Francis Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

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Height/Depth: 127cm
Updated: 9/17/2019 10:29:52 PM
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What Makes It Great

I am happy with my new bed, it's a nice frame and looks fantastic and feels nice and sturdy so I am very happy with it. That said though I found the building of it a bit tough and the instructing lacking. For example on some of the step On the instructions it clearly states where the first set of screws go however it doesn't always clearly state where the other set goes - yes for the most part it is mirrored however in one instance this was not the case - so believe more detailed graphics might have been useful. I did think in the back of my head has the instructions been from the previous version of this bed which the updates from the screws and holes were slightly different. Also the manual wasnt explict about the timings of when some screws were to be tightened and when it needed to be loose then tightened later. Lastly I did wonder about the usefulness of the four small wooden legs along the spine under the- they barely touch the ground so really need extender legs to be useful. Over all it's a great bed and the build quality however I think the instructions manual needs updated.

Questions and Answers

Does this bed replace the Vienna Brown Bonded Leather Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame? If not, what is the closest match to it please?

Answer: Hi , Yes, this bed is the upgrade from the Vienna. Thank you for your question.

If the bed length is 210 does this mean your standard mattresses don't fit and I would require a longer than normal mattress?

Answer: Hi , No, this measurement includes the headboard and the frame end. Thank you for your question.

Does it include headboard?

Answer: Hi , Yes this includes the headboard. Thank you for your question.

Does this product come flat packed as we wouldn't fit up stairs if arrives assembled?

Answer: Hi , Yes this product comes flat packed. Thank you for your question.

Please tell us what is the maximum weight in kg that the storage space will take for the super king size?

Answer: Hi , There are no weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Firstly is the bed mechanism quite easy to operate manually? is the fabric soft or hard to the touch? Is the fabric wipeable? 

Answer: Hi , The mechanism is very easy to use, it in fact takes all the pressure out the lift and lowering of the frame. The fabric is soft touch however it is pulled taut making it feel a little firmer. Lastly, all fabrics are to be wiped with caution. Thank you for your question.

I noticed this ottoman has a solid base that the mattress sits on. Does this allow the mattress to breath? Would a slatted base be preferable?

Answer: Hi , Mattresses can be used on either base. If you have some concerns please be assured that most mattresses come with air vents that allow the mattress to breathe. Thank you for your question.

The bed opening mechanism is operated by remote control, can it be operated manually by hand?

Answer: Hi , There is an electrical assisted version, or a manual version. We hope this helps you.

How deep is the ottoman storage in cm?

Answer: Hi , This is approximately 27cm. We hope this helps you.

What's the brand of this bed and where is it made? What is the maximum weight of mattress it can lift up?

Answer: Hi , This is an ottoman bed frame and there is no weight limit. It is compatible with any mattress. Thank you for your question.

Does anything stored underneath sit on a board bearing the weight, or the floor itself?

Answer: Hi , There is a solid board separating the floor and the bed. Thank you for your question.

What are the dimensions of the 'double' size?

Answer: Hi , The dimensions are: W: 138cm L:210cm Thank you for your question.

What is the per person weight limit on this bed please?

Answer: Hi , We do not have weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Hello, would you be able to tell me if the bed frame in the picture for this product is a small double or a double. Thank you

Answer: Hi , These are only used for photo purposes only, but this should be displaying the double size. Thank you for your question.

How much weight can the small double hold? Thank You

Answer: Hi , Our beds do not have weight limits. Any weight limit should be fine. Thank you for your question.

Is the manual option heavy to lift? What difference do the 2 slat options make? Is there a weight limit for the storage compartment? Thanks

Answer: Hi , The lift should be fine, there is no weight limit for the storage compartment. This comes with a platform top and not slats. Thank you for your question.

I have had product No 261-00406 for about 5 years, and am about to move house and wish to take my bed with me. Would you please furnish me with the assembly instructions, to help me reassemble it in my new home. Thank you Raymond J Brotherton

Answer: Hi , You can download the assembly instructions in the product description, you will see a link. Thank you for your question.

I am after a storage bed and like one of yours...but I need the old divan base (not mattress) taking away...clearly I can't do this. It is is 2 halves. I am happy to pay for this service. Any help?

Answer: Hi , Yes we offer recycling services at an extra cost. You can add this to your order upon checkout. Thank you for your question.

What is the depth of the storage base? 

