. Pine is often cheaper than oak but can still withstand daily usage over a long period of time, benefitting from a natural glow that requires little upkeep, pine can also be easily painted should you wish to change or modernise a room set with time.

Dark stain finish gives timeless sophistication

The dark wood stain will look great in any bedroom thanks to the finish giving the bedroom set a rich, elegant look that would be perfect for a traditional or formal bedroom.

Low-rise platform silhouette for modern style

Low rise beds are growing in popularity, in part due to deeper mattresses and offering a bit of a neutraliser to deeper bed frames. Low-rise frames main advantage is that they can also prevent overheating as hot air rises, ideal if you sleep particularly warm and are looking for all-season heat regulation.

Solid slats for good airflow

Solid slats are a great way to utilise the support on offer within the bed frame. Not only do solid slats promote good airflow but they also provide a slightly firmer sleeping surface than sprung slats. The result of this means your back and neck get a bit more support when you sleep.

Plenty of storage compartments including 6 wicker baskets and 4 open shelves

Additional storage gives more options for how you layout your room, giving you more places to hide away objects for those looking to achieve a clean-room aesthetic, or for those looking to store bedding for guests. 

Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

A one year guarantee is suitable for many as the vast majority of problems that may occur often do so within that first year. At the same time, more and more retailers are beginning to offer multi-year warranty and guarantees although these often come at a slightly higher price point on average.

Please download instructions here

Build time: 2 people | 1 hour

This is the amount of time and the people required to conduct the build process efficiently. While you may manage yourself, if it best to get the help of someone else where possible.

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Customer Reviews For The Carson Wooden Platform Bed Frame

Based on 233 reviews
Space saver

This bed is fabulous! The storage drawers are sturdy and large and means I dont need a chest of drawers in what is a small double bedroom. I am thrilled with the quality of it, and the guys who delivered and erected it did a fantastic job. They were polite/speedy and took all the packaging away. They even lifted my new mattress in place for me! I have found a couple more baskets from a local store to add to the shelf I only eed the 2 nearest the pillow end for books and phones...which also means I dont need a bedside table! This bed is perfect if you want to store loads of much nicer than having plastic tubs stashed under the bed which is what I have done before. This is a quality piece of furniture..couldn't be happier. PS The headboard is very sturdy and I realised that if you fancy a change you can drape a coloured throw over it to match your colour scheme...very versatile...mine is grey quilted at the moment but may change with the much nicer than a padded head board that gathers dust, especially if you are prone to allergies...throws can be easily washed and changed!


Okay listen up. I've been looking for a bookshelf double bed for literally years. I have no idea why these don't exist everywhere! Long gone are the days of trawling through Google trying to find a double bed, not just a single, that has shelves instead of drawers or ottoman lifts. Full drawers are so inconvenient in small spaces! Divans are only useful for bedding! Where would I put my night time book if I didn't have this wonderful delight of a bed! I'm a heavy person and this bed supports me with no issues whatsoever. The boxes can be moved to whichever shelf you want to use, which is great for me as there isn't enough space at the head for them so I've moved mine to the bottom. The single issue I have is that the headboard on this one is quite low, which means there's a gap between the mattress and the wall, so I'm on the lookout for a bookshelf headboard now!

Quality Hard To Come By

The Wilkes Wooden Storage Bed Frame looks beautiful. The minimal design paired with the rustic appearance of the dark wood was exactly what I was looking for. Assembly was simple and I managed it singlehandedly. However, I am disappointed with the quality of the bed. Im disappointed that real wood is such a rarity now a days. I was aware that the bed frame wasnt solid wood when I bought it but once it arrived I realised how disappointed I really was. For the money I spent on the bed, Id expect it to be made of real solid wood, not manufactured or engineered. Maybe I am underestimated the price of real solid wood. Aesthetically the bed frame does what it is supposed to do but it falls apart on closer inspection, looking and feeling.. fake.

Lovely solid bed

Its a lovely solid bed, I love the colour of the frame and headboard. And was easy to assemble. The baskets seem nice quality and are also a nice colour to match the frame colour. My only issue is that the inside storage compartments are not finished like the frame (they are shown to be finished with the wood effect in the display pictures above, but this is not the case) as shown in the image I uploaded. It's a shame really as this one little oversight does ruin its aesthetic as it is noticable when walking into the room. To me anyway. Even just doing the bottom of the strage compartment, as that's what you see from head height wpuld have been something. So it gets a four instead of a five from me as overall love the bed and sleeping in it.

simplistic design with easy build

We wanted to find something that had a relatively natural look to it and the style from photos gave us the impression it would be the one. Taking a look in-store, it ticked all the boxes for us, it's quite low level, and was incredibly easy to build coming essentially in 4 parts, the headboard, two sides and foot. The main this is it has helped us with the issues we were experiencing with our matress. Because both sides have a solid edge, there is less stress on the traditional slats that make up the centre of the bed. The cubbies are suitably spacious, and better still have encouraged us to give away some un-used items.

