Seoul Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame Rated 4.77/5 based on 366 customer reviews
Seoul Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame

Seoul Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame

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Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6

Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

What is it?

The Seoul Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame is a fairly recent addition to the popular brand The Dreams Workshop and is the latest in the retailers strategic vision which sees both ottoman and non-ottoman variants available to purchase. The Seoul in particular is favourably reviewed and comes in a modern light grey that will please those looking for neutral tones to their bedroom. 

The TV addition is something you don't often see with ottoman frames and makes this particular variant something of a scarcity, however, it certainly fits a niche that will likely impress. 

Who is it suitable for?

While many look to TV beds as something more reserved for the upper-class, it doesn't have to be the case, in fact, the Seoul Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame is not only reasonably priced, but also ideal for those looking to maximise their floor space as the combination of TV built-in combined with deep ottoman storage makes a really strong argument for those with smaller rooms to best be able to utilise this feature set.

What makes it stand out?

The scarcity factor mentioned previously will be the main stand-out feature as this combo rarely becomes available. What's more you get a few perks when buying from this retailer in that their mass-market appeal and strong consumer confidence has led to impressive purchases which has fuelled plenty of positive reviews. These reviews clearly show a product that consumers love with an impressive scoring that reiterates the great quality product on display.

Reasons to Buy

Not available in this combination elsewhere.

Good quality components including a 32" LED HD TV.

Strong consumer reviews.

Reasons to Avoid

Limited sizing sees this only available in a double or king size at present, proving somewhat limiting for those without larger rooms and slightly negating the all encompassing benefit of improved storage and TV.

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Of The Seoul Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Seoul Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame Great?

Supplied with a Samsung 32 inch LED TV

This TV is HD ready and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

Wireless remote to control TV lifting mechanism

I personally prefer wired remotes on adjustable and TV beds because I have a habit of losing them down the back of the bed or lost in the duvet covers. That said, plenty of other people love the wireless nature of the remote and the flexibility offered.

Also available as a standard tv bed frame or motion tv bed frame

Quilted vertical panelled headboard

Some bed frames come without headboard to allow you to appropriately accessorise and provide further customisation to your sleep space, however, in this instance you get the entire package, featuring a luxurious panelled headboard.

Available in grey fabric

The grey fabric utilised in this product produces a sleek matt finish that looks elegant in any modern room set. The material is thick enough to provide durable support for a number of years and will suit darker rooms.

Matching bedside chest available separately

This bed frame comes as part of an extended collection of other bedroom furniture, available to view in our furniture section of Want Mattress.

Sprung slats as standard for extra support and comfort

Sprung slats are typically made from a flexible beech wood and are curved in design slightly to help give an amount of flex. These slats generally have more bounce and are made of a better quality with improved spacing when compared to traditional wooden slats.

1 year guarantee included

1 year guarantee is average in the UK mattress industry. While it should not put you off (mattresses typically last for 7 years before being replace), it is the minimum that you get with a product. Depending on your price point, you might be able to attract a higher warranty or guarantee period

Samsung UE32N002 LED TV

This TV is HD ready and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

2 HDMI ports

2 HDMI ports in a TV is fairly standard but crucial for those looking to make full use of their media center. A TV bed is no different and by having enough space for a smart fire stick and a games console you can be sure your TV bed is future-proof.

1 USB input

utilise this clever 1 port hub as a means of charging your phone or tablet. No need to additional plugs and wires, all build in!

1366 x 768 resolution

There are a few different resolutions available depending on the size and option selected on the order page, this is the lowest resolution available and still offers 720p resolution and is considered HD-Ready but not Full-HD.

The TV comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

A one year warranty is commonplace for the industry and in line with expectations. This gives you enough time to determine any manufacturer faults and is typically within the period that issues would occur.

Samsung 32 U32 M5520 Smart TV

This TV is HD ready and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

3 HDMI ports

3 HDMI ports in a TV is fairly standard but crucial for those looking to make full use of their media center. A TV bed is no different and by having enough space for a smart fire stick and a games console you can be sure your TV bed is future-proof.

2 USB input

utilise this clever 2 port hub as a means of charging your phone or tablet. No need to additional plugs and wires, all build in!

1920 x 1080 resolution

This bed frame comes with a TV as standard with a full HD resolution of 1920x1080. While not 4k, this is going to be more than enough at the viewing distance and size of TV.

Built in Wi-Fi

With most smart-homes being almost entirely run through Wi-Fi, having it built in will prove beneficial with no need for additional homeplugs of cables.

Web OS Smart TV

This smartTV comes with LG's built in Web OS, giving you access to great apps like netflix, disney, amazon instant and plex.

Build time: 2 people | 2 hours

This frame is quite an advanced build that will take an approximate 2 hours with two people. That's not to say you couldn't manage this sort of thing yourself, however, it is advisable to utilise an extra set of hands.

Let our experts assemble your bed - select this service at the checkout

The supplier has a unique installation and assembly service whereby the consumer is able to have their product built by the experts. This was you can avoid a lot of swearing, missplacing tools and yelling at your kids and end up with the finished product from the get go. Take advantage of this service by adding this product to the basket and heading to the checkout to see options

Internal storage depth: 26cm

This sort of storage depth is ideal for pillows, spare duvets and other trinkets that you need to store away in the bedroom. The depth here is probably not suitable for those looking to replace full drawer sets, however, should provide great additional storage for those with limited room.

Samsung 32 N5300 Smart TV

This TV is HD Ready and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

Can be controlled via the Napp by Dreams app or standard remote (included)

The new Napp by Dreams app has more features than ever, not only can you control your sleep, with health monitoring that can track your sleep cycle. You now get the ability to control the bed, being able to navigate up and down in line with your comfort preference.

TV can be hidden when not in use

1-year guarantee

A 1 year guarantee is expected and standard for the industry. If anything goes wrong with your product within that period you are able to get help and support and ensure that you are not left out of pocket on any repair of replacement.

LG 32" 32LM63 SMART TV

This TV is HD Ready and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

1366 x 768 resolution

There are a few different resolutions available depending on the size and option selected on the order page, this is the lowest resolution available and still offers 720p resolution and is considered HD-Ready but not Full-HD.

The TV comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty

A one year warranty is commonplace for the industry and in line with expectations. This gives you enough time to determine any manufacturer faults and is typically within the period that issues would occur.

LG 43" 43LM6300 LED TV

This TV is HD Ready and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Having a TV with built-in WiFi is a great benefit for many people. It allows you to access the internet and stream content from your favourite streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and more. 

LG 43" 43UN7100(6) 4K UHD TV

This TV is 4k UHD and with the advanced LED technology also proves to be sufficiently lightweight. Additionally you have low power usage through the LED tech which makes it an ideal and future proof, perfect for many sleepy nights cuddled up in your tv bed.

3840 x 2160 resolution

When it comes to television and consumer media, 3840 × 2160 (also known as 4K UHD) is the dominant 4K standard and the one most commonly associated with the term. A 4K TV is the modern standard for resolution and performs well with crystal clear viewing.

Storage depth: 26cm

This bed comes with deeper units for additional storage space within the bedroom. Ideally suited to sheets and bedding, the depth of the storage can also prove useful for those looking for a more minimalistic and clean experience in their room.

