Tokyo Upholstered TV Bed Frame with Surround Sound Rated 4/5 based on 165 customer reviews
Tokyo Upholstered TV Bed Frame with Surround Sound

Tokyo Upholstered TV Bed Frame with Surround Sound

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What Makes The Tokyo Upholstered TV Bed Frame with Surround Sound Great?

Build time: 2 people | 1 hour

This is the amount of time and the people required to conduct the build process efficiently. While you may manage yourself, if it best to get the help of someone else where possible.

Let our experts assemble your bed - select this service at the checkout

The supplier has a unique installation and assembly service whereby the consumer is able to have their product built by the experts. This was you can avoid a lot of swearing, missplacing tools and yelling at your kids and end up with the finished product from the get go. Take advantage of this service by adding this product to the basket and heading to the checkout to see options

Premium quality upholstered fabric finish

Built in 5.1 virtual surround sound

Modern frame design

Side opening ottoman option

Instructions download: bed frame | ottoman

1 USB input

utilise this clever 1 port hub as a means of charging your phone or tablet. No need to additional plugs and wires, all build in!

1920 x 1080 resolution

This bed frame comes with a TV as standard with a full HD resolution of 1920x1080. While not 4k, this is going to be more than enough at the viewing distance and size of TV.

Built in Wi-Fi

2 HDMI Points

LG 43 LK5100 LED TV

LG 43 LK5900 LED TV

WebOS Smart TV

Available in black (faux leather) or grey (fabric)

Side opening ottoman option (Storage depth: 26cm)

TV can be hidden when not in use

Customer Reviews For The Tokyo Upholstered TV Bed Frame with Surround Sound

Based on 165 review

Absolutely love this bed.

As I couldn't go on holiday due to covid I decided to use the money and treat myself to something that I have wanted ever since they were first a concept - so as you can now see this is something I have wanted for a very long time. The cost has always been the main factor for not getting one sooner and having 3 children it was always bottom of a very long list to be able to treat just myself and justify being able to also. Now I am left thinking why did I not just do it sooner? This bed is amazing! The design is sleek, modern and appealing to the eyes. The material is soft to touch, fits in well with any bedroom scheme and the attention to detail in the craftsmanship is outstanding. The tv motor mechanism is quite when lifing up and down and the storage under the bed is not compromised by the mechanics. The tv itself and the sound system which is built in is better than I expected and actually surpasses the more expensive ones I have seen in other people's homes. Even down to the design of the remote was thought about and not left as a secondary item. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase and know it is something that has been built to last.


Worth the Luxury!

Bought this item in September 2020. Very pleased with it. We upgraded to have the ottoman and smart TV. Very spacious ottoman storage and space for gaming devices such as an xbox. The smart TV is nice, and the speakers are good quality and improve the viewing experience. Really love this luxury item. We did worry it would look too large in the room, but the TV going away really does make it fit well. I do wish there were more material options, would have liked crushed velvet or maybe a suede material, but they grey works for us. If I was to be picky, I would say that the smell of the bed is something that is taking longer to settle. Simply new product smell, but it seems to primarily be from the wood in the ottoman, whether it's treated wood or the paint or something, I am unsure. BUT, it's fading and really is not the end of the world. It is costly, but we did get the upgrades and as a luxury product, we had expected to spend money. We are glad we did, but would have been nice with upgrades to sit under £2200.


Good, but not Great.

I've had this bed for over a month now so i decided to do a detailed review. So I purchased the best quality option. Superking, Ottoman, Smart TV bed. Now along with the mattress, protector, pillow and care it cost me just shy of £4k. Delivery was prompt and on time. all boxed were carried to the top floor and shoe covers were worn. Assembly need 2 persons minimum - you will not manage with just one person. Assembly will be over an hour - even with the correct tools. Instructions are slightly complex, but doable. Unfortunately, the positioning of the gas struts when screwing in the ottoman is in a position which will involve scraping the leather - not the best of design. However, the speakers are good quality and the only minor problem was that a cable dangled brushing the tv as it came up- was fixed with tape.


Fantastic bed

When we decided to get a new bed, we thought, blow it, let's just spoil ourselves! Foolishly I let my husband choose. We chose the Super Kingsize bed. Wow what a choice. There's plenty of room and fits perfectly with the new mattress we bought too. We chose the otterman as storage is a premium. The bed is easy to lift up, with two handles on one side. We have stored all our bedding and towels in there and there is still room for more. The surround sound television is brilliant. No more arguing about who wants to watch what, off to bed and watch it there. We bought the larger TV, look we treated ourselves so why not. The tele is easy to use and program. We opted for the bed to be put together by Dreams, they did a beautiful job and took all the rubbish. Would definitely recommend


Lovely bed Remote didn’t work!

Tokyo bed is very nice in black faux leather. I’ve waited a long time for the bed. My old TV bed developed a fault on the lifting mechanism. Luckily I took out the cover 6/7 years ago. Dreams inspected and agreed for the bed to be replaced. I think this was back in September 2020. I finally got my bed in May 2021. The install was fine. One thing that I wasn’t happy about was just my luck, they team had done 3 beds like this in the day a d mine had way at they said is a faulty remote that powers on and all the functions work apart from the main one the TV lift. I’m really disappointed. I’m sure Dreams will sort it, but it’s the hassle and not being able to use it to its full capability. Hence the 4 stars. Let’s hope they get this remote to me ASAP.