Easy to build and great look

Easy to build as all the shelves are preconstructed, you bolt the 4 sides together and lay the slats on top. Might need a 2nd person to hold the headboard while you bolt that in. Nothing is loose and the bed looks great. Only lost a star because deep inside the shelves where it's been sprayed or treated, there is razor sharp bumps that will catch your skin. It's only a problem when constructing the bed, you'll never notice this again. Secondly the baskets have a natural wood smell which I find very nice, I'm sure it will loose this overtime but just a warning that after a month it's still a strong smell.

Excellent bed, solid frame, and great service

After 1 month we are very happy with the bed, it looks great, and is well made. The only tip I would give is that we bought extra storage boxes but they dont fit well into 2 of the compartments, the front left and right, which are slightly smaller than the rest. So you might want to bear that in mind if youre planning on using the boxes in every container. The delivery service was excellent, and the bed assembly, they wore PPE at all times due to Covid, and were friendly. Overall very happy and would have given five stars if it was for the slight flaw in design mentioned above.

The Good, The Great, The Meh

A very stylish bed with excellent storage space. So, if you're like me and have a drawer over flowing with clothes the little bed drawers are perfect for holding jammies and thick items to free up space! The material is cheap, which is a bit of a downside. Even with all of the protective packaging the headboard has been damaged. We would have preferred a better material. Overall, the bed is aesthetically nice! Excellent for functionality! But material is a 6.5 out of 10.

Fantastic bed!

This bed is incredible, it feels really sturdy (neither of us are slim, so we were worried about this as read you have to choose frames carefully, but its hard to find weight recommendations on most U.K. websites. The extra storage we have is fantastic too! Also looks really lovely. We paid for the assembly, but the Dreams staff mentioned the instructions were wrong, so might be worth noting if youre planning on doing this yourself.

beautiful bed!

Bought this bed recently and it was delivered fairly quickly, it arrived in 4 boxes. I did not pay for assemble and would recommend you either pay for it or enlist some help as the side rails are quite heavy. Overall, a beautiful bed! I love the contemporary design and feel to it, very sturdy fit for my heavy Simba mattress. The storage baskets are perfect and spacious with an option to buy more. Love it, love it!

Overall, happy with purchase so far.

Very nice bed, doesnt look like real solid oak though but a reasonable approximation if not next to real solid oak furniture. Fairly easy to assemble. Having 10 generous storage spaces makes it good value and reduces the need to clutter the bedroom with too much other storage. I wouldnt pay the full RRP but Dreams have regular sales and discount offers so if youre patient you can get it at a reasonable price.

Unique bed

This bed is unique compared to other wooden beds on the market. The bed provides good storage without compromising on style. The wicker baskets create a homely feel and make it easy to grab things like DVDs, chargers and books. Its great for the main bedroom or for a spare room to cater for guests by using the storage area to store towels. We think this is sure to compliment any home with a wow factor.

Nice bed but quality could be better for the price

The bed looks good and was easy to assemble. It is quite a low bed, so may not be suitable for those who struggle to stand. The inside of the storage spaces are not finished with the same veneer as the rest of the bed, but a plain brown material that looks similar to cardboard. On a couple of areas of the veneer the finish is poor. For the price I would expect details like these to be better.

Great storage and solid bed.

We bought this bed after purchasing a bed from another well known,much more expensive store which turned out to be absolute rubbish and we sent it back and got a full refund. We then went and purchased this bed. We had to wait 6 weeks for delivery with it being a new design but I can honestly say that it was well worth the wait. It is absolutely solid,fabulous for storage and looks lovely.

Great frame with mediocre materials

The frame looks great, and feels sturdy. Construction was incredibly simple. The compartments also provide ample storage! However, the wood used and sounds slightly cheaper than the price would let you believe. It's of solid construction and looks excellent, but doesn't emit a sense of 'quality' once you feel or tap it. Aside from that, it's a truely excellent bed frame!

Headboard is a let down

The bed itself is a beautiful design, the frame is nice and sturdy and the storage baskets are aesthetic as well as useful. The feature that lets this bed down is the headboard. Its so cheaply made and at odds with the rest of the bed. The slightest of taps to it produces a loud hollow sound which is depressing when you consider how much we paid for it.