Sprung slats gap (cm): 8.5

Sprung slats are cheap to produce and easy to package for logistics & delivery allowing cost savings to be passed onto the consumer, saving you money.Slatted bases are really popular and can be found from at most retailers.

If you need help with assembly, take a look at our Seoul assembly video.

This product is delivered in a self-assembly capacity, meaning it will be easy to get up the stairs and into the bedroom, ideal for those with limited space or tight corners to navigate. Don't be put off by self assembly, the instructions provided will make easy work of the task at hand.

Solid base board for ottoman storage

An Ottoman base with a lift system is often used to increase storage in small rooms, providing one of the most diverse and impressive storage solutions available. Bed bases can open from either end or the side, providing convenient access to bedding, clothing, toys, and more. 

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Customer Reviews For The Seoul Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame

Based on 366 reviews
Good bed..

I bought this bed about 4 months ago and although it looks perfect in the room along with the matching bedside tables the bed its self caused us trouble when we got it and still is now. When we got the bed the gas pistons for the ottoman that hold the bed up where broken so once fitted on to the bed it wouldnt go down even with 3 people trying to pull it down and 2 people laying on it! When I complained it took 2 weeks before we got new ones and thats only because the store manger ended up giving us the ones of the show bed. We were also told we would be getting 2 wires for the TV and to use the longest one as they had a few complaints that the wire wasnt long enough and we only received the one wire, the short one, after complaining about this also we are still waiting for Samsung to send a new wire out which is long enough to reach the plug and not have to use an extension lead. We are still having trouble with the remote that lifts the TV as we are constantly having to link it to the bed or lift the bed up to use the manual buttons underneath. I have had to link it to the bed at least 8 times since we have had it and now have completely given up. When I asked for a new remote to be sent out I just got told to relink it. Other than this the bed is lovely..

Bed with storage underneath AND a TV = PERFECT!!

I bought this as i really liked the design plus the fact it came with the TV too. The instructions are very easy to follow and it took my wife and I roughly 2 and half hours to have it all fully assembled. This new bed frame has allowed us to get rid of our TV stand, freeing up more space in the bedroom, as my games console fits perfectly in the open storage at the bottom of the bed with space for more devices. I opted for the Smart TV for the higher resolution and the clarity of the screen is fantastic. Lots of apps to use such as netflix and amazon video and if you have a Samsung phone you can even make use of Dex to view your phones apps on the TV. The fact that the TV pops up and down by a press of a button on a remote still amuses me. Nothing better than lying in bed with the perfect viewing angle of your favourite tv show. Even the headboard is really comfy to lean on. With it being the Ottoman style too, my wife has put all our extra bed sheets and duvets etc into the storage all hidden away which has made our room looking very nice and tidy Overall, the Seoul Ottoman bed has been an absolute amazing purchase with personally nothing to fault. If you're wondering whether to get this or not, just get it, you won't be disappointed.

Without a Doubt - the best tv bed on the market

This wasn't our original choice of bed, but we are so glad that we went ahead and purchased this. The Bed fits perfectly in the intended space and is a lot higher that it seems in the showroom, so if you want a stand out, luxury hotel fell bed, this is it. We went for the ottoman option and are so surprise about how sturdy the bed is with this - the lift mechanism is very well made and I have no doubt this will stand the test of time. we went for the standard TV and at first thought that this might be quite small, but it is more than adequate and if we got anything bigger - it would be too big. I would also pay the extra for Dreams to build the bed, the boys just came in and got on with it - took them about an hour and a half, and if this is the professionals doing it - I wouldn't like to think how long it would have taken us - defo worth the money. I would highly recommend this bed

Amazing bed

I the Seoul tv bed in standard double with upgrade to smart tv. I put it up myself in around 2hrs, and found it pretty straight forward to put up but the end of the bed does weigh 38kg. I also bought my own mattress.Ive now had it two weeks, now and all I can say its amazing! It looks the part when you walk into the bedroom then the lift is remote controlled. The tv rises smoothly even if the motor is a little noisy but nothing too intrusive. I would recommend the smart tv upgrade as it is a Samsung and a surprisingly good tv for a 32in which actually looks bigger than it is. There is also a handy media tray underneath with hdmi for your PlayStation etc. The only little gripe Ive got is none of the screws for the tv fitted. I know its a little pricey but this is a great looking bed and so comfortable. Would I buy another.. yes most definitely I will be..but king size!


Wow wow wow is all I can say! This bed was installed very quickly and efficiently by Paul and his colleague I dont know his name unfortunately. Theres an unbelievable amount of underbed storage, and its super easy to use! Ive never had a more comfortable bed, its an absolute privilege to go and relax on. Thank you dreams, very informative throughout and stuck to their promises. We originally ordered a bed from benson for beds but their customer service was lacking and lots of delays, we cancelled with them however and we got speedy delivery within 14 days with dreams, we couldnt believe it! :D so in love with our new bed!

Great bed.

Great bed. Comfy and looks good. Tv and connections are easy. But, you will need a 90 degree angled HDMI cable in the back of the Tv. Its supplied with a normal one which rubs on the lid during operation. Its also a very heavy bed. When moving it (I know its a rare thing, only really done when decorating) the bed frame can warp as the strength and structure is around the outside only. Its a 2 man (person) job. So be careful. The TV motor is noisy. Not excessively but it will wake the other half when shes fallen asleep. Picky negatives. Other than that its fab. Great storage space on the ottoman version too.

LOVE this bed

I bought this bed 3 months ago and couldn't be happier. I had so many doubts between purchasing the bed and receiving the delivery as to whether I had done the right thing, did I really need a bed with a TV built in. Well I'm glad I didn't cancel the order. The bed is beautiful and the storage is well, amazing. No regrets whatsoever. As the bed didn't have built in speakers, I bought myself a lovely set of Polaroid speakers from ASDA which sit either side of the bed and are a lovely addition to the already fantastic set up. I also went for the 43" smart TV, well why not as I was treating myself

Great features and super comfy!

So pleased with my purchase. It was very easy to assemble and instructions was very clear. Everything was packed neatly. Love the shelf on the side of the bed and think you could add another one on opposite side or even pull out drawers. Tv was in working order once again easy to assemble thanks to instructions and guide. Love the colour of the bed and looking to purchase matching side bed tables. Love how high is the headboard. Overall I'm in love with bed, it's perfect for cozy evening and even better when your poorly and need to spend a days in bed.

Great Bed Investment

Amazing purchase, took me time to actually decide on an ottoman tv bedframe, but finally decided to invest on it. Love the extra storage you get for having an ottoman bed. The bed is very sturdy, the ottoman feels sturdy as well, very pleased with it. The TV makes it perfect, after the end of your day, all you want is to relax in bed with some entertainment just by your foot end. The mechanism that brings the TV up & down is very responsive. The whole look of the bed is sleek, elegant & modern. Worth the investment.

Seoul ottoman bed with tv king size

The bed is fantastic. Very steady and good quality. We have a king ottoman with lots of storage underneath. Because its an ottoman it came with slats as standard so you need a mattress good for it. We had Emma mattress which is a memory foam and found it to be too soft on slats. I didnt want another mattress so we have put some cardboard underneath which did trick. The TV is okay with all the apps you need. Due to lockdown my husband had to assemble the bed himself which took a long time but well worth the struggle.


