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Jakarta Bed Frame Rated 4/5 based on 303 customer reviews

Jakarta Bed Frame

4/5 - 303 Read Reviews


What Makes The Jakarta Bed Frame Great

Whilst the frame has a nice look it isn't the best build quality. The metal frame is very soft steel. When tightening the bolts by hand the frame would start to deform. Not a great sign for longevity of the bolts staying tight holding the frame solid. The sides of the frame are in 2 pieces so there is a join in the centre at each side of the bed. Again not a great sign for longevity. The wood base has been filled with bolt thread inserts for you to connect the metal frame. I found some of these either not insert straight or slightly out of position which meant I had to open up the holes in the metal frame to line up with the thread inserts. I then had to double washer the holes on the metal frame as the bolts were not straight. The main leg support for the head and foot boards need to be screwed in with four self tapping screws on each. This isn't a bad thing but I would make sure the bed frame is lifted if being moved rather than pulling across a floor as it wouldn't take much to pull those screws out giving you a set of wobbly legs. The slates are the standard curved slates with plastic fittings. Its good enough for a guest room with temporary use but if you are looking for a master room bed frame keep shopping.

Build time: 2 people | 1 hour

This is the amount of time and the people required to conduct the build process efficiently. While you may manage yourself, if it best to get the help of someone else where possible.

Let our experts assemble your bed - select this service at the checkout

The supplier has a unique installation and assembly service whereby the consumer is able to have their product built by the experts. This was you can avoid a lot of swearing, missplacing tools and yelling at your kids and end up with the finished product from the get go. Take advantage of this service by adding this product to the basket and heading to the checkout to see options

Sprung slats

Stitching detailed headboard

Low Foot End

Side Rail Split

Customer Reviews For The Jakarta Bed Frame

Based on 303 review

Great bed & price shame about the added services

I bought the double Jakarta Bed Frame, leather easy to clean and looks great and stylish. Great bed, got in a sale. I like the integrated headboard and large stiching.. Mainly, let down by poor services for bed assembly and recycle services which I paid extra for. I did not get any instructions I had to dismantle the old bed as I had paid for 2 separate services I assumed it was included as I did not get clear instructions. Driver refused to assemble and recycle the old bed, needed to be dismantled. It was only a steel frame bed, it was collapsing help together by belts. He left the new bed in the hallway. I would have done it but I have back problems and cannot lift heavy things. That's why we bought the addional services. So after 3 days we found another handyman to dismantle old bed, fix new bed and recycle the old bed. Finally happy to use the bed, very dissapointed with the driver and additional services, so beware.



Overall: Great frame, it looks nice and simple with a headboard that adds a little flavor. i've never had sprung slats, i can safely say it's changed my life. the frame is only slightly raised from the floor, so don't think about storing any boxes down there. however all 3 of my cats have decided to make a new home under there. Assembly: it's definitely a 2 person job and requires at least an hour. There is some manual labor involved with the legs of the bed, you can use a manual screw driver but an electric one will save you any hand discomfort after gripping a screw driver for too long. Price: the frame was on sale when i purchased it, but still its definitely worth the full price (However i had 4 pillows thrown in so that obviously tipped the scales of what frame i was going to get)


Dreams make quality dreams happen

We bought a Dreams double mattress for our guest bedroom and our only regret is we didn't buy a dreams mattress for our own master bedroom. Tragic mistake! Anyway, the Spring Coil double Dreams mattress is of top quality and offers excellent comfort. No movement when asleep on it. Their delivery was incredibly professional. They worse Dreams shirts and sent two men who removed their outside shoes and put on some other footwear to take the mattress upto its designated room. After we took it out of it's box, we left it to breathe for 48 hours. There was no smell anyway so that was one less thing to worry about. It also had a clearly labelled side to indicate the sleeping side. Our first sleep indeed was a dream come true.