Money well spent!

For only the second time in our 23 years together we bought a new bed. For the first time in our 23 years together we are in a good financial position so we decided to splash out on the best rather than the cheapest. And we are not disappointed. The Tempur mattress took a while to get used to us but after 4 weeks it’s starting to feel simply luxurious. If you have neighbours then this tv bed is not for you. The first time it was switched on the volume was up high - I thought there was a helicopter landing on our roof it was so loud! All in all though this is the most extravagant purchase we have ever made and whilst the tv and the electrics might eventually need replacing, this luxurious mattress will last as long as we do. Money well spent!


Super king Drama

The bed has been magnificent it's just as we expected it to be! Very big and comfortable, dreams delivery guys were good as well. The only reason I gave it 3 stars instead of 4 or 5 is because our foot board was scratched during delivery. And in they were meant to come out with a new foot board, which they did but instead they claimed they were outside our house and had knocked but no answer which wasn't the case as we were in the house the whole morning. Upon enquiring of the next delivery they will retry I have not heard an answer from them which is very dissapointing. That's the only negative I can think of, our shop assistant Kevin was very kind and patient when we chose the bed as well making the process to buy a bed a fun experience.


Great TV bed!

My tv bed got delivered today along with 2 other beds, first of all I would like to say, the guy delivering the beds was really good, but why only send 1 man out as the beds where very heavy (thought another was coming in a separate car) but the guy was on his own, and the boxes said need 2 people to carry, but he did it all himself and didn’t moan once, very nice guy and explained that if we needed any help putting the tv bed together that there is a video on YouTube, but we didn’t need to. Onto this bed, pretty easy to put together, instructions very clear, everything works as it should do, and the LG tv is really nice, it’s a really nice bed, I love everything about it, I would definitely recommend this tv bed.


Tokyo Faux Leather TV Bed

Love this bed. It’s built like a tank, but weighs as much as one too. Anything but a straight forward lift up the stairs will need two, preferably more, people to lift it and move the sections around the room. Two ex-rugby players had to work hard to get it upstairs, so I’d spend the extra money and get the Dreams guys to do all the hard work for you. Other than that the bed is great with loads of storage underneath if you buy the ottoman version. Building the bed was easy too with good instructions. Just wait to get all the bolts in first before you tighten them up... The TV is also good to with a great picture and the speakers are very load if you want the full experience. Overall very please!


A month into using my new bed

The bed is amazing. The surround sound from both the head and foot boards sounds really clear and the bass is really punchy. The frame of the bed feels very solid and is covered in what apears to be a good quailty fabric. I opted to have under bed storage. This is very heavy to lift but once lifted the mattress is held in place by additional bars and the lift does keep the bed up for you to fill underneath. I choose to have the delivery and installation service as the bed was going into my new loft conversion. This was no problem for the guys and took the bed up and cleared all the rubish before running through all the features. .


Love it. Well designed and made

Bed arrived well packaged. Opted to build myself. Easy clear instructions. Have had for over a month now, no problems. The only criticism is that the instructions state 1hr assembly time. I would allow a bit longer. Bed is well designed, has extra long power lead and the ottoman has a false floor/base that hides the cables. Ottoman base and bed itself is good solid construction. Would I recommend - Yes However .... I notice price seems to change weekly. I would monitor online before comitting to buy.


Everything you want in a bed

Bought this around 4 weeks ago, really happy with our purchase. The amount of storage is really good and the side lift of the bed gives good access. Although pretty handy, glad we got the bed made up by the delivery guys- a massive number of parts. The surround sound is epic, really good- downside is the sound level starts at a reasonably loud level, though you can switch to front speakers only to reduce a bit. It is good for space saving really, as the TV is in the bed and so much storage.


So so pleased

Ample storage underneath as we chose the ottoman version. The sound system is fab for watching tv in bed. Easy lift ottoman function and the bed is great quality overall. We bought a tempur hybrid mattress too. What can I say! A perfect nights sleep :-) We are so pleased with the service we received from the dreams team in talbot green- excellent service from start to finish. They really went above and beyond for us- thanks to Jo and Chris and our delivery team, Chris and Jordan.


Very sturdy, two happy customers!

We're very happy with our new TV bed, it's very comfortable with the mattress combination we went for (medium gel mattress) and the TV although basic is absolutely fine for watching in bed. The sound system is extremely powerful, and more than loud enough, in fact even on minimum volume it's perhaps a little too noisy, but we're hoping that tech support can help us with this :). The under bed storage is also extremely useful, and well organised to keep cables out of the way.


Shame about the gap!!

Brought this bed and put it together only to realise that once the mattress was on there was a good 4 inch gap from the top of mattress to the headboard, which for the price was very disappointing, There was lots of little threads on the headboard hanging out, which wasn’t good. I wouldn’t pay this amount for a bed like this again! Couldn’t fault the delivery tho, was here half an hour earlier than said and they were more than happy to take it all upstairs for me!