As soon as I came across this bed I knew it was the one! The look of it was so stylish and elegant! I knew it was perfect for our new bedroom! Had been looking for weeks to get the correct one! I love the storage underneath and how the sky box is all hidden away! Amazing instructions easy to follow, built it myself and got told of the amazing delivery drivers that if I got stuck then there was a video on YouTube to help! Honestly cannot recommend this bed so much I love it!! Tv that comes with it aswell is awesome!!

Great purchase top master bedroom bed!

Excellent bed, we purchased the ottoman option with the smart TV upgrade. Took two of us a good 3-4 hours to put the whole thing together. Instructions are good but make sure you read the OTTOMAN ones first as there are subtle differences. Would recommend using an electric screwdriver. Once built this thing is sturdy. Build quality is tough but there are small bits that bug me like staples showing on the underside of the TV lid. Minor but you'd expect something a little neater for the price you're shelling out.

What a dream! Gutted I didn't buy this sooner!

What a dream! The bed is of course a bit larger than a standard double which took a bit of getting used to as it has an "end" to it. Other than that adjustment, its been awesome! solid as a rock, good storage underneath and quite nice that the bd still has a base so your storage is still contained (most ottoman beds have a hollow bottom) Super happy overall, very comfy, easy to use and as mentioned above, its solid! The fitters were super helpful, polite and really careful with distancing.

Cant fault it!!

Absolutely love this bed! We paid for dreams to assemble it which I think was essential looking at the amount of bits that came! The guys were really good asked us which side we wanted the media box and ottoman lifting. Plugged everything in and left the hdmi cable for our virgin box accessible. They took all the cardboard away apart from the tv box as they said we would need that if the tv developed a fault. All In all we are really pleased with the bed and are glad we paid for assembly.

A Night In Seoul !!

The Seoul Bed is a brilliant piece of furniture and extremely well made. Self assembly isn't difficult especially with the help of my dear Wife and the assembly instructions are very helpful.We selected to have a sprung base which coupled with the mattress of our choice, makes the bed very comfortable. The TV in the footboard does away with the need for a tv wall bracket or table for a freestanding tv, which takes up valuable bedroom space and it tucks away very nicely in the footboard.

Amazing bed so far!

I purchased this bed as I have a small room so having bed and tv all in one was more practical for saving space plus the fact I got the ottoman version was even better, I was so surprised at the amount of space to store stuff I was expected to fit that much underneath. It was easy enough to put together and so far I havent had any issues with the bed. Im really happy with my purchase and had so many good comments from people about the overall look of the bed.

This bed is a life changer

I cannot praise this bed enough. This bed has outshone my expectations in every way. The sturdy well constructed frame is modern and durable. I am especially impressed by the amount of space provided as I opted for the ottoman style which now homes all the new bedding I purchased ahead of my beds arrival. The TV feature makes it extremely difficult for me to actually leave the bed! I can only say, this is my Best Buy of a bed on my entire life (46 years)

Fabulous TV Bed

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my ottoman TV bed. Its amazing. So comfortable. Its really solid and looks like it will last a long time. The storage underneath is just fab. Loads of room to tidy things away. Excellent building service by the 2 delivery guys. They had my 2 new beds built in a flash. The best but though is the TV. Its just great. Im finding myself going to bed earlier and earlier just to be comfy watching TV. Definitely recommend.

Worth Every Penny

We bought this bed for moving into our new home. The storage under the bed is big, we use this for spare bedding, towels and shoes. We purchased the Smart TV as we use Netflix/Prime Video and rarely watch "normal" TV. We were so glad we paid for the installation, the guys were great, friendly and professional. They asked us where to place the bed and which side to have the opening for the storage. Loving Sunday mornings!!!

Excellent company

Recieved my seoul tv bed Great service from start to finish Was updated regularly re delivery The delivery guys were brilliant They were very friendly and respectful The bed is a beautiful piece of furniture Looks elegant and id very comfortable The tv is perfect for our needs The bed was easy enough to put together Albeit you need 2 people All in all very happy with the bed and extremely happy with the service from dreams

Fantastic Bed

The bed itself is smart looking with a soft comforting material used for the head and foot boards. It fits brilliantly into the awkward room we wanted it for, measurements being accurate. The TV is a crisp clear picture and at 32inches is neither to big or small for the distance you view it from. To finish it off has a neat insert for any electronical equipment you require to be attach to the TV.

Great TV bed

Love the colour and material as its really simple, would go in any style of bedroom. It was fairly easy to put together but pretty chunky so do pay attention to the measurements before purchasing. Obviously a great bonus having the telly included. The operating of it is super easy and is great being able to put the telly away tidily when not in use. Overall I would definitely recommend!

Excellent Product and service

Excellent product staff advice on purchase delivery and after sales support From start to finish a good experience Very pleased with the comfort and quality of our purchase We assembled the product ourselves but it did take around 4 hours In hindsight I would gave paid for the assembly service Overall really happy and would recommend Dreams to anyone looking for beds

As advertised

This bed is lovely, as advertised. Delivery was as arranged, although I didn't receive a text with a slot as was described in the emails. Given the Covid situation we couldn't have assembly, which I had paid for. It dud take a reminder to get that payment back.. The bed itself is stunning. It is perfect if you don't have a place for a TV in your room. I love it.

Bed of dreams!

I am in complete love with my new bed. It is the most amazing quality, the ottoman is easy to use and has so much storage space and it is everything I dreamed of. I was very very impressed with the customer service and the guys who fitted my bed for me. They did an excellent job and were so friendly. Overall the bed, service and everything is a 10/10 from me.

Seoul Tv Bed Frame

Easily to build took no longer than 2hours with 2 people. Nice cushioned head board and sturdy all around. We got sprung slat boards and with a good mattress makes it lovely and comfortable. Only thing I could say negatively about it is if you are on the taller side you wont fit, Im 64 and if you are any taller it would be a challenge to sleep in.

Slick and tidy

We wanted a grey bed frame which complimented our neutral bedroom interior and this bed frame suited perfectly. I was concerned about assembling the bed with the tv stand parts but to be fair it was very simple and done in no time at all. The bed is good height and not overly cumbersome due to the smooth curves. Very happy with our purchase!

Totally in love !

I purchased this product last month and Im totally in love with it. I got the led tv initially because I didnt check the specifications but I called them and I changed it to a smart tv. The delivery team were amazing, changed the tv within a few mins and now I can watch my Netflix on my bed. I totally recommend this Bed. Its amazing.

A brilliant bed with a guarantee

The Seoul upholstered bed works wonders, the tv mechanism is slick, works every time, not had a problem at all. It looks so lavish and luxurious. Ive had so many compliments off of friends and family about how brilliant it is. Although this bed is a lot of money it is 100% worth it and I recommend to anyone who is thinking about buying.

Happy With My Choice

This is my first ever time getting a TV bed and Im happy I made the choice. The bed has everyone I need and Im finding it harder to get out of bed now, as its so comfortable. I built the bed by myself, the instructions are clear. Since its been up, everyone wants to come in my room to watch tv. I would recommend this bed to others.

Great TV bed.

Had this bed now for about a month. I assembled this on my own with a little lifting help from my wife, assembly was straight forward. We both love this bed, It has a 32" Smart TV with a compartment for a DVD player in the Ottoman storage. There is ample storage in the base. We use the vacuum pack bags and this doubles your storage.

