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Hutchin Wooden Bed Frame

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Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 77cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 11:15:01 PM
4/5 - 110 reviews


What Makes It Great

Bought this bed a couple of months ago for my 3 year old daughters 1st single bed. She absolutely loves it & so do I. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was for assembly part, most specifically trying to get the bed slats on. It took 3 of us & brute force to get the things into place. We couldn't use the provided fixing screws as the holes on the slats weren't even close to the holes on the frame. We figured thought as it was so difficult to get the slats on that they probably weren't going to go anywhere so didn't bother about the screws. Didn't contact Dreams as we'd already dismantled the cotbed so didn't have the time to wait for a new set of slats to be sent out. All in all though a lovely looking bed for a little girl & she is still excited to get into it each night.

Questions and Answers

Why is this bed for 12+?  Is there a safety reason why it's not suitable for younger?

Answer: Hello , As this bed is a standard sized single the recommend the age is 12+ years, this is because special precautions should be made if the recommended age was between 4 -11 years. This bed is perfect for pre-teens, teenagers and adults. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi, is the clearance still 20cm on the sprung slat version?  Also, can the sprung slat be used with any mattress type or just particular mattresses?  I hope you can help.  Thanks in advance.  

Answer: Hello You can use any mattress on sprung slats. With regards to the clearance it is still the same however with sprung slats they have support legs in the centre of the bed so the clearance underneath will be effected. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

What depth of mattress would be suitable for this bed? Or would any mattress depth fit?

Answer: Hi , For the lower bunk you can put any depth of mattress you like, but the top one has a maximum mattress depth of 15cm which is a recommended safety height for the siderail. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

I notice that on a previous question you say it’s not suitable for under 12s due to the spacing of the slats. Can I ask why this is?? surely the slats are covered by the mattress??

Answer: Hi Yes, they are covered with a mattress but as some children use their beds as a 'playground' we want to ensure maximum safety this is why we provide age guidance. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

What is the max body weight for this bed? My daughter's weight is 65 kg

Answer: Hello, We do not have a set weight restriction for this bed. The slat system will be the same used in constructing an adult's bed frame, allowing this to be an option for your daughter. Many thanks for the question.

For safety reasons, this single bed requires a mattress with a maximum height of 15cm. View our compatible mattresses here. Please note this bed is suitable for a standard 3'0 single mattress. What does this mean as it is quite contradictory?

Answer: Hi , This means that it can take a standard 3'0 single as in its length, (euro singles are slightly shorter.) However it is required to be of a 15cm height. We hope this helps you. Thank you.

What weight is this bed able to take (would an adult be able to sleep in it overnight if required) as a back up sleeping arrangement?

Answer: Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

What mattress would you recommend to use with this bed?

Answer: Hello , Any of our range of single mattresses would be suitable with the base, it will just be down to your preference in comfort. Thank you for your question.

Why is the age range 12+ on this bed? What 'special precautions' need to be out in place for a child under this age? I'm looking for a bed for my 2 year old and fail to see anything suitable in your website in this case as toddler beds are 2 short for him

Answer: Hello, The distance between the slats on this particular bed frame are too wide to be safe for a child under the age of 12. Thank you for your question.

What age dose this bed go up to adult? Please

Answer: Hi , All of our kids beds are still designed to sleep adults, so there is no age limit on this frame. Thank you for your question.

Is this bed a full size single? Is there a reason it's marketed as a kids bed or could it work as a 'spare room' bed for adults?

Answer: Hello , This is a full UK single size, this could be used for an adults bed if you wish. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What weight can this bed take? Ie can an adult sleep in this bed..

Answer: Hi , There is no specific weight limit for this frame, it is recommended for use by children. Many thanks for your question.

Hi, can this frame be used with ziplink mattresses to push two together to be a double? Thanks

Answer: We would not recommend pushing two of these bedframes together to create a double bed Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi. How tall is the bed at the foot end?

Answer: Hello , This will be 53cm for the measurement of this. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the measurement between the flexible slats as I believe it shouldn't be more than 3 inches?

Answer: Hello , The measurements between the slats is 5cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What size mattress does this bed take? Is it a standard 90x190 cm single?

Answer: Hello , Yes it is a standard single, so 90cm x 190cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What touch up paint do you use for this bed?

