Kenny Mid Sleeper Bed Frame Rated 4.65/5 based on 89 customer reviews
Kenny Mid Sleeper Bed Frame

Kenny Mid Sleeper Bed Frame

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4.7/5 - Read 89 Reviews
Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6
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Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

The Kenny Mid Sleeper Bed Frame is a fantastic option for kids who need a versatile and multi-functional piece of furniture in their room. Not only does it provide a comfortable place to sleep, but it also features a pull-out desk and ample storage space with a cupboard and shelves on the bedside and under the bed. This makes it a great choice for kids who need a place to study and store their belongings.

One of the standout features of the Kenny Mid Sleeper Bed Frame is its sturdy construction. Made from particle board, it can support a weight of up to 80kg, including the weight of the mattress. This means it can handle the rough and tumble of everyday use and is built to last. The bed is also designed with safety in mind, with a recommended age of 6 and a requirement for a mattress with a maximum height of 15cm. This ensures that kids can use the bed without any risk of accidents.

Customers who have purchased the Kenny Mid Sleeper Bed Frame seem to be very happy with their purchase. Many reviewers have praised the bed's sturdy construction and ample storage space, with some even using the space underneath the bed to store large luggage items. The bed's light ash colour and wood grain effect have also been well-received although the white looks equally impressive, with customers noting that it adds a touch of style to the room. Some reviewers have mentioned that the bed is easy to assemble, while others have had a less positive experience in this regard. However, the majority of customers have given the bed high ratings for quality, value, design, and ease of assembly.

Overall, the Kenny Mid Sleeper Bed Frame is a great choice for kids who need a functional and stylish piece of furniture in their room. It offers a comfortable place to sleep, a pull-out desk, and ample storage space, all at a reasonable price. Customers seem to be very satisfied with their purchase, giving it high ratings across the board. If you are in the market for a mid sleeper bed for your child, the Kenny Mid Sleeper Bed Frame is definitely worth considering.

Reasons to Buy

Stylish and at a fair price point.

Gives additional space for the child to work and play.

Great customer reviews, parents really love it.

Reasons to Avoid

Build time can vary with many struggling to assemble easily. Once assembled it looks and feels great, but the act of building can be a challenge.

Particle board is not a particularly robust wood typically, but there are no reports of damage or breakages from a vast array of reviews scrutinised.

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Of The Kenny Mid Sleeper Bed Frame
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good

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What Makes The Kenny Mid Sleeper Bed Frame Great?

Made from laminated particle boards


Great storage solution

Recommended age: 6+

Self explanatory, not suitable for those younger than the ages of 6. 

Maximum mattress depth of 15cm

The reason bunk beds require thinner mattresses on top is to protect the user from falling out. Simply put, the edges of the bunk bed have a low tolerance  hang that protects you from falling out of the bed. The thicker the mattress, the less protection with this ridge there will be. 15cm still get's a good quality mattress that can house springs and foam.

Suitable with a Euro 3’0 single mattress with a maximum depth of 15cm

The reason bunk beds require thinner mattresses on top is to protect the user from falling out. Simply put, the edges of the bunk bed have a low tolerance  hang that protects you from falling out of the bed. The thicker the mattress, the less protection with this ridge there will be. 15cm still get's a good quality mattress that can house springs and foam.

Build time: 2 people | 3 hours 30 minutes

This frame is quite an advanced build that will take an approximate 3hours 30 mins with two people. We wouldn't recommend undertaking this task yourself as it is fairly time consuming even with an extra set of hands

Let our experts assemble your bed - select this service at the checkout

The supplier has a unique installation and assembly service whereby the consumer is able to have their product built by the experts. This was you can avoid a lot of swearing, missplacing tools and yelling at your kids and end up with the finished product from the get go. Take advantage of this service by adding this product to the basket and heading to the checkout to see options

Delivery not available to Northern Ireland

There are certain delivery restrictions for this product and unfortunately we will be unable to ship goods to Northern Ireland

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Customer Reviews For The Kenny Mid Sleeper Bed Frame