Great bed, average tv

This bed is great, you can fit so much storage underneath as it is an ottoman, and also features a TV that can be moved up and down. The quality of the bed is very good too. The only thing I would say is that the UI of the smart tv can be a bit laggy - although I am a complete tech head, so probably wouldnt bother most people ;)

Everything you need and more

Well built, comfortable, affordable and space saving bed! Everything you need and want in a bed. Dreams have been brilliant in ensuring we are informed of when the bed was due and the delivery men were polite and respectful to the house ensuring both the bed and property that they were bringing the bed into wasn't damaged.

Good bed bad customer service

Love the bed, took a while to put together and not the simplest instructions. Bed has a mark on it noticed after build offered a new part or 60 off which I am a bit annoyed about considering the cost of the bed and also the amout of time it would take to change as its on the TV section at the back. So highly visible.

LOVE this bed!

Dream come true bed for me, as I love to watch tellie in bed. Best price around I could find, and I did a lot of research!! Great lads came out to deliver and build it, going above and beyond when a small issue arose. Ottoman is spacious, bed is comfy and TV is perfectly hidden away when I don't need it! Super happy.

Seoul ottoman bedframe with TV

This bed is amazing. It is very attractive and can be easily decorated. Very easy to use, dreams staff were very good at assembling the bed safely as per COVID 19 guidelines, and quickly. The TV is the star feature and it is a good size, plenty of storage on the ottomsn frame as well. Pleased with this purchase

Great Quality Bed

Decided I would treat myself and have not been disappointed. The bed is a beautiful design and looks great in the bedroom. The bed is exceptionally comfy and I am sleeping well. The tv operates wonderfully. Thanks to the wonderful service Dreams provided I am still enjoying my treat to myself.

TV bed of our DREAMS

What a bed! Always wanted a TV Bed and I'm so glad we went with dreams, delivery guys were spot on, helping me lift it into the house due to it weighing a tone. But over all very straightforward to assemble using the guid! It's been about a month or 2 now and can't wait to get into bed every night.

Lovely quality.

Bed is very stylish and so far so good. I bought it with the Samsung upgrade to get the Disney+ app and all works well. The TV lift however was broken upon arrival, however, dreams were fairly quick to replace this with an engineer visit, would have been quicker...but covid delayed it a few days.

Nice bed

Lovely bed but the slates that hold the matress up started to snap after 2 weeks of having it. Rung the customer service number and they said they would send me some through the post but when i got them they didnt fit the bed and i had to ring back and they just repeated the same c**p to me.

Dodgy slats

Nice bed and easy to assemble, only issue I've got is the shelf at side of the bed wont attach cus its to small and the slats aren't very good, have had to put 18mm osb board over slats so they don't break. Looks great tho and helps having the tv in the bed as our bedroom isn't the biggest.


Excellent service and product. Second TV bed that I've bought with dreams and haven't been disappointed. They have made changes for the good to this model eg higher tv so you can see the bottom of the screen above the duvet! There is tons of storage under the bed. Would recommend 100%.

Seoul upholstered bed frame

I ordered the tv bed online and it came pretty fast when it arrived and the staff built it there was glue marks from the factory as soon as I let the delivery guys know they contacted dreams straight away and it was replaced the following week cant fault there service and the beds great

Buy this bed

Im pretty frivolous with money and spend it on silly stuff but this bed just unreal. Quality made, they guys built it within 40 mins, the materials, tv and feel of it is all of the highest quality. If you want to invest in yourself and the most important part, your sleep. Buy this bed.

Great bed, bad TV

So I ordered this bed in June... it arrived at the end of August after telling me it was available next day online. I have tk say it was with the wait. I have a Simba mattress on top of it and its so comfy. Great storage under the bed and it looks great. All in all very happy

EXCELLENT bed and service

Really great product ! Was assembled quickly and extremely well, with really lovely delivery guys. Great quality and the tv is great ! Has all the apps you need AND normal tv without having to have a sky/freeview box etc. Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ etc etc . Would highly recommend

Dont want to get out of bed!

Well this bed is just beautiful. Love the feel of the fabric and the colour grey is perfect in any bedroom colour scheme. The tv is easy to operate and is not obtrusive as it just disappears when not in use. Perfect for cosy nights. We just dont want to get out of bed now!!

Seoul Ottoman TV Bed

I have had the bed for a few weeks now, I have to say it has lived up to expectations. I managed to assemble it on my own, but it is incredibly heavy and husband and myself struggled to lift it up the stairs, I am very happy with the tv and would definitely recommend.

Great quality, easy build, worth the money.

I had to build this alone due to COVID and the delivery of the bed could only be brought to my front door, but thankfully, I was really impressed with the ease of building with clear instructions also. It is an investment but the quality of the bed should mean it'll last.

Seoul.for the soul TV bed !

Had bed deliveted and built. Its so comfy and the added bonus of being able to watch tv, whilst tucked under covers is bliss. The otoman space makes it great for storage too. A big thumbs up from me. The 2 chaps who delivered and built were really nice and polite too.

Seoul Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed.

Its a great bed very well made the kingsize ottoman version has lots of room for storage the, TV is great no trailing cables its the best idea for a bed. We paid the extra for assembly would highly recommend this, very quick and done a great job from start to finish.

Seoul TV Bed

I really rate this bed. Lovely neutral colour with a great design. Slight issue with tv screws to connect to the tv riser but was rectified swiftly. Would definitely recommend this bed. This is the second tv bed I have bought from dreams and genuinely cannot fault them

Love it but creaks a little

Bought this about a month ago and it is great. It's a little gimmicky having the TV pop up but the small child in me loves it, as to my actual small children. Only small complaint is that the bed creaks a little, not enough to bother me, but might bother some people

Space saver delight

Perfect bed for us.. we have created so much space in the bedroom as the bed has ample space underneath to store all of our bed linen and of course the TV is brilliant, no need to have it on as loud as I used to as its nice and close. Really comfortable and sturdy.

So Comfy

I bought this bed a month ago and im so happy i did. The bed Is great, i chose the ottamon version and the storage is so much more than expected and easy to lift. All the tv cables are nicely tucked away out of sight so no mess and the material is lovely and soft.

What You Would Expect

There are a couple of options with the bed, the type and size of TV and then which side you would like the media tray and the ottoman to lift. The TV is easy to use, mine was an LG Smart TV, I opted for the 43" as the 32" looked quite small on the King size Frame.

Wow! Would buy again

An expensive purchase but worth every penny! Not only is this bed beautiful but it adds beauty to our bedroom by allowing us not to have a tv on show all the time! We opted for the sprung slag version and I am really glad we did as it provides incredible comfort!


Absolutely love the bed! Dreams were incredible throughout the whole Process, the guys who installed the bed were really kind and helpful. Had it all set up within an hour. Left no mess either. Had plenty of film nights so far! no regrets at all! Many thanks!

Seoul Ottoman TV Bed

Looks good, very comfy, love having the TV element. We bought cause we have a baby on the way and wanted to use it for evening entertainment without having to be in the lounge! The storage underneath is great and putting the bed together was simple and easy


Love this bed!!. We have the padington (heavy) mattresses and the ottoman still opens easily. The material is soft and is as per the picture. The foot end is nice and slim and not overbearing like some tv beds. Best purchase we have made for our new home.

The dream!

