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Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Bed Frame Rated 4/5 based on 14 customer reviews

Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Bed Frame


What Makes The Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Bed Frame Great?

Sturdy metal legs and reinforced base

Weight limit: 355kg / 55 stone

Sync cable - easy to sync the bed frame to the wireless remote

Images are a visual representation. There will be a slight gap between the base and mattress when not in use, this is normal.

Instructions download: Single | double/king | super king

2 people required for assembly

Self assembly is required with this frame, however, the manufacturing quality and tolerances within should make for easy work.

Can be standalone or dropped into one of our selected bed frames

Mattress not included, view our range of compatible mattresses here

1-year guarantee included

A 1 year guarantee is typical for the industry and the type of product on sale. This guarantee protects your protect for the first year of ownership which is often the time in which most problems would otherwise occur. 

3 adjustable areas: head, back and lumbar

Controlled via the Napp by Dreams app or wireless remote (included)

The new Napp by Dreams app has more features than ever, not only can you control your sleep, with health monitoring that can track your sleep cycle. You now get the ability to control the bed, being able to navigate up and down in line with your comfort preference.

Zero Gravity technology provides a weightless feeling and eases pressure points

2x massage units (back and feet)

Customer Reviews For The Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Bed Frame

Based on 14 review


As we are retired now we decided due to health reasons to purchase an electric bed. In the shop we went for the 200i on the sales person recommendation. However upon checking the website decided to upgrade to the 400i this has the back and leg massager integrated, and so glad we did. My ife spent a lot of time standing in her job and this allowed her to have the bottom half raised to aleviate pressure on her legs. It was also ideal for her back . If you are considering a new bed i cannot recommed this bed more highly. PS i think the wife is superglued to the bed after a month.


First class all round

Excellent from initially ascertaining which type of bed we required. Due to covid, we could only do this online, but it was made very easy. First class customer service from the moment we put our order in. Regular updates. Delivery on time - Dreams could teach other companies out to provide excellent products and service, Highly recommend


Great features!

The features in the 400i bed frame provide great comfort due to the extra adjustable area for lumbar support. Being able to choose a bed frame that suits your own style to partner with the base, along with the addition of massage units, creates a real feel of luxury so you can properly relax in bed!


Is the firm mattress too firm ?

Bought for me when I have a bad back. Bought for my to daughter to use when she is home. Since purchase my daughter has been home and been using the bed. I chose the firm mattress in the shop, but my daughter feels this is too firm. I have not yet had the opportunity to sleep on it.


Very good price and mid-high range adjustable bed

I bought this just before the official launch as there was only the 200i and 900i. sleep motion then brought out 2 new intermediate models so perfect for choice and getting the best value for the essential options you need rather than paying for features you are not going to use.


So comfortable

Omg it's perfect don't think I'll ever get out of bed again, love the massage features and it's perfect for someone that's poorly and struggling with there back..wish I'd bought this month's ago..good value for money too..worth ever penny..


Life changing

This bed has made a good nights sleep possible again. I suffer from chronic health conditions and struggled for years to be comfortable enough to sleep in a bed. I can't recommend this bed enough.


400i bed - excellent choice

Excellent purchase - I love the bed and particularly the three “preset” buttons on the remote control. I also like the massage vibration although apart from the lowest setting, it is very noisy


Heavenly bed

This bed comes in two parts for easy delivery but it is simple to put together. Absolute heaven to sleep or sit up in, especially with the massage function



We bought this bed 3 weeks ago and we received on time. So far it's exceeded our expetactions.


High quality electric adjustable bed

Great adjustable bed. Easy assembly, robust build and high quality.



Amazing service and great quality product. My grandma loves it


Good nights sleep

Excellent purchase, fantastic nights sleep so restful.

Questions and Answers About Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Bed Frame

Good morning I have already purchased a dormeo mattress and I would love to have this bed.  Would I be able to use them together and how does the mattress manage to stay in place and not fall over the bottom edge.  

Answer: , You would need to speak to Dormeo directly so they can confirm if their mattress would be compatible. There is a mattress retainer bar that is fitted onto the end of the base to keep the mattress in place. Please see the assembly instructions on the product page for a better understanding of this. Many thanks Dreams

please can you explain the difference between back support (that the 400i has) to lumbar & back support (on the 800i) ?

Answer: , The 400i has back and lumbar support, these are the same on the 800i, the only difference is that the 800i also has head support which is a small section at the top of the bed which can tilt to change the angle of your head when you sleep and can help open airways while you sleep. Many thanks Dreams

Can you add bed rails to this bed 

Answer: , If you mean side rails we will be selling this bed as a drop in with a bedframe in the near future. If you mean patient helper rails, then unfortunately we cannot confirm this as we have not tested this with the bed. Many thanks Dreams

Are your sleep motion i400 bed frames compatible for a headboard? And if the frame only fits your mattresses shouldn’t that be a fixed price for a complete set option with discounts being given on whole unit prices or discounted assembly of the unit.

Answer: , We are currently designing a headboard for the 400i frame, we aim for this to be available in March 2021. I am sorry but unfortunately we do not have a discount available to purchase the frame with other items. Many thanks Dreams

do you take the old bed away

Answer: , Unfortunately due to the current lockdown we are unable to offer disposals at the moment. Once the lockdown restrictions have eased we will be able to review offering this service. Many thanks Dreams

what is the delivery time

Answer: , The delivery lead time for this bed is around 2 weeks. If you go through the checkout process, a delivery date will be offered before you make a payment. Many thanks Dreams

How much space underneath?  And can you store stuff under there?

Answer: , The clearance is 22cm with the 9cm leg being used. We do not recommend any storage under the bed due to the moving parts. Many thanks Dreams

Is there a rail at the end of the bed to keep the mattress from slipping over the end

Answer: , The frame does have a retaining bar to keep the mattress in place. Many thanks Dreams

Are your mobility beds exempt from value Added Tax?

Answer: , Unfortunately our adjustable beds are not exempt from VAT. Many thanks Dreams

How heavy is this frame? Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Bed Frame

Answer: , In total the frame weighs 78KG. Many thanks Dream

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