Answer: Hi , This is approximately 20cm. Many thanks for the question.

I would want to have this assembled. What is the cost for a small double please ?

Answer: Hi Siggy46, Upon checkout you can add assembly services to your order and it will display the prices per bed type/size. Thank you for your question.

is it easy to lift the base to use the storage area on the manual lift beds?

Answer: Hi , Yes this is very easy, very little effort is required. Thank you for your question.

Can EU double bed mattress (135 * 200cm) fit this bed? 

Answer: Hi , No, your mattress would be 10cm too long. Thank you for your question.

I have a European size mattress so if I use this bed, it will overhang on both sides by 5cms. As the mattress sits flush on the frame, will this be any real comfort problem?

Answer: Hi A Shukla, Yes, you cannot do this without possibly damaging yourself or the mattress over a period of time. We strictly advise against this. Thank you for your question.

Are the measurements on the superking correct? The length is 5cm shorter than the kingsize which looks unusual.

Answer: Hi , No, they should be the same length. This has now been amended. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

I have a mattress that is 167 x 203 cm.  Would the King base be suitable for this size? I saw the same bed on another website stating these measurements.

Answer: Hi , No, this would not fit. Thank you.

Can staff assemble this on delivery?

Answer: Hi , Yes they can, assembly is a service we offer at an additional cost. Thank you.

is the storage compartment upholstered at all? Also on the manual version is the lifting hydraulically assisted, and is there a handle to help pull it down? Finally is the metal bar bit holding the mattress in place always visible at the end of the bed?

Answer: Hello, The storage compartment is made from upholstered wooden under boards. The manual version of this bed is assisted and the handle is seen at the end of the bed frame. The metal bar will not be visible until you lift the frame up for storage. Many thanks for the question.

What are the dimensions for the standard double bed frame? All dimensions on the web page currently appear as H0cm x W0cm x L0cm

Answer: Hi , Head End: 126cm Length: 210cm Width: 138cm Foot End: 41cm Floor to top of side rail: 37cm This is displayed on site. You may have restrictions on your browser preventing you from seeing this software. You can change this in your settings if you would like to. Thank you for your question.

How heavy is the super king

Answer: Hi , This is 135KG. Thank you.

Does the headboard go straight up or is it curved?

Answer: Hi , The headboard is flat to wall. Thank you.

Can the bed be installed without the feet so the bed base sits directly on the floor?

Answer: Hi , Yes, you can leave the feet off if you wish. Thank you.

Can the electric version be opened manually (in case of electrical failure, broken machinery etc)? Or will anything stored inside be trapped there until it's been repaired?

Answer: Hi , Yes, but you can pop the slats off to access the inside if you needed to as they just click back into place. Thank you.

Is the base in one piece?  Will it fit round corners in a relatively narrow stairwell? 

Answer: Hi , This is sent in 4 boxes. Thank you.

Hi, is the headboard removable? Can the bed be assembled and used without it? Thanks,Atul

Answer: Hi , No this is not removable. If you would like a removable headboard please look at our range of divan where you can get a headboard separately. Thank you.

Does the mattress slip off the bottom of the bed or move around? Asking as it doesn’t look like the frame has anything to hold the mattress in place from the bottom.

Answer: Hi , No the mattress is secure. Pop into the store and you will clearly see these are very good frames, no sliding around to worry about. Thank you.

Is the fabric 100% cotton?

Answer: Hi Yes, this bed frames fabric is made from 100% cotton. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

What are the dimensions of the super king? As 0x0x0 on website for all sizes.

Answer: Hi The measurements for the Super King are as follows: Head End Height - 126cm Foot End Height - 37cm length (from Foot End to Head End) - 220cm Width (from right side panel to left) - 183cm You can find these dimensions under the 'dimensions' tab on the product page and selecting 'super king' from the size options. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Where is the bed manufactured please? A few reviews say that the smell is very strong when new - what material is the cause of this? 

Answer: One answer says 100% polyester and another says 100% cotton??!!

What are the dimensions of this bed

Answer: Hi The dimensions for this bed and the variety of sizes can be found at the bottom of the product page. Click the second tab, titled 'dimensions', you can then select the bed frame size you are interested in and see if it is the correct size. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

My mattress measures 180cm x 200cm Would this fit the super king size ?

Answer: Hi , Yes, your mattress is a UK standard size Super King. All of our mattresses and bed frames are measured to UK standard sizing. Thank you.