Nice looking bed

Puchased Single size whilst on offer for my 18 year old sons room. Looks really nice when finished, but do allow about 3 hours to build it properly. One corner bracket did not fit no matter where or how you placed it.....the best way to overcome this is to use a metal file & file out the hole big enough to fit the relevant bolts (see other peoples reviews) Always a bit concerned of these cheaper priced beds, but for the money so far so good. (Let's see what a year or two holds for longevity though.) Unfortunately, when you sit on the end of the bed, the last few slats have already started to collapes inwards, poor quality materials I think. (Placed a piece of ply over to address this)


Worth the Price - just small improvement needed

I bought this about a month ago, and the bed was easy to set put together. It took two of us to put the bed up, but you could easily do it yourself given enough patience. All of the cuts lines up for the screws and went together nicely. The instruction manual was a bit confusing as it is the single and double model together, but after reading though it was easy to understand. The only complaint would be the feet of the bed had no pilot holes, so I had to screw into solid wood which was tedious. It probably took longer to screw the feet into the wood than putting the rest of the bed together. A design to have the holes already pre drilled would make this a perfect bed.


Good budget mattress

Wanted a firm mattress as were tested on the machine and that’s what they suggested for us. We found the combination mattress was much less bouncy than the spring ones. After using it a month now it is a very comfortable in general. Only complaint would be that the edges of the bed does cave in a bit which reduces the size of the bed that can supoort your weight. This is only an issue for us as I tend to need a lot of space to sleep. But for one person or two average sized people it would be absolutely fine. It’s still not a big deal and considering the price this is a steal. Can’t really recommend spending any more than this unless you can really afford it.


Fantastic Value

I'd looked around other places for beds, and nothing in this price range came close to matching this for style and build. Really lovely bed, feels very sturdy. Slats are great quality, which is always something I worry about. Took a bit of work to setup, would definitely benefit to have a couple of people there to do it. Had to screw the legs into the head and foot boards, which was a little daunting at first, and fitting the frame together by myself was awkward, but doable. Also, make sure you're building it during the day as the slats needed hammered into place, which was very noisy!


Quite complex to build

I purchased this bed frame a month ago for my teenage son's. We both spent approximately two hours to complete the build as it has the most number of component parts I have ever seen for a bed frame. Make sure you lay everything out on a wide surface to visualise how it will look. Also ensure you attach the metal cross supports correctly as this does make the frame more sturdy. it was also not clear about the plastic holders for the wooden slats, make sure you put the central double ended ones in first! Otherwise, once constructed it is a sturdy bed, but I dread taking it apart again!


Great value for money !

I bought this product in April but was delivered to me late May. A bit tedious to assemble. I tried doing it on my own and took many hours to finish the job. Even with another person helping, I’d say it might easily take more than 2 hours. But overall great value for price I paid. Bought it on sale. Materials look solid. I didn’t quite like the way wooden planks were jammed into the metal frame, with small plastic caps holding it in; might break on dissembling the bed. I am happy with the product so far. Thank you Dreams.


Very Comfy and Sturdy.

I bought the bed as an emergency for a family address due to a change in circumstances. Dreams kept me updated on the delivery and let me change it to suit my changing circumstances as and when. It arrived promptly and the carrier's helped my Mum in with the load, the bed took a little while to erect hence the four stars and not five. It was quite complicated but now done it's absolutely great. Amazing night's sleep and it feels strong and sturdy. Very happy with it especially considering the price.


Stylish and comfortable.

My metal frame bed broke - I'm on the heavy side - so I was looking for something sturdy. I thought my mattress had pretty much had it too, but just couldn't afford to change both, even with the generous discount. However this frame has given the mattress a new lease of life and I'm sleeping the sleep of the just!! I was worried the cat would scratch the leather-look edges, but she's just delighted she can jump on the bed from the far end as it isn't raised at the foot of the bed.


Nice bed

When the bed arrived we thought there was no way a single bed could fit in the small box but we was wrong. The bed arrived on time and we spent the morning building it. Half way through building it we had to go out and buy an electric screwdriver as the screws were not going in. However the bed frame is lovely and our son likes it, so does our cat who has a new hiding place underneath as there is a gap between the bed and the floor which is good for extra storage.


