Lucia Sleepmotion Adjustable Bed Frame Rated 4/5 based on 365 customer reviews
Lucia Sleepmotion Adjustable Bed Frame

Lucia Sleepmotion Adjustable Bed Frame

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What Makes The Lucia Sleepmotion Adjustable Bed Frame Great?

1-year guarantee

A 1 year guarantee is expected and standard for the industry. If anything goes wrong with your product within that period you are able to get help and support and ensure that you are not left out of pocket on any repair of replacement.

Controlled via the Napp by Dreams app or wirelesss remote (included)

The new Napp by Dreams app has more features than ever, not only can you control your sleep, with health monitoring that can track your sleep cycle. You now get the ability to control the bed, being able to navigate up and down in line with your comfort preference.

Available in silver or dark grey fabric, or dark brown faux leather

Roll-top headboard and footboard

Some bed frames come without headboard to allow you to appropriately accessorise and provide further customisation to your sleep space, however, in this instance you get the entire package, featuring a luxurious classic roll-top headboard.

2 adjustable areas: head and feet

Weight limit: 355kg / 55 stone (including weight of mattress)

Mattresses can vary in their weight, normally around 30-50kg. That leaves plenty of weight limitation in place for most people and should not cause any issues with the frame.

Matching Lucia bedside chest in silver or brown faux leather and our Lucia storage chest in silver are available

This bed frame comes as part of an extended collection of other bedroom furniture, available to view in our furniture section of Want Mattress.

Compatible with selected mattresses

You require a certain type of mattress for adjustable bed bases, as such there is a slight limitation and restriction against suitable products, worry not however, the range is still vast enough for many competitive and well priced deals to help you find the right mattress.

3 adjustable areas: head, feet and lumbar

2 people required for assembly

Self assembly is required with this frame, however, the manufacturing quality and tolerances within should make for easy work.

1 adjustable area: head

Controlled by a wired remote (included)

The wired remote control means that you will never lose it in the night, roll over and lose the controls for a week as they gather dust in a previously undiscovered crevice. Ideal for ensuring you always have controls on hand when you need them.

Weight limit: 300kg / 47 stone (including weight of mattress)

Mattresses can vary in their weight, normally around 30-50kg. That leaves plenty of weight limitation in place for most people and should not cause any issues with the frame.

Controlled via the Napp by Dreams app or wireless remote (included)

The new Napp by Dreams app has more features than ever, not only can you control your sleep, with health monitoring that can track your sleep cycle. You now get the ability to control the bed, being able to navigate up and down in line with your comfort preference.

Zero Gravity technology provides a weightless feeling and eases pressure points

The zero-gravity technology within this base supports a sleeping position that allows for neutral body posture  which was developed by NASA.  The position and technology combined helps provide a state of weightlessness. NASA to this day continues to place astronauts in this position prior to take-off, equalising their weight and easing the stress on their bodies prior to space launch.

2x massage units (back and feet)

One of the additional features of this base is it has further lumbar support with two relaxing units on the back and feet to massage the body.

Matching Lucia bedside chest in silver or brown faux leather and our Lucia blanket box in silver are available

Customer Reviews For The Lucia Sleepmotion Adjustable Bed Frame

Based on 365 review

Lucia Sleepmotion Adjustable Upholstered Bed Frame

Unfortunately the bed was delivered 1 week late but this was mitigated by a £100 refund. Also, the mattress arrived with a couple of small brown stains where holes had formed in the plastic cover, but again this was mitigated with an additional £50 refund by Dreams. The mechanics of the adjustable bed are excellent - the remote and app control are great, the movement is exceptionally quiet and supportive and it is very solid and well manufactured. The upholstered, silver-coloured fabric surround is very smart and pleasing to the eye. You wouldn’t know it was a mechanical bed to look at it. The assembly service provided was very thorough, efficient and professional. My only slight disappointment is the rippling of the top section of the memory foam mattress, which doesn’t hold its shape as firmly as it could when it has been elevated at the head end. It kind of scrunches up, along with the fitted bed sheet that covers it. Nevertheless, I would wholeheartedly recommend this bed to anyone with mobility issues and my mother is very pleased with the overall experience and comfort.


Sleep like a baby

After sleeping on the new bed, my review is this: at first when I laid down it felt like a cloud in heaven but after a while, it felt like a hug. Not just any kind of hug, not the awkward hug you give your in laws when you’re confused if they give kisses on the cheek or just a simple wave, no... this is a hug that’ll leave a lasting impression of comfort and security. When I woke up, I was worried I wouldn’t notice a difference, I was wrong. I got up for my morning routine and while I was cleaning my teeth, I realised my posture was instantly better. Not a single twinge of pain, not a slightly stiff muscle, I was like jelly, so much so, I was worried I was going to fall into a puddle state if I stood there too long. I woke up relaxed, at ease and like all my troubles had gone away. If there is one thing I can say about this bed, is that this bed feels like therapy, somewhere I can go feeling stressed and wake up having let go of all my problems and troubles.