Answer: Hi , We do not have touch up paint that is used for this bed, I'm afraid. Many thanks for your question.

Does this bed come with spung slats or wooden slats

Answer: This bed frame comes with solid, wooden slats - not sprung slats. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you sell a drawer to fit under this bed please? 

Answer: Unfortunately we do not sell any storage drawers for under beds. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this bed come with spring slats?

Answer: Good Evening, This bed frame comes with solid, wooden slats - not sprung slats. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this come in a choice of solid or sprung slats? 

Answer: This bed frame comes with solid wooden slats, not sprung slats. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello Could you guarantee that the paint is non-toxic? 

Answer: Hello, The paint will not be toxic. This is a highly popular frame. Many thanks for the question.

Hello Can this bed fit a European sized mattress 90 by 200 ? 

Answer: Hello, It will fit a Uk standard sized mattress of 90 by 190cm. Many thanks for the question.

Is there a local store where I can see this bed on display?

Answer: Hello, This bed is on display in most stores but as a bunk bed. Many thanks for your question.

Do you sell the bedside table and drawer unit shown in the photos with the bed?

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately these are for display purposes only. Thank you for your question.

Hello, Can you confirm what colour is solid slat? Kind Regards Michelle

Answer: Hi , The solid slats are a plain wood colour. Thank you for your question.

Hi what is the clearance between the underside of the bed and the floor?

Answer: Hello , It's 20cm from the underside of the bed to the floor. I hope this helps.

will the Amy White Metal Under bed trundle fit under the Hutchin White single bed?

Answer: Hello Deacherri, Unfortunately, this will not fit. Many thanks for your question.

I have bought a 90 by 200cm mattress, will this fit this frame? Thanks

Answer: Hi , No this frame takes a mattress 190cm in length. Thank you.

The 205cm length is tight for the space we have.  Do you know how much the lip at the top of the footboard overhangs the legs?

Answer: Hello , About 2 cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Do the sprung slate on the frame fit within there own metal frame or directly onto the side rails of the frame?

Answer: Hi , They fit inside the frame. Thank you for your question.

What is the ‘inside leg’ length measurement - the distance between the legs? as I’d like to find a drawer to go underneath. Do you have any?

Answer: Hi , The floor to bottom of the side rail is 23cm. Thank you.

I am looking at buying storage draws to fit underneath the bed. What is the height between the floor and the bottom of the bed.

Answer: Hello Dazzj, The clearance is 20cm. Many thanks for the question.

What is the clearance form floor to bottom of frame (in other words under the bed height).

Answer: Hello , This will be 20cm. Many thanks for the question.

Can you give me the height from the floor to the bed slats where the mattress sits, thanks

Answer: This measurement is 23cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

This bed say over 12s is that 12 years or 12months thanks

Answer: This is 12 years. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does it have solid slats?

Answer: Hi , Yes it does. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 review

Great first big bed for my 2 year old

I bought this a month ago as my little boys next bed from a cot due to expecting another baby. Liked that it was low enough for him to climb in and out at will. Hes took to sleeping in this like a dream, hardly any fussy when changing over. The only thing I would say is we upgraded the slats to the sprung slats and this was a very tight fit. The Allen key would also be better if it was a Z shaped key rather than and L shape due to where the screws are.

Great bed frame

I have to say this bed us fantastic ordered this in December was delivered within a week the delivery guys were perfectly efficient. The bed it self came in three different parts therefore made it easy to unwrap and place instructions were easy to read I managed to put the bed together with my 2 year old trying to be helpful. The end result is exactly what I wanted a good looking firm steady bed. Would recommend most definitely

Great Quality!

I bought this bed for my ever growing daughter. As she has grown out of her toddler bed I was looking for a bed at a good price that was also good quality. Couldn't be happier with this bed. Well made, VERY easy to assemble and free delivery. Well done Dreams no other well known bed manufacturers could come close. If you need a high quality, easy to assemble and hassle free single bed, look no further!

Lovely bed for toddler

My daughter loves her first big girls bed! It's low enough that she can get on/off by herself. It looks lovely in her room - a smart piece of furniture and very stirdy. Only criticism is as it's white it marks easily. I find that I have to remove rings and watch when making the bed otherwise the white colour gets marked. Unfortunately I learnt this the hard way and marks won't go.

