Westwood Mattress With Standard Oatmeal Adjustable Divan Bed On Legs - Medium Firm BEIGE Rated 4/5 based on 35 customer reviews

Westwood Mattress With Standard Oatmeal Adjustable Divan Bed On Legs - Medium Firm BEIGE

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Brand: Body Response
4/5 - 35 reviews


What Makes It Great

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis some six months ago. The effort finding a suitable sleeping position in my standard ortho bed was most difficult and getting up in the morning was painfully unbearable. I made an assessment of the Westwood Standard Adj Set Grey bed to find it enabled me to raise myself from the prone position to sitting position without effort whereby I was able to place my feet on the bedroom floor and stand up (not much effort there). Additionally, I make full use of the foot of bed elevator to ease me into a comfortable sleeping position after setting the backrest at a three pillow height. The whole adjustable mattress can be raised to a height convenient for a husband or wife to serve breakfast in bed without spillages. Yes. A wonderful purchase recommended without hesitation.

Finished with an adaptive treatment

Cooling properties that help ensure that your mattress will remain both cool and moisture free

5-part adjustable frame

Splash proof dual motor

6 button ergonomic handset

Energy efficient motor

Birch sprung slats

Good quality wooden slats that will help ensure the mattress stays in top shape. Remember that slats need to be the right distance apart, so consult manufacturer guidelines when building

Solid wooden sides

Central webbing for even weight distribution

Luxury layer of super soft memory foam

Memory foam is without a doubt much more comfortable than many other types of filling offered while being able to offer both support and a rebound effect that encapsulates your body

Heavy stretch knit fabric

A more durable cover than often provided, this will ensure that your mattress stays in top shape for a prolongued period. The stretch knit will also allow the mattress to breath which is equally important

Tape edged finish

1,200 pocket springs

A decent amount of pocket springs for this mattress. Will provide a good amount of support and mould to your bodies many positions when sleeping

Side vents and handles

A decent height for padding material representing a barrier between you and the springs that make up the core of the mattress. This type of mattress should be comfortable as a result of the depth of this soft and comfortable material. You also get handles on the side of this mattress. Some would argue that handles are not a selling point, but you try moving a king size mattress by yourself without them. Always good to have

Comfort grade - medium firm

Medium Firm is the optimal firmness for a mattress if you are looking for comfort but also suffer from some minor back problems. This is because this type of mattress will ease the amount of strain on your muscles but not in such a way to deter comfort, ensuring a great nights sleep

Chrome legs

Weight restriction applies - up to 18 stone per half base

Questions and Answers

I have ordered two 3ft single bed frames to make up to 6ft super king. Are the motor's and adjustable mechanisms fitted when delivered or do they need to be assembled.

Answer: , If you selected an assembly service at the point of sale then this will be fully assemble for you when the crew deliver. If you have not selected assembly then this will need to be assembled by yourself. If you wish to add assembly to the order then please contact our customer service department and they can add this on for you. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you direct me to where I can obtain official confirmation of the depth of the Westwood adjustable king sized bed mattress in order to purchase sheets and mattress protectors since your staff sold me normal single bed sized mattress protectors.

Answer: Hello, Sorry to hear of your frustration. The depth of the Westwood adjustable king sized mattress is 26cm. All of our mattress protectors have a maximum depth of 40cm. You will have been sold single sized mattress protectors because the king comes as two singles rather than one whole mattress. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

For the superking dividrd into two what size sheets an duvet do you get one duvet or two ?  

Answer: , With regards to the duvet, that would be down to customer preference. If you are likely to have the two sides of the bed in different positions then two duvets may be more comfortable. The sheets would need to be 90cm wide and 200cm in length. Kind Regards, Dreams

You advised two  single sheets for the superking electric bed 200cm length cannot fins any single sheets  That length they seem to go to 190cm

Answer: , Our Adjustable beds are all 200cm in length and a standard single is 190cm in length which may be why you are struggling to find a sheet that fits. Please try looking into adjustable length sheets. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, I've ordered a standard double. I'm just double checking, bed sheeting would I need a double sheet or 2 singles?

Answer: Hi , If you are going to be using the mattresses at different heights then two single fitted sheets would probably be better. You would only need one double duvet however. Thank you for your question.

Does the quoted price for a Super King size adjustable bed include all of the specification as listed except the headboard?

Answer: Hi , Yes the price displayed is the total. If you want any extra services like assembly or recycling then this can be added as an extra cost upon checkout. Thank you for your question.

Hi does this bed come with Head Board in King Size and super king size?