Great bed - takes ages to put together!

I’ve slept on the bed for a week now and the bed is fine, it does the job. I was slightly annoyed there was a flash sale on the bed 2 weeks after I purchased it and I’m still not convinced I had the best deal on it. However, all in all I’m content. Caution of note! This bed takes forever to build I know it says 1-2 hours in the instruction but it takes much longer. There’s around 13 screws (If my memory serves me right maybe more ) that you have to screw into fresh wood with no markings/pre-prepared holes, so if you’re without a drill this will honestly take forever. So if you had a bad back, or do not have a drill or don’t like following furniture assembly instructions you may be better off getting Dreams to do the assembly. Dreams - update your instructions and be a little more honest about timings and equipment requirements! However, I go back to my original point, assembly aside the bed is fine!


What a surprisingly wonderful bed!

Myself and my Fiance spent hours deliberating which bed to go for, we were always going to go with Dreams but the sheer amount of beds on offer left our heads spinning. After 3 visits to various Dreams stores to actually SEE the beds we got ourselves set on the Lucia and quite frankly... WE. ARE. VERY. VERY. VERY. PLEASED! It pulls the room together nicely and was a breeze to assemble (recommended 2 people). It all came together quite seamlessly with minimal stress. Overall the bed feels sturdy and very well manufactured, the texture of the material is much better than we could have envisioned and the two draws underneath are HUGE! we can almost fit our wardrobes worth of clothes under the bed! I would very highly recommend this product to anyone that wants a simplistic and well made bed to compliment the rest of their room. Great value for money and more than happy with the overall service!! Thank You Dreams!


Makes A Statement

I needed a new king Size bed after renovating the front bedroom during furlough. I needed something that would make a big modern statement and this bed fits the bill. I went on line and chatted to the helpful assistant who recommended this bed and liked it instantly. Easy to order and delivery only took a couple of weeks which meant that I could get the whole project finished in time before returning to work. It took me a few hours to assemble, but I was working alone, but there were no parts missing and the instructions were clear to follow. I am particularly impressed with the two large drawers which disappear under the main frame. They are very solid and move on their own castors. The overall appearance of the bed is quite stunning with a modern appearance


Great service

I bought this bed to go with a separate mattress order from a different company (8 week wait for mattress) however this was delivered promptly to our new house the day of moving in. The delivery guy was amazing - let me explain - we are in the middle of a global pandemic and he was to deliver 5 parcels to outside the house. The 2 hour slot we were given was in the morning and we were not due there until after midday, all fine as the weather had been fantastic for 6 weeks. However it choose to rain that day!!!! He went out of his way to ensure everything was covered and safe. On arrival we had to ensemble the bed, definitely a 2 person job but it is very well made and looks great. Still waiting for the mattress!!! Highly recommend Dreams.


Awesome Bed Frame.

This bed frame is superbly engineered, and made with solid rigid painted steel. When set up there is zero movement and it gives such a different sensation and feel compared to a wooden frame. The area where the mattress lies is not made of slats but solid flat panel areas - no creaky slats here. The adjusting running gear for recline and leg raise is also of a similar top quality. It is quiet too – there is no creaking but just a quiet hum noise. It all comes ready made, with just the legs to screw on. And these give a choice of height. There is even a timed light that glows under the bed to assist getting up during the night. The whole thing is really well thought out and put together. I am frankly in awe of this bed frame.


Excellent design, easy construction

I bought this bed just over 3 weeks ago and I'm very happy so far. The build went smoothly and we were very impressed with the pre-built slatted base, it saved us lots of faffing about. It is absolutely solid when its put together and was pretty fun to build. I absolutely love the size of the underbed storage drawers, they fit almost twice as much a the king-size version. The material looks great and feels good too. I only have a few issues, the quality of the screws that were provided, finding dead flies splatted into the wooden slats and a lingering odour in the material of the frame. None of my complaints make a difference to the bed and overall we are very happy with it.


Stylish grey super king

Had this dark grey super king Lucia a month now and very pleased with it. Goes well with our bedroom. Drawers are on wheels as opposed to runners so can take more weight. Spacious. We paid for the bed to be assembled. The 2 men were very nice and wore the shoe covers without being asked to. The delivery van was not loaded with our slats but after one or two phone calls they arrived 2 hours later with another Dreams man to finish building the bed. The bed we replaced was from dreams. Bought about 11 years ago. Would definitely recommend Dreams.


Great stylish bed

I received this king sized bed two weeks ago now, and all i can say is I wish I'd bought it sooner. Its so big and spacious. And with our new comfy mattress too its the best night sleep I've had in a long time. Simple to put together and really good sturdy quality. The finished product is a great addition to our bedroom. I love it. I would definitely recommend this bed frame. Great price, great quality and quick delivery considering the current situation with the covid 19 virus restrictions. Well done Dreams. One very happy customer here.