Beautiful solid bed

Beautiful solid bed with handy compartments underneath. Quick delivery and installation of bed without complaints from the installer. (Went into a small double bedroom which was quite restricted for space for the install) Very professionally done and very knowledgeable on the product and of Covid requirements while on site. Very happy customer.

Put together in 4 boils of a kettle

Relatively easy to put together (or so they tell me I just made the tea). Very sturdy bed frame with clever storage space in the baskets under the frame. I love the design and even though its very early supports my weight well whilst sleeping. The wood is substantial and durable, giving the bed a sturdy and quality feel. Would recommend.

Wilkes wooden storage bed

Great looking bed.sturdy outta frame but the design for the slats is shocking. The fixings that are provided arent adequate if the factory drilled holes arent perfect which in my case arent. The fixings fit through the holes providing no solid fixing for the slats. Other than this the rest went together easy enough and really well.

Wilkes wooden bed is amazing!

Super thrilled with my new bed from dreams!! Delivery was on the date they stated and everything arrived in great condition! The shelf storage underneath is great for books which is what I intended to use for mine- measuring 22cm (H) by 47cm (L) and 36cm (D)! Its wonderfully sturdy so cant blame the bed for the noise on a night!

Carson bed - very good.

This is a Great bed, it is good quality and a really nice colour. Really completes the room. Very sturdy and clearly well made. Storage boxes are very handy. Saved loads of space around the house utilising these. Small amount of space under the frame also came in handy for things not often needed like a suitcase and summer shoes.

A must buy!!

For years and years I always put off investing money in a decent bed. I just though a bed is a bed end of the day. Then me and the missus decided to invest in a good bed and it certainly does make a difference. By a mile the best bed I've slept in and it looks great as well. Quality product, quality build, just brilliant.

Solid construction and nice looking

We were a bit worried when reading the mixed reviews, particularly the reviews mentioning the difference in colour from the photos. Initial impressions are good, the headboard seems solid and has a nice grain to it even if it isn't real wood, and the storage under the bed in the baskets has decluttered our room massively

stylish and great storage

This bed frame creates a really contemporary and minimalist feel to your bedroom. It's unique design means you have a really useful storage solution without having to compromise on the look - in fact the storage baskets only add to the style of this bed. A sturdy, well made and unique bed frame I would highly recommend.

Solid good looking bed

A solid good looking bed that's easy to put together and comes complete with 4 wicker baskets (which we didn't realise) and 4 free pillows. Not the cheapest bed on the Dreams website but overall, we're delighted with the purchase (considering the extra baskets & pillows) and it looks great in our daughters bedroom.

Great mattress

I've had a bad back for years, usually a lot worse first thing in the morning when I get out of bed, bought a tempur mattress and bed frame from dreams, haven't had any back problems since I can't believe all these years my bad back has been down to poor quality mattresses. Good in store service and delivery aswell

Excellent service and product

I bought this bed to replace my divan. Excellent choice. I saw it online before i went to shop. Excellent customer service. Delivery was on time and set up was efficient. My sleep have improved with the comfort. Very sturdy amd looks amazing on my wooden floors. I'll definitely recommend this purchase.

Great bed, colour not exactly like the photo

Very nice and functional bed frame. The only downside is that the colour is not exactly like in a photo and for the worse but considering that it is mostly covered by sheets and duvet it doesn't stick out. Having a more brown undertone would make it more appealing but that might be my personal taste.

A lightweight bed strong enough to support a rhino

It was not as sturdy as I thought it would be but I ordered without trying it. Having said that, I am yet to have a bad nights sleep. It is light enough to move to clean around (i have laminate flooring) but strong enough not to move with my heavy frame as I toss and turn through the night. Love it.

Wilkes wooden platform bed frame king size

Weve recently purchased the Wilkes wooden platform bed frame and we are really happy with it . Its very solid and has lots of storage which is what we were looking for so this ticked all the boxes for us. We chose the king size option and it fits with our deep mattress perfectly.

Amazing bed frame

Very good quality product, exactly like the picture, if not better! Definitely worth the price, easy to assemble and look great in our bedroom. It is lower than it look, but (like we have done) with a bigger mattress it is a nice height. Service and delivery were amazing throughout.


This is the most beautiful bed frame I have seen. The storage is actually very generous. More so than it looks on the picture. It is very good quality and very well made. Delighted with my purchase. I paid for it to be put together for me but watched as they did it. Its very simple.

Good quality bed frame + easy to assemble

Very happy with our newly purchased bed frame. Looks great, and whilst the giant boxes it arrived in looked quite daunting, it turned out to pretty much just be 4 big pieces to put together and was very easy to assemble. Good solid feel, doesn't feel cheap or poorly made.