We love this bed - so worth the investment. We assembled it ourselves and it take quite a few hours but was doable and its very comfy, the tv is brilliant and it looks great. The Ottoman has loads of storage as well. Worth it if you want the dream bed!

Seoul bed review

Great bed, modern and as shown in the images. Two delays with delivery, one of which was only notified of when I reached out to check the delivery date - take the timescales with a pinch of salt, its bound to be a lot longer, we were waiting 6 months!!

Excellent bed and feels premium

Bed excellent but I'd go for the solid base and not slats if I chose again. TV is good and mechanism for loading. Uses Bluetooth so you can control it from your phone to open and close the TV. Only down side is it's a little low need a high matress.

Superb TV Bed Frame and Mattress

This is an amazing TV Bed frame. Its attractive and very well made. The TV glides up and down (via a handset) effortlessly and very efficiently. I just love my new bed and will enjoy endless time watching my personal tv in bed.thank you DREAMS!

Tv Bed

Great bed, tv mechanism works perfectly, though its a little slow. No noise though. I would say the actual bed frame itself doesnt look as nice in real life, the colour is a bit dull for me but thats easily hidden with nice bedding and pillows!

Best bed ever!

Well i was thinking to purchase a bed but i didnt know what to get i saw this lovely bed which comes with a samsung 32" TV! The price was so good and also they do buy now pay later. Im so happy the best purchase that i have made whole of my life!


Had this a few weeks now. Love it lovely colour grey and love the large headboard very modern looking. TV is great so easy to use just get an aerial and your good to go.only down side is getting out of bed when you've got to get up in the morning

Fabulous Bed

Absolutely fantastic. Did not buy a new mattress as mine was only a couple of years old but what a difference with the sprung slats. So many compliments about a lovely looking bed. Not that I entertain in my bedroom but showing friends it. Lol

Great bed shame about instructions

Bed is great . It feels robust and like its made from good quality materials. The only downside were the instructions- its abit all over the place otherwise we wouldve had the bed made a lot sooner. Other than that cant fault a thing.

The Ottoman TV bed frame

The Ottoman TV bed frame has been a fabulous purchase. The bed is so comfortable and the TV quality is excellent with many features. The only downside is getting my son out of bed to do the daily chores has become so much more difficult!

Happy with the purchase

Lovely look and feels great. The slats and base could have been better quality. We did ask for the larger TV and came with the 32 inch but the paperwork didnt state the size therefore it was our word alone. Overall happy with the bed.

Seoul Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame with 32" LED

Amazing bed and soo comfy. Easy to put together and looks amazing once finished. Much more space under bed than you think, plenty of room to store things. Soft material and the tv is just the right size to have at the end of your bed.

Nice bed too bad Ottoman doesnt work.

Nice bed, very comfortable, nice size of tv for the bed. Only downside was the ottoman piston didnt work. I paid for the upgraded ottoman and have to lift it by hand with two people in case I kill myself. Not a cheap bed by any means.

Perfect all rounder

We brought this with the tempur mattress and dont have a bad word to say about either! Poor hubby I am in bed by 9 now, put Netflix on and love it! Bed looks so stylish and no trailing wires plus under bed storage! Love love love

First class experience in difficult times!

Excellent experience in such difficult times, the bed is beautiful, excellent customer service and communication, delivery was on time with two very helpful gents, can not fault them, will use again and also highly recommend them


Amazing bed, exactly what we wanted. Straight forward to put together. So happy with this purchase would definitely recommend for anyone want this kind of bed very high quality. TV that came with it too also very good quality.

Great bed

Great design, looks great and the TV is good quality. Only thing for me is that the mechanism for bringing the tv up and down is that its a little nosier than I expected but this shouldnt put you off purchasing this TV bed.

Amazing Bed

Amazing bed. Wow - its changed the dynamics of the room. No need for a Tv unit anymore. It just pops up. Looks good, saves spaces. Love it! Easy construction. Would highly recommend. The bed dreams are made of (and in)

Amazing bed

Had this bed for a couple of weeks now and it's absolutely amazing. Lots of space underneath and the addition of the TV is fabulous. Great picture and really easy to use. Finding it really hard to leave my bedroom now.

Seoul ottoman tv bed

Very pleased with this bed. For an ottoman its very sturdy and extremely comfortable. TV mechanism works well and is quieter than expected. The installation service was efficient and all round a very good service.

Great tv bed

Really pleased with our purchase. Seems really good quality and is a great feature in our room. Makes getting out of bed difficult though! Only one thing would make it better and thats an inbuilt coffee machine!!


Bought this about a month ago and although it says that it takes 2 to assemble I managed to get it going on my own. Very easy to assemble and super easy to get the TV started! Would recommend this bed to anyone!

Seoul TV bed

Really great bed easy to put together. No issues with customer service delivery was prompt on time and guys carried upstairs to the bedroom. Bed looks great in place can now relax properly on a Sunday morning.

Quality Bed

Quality bed. We opted for the ottoman upgrade and couldn't be happier. Nice quick set up with the bed and attaching the tv to the bracket. The material on the bed is beautiful and lifting the mattress is easy

Quality, Stylish and well worth every penny!

If you are looking for comfort, luxurious and stylish then look no further than the Seoul Upholstered Ottoman Bed. Easy to follow instructions and well worth the money for such a high quality product. 10/10!

Amazing Bed

I absolutely love our bed. Its so well made and sturdy. I highly recommend it. We assembled it ourselves it was easy enough to do the only tricky part was mounting the TV the instructions were not so clear.

Quality Product

This bed was the perfect fit for our master bedroom. One of the best nights sleep I have had in a while. From going into the store to choosing the bed and the delivery and setup was outstanding from Dreams.

Amazing bed

This is a lovely bed and an amazing service from Dreams. Would have be been helpful had they only put the ottoman instructions in the box as that became confusing. But overall Im really happy with the bed.

You won't be disappointed with this bed!

I would highly recommend the Seoul Upholstered Bed Frame with 32" LED TV. The quality of the bed is second to none the bed is very sturdy..I am now finding it a lot harder to get out of bed in the morning.

Great entertainment

We have had this for a month and I can honestly say Im totally relaxed when I go to bed. We enjoy movie night now in comfort. Would highly recommend this bed and the service from dreams we couldnt fault.

TV bed

Im really pleased with my purchase. Delivery was good the guys that delivered it were very helpful. The whole experience was as good as it could be. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new bed

TV bed

Overall pleased with this bed. A few loose threads hanging off in places and one side of the headboard clicks in and out when you lean back on it which is annoying. Otherwise would have been 5 stars.

Nice bed

The electric broke within a day of use of having the bed but drea was great and sent someone out next day to fix. Overall happy with the bed and quality. Electrics in the bed hopfull a one off problem

Super comfy bed

Disappointed with having to assemble the bed myself due to covid . I found it quiet daunting but after watching the video I got stuck in .Did so much on my own but definitely needs 2 to finalise it .

Double bed with built in TV

I picked a great colour and I only have a small bedroom so the double bed fits nice and so handy with the TV built in the bed no drilling in the walls to hang a TV and the controls are so easy to use

My dream bed!

So happy I decide to take the plunge and treat myself with this expensive bed! It's fully worth the money! My only comment is that it feels smaller than a kingsize bed (even though it defiantly is).