Lucia bed frame

I love this bed frame, I would give it 5 stars. Plenty of storage under bed in the two drawers and the sprung slats make all the difference to the frame. After having a bad experience with a bed from eBay I am so glad I have come back to dreams. The bed is very comfortable and I was delighted with the great customer service, communicating with delivery times and the service for someone else to put my bed together which was completed to an excellent standard and even given a moment to look over their work before leaving with no mess.


Stylish bed

I bought this a month ago and it’s the best bed I’ve ever had, it was really easy to out together. We opted for the spring slat base and my old mattress now feels like a brand new one, it gives so much more support than my old standard slat base. The colour is great, we ordered the dark grey and it looks so stylish in our room The delivery was great, the delivery guys were really friendly and took it upstairs for us and told us which boxes to open first and where the screws were Amazing experience with dreams


Looks great and is sturdy

Bought this a few weeks back as my partner and I were moving in together and wanted to upgrade the furniture - the bed frame looks great and the storage drawers are spacious with plenty of room for a few sets of sheets/linens. Only downside is assembly - mostly it’s pretty straightforward, but a) two people definitely makes this much easier and b) the drawers take up about 85% of the assembly time (and it would have been nice if there were fewer screws involved) Overall it’s a good product for a good price!


Bed of luxury

I bought this bed a month ago now. We wanted a big bed, the bigger the better and didn’t want to skimp because you spend a lot of time in bed if you think about it. Excellent style bed in a range of colours and couple of different materials. Looks the part. It was so simple to put together and so far faultless. We even got accidental cover as we have animals, I’m told if a cat scratches it, the warranty covers it. It wasn’t even that expensive either as far as beds go so all in all a fantastic purchase!


Very sturdy and great value

Very impressed with the build quality of this bed frame the instructions were very easy to follow I built this myself it took around 2 hours we are really happy with our purchase the material is very hard wearing and looks like it will last a long time, this is the first bed we have had with draws and they are a great size and easy to pull in and out and you also have room in the bed frame for other items if you are short of space or want to get rid of clutter.


Lucia Sleepmotion Single Beds

Not difficult to assemble although the main frame is very heavy to manouevre. The bed itself works well and the lights underneath are very helpful for seeing the way into and out of bed at night. Bought two singles which is effectively Super King size when the beds are positioned side by side. This allows idependent adjustment of the beds while still having a double bed (with two mattresses). So far so good and hoping for many years of reliable service.


Simple and Stylish

We brought this for my mother who has a few mobility issues. She didn’t want a bed that looked like it belonged in a hospital. The soft footer is perfect for her the use as a steady when walking around the bed and unlike the metal types of bed frame , she isn’t likely to bash her shins on it either! To be honest I am rather jealous and would love this in my room. Would be great for propping yourself up to watch tv, read or work on your laptop.


Easy to assemble

I bought 2 double beds and 2 packs of pillows consisting of 8 in total . The bed arrived on time, no waiting about driver rang half hour before hand to advise on their way . Both products were very easy to put together. Instructions basic and easy to follow . Love my new bed very much and would recommend Dreams to all. Also had to delay my delivery and change address no issues at all , customer service were happy to accommodate


Best sleep

I purchased this bed a few weeks ago. I have had no issues with actual purchase, delivery and assembly. It is the most comfortable bed I have slept in. I have slept all night without waking unlike my previous bed which I had interrupted sleep. Having a good night's sleep I feel refreshed and ready to start the day. I do recommend this bed to anyone who finds it difficult to sleep. The overall purchase was excellent.



Brought the Lucia king size bed and even though it recommended 2 people to make in an hour it took me an hour on my own Very easy to put together with everything there nothing missing Draws are bigger than expected Very sturdy product Old bed used to creek and keep me awake now it’s hard to wake up as so comfortable Delivery driver and mate where very polite and helpful Pleasure doing business with Dreams


Simple to build & super comfortable.

I bought this bed a month ago and originally wanted a wooden bed but so glad I went for this. I looks really great in my bedroom and is both comfortable and the storage is so useful. Much tidier than boxes under the bed and easier than an ottoman bed. It was easy to put together without complicated tools or a handyman. From the salesperson to the delivery, great service and would definitely recommend this bed.


Lucia Storage Double - Dark Grey - FAB

Bought this bed in the Boxing day sale, saved a significant amount on the double lucia dark grey bed with sprung slats. Great delivery service. Easy to assemble. Bed feels strong and is able to take a deep firm mattress. Very comfortable sleep, was worth paying the extra for the sprung slats. Stylish design. Love the dark grey colour. All in all a great service by Dreams and a wonderful bed! Highly recommended


Fantastic bed frame! Highly recommend

This product is extremely expensive looking. So easy to assemble took my husband less than 2 hours to assemble himself. The longest part was the draws. It looks fantastic and with our amazing mattress this bed frame completes the look. We are so pleased with our purchase and recommend this to anyone. The fabric is strong and looks stain resistant. We got it in Super King size and it is truly fantastic.