Great bed

Having bought this online during lockdown and not being able to physically see the bed beforehand I had some reservations but the bed is solid, the finish is good and it was really easy to assemble by myself despite the recommendation of 2 people (which would have helped)

Looks stylish, sturdy and minimalist

Very easy to assembly, the missus managed to do it while I was at work, lovely sturdy frame, and the cats absolutely love the little cubby holes. There is limited space "under" the bed if you're inclined to put things under there, but enough for a few bags or boxes.

This is a dream!

Not only is this a book-fanatics dream as I can fill my bed with books, its also a dream to put up! The old saying you get what you pay for is absolutely true - it comes in four massive parts that simply slot together! Done and asleep within 30 minutes.

Easy to assemble, beautifully designed bed

Lovely bed with plenty of storage space - different to most other beds out there. I love the wicker baskets, and the bed was so easy to assemble. Almost completely did it by myself other than the lifting of the heavier items, so beautifully simple design!

Nice bed but not rustic

Slightly more processed finish than we had expected (wanted more rustic). But, a nice bed and the storage baskets are great. The bed comes with x4 baskets already - we didn't notice that and bought x4 ending up with x8 which fit but is a bit overwhelming

Love this bed

I love the bed! I have a really thick mattress and so wanted a sturdy bed frame that wasn't a fabric one and this is perfect. Loads of storage underneath and you can move the baskets around and arrange them how you want. Definitely a good purchase!

Beautiful Stylish

I purchased this beautiful stylish bed frame about a month ago along with a mattress l can honestly say l am getting the best sleep l could wish for the bed frame adds class and elegance to my bedroom on its own that is why I have given 5 stars.

A Fantastic Experience from begining to end

This is a fantastic and sturdy product that looks great in our bed room. Buying this was a great experience from begining to end and we are really happy with our new bed. The instore staff were fantastic, helpful and made us feel special.

Storage bed frame

Wasnt what i expected as its was not proper wood but a veneer and wooden in only some areas...the bits that arent seen!! Howver i must admit after putting it up it looks a lot better than anticipated and the storage baskets are fantastic!

Easy to assemble

Completes my bedroom nicely. Lovely firm base. slats in centre only, storage areas sealed in. Good use of space. Only problem with self assembly is the amount of packaging; I managed to assmble easily on my own. Very happy with my choice

great looking bed

bed looks amazing and is structurally sound. There was a quality issue with one section of the bed and the dreams customer service team quickly resolved this issue. There was a tiny colour difference in the end section all sorted now.

Wilkes bed

This bed is amazing!! So sturdy, comfortable and spacious, with the mattress that came with it...WOW never had a good night sleep as good as when I bought this bed, the staff were amazing and went the extra mile for us, 10/10!!!

New Bed

The beds was easy to assemble and made of good materials. It looks amazing in my new home bought for my 14yr old son who absolutely loves it. Storage compartments are great. I would strongly recommend this bed for a teenager.

Pretty, solid, practical.

Its pretty, solid and the storage offers great practically too. My only minor criticism is there are more cubbyholes than supplied baskets. But I think that was intended as in the picture not all items are placed in a basket.

Excellent bed!

I haven't found fault with this bed yet! The baskets are well made and a good size. The bed feels solid and not flimsy. It's a good height off the floor, especially with a thick mattress. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

Wilkes wooden platform King bed

Great bed, the frame is a lot lighter than I expected though, I assumed it would have been solid. But so far, no problems and very comfortable and stylish. Delivery was super easy and friendly but it was delayed by a bit.

Good quality, long lead time

Ordered this bed however was unaware of the 12 week lead time on it. After chasing post sales team they finally gave me a delivery date. Overall delivery and quality of the bed is good. Instructions were easy to follow.

Good price for the versatility.

A good looking aesthetic bed with the versatility of also having storage. Although could potentially show signs of wear quickly, based on the bed appearing to be made from laminated wood rather than solid wood.

Brilliant bed!

The Carson bed frame feels super sleek because of its platform base. The wooden design will look great in any bedroom, and the wicker baskets provide great storage, making great use of the space under the bed!

Wilkes Wooden Platform Bed

Bed is great build quality and very quick and easy to assemble. The style of bed is brilliant and the added storage underneath along with the boxes are perfect. Exceeding our expectation , would defo recommend

Sturdy bed, too much packaging.

The bed feels very sturdy. We didn't have much trouble putting it together ourselves. The amount of packaging, and tape seemed excessive. The delivery men were very good; wearing masks, and shoe covers.

Amazing Storage and Comfort

It is the perfect feature for our small bedroom. The wooden look makes it feel warm and cosy but the storage adds the modern sleekness that really ties the room together! This is 100% a forever bed!