Based on 89 reviews
A fun bed for kids

This is a great bed for kids, particularly in bedrooms in which you need to maximise the utilisation of space for storage. Be prepared to allow 5-6 hours for assembly (despite the 3.5 hr recommendation in the instructions) due to the large number of parts and a lack of part labelling means you will need to measure parts to ensure you correctly distinguish parts from others that are similarly sized. Disappointingly, the bed design leaves 2 uncovered screws in the centre of the bed safety rail, which are not only unsightly but also resulted in my brand new mattress being plucked on burrs on the screw head - solved by a piece of tape over the screws but annoying nevertheless. All of the parts also came covered in a fine wood dust from either the manufacturing process or storage, and therefore requiring wiping with a damp cloth before starting assembly. Overall, our daughter loves her new bed and was particularly excited to find she now has a hideaway under her bed!

My son absolutely loves his new bed!

We wanted a cabin style bed to replace my son's car bed which he was getting a little too old for. The Kenny bed was exactly what we were looking for... Firstly it's a good, stable and firm bed which we are sure will last for years. The colour is great (isn't a nice light ash colour with a wood grain effect). There is plenty of storage, especially under the bed. The design means that my son can have his favourite books, pictures and alarm clock on display and within easy reach. No regrets buying this bed at all. It's a wonderful bed and we got it at a fantastic price too!

Everything she wanted and more

We have our eight year old Grand daughter staying with us, she has had quite a difficult time of late, hence staying with Grand Parents, we wanted to make her feel more at home so took her along to Dreams to select a Bed for her, she made her selection, but me being the mechanical type decided to build the Bed myself, it took me two days but made me understand just how well this unit was designed and made, our Grand Daughter is now always in her own Room with her special Bed, we could not have made a better selection ourselves, a first class design making for a first class product.

Superb bed with great storage & desk.

What a brilliant bed. Purchased in October for my 5yr old for his birthday. He has loved it from day 1. It's very sturdy and well built. Excellent storage space, pull out desk and hidden 'den' which he loves. It comes in 5 boxes (so plenty of pieces to sort out!) - it really does take quite a while to put together, and you need plenty of space. It took us several hours (maybe about 7hrs with coffee breaks), and taking it steady to make sure we didn't make any mistakes - so do allow a day! You won't be disappointed though - well worth it.

Delighted child

We bought this bed for our 6yr old's birthday. He was thrilled to sleep on the upper deck which is very secure and we don't think he'd ever fall out. The high level shelf storage is extremely useful for his night light, current book etc and the lower storage units have liberated his messy bedroom floor. The desk is a good size and will do for years to come. The bed took about 20 man hours to fully build so be prepared to put some effort in but the end product is very sturdy and just perfect for a little boy growing up.

Incorrect dimensions!

I would have gave this 5 stars if it wasn't for the Incorrect dimensions on Dreams website, I even phoned dreams customer service, which they reassured me that the dimensions on the website were correct. The product itself is excellent 5 stars! Although I would have said it would have been helpful if each piece was numbered and corresponded to the numbered pieces in the instructions. The correct dimensions are A. Front height 109cm B. Length 211cm C. Width 133cm D. Back height 132cm E. floor to desk height 71cm

Great product but dont expect to build it quickly

Very sturdy bed that looks like it will last a long time. Despite being a confident flat pack builder, this unit took 2 long evenings to build. Although most of it can be assembled solo, a few items need 2 people.. Build quality is generally very good although edging detail could be slightly better in places. Plenty of storage and theres ability to use the space behind the cupboards as a secret den (which the kids love!). Considering purchasing a second for my other child.

Sturdy and wonderful.

We were looking for something that would be sturdy and withstand a couple of children playing on/under it and this is definitely that! Also so pleased with the storage and it is wonderful to have shelves right next to our son so he can keep his 'treasures' with him. Only down side is that the pull out desk does not have rounded corners, like the rest of it, so ouch! Paid for it to be assembled. So glad I did as it took the professionals a couple of hours to put together.

Excellent and child-fitting!

Our daughter absolutely loves this. In particular the little shelf that sits at the bed-level is used a lot for her toys/bears/books. It's also quite nice having the desk fit in as part of it because it conserves space really effectively - and it's fun to pull out! Very sturdy construction too; I don't find any reason to think she'd have any issues being so high up (which was something I was worried about before getting it).