Great product, very comfy!

We were looking for new bed for our teen and went to the store over the festive break. We ordered a double bed in store and then ordered another online on the same evening (to take advantage of the 20% promotion). Our boys are both delighted with the beds, SO COMFY! One barely comes out of his room now as he lies on his new bed playing games on his PlayStation. Great quality and reasonable price.


Great quality

I'm really happy with the quality of this bed, was easy to put together with simple instructions. Fast delivery and great service from Dreams from the start. Would highly recommend. After months of sleeping on the floor due to my order from (another) company being put on hold because of the country going into lock down, I decided to go and order from Dreams and I'm now happily sleeping once again.


Not the best

I have given it 3 stars cause the product is not what I thought it to be, it's beautiful frame however not sturdy. This delivered about 3wks ago and I am not happy, it keeps moving never stays as I don't have a rugged floor, 2) it's very noisy, as soon as I hit the bed the slabs keeps making noise and lastly the 2 drawers don't stay still... for the price you would expect a more sturdy product


Lucia Bed Frame - Grey/Double

I brought this bed in January but unfortunately due to my house being decorated I haven’t as yet been able to assemble it. However friends had already purchased this bed prior to me and having laying on there’s and found how comfortable and study it was I did not hesitate in ordering one for myself. I can’t wait to set up mine!!! Service and Delivery was excellent too. Thank you Dreams!!


Fantastic bed

My children brought me this bed two weeks ago and l cannot believe the difference it has made, l so look forward to going to bed now as before knew l would not be able to get comfortable as l have back and neck problems and could not lay on my left side for long as it was painful, this bed has stopped all of that, it is amazing and l would recommend everyone to buy one!!! Love my bed!!!


Easy to build and comfortable!

We’ve had our bed now for a couple of weeks and it’s been great! We both sleep better and the solid slats work perfectly with our memory foam mattress. We also love the way it looks so also purchased the matching bedside cabinets too! Really easy to build too, took me about an hour and I’m by no means an expert! The only downside is that you have to get out of it in the morning!


Does the job and has great storage

The only negative I have is that the slats comes with only a single leg as a centre piece which seems odd. However, it's holding the weight of 2 adults. The drawers under it are great as they aren't on runners and are huge additional storage options. You may want to measure your mattress against the flick on the end of the bed as a deep mattress will sit higher than it.



We bought this Lucia bed frame in king-size with spring slats online, and bought a mattress in store. I have never been so comfy in bed! The bed base is strong, sturdy, the drawers are brilliant - they are large, strong and not the usual runner design so no risk of them coming off or bottoms collapsing with minimal weight in. Lovely finish to the bed, no complaints at all!!


Fantastic bed!

I've had this bed over a month now. It's literally the best looking bed I've ever had and suits my bedroom perfectly. It's exactly what I was looking for. Also, I put this bed together by myself. Sure it took me a little longer than it said on the instructions but I didn't struggle one bit. The draws are great for extra storage too. Would definitely recommend to others!


Love my new bed!

Bought this about a month ago and absolutely love it. So sturdy and no creaks or anything! Delivery was straight forward and the delivery lad even took his shoes off at the door before taking the bed upstairs for me! Very polite. Placed the boxes where they needed to go and gave me some tips on building the bed. Thanks, will definitely order again when i need too!


Extremely comfortable

I bought it 3 months ago but had 2 nights sleeping on it. it’s very well made for the most part and is perfect in almost every way. Outwardly very stylish and exactly the look I wanted. One small niggle, the draws do what they are meant to do but cheaply made, just a small let down that the quality isn’t the same as the rest of the bed. Overall very happy with it.


Lucia sleepmotion bed

Bed delivered on specified day with text and phone updates confirming actual time. Delivery team very professional and friendly. Bed very well packaged, with no damage to any of the parts. Assembly instructions very good (and with tips from delivery chap) assembly was straightforward and quick. Bed very comfortable and easy to adjust with remote control.


Excellent Bed

I bought this bed on moving into a new property. The delivery was prompt and the product is of a good quality. The only downside was the self-assembly. The slats did not fit the frame so they were attached as well as possible. Not a big problem but just a shame for what otherwise is a high quality product. I would suggest upgrading to the sprung slats.


Great Value and extremely Comfortable

Got items on sale, delivery was fast and on the day agreed upon. The delivery team was professional and kept in touch. The beds were easy to assemble and the mattresses (memory foam) needed a few hours to plump up. My girls love their new Lucia beds because they are comfortable and look beautiful in their rooms. Will definitely buy again from Dreams.


Love the material used on this frame

Very happy with our dreams purchase. Although one of the panels sent to assemble one of the drawers wasn't right (the groove cut out to slot bottom in was too thin) I think it was meant for a smaller model. No problem I personally sorted it. Overall the delivery team was as great and the quality of the product is also great. Would recommend. Thank you


Great comfort

bought this a month ago and couldn't be happier. Delivery was smooth and easy. Assembly was well instructed for super king base. After some difficulty ordering online through lockdown the lady I spoke to was extremely helpful and sorted all finance payments out for me as the online booking kept crashing. Would definitely order through dreams again.