Answer: Hello, Use this link to find suitable options for yourself. http://www.dreams.co.uk/headboards/adjustable-headboards/shopby/bed-size--5-0-king--6-0-super-king Many thanks for the question.

On the single bed version can you chose what side the drawers come on?

Answer: Hi , Yes, you can choose the side you would like the drawers facing, but only if ordered in store or on the phone. The number is at the top of our site. Thank you for your question.

How many wireless handsets come with the king size bed? How much does it cost to purchase additional ones?

Answer: Hi , You get 2 handsets with the King size, you won't need any more than that. However, if one does break then we can obtain some replacements for you. Thank you for your question.

Does the mattress need turning manually now and then or is it the type that does not need turning?

Answer: , We recommend that you rotate your mattress regularly. Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter. Kind Regards, Dreams

How heavy are these beds compared to standard king size divan?

Answer: Hello, There will be a huge difference as this will contain the adjustable bed mechanism in comparison to a standard divan base. Many thanks for the question.


Answer: Hello, The westwood does not come in a soft tension. I would like to suggest the Danson for this preferred comfort tension. Many thanks for the question.

I have just purchased two single westwood mattresses, can I purchase either two 3ft single adjustable bases or a super king base with two mechanisms.

Answer: , You can purchase either two single adjustable bases or one super king base with two single Westwood mattresses. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello Can I purchaser the Westwood Slate adjustable 4ft small double without the mattress if so wot is the  price ?

Answer: Hi , Yes you can but this will need to be done through telesales. The number to contact is 0800 652 5090. Many thanks for your question.

Need to move one of these beds for my mother-in-law, has anyone got instructions on how to dismount is for moving?

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not provide any instructions for disassembling any of our bed frames or divan bases. Kind Regards, Dreams

What size fitted sheets do you suggest using on each half of the bed for a king size?

Answer: Hi , 75cm x 200cm is the size of the mattress. If you are buying a double we would recommend two single sheets. Thank you.

Have the beds got have there own remote controls ie battery and is it got thete owm massages

Answer: , Yes this bed will come with a dedicated remote control to allow you to adjust the movement of the bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do I have to pay in full when ordering 

Answer: Hi , Yes, full payment is required when ordering unless you have taken out our finance plan. Many thanks for the question.

What adjustable base would this particular  mattress work with and is the construction similar to the Rapley?

Answer: , This mattress would be compatible with our range of adjustable divan bases. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can't i just buy the base of the westwood double mattress 4ft 6?

Answer: Hi , Yes, you can just buy the base. This will be a divan base. Thank you for your question.

What is the maximum user weight for the single size bed please.  The description mentions 18st per ‘half base’ but I am unsure as to what is meant by ‘half base’

Answer: , The weight limit for the single bed will be 18 stone. Kind Regards, Dreams

Should I have received a customer care or instruction manual with this bed, nothing was left

Answer: Hi , Please call customer services on the number at the top of our site. Thank you.

Does the foot end of the bed lift or is it just the head end?

Answer: Hi , Both the foot and head end raise up and lower as you see fit. Thank you.

Hi Can you get this bed VAT free if you qualify?

Answer: Hello, Yes, this is applicable to all adjustable beds. Many thanks for the question.

Please could you tell me the electrical specification how many plug feeds are required for the superking adjustable bed

Answer: , The Adjustable uses 2 plug sockets. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, what is the weight limit on this bed, looking at a single suitable for around 22st, thank you

Answer: Hello, This will be 16cm. Many thanks for the question.

What is the width of a twin double?

Answer: Hi , This is 137cm in total. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 review

Great Bed, So Comfy

I bought this bed due to a medical condition and since having this bed, bad symptoms I was experiencing have gotten better. It is easy to assemble and the Head Board to Match is of great quality. The only down side to this bed, however, is that if you get the two single mattresses, they do separate in the middle during your nights sleep. I have researched into how to stop them from separating in the middle and there are things out there to stop this from happening, but hope that Dreams can look into this and see if there is anything to design to stop it from happening.