Seoul Upholstered Ottoman bed

The bed is perfect! So well made and exactly what we were looking for. We also had Dreams assemble the bed and the guys that done it were very professional and friendly. Cannot fault dreams at all.

Top quality and well made

You pay a bit more but you get what you pay for, this bed is top quality and well made, clear instructions but allow about 3 hours to fully install. Would defiantly recommend this bed to anyone.

Great bed, good price, easy to assemble

Fantastic bed and easy to assemble. lovely soft material and the TV mechanism works really well. Love the way the TV powers off completely for safety when the TV is lowered into the bed base.

Love our new bed!

Fab bed we absolutely love it and with limited space in our bedroom qs its also my office..this bed is ideal with tv. Also took the extra underneath storage...excellent for hiding presents lol

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Questions and Answers About The Seoul Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

What sort of box size is this delivered in?

Answer: The packaging dimensions are as follows:Double sizeBox 1:154.9 x 134.5 x 13 Box 2:86.9 x 152.7 x 20 Box 3:198.5x 35.3 x 13.5 Box 4:92 x 38.5 x 6.5 Box 5:195 x 70 x 14.5 King sizeBox 1:169.9 x 134.5 x 13 Box 2:86.9 x 167.7 x 20 Box 3:206.5 x 35.3 x 13.5 Box 4:92 x 38.5 x 6.5 Box 5:203 x 78 x 14.5

What are delivery times like for London please?? I only got sometime September!?! Also can you confirm both sides of the bed work for media sleeve as well as opener fro ottoman??!

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. You are able to place the media sleeve and the opener for the ottoman on either side. This should also be available within 6 weeks. If you are having issues with selecting this then please get in touch with the customer service team, who would be happy to help. .

Hi, I was just wondering is there anywhere you can put a games console that the hdmi lead will connect to the tv and somewhere the wire could hide rather than having it on show

Answer: For use of games consoles we recommend the matching bedside chest - this has been designed to specifically accommodate games consoles and has cable holes to allow you to keep the wires as discreet as possible. The cables feed out of the back of the bedside and underneath the bed where they can connect to the TV

What is soonest delivery please into London?? Also definitely opening the ottoman as well as the media sleeve on the bottom, both can be on either side of the bed???

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. You are able to place the media sleeve and the opener for the ottoman on either side. This should also be available within 6 weeks. If you are having issues with selecting this then please get in touch with the customer service team, who would be happy to help..

Before you buy the bed it gives you a smart tv option if you pick that will you get a smart tv with the bed

Answer: If you select the Smart TV selection your Seoul TV bed will come with the smart LED TV, specifications below;Samsung 32 U32 M5520 Smart TV3 HDMI ports2 USB input1920 x 1080 resolutionBuilt in Wi-FiWeb OS Smart TVThe TV comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Can the slot under the bed for the sky box go on any side when building the bed or the side its advertised in the photograph? Does the ottoman storage handle lifting side need to be the same side as the sky box holder? Thanks

Answer: The media tray can be fitted on either side of the bed frame. You can also have the ottoman base lift on either side. It does not need to be the same side as the media tray. If you wish to see example diagrams, you can view the assembly instructions within the overview.

I am in the middle of buying a new house and dont have a moving date. If I want it assembled can you hold the bed and matters till I get a moving date? Or will you only deliver when it is ready?can I change the delivery address if I move & bed not ready?

Answer: We can hold the order for you for a little while but delivery would need to be accepted by the end of the year at the latest. You can only change your delivery address if you pay for the order in full. You would not be able to change the address if you use finance.

Hi, is there a list of compatible 43" TV's that can fit this bed or can I buy any 43" TV and it should work?

Answer: We do not offer a list of compatible TV's however, there is no reason you would not be able to do this as long as the TV is the equivalent size as this is what the bed has been capability tested with. We would not recommend this if the dimensions of the TV are different.Thanks, Dreams

I have been reading through Q&A's and I am confused, some asking if frame can hold any larger tv's, response being No this particular item is up to 32"? What is the 43" option when buying then? Thanks

Answer: Apologies for any confusion caused. If you purchase the 32" TV option, it will only fit a 32" TV, you cannot put a larger TV in the space. If you purchase the 43" TV option, it will fit a 43" TV. We recommend only using the TV that you have purchased with the bed. Many thanks,Dreams

What if I havnt got an ariel socket in my bedroom how can get the TV to work

Answer: Live TV will only work if you have an aerial socket to connect to. If you have a smart TV option and wifi you should be able to watch programmes through streaming sites such as Netflix. DVD's should also work with a TV that isn't connected to an aerial socket.

I am looking at purchasing this bed within the next month. We have Sky HD. How would this be powered? I cant figure this out. Thanks

Answer: You just need one plug socket to plug the power cable for the bed in, the TV power cable plugs into a socket built into the bed. You would then be able to pop your sky box into the shelf on the side of the bed for storage and then connect accordingly.

Hi. Is the width measurement accurate? I noticed that some beds are wider than others, even though they should fit the same size mattress. I don't understand how it can be wider, when in the pictures the mattresses all seem to reach the edge of the beds?

Answer: The width measurement includes the size of the head and foot end. The space for the mattress is standard - to fit a standard UK sized mattress. However the total width can vary depending on the design of the head and foot ends of the bed frame.

Will this accommodate a 40cm high mattress? Also, is their a mattress weight limit to the lifting mechanism on the ottoman? Thanks.

Answer: A mattress depth of 40cm is suitable for this bed frame, it would just be a personal preference as to what the total of the height the frame and mattress are together.The maximum mattress weight is 50kg for a Double or 53kg for a King.Many thanksJSDreams

Do you supply a fabric sample at all?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not provide fabric samples at present. We would recommend visiting your local store, either to see the product if it is available to view, or if not, see a fabric swatch which they will have available in store. .

Do I need to disassemble the bed if I want to move it around?

Answer: Yes, we would recommend disassembling this bed frame if you need to move it. Due to the nature and complexity of the frame, if dragged/moved along the floor you may be at risk of snagging and breaking some of the intricate wiring.

Can you take out the original tv and replace with one of your own. So with the 43 can I take the one that comes with the bed and replace it with my own?

Answer: There is no reason you would not be able to do this as long as the TV is the equivalent size as this is what the bed has been capability tested with. We would not recommend this if the dimensions of the TV are different.

I know this bed comes with a 32" TV but will it fit a 43"

Answer: I am afraid that this bed will only be able to house a 32" TV. If you are looking to use a 43" TV instead, i can recommend the Osaka TV Bed which is new to the range and has the capability to hold a bigger TV.

Hi I purchased this bed with solid slats and regret wasting the storage space underneath can I purchase the ottoman slat system separately?

Answer: Thanks for reaching out with your question. In this instance, your best bet would be to get in contact with the customer service team, who would be able to review your order and advise accordingly. .

what is the max size tv that can be fitted in the bed?

Answer: yes the largest size of TV this frame can accommodate is 32" however we wouldn't recommend sourcing your own TVOur TV's are selected based on size and weight to be compatible with these bed frames

How heavy is the bed with mattress in kg

Answer: Unfortunately we can't provide the weight including a mattress as all mattresses are different weights.The weight of a double the bed in a double is 76kg and the weight of the bed in a king is 81kg.

What tools would I need to assemble the bed myself please?