I love my bed!

I have had this bed for about 3 weeks now and I love it. It looks nice, it's a dark charcoal colour. The drawers are independent to the bed and are on quite substantial castor's. I have always had a double bed but upgraded to a king size bed, and can't believe 6 inches makes so much difference, if you'll excuse the pun! Very pleased with my choice.


This is the bed for you!

I bought this bed a month ago. Really sturdy and very well built. Definitely worth upgrading to the sprung slats as this has given us more support underneath our memory foam mattress. It was very easy for one person to put together but took me a couple of hours to do so, but this is just a nod to the quality of the bed. Plus it looks good :)



A great bed frame! Easy to build have done it on my own, alan keys are provided for all parts, wheels on the drawers a bit of a pain to put on cause it takes probably longer than the bed, suggest to use a power drill for the drawers and wheels, also make sure the legs on the metal frame are fully adjusted before you put in on the bed frame.


Best bed i have bought

Our dreams bed was simple to build, very sturdy and a beautiful colour. Everyone I show loves it and has asked where I bought it from. 3 Boxes and simple to follow instructions. I would recommend this bed to anyone. Dreams have been amazing to deal with and finance that we wanted to spread the cost has been easy to set up and manage.


Absolutely perfect again!

I brought this along with a mattress, bed was delivered perfectly to the master bedroom, delivery drivers took their shoes off and were very polite. The bed went together easily and I put it together by myself and was fairly straightforward. All in all I really can't fault anything from purchase to completion, perfect 10 all round.


So comfortable!

After 6 years of wanting a new bed and putting the children’s needs first every time I finally decided to get rid of the springs in my back and the lumpy divan and purchased this bed. I have never slept so well! It is so comfy and looks fantastic in our bedroom. We finally have the space to turn without waking each other!


Fantastic bed

Received this bed 2 weeks ago. From order to delivery I was regularly kept updated which was brilliant. The bed itself was very easy to assemble and took 2 of us about 45 mins. This is the best bed I have ever had and is very sturdy and well built. No more getting up with aches and pains any more and sleeping alot better


Great bed

Could not wish for a more classy design. Love the curves and the drawers are huge. Only slight thing i would change is to give the drawers tracks as they can be kicked and go further under the bed accidentally. Not a big issue and will probably be better when the drawers have some stuff in to add weight etc. Fantastic.


Brilliant Bed

I purchased this bed frame over a month ago and I am very satisfied with the purchase. It feels solid and very sturdy. The material at the head and foot off the bed feels very good quality. The drawers either side are also high quality and are a great use of space. I would highly recommend this bed frame to anyone.


Fantastic bed. Comfy headboard and large drawer

This bed was very easy to put together and is well made. The construction is sturdy and the drawer is very large and holds a lot of stuff. The fact that the headboard is part of the frame is great and it is very comfortable - my son LOVES his new bed :-). We opted for the sprung slats to give extra comfort.


Detroit & Lucia Beds

I bought two double beds and I’m very happy with my choice. They look perfect for my and daughter’s bedroom. The only problem I had was with the Rivera pocket sprung mattresses. They were not firm as specified and had to return and order another mattresses and also incur a delivery charge for the second time.


Good Quality bedframe

Bought for my daughter to match in with her grey, white and pink themed room. Fabric is good quality and fits perfectly to the scheme. Construction of the bed was easy, took about 2 hours on my own including building the two very large drawers. Daughter very happy with the bed and the handy storage solution.


Beautiful bed frame

I purchased a bed frame with 2 storage draws which was exactly what I needed. I bought the dark grey version which fits in perfectly with my colour scheme. I also took out insurance for any accidental spills which covers 8 years at a great price. Very happy with the product & great service received.


Exactly what was required

We bought this as we liked the look & the style. Now that we have had it for a month we are delighted. It took a while to build but it was only 1 person & although it states it needs 2 it can be done individually, however I am a born DIY enthusiast so unless your pretty handy then 2 persons is good.


Best night's sleep !

I bought the bed recently but was unable to try it for a while because I work away a lot. Having come home and finally getting to sleep in it I had the best night's sleep in a long time. The added feature of the drawers is fantastic makes storage so much easier for my travel things! Simply amazing


Beautiful colour and model.

I ordered this bed in June, and although initially a few bumps sorting delivery it has been comfortable since. Easy to assemble alone, as long as close detail is followed. May be useful to upgrade from wooden skates as this can cause noise when moving during the night. Overall a beautiful bed.


Beauty of a Bed!