Great smart bed

After getting some money after moving house (thanks Mr Sunak we decided to buy something special for our new bedroom that we would not normally get. We are so pleased we did it’s brilliant although we haven’t been able to properly use the 5.1 sound yet as it goes VERY loud. It’s also quite heavy and difficult to move but to be honest we’ve had no reason to do this as of yet, secret is to put it in the correct place first time.


Great bed - would recommend to everyone

Perfect TV bed with the luxury black colour. TV itself being a smart TV has very gadget you need on it. The surround system will blow you away. Even on the lowest you will feel like your in a cinema. Only con on the bed is the remote to the bed moving up and down is it’s connected to the bed physically and has a wire coming out the bed. Also there is no slot pocket for the remote control. Other than that a perfect bed.


Tv bed

I have had this about a month probably not one of our best ideas , unless you spend hours in bed . There’s no point to it really . But the worst thing is the smell of it every time I walk in the room it’s horrible , have to have windows open . Would be interesting to know what they use on it . But other than a mistake by use , quality is very good . LG tv not that good . Would been better with a Samsung .


New bed

Now had bed couple of weeks and both of us love the weekends now where we can look to get up a little later and catch up on some of our series. Sound setup us awesome. Lowest volume is still loud enough. Are kids have already had their opportunities for lazy day in bed as well. Make sure you know where to put bed and not a case you will need to move for any reason as it is heavy.


nice fancy bed

this is a great bed. i got the ottoman version which has deep storage. it is strong & robust and doesn't feel at all flimsey when raising the lid. the only issue I am having is the sound system, which is great to have speakers at my head and toes, whenever a HD channel (BBC2 HD, ITV HD) is being watched the sound it nothing but crackles and interference which makes it unwatchable.


Great quality and looks luxurious

Very strong build so with that comes many large boxes of a hefty weight(especially the unit that holds the television), do not try to to build the main structure alone as you could damage your floors or hurt yourself. The ottoman function works well and the included smart television is very easy to install and quick to watch apps via wifi. Very happy with my purchase.


Great bed

Bed is amazing, super comfy and is just so sick!! Even after problems at first with it not working (needed to troubleshoot it) the bed it very much worth the price and everything!! The bed is also very, very heavy (came in 4 main boxes and 2 extra for the ottoman) and wish I had the delivery taken upstairs as it was hard to bring them upstairs on my own.


Fantastic TV Bed

I bought the king size TV bed from Dreams at the beginning of January 2020 and It was the best decision we could have made. 5.1 Dolby surround sound with USB phone charging port and Bluetooth connection to the bed are convenient features. A very comfortable bed with all the entertainment features you would want, Thank you Dreams beds.


Love my new bed

I bought this about a month ago now and I love it my husband managed to assemble it by himself Just a pointer double check instructions for the tv bed as it came with two instructions 1 for the bed with the tv and 1 without but it’s soo easy to use and the mattress and pillows we purchased as well are amazing best investment we’ve ever made.



We ordered this before lockdown for Covid-19. When they could Dreams contacted me to advise they could now deliver. Everything went smoothly. The bed is mega, the soundbars are really good, the TV is really good quality picture and sound, although use the sound on the bed. The bed is excellent quality and the ottoman space is mega


Ottoman tv bed

I bought this about a month ago and one of the best buys I have made, bed has a very stylish look to it and so much space underneath for storage. Bluetooth is awesome, get music playing through your bed when chilling out or dancing around the bedroom. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a stylish superking TV bed


Great purchase

Absolutely love this bed. It looks so good, the TV is amazing!.. the only thing is we can't get the TV sound to come through the surround sound speakers. We select the option on the TV but it still comes through the TV speakers. The surround sound works when paired with phones though and is amazing! Highly recommend


Tokyo ottoman tv bed

We purchased this bed for our newly decorated bedroom, and it’s been the best bed we have ever purchased. The 43inch tv is just amazing excellent sound quality and looks great at the foot of the bed. A bit of luxury I would say. I would certainly recommend this product to any one thinking of buying a new bed.


Outstanding bed

Assembly was relatively easy although I would recommend a drill. We bought the ottoman version, the boarding underneath the bed in the ottoman version is outstanding, the tv lift is smooth with no issues and the sound system is outstanding. Would definitely recommend for anybody looking to get a TV bed.


Space saving & awesome sound

We’ve had the bed for 3 weeks absolutely love it, makes our room feel bigger as no longer need to find something to put the tv on. Great sound from top & bottom of the bed. Great Storage underneath the bed. Just a shame we need to get up and go to work as could happily stay in bed all morning lol.


Tokyo TV bed

Really pleased with my bed, great features sound bars in the head and foot boards, powered by an amp, digital optical too which gives great sound and powerful too like having a cinema in my bed room, plus Bluetooth as well, remote is also handy as this has a USB fitted so you can charge things up.


Lockdown bed

Worth the 5 month wait due to lockdown. Can't fault it really although it took a long time to assemble and is ridiculously heavy.. The delivery driver dropped the TV but it didn't seem to cause an issue due to its packaging. Great graphics on TV and easy raising of ottoman. Worth the wait.