Really happy I purchased this frame!

I bought this not too long ago, less than a month, and I am really enjoying it. It is a lot better than my previous frame! It's a very sturdy frame, and looks fabulous too! I caught this deal in the sales around Christmas so I am even happier with the price I paid. I am very happy I decided to purchase with Dreams; I am not disappointed. Guys that delivered the frame were absolutely lovely and very friendly. All round, I am very happy with my purchase.


Jakarta Bed Frame

I recently bought this as a replacement for my son as he had out grown his current bed. Simple and easy process from order to delivery. The delivery team even carried the boxes to my son bedroom. "Well done" delivery team as my wife would have only struggled to take it upstairs. My Wife assembed the bed very easy and staright forward, Bed itself was very study once assembled and very good value for money, see this lasting a good few years.


Good cheap bed

Got this bed a month ago. The bed arrived in 3 boxes all light enough to transport my flat without to much effort. Building instructions are simple to read and the bed is sturdy and doesn't wobble or creak. The slates fit fine and are secured by pins which keeps them securely in place. The only problem is a screw was missing from the pack but I've got by. If your looking for a cheap bed that doesn't stump on quality then get this one.


Good budget frame, assembly could be simpler

A good solid frame for a low price. I was prepared for a lengthy assembly but it really took closer to 3hrs than 2, a look of which was joining together short sections into long ones for the sides. I appreciate this is to allow for single and king sizes in addition to the double, but it did feel as though using longer pieces would've cut down significantly on labour without making much, if any, difference to the package size.


Very good quality

I brought this bed in the sale and although the price was heavily reduced it is amazing quality. The people who delivered the bed were friendly, helpful and delivered it straight upstairs even asking if they needed to remove their shoes first. The bed itself feel sturdy, and is made of good quality materials. It was also fairly easy to set up. Only improvement would be to provide more care instructions on looking after it.


Great bed frame when at a discounted price

Was bought on sale and though there was some difficulties getting the frame feet screwed in, the construction was very clearly laid out and and a joy to build. The frame also looks great and is a nice material. However, even after taking the time to make sure it was built properly as well and as tightly as possible the material at the edges of the frame pieces squeak a much larger amount than I would like!


Good for the money

Minor issue of some of some of the holes not lining up and not being able to add the bolts and having to screw the feet on with no holes but nothing that effects the integrity of the bed. Very comfy and perfect size for the second bed room (I house share with my best friend). Looks very nice and suits my style, although I'd prefer black leather if I'd had the option.


Great value and quality bed

I bought two of the beds for a rental house. Each took about an hour or so to put up. There were lots of parts but the instructions were fine. The beds are good quality and very reasonably price. My new tenants are very happy indeed!! The only issue would be that the shipping box was too heavy, personally I would have split the bed into two separate boxes.


Good Single Bed

a very good little single bed. My daughter loves it and it was delivered as expected even in the current climate. Dreams kept us updated throughout. One small issue about a leg, a weld has come apart so new leg needs ordering, spoke to staff who have made a note and will contact manufacturer once Covid situation eases and allows for replacement to be sent.


I can sleep well again!

Bought this bed about a month ago after finally being able to replace my extremely broken divan. I've now gone from having four broken up hours of sleep a night to a solid eight hours every night. The bed was easy to put together (even on my own) and is very sturdy. I was worried that it may struggle with my weight being on it, but it holds me just fine.


Great looking bed

Bought this bed from my son on his return from University, it was not the easiest of beds to put together, some of the steps in the instructions were not clear which way round to but the bars and there were some steps for double beds only but the parts were in the bag, again the instructions didn't make it clear to miss these steps for the single.