I see in a post it says it is delivered in 4 boxes. How is the mattress base delivered?  Is it in one full piece? 

Answer: Hi , No, this will be as stated in 4 boxes. You would never get a pre built frame to navigate your home. Thank you.

Dimensions on the website are showing 0 0. Even if I choose the correct size. What are the dimension for King Size bed please?

Answer: Hi , It may not be showing if you have certain settings on your browser that are blocking this. However, please find the dimensions below: Head End: 126cm Length: 220cm Width: 153cm Foot End: 37cm Floor to top of side rail: 37cm Thank you.

Does the storage compartment have a solid base?

Answer: Hi , This base has under boards to keep your belongings off the floor. Thank you.

Hi, Is the lift mechanism for the manual bed gas or hydraulic? And is it the same for the electric version? Thanks in advance

Answer: Hi , These are not hydraulic, they are the standard manual pistons. Thank you.

Hi Currie7, Thanks for taking time to answer to my question about the lift mechanism for the manual and electric bed. Sorry if i am confusing things up, when you say they are "standard manual pistons" does that mean it is filled with gas? Thanks again

Answer: Hi , Yes, these are gas assisted hydraulics. Thank you.

Are the width measurements of the king size bed acurate? I have a space of 154 and the website says 153 so not much allowance which it does say to allow. 

Answer: Hi , Yes these are accurate. Thank you.

Hello. The Francis Grey Ottoman storage bed. Where the mattress sits and when u lift that part up to gain access to storage, does it have the usual metal frame with wooden slats across it as most ottoman beds do? Or is it just the flat base

Answer: Hi This has a platform top. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Hi! For the double bed, how tall is the headboard? How high off the ground does the top of the headboard go? Thanks!

Answer: Hi This bed frame has a headend hight of 127cm (54inch). Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

What are the dimensions of this bed in the image?

Answer: Hi This bed frame has the sizes detailed in the 'DIMENSIONS' section of the product page just below the 'OVERVIEW'. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

How deep is the storage area? Can I fit suitcases within it?

Answer: Hi , The litre capacity for the Francis double ottoman is 469 litres. The storage area is: Length: 194cm Width: 128cm Depth: 225cm Thank you for your question.

Is there a maximum mattress weight?

Answer: Hi , There is no weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Can I have /p/111-00430 mattress with this bed frame? Or, what is the maximum mattress height for this frame?

Answer: Hi , Yes, this mattress is suitable with this bed frame. There is no maximum mattress height. Thank you for your question.

The measurements for super king size are confusing.  The head end is stated as 127cm / 72 inch. However, 127cm is 50inch. This is the same for the length and width, they are not correctly converted. Please confirm what the correct measurements are. Thank

Answer: Hi , The correct dimensions for the super king are as follows: Head-end: 127cm (50 inch) Length: 220cm (87 inch) Width: 185cm (73 inch) We will update the website to reflect this. Thank you for your question.

What is the internal depth of the storage area

Answer: Hi , This is approximately 20cm. Thank you for your question.

I love this bed but I'm worried the fabric headboard will get grubby over time. How do you clean it? Is it removable? I do not want the leather one even though I realise it would be easier to keep clean. Thanks

Answer: Hi , The head-end is not removable for this bed frame. A lightly dampened cloth would be the best way to clean this bed frame. Thank you for your question.

Would 2 by 3 ft  matresess fit on the super king bed frame 

Answer: Hi , You would need a 6'0 x 6'8 (180cm x 200cm) mattress to go on a super king bed frame. Thanks for your question.

Hello,what “dreams” mattress size is more suitable for this bed ?

Answer: Hi , Dreams mattress sizes are a standard UK size and will fit our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Hi, what is the measurement of the legs? I.e. the space underneath the bed from the floor to the very bottom of the bed? Also how far in from the outer sides are the legs? I'm wondering if they will reach over my skirting board, thank you

Answer: Hi , The space underneath the bed from floor to the bottom of the bed is 9.5cm. The legs are only 1-2cm away from the siderails. Many thanks for your question.

Hi I have just bought the 4ft francis ottoman base and only have 5 inches between the end of the bed and wall. Is this enough room to reach from the side and pull the base up? Thanks.