Great bed, complicated build.

Overall a great bed for our little one. It also works well without the desk and cupboard underneath to give more play space. Some minor problems with misaligned screw holes and the instructions could be much clearer (pay attention to screw and dowel sizes as they change on nearly every piece!). I've built a lot of flat pack and self assembly furniture over the years and I think this was one of the most complicated.

Would Definitely Recommend

So happy with this purchase. I love this bed and so does my little one. I did manage to assemble it all by myself but it took a long time. There are lots of pieces to put together, but everything fit as expected and the bed is nice and sturdy. I would definitely recommend this bed. Also, when I placed the order, I was given a delivery window of 6-8 weeks. I received my order within a week - very pleased with this!

Clever design, great storage and space saving.

Bought this bed for my 8 year old daughter when I went out to buy myself a new bed (typically how it goes with parenting sometimes!) but she saw this and fell in love with it. It has a roll away desk, tonnes of storage and and secret area underneath for her to hide in! She absolutely loves it and I am happy that all her toys are off the floor and stored away neatly in all the compartments.


We had our sons bed delivered about a month ago and its great, I love the fact there is enough space to hide a lot of his toys without it looking messy. He also loves the fact that he uses the underneath of the bed as a den. Great Quality and Amazing service from the delivery guys who put it all together in no time. So much so we have just purchased ourselves a new bed : )

One very happy daughter!

Purchased the Kenny Mid Sleeper in white. Very sturdy and daughter delighted with her new bed, storage, desk and den she can make underneath! My only criticism would be that the component parts were not numbered in any way not were they packed in order of assembly so quite a bit of time was spent opening, checking, measuring and numbering before we could begin assembly.

Sturdy and well made

I bought this bed for our 8 year old son after seeing the bed assembled in the shop. It is sturdy and I especially like the shelf on the top - perfect for alarm clock and books. It did take a long time to sssemble - my husband did it all himself. Top tip was given by the delivery guys - make sure you assemble it in an empty room. You need a fair bit of space to assemble.

Takes forever to build

I bought this bed for my daughter. The instructions say it will take approx 3 hours to assemble. I am quite experienced at putting together flat-pack furniture but it still took me 12 hrs!!! The quality of the bed is ok at best- there were several pieces missing and 1 piece was incorrectly drilled. Well done to Customer Services for sending new bits out so quickly.

Perfect bed for us

Really sturdy bed with lots of storage and my daughter loves that I turned the area behind the cupboard into a little snug for reading and chilling! Its so sturdy it has had 2 adults, our daughter and our dog on it for story time before bed, without a creak in sight!! The delivery guys were brilliant and assembled the bed in record time, well worth the 50!!

Brilliant quality..long build

Brilliant quality bed.solid as a rock. But....the assembly is a nightmare.. U need a lot of space and patience. Nothing is labelled or simple. Could definitely be made easier with a timy bit of thought from the factory. Once u have the bed built and inplace you won't be disappointed. Definitely make lots of room and prepare for a long build

Great bed!

Purchased this bed for our son. He's probably a bit young for it at age 4, but he loves it. Lots of space for him to have certain toys close by in the upper shelves and tons of room underneath to hide his toys but they are easily accessed. Delivery team built it within the hour. The recommended mattress is really comfortable. Great value overall.

Great fun for my son

Bought this for our son and he has loved it! Do wish Id gone for the assembly option but my husband insisted he wanted to put it together. Instead of the 3 hrs its taken 3 weeks (mainly because he does it in bits when hes got time) Its very roomy and my son likes playing shop through the shelves at the end of the bed. Great purchase!

A great bed

This bed is perfect for my 4 year old and will be suitable for a good few years! Its good quality and sturdy, built to last! Its not the simplest to build, i always think small stickers to identify parts would simplify things especially as this comes as 5 boxes! Build challenge aside though an excellent sturdy bed and a happy Son!

Kenny midsleeper bed

This bed is very spacious and has lots of storage but is a nightmare to assemble. The instructions are not great and u find yourself trying to match the pieces to the instructions...... there are many pieces and they are not labelled/numbered. I would def recommend paying for assembly unless you have a couple of days to spare.

