Sapporo Ottoman TV Bed with Surround Sound Rated 4.0/5 based on 2 customer reviews
Sapporo Ottoman TV Bed with Surround Sound

Sapporo Ottoman TV Bed with Surround Sound

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Pros & Cons

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  • Delivers a modern and stylish design that incorporates handy storage space.
  • Constructed from high-quality materials ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep.
  • Features a seamless and immersive surround sound system for captivating entertainment experiences.
  • Presents an excellent standard in-built TV for your viewing pleasure.
  • Designed with sturdy build quality, providing a feeling of reliability.
  • Minimal noise from the TV lift mechanism, preserving the tranquility of your space.
  • Hidden, convenient Ottoman storage feature with protective wiring.
  • Offers compatibility with game consoles and HD cables, ensuring accessibility for various entertainment formats.
  • Equipped with a quality backboard mechanism for raising and lowering the TV.
  • Guarantees fitting ease in properties with turn staircases thanks to its smart design.
  • A well-executed design that combines classic visual appeal with modern technological features.
  • Offers an impressive 4K TV plus sound system that delivers excellent entertainment value right in your bedroom.
  • The remote control for the surround sound and bed lifting mechanism may feel underwhelming in terms of quality compared to the overall premium feel of the bed.
  • Some customers have reported issues regarding the quality and durability of the headboard, expressing frustrations over multiple replacements.
  • There could be concerns about the bed stability as it rests on only 6 small brackets – this might feel insubstantial for such a robust bed frame.
  • Despite having many technological features, some customers have found the absence of a USB port for general device charging to be a drawback.
  • The ottoman, while it offers ample storage, is reported to be heavy to lift especially once a mattress is in place, potentially posing a challenge for some buyers.

Read why our sleep experts loved it ›

Why our sleep experts loved it

Nothing quite enhances the appeal of a bedroom better than a bed created with an exacting blend of luxury, convenience, and cutting-edge technology. The moment has arrived to unveil one such titan, disguised as a sleeping arrangement - The Sapporo Ottoman TV Bed with Surround Sound.

How we Tested

Our thorough appraisal was done in-store and in person, immersing ourselves in the authentic experience provided by our Sapporo Ottoman TV Bed. Isolating key elements like comfort, technical specifications, aesthetic features, and customer reviews, we strived to present a compressive study of this product. Although we did not conduct a home trial, we structured our review to harness first-hand feedback, building a narrative that encapsulates this modern marvel's true identity.

Design and Features

The Sapporo Ottoman TV Bed, encased in contemporary grey fabric, boldly advances beyond the traditional bed-design frontier. The bed, with its luxurious winged headboard design and side-opening ottoman storage, effortlessly mingles splendor and practicality. A standard 43" SMART LG TV is the bed's central figure commanding your attention instantly. If that doesn't ignite your interest, imagine a 5.1 surround sound system that seemingly morphs your bedroom into an intimate home theater. Additional distinguishing elements include hidden storage for your media box or console and sprung slats as standard for an enhanced support and comfort system.


The bed's construction speaks volumes about its thoughtful design and robustness. It aims to seamlessly integrate luxury, technology, and reliability. The generous ottoman storage opens either to the left or right, accommodating personal preference and bedroom layouts. The sturdy bed frame nods to exceptional craftmanship, creating a safe haven for the 43" SMART LG TV and a superb surround sound system.


The Sapporo Ottoman TV Bed shines through as an apt choice for those who appreciate seamless integration of comfort and technology. Small sized bedrooms or those that lack ideal space for wall-mounted TV, find their solution in this luxurious TV Bed. The full HD version offers excellent viewing quality given the bed-TV distance, though the optional 4k upgrade enhances the experience further. Despite its premium price tag, its product value strongly justifies the investment.

What customers thought

Overwhelmingly, the feedback received from customers has endorsed our own impressions of the Sapporo Ottoman TV Bed. From admiring its quality to enjoying the enhanced TV/sound experience, customers found the bed to be a splendid addition to their bedrooms. Notably, customers loved the ample storage, the sturdy and comfort-aligned construction, the excellent sound quality, and the integrated LG TV's superior performance.