Answer: Good Evening, The ottoman element of the Francis lifts up, and not out - therefore 5 inches from the end should be ample space. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this price includes mattress as wel or just bed frame it is

Answer: Good Evening, The price displayed online is for the bed frame only, if you require a mattress, this will need to be purchased separately. Kind Regards, Dreams

The 5' bed in Black shows a head height of 153cm (60") whereas the wider 6' bed shows a head height of 127cm (50"). Is this correct - the smaller bed has a larger head height? Also these dimensions aren't the same when compared with the grey bed.

Answer: Good Evening, I can confirm that the height of the head end is 127cm which is the same for all sizes. I apologise if you were displayed any sizes that were incorrect when viewing this product on our site. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi my mattress sizes 160cm (width) x 200cm (length) will this fit in the king size model of this bed?

Answer: Good Evening, The width of the Francis bed frame in King is 153cm, therefore unfortunately your current mattress may be slightly too big for this bedframe. If you would like to double check, you can use our 'find in store' feature on the website which will show you the stores near you that have the Francis bed frame on display. Kind Regards, Dreams

Will a USA king size mattress fit on this super king frame? Although the US king is slightly larger than a super king as I don't see any ridges for the mattress it should still fit with a small over hang?

Answer: The Francis Bed Frame in Super King is designed to accommodate a Super King Mattress that measures 180cm (W) x 200cm (L) - any mattress that is not this size will likely not fit. The dimensions of a USA King Mattress is 193cm (W) x 203cm (L), therefore it is unlikely that a mattress this size will fit this frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, What is the top of the bed frame made of? Is it slats or a solid platform? I am looking for a solid platform. Thanks

Answer: Good Evening, This bed frame is a solid platform. Kind Regards, Dreams

Are the feet wooden?

Answer: The feet on the Francis bed are made from pine wood. Kind Regards, Dreams

Whats the maximum weight allowance allowed for your ottoman beds in superkingsize

Answer: At Dreams we do not have a weight restriction on our range of bed frames and bases. They are designed to be supportive and will take any of our heaviest mattresses and happy sleepers included. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this small double bed come in dismantled or is it already built

Answer: Good Evening, This bed frame in the small double size will require assembly - it will not be delivered built. Kind Regards, Dreams

When the ottoman is pulled up / is open, what is the height of the bed? 

Answer: Good Evening, The height of this will depend on the size of the frame, please see options below: Small Double - 130cm Double - 130cm King - 134cm Super King - 134cm Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, what are the internal storage dimensions of this bed please?

Answer: Good Evening, Please indicate your required frame size as this will impact the size of the storage area. Kind Regards, Dreams

Are the bed frame and feet made from hardwood?

Answer: The feet of this bed frame are pine, the head end, side rails and foot end are soft wood. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you please give me the internal depth measurement for storage. It does not seem to be on your web page

Answer: The internal storage depth of this bed frame is 27cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the base ventilated?

Answer: Yes this base is ventilated. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, what is the mattress size length from the end of the bed to where the start of the headboard meets the bed? I know that is measures 210CM for small double but will it fit a 190CM Small double mattress for instance?

Answer: The length of the small double measures 210cm and hence a mattress that is 190cm in length will fit in this space. There will, however, be a significant gap between the mattress and the head end of the bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

What are the dimensions of the wooden feet on the frances ottoman be? I would like to buy ‘protective cups’ to avoid staining the carpet. Will the the staff that are building the bed be willing to place them under the legs?

Answer: The feet are 9.5cm tall and 5cm wide. If you have purchased the assembly service, please ask the team to put the protective cups on the feet and they will be able to do this for you. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is depth of the headboard? Can the feet be detached?

Answer: The depth of the head board is 12cm. The feet have to be attached when assembling, meaning that they are able to be detached, however we do not recommend assembling and using this bed frame without the feet. Kind Regards, Dreams

What’s the recommended mattress thickness??

Answer: This bed frame has been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses, therefore there is no recommended mattress depth. We would advise choosing a mattress based on the preference in comfort/support required. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the base of the mattres a solid wood or slats for the king and super king models?

Answer: This bed frame has a solid base and does not use a slat system. Kind Regards, Dreams

How high is the bedhead on the kingsize Francis Upholstered Ottoman bed frame. The dimensions say 153cm but should that be 127cm as per the rest of the sizes? Is the Orchard Pocket Spring mattress suitable for this bed and how is it captivated on?

Answer: Yes this is correct, the height of the head end is 127cm. The Orchard mattress would also be suitable for this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you please tell me the height of the base from the floor (including the feet please)..