My child loves it

Bought this for my 11 year old child, he absolutely loves it. Desk comes with it, brilliant space saver idea, remove the desk and underneath the bed is like a hide out den area, where my nieces and nephews love playing there. Made with good quality, strong, exta shelf, a little cupboard, brilliant all rounder.

Great fun

We bought this for our 4 year old and he loves it. There is plenty of storage and great space for making a den underneath. A bit disappointed with the finish on some bits as the laminate/glue isn't great on all the edges, so will be interested to see how it wears. It took a long time to build over 6 hours.

A Kidz Dream!

This is the best kids bed ever! The den / storage area / desk space is so versatile; we bought one each for both of our buys aged 4 and 7 and the spend hours playing on them and in them. Its a solid build too but took us both 12 hours to put together. Not hard just time consuming but worth every minute.


It's a good bed and my daughter loves it. The rounded edges could be rounder and smoother though. It's unnecessarily difficult to assumble too, with some holes not pre-drilled or marked, and lots of similar sized screws etc (eg 30mm & 35mm dowels). Overall it's a decent bed and i'm happy with it.

Son loves it

My son has really enjoyed his new bed. My only comments would be about the assembly. Known of the pieces are labelled, which makes it very time consuming to assemble and easy to make a mistake. Also some of the detail in the holes and ensuring the right fixings are in the packets could be better.

Just what we needed.

I bought this for my daughter who drew the short straw when we moved house, and got the box room! It has given her storage, a desk, and somewhere to display her nik naks, and theres still space in her room to fit a wardrobe! The bed itself is solid and well made. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Sturdy stuff

Bought for a Christmas present for my son. It's sturdy, strong, spacious, lots of nooks and crannies. Only problem now is he won't get up! He loves the underneath space too as a place to hang out, only downside, had to buy a mattress elsewhere as quality of those on offer at Dreams wasn't great.

Amazing bed - highly recommend

I bought this bed as my daughter has so much stuff for an 8 year old girl, it is wonderful and gives her so much space to play on her bedroom floor now that everything can be stored away. Pull out desk is fabulous for her to do her homework on too and then pushed back under to save space.

Great, sturdy bed, pay for it to be built though!!

We are very pleased with this bed for our son, it is very well made and very sturdy. Because this was delivered during lockdown, we couldn't get it built. I am quite good at DIY but this still took nearly 5 hours. I assure you, if you can pay for it to be built, you wont regret it!!!

nice size bed

I brought the bed for my son its bigger then it says it is and if u can afford it get it made up cos it was a nightmare to assemble it took me over 9 hours and the parts had no lables on them to say which part goes where :( but when its all done its a solid bed and my boy love it .

Lots of storage

My daughter absolutely loves her new bed! The frame is very big, takes up most of her bedroom! It's got lots of space and storage for all her toys and the desk is great. She can even crawl through the back and use under the bed as a den! So pleased I paid for it to be built!!

Kenny Mid Sleeper lives up to expectation

This is a wonderland for all kids and parents alike. The shelves and storage are a haven and the hidden den is a real attraction for the kids. The design of the bed frees up space in smaller bedrooms and it looks really, really impressive. A must for every childs bedroom

Kenny mid sleeper bed frame

This Kenny midsleeper bed frame is worth the investment. Solidly made, well thought out, with bags of storage. My little one loves taking out the table and making a den under the bed frame. Definitely worth paying the extra 50 and letting the experts put together too!

Child loves his new bed

Have used the bed for our child who had outgrown his toddler bed for around two weeks now. He loves it! The bed feels bigger than we anticipated, despite measuring up etc. But it is solid and feels like really good quality. Loads of storage too.

Brilliant kids bed!

The storage on this bed is great. My son loves that he can create a little den underneath the bed. I specifically liked the extra shelves on top of the bed. Took a long time to put together but it was so worth the wait. Definitely recommend

The boy loves it!

Great bed, my boy loves it loads of storage bigger than I expected. Even being competent at DIY it took quite a while to build. Each box is listed what panels are in each but I feel they should have a sticker on each panel with the letter.