Excellent children's bed frame

I bought this bed frame for my 4 year old daughter. I liked the fact it was quite low so the transition from her toddler bed to her big girl bed was made really easily. I was worried she may fall out with no guards but because of the extra room compared to the toddler bed she didn't. The bed is very sturdy and modern and is perfect for a little girls bedroom, my daughter loves it.

Beautiful bed

We got this bed for our daughter who is 3 and she absolutely loves it! It's a very sturdy bed, well made, easily holds the weight of an adult and a child which is great for bedtime stoties. My only complaint is that the head board is pretty uncomfortable to lean on when reading, it sticks out, would be better if it was flat but overall very pleased with my purchase.

Attractive, good quality bed

I bought this bed just over a month ago for my 7 year old daughter. It arrived as arranged (the delivery drivers were extremely helpful) and was very easy to assemble. The bed is exactly as we wanted - attractive, well made and without a really high head board. My daughter loves it and we've had no problems with it since assembled. Would definitely recommend it.

Child's 1st bed

Bought this for my daughter when she transferred from a cot to a 'big girl's bed!' It is a suitable height from the floor so she can easily climb in and out of it herself and has enough of a gap underneath to store some toy boxes. It is very sturdy and looks lovely. We also bought the 'zeb' mattress to go with it. Very happy with both products.


I bought this bed for our daughter who has just come out of her cotbed. The bed was delivered in good time with plenty of communication leading up to it. The driver carried it up two flights of stairs. The bed itself was very easy to put together with very clear instructions. The bed looks great. Really looks a lot more expensive than it was.

Nice looking bed!

I bought this a few months ago after searching for a nice bed at a nice price, fot ly daughter who was moving from her cotbed and my daughter loves it! Its well made and sturdy and looks lovely in my daughters bedroom. My husband put it together in a couple of hours but he says he could have done it quicker of the instructions were better.

Lovely Bed

Unfortunately when the bed first arrived there was a crack in one of the base panels, which meant we had to return it and wait 2 more weeks for a new one. However, when the new bed did arrive it was easily put together and looks great. The quality is good and feels sturdy. Lovely addition to a little girl's big girl bed room.

Lovely solid bed

I bought two as guest beds and they look really lovely. They were easy to put together and feel very solid. We used our own screws for the slatted base as they didn't line up with holes already there but I have come across this before with universal slats. I am told the beds are comfortable but have not slept in them myself.

Bed slats poorly sized

Bed frame is good and sturdy, however, a number of the bed slats were too long which required me to saw them to size. This also resulted in the screw holes being out of line so only one of three slats is secured in place. A frustrating assembly. If the slats had been the correct size I would give four stars

Recent purchase

I had previously bought one of these in White for my daughter. Very good quality and very sturdy .I have noticed that the fixing of the slats has been improved on this newer version. Looks great in grey. Delivery was good, the young lad who carried it in took his shoes off and he couldn’t be more helpful.

Beautiful sturdy single bed

This was the first single bed I've bought for my daughter and she loves it! It was very simple to put together and looks beautiful in her bedroom. It's very solid and study and we especially love the thick headboard which is great as a shelf for her nightlight and teddies. Overall a lovely bed.

Great 1st bed

Bought this a month ago as a 1st bed for my little girl who just turned 3. Really solid and sturdy. Wasn't the easiest to put together though. Tightening the bolts was awkward due to the design of the bed. The slats were really tight to fit too. But we managed and the end result was worth it.

Sturdy bed

Good strong bed. Would recommend. Went together very quickly. It's a great height for little ones. My 4 year old daughter loves her new bed. The only reasons for 4 stars is it is still machine made which the holes are slightly off. But it wasn't a problem to put together. I'd buy it again.

Lovely single bed

Purchased two of these beds for my children. The beds are lovely and look perfect in their bedrooms. Both very happy sleepers with plenty of room. The communication from Dreams customer service in relation to the delivery was great and they were delivered between the times that was said.

Perfect Child's bed

We've just moved our girl into her first "big girl" bed and she absolutely loves it. Low enough to the ground for her to be able to climb into easily and we wanted one without a slatted headboard so that nothing could fall down the back. Great delivery service from Dreams as well!

Twin beds

Highly recommend these beds. Very strong and sturdy and easy to put together (though easier if you have an angled alan key on a screw driver fitting, as one of the bolts is not easy to get at for turning. (I made them up myself and I'm a 65 year old woman). They look very stylish.