In love with the bed when it finally worked. Had a few issues when arrived due to the sound system not working and also the mechanism for the tv to come out of the bed not working therefore needing 2 new parts but now the bed is working as it should i am really happy with the purchase


Great bed

Had this bed a few months now and it’s the best purchase av ever made. So comfortable, TV too quality the sound system on the bed is amazing it’s like being at the cinema. Great feature were u can play music from your phone via Bluetooth as well. Would definitely recommend this bed


TV bed frame

Absolutely amazing! Love everything about it. The only issue is I can’t get the kids out of my bed :-) we have cinema nights in, in the bedroom at the weekends now. Sound is great it’s like being in a cinema. Installation guys were very good too. Really happy overall. Big thumbs up


Tokyo TV bed.

I used to hate the idea of a TV in the bedroom, but since getting this bed I have changed my mind. Great picture quality and amazing sound and the ability to hide the TV when not needed. Bed seems good quality and the ottoman feature is great for spare bankets and pillows.


Great bed

I just had this bed installed its looks so nice and it's much improved with the remote control and quieter mechanism system . Delivery guys were very professional and organised they did a great job give them pay rise . They were wearing mask for covid ...


Troubled by the media tray

Bed arrived on Saturday. Mostly pleased but Sky Q box in media tray means you have to get out of bed to change channel. Spoke to Dreams today who say it is Sky's fault rather than a design fault. Wondered if anyone had similar experiences and how they resolved them .


Stunning sound, very good quality. Love it

Love this bed, not as difficult to build as some mentioned, the 5.1 sound is unbelievable! something to bear in mind is the tv end is extremely heavy, 2 men struggled with ours, we had to bring upstairs ourselves due to delivery restrictions caused by covid.


Fantastic product. Wished i'd paid for assembly!

Product arrived in perfect condition, assembly instructions said 2 persons 1 hour, it took 2 hours just to unpack. Instructions very clear and simple to follow. Bed is fantastic quality once assembled. And very comfortable. Would recommend in a heartbeat.


Home cinema

This bed is just like been in the cinema ! The sound is unreal ! I thought that our eyes may start to hurt, but it’s never been a problem. The quality is at the top, as telly beds go this is definitely the model which you want in your bedroom/home cinema


Dream Bed

Bed is absolutely amazing. The headboard is comfortable to lean/rest on. The ottoman storage is amazing and keeps things out of site. My partner can’t get over the sound from the sound bars as it’s incredible. Just over all an absolutely amazing bed.


Tokyo tv bed with ottoman storage

Had this be about a month now and has made our room look amazing and the storage is fantastic put so much in there and still more space to use. The surround sound is amazing for films in bed or relaxing with music all round great purchase.


Simply amazing

Bought this a couple of months ago to go into my newly refurbished room and assembled it a couple of days ago. It has been completely worth the wait, the comfort of the bed is brilliant and the fact a TV pops out the end is a game changer


All excellent

We had this new all singing and dancing bed about a month ago after sleeping in the lounge for about 8 months! It is so very comfortable and the ottoman bed is fantastic for storage. Absolutely love how the tv goes away nice and neatly.


Perfect Bed

The bed is amazing! It wasn’t that hard to set up. The surround sound it perfect, a little loud even on the lowest setting, but you can turn it off completely and use the tv sound of the other half is sleeping. Highly recommended


Fantastic bed

I have had this bed a few weeks now and I am extremely pleased with the product. My wife has recently had an operation and the TV with this bed has made her recovery a lot more pleasurable. I would recommend this bed to everyone


I am never getting out my pit again.

I don't do reviews so excuse the lack of detail. Just had our bed delivered today so can not comment on longevity, but WOW. Better than a cinema experience. No words - you just need to try it for yourself. Well worth the money.



Brilliant bed and not to difficult to put together. Tv is really good, quick lifting mechanism. Great sound from the speakers. Can use the Bluetooth without tv being up. Easy to lift and everything stays on the mattress.


Lovely Bed

Really pleased with this bed. Was straight forward to build and everything works perfectly. The sound from the speakers is excellent and there are numerous settings to enhance the experience. Would definitely recommend.


Very good tv bed

Very happy with the bed. A key thing this has compared to other beds is the fact that the tv up/down button is a one press option. Other beds you have to press the button and hold until the tv is in position you want


Worth the money

I ordered this in the black leather and once assembled looks fantastic and bring a real modern look to a room. The bed is sturdy and the sound system is as if you're sat in a cinema. Took 4 hours to assemble.


Perfect for movies

Incredible surround sound is also incredibly loud, so make sure it’s turned down before you turn it on!! Awesome! Perfect for action movies. I like the dedicated buttons on the remote for Netflix and Amazon .


What a fab item

My husband has recently fallen ill & hospitalised on his return home we splashed out & bought this for him so he can watch tv while in bed on nights he cant sleep. What a buy, for us worth every penny spent


Top quality

Everything About my purchase was 100% from ordering to receiving to assembling and to finally enjoying every aspect of it. Beautiful luxurious design with a high tech TV and the surround sound is amazing.