Fabulous Bed

Fabulous bed really well constructed solid and perfect if your child finds steps difficult. I would advise anyone to use their service to put it together, i didnt and it was difficult and time consuming. Otherwise fantastic Bed!!

Solid, Well built and will last for sure

I bought this 3 weeks ago, although the instructions could do with some refinement to put together quicker, when it is built it is superb for th ekids, solid as a rock and will probably last longer than our house!!

Great quality

I bought this for my son 3 weeks ago he absolutely loves it. Gives him so much more space. We opted for it to be assembled (by 2 wonderful friendly chaps), definitely reccomend this unless ur an avid diy 'er.

Una's new dream bed.

Really good bed, lots of space underneath it for clothes. The shelf running at the top of the bed is brilliant to keep the kids toys nice and close as well. Seems well built and the kids love playing on it.

Great Cabin bed for Kids

Good Quality and love the back shelf system. The ladder access is better than other beds. Only complaint I could find was that the panels aren't numbered so may be challenging for the less abled DIY'er.

Sturdy Bed

Very sturdy bed, and very heavy, I would recommend getting it built as the instructions are not straight forward. My son loves it and also nice with the openings at top for his drink and night lights.

Really well made

really pleased with the bed. Took quite some time to put together and would be helpful if the parts were numbered on the actual part but the instructions were thorough. Definitely is built to last.

Great bed!!

This bed is quite challenging to put together, you definitely need an empy room as there are 5 boxes of bits to sort out before you start but my son loves it so much we can't get him ou of it !!

Lovely new kids bed

First big bed for my daughter and she loves it! Really well made, very sturdy and a great size. Particularly love all the shelves up by her bed to fill with all her favourite things.

Fantastic bed,my son loves it

Fantastic item. Well made and so much space and room. Loads of room behind the bed and my son likes to go there and read his books. The desk is brilliant and does the job perfectly.

Good buy

Good looking and stardy , delivered on time . Good communication with assembly company too . Very impressed with the amount of storadge and daughter is very happy with it .

Lovely kids bed

Dont underestimate the size and space for storage. The bed is a lovely size and I can still sit and read stories with my child. The storage is amazing, everything is neat

Solid well built

Bought this for my son and he and his little brother absolutely love it. Took a few hours to put together but instructions were clear and produced a very solid end result.

Excellent product

Although it was a pain to put together because of how many parts there was the instructions were very useful.. build quality is great and my son loves it! Great purchase!

Solid Build, great bed

Bought a month ago. Very happy with the purchase. the build was a challenge and took some time but once up this is a very solid a safe bed with loads of storage space

Great bed

We purchased this for our 6 year old. It was straight forward to put together (but does take a long time!). Its really sturdy and well built. Very pleased with it

Great purchase!

Bought this bed a few weeks ago and it's the best bed I've bought. My son loves it and can't wait to go to sleep every night. Would definitely recommend.

Love it! Lots of storage

Had it delivered and installed! They were very quick. lots of room for storage underneath the bed, we used it to store 2 big luggage with 2 hand luggage.


The bed was not the easiest of flat packs to put together. Very time consuming. And not labelled at all. But overall the structure of the bed is solid.

Childs Bed

Assembled it myself, took around 4 hours, very straightforward and a brilliant bed all round, daughter loves it, definitely worth every penny

Great storage

The bed is not easy to build as all the boxes are mixed with parts. Once together it has great storage features and looks great in the room.

Grand daughter bliss

Great product, but need someone to fit it. 5 heavy packs, un liftable by me. 48 pieces and over 600 Nuts and bolts. Needs expert fitter.

good for studying

I bought this to help my daughter have somewhere to study - does the job but did need two visits to put it together due to missing parts

Really excellent bed!

Great bed for our 6 year old. The extra features such as desk, and storage space really fits the bill and she absolutely loves it.

Amazing bed

Bought for my 8 year old son. He loves it. Loves all the space for his toys and cant wait to use the desk for his homework


Brilliant bed. It is so well made and designed. My boys love this bed. They have even made a little den underneath.