However, we cannot turn a blind eye to the few critiques given. A couple of reviewers found the remote control quality mismatching the bed's luxurious aura, and concerns arose about the bed's sturdiness due to it resting on small brackets.

The Verdict

In conclusion, the Sapporo Ottoman TV Bed is a luxurious retreat for those seeking relaxation without compromising on advanced technology and quality. Ideal for bedrooms of diverse sizes, this TV bed is an investment that transforms your bedroom into an intimate, comfort-filled sanctuary. Despite its price tag, the bed offers excellent value, placing an exceptional viewing experience, a luxurious comfort system, and modern elegance right at your fingertips. With only minor critiques received, we believe the Sapporo Ottoman TV Bed with Surround Sound is a splendid way to truly revolutionize your sleep experience.

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Of The Sapporo Ottoman TV Bed with Surround Sound
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4 - 2 reviews

Image of the post author
Verified Reviewer
via Dreams
Im really pleased with my choice. Heres a breakdown of my experience: Sturdy Bed Frame: The bed frame is impressively sturdy. It feels solid and well-built, providing excellent support. Crystal Clear TV: The built-in TV is a standout feature. The picture quality is crystal clear, making movie nights an absolute delight. The screen size is just rightnot too small, not too large. Ample Storage Space: The storage space within the ottoman is generous. I can easily store extra bedding, pillows, and even some seasonal clothing. Great Surround Sound: The surround sound system enhances the overall experience. Whether Im watching a movie or palying a game, the sound quality is impressive. It adds an immersive touch to bedtime entertainment. Minor Niggles: Slow TV Raising: The TV raising mechanism could be a bit faster. It takes a moment to lift the TV into view, which can be slightly inconvenient. Single Plug Internally: Having only one plug in the bedframe is a limitation. I had to use an extension cord to accommodate both the TV and my PS5. Cheap Remote: The remote control feels a little flimsy, and the battery cover tends to fall off. Its a minor annoyance but it does have a torch Despite the minor issues, it remains the best bed Ive ever had. The combination of comfort, entertainment features, and storage space makes it a must for me.
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Image of the post author
Paul Oxlade
via Dreams
Service within local store at the time of purchase was very good but just a shame that the quality of the product (headboard) did not match meet expectations for money spent on product. We have now had 3 separate headboards all of which have either had bubbled material or catches on them . This was particularly frustrating given that the last one we received was so say quality checked . In view of issues we have decided to change bed with different headboard and am waiting to hear new delivery date .
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Questions and Answers About The Sapporo Ottoman TV Bed with Surround Sound

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Image of the post author
is there HDMI connection in the hidden storage space, so a sky box for example can be connected to the tv?

Answer: There are only HDMI ports in the TV, you can pass the cables from the storage space through the bed to plug into the TV. Please see the assembly instructions included in the product overview for further details.Many thanks
Image of the post author
The TV remote cuts out when adjusting the volume up or down via the bed remote when it on HDMI function, the sound then plays through the TV speakers until I press HDMI again. This process continues

Answer: I am sorry to hear this. Please contact the customer service team with your order details and they will be able to assist you with this.Many thanks
Image of the post author
How do you connect the sound system speakers to the Tv there plugged in but not getting any sound out of them

Answer: I am sorry to hear this. Please contact the customer service team who will be able to assist you with this.Many thanks
Image of the post author
Can you get this bed frame only dont need tv or matress

Answer: This does not come with a mattress, but does unfortunately need to be purchased with a TV. .
Image of the post author
What's the warranty on the electrics / mechanics on the tv and bed its self?

Answer: The warranty period is 1 year on all parts of the Sapporo bed frame.Many thanks
Image of the post author
What are the wattage of the speakers and the sub

Answer: We have reached out to the relevant team to get confirmation of this. .
Image of the post author
what's the best size matteress depth to fit the bed as you have got the speaker at the bottom of the bed

Answer: We would recommend as mattress with a depth of no more than 30cm.Many thanks
Image of the post author
Does this bed have Bluetooth?

Answer: This bed is Bluetooth compatible. Thanks, Dreams.
Image of the post author
What is the middle width of the super king Sapporo bed please. Not the headboard width.

Answer: The middle width of the bed is 195cm.Thanks
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Of The Sapporo Ottoman TV Bed with Surround Sound
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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