Excellent bed for children.

I purchased this bed for my 10 year old daughter as she was getting too big for her previous one. It fits perfectly into the room and she absolutely loves it. With the accompanying mattress she is comfortable and tells me that she gets a great nights sleep and loves her bed to bits!!

Good quality great vale

Shopped around for quite a while... this was best bake. Thought we were compromising on quality but once we got it home we were super impressed. A month later and We're even happier. It's an impt buy - beds move with the family. You've got to like them! Highly recommended.

Looks great

Had this for about a month now, frame is solid and looks great. My little girl loves it. Other half put it together and seemed easily done. Some of the slats have pre drilled holes that don’t match the holes in the bed frame but no major issue. Would definitely recommend.

Quality control shambles

I can't say much about the bed as I received it in appalling condition. Headrest part had broken/crushed corner not a tiny bit but a 20 cm long piece. Partly unpainted full length. Awaiting for replacement now, see if they'll sort it out. I'm one week behind.

The two beds look really smart, and attractive.

We are delighted with the two beds, and the two mattresses, all from Dreams. They suit the bedroom perfectly, and the whole process of buying them, delivery, and erecting them has been a dream. Our friend has admired them. Very happy with the whole event.

Lovely bed

Really happy with this purchase. Lovely quality, very sturdy. It was one of the only beds I could find with a low headboard so that it can fit underneath the window in my daughter's bedroom. It was also very easy to assemble. Would highly recommend.

Looks beautiful

I bought this for my 3 year old as his first large bed and it looks absolutely beautiful in his room. The headboard isn’t too high, and the bed is quite low which is perfect for a small room. It feels very durable and I love the crisp white finish.

Very sturdy

I bought this bed a month ago, for my 5 year old. I needed a sturdy bed, not one I'd have to replace after a short period of time as the children jump on and off it! This bed looks fab and is strong so it should last a long time, really pleased

Beautiful, strong and elegant looking bed

I bought this bed frame last week for my 3 year old sons first single bed. I was more than pleased with this bed. It is so beautiful to look at, extremely strong and a solid frame. Most definitely recommend this bed and also a great price.

Great single bed

I bought 2 or these for my young ones, they are solid and well made. They look like they will last for years as I would expect them too. Easy to build less than 10 minutes , highly recommended. My two little ones love there new beds

Great first bed for toddler

Bought this a few months ago for my daughters first bed. Looks lovely and feels sturdy. Easy to put together although a few of the drill holes were slightly off so needed a bit of a forceful hand. Delivery was quick and well organised.

Great service

Great price and good quality for what it is. My daughter loves her new big bed. Delivery was easy to arrange and we were kept updated on times which was really helpful. Instructions said a 3 hour assembly but took about 45 minutes.

Lovely bed

The bed itself is lovely and exactly what I wanted, however when I ordered it online it said 3-4 weeks delivery and after I ordered and paid for it the email came through saying 8-10weeks delivery!! So this was very disappointing!!

White children's single beds.

we bought 2 of these beds and are not only visually great to look at, they are a great buy the grandchildren love them. One of the best features is that all the corners are rounded with no sharp bits which could harm the children.

Good product

Bought this for my two year as a first bed. It’s been a very good purchase, she’s loved it so far. The height is a bit lower than I had thought which is ideal as she is able to climb up herself and it seems pretty safe and solid

Lovely Bed

Bought this bed for my daughter after buying a cheaper similar bed elsewhere which fell apart in the first week. Great bed, easy to assemble, very strong and looks great especially in the grey which goes well in her new room.

Sturdy single bed

I bought this bed for my 12 year old daughter. Fantastic sturdy bed. Very modern and comfortable. We ordered the dalton mattress to go with it. Only issue was the wait I hade as it was out of stock at time of purchase.

Easy assemble and looks great

I bought this for my 3 year old son. It looks great was easy to set up and my son really loves it! Planning on hopefully getting the same bed for my daughter if it’s still available when she’s ready for a single bed.

Nice looking and great quality

Everything as expected. The only slight hitch was putting it together some of the holes on the base were not 100% drilled through so took a bit of force to open them up. But it's great quality and very nice looking.