Amazing features

I bought this for my 4 year son and he absolutely loves this bed. It's made bedtime a totally different experience

Amazing bed

Amazing bed, lots of space for storage, daughter loves it! Steps are amazing and safe to use, even when sleepy


Its a well made solid bit of kit but Id say it takes confidence to assemble yourself. My daughter loves it.

Kenny mid sleeper

My son loves this bed, very well made. Would recommend. Took a while to put together but well worth it.

Nice bed

It is needed for a couple of hours to build to not a puzzle with lot of pieces :).

Great bed

Super bed. Great quality. Very happy daughter. I was able to assemble it on my own but was a challenge!

Brilliant bed, great service

Really well made bed, my son loves it. Delivered really quickly and put together by a great team.

Great Bed needs better instructions

Great bed but instructions very poor. Looks fab when it is finished and great storage space

Kenny kids bed

A great bed that has lots of useful storage :-) liked so much so we have two them!


Great bed, my little girl loves it! Solid materials. Strong bed, would recommend.

Fun practical and good quality

Really sturdy bed with great storage solutions and a brilliant pull out desk.

Sweet dreams.

Excellent quality and detail. Very sturdy and our 8 year old is very happy.

Excellent purchase - love Kenny mid sleeper bed

My son loves his bed! Mattress is good and offers him support he needs


Kids love it and has plenty of storage for my little ones small room


I ordered for my son, everything is just right for him and his room

Great bed, highly recommend.

Great bed, really well made. Loads of storage and looks great.

Great strog design

I brought it about 6 weeks ago.its stong design and good build

Great bed

Great, good build quality and assembled really well by Dreams.

Great space saving bed

I bought this for my 6 year old boy, he absolutely loves it,

Great bed

We bought this for our 6yr old and she loves it. Great bed!

Kenny cabin bed

It takes a day to build even if youre proficient at DIY

Great bedroom addition

Grandaughter just loves her new bed. Loads of storage.

Space saving with perks

Amazing! Great quality with all sorts of perks to it

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Questions and Answers About The Kenny Mid Sleeper Bed Frame

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Why can this item not be delivered to Northern Ireland?

Answer: Unfortunately this bed is not available through the franchise partners who operate the Dreams stores in Northern Ireland. If you have further question on what is and isn't available, please do not hesitate the customer service team on 028 9050 8300 ..

hi could u tell me weather id need a drill to build this and if so what size please

Answer: The tools to assemble the Kenny Midsleeper are in the fixing kit provided with the frame. You do not need to rely on a drill, however you can use one if you wish as it may speed things up when assembling.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can the ladder and the desk be reversed?

Answer: Good Evening,Unfortunately the ladder can only be positioned on the side as per the images - the ladder cannot be reversed to be built on the other side. The desk is free standing and so can be moved out from under the bed to where required.

If your moving house, can you disable the KennyMidsleeper yourself (or) with free helpings of a member of staff or will you get a new KennyMidsleeper (or) a discounted Kenny Midsleeper? Thank you.

Answer: If you are moving house, this will be the responsibility of the owner to dismantle this. You can use the assembly instructions on the product page and download them to help assist in making this up once again.Many thanks for the question.

Is it possible to change the unit with doors and shelf for one with drawers? Also do you have a wardrobe in this range ?

Answer: Good Evening,Unfortunately you are unable to change the unit that comes with this bed frame, the unit will come with shelves as a standard. We do not offer any additional matching furniture with this bed frame.

Hi, could you show a diagram of dimensions please? And do you have it on display anywhere? Thank you

Answer: We do not have a diagram of dimensions online for the kid's range. Your best store to view this bed frame would be at:YeovilPeel Shopping Park,Babylon Hill,Yeovil,SomersetBA21 5BTMany thanks for your question.

Hi. How high is the bed guard. I'm just worried about my son rolling off and in the pictures it is difficult to tell how safe it is. Thanks. Is there anywhere local I may be able to see it on display?

Answer: For this reason, we recommend a mattress of up to 15cm in height. To see this locally on display, use the store locator to find your where the local store will have this.Many thanks for your question.