Tokyo Bed

Got my new TV Tech Bed Thursday, and its the best bed I have ever had, building it was fairly easy and set up of the speakers and TV was straight forward, and I love the LG Smart TV as well. Thank you.


Great bed.

Nice comfortable bed, lots of useful storage & great that the tv hides away when not in use. Sound quality is really good. The guys that set it up were efficient and pleasant. Would recommend.


Highly recommend

Highly recommend, the ottoman is great for extra storage, the tv is great quality and the speakers make it seem you are in a cinema, very easy to use. Lovely bed. Best tv bed out of all available.



Over the moon with our TV bed, always wanted one and exceeded expectations. Quality made and an excellent service received from start to finish. Highly recommend the installation option 5 stars!!


Good quality bed spoilt by surround sound problems

Good quality bed, we opted for this to be assembled by the delivery guys, glad I did! Only gripe is the the 5:1 surround sound doesn’t feed from the tv only Bluetooth link from phone for music.


Not bad overall, but concerns

Quite nice, the ottoman option was the right decision for us. The bed is extremely heavy but sturdy . No Covid precautions followed by the fitters which was a concern ( no gloves , masks etc)



The bed is amazing, makes a huge difference, the sound quality and video quality of the surround sound and tv that came with it are great. The installers did a great job building it.


Well designed media bed

Verry happy with the bed it is better quality than i was expecting as i built it myself i got to really have a good look at its design and the built in speakers is also impressive .


Tokyo bed frame

Very easy to put together you will need two people. The sound from the speakers is fantastic and gives you an immersed experience when watching movies. Comfortable and well built.


Tokyo TV bed

Was really looking forward to delivery of this bed, had to wait a little long because of Corona restrictions but well worth the wait. Really happy with delivery, fitting and bed.


Looks great!

Got this bed for a couple of weeks now and oh boy! I’m loving the surround sound! Overall I’m loving the bed the only sour nite it’s the sound system don’t support Dolby vision.


Great Product

Really good product and all working well so far. My only problem is that the manufacture of the bed I leather, has “puckered” areas at the joints. Apart from this, great product


Tv Bed

It’s a good bed. Only concern is the volume is too loud with the bed speakers on. If it’s just the tv then it’s fine but overall it’s a good bed and it’s something I recommend


Amazing Bed!

Unbelievable bed, surround sound is wicked, it's looks great, highly recommend it. Also dreams did a great job of assembking it and providing a demonstration, greta service.


Tokyo Superking TV Bed.

Good quality, heavy duty thing. Once it's built and in place, you won't shift it. Sound is really good and so very nice to lie comfortably whilst watching a bit of telly.


One of attraction in bedroom.

All in one design is fully match clean and clear design. 5.1 surround sound is loud enough to enjoy movie watching and TV game playing. One of attraction in bedroom.


Outstanding, 5 Star's

Amazing bed, we have the ottomen version and highly recommend. From delivery to build excellent and the quality of the finish is great! I cannot fault this product


Great Comfort & Size with Great Tec

Was very complex to make, would advise having dreams guys build it. Amazing quality and the tv mechanising and blue tooth and the ottoman storage all great.


Love my new bed

Brought this in March and was delivered 1st May. Easy enough to assemble, amazing features, sound and pics quality excellent! Sturdy frame and great quality.


Excellent buy

Excellent product but the only the down sode is the gap at top and bottom of base and if it had a wireless remote would be hrest other than that we love it


Great design

Best bed my partner and i ever had stylish, solid, safe and tv and sound system making us relax in bed over living whenever we get chance highly recommend


Tokyo TV Bed

Superb bed, really well upholstered, lovely smooth and quiet mechanism. TV is great quality and the integrated sound system is like being in a cinema!


My extraordinary tv bed from Dreams

It's very comfortable the sound quality is good overall bed standards is excellent, I would recommend this bed to anyone who wants to buy a tv bed.


Tokyo Upholstered Bed Frame with 43" Smart LED TV

Great tv bed with amazing 5.1 surround sound! It is simple to put together, clear instructions but it does take a lot longer than the 1hr it says!


Be careful of the colour!

The colour looks a bit different to the one we saw in store but it could have been the instore lighting so check that and bear that in mind!


Tokyo Media Bed

Amazing service and an amazing product cannot fault it very happy great sound quality and a good finish make sure you pay to get it built :)


Tokyo TV bed frame

Sound quality on the speakers is great, very smooth operating the tv up and down. Great storage underneath the bed. I would highly recommend


Tokyo Upholstered Bed Frame - Smart TV & Speakers

Excellent all in all Smart TV to have on ones bed as it offers almost everything one would like to watch and listen to within easy reach.


wonderful bed, very happy customer

this is an amazing bed. sound is so vivid and clear, picture on tv is great. so comfortable and storage is ample. highly recommended.


Worth every penny

Wasn’t sure about the bed at first due to the price. It was worth every penny. Watching a film with the surround sound on was amazing.


The future of tv beds gets better

I bought this a few weeks ago and although expensive I would recommend getting this bed as the future of tv beds seems to be improved


King size Tv bed

Amazing bed, excellent assembly service. Make sure you have good access and plenty of room for it to wont be disappointed!