The beds are not not beds... they are solid units!! Brought a small double and a standard double and I absolutely love them! Had an issue with the slats on the double but I think it was just a faulty set but Dreams sorted it out asap and now defo sleeping comfortably on these beds :-)


Fab bed

We bought this bed about 3 weeks ago and it is lovely! So comfortable and the service we received was great. We were kept informed of delivery and the driver called us to let us know what time they would be there and everything was disposed of as promised. Definitely recommend


Lovely Bed

Lovely bed. Looks very smart and stylish. Delivery was spot on. I paid to have it built - well worth the money. The drawers are very spacious and easy to pull out. I was concerned that my bedside cabinets would block the drawer access but they don’t. Very pleased with the bed.


Overall Quality bed

Love this bed frame. The fabric look isn’t just a great look but it’s hard wearing and relatively straight forward to put together. The bed is solid and looks classy. Would definitely recommend. The delivery men also advised us to build the drawers first which helped big time.


Great bed great price

Bought this bed to replace our old king size. Great service in the shop and easy to choose and buy the bed. Delivery was smooth, driver put all the boxes in the bedroom I requested. I opted to put it together myself, instructions were easy to follow and took no time at all.


Love love love

Bought this to replace my old bed frame which was cheap and not very good quality, took me a while to put it together but I was doing it by myself, it was really easy to follow the instructions and the men who delivered it were lovely, never a bad word to say about dreams!


Hits the spot

My son needed a new bed. The initial attraction to this bed was the design and colour, comfort to him was secondary. As it turns out, this is a very well built bed, sturdy construction, design and colour is perfect and it is extremely comfortable. Everyone is happy.


Sturdy Product

I bought this bed around a month ago, its beautiful, so sturdy and the fabric is so well manufactured and applied to the frame, great height, draes under the bed and very sizeable, decievingly big, it also compliments our room as its all grey! Prefect bed for us


Fantastic bed

I purchased this about a month or so ago as a second bed and I am very pleased with it. Great comfort, easy to put together and great build quality. It took me a couple of hours to do on my own. Once again Dreams is the place to go for all your bed needs. Thanks


Love my new bed!

Absolutely love the bed, the movement is nice and controlled and you feel very safe whilst the bed is getting into desired position. Remote control is nice and simple, very easy to use and that's saying something for me as at 90 and rubbish at technical things!


Lovely bed

Really good quality, easy to put together did it by myself, comfortable really please with the service, was in a rush for a bed walked in the initial bed I want couldn't get delivered in time so chose the one available wow wish I had seen it first top quality.


Easy to assemble

We have had the bed for just over a month now. Although the mattress isn't from dreams it is a very comfortable bed and looks great. It was easy to assemble the instructions were clear. The draws are heavy so there needs to be two people putting them together.


Comfy, sturdy and practical

I bought this bed for the comfort, style and practicality for the storage and it’s delivered on all of those. The Dreams team were a huge help in putting it together but don’t forget to take your old bed APART before they collect as they won’t take it.


Great feel and design

I bought this bed a month or so ago and it features perfectly in my room. I'm delighted I bought this bed, especially from Dreams as I know I get quality and comfort with every product. I would highly recommend this bed to anyone who's intrigued.



Delivered on time and the people delivering where very helpful, even giving us a few tips to make out build easier. Product itself was easy to set up. Very sturdy, looks like it should last the test of time. Come with a decent warranty just in case.


Super comfy for a great price

Brought a bed about a month ago now and i do not regret a thing i have had some of the best sleeps of my life with this product and i would not hesitate to come to Dreams again should i need to in the future. Amazing quality and easy/fast to set up.


Great Bed!!

The delivery of the bed was fantastic, I got a call when they were on their way. We put the bed together pretty easily. The drawers took the longest to put together and the instructions weren't always clear. Overall we are very happy with the bed!


Really good customer service

I initially ordered the bed in the wrong colour but when I called up they made the change and emailed proof straight away. Delivery date was accurate and came right in time with the estimated delivery date! Really good quality for the price too.


Cosy Bed!

I brought this bed about a month ago for my spare bedroom, and have had no complaints! It's getting to the point, where I want to sneak in to have a cosy night sleep rather than my own bed! Delivery was great, delivered to the bedroom of my choice.


SO Comfy a year on!

I've had this bed a year now and I don't have one complaint. I bought it with the best recommended mattress and I've got to say it's been amazing. Gotten me through 2 major abdominal surgeries and recoveries. I can't recommend this bed enough.


Perfect style

We brought this item just before Christmas and the finish is perfect and it was so easy to fit together myself. The delivery men were so helpful and a real pleasure to meet even with an early start I'd I could give more stars for them I would.



I recently purchased a motorised bed with built in tv and I was so impressed with it I have since been and bought x2 Lucia single beds for my children. Try are absolutely solid and very well built. Best place to purchase beds from, guaranteed.


Stylish nights

So happy I chose this bed frame. The grey headboard and end are really simple and chic. The bed is slightly smaller than I realised but that has actually worked out for the better. It looks exactly like it does on the site too so I’m happy!!