We are moving house soon but haven't received the moving in date yet, if I ordered it would it be possible to change the location of where I get it delivered too? And what is the estimate time It takes to assemble the bed?

Answer: I would advise on ordering this to your new address, this product takes 4 weeks approximately for delivery and this will take a couple of hours to assemble.Many thanks for your question.

The white looks to have a greyish tone, is this true in real life. We was able to view the light brown but no where stocks the white and worried about the color.

Answer: Yes, the Kenny Midsleeper in White is a 'painted' wood effect so may have a different undertones, as would be if you were to paint a wooden bed white.

Please can you tell me what the wood finish is... and if you have any matching wardrobes? Thank you..

Answer: This bed is made from composit materials and wood veneers. Unfortunately we don't have a matching range of furniture for this bed.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

How wide is it including the desk?

Answer: I'm very sorry about the delay in answering your question.This bed is 220 cm wide when the desk is fully extended.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

is this bed available in white and where is this available to view in store near cf38?

Answer: Hellp Caerphilly would be a great store to visit as it has the kids range within it. I am afraid that this product only comes in one finish.Many thanks for your question.

What is the maximum weight that the Kenny Midsleeper can hold?

Answer: We do not have a weight restriction for this bed however we would only advise this bed frame for young children between 6-12 years old.Many thanks for the question.

What is the mattress depth required and where near Sheffield can I view this bed? Sheffield, mansfield and Derby dont have it?

Answer: Doncaster will be the best store local to you to view this as it is a big superstore. The mattress should be no higher than 15cm.Many thanks for your question.

I'd like to know how long it takes to be delivered in Edinburgh.

Answer: Delivery would be available within 6 weeks. You would be able to select a delivery date to suit your preference accordingly. .

Where is the nearest place to Leicester that this bed is displayed please.

Answer: LeicesterCounting House Road,Leicester,LE2 7LTThe store above should have this on display as it is a superstore.Many thanks for your question.

Is the desk freestanding? Could it be pulled out completely and used elsewhere within the room? Thanks.

Answer: Yes the desk is free standing. It can be placed wherever you would like in the room.We hope this helps you and thank you for your question.

Hiya, what is the max weight this bed can hold? I was hoping to find something like this for a young adult, but they're all children's sizes. Is there a limit that should be bared in mind before I try this out? Thanks

Answer: There is no specific weight limit for this bed, however we would recommend it is used by children only.Thank you for your question.

If i add a 15cm mattress what space will be left of the front bar? Wondering if the front bar would prevent any falls?

Answer: We advise a mattress of 15cm or less, there will be enough space to prevent falling with this mattress depth.

Does the cupboard unit form part of the support structure for the bed frame? Or can this bed be constructed without the cupboard unit installed? Or can the cupboard unit be positioned in a different location under the bed frame?

Answer: The Cabinet is a structural part of the bedframe and cannot be moved. The desk is movable.

How long is the guarantee on this bed?

Answer: The guarantee is 1 year by standard, however if you purchase bedcover then this can be extended to 8 years,Thank you.

Hi - do you have the reverse version of the bed, so if I were to put it up against the opposite wall? thanks

Answer: Unfortunately we do not have this available. We apologise for any inconveniences caused.Thank you for your question.

What is the width of the bed minus the desk

Answer: The width of the bed frame is 133cm. With the desk pulled out, measurement is 213cm.Many thanksJSDreams

With the desk pulled out, is the measurement 130? That's what it looks like on the picture?

Answer: The width of the bed frame is 130cm. With the desk pulled out, measurement is 213cm.

What colour is the inside of the shelves?

Answer: The shelves will have the white wash finish as you see on the exterior of the frame.Many thanks for the question.

Hi. Can I have the full dimensions of the desk on its own please at their maximum please, height width depth etc please. Thank you

Answer: Please see dimensions below for desk;103cm (length) 59cm (width) 70cm (height)

Is this bed reversable? Eg can you have the ladder where the desk is and the desk where the ladder is?

Answer: You can only place the ladder in the position seen on the product image.Many thanks for your question.

Can the steps go on the either side

Answer: This will only be placed on the side that is seen within the product image.Many thanks for the question.

Is this bed self-assemble?