Answer: You will need a cross-head screwdriver and a tape measure to assemble this bed frame. There is a link to the assembly instructions in the product description if you would like to know more information.

Is it possible to get a replacement controller for the lifting mechanism? We've misplaced ours

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. For this to be resolved, we would advise reaching out to the customer service team, as they are best placed to find a solution for you. Have a great afternoon, Dreams.

Were interested in purchasing this, but our aerial socket is across the room from our bed. Is there any options/advice for how we can still use the TV function, without running a cable across the middle of the floor?

Answer: A cable will need to be connected to the aerial to get live TV. It would be best to get a telecommunications engineer to assist if you are uncertain on how to properly to this in your circumstance.

Can I buy just the tv from you as I have broken the screen on my tv bed

Answer: Unfortunately we do not sell the TV alone. If you refer to the original specification of your board to see which TV it came with, it is likely you may be able to buy this from an electronics store.

What is the length of the bed please Thanks

Answer: The length of the bed will vary between Double and King Size. The actual frame is Double:224cm / King: 232cm. The slatted base where the mattress sits is Double: 196cm / King:204cm.

Do you deliver and connect in all postcodes? for example Western Isles (HS2)

Answer: We deliver to some places. We recommend proceeding through to checkout where you can type in your delivery address and to see if delivery slots are available to your location..

Hi would you be able to use a firestick with this tv bed. I know it has a hdmi port but with it sticking out a bit from the TV didnt know if it would affect the TV going up/down

Answer: You would be able to connect the fire stick, but you would need to remove it when lifting the TV up and down to ensure that it does not get caught in the lifting mechanism.

Does it have a weight limit?

Answer: We currently dont specify a weight limit to the bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability..

I have two questions, would a 31.5 inch gaming monitor work with this bed and if I was to buy speakers to go with it where would I put them? Thanks in advance

Answer: We wouldn't advise to use your own monitor in the TV be as there are many variables which need to be correct for a TV/Monitor to fit, tis would be the same for speakers.

Hello, can you build this bed without the box underneath the bed in the ottoman section so you put stuff directly on the floor underneath?

Answer: I am afraid that the box forms part of the bed as it is made from the side rails that connect the head and foot end together. The bed cannot be put together without this.

whats the max wheight this bed will take

Answer: We currently dont specify a weight limit to the bed frames, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability.

Are there any sockets available to get power to the media box? Or are their any gaps in the base of the bed to run a cable out?

Answer: Unfortunately there are no extra sockets in the frame for a media box, however you will be able to run a cable under the frame the same as the power lead for the bed.

Does the LED tv (Not the smart version) come with either optical input, or Av connection, or HDMI arac input so I connect a sound Bar?

Answer: Please see below LED TV spec;Samsung UE32N002 LED TV2 HDMI ports1 USB input1366 x 768 resolutionThe TV comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

What about a mattress?

Answer: Our bed frames do not come supplied with a mattress but you can browse the range of mattresses via the link in the overview which will be compatible with it.

Can both the media sleeve opener on bottom space for video games console together with the Ottoman opener be at either side of the bed?? I have to put the bed against a wall and block otherwise access.

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. the assembly instructions should give you the option to set this up in accordance with your preference. .

Would a 42 tv fit this bed

Answer: Unfortunately, the beds are built to fit one size of TV and therefore only a 32" TV is suitable for this bed. the Tokyo bed is suitable for a 43" TV.

I am so excited for the delivey of my bed. In the meantime, what are the dimensions of the media storage space?

Answer: We're glad to hear you're excited to receive your new bed! Please note that the measurement for this is 85W x 24H but externally its 85W x 10H.

Does the bed need to be near a plug socket and how does the tv connect to an Ariel?

Answer: Yes the bed will need to be close enough to a plug socket to enable a power source. The TV will also need to be connected to an aerial cable socket

Ive have just received this bed this week but Im having an issue with the TV aerial catching when the bed lowers, what kind of aerial port can I use to stop this happening?

Answer: We would recommend reaching out with the customer service team who can put you in touch with the technology specialist to assist you with this issue. Thanks, Dreams

Do the cables for the TV lift and TV run from the base of bed to the electric or from the headboard? Would the plug socket need to be behind the headboard?

Answer: The cables for the bed plug into the foot end. Please see the assembly instructions on the product page to have a better understanding of this.

Is there a way to reset the remote for this bed? I have had my bed for 3 months and the remote has stopped working. I cannot use the Napp by Dream's app as it says "no internet connection", even after uninstalling and reinstalling. Please help.

Answer: Thank you for reaching out. Please get in touch with the customer service team, who will be able to support you further with this issue. .

Hi I am considering this bed for when i move into my new house. Would this bed be suitable for someone who is 6 ft 2? With it having the end of the bed there. Also do you offer NHS discounts? Thank you

Answer: On a double the internal measurement of the length between the headend and footend is 196cm.Unfortunately we do not offer NHS discount.

Hi , is there a body weight limit to this bed or can you supply an upgrade to a reinforced base model ?

Answer: There is no recommended or suggested weight limit for this bed. However, for added support, you can upgrade the base to one with sprung slats.

Hi does this bed come flat packed? Our top stairs are narrow so trying to work out of it will fit. Thanks

Answer: Yes this bed will come flat pack packed. Please let us know if you need specific carton dimension details and we can provide these to you.

Sorry this may be a silly question but where do you plug in the tv? Do you just have a wire going to the nearest plug socket? Thanks

Answer: Good MorningThe TV plugs into a socket in the footend of the bed there is a power cable supplied to plug the bedframe into a socket in your room.

Can I choose which side of the bed the ottoman opens up, or is it only available to open from the left-hand side?

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. You are able to place the media sleeve and the opener for the ottoman on either side. Thanks, Dreams.

Is it just 1 power supply to the bed that powers the tv and the lifting mechanism.?

Answer: You just need one plug socket to plug the power cable for the bed in, the TV power cable plugs into a socket built into the bed.Many thanks,Dreams.

How many plug sockets will be needed ie is one socket needed to plug the tv in and another to plug in the mechanics needed for the tv to rise and fall? Or is this accounted for within the design of the bed and just the one socket needed?

Answer: You just need one plug socket to plug the power cable for the bed in, the TV power cable plugs into a socket built into the bed.

how do you plug my sky box in

Answer: If required, you can connect your own media cables through either of the ducts running from the storage slot at the side to the TV.

Would i be able to change the t.v if I wanted to upgrade?

Answer: You would be able to change the TV but you would need to make sure the measurements are the same to avoid any damage to the bed.

What TV is supplied with this bed the make ?

Answer: The TV supplied with this bed are either the LG 32LM63 SMART TV, the LG 43" 43LM6300 LED TV or the LG 43" 43UN7100(6) 4K UHD TV. Thanks, Dreams.

what are the dimentions (WxHxD) of the where the tv goes when hidden

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. The TV entrace is 100cm, the overall thickness of the footend is 19.5cm.

Am I able to easily connect the tv to my Sky Q box?

Answer: You would be able to pop your sky box into the shelf on the side of the bed for storage and then connect accordingly. .

Which bedside tables will match the fabric of this bed?

Answer: Thank you for getting in touch. We do offer the matching Seoul bedside table, however this is currently out of stock.

Hi Would I be able to screencast my phones stuff on to the TV?

Answer: The Smart option should allow you to connect your device to the Television but will depend on what device you are using.

