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Wild Coast 2 Drawer Wooden Bed Frame Rated 5/5 based on 10 customer reviews

Wild Coast 2 Drawer Wooden Bed Frame


What Makes The Wild Coast 2 Drawer Wooden Bed Frame Great?

"Nice looking bed. The reason it gets a 3 star instead of 4 is for the same money there are other quality bed frames that you can slot together in under 10minutes. Ive put together quite a few beds in my time to budget flimsy ones to quality hardwood ones and this one has to have taken the longest time. They literally do nothing to speed it up like have brackets already in place (you have to screw them in yourself so an electric screwdriver is required) or connections for the side panels and headboard and footboard that slot together easily rather than needing four very fiddly and awkward bolt, washer and nut combinations for each corner. The quality bed we replaced this one with took literally ten minutes to put together. This one took me about two hours, excluding sleeping on the mattress for four days as parts were missing and the courier they sent didnt bother turning up on time which Bensons said "was a matter for courier company!). Another thing to note is the slats for the bed frame are sprung so you have to manually slot them into three plastic holders. It may also make a carefully chosen softer mattress a tad harder depending on how sensitive you are to mattress hardness - which I am. Its good quality for the money but in hindsight having to send the kids out with thier mum for half a day to get it built and having sprung slats was something I wouldve probably wanted to avoid."

1-year guarantee, extended to 5 years when you buy a mattress from Bensons for Beds

A 5 year guarantee on this product when purchased through this retailer directly. This product normally comes with 1 year as standard elsewhere but Bensons for Beds have such confidence in this product that you are getting a further 4 years bundled on top. Great news for you at the same reasonable price.

High-quality brushed pine bed frame

Sprung slatted base for enhanced comfort

Rustic farmhouse style

Two foot-end under-bed storage drawers with cupped metal handles

Available in double and king sizes

Customer Reviews For The Wild Coast 2 Drawer Wooden Bed Frame

Based on 10 review

"I’m a 45-year-old female and we just received delivery of our new bed. After reading some of the reviews and one gentleman’s account of assembly, I thought I’d try and give my husband a little hand and start things off whilst he was at work; I didn’t think it was fair that he had to come home from work to spend the evening assembling our bed. I began with step one at 10:30am and at 1:45pm, our bed was totally assembled and made! It was so precise with the step by step instructions and I moved through it quite easily. I think maybe David should’ve taken the kids out himself and let his wife assemble the bed :). Seriously, an electric screwdriver is not a necessity and the job is easily done by just one person. I had no problems with the nuts and bolts or putting together slats. If that sort of stuff is a genuine concern, I’d recommend just paying for assembly. I can’t wait to see my husband’s face when he comes home and our bed is ready for him! Job well done and the bed looks amazing! All parts included and I even had a bag labelled spare parts, in case they were needed. "


"Brought the bed from the wild coast collection. The instructions were easy to understand. Could tell it was good quality when building it. All the pilot holes we're in the right place. Thinking about buying the the wardrobe's , the chest of drawers and the bed side cabinet."


"Stunning! You will not be disappointed: I feel like a Princess in it. When you consider how good it looks, the roomy divan drawers and the headboard, which is included and very handsome, then you can see what great value for money this bed is."


"Good quality bed. Managed to put together a lot easier than I thought after reading the reviews. Managed to do it all myself and as a women quite impressed. Instructions are simple to follow. Nice sturdy bed. "


"Yes we would recommend .We read the instructions together & then we worked on it together . It’s a really heavy quality bed . It does need two people to assemble a second pair of hands are useful ."


"I got myself this bedframe, OMG!! I'm so loving it especially the two drawers at the end for more storage. I'll definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking for a long lasting bedframe.."


"Purchased bed frame and two chests,really pleased with service and quality assembly required but looks excellent and overall very good value."


"Nice quality, but allow couple of hours for assembly. Very time consuming."


"Cracking Value!! :)"

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