Great service, great bed

I bought this bed a month ago the delivery drivers were incredibly professional and helpful at getting the bed inside my house especially having to social distance at the same time, the bed is also very comfy and couldn’t be easier to build


Luica Double bed frame

I bought the bed frame a month ago in dark grey. Absolutely top quality. I was amazed how strong and robust the bed structure is made. Very easy to put together too. No squeeking either. Best thing I have bought myself this year. : )


Easy to assemble, looks great....however

Brought this bed for our new house. Was relatively easy to assemble and looks great however I wish we had brought a ottoman for the additional storage. The 2 drawers are OK but there is still plenty of space which is wasted under the bed.


grate bed worth getting

Great bed i have slept much better now i can raise it to where i need to be able to sleep and breath better is not to loud when you raise it looks good to thought for smaller rooms its good if you haven't got to much furniture in there.


Great products and brilliant customer service

I bought new bed from Dreams a month ago. The service in the shop was brilliant. The delivery arrived as expected and the bed was constructed quickly and efficiently. Had the best nights sleep for ages. Would certainly recommend.


Beautiful bed

I bought this bed a few weeks ago, its so comfy and looks beautiful in my bedroom! The two delivery guys Rob and Tony were very effiecent in getting it up stairs, building it quick and making sure I'm happy with it! Highly recommend


Great bed

Love this bed, fast delivery paid for the set up which was fantastic the guy came at 8am and was leaving at 8.19am no way could me and my husband if done it that fast. The draws on the side are very Spacious and got plenty of room


Lucia Upholstered Bed Frame

I bought this bed frame and it is the best bed frame is have used, it is of good quality. I put this together myself and very impressed. The draws and made from thick wood and on wheels. I would definitely recommend this product


Great looking bed. Excellent Quality

I chose this bed as I needed a lower headboard than what was available with other divan beds with storage. However I am very pleased with my choice. The bed is sturdy and the storage space is ample. It looks great too.


Excellent bed frame

I love my new bed iv never had such a cosy night sleep in a while I'm glade I made the choice to buy this bed the colour is just what it says and looks on the sight very steady and easy to put together I'd definitely recommend


Easy to assemble and looks the part!

This bed is the perfect addition to any bedroom as it is sturdy and stylish. Assembly was easy and delivery was on time and friendly. I particularly like the size of the storage draws - really practical and maximises storage.


Best nights sleep

We bought this bed in super king so we can finally sleep without kicking each other and on all honesty I’m in love. The workmanship is amazing and the delivery men who set it up were lovely and helpful would fully recommend!


Great solid purchase

Great solid bed, no squeaks or creaks. Exactly as described including dimensions. Setting up was pretty easy with the instruction descriptions. Fabric drawer covers need to be checked with drawer inserted to ensure good fit.


Lucia sleep motion

This is the perfect bed for me! By far the best I’ve slept since buying this and the fabric quality and whole bed frame quality is very good, the motion is almost silent and moves very smoothly. Highly recommend this bed


Excellent product and service

We brought our new bed frame from dreams really pleased one of the panels had been slightly damaged in transit I rang dreams and they arranged for a new panel to be delivered and fitted wasn't a problem excellent service


Excellent all round!!

We bought this bed a few weeks ago and it is so stunning, the men who assembled the bed were lovely and friendly and did it so quickly. The storage under the bed is very spacious and the material is so easy to maintain.


Wonderful bed!

Great quality, comfortable and stylish bed! My partner built it on his own in a couple of hours and said it was fairly straightforward to build. Great communication about delivery and delivery men were really friendly.


Good quality

Really happy with this purchase bought in the winter sales as we didn’t want to miss out on a good deal, great fabric and made to an excellent standard, perfect colour for what we wanted and the draw work perfectly


Excellent quality bed!!

This bed not only looks great, it IS great! The overall quality is fantastic and I was surprised how thick the slats were! Easy to assemble too, I managed it on my own but it would have been better with two people.


The bed frame is amazing

I bought this a few weeks a go I love the design the only one thing its states the colour as cream which I needed to go with my colour scheme in my room and it's not its a sliver gray other wise I love the design


Feels nice and comfortable

Brought this mattress after my daughter use the sleep match machine due to lower back pain. And this mattress was recommend to us, combination soft/medium. She couldn’t ask for a better mattress, well worth it.


Love the quality.

Me and my partner bought this a month ago and are very happy with the amount of space you get in the drawers under the bed. It means we get to lose some other drawers we had opening up our bedroom a great deal.