Great design loving features

I bought a bed and it’s really surprising how a bed complements a mattress I’m loving the bed its were I want to be but I can’t haha


Extremely comfortable

I bought this 3weeks ago and I am so glad I did. The features are amazing and works well in my family as we can all relax together.


Great bed

Great bed, the lowest setting on the internal speakers is a bit too noisy but we just use the TV speakers. Otherwise no complaints!


Tokyo bed frame with tv and surround sound

Lovely bed and TV set up with ample space under bed for storage Surround sound is amazing at times a little too loud for my wife


Worth the price

It’s a great bed, very comfortable it’s a bed that you don’t want to leave it’s all compact and very strong it’s a bed of dreams


Love love love

Love this bed, really nice quality. TV mechanism really easy to use with remote control. Surround sound speakers really clrar


Tokyo bed

Amazing frame and storage underneath. Sound quality is excellent along with the TV I wish I would have bought the bed sooner.


Tokyo bed with surround sound.

Excellent quality rock sold bed, very happy 5.1 surround sound is superb and the under bed storage is handy and easy to use.


Credit to Dreams

Great sound very well made, wish I brought it sooner. If your umming and arrhing just do it you won’t regret it


Tokyo upholstered bed

Excellent bed, nice sound and nice 43" tv. Only complaint would be is the matrass tends to slide a bit. My only complaint.


Good quality and stylish

Good quality and amazing sound. Very spacious bed with loads of room underneath. The tv is good quality and very stylish.


Like a cinema but better!

Absolutely amazing bed. Surround sound is brilliant and worth every penny!! Love having movie nights and snacks in bed.


Dreams Tokyo bed

I was sceptical about getting this bed but I love it it’s so confortable I’ve had the best sleep ever Thankyou so much

Questions and Answers About Tokyo Upholstered TV Bed Frame with Surround Sound

I want to purchase but need to know if I can use my 4k Samsung 43" TV instead

Answer: , The bed comes with a TV as standard. However the frame is compatible with slimline LED TV's with a screen size between 20" and 43". Max TV dimensions are D: 8cm / W: 97cm / H: 58cm. Please also note that the use of a personal TV is at the customers discretion and the manufacturer does not accept responsibility for damages caused to TV or bed frame in scenarios where TV's other than that provided have been used. Kind Regards, Dreams

I would like to buy the king size model. It currently says that no dates are available for delivery. Would it be possible to know roughly how long it would take to arrive?

Answer: , I am sorry about this, without knowing the full specification you are looking for we cannot provide a lead time. However All of the variations should be offering a delivery date, please could you try clearing your browser history/cookies and this should allow a date to be booked. Alternatively you can contact our telesales team on 0800 652 5090. Many thanks Dreams

Does the TV for this bed require cables to a satellite dish and plugs for power ?

Answer: , Yes this TV bed will require connection to a plug socket or extension lead for power. If you wish to watch normal satellite TV channels then you will also need an ariel connection. However, if you just intend to use streaming services such as Netflix and Prime or a DVD/games console, then you will not need an ariel connection. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the socket ok under the bed at the foot off bed so No wires can be seen 

Answer: , I am sorry I am not clear on what you are asking. There are two sockets on the inside of the foot end of the bed for the TV and if you wanted to plug in a console or something like this. The main power for the bed would require a socket in your room, this would depend on where you plan to position the bed. Many thanks Dreams

How long would the HDMI cable need to be for a PlayStation to be in the side slot connected to the TV?

Answer: Good evening, Unfortunately we would need more detail to be able to help with this query, for example the size of the bed and TV option that you wish to purchase. To give a rough guide, our TV power cable supplied with this bed is 3m long, so your HDMI cable will need to be a similar length. Kind regards, Dreams

Can you connect wireless bluetooth speakers to this tv and also a chromecast

Answer: , Apologies for the delay in answering this question. Neither the Smart or standard versions of the TV have Bluetooth connection but the Smart can be connected to using WIFI. A chromecast can be connected to either TV using the USB port. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is it possible to have the ottoman lift and box/games console slot on the opposite sides shown to the photo above or does it come as shown above 

Answer: , Yes, the media tray and ottoman can be positioned on either side. The only restriction is that the media compartment and ottoman must be positioned on the same side as one another, whether that both be on the left or right is your choice. Kind Regards, Dreams

What’s the difference between the smart and non smart Tv 

Answer: , The key difference between the Smart and regular TV is the ability for the Smart TV to access the internet. Smart TV's connect to the internet through WiFi and have the ability to provide entertainment options via different applications. Kind Regards, Dreams

Whats the frame dimensions

Answer: Hi , This is dependent on which bed frame size you are choosing. Please see below the dimensions for all sizes: Double: 133cm x 229cm x 138cm (H x L x W) King: 133cm x 239cm x 154cm (H x L x W) Super King: 133cm x 239cm x 184cm (H x L x W) I hope this helps.

Hi, do you need to plug the TV into an aerial to be able to watch regular channels? Also where are the power sockets (headboard end or tele end)?