Bed frame

The bed frame is nice, not the most strudy bed, easy to assemble. it is a shame through that wrong parts was send and now need to waith for replacement. 5 star for customer service for organizing it

Awesome bed

We ordered the bed in store although the main reason over online was due to the impression that we would have some pillows thrown in but this failed to materialise but happy with the bed regardless

Carson Wooden Bed

Really solid bed and easy to put together. Its modern and very stylish. The baskets give the bed extra functionality with the added storage space. I was so happy with the purchase I bought two.

Top Purchase!

Great product, easy to assemble. Looks great and is very functional with storage options. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants storage but maintain a clean aesthetic for the room.

Storage Coupled with Style!

This bed frame has a solid and sleek design; coupled with extensive under bed storage and handy wicker storage baskets, this frame is perfect for making the most of the space in your bedroom.

Love this bed!!

The frame was really easy to put together with two of us and feels very sturdy! The storage baskets are good quality and we are so happy with the amount of storage we have around the sides.

Hit and miss

It didnt look like the photo, the wood on each panel was different colours so looked odd, however wickes are in the process of sorting so hopefully we get a better one second time around

Great buy

Sturdy bed for our main bedroom, looks lovely, great quality and was really easy to assemble. I saw some negative reviews on the quality but Im so glad I went ahead and got it anyway.

Nice bed

Well made bed frame and easy to assemble. The baskets are a nice touch. The headboard was damaged when received. A replacement was not available immediately and is awaited from Dreams

Nice bed with just a couple niggles

Looks good but it still has a very laminated feel to it rather than realistic wood, the back board is also very slippery, other than that a solid bed with convenient sized draws

Wilkes wooden storage bed

Its a little flimsy compared with how it looks. Some of the laminate isnt glued properly and there are som bits that are poorly finished. Looks good but underwhelming quality

Wikes wooden storage bed

We are very delighted with wikes wooden storage bed is very good strong and most of all storage. We I have since bought extra storage baskets that goes in the sides. No regret

Lovely design

This bed frame is so lovely and very stable. I purposely chose it because I hate squeaky unstable beds but this one is perfect. I love the drawers and under storage space too.

Ticks every box

Very well made and put together bed. Comes as 4/5 large packages and is easily built. Sturdy and lots of storage space. Would definitely recommend. Looks very stylish too.

Excellent bed, would recommend

A really great looking bed and incredibly easy to assemble. Only slight issue is it feels a bit weak over the storage areas around the side when sitting or climbing over it.

Great and handy wooden bed frame!

This bed looks exactly as it looks on the site. It is very easy to build even as one person, and the storage that comes with it is super useful. Plus, it looks really good.


Great looking bed, happy with it. Unhappy about having it delivered after 5 months. Great customer service and got 50 discount and free bed assembly because of the delay.

Amazing bed

This bed is incredible it looks fantastic and fits into our room perfectly. Its easy and quick to assemble and is very solid. Im sure this bed will last us a long time.

Amazing looking bed frame

Very happy with this purchase. The bed is very sturdy and looks great! Storage is quite spacious much more than the pictures make them look as another reviewer mentioned.

Fantastic product

Great product. Very sturdy and very easy to put together ourselves. Looks fantastic for the price with great stroage solutions. Really lovely bed, we absolutely adore it!

Best bed I've ever had

So far its been great, easy to put together and sturdy as anything. Hasn't made a noise at all. Bit of a delay with delivery but perfectly understandable over Christmas.

Worth the wait.

The bed took a bit longer than initially told, but customer service were more than helpful about the situation. The bed itself is great, plenty of storage. Love it.

Sturdy frame

Bed frame nicely packed very sturdy ... but hollow in some places i think it's more pressed wood panels than proper wooden frame still good quality will serve well


Delivery was good and I was well informed throughout the process. Drivers were very helpful and friendly. Really happy with the bed too, it's looks great!!!

Wilkes bed

Good product and finish with a nice touch on the storage. Expect some clearances/gaps on end units being fixed together however these are not that visable.

The bed

The packaging was not damaged but the bed had small amount of damage and also some parts were not in the kit to assemble the bed which i had to go and buy.

Dreaming with Dreams !

The perfect bed for my spare room wish it was mine now! Easy to put together looks so cool and I can't thank Dreams enough!! lots of dreaming in this bed.

Sturdy bed

Very sturdy bed with plenty of storage. Was quick and easy to put together. Delivery was very good and the driver followed all relevant covid regulations.

Easy to put together

I bought this recently Very happy with it. Mattress I bought is also very comfortable. The storage on this bed is great and it looks really good aswell!