Good quality, comfortable beds

I decided to buy two new beds for my boys aged 9 & 11, there olds bunk beds were worn and tattered. After doing a bit of shopping around. I came across a website called dreams after looking and looking i finally just bit the bullet and brought two beds and two mattresses. They came, easy to assesmmble. Only took me 4 hours. Great nights sleep.


Excellent customer service

I bought a bed frame on line and added on build this for me too and honestly could not be happier. Loved the text to keep me posted of where my order was and on the day got a call to confirm exactly when it would be delivered. The two men who built it up were respectful, polite and so helpful. Would highly recommend this company!


Good quality product

I bought this last month when it was on offer and I'm very pleased with it. The bed is really solid and looks very good quality. I opted to assemble it myself and, despite there being lots of pieces, it was really straightforward. The only bit I needed help with was attaching the feet to the headboard and footboard.


Good Overall

I bought a mattress and bedframe, both of which arrived on time, the assembly took longer than expected but the instructions were clear and concise. Other than some squeaks from the bed frame here and there the product has held up nicely and the mattress is very comfortable for the price paid. Great value for money.


Good, study bed

Bought this for myself. Looks amazing and was for a great price. I chose to assemble it myself, but screwing the screws into the legs was far more difficult than the "1 hour assemble for 2 people" led on. For anyone buying this product, either have an electric drill on hand or get Dreams to assemble the bed for you


Sturdy bed

I bought this bed for my girlfriend as her bed was constantly breaking and decided with Dreams it would at least be safe. It is a great bed, comfy and safe. Takes a bit of time to build but worth the time to put in. They do have a service to build it for you for extra money so I advise you do that, unlike myself!


Great study bed frame

Brought this bed frame a month ago after buying one from another well known company which fell apart literally! Out of the box you i could just tell the quality of parts and build was superior and the price was top notch. Looks classy, modern and all importantly strong. Well built. Great service by Dreams.


Great looking

Bought 2 of these for each of my kids and they love them. Along with a good quality mattress, they are very comfortable and sturdy. They were relative easy to build by one person (despite me developing a few blisters from getting the legs on :)) They look great too. Very pleased with my purchase!


Great product

Called in at the shop and was greeted by very professional sales person. We had no idea what mattress we were looking for after many suggestions and trials at the store we picked the one we did . Its for the comfort and price which suited us. We were pleased we chose the product as advised


Amazing Bed !!!

I bought this bed around a year ago and am so happy with my purchase.It's aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use,it's being enjoyed by my daughters. I was very pleased with the service,as I paid to get it made,and the delivery was quick as well! I can't recommend it enough :)


Lovely bed frame

Replaced an old metal bed frame which creaked just by breathing whilst laying in bed! This is a lovely frame - doesn’t make a noise! It wasn’t quick to put together - a good few hours for two people who know what they’re doing so no idea why the instructions say 1 hour.


Blissful sleep

I bought this mattress about a month ago when I had just moved into my apartment, before that I was sleeping on an air bed. My first night on the bed for sublime and been the same since then. It is definitely good value for money as I got it at a ridiculous discount.


Great value bed and great service too

For the price this is a very good value bed, was delivered exactly at the time promised by some very friendly and helpful delivery guys, and only took a few minutes to assemble. Would absolutely recommend this bed to anyone and also the service i received from Dreams.


Great product and as described

Bed frame was delivered on time and even the delivery guys gave me assembly tips, which was helpful. I assembled on my own, so very easy to assemble although took a few hours as expected so 2 person better. Product very sturdy compared to previous double bed used.


Great quality bed for the money.

I bought this bed a few weeks ago for my son and so far we have been very impressed with the quality, something which you can only really judge when you have assembled it yourself. Everything fit together without fuss and I managed to assemble it in around an hour.


Quality product

I bought this 4 weeks ago and very much satisfied with the quality and comfort of the bed. The delivery and assembly was very professional and have no complaints whatsoever with the purchase. Overall 5 * experience and highly recommend this product from Dreams.


Great bed!