Answer: , An aerial would need to be plugged into the TV to be able to watch stand channels. There are plug sockets on the foot end of the bed, a plug socket in your room will be required for the main power to the bed. Many thanks Dreams

hi could you please tell me where the sub woofer is to make it 5.1, also would need to know the sound bar make to code sky remote to work the volume

Answer: , The sub woofer is located in the footboard. Unfortunately you cannot control the sound of the bed with a SKY remote, you would need to use the remote provided with the bed to control the bed volume. Many thanks Dreams

What is the guarantee for this bed 

Answer: , Dreams offer a standard guarantee of 1 year on this bed frame. You are able to extend this guarantee with purchase of our Bedcover Service Plan which can be purchased online or in store. Kind Regards, Dreams

How do you switch between headboard and foot of the bed speakers as the remote control doesn’t seem to do anything 

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. I would advise getting in touch with our customer service team as they will be best placed to advise you further on how to resolve this. Kind regards, Dreams

With the gooseneck at the back of the tv what type of screw is it because mine after a few days fell off and got lost so will need to replace it 

Answer: , This will depend on the brand of TV you purchased with the bed frame. Please call our customer services on 0800 652 6750, they will be able to help you with any spare parts required Kind Regards, Dreams

What papers are required to get it on finance from the shop? And is it possible get it on 36 months finance?

Answer: , We recommend discussing this with one of our store advisors who will be more than happy to talk you through the process and explain all documents that are required Kind Regards, Dreams

(TOKYO BED) I Prefer to use the speakers built into the bed, but every time I switch the T.V off, it reverts back to the TV speakers. How can I programme it so when i turn the tv on, the Bed speakers comes on by default?

Answer: , We would recommend reaching out to our customer service team in this instance as they would be best placed to advise you on how to resolve this further. Kind regards, Dreams

I have sky , so where would the box go 

Answer: , The Tokyo Bed Frame has space for your Sky Box with a small opening that is built into the bed frame. This can be seen on the images displayed on our website. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the maximum weight limit for the bed please

Answer: , We do not specify a maximum weight, however all of our bedframes have been tested and pass the British Standard BSEN1725 test for strength and stability. Kind Regards, Dreams

Thinking about buying this bed , if I pay  for it to be assemble what does this include???

Answer: , If you purchase our assembly service, this will include complete and full assembly of the bed. The delivery team will also remove and recycle all packaging. Kind Regards, Dreams

hii bought a evolution ottoman tv bed from you could you tell me whats the whole weight of the bed assembled and can i put some kind of castors on it to move it without taking it apart . Thanks

Answer: , The weight of the bed assembled is 162kg. Unfortunately we would advise against putting any sort of feet on the bedframe as this can affect the structure. Many thanks Dreams

Would the Sleepmotion 200i Adjustable 5’0 king   fit this bed frame ?

Answer: , I am afraid that the Tokyo frame is not Sleepmotion compatible. However you may be interested in the Seoul if you are specifically keen on a TV bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there an option to connect to the napp  app like the Seoul bed so you can set a timer for the tv to retract?

Answer: , The bed can be connected to the Napp app, however this can only move the mechanism up and down, unfortunately it does not have a timer function. Many thanks Dreams

Why is the sound so high? Even in the lowest setting it is still very loud, can this be adjusted?

Answer: , The sound is adjustable, if you have experiencing issues with this please contact our customer service team and they will be able to assist. Many thanks Dreams

We have just had ours delivered and fitted but the speaker in the headboard is not working.  Can you advise?

Answer: , We are sorry to hear this, please may you call our customer service line on 0800 652 6750 and we will be happy to look into this for you Kind Regards, Dreams

Do the wires come with tv to use bed speakers??

Answer: , Yes, this bed frame will come with the necessary audio / speaker system connection hardware that will enable use of the sound system. Kind regards, Dreams

Can this bed fit a 45inch tv? Had the 43inch but it got damaged when we moved house Thanks

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this. We would only recommend the same size TV as this has been tested with the bed to ensure it is suitable. Many thanks Dreams

Is it possible to order replacement parts such as the remote that operates the bed ?  And if so where would I be able to get them ?

Answer: Alex, You can contact our customer service team at [email protected] and they will be able to assist with this :) Many thanks Dreams

How do I get my rear headboard speaker work? The front/TV speaker works

Answer: , If you need any assistance with the bed functions, please contact our team at [email protected] Kind regards Dreams

How do I get the 5.1 to work I have chrome cast connected and all I get is stereo and not the actual 5.1 surround

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this. Please contact our customer service team and they will be able to assist you with this. Many thanks Dreams

I have had the bed for just over 2 months and the sound system has stopped working. Is there any quick fixes I could try?

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this. Please contact our customer service team who will be able to assist you with this. Many thanks Dreams

 Does it come with the mattress

Answer: , This bed frame does not come with a mattress and therefore this will need to be purchased separately. Kind Regards, Dreams

Isit worth getting the ottoman?

Answer: , An ottoman bed base is a practical form of storage, and we would recommend for someone short on space Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi I’ve had this bed for a couple of weeks and the remote no longer works for the TV lifting mechanism? I don’t understand what could’ve happened to it?