Answer: This dimension would be 127cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the width of the headboard please

Answer: The width of the head end will depend on the size required, please see dimensions below: Single - 94cm Small Double - 124cm Double - 139cm King - 154cm Super King - 184.5cm Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi - is the headboard included 

Answer: Yes the headboard comes as part of this bed frame and so is included in the price displayed online. Kind Regards, Dreams

I have recently bought the Francis bed supersize addition. I believe I have enough room in our bedroom for this but I have this horrible fear it may not fit up our stairs?? Could you confirm how the bed is delivered prior to being  assembled? 

Answer: A Super King Francis will be delivered in 4 boxes, the dimensions of these are below: Box 1 - 123cm (H) x 188cm (L) x 13.5cm (W) Box 2 - 33cm (H) x 186cm (L) x 14cm (W) Box 3 - 24cm (H) x 196cm (L) x 16cm (W) Box 4 - 102cm (H) x 185cm (L) 14cm (W) Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the weight of the king size bed? How do you move it to clean behind it?

Answer: The weight of this bed frame in a king is 114.4 kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi  How many packages is Double bed frame and size. 

Answer: The Francis in a double will be delivered in four boxes. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can this open from sideways on to the bed?

Answer: This is a front lift ottoman, unfortunately this is unable to be changed to open from the side. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, Will a materass of width 135cm and length 190cm fit the double frame (4’6)? Thanks! 

Answer: Yes this will be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this bed come with a mattress? 

Answer: This bed frame does not come with a mattress, therefore the price displayed online indicates the price for the bed frame only. If you require a mattress, this will need to be purchased separately. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the height of the internal storage space?

Answer: The depth of the internal storage is 27cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the headboard removable?

Answer: The headboard on this frame is not removable for use. However, it will be delivered as a separate item and then fixed to the frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the mattress sit on spring slats or a firm base?

Answer: This bed frame does not have slats, the mattress sit on a solid base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, is the lift mechanism in the Francis bed the same as the Hopkins bed

Answer: The lift mechanisms on these frame differ from one another as they are from different supply bases. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the weight limits of the bed when it comes to heavier people?

Answer: Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this ottoman base have an enclosed bottom? meaning the compartment has a floor, raising your stored items off the ground? If so, what is the depth of this compartment?

Answer: The Francis bed frame has solid base panels as the floor of the ottoman and therefore the items you store here will be raised off of the floor. The depth of the storage area is 27cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, what sort of fabric is the grey version of the bed made from? It is that sort of ‘faux suede’ material? Thanks!

Answer: The fabric on the Francis is not a faux suede feel, it is more of a fabric wool feel. The fabric is not wool, but has a more wool like feel to it. Kind Regards, Dreams

Will the delivery team take away the old bed ?

Answer: Yes, when your new bed is delivered our team are also able to take away and recycle your old bed - this service can be purchased at the checkout. Kind Regards, Dreams

The single bed - is the opening at the side or the bottom please?

Answer: Hi , Every size of this bed frame will open from the footend. Kind regards Dreams

Is the manual version gas / hydraulic lift - purchase is for elderly parents?

Answer: Hi , The manual lift are gas assisted hydraulics. Kind regards Dreams

Does the double bed come with headboard included in the price 

Answer: Yes the head end is part of the frame and so the price displayed includes this. This is the same for all available sizes. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, I am looking for a bed on casters so that I can move the bed by myself to clean behind the bed.

Answer: We would recommend looking at our range of Divan Bases as many of these can be purchased with casters. Kind Regards, Dreams

I have this electric bed and would like to know if I can put longer legs on it to raise it for an elderly person.

Answer: Unfortunately you are unable to attach any alternative legs to this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

We are looking at the small double, please can you suggest a few quality mattresses for this size bed as want the best fit. Read in a review on here about the sizing issues so want to get it right first time around. We are after a medium-firm matress.

Answer: All of our small double mattresses will be a suitable fit for this frame. Two of our most popular mattresses are the Annison and the Maitland. Kind Regards, Dreams

Would the electric lift function work ok with any of your mattresses on top of it?