We were desperate for a new bed after sleeping on the mattress on the floor for 8 months. This one was within our budget and it’s the best thing we bought. It didn’t take long to assemble and it’s super comfy! I would definitely recommend this bed to anyone.


Brilliant Bed

I bought this bed and I'm absolutely in love with it. It is very sturdy and looks beautiful! The instructions for the assembly were very easy to follow and all of the parts were clearly labelled. I'm so happy with the bed and would highly recommend!


Execellent quality

I got this Jarkata bed on sales it was delivered after a long 6weeks wait all i can say is that it was worth the wait. It took myself and my 12year old son steady hands about an hour plus to assemle it. It look so beautiful and very comfy


It looks great.

The bed frame was easy to put together by myself and really looks great. Being slightly lower with no foot rail it is ideal for my dogs to get onto and also takes up less floor space. I'm really pleased I replaced the metal bed frame I had.


Simple, straight-forward bed

We bought this as a cheap bed for our spare room and have found it to be better than expected, good enough for every day use. It was not difficukt to assemble by myself, but allow 3 hours if you are (like me) not very experienced with tools.


Very comfy

I bought this bed for my teenager son. He loves it. He finds it very comfortable and has a very good night sleep. It was easy to assemble too. The instructions were very clear. Good customer service and great price too. Highly recommend it.



I originally brought this mattress in a single for my sons bed, and he slept so well and said it was so comfy I then purchased the exact same mattress in a double for my bed, and I have not wanted to get out of bed now where I am so comfy



Bought my bed, GREAT PRICE! Asked for Dreams to assemble. The guys that turned up were very helpful and professional. Offered them a drink and had a laugh! FANTASTIC customer service!!! Once I need another bed I know where I'm going!


Value for money!

My daughter said that this bed is very comfortable. However it took us ages to put it together, too many little bits to put together. Designer needs to re think how to make this product more a user friendly to be built for consumers.



I bought this for my teenage son who had grown too tall for his bed - he absolutely loves it. He put the bed together with his brother and the bed was delivered earlier than originally quoted with lots of updates from dreams


It was alright

There was a lack of consideration in the first delivery. They didn't check the product before sending it to me, they sent me a faulty bed. They redelivered it again and also assembled it for me. Much appreciated, thank you.


Very Good value for money !

Bought the Jakarta double bed frame from Dreams. Very happy with the purchase, frame is nice and much better than my previous one, however did take some time to put it all together. Apart from that happy with the purchase.


Better then I expect

Well people say you get what you buy. I have to say it feels like I have more then I paid for. All came very well and just took me 1 hour and half to put all together. Easy to follow the instructions. I think it's worthy


Easy assemberly

Was looking for a more grownup bed for my daughter , she loves it , and the padded curved headboard gives a softer flowing finish . And easy to assemble but still strong plus the extra middle legs gives plenty of support .


Firm But Very Comfortable

Had this mattress for a about a month and it’s great! Much firmer than my previous one but it’s incredibly comfortable. Has caused some serious issues with getting up in the morning as I just don’t want to get out of bed!


Pretty good buy

Good for the price. Glad I did not fit it together as there were sooo many bits to it. Not sure of suitable for teens as Im not sure how strong it is for their clumsy antics. Looks nice. And goes well in a single room.


Solid bed

we intailly thought that putting this together was going to be a nightmare but to our surprise it wasnt and it feels like a solid bed and stable so for the price we feel it to be money well spent. Comfortable as well.


Great bed for the price

I bought this a month ago and am super pleased with the bed frame as it was easy to fix which I did myself instructions were clear and marking On the frame was exsact. Couldn't ask for more. Oh and price was super.


Absolutely amaxing

Brought this bed on sale as last one broke suddenly. Took a gamble but I love it so much. Not as high as some beds but it doesn't mean it a bad point. It's really sturdy and is easy to assemble. Highly recommended


Excellent Customer Service and great value

Bought a Fenton traditional spring mattress,firm. Very comfortable.Would also like to comment on the great customer service,from the time I ordered the mattress and base online till the time I received my goods.