Im really happy with this

I bought this about a month or so ago and the quality of the bed frame is really good. It was quick to put together and the finish is really nice and smooth. Overall we are delighted with the purchase

Toddler first bed

Very happy with this purchase. Bed bought as a first ‘big bed’ for my toddler and it’s a good height for those inevitable falls out of bed during the night. Sturdy frame and very easy to assemble also.

Great Child's Bed

So after a month or so this bed is great. It was very easy to assemble and the build quality is very good. The quality of finish is good too and hard-wearing. Will definitely recommend you!

Easy to assemble

I’m a single gal , I did put this together on my own . Screws and tools in a packet , Easy to understand . Nice paint effect on wood . Solid . My daughter is very pleased with her new bed / room .

Good value and good quality bed

I've brought three of these now. I think it's a great bed at a good price. It was hard to find one at a similar price with the solid headboard and a foot end too. Easy to order. Easy to construct.

Worth ever penny!

We reviewed product on-line then went to the store. It was everything we expected and great quality. Solid bed frame and would recommend it anyone. My son now sleeps in his bed instead of ours !!

Great bed for my 4 yr old

Bought this bed and mattress a month ago and really pleased with the quality and how easy it was to fit. Looks great in her bedroom and the mattress is putting up with a lot of her bed bouncing!

Solid, good quality and easy to assemble

I bought this for my three year old daughter. The white was out of stock so went for the grey which was a little darker than in the photos but still nice. Very pleased, good price and quality.

Lovely bed for my daughter

Bought this bed to upgrade my nearly 3 year old from cotbed to single bed(due to new baby arrival). She absolutely loves it, it's a lovely timeless design I can see lasting till she's older.

Look good

Bought this for my daughter as her first bed. She loves it. Not to high for her to get in and out and goes perfectly with her other bedroom furniture. Easy to assemble. Defo worth the money

The kids say ‘epic’

I bought two for delivery before Christmas for my twin 6 year olds. Great quality beds, easy to construct & very stylish. Delivery was prompt as well. I would highly recommend these beds.

Lovely bed

I bought this bed for my daughter who was moving up from a cot bed. It is a good solid bed and is really easy to assemble. It says 2 person assembly but I managed to do it all on my own.

Sturdy bed for a toddler

The bed frame was easy to put together and seems very sturdy. It's not to high so easy for a toddler to climb on and off from. There is also plenty of space for storage underneath.

great bed perfect for small children

We got this for our 5 year old, and she loves it. It was easy to put together, the delivery was fab and it looks great. Its not too high which is great for young children

Great bed

Bought this for my 7 year old. She loves it. The bed was tricky putting together you definitely need two people. Finished product is sturdy with ample space under neath.

Lovely bed

Lovely bed for my toddler to grow into. Had it installed by Dreams but when I went to make it there were / are a couple of small marks on the frame that are noticeable

Lovely unisex bed frame

This is a lovely bedframe. Easy to put together but unfortunately when I received mine it was dented. Dreams did offer a replacement part or a partial refund of £15

Good single bed

I bought this for my son who had grown out of his toddler bed and we are both really happy with it. It was very easy to put together and is well built and sturdy.


I bought this bed for my Grandson who was moving up from a cot. He loves it. We love it - great colour perfect for his room and will last as long as he wants it.

Really impressed with quality

I bought this bed frame 1 month ago and am really happy with the purchase, well made and easy to assemble, great value for money and would definitely recommend

Lovely bed

Lovely first proper bed for my little girl. Unfortunately few areas of damage on unpacking but kept as needed bed that week. Does seem to mark easily.

Very sturdy and looks great

I bought this bed a month ago for my little girl and she loves it! Very solid and easy to put together. Looks really pretty in her room. A great choice!

Great features

I bought two beds a month ago for my girls rooms and so glad I did as they are great value for money, sturdy and very stylish. My girls love them.


Great price for a pretty girls bed. I wanted something slim and elegant so not to bulk room out and this bed is perfect. My daughter loves it.

Lovely bed

This bed was easy to put together, however made even easier with my partners drill. Lovely colour and design. My daughters love their new beds.

Lovely bed frame

I bought this bed frame for my daughter, it was relatively easy to assemble and is a very good quality. Delivery of the bed was excellent also.

Great Bed

Purchased for my daughter. The frame was very easy and quick to assemble. My daughter was very pleased with the bed and sleeps very well in it.