Stand out bed,storage underneath quality all round

Looks very nice in the bedroom, easy to assemble with easy instructions. Good value for money and could last a long time if it is looked after well.

The frame

Not the best quality, splintered. Finish doesnt look great if you look closely; feels a bit plastic. However, it is comfy and the storage is great

Very good service from order to delivery

The perfect bed with very comfortable mattress. Helped pick out by staff in store. Very happy. Delivery was timely and staff were very supportive.

Worth the wait

Whilst we had to wait a long time for delivery, it was well worth it. Great quality, easy to assemble, looks stylish, superbly helpful delivery.

Great Bed!

Bought this bed a while ago, came a lot quicker than anticipated. Looks beautiful. Was very quickly put together for me. Overall great product.

Good quality and easy to put togethet

Very good quality bed and easy to put together. Delivery also spot on. My only gripe is the amount of cardboard and paper left over afterwards

Decent bed

Pretty good. Decent quality and comfortable. Very sturdy however 2 nuts are missing from 1 piece meaning part of the bed isn't secured fully.

Good storage but cheap looking bed

Good solid bed but the material looks cheap (painted to look like grain wood) and there was some damage to the frame. Baskets are cute though.

Look no further, this is top quality!

Wonderful bed frame and an exceptionally comfortable mattress. Seriously feels like heaven going to bed every night and I look forward to it!

Nice little bed

A lot more space than I thought, great little bed. Word to the wise though, it might be a bit lower than your standard bed in terms of height


Love this bed, incredibly easy to put together. Heavy but overall really really lovely. Not recommended for people that don't like low beds.

The head board looks plastic coated. Eek

The head board has not got the wooden grains like in the original photo a bit disappointed.. it looks plastic..eek. but the base is good ..

Quality Bed

Great bed, great storage. Easy to assemble and has plenty of space for all of the essentials. Light enough for one person to do themselves

Great design

Love the design of this bed with the storage baskets around the much easier to find my shoes now!! Smart looking headboard too.

Great bed frame

Hi I bought this a few months ago had to wait a while for it but had great delivery and love the frame loads of storage space! Very happy!

Wilkes wooden storage bed

The build and materials used are of great quality. The bed was really easy to assemble and we are very pleased with every aspect of it.)

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Questions and Answers About The Carson Wooden Platform Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

How big are the storage compartments? And can extra baskets be purchased online?

Answer: The baskets come in two sizes. You will receive four of the larger baskets, measuring 34cm (W) x 45.5cm (L) x 18cm (D) and you will receive two of the smaller baskets, measuring 34cm (W) x 34cm (L) x 18cm (D).Unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer the option to purchase additional baskets.

Hi, how much of this bed is veneer please? And does that mean chipboard veneer or something else? Thanks

Answer: Please see below;Solid Pinewood - Frame work of Head end , foot end, side rails, front panel of side rails and slats Pine wood veneer MDF - front panel of headboard. Top, bottom and back panels of Side rails and Foot endPlywood veneer - partition of foot end and Side rails

What parts of the bed are solid pine and what parts are pine veneer?

Answer: Please see below;Solid Pinewood; Frame of Head end , foot end, side rails, front panel of side rails and slats Pine wood veneer MDF; front panel of headboard. Top, bottom and back panels of Side rails and Foot endPlywood veneer; partition of foot end and Side rails

Is it easy to assemble/put together?

Answer: Our assembly guidelines recommend that two people are required to assembled the Wilkes bed frame, this will take approximately 1/2 hours. There are only 5 steps to the assembly process, therefore this bed can be assembled with relative ease.

What is the size of the bed when in packaging / or what is the size of the largest part of the bed? (tight staircase so concerned about getting it in the bedroom)

Answer: The bed comes in 4 x packages. The longest boxes are those with the side rails (203cm for double and 213cm for King and Super King) and the broadest is the headboard (Double: 156cm x 105cm, King: 169cm x 105cm and Super King: 199cm x 105cm)

Random question we are having a new carpet laid. Will this bed be okay just to lift up and roll the carpet underneath.

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. The weight of the bed may help you calculate if this would be possible. We are able to provide this through the package delivery dimensions for the bed which weights 76 kgs.

How big are the baskets ?

Answer: The baskets come in two sizes. You will receive four of the larger baskets, measuring 34cm (W) x 45.5cm (L) x 18cm (D) and you will receive two of the smaller baskets, measuring 34cm (W) x 34cm (L) x 18cm (D).

please advise if it is possible to purchase additional wicker drawer for the wilkes wooden bed frame

Answer: Good afternoon Yes you are able to purchase additional baskets. They come in packs of 2. If this is of interest to you please get in touch with the customer service team and they can help you with placing an order.