Really good

Bought this about a month ago, really good quality and the springged slats add more comfort , using this with memory foam mattress is really comfortable. Would recommend this to anyone wanting a good cheap bed.


Excellent value for money

Very comfortable bed and also quite sturdy. Assembly of this bed was super easy, it is possible to do it on your own like I did. Overall I am extremely happy with both the bed and delivery service from dreams.


Looks great!

Bought for spare bedroom, it looks terrific. Took slightly longer to assemble than we expected, but once done it looks the bees knees. Incredible value at less than half its usual price. Absolutely no regrets.


Simple yet stylish

The contemporary Jakarta comes upholstered in stylish and detailed faux leather. With a low foot end ideal for saving space in guest rooms and bedrooms alike, the Jakarta is a great option for any bedroom.


really comfortable nights sleep

I bought this bed two weeks ago, delivery guys were really good, they came at a time to suit me. The bed was very easy to build and more solid than expected, and the mattress (memory foam) is great also.


Simple yet stylish

The contemporary Jakarta comes upholstered in stylish and detailed faux leather. With a low foot end ideal for saving space in guestrooms and bedrooms alike, the Jakarta is a great option for any bedroom.


Great Value

I got this in a recent sale and it was fantastic value - the set did take a while to put together but is very sturdy. The bed is very comfortable and looks great, the delivery worked also despite covid19.


Good bed difficult to put it together on your own

Good bed although it's difficult to put it together on your own. The instructions advise to have a helper but there was no-one available so one support leg broke! Waiting for Dreams to send a replacement.


I didn't roll out

I brought this bed in a double size for my 15 year old son. It is so stylish and he loves the padded headboard to sit up and read and the bottom he doesn't bang his feet anymore. Classy and great price


Great for toddler

Great for my toddlers first bed. took some time putting together I could have managed it if it wasn’t for the legs that needed screwing in though so not too bad. Very sturdy and great for the price


Great bed frame

I Bought this bed fram few weeks ago. Very easy to put together with great explanation. I didn’t try the bed yet as this is for the guest room but I like the look Ann Davis it feels very sturdy.


Stylish looking bed

Bought for spare room on offer. Quality and style for less than half price so excellent value for money. So much more classy looking than anything else I could have bought for the same amount.


Decent product good value

As the title said! Went together reasonably well with a steel frame and nice leather (erm imitation I would think!) sides and headboard :) Looks like it's worth more than the price we paid.


Great bed

It's a very good bed. Easy to assemble and looks very good. The leather effect makes it look very beautiful. Got it all a good discount price so even better. Very happy with the purchase.


Great bed frame

Brought this bed frame for my Sons new room and he is very pleased with it. It was easy to build, looks good and is higher than others we'd looked at giving some storage space underneath.


Good design

I brought this bed for our loft bedroom. One issue the middle leg slapped off when we moved pushed the bed into place. Just need to call the Care and Maintenance line to get a spare leg


Sturdy frame, firm, comfortable mattress!

Bought this a month ago for a single room, it was a bit long to assemble but the mattress is fantastic and the frame is very sturdy and looks expensive. Sleeping soundly- would recommend!


Great value

Was looking for beds for two boys aged 10 And 7 and found this item reduced to £80. Bought two and delivery service was superb with constant updates and a call ten minutes before drop off


Lovely bed

was a little worried at first about this bed as when i opened the packaging seemed to be quite a lot of bits! however it was pretty straight forward and looks lovely in our spare room


Excellent quality beds.

I bought three of these beds, two singles and one double. They took a little time to put together and needed two of us. The end result is worth it though. Both sturdy and comfortable.


Very easy and well priced

I bought a double bed for under £100 in the sales. This was prices over £250 before the sale and there were any other websites with anything competitively priced with such quality.


Great bed

Brought this bed for my daughter. She loves it. Great value, very stylish and easy to put together. Only negative is I can't get storage boxes to fit underneath. It's very low.