Questions and Answers About Lucia Sleepmotion Adjustable Bed Frame

will a kingsize mattress fit the kingsize sleepmotion 200i

Answer: , The Sleepmotion 200i is compatible with standard UK sized mattresses, however it is important to ensure that the mattress purchased is compatible. As this bed allows movement of the head and foot end, the mattress used must be suitable for this. We have a range of compatible mattresses available to purchase online and in store - these can be found by filtering by mattress type 'sleepmotion mattresses'. Kind Regards, Dreams

can 2 people sleep in an adjustable double bed and is there one mattress or 2 separate

Answer: , Two people can sleep in an adjustable bed, but please note the 100i movement functions should only be used while awake. The adjustable bed functions as one complete unit and therefore one mattress would be best. Please find the compatible sleepmotion mattresses here: Many thanks, Dreams

Hi, is an Emma mattress suitable for the sleepmotion version? Thanks.

Answer: , As this is a third party mattress which we do not sell, we have not tested if this is compatible with Sleepmotion. Please find our range of compatible mattresses for adjustable beds here: Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the difference between the bed slates ? What is best ? 

Answer: , Solid Slats are the standard base which span across the bed. You can upgrade to sprung slats which are split down the middle and offer increased support and comfort on either side of the bed. Or, you can opt for Sleepmotion which is part of our Tech beds range and is adjustable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the 800i fit into any of the bedframes and what headboards are available?

Answer: , Unfortunately it doesn't fit into all bedframes. The bedframes we supply the Sleepmotion beds with have longer side rails than a standard bedframe. The only headboard available for the 800i Sleepmotion is Many thanks Dreams

Does the lyrics sleep motion bed frame it comes as a bundle does that include the mattress

Answer: , This only includes the bed frame and the sleepmotion frame, the mattress is not included. You can find mattress that are compatible here: Many thanks Dreams

Can you use two single mattress on a king size bed

Answer: , A king size bed would be made up of two Small Single (2'6 Wide) mattresses rather than two Singles. Also, you would need adjustable versions because the standard Small Single in 190cm long whereas a King bed is 200cm long. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi  If I purchase a double sleep motion frame, does it come in 2 parts? We have a tricky, windy staircase

Answer: , The frame comes in multiple boxes which should make it easier to manoeuvre around. It can also be assembled/delivered to your room of choice provided you choose assembly/delivery service in the checkout or in store. Kids regards, Dreams

I have always slept on a pocket strung mattress, but have wondered about changing to something different. I have a serious lower back problem which cannot be cured only managed. have you any advice (I cannot sleep on a firm mattress) for something else.

Answer: , Our Sleepmotion bases help support your head and legs, working to ease painful pressure points and improve circulation - this will provide better support and comfort whilst you sleep. Kind Regards, Dreams

Should there be brackets for connecting the frame and the headboard for the Lucia frame? 

Answer: , There will be brackets on the side rails to attach the side rail to the head end of the bed. The Sleepmotion frame sits in the middle of the Lucia frame, it does not attach to it. Many thanks Dreams

Hi does this bed come with warranty ? I wanted to know in relation to the mechanics of the bed for piece of mind if anything required to be required or checked ? Thanks 

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. This bed frame comes with a 1-year guarantee as standard. You can purchase an extended guarantee at the checkout, if you wish. Kind regards, Dreams.

I have just purchased the 200i base on its own can i order just the frame on its own now ? 

Answer: , Unfortunately, the bedframe needs to be purchased with the 200i as we use bespoke side rails for a bedframe that is being fitted with a Sleepmotion. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the bed frame sit all the way up?

Answer: , The maximum angle the headend can reach is between 57-62 degrees, however with the thickness of the mattress this would sit you up slightly further. Many thanks Dreams

Can you use your existing mattress on this bed ??

Answer: , We would recommend you contact your mattress manufacturer to check whether it would be suitable with adjustable bed bases Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you deliver to the channel islands

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. Unfortunately we do not deliver to this location. Kind regards, Dreams

Hi, are these adjustable bed frames VAT exempt for disabled people?

Answer: , Please read our VAT relief page here: Kind regards Dreams

The Lucia bed frame silver 100i does it come with storage draws underneath? 

Answer: , Unfortunately the Lucia Sleepmotion beds do not come with storage drawers. Many thanks Dreams

does the lucia, if it has sleepmotion still have drawers?

Answer: , If purchased with Sleepmotion, the Lucia will no longer feature drawers. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does  it come  with  headboard 

Answer: Hi , The head-end featured in the image is included with the bed frame. Kind regards Dreams

What size legs do you put on the lucia sleepmotion 200i lifestyle bed 6inch or 9 inch ?

Answer: , The legs are adjustable and so can be fixed at either height. Kind Regards, Dreams

We have the i200  flashlight/underbed light are these on this model or extra? As our remote does not work any light?? 

Answer: , Unfortunately there are no underbed lights on this model. Many thanks, Dreams

Is each side of the 6ft sleep motion 400i separately controlled or as one unit only?

Answer: , All our Sleepmotion bases are controlled as one unit. Many thanks Dreams

Hi, is a headboard included or is it an extra purchase?

Answer: , The headboard comes as part of the Lucia bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

What mechanism/motor is used for the adjustable bed?

Answer: , The sleep motion currently uses an Okin motor Kind Regards, Dreams

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