So comfortable

We have now had this bed for 2 weeks and made a point today (6/10/19) of visiting the store to thank them for the best 2 weeks of sleep that we have had for many years. We did not realise just how uncomfortable our old bed was. The whole process from our first visit to the store to receiving our bed was smooth and delivery took only 4+ weeks. We had paid for installation and the 2 guys that arrived with the bed were excellent and when they left there was no rubbish left at all


Excellent bed

we bought these beds to because one of our existing bed mechanisms failed on the welds of the tilting mechanism. we have had them for about a month now and we have been very satisfied with them. The mattresses are giving us a very deep satisfying sleep. As they say, they do what it says on the tin. My husband is a retired engineer and he is confident that the same will not happen with the tilting mechanism on these beds



My wife and i have had 2 separate beds and we are totally satisfied with them eventually . The original supply and installation was good however both beds had separate settings , it was not until I read the instructions and set both myself that we realised just how good they were


changed my life

Being someone who suffers from Fibromyalgia this bed has made a huge difference. I can finally find a great sleeping position to suit my needs. the bed is very well made and incredibly comfortable. It is not a cure but it does make a huge difference to my life.


Impossible to get used to.

A very thick, firm mattress and my sleep was very poor, as I felt I might roll out. Getting out pulled my muscles and made my back worse. My sheets would not fit because of the depth and I have now changed mattresses with my husband and we cab both sleep well.



I purchased this due to having arthritis and struggling to get in and out of my old bed this has changed my life so comfortable and get get out of bed so much easier been able to raise the the head and foot aids to pain relief as well best buy in a while


Finally a great night's sleep!

Purchased 2 weeks ago and it really has improved our sleep so much. We have simply not woken up once during the night with painful backs or disturbance by movement from each other. The ability to raise our heads I believe has helped with snoring too!!


Well made ,quality item.

I have now had this mattress for one and a half months , it's as good as the original one it replaced. I had the fist one 11 years, so it was starting to get a bit tired. this is the perfect replacement , so pleased I decided to get a new one.


Looks very smart

After falling and breaking my hip, and only being able to sleep in a recliner chair thought I would buy an electric bed it's great for helping me sit up in bed and would definitely recommend this to anyone finding themselves in my situation.


Good mattress

I bought this a few weeks ago to replace the mattress I had for my adjustable bed. It is a bit firmer than the old one but it didn’t take too long to get used to It is well made and should last a long time.


Awesome bed

Very comfortable bed. The height is great, mattress is firm but not too hard and the bed adjusts smoothly and quietly. The storage drawers are generous. The bed is well made.


Sooo comfortable

Replaced old mattress that was quite old can't believe the differance, have a bad back and this mattress is so comfortable for my back can get a nights sleep a last.


Nice mattress, terrible smell

Why dont Dreams advise buyers that certain mattresses smell and it can take up to 2 weeks for the smell to diminish.I have rated the design low because of the smell


bedding issue

should let customer know that need specialist bedding for mattress,given mattress protector as part of deal but too short for mattress.overall pleased with product


Great Features.

I bought this bed a month ago, I'm liking my new bed very different from normal beds that I've had I'm still finding my way round of fully using the bed function.


Recylining bed

I purchased a recycling bed from dreams and have to say it is the best choice I have made. It is comfy and I can sit up and read while my partner is a sleep.


Great feature

Purchased recently and very happy. Matthew in the York Clifton mood store was VERY helpful and went above and beyond, he is a credit to your company (Dreams)


Firm but comfortable

So far this mattress has performed well. It has made it easier for my wife to get in and out of bed. Delivery went very well, helpful driver.


Like this item!!

Bought this a month ago and mum likes it. Its a bit high for her so got a step. She likes the fact she doesn't need so many pillows anymore.


Great comfort

Since getting this mattress I have had some of the best sleep time and only wake up about once a night as I find. I am so relaxed


Extremely comfortable

I am sleeping all through the night, I have not done that for a very long time. I wake feeling refreshed and ready for the day.


Reclining bed

We brought this bed and so happy I did its easy for me to get out off bed in the mornings as it is higher and so Comparable


so comfortable

bought two mattress's for my adjustable beds,they are really comfortable and just what we needed for a good nights sleep,


So easy to control

This bed has been a God send for my husband . As he needs good sleep and comfort to be able to deal with serious illness


Early days or should I say nights yet

I have only slept on this mattress for less than two weeks as I have been away but so far its good


Adjustable bed

This was a necessary choice for medical reasons but very happy with comfort and design.



Bought the bed three weeks ago, very happy with it and helps my bad back



I bought this a month ago and it's so comfy and really good value


Fantastic sleep!

This bed is so fabulous in every way, I cannot commend it enough.


Westwood divan bed

Very pleased with my new bed my sleeping seems to of improved


Mattress very solid and comfortable

2 - 2ft. 6 in. mattresses three weeks ago. Very comfortable



Very happy with my new mattress from a first class company.


It's the best mattress I have ever had, so comfy.

I bought the mattress about 3 weeks ago & it's so comfy.