Ok bed

As soon as I fitted the bed the side panel came off... the bed is ok but I guess you get what you pay for...contacted dreams to get another replacement and still haven’t got one..


Fantastic beds!!

I purchased two of these for my two boys and I really can’t fault them nice size very sturdy and the children love their “big boy beds” happy kids happy momma Thankyou dreams!!



Bought this bed frame to replace old divan base. Paid for assembly and am totally delighted with it. Modern and easier to get in and out of bed as it is lower. Excellent price!


Lovely and comfy!

I bought this bed just over a month ago and absolutely love it. Took some time to put together as I didn’t want to get it wrong, pretty sturdy, comfortable and looks great!


Great features!

I bought this item a few weeks ago and I am very pleased to have bought it. The delivery was prompt and it was easy to assemble, looks great and is very comfy to sleep in


Great comfort

I brought this bed frame a month ago and I am haveing the best sleeps ever..never want to get out of bed! Delivery was on time and the people were so lovely and helpful


First Fancy Mattress

Got the Casper Mattress after years of using cheap standard cheap mattress for years. I don't think I will ever be going back to the cheap spring mattress ever again :D


Great for the price

I bought this for my daughter and she loves it. It was cheap in the sale and looks really nice. Also managed to put it together on my own with no issues. Good purchase!


Lovely bed and mattress

Had my new bed and mattress delivered today, absolutely happy with it so comfortable now I can sleep better, guys were great too when delivery came an set it up for me


Comfortable bed!

Brought this around February and I'm really happy with my purchase. However bed does come loose easily, sometimes very squeaky so need to tighten up the screws often.


Great price

Bought as a spare bed as was great value in the sale. Quality is very good. Assembly was quite easy though did take a while. Recommended at the sale at price I paid.


Good bed for the price

Reasonable quality, comtemporay design, comfortable, not sure how long it will last the slats are very slim. Took some time to construct, a two person job definately


Good looking bed

The bed seems quite reasonable, but the wooden springs seem cheap along with the plastic brackets..... twice I had re-insert them into position as they would pop out



Purchased just over 2 months ago and it was a great choice. Stylish and modern for my ever growing 18 year old. Easy to keep clean and super easy to put together.


Great delivery, the guys helped a lot, great bed

After moving to a new property the bed arriving so smoothly and to the correct room was a god send! Calmed my wife who sleeps peacefully now. Thank you dreams! X


Amazing bed!

So happy with our new bed. It was delivered on time, built in 20 mins and is so comfy. I haven't had a nights sleep like I have in this bed in a good few years!


Very comfortable

I bought this for my sons new bed. It's so very comfortable and not too firm or soft. He loves it. Even harder to get him out of bed now. Great price as well.


Very satisfied

The salesman in the store was very helpful regarding the mattress. The delivery was on time. The frame was easy to put together. Overall, a great service


Really lovely and a great price!!

We brought this for our first flat together as we had quite a small budget and it has been brilliant. It was easy to put together and looks really stylish!

Questions and Answers About Jakarta Bed Frame

Can you confirm the dimensions are H98cm x W99cm x L207cm? is the width correct?

Answer: Hi , The dimensions are correct for the single and the double. However, you have selected the double bed but aren't looking at the matching dimensions. If you use the drop down within the dimensions tab, you can change your size to double and this will show you the correct dimensions. Thank you for your question.

Does the bed base come in half as I'm worried the base won't go up my stairs

Answer: Hi , Yes, the Jakarta bed frame comes in multiple parts that will need assembling once in your room of choice. You can refer to our assembly instructions below to see all the parts it will come with: Thank you for your question.

Does this single frame hold any single mattress from your range please as its going to be for a toddlers bed

Answer: , Yes this single frame will hold any standard single mattress that measures 90 x 190cm. Please bear in mind that some of our children's mattresses are a euro single size that measure 90 x 200cm - this would not be suitable for use with the Jakarta bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this bed have pop in slats or screw in slats?