Answer: Yes, this bed frame has been designed to work with and accommodate any of our mattresses, so all would be suitable for use with the frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can we use this bed without the feet or can I get feet of smaller height to reduce the overall height of my bed

Answer: Unfortunately we do not offer the option of shorter feet for the Francis, we wouldn't recommend using this bed without the feet Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 review

Looks amazing & is exactly what we wanted

We really wanted an Ottoman bed for extra storage and would normally buy our furniture online. We had a look in the stores in the retail park even though we were sure we wouldn’t find what we wanted there. We found the Francis and loved how it looked, and the price(!), but discounted it because you can see the handle at the end of the bed. We went away and looked elsewhere but couldn’t find anything we liked better. So we came back for another look and decided it was definitely the one for us. The bottom sheet and duvet cover the handle anyway! The bed was easy to put together with 2 of us, and we absolutely love it! So much storage and it looks amazing! Great choice and definitely the right choice.

Exceptional bed frame with a large storage space

We have the bed frame delivered on last Friday and it comes with 4 large boxes with the total weight approx. 90kg. The heavy bed frame structure makes it feel robust and sturdy. The design is nice and By reason of the heavy material, it requires two people to assemble the bed (exactly like what it describes on its website and on the instruction). However, the instruction is extremely easy to follow and it took us within 2 hours to finish the assembly. We are amazed by the quality of the bed. it sits on the ground firmly and the joints move smoothly when you are opening up the storage space. We feel wise to have bought this bed.

Pretty ace purchase.

We bought this bed for our newly renovated bedroom a good 2months ago. Its never easy buying online, you never know what your gunna get, but this bed does not disappoint!! It is solidy build, and the underbed storage is massively helpful!! I like that the storage has actual solid boards in the bottom, so the storage space is actually really useful. There is also air holes in the top board which your mattress goes on so the stuff stored can breathe. Love the colour as well and the headboard. It took one of us 2 hours to put up single handedly. Worth the month. Really happy with it

Great ottoman for a great price!

We were looking for a sturdy ottoman for our spare room, and found this one online. It arrived and is seriously sturdy, with an amazing amount of space underneath! The material feels nice and is a good neutral grey colour (and is not shiney material- something we were worried about!) As usual, service from dreams has been outstanding, including the delivery service where they took their shoes off before coming into the house and gave us a very accurate two hour window in which to expect them. Basically- no brainer, get this bed!

Nice bed

Bought this bed for my daughter's bedroom, with a view to using the storage for towels, bedding etc. Arrived on time...the delivery guys were very polite and took their shoes off once inside. It took about an hour and a half from start to finish, to assemble the bed. It was a tad fiddly at times but not rocket science. Overall, we are delighted with the bed; it's sturdy and has lots of storage space. The whole experience with Dreams was excellent, everything went to plan and all staff were polite and helpful. All in all 5*

Stylish and solid

I bought 2 of these for my teenage daughters and they absolutely love them. The bed frames look fantastic and feel solid & robust. Good quality and have loads of storage space as well. Although a bit heavy, lifting the base to the storage area is easy enough. I paid to have these setup by Dreams and it was well worth the money - it took less than an hour for both - the guys were friendly & courteous. I would highly recommend this bed frame and am considering buying one myself when they time comes to replace my bed frame.

Great bed!

I am a first time home-owner and this is the first bed I've ever purchased. I bought it online so was really nervous about the quality, but I need not have worried! The bed is more beautiful than the pictures suggest! I love the high headboard and the ottoman storage. Best of all, it's really sturdy and so obviously of a high quality. It was really easy to assemble ourselves which I was also a little worried about. If you're thinking of buying this bed, don't hesitate. The great reviews are completely justified.

Very sturdy high quality bed

I bought this as the new bed for my wife to be. I needed a bed with a high head board as she likes to read in bed. This didnt disappoint! When delivered, the lads said to take my time with the assembly as it can be tricky but I have to say it's the easiest bed I've put together. Great quality ottoman but it's quite stiff and heavy at first. Takes a bit of strength to close it for the first time but it will eventually ease off and is now very easy to use. Looks great, feels great and its absolutely solid!

Sturdy bed

I ordered this bed because in most ottoman beds it's just a fabric netting inside the bed, but with this bed it is a solid piece of wood that let's you store heavier items underneath, I got the manual lifting system and it's so easy to pull up even when your bed is completely made up, I ordered the the service of having it made up for me, the men who did this were in and out within a hour, and both of them was so polite, I am really happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend.