The pictures show the inners are finished, but one reviewer has uploaded a pic that isnt. Is the inner storage finished like the rest of the wood?

Answer: Thank you for your question. The image posted by another customer was unfortunately an anomaly, the finish on the inner storage sections is in a darker stain - but doesn't have the wood grain finish.

Hello. Someone asked a few days ago if the 200cm length include the headboard, but in the dimensions description on the website it says that the length is 210cm (not 200cm). Is it 200cm for the frame and 10cm for the headboard? Thank you.

Answer: I apologise for any confusion. The previous question was based on the double size. The 210cm is for the king size and would follow the same premise of 10cm for the headboard and 200cm for the frame.Many thanksJSDreams

What exact finish is the wood So that I could stain some furniture to match if not, Is there any other matching bedroom furniture?

Answer: Good Morning.I am sorry unfortunately we do not have a specific colour detail for this bed, it is just categorised as Pine wood veneer with a dark stain finish.I am afraid we do not have matching furniture.

waiting for this to get delivered and was wondering where i could source similar sort of covers?

Answer: Thank you for getting in touch with your question. Unfortunately we do not stock the covers used in the photos and do not have the information regarding where they could be purchased from.

Is the double bed shown with a kingsize mattress? I dont want there to be a gap around the side so would you recommend a kingsize mattress for the double frame??

Answer: We would not recommend a king size mattress to be used on a double bed. You should only use a double mattress on a double bed, to ensure the mattress has the correct support from the bed.Many thanksJSDreams

Do you know if it is going to be possible to buy additional baskets again? I knew you could a few months ago but I cant find them anymore

Answer: Thank you for getting in touch with your question. Unfortunately these are out of stock at the moment, once we have more stock available they will be available to purchase again.

Is it possible to buy extra storage baskets?

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. Unfortunately these are out of stock at the moment, once we have more stock available they will be available to purchase again.

What weight does this bed hold, on either side?

Answer: We currently dont specify a weight limit to the bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability.

We purchased this bed last year and are very happy with it. Unfortunately the headboard got damaged when we moved house. Is it possible to purchase a replacement headboard?

Answer: Thank you for getting in touch with your question. Please get in touch with the customer service team as they would be best placed to advise you further on this issue.

Does this have a hard top base or slats?

Answer: This frame has platform edges above the storage compartments and slats in the middle of the frame. Technical diagrams can be viewed online via the assembly instructions.

What is the combined weight limit for this frame and what is the individual weight limit per person?

Answer: We currently dont specify a weight limit to the bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability.

Whats the weight limit of this bed?

Answer: We currently dont specify a weight limit to the bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability.Thanks,Dreams.

Is this bed frame easy to dismantle if I have to move property?

Answer: This isn't considered a complex assembly/disassembly, however you can view the assembly instructions via a link in the overview of the bed on the product page.

Hi, is the storage on both sides of the bed or just one please

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. There are 10 under bed storage compartments (Storage depth: 34cm). 4 on each side and 2 at the end. Hope that helps, Dreams.

Do you have any matching side Tables? Or is there an easy way to match other ones to this bed?

Answer: Unfortunately we don't stock any matching bedside tables for the Wilkes at the moment, but this is something we are looking at developing for the future

Is there any space in the middle of the bed to store something or the holes on the side go all the way inside?

Answer: There is no storage space in the middle of this bed frame, however there are 10 under bed storage compartments that extend around the sides of the bed.

Is this bed In store or only online. Love this bed so much be perfect for me Its gorgeous. Hopefully be my next bed.

Answer: Yes this bed frame can be viewed in store. Please click the 'Find in store' button to find out whether your local store has this bed frame on show.

Would a mattress that measures 160cm wide by 200cm long fit on this frame or would it slide and not be kept secure, looks like there is possibly a slight lip?

Answer: Yes, this bed frame has a lip to keep the mattress secure. It should only be able to fit a standard king size (150 x 200) on the king size frame.

What is the drop measurements of the lip around the edge of the mattress? I have a mattress thats between a double and a king so want to know if it would drop in the gap or sit flush on top.

Answer: Good MorningThe bed has a recess of 4cm. You would need to make sure that the mattress is the correct size to ensure that no damage is caused to the mattress.

Can you fit legs to this bed? Love the look but at 6feet 4 I might struggle to get off it

Answer: Unfortunately the bed isn't designed to add feet to it - we cannot recommend this as it has only been tested to it's current structure

Hi, are any of your beds made in the Uk please? Is the wood from sustainable source? Thanks

Answer: The Carson wooden bed frame is not made in the UK.All of the Dreams workshop products are made in the own Bed Factory in the UK.Many thanksJSDreams

Are you able to get the extra baskets for the gaps?