Answer: Hi , The slats require no screwing in, only tapping in with a light hammer. You can view the assembly instructions here: Thank you for your question.

Is the Base in 2 sections

Answer: Hi , No, this bed frame comes flat packed and needs to be assembled. You can view the bed assembly instructions here: Thank you for your question.

Is there a maximum weight limited for this frame?

Answer: Hello , We do not have a specific weight limit for our bed frame's, if you feel like you want to make it well supported, I suggest upgrading the slat system with sprung slats. Many thanks for your question.

What is max weight use on this bed 

Answer: , We currently don’t specify a weight limit to our bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this bed have a weight limit?

Answer: , We do not specify a weight limit, however all of our bed frames are tested and pass the British Standard BSEN1725 test for strength and stability Kind Regard, Dreams

Good morning,The new bed I would like to be built in my room but I already have a bed in there and want that one removed to the spare I was woundering the guys that build the new one are they aloud to take down the other bed and re build in  spare

Answer: , Our delivery team are only able to assemble your new bed frame, they will be unable to re-build your old bed in an alternative room. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, we have lost the slats to the bed, do you sell them separate for a double bed? Can I have the measurements for them please.

Answer: , Please contact our customer service team on 0800 652 6750 to provide more information and purchases on replacement slats. Kind regards. Dreams

Whats the dimensions of the box it comes in?

Answer: Hi , This comes in many boxes. Please ring customer services on the number at the top of our site for individual measurements. Thank you.

Taylor Traditional Spring Mattress Size: 3'0 Single HI, Will this mattress work with this bed frame ? thanks

Answer: Good Evening, Yes, this mattress will be suitable for use with this bed frame providing both items are the same size. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, will this bed fit a 90x200cm mattress? Thanks.

Answer: Hello , No, this bed will fit a standard UK size mattress which is 90cm x 190cm. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hello What are the dimensions from floor to bottom of base of bed? I want to place storage boxes underneath the bed is it high enough from the floor

Answer: Hello , It's 4.5cm from the floor to the bottom of the base of the bed. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What's mattress fit the the jakarta double  bed 4'6 . 

Answer: Hello , Any standard UK double mattress with the size of 135 x 190cm will fit this bedframe. Many thanks for your question.

What mattress size fits the double bed? 

Answer: , The double sized Jakarta is compatible with a standard double mattress (190 x 135cm). Kind regards Dreams

how can't you add on a mattress to buying a bed to see how much it would be on top?

Answer: Hello, You can choose any mattress in the size needed and this will total in your basket. Many thanks for the question.

Does the Jakarta frame require the headboard or can it safely be left off

Answer: Hi , This would not be possible as the legs attach to the headend of the bed frame. Thank you for your question.

What is the weight limit for this bed and is it black or Brown?

Answer: Hi , We do not have set weight limits on our frames. This is a brown shade. Thank you.

Can I put a Grayson d mattress on this Jakarta bed frame.

Answer: , Yes, this mattress is compatible with this bed frame. Kind regards Dreams

Is it possible to order a bed with solid slats?

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately it is not possible on this frame. Thank you for your question.

I am confused? (reading the responses) the floor to base is 4.5cm and the floor to slat height is 30cm, yet the base itself is about 18cm I have seen inside base and the slats sit quite close to the bottom of the base.Need accurate info to make decision

Answer: Hi , This is correct, it should read 4.5 inches. Thank you for your question.

Does this bed as a small double fit the standard UK size of small double mattress of 122cm by 190cm. Thanks 

Answer: Hello , Yes it does. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the height to the bottom of the mattress?

Answer: Hi , This height is 32cm. Thank you for your question.

What is the floor to slat height

Answer: Hello , This will be 30cm. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, Is there enough space to put storage under the bed? How much space is there between the floor and base?

Answer: Hi , There is a 15cm gap. Thank you for your question.

What is the gap between the slats on the base that comes with this frame?

Answer: Hi , This is 90mm between the slats. Thank you.

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