Answer: , Please contact our Customer Service Team who will be able to help you troubleshoot this issue. Kind Regards, Dreams

We have a Tempur mattress.  Would we be able to use this bed frame with that mattress ?

Answer: , Yes, as long as your TEMPUR mattress is the same size as this bed frame it will be suitable. Kind regards Dreams

Can you tell me what type of mattress base is included in the no ottoman option? I’m sure I saw in store it’s sprung slatted but the instruction manual shows a flat panel so I’m confused. I’m looking for a sprung slatted base as I find it comfier. Thanks 

Answer: , The standard (non-ottoman) Tokyo comes with a solid base, it does not come with sprung slats. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, am I able to buy a replacement remote for the tv up/down mechanism and Bluetooth speaker? 

Answer: , Please contact our customer services team on 0800 652 6750 and they will try to help you. Kind Regards Dreams

Can this bed be connected to the internet via WiFi?.

Answer: , Thank you for your question. The Smart TV should connect to the internet via WiFi. Kind regards, Dreams

Hi can I play music through the surround sound using Bluetooth from my phone?

Answer: , Yes you can play music through the Bluetooth function from your phone or MP3 player Kind Regards, Dreams

Can the tv be connect to sky q?

Answer: , The TV has HDMI ports which allows for the connection of SKY Q or alternative services. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is it more sturdy without the ottoman?

Answer: , We ensure all of our bed frames are safe and sturdy with and without ottoman storage Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, does the bed have storage for games consoles while in use? Thanks!

Answer: , Unfortunately the bed does not have storage for game consoles whilst in use. Kinds regards, Dreams

Does this bed have a slot for a dvd player / console

Answer: , This bed does include a media tray for these things on the side of the bed. Many thanks Dreams

Does this bed frame has any charging option available like phone, iPad, etc?

Answer: , I am afraid that this bed does not feature phone or tablet charging points. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi. Is the ottoman version of this bed suitable for a tempur mattress. 

Answer: , Yes, the ottoman version of this bed is suitable for a Tempur Mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

I am Interested in buying this bed but I would like to know who makes the sound bars? Can you please answer my question this time please.

Answer: Hi The product is bespoke and so the audio system is kept unbranded. Thanks for your question.

Can i buy the bed without the TV?

Answer: , Unfortunately you are unable to purchase this bed frame without the TV. Kind Regards, Dreams

I’ve owned the bed for a couple of months now, is there and bedside tables that would match the bed?

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not sell a matching bedside chest for this frame. Kind regards Dreams

Will someone from company assemble it?

Answer: , Yes, you can purchase assembly for this bed frame at the checkout. Kind regards Dreams

Say if i wanted to buy this would i need to buy a mattress with it too or not?

Answer: , I can confirm that all of our bed frames are sold without a mattress Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the bed frame have usb charging ports

Answer: , Unfortunately this bed frame does not have USB charging points. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there an option to purchase the tv bed without having to buy the tv with it? I’ve got a tv that can fit inside it.

Answer: , Unfortunately the bed can only be purchased with the TV. Many thanks Dreams

Can this bed be bought without the TV? Thanks

Answer: , Unfortunately, this bed cannot be purchased without a TV. Kind Regards, Dreams

We have purchased this bed dueb5o be delivered but wondered is the entertainment box gap on both side or just one?

Answer: , The entertainment box gap is on one side of the bed only. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi just wanted to make sure the width if the double bed frame is 138cm as so is the king size?.

Answer: Good Evening, The width of the double is 138cm and the king is 154cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is Mattress Included

Answer: Hi , No, you will have to purchase a mattress separately. Thank you for your question.

hey, just wondering is there a service where you can have someone dismantle the bed and re build in a different room? 

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not currently offer this service. Kind regards Dreams

Does the bed have built-in headphone socket, USB ports for smartphone charging and Bluetooth connection?

Answer: , I can confirm the Tokyo has all of these features Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there a option to get the height of the headboard smaller?

Answer: , Unfortunately, this headboard only comes in one size. Kind Regards, Dreams

What size mattress does the Tokyo King require?

Answer: , This bed requires a standard UK King size mattress. Many thanks Dreams

Does the TV provided with the Tokyo bed come with a stand in case I decide to remove the TV and use it elsewhere?

Answer: , Unfortunately the TV is not provided with a stand. Many thanks Dreams

Finance available on your bed sails thankyou 

Answer: , Yes we offer 0% APR finance on any order over £500. Kind regards Dreams

Is the base of this bed a solid ottoman or slats?

Answer: , The Tokyo ottoman has a solid base, not slats. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi. Does anyone know what the length is for the plug that goes into a wall socket, as I’m wanting to put the ottoman side on the opposite side of my plug socket so there is more room for me to access the storage.

Answer: , The power cable for this bed is 3 metres long. Many thanks Dreams

Is it real 5.1 surround sound or just stereo on all speakers?

Answer: , This bed frame features 5.1 surround sound. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do I need an Ariel for smart tv Installed in tv bed

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. To watch television an Ariel would be required.

Hello What are the dimensions of the media slot on the side?

Answer: , The media tray is 60cm x 29cm. Many thanks Dreams

Is the black option authentic leather or faux?

Answer: , This is faux leather. Kind regards Dreams

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