Answer: The extra baskets are not currently available to purchase, but this is something we are currently developing and hope to sell soon

is there any way to buy the additional wicker baskets that were previously available about 3 months ago and i can no longer find them on your website?

Answer: Unfortunately these are out of stock at the moment, once we have more stock available they will be available to purchase again.

Dear Sir/Madam, Is the issue of the cracked headboard, noted by a number of customers, covered by the 1 year guarantee? If so, do you replace or repair? Kind regards, Haniya

Answer: This frame is covered by a 1 year guarantee for manufacturing faults. Any remedies would be advised by an Inspector technician.

I bought this bed a while back, and it's served me very well. However, I am in the process of moving and face the daunting task of disassembling and then reassembling my bed. I don't suppose you offer a service that does this for a fee. Thanks.

Answer: Unfortunately we do not offer this service. We only offer an assembly or recycling service when a new purchase is made. .

Iv just had this bed delivered and wondering if we can buy more wicker baskets?

Answer: We will soon be offering the wicker baskets to be sold separately, this should be available on the website next month.

If I buy the one without the headboard, can I put a custom headboard on this easily enough?

Answer: This is not designed to have a custom headboard attached but we have reached out to the relevant team to confirm this .Thanks, Dreams.

My mattress is 150cm x 200cm would it fit a double bed?

Answer: A 150 x 200cm mattress is a standard king size mattress and therefore would fit the 5'0 King size Wilkes bed frame.

Hello, does the 200 cm length stated in the dimensions include the headboard? Thank you.

Answer: The 200cm length does include the headboard. This is made up of 10cm for the headboard and 190cm for the frame.Many thanksJSDreams

Is this just the frame? Or does it include mattress?

Answer: The price displayed online is for the bed frame only, therefore the mattress will need to be purchased separately.

Do the slats come off? Just to place items we not always need access to. To increase storage space.

Answer: No, the slats do not easily come off. Each slat is attached to the frame with a nut and bolt.

Hi there, I was wondering if you have this bed in oak?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not sell this bed frame in oak, this is the only colour this bed comes in.

I like the base of this bed but the head board would cover a feature wall. Can this bed be assembled without the headboard fixed in place or is it required to secure the head end?

Answer: The head end is required to be fitted as this is part of the main structure of the bedframe.

Hello, is it possible to purchase additional slats for the bed? Thanks.

Answer: Please contact the customer service team and they will be able to assist you with this.

Is it possible to buy more of the baskets to fill the other gaps?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not currently offer the option to purchase these baskets separately.

Hi, can the kingsize fit a super kingsize matress aswell?

Answer: A super king mattress would overlap the sides of the frame due to the width difference.

I love this bed, except for the colour. Are there any plans to do this in a lighter wood?

Answer: I am sorry unfortunately there are no plans to sell this in an alternative colour.Many thanksJSDreams

What is under the bed for support?

Answer: The Wilkes bed frame has solid slats running across the frame to provide support.

Is this bed made in super king size.

Answer: Unfortunately we do not have this bedframe available in a super king size.

Is there more images of the other storage in the bed or is it just the baskets and the shelves around the edges?

Answer: This is correct, there are no further storage elements of this bed frame.

Can this be purchased in super king size?

Answer: Unfortunately this bed frame is only available in Double and King Size.

It is previously mentioned about 'soon' being able to purchase extra baskets for this bed... I'm wondering if there is an update on this inc an eta on being able to do so

Answer: We hope to have these available to purchase within the next month.

How long is the lead time for this bed

Answer: The delivery lead time on the bed is up to 12 weeks at the moment.

Does this come in different colours

Answer: At the moment the Wilkes is only available in the dark stain finish

Is there furniture to match this bed?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not have matching furniture to this bedframe.

How big is the headboard and can it be broken down into 2?

Answer: The headboard on this frame cannot be split into two pieces.

This bed Is absolutely perfect for me please tell me you've got this In stock, get more new stock of this bed In Its stunning. Is It only on sale online, or Is It In store as well.

Answer: This bed frame is available to purchase online and store.

This is a beautiful bed. Do you ship outside the UK?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not ship outside of the UK.

What is the gap between the slats please? Our mattress can only support gaps up to 75mm between solid slats

Answer: The size is 7.5cm on Solid and 6cm on sprung. Thanks,Dreams.

Sorry if Ive missed it but what type of wood is that bed frame made of?

Answer: This bedframe is made from Pine and MDF.

Is there a way to make this in a different wood?

Answer: Unfortunately this would not be possible.

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