Answer: Yes it is, although for a small additional cost we can assemble it for you.Thank you for your question.

Hi Can you please tell me which stores in Yorkshire would have this bed on display in. Thanks

Answer: Unfortunately none of the stores in Yorkshire have this bed on display.Many thanks for your question,

what is it made out of

Answer: This bed is made mainly from Particle Board.Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Can you build the frame with the ladder and desk on the opposite side to the picture shown?

Answer: Unfortunately not, this bed can only be assembled as shown in the image.Many thanks for your question.

Hi, is this bed currently on display in any of your Cardiff, South Wales stores? Thanks

Answer: No sorry, unfortunately this bed is not on display at this store.Many thanks for your question.

what material is the kenny mid sleeper bed made out of

Answer: It is made of Laminated Particle Board (denser material than MDF).Many thanks for the question.

Can the desk be on the right hand side instead of the left (ie ladder on left and desk on right?)

Answer: Unfortunately this ladder can only be on the side shown in the images. Thanks, Dreams.

Hi can you tell me if you have anyKenny Midsleeper Beds on display in any of you south Wales stores?

Answer: No sorry, we don't have any on display in South Wales unfortunately.Thank you for your question.

What "effect" wood is it? Beech? Oak?

Answer: This bed is finished in a light oak effectThank you for your question and I hope this helps.

I live in the SM1 area where can I view this bed

Answer: Our Croydon store has this on display.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, Thank you but what I wanted to know was what the finish is... ie maple/beech etc? TIA

Answer: Sorry about that - this bed is finished in a light oak effect.Thank you for your question.

Hi how wide is the bed with the desk fully out please? I think that would be the widest point and need to know if it would fit in an alcove. Thanks

Answer: The width of the bed including the desk pulled out is 211cm.Thank you for your question.

Can you tell me what stores in Scotland have this bed on display please?

Answer: Unfortunately the Scotland stores haven't got this bed on display.Thank you for your question.

Can you have it where the desk is at the other end of the bed or is this the only option?

Answer: Unfortunately it can only be assembled as shown in the image.Thank you for your question.

Could you tell me what the total width is with the desk fully pulled out please? Thanks

Answer: This bed is 220 cm wide when the desk is fully extended.Many thanks for your question.

Does this item (Kenny Mid-Sleeper) have slats for under the mattress? If so, what are the slats made from? If not, what would be under the mattress? Thank you.

Answer: The Kenny does have slats which are made from solid pine. Many thanks, Dreams

Does this come with the mattress?

Answer: Mattresses are sold separately with all bed frames.Many thanks for your question.

What are the dimensions of the mattress required for this bedframe?

Answer: You will require a 3'0 Euro mattress (90cm x 200cm).Thank you for your question.

what kind of wood is it

Answer: This will be wood veneer and composite materials.Many thanks for your question.

Can the desk be pulled out completely and freestanding or is it attached permanently to the bed frame with runners?

Answer: This can be pulled out on the runners, if needed.Many thanks for your question.

Can you build it the opposite way around (ie stairs on left and desk on right?)

Answer: This can only built as seen in the product imagery.Many thanks for the question.

Hi, can this bed bear the weight of an adult and child both together? Because we tend to sleep with him for a bit while putting him to bed... thanks.

Answer: We would not recommend that with this bed frame.Many thanks for your question.

Can I just double check the finish of the white? Is it a wood wash effect or plain white?

Answer: The white option will be a white wood wash effect.

What is the depth of the bed minus the steps please?

Answer: The depth without steps is approximately 92cm.Many thanks, Dreams

Is the bed suitable for 11 year olds?

Answer: Yes, the recommended age for this is 6+. .

Does it include mattress?

Answer: This bed frame does not come with a mattress.

What does E measure in the dimensions please

Answer: Dimension E will measure approximately 106cm.

what is the depth of the product with the desk pushed fully in ?

Answer: With desk in, the depth will be 130cm.

Can I double check if the mattress is included with the Kenny bed? Thank you

Answer: This will be a separate purchase.Many thanks for the question.

Is assembly included in the price ?

Answer: No, the assembly is an additional 38.Thank you.

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