How high does it lift the top part of your body as my wife had her osopheges removed so she needs to well supported

Answer: The head-end lifts to 60 degrees however please note that the thicker the mattress, the smaller this angle would be.

When can this be delivered

Answer: At the moment we are unable to provide a delivery date for this item, we expect the delivery can take up to 12 weeks.

What is the 2.1 sound system installed? I am trying to sync the sky q control and tv bed control for volume control.

Answer: We would recommend getting in contact with the customer service team who would be best placed to support on this one. Thanks, Dreams.

Is there anywhere to put a sky box in the bed?

Answer: The Seoul TV Bed comes with under-bed storage which can be used to store your required media player or games console.

How long will this take for delivery

Answer: At the moment we are unable to provide a delivery date for this item, we expect the delivery can take up to 12 weeks.

Hi could you tell me the full hight of the bottom of the bed once the tv is in use..

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. We have now put this to the relevant team to get clarity for you! .

Where can I buy a remote control for the tv to make my tv go up and down please

Answer: If you contact the customer service team at [email protected], they will be able to assist with this.

Is this bed able optional for which side the ottoman lifts and where the media cubby is? Our daughters room would need it the opposite side from that shown.

Answer: The ottoman and the media tray can be positioned on the left or right side of the bed depending on your preference.Many thanksJSDreams

Hi, my bed was delivered 2 days ago, and the flap doesnt go down when the tv is lowered. How can I fix this?

Answer: I am sorry to hear this. Please contact the customer service team who will be able to assist you further with this.Many thanksJSDreams

Iv just purchased the bed and TV does the TV need and aerial to connect the TV pleae

Answer: This would depend on what you would want to use the TV for but it does come with a 4 metre long Arial lead. .

If you have a game console where would you put it I'm confused

Answer: The games console would sit in the gap showed on the side of the bed. From here, it can be connected to the TV.

Hi there, the mechanism on the end of the bed where the tv goes up and down isnt working anymore. Ive had the bed for about 3 months. I have changed batteries in control, tried different plug sockets in bedroom and still no luck. Any suggestions?

Answer: I am sorry to hear this. Please contact the customer service team and they will be able to assist you with this.

Are the dimensions all the same for the tv opening on the bed frame, what ever tv size you go for?

Answer: Good morning You would be correct this size of the compartment within which the TV sits is the same irrespective of TV size. Thanks Dreams.

Where can I buy a remote control for the tv to go up and done

Answer: If you contact [email protected] with your order details they will be able to assist with this.

Do you have to have the TV with the bed as already have one that will fit

Answer: Yes, this bed frame comes with the TV as standard. We do not currently have the option to purchase without.

Hello, we have this bed and one of the wooden slats has broken. Could you please advise how we can get a replacement?

Answer: I am sorry to hear this. Please contact the customer service team who will be able to assist you with this.

Do you need to purchase a separate aerial for the TV to work?

Answer: No, you do not need to purchase a separate aerial for the TV to work, this frame comes with an aerial.

Can this bed fit a larger tv than 32 inch whats the maximum size

Answer: We have only tested this bedframe with a 32 inch TV, we would not recommend using an alternative size.

The remote has stopped working - how can I get a replacement and can you lift the tv up manually?

Answer: Please get in touch with the customer service team who will be able to advise you further on this one. Thanks, Dreams.

Is there a surround sound system? does the bed have built in speakers?

Answer: Good Evening,This bed frame does not have inbuilt speakers, the only speakers are those that are built into the TV.

Is the Samsung tv a smart tv?

Answer: The TV included as part of the Seoul Bed Frame is a 32 inch Samsung LED TV - this is not a Smart TV.

Can you watch Netflix and YouTube on the Seoul 32"LED TV

Answer: In order to watch on demand TV, you will need to select the Seoul 32" Smart LED HD TV version.

Hi can you get interest free on this bed ?

Answer: 0% APR finance options are available for this product. Finance is offered on anything over 500.

We had our last tv bed from you faux leather, and all the leather is flacking off, but it is about 7 years old, do you take away the old one

Answer: if you select the assembly service the teams will also remove and recycle your old bed frame

Is it possible to fit a larger tv of your own inside ? 42 inch slim line one ?

Answer: We would advise against doing this as it has not been compatibility tested with a larger TV.

Is there a way of ordering this bed without the TV? And if so will the TV I already own (JCV smart 4K ultra HD LED) be compatible with the bed?

Answer: Thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately the bedframe cannot be bought without the TV.

Is the base of the bed solid, as in would items stored under the bed be directly on the floor or does the bed have a base?

Answer: The Seoul comes with a base board, your items will not be sitting directly on the floor.

Two months ago I enquired about bedside tables for this bed and was told they were out of stock. There is still no sign of them on the website and even the link on the bed takes me to a blank page. Will these be back in stock or are they no longer?

Answer: These are now back in stock and available on the website again. Apologies for the delay! Thanks, Dreams.

Can this bed take a bigger TV?

Answer: The housing unit at the foot end of the bed will not allow for a bigger tv to be placed.

Does a standard double mattress fit?

Answer: All the bedframes are designed to fit their equivalent UK standard size mattress. .

What material is the bed made from?will need a strong durable bed that doesnt squeak when under some slack as my previous beds have broken.

Answer: This bed is constructed form a combination of solid wood, Plywood, MDF and metal.Many thanksJSDreams

What brand is are the speakers on the bed?

Answer: The speakers are manufactured specifically for this bed model so are unbranded.Many thanksJSDreams

does the Seoul Upholstered Bed Frame with 32" LED TV have storage underneath? can see plenty of reviews for the Seoul Ottoman, but want to check if there is storage for the upholstered frame too.

Answer: Unfortunately only the ottoman version provides storage space underneath the bed.

Hello, is there a way to change the side that the hinge and the space where a console can go please?

Answer: Yes, you can choose which side the hinge and which side the media tray is placed.

so would you need to have a socket near your bed to plug it in

Answer: The bed frame comes with a 3m mains power lead to plug into your wall socket.

Hi, is the flap in which the tv comes out of, supposed to close when you lower the tv back down?

Answer: The flap on the foot end should lower when the tv is lowered into the base.Many thanksJSdreams

What are the exact measurements of the sprung slats for a double bed

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. This measurement is 12cm.

So the different tv do they both come with the ability to watch Netflix on them or is it only the smart one that allows it to work? So does the none smart TV come with Netflix build in?

Answer: You would only be able to access Netflix and other apps on the Smart TV.

Can you buy TV bed without the TV.

Answer: Unfortunately you are not able to purchase this bed without the TV. .

If the bed was purchased with a 32" tv originally, can you replace this if it breaks with a larger TV such as 43"

Answer: We would not recommend this if the dimensions of the TV are different.

Where do all the wires go eg. Ariel.

Answer: All wiring for this bed frame runs beneath the frame, below the slats.

Can you connect the TV to sky

Answer: The TV comes with USB and HDMI ports to allow for the connection of SKY.

including part d, how many inches is it from the floor to the top of the tv?

Answer: The top of the TV to the floor is approximately 126cm / 50 inches.

Can we get these deals in store

Answer: Prices for all of the products will be the same online as in-store.

Can I buy bed without tv as I already have one????

Answer: Unfortunately, there is no option to buy this bedframe without the TV.

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