Great bed

I bought this a few months ago with the Leo mattress and put simply I now envy my son who sleeps in it every night. It is sooooo comfortable.

Looks nice and bright

This bed has really brightened up my daughters bedroom. It was not difficult to assemble and feels solid. Daughter says it's very comfy.

Fantastic quality and price

Purchased in a 20% off sale very happy with the quality of this bed. Easy to assemble and the little one loves her new big girl bed

Looks great

I brought this bed for my older son and he loves it. Also looks great in his room, love the gray colour. Very easy to put together!

Beautiful bed

I bought this bed 1 month ago, it is easy to put together,looks more expensive than it actually is, and my young daughter loves it,

Simply great!

I needed a single bed to into an attic bedroom, so it had to be constructed in the room. Very pleased with the result, looks fab!

Great first bed

Bought this for our two year old son, so that he could move out of his cot. Really lovely and sturdy and nice neutral design.

Very good bed

Delivered on time. Step by step instruction to assemble and easy to install. Good quality material and very good finishing.

Good solid bed

Good and well built bed, well packaged when delivered and easy to construct. Bed looks good and my 3 year old loves it!


Ordered lovely chunky white bed frame and mattress for our 2 year old. Great quality and fabulous service from dreams!

Average considering price

It took an extra month to be delivered after a mess up by the company itself - Easy to assemble but poorly painted

Lovely bed

Lovely bebed for our 3 year old. Great height and will last years very sturdy. Our 5 year old daughter also has one.

Lovely bed but damaged

Very good mattress and lovely bed although arrived with a big dent in the foot end which can't be hidden from view.

Great value

Bought two of these for my sons in grey. Great value. Solid build and easy to assemble. Comfy too. Great value.

Great first big kid bed

Quick delivery, very easy to assembly and super secure. Little one approves and has masses of space to grow into.

Over the moon

I bought two of these for my two girls and they are brilliant really easy to assemble and good quality solid beds

Great value

Bought this bed around a month ago to transition my son from his cot bed into an adult sized bed, no complaints

Great value

Really pleased with the purchase. Great value for money and stylish bed frame. Finishes the room of perfectly

Great product

Bought this approx a month ago for my son and not disappointed. A solid bed, easy to assemble and looks good!

Great bed frame

I bought this bed 2 months ago for my 2 year old and he absolutely loves it. It look really nice on hia room.

Great first bed for our 5 year old daughter

I purchased the bed a month ago. Easy to assemble, very comfy and does the job for our young daughter.

Good solid bed

Very pleased with the quality of the bed. We did have it assembled by dreams and it only took 15 mins


Bought this for my daughter, fantastic bed great quality. Easier to put together with 2 people.

Lovely finish

Bought for sons 1st big bed. Nice solid finish. It was very easy to build on my own, 30mins.

lovely bed

lovely bed really easy to put together but feels very secure! delivery was great too .

Lovely bed, easy to put together!!

Lovey solid bed frame very easy to put together and looks great! My daughter loves it!

Easy to assemble

A great single bed, which is a good height for kids. Really easy to put together.

Very nice bed

That's a very nice bed, i got for my daughter. Very easy to set up, came on time.

Great Furnitures

I am really glad i bought this bed because it’s really comfortable for my child.

Ideal first bed

Bought for my 4-year-old son who loves it. Looks great and was easy to assemble.

Sturdy and well built

Very attractive. Easy to put together. Sturdy construction. And great value

Beautiful bed

I bought this bed for my 3 years old daughter and she absolutely loves it.

Very sturdy bed

Bought this for my 6 yr old grandson he loves it. Well worth the price.

Lovely, good quality bed frame

Great quality, the Grey is lovely and goes well with our sons room.

Great bed

Great sturdy bed... Perfect for my little one. Easy to assemble!

Great bed

Great bed and my 2 year old loves it.. Very easy to put together

Great bed

Really pleased with this bed, solid frame and easy to assemble.


I bought this bed for my grandchildren and they are very happy

Great design, easy to put together and sturdy

Very easy to put together, did it on my own in about 25 mins.


quality wood and easy to assemple. my both daughters love it.

Great Childrens Bed

A lovely childrens bed, easy to put together and looks great.


Very solid and good quality looks very much worth the money

Great bed

I have two of these beds for my children - they are great!