Francis grey fabric ottoman bed

Lovely bed very pleased with the quality of this bed frame, excellent service from dreams. Great storage quite easy to put together but it does need two of you to put the solid base on,only thing was the price of this bed went down twice in two weeks after I’d order it, I no that’s a chance you take but from us ordering it it went down another £50 but we are pleased with it and if you are thinking to buy this don’t hesitate it’s a lovely bed

Beautiful Bed

We decided to assemble this bed ourselves, the instructions stated 1.5hours so 2 hours later I can confirm its very easy to build with two of you. Once built we tested the storage function and it glides so easily up and down. Would high recommend, especially as our master bedroom is small and this is an ideal bed with ottoman storage without the base being to high/low and the storage function not being heavy like some others we viewed.

Well designed bed frame with great storage!

We bought this bed frame in the Bank holiday sale so got it for a great price! My husband put the bed frame together, the instructions were clear and it took a couple of hours. The main bed frame went together well and the handle is useful for lifting it up to reach the storage compartments, which have material covered wooden bases. Would recommend this bed frame as its well finished and looks good in our bedroom!


Bought this bed and paid for assembly and removal also. Money well spent! Dream called be day before with a 2hr delivery slot, arrived at 09:30, old bed removed new bed assembled and delivery guys were gone by 09:50!!! Fabulous service. Now for the bed itself- looks fabulous with huge amounts of storage underneath for the price I highly recommend- other stores come in far more expensive- highly recommend


I love this bed - amazing storage and great size. The best part about this bed is the delivery service though. It's the second bed I've bought from Dreams and the guys that have put the beds up have been a delight. I paid to get this one assembled and it was all done in 40 minutes. They even removed their shoes to come into the house. Absolutely great service and product. Well done Dreams.

Lovely material, great storage

Bought this bed three weeks ago on a budget. This is for my first home and I absolutely love it. Great storage, relatively simple to put together but you definitely require a second person to help out. Personally prefer the fabric over the leather and it had a great feel to it. A great storage solution to a small house and I have no concerns over the base not supporting various boxes.

Couldn’t be happier

Had this bed for around a month. Was easy to assemble with two people. Really easy instructions. The bed itself is a great quality. We have a cheaper bed in our guest room and there is such a noticeable difference. The top of the ottoman is easy to lift and there is plenty of storage space. The big win for us was that this bed has a solid top rather than slats. Would highly recommend.

Great space saver.

I bought this bed a few weeks ago and it looks very stylish and the storage underneath is ample. Very well made and sturdy bed and the colour goes with anything no matter what your decor is. Extremely pleased with it and I am sleeping better now than I have in a long time. The piston system underneath to raise and lower bed base is strong and durable and very easy to lift and close.

Better than expected!

I bought this purely based off pictures on the website and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only by the build quality and the way it looked, but how easy it was to put together. The space to store things under the bed is really great for anyone living in a flat with limited storage, like my situation. To summarise, I LOVE my new bed. Would highly recommend

Quality and Stylish

This is the first bed I've actually bought myself (having rented furnished accommodation until now) and I absolutely love it. It's got great simple and clean styling, the assembly was very professional, there's plenty of storage space underneath in the ottoman and it's great to sleep on. Can't ask for much more than that!

Stylish looking bed

I bought this as the last one I got the headboard was too large to get up my narrow stairs. It still makes a statement. The lift up feature is handy for storage. The foot of the bed as a nice scroll style design. Very masculine, clean lines but still makes a statement. I've slept very well in it ever since purchase.

Fantastic bed

We bought this in the sale and are really pleased we didn't go to a cheap unknown supplier. The bed is solid the storage system feels really robust and you can fit sooo much in. The fabric is soft and will suit any colour scheme or style. Delivery men were really helpful and really funny too. First class all round

Sturdy and vey comfortable bed

Delivery men were great getting it into my flat. It says that 2 people are required to assemble this bed but I managed on my own albeit it took a little longer but was easy nonetheless. I'm pleased with the storage space underneath as well as the comfort it brings me every night. Would recommend.

Great bed and superb storage space

I have been using this bed for about two weeks now and it's the best I've ever had! Storage space is enourmous. The delivery and assemly service was second to none, real professionals! I strongly recommend this bed. It looks very good and feels strudy. I am very happy with my purchase indeed.

Very solid, loads of storage

We’re so pleased with this purchase. Really good quality, and loads of storage. It’s a little higher than our old bed which gives the feel of a hotel bed. Well worth paying for it to be put together - the guys were great and took all the packaging away. Easy peasy!

Great bed!

This is the first bed I’ve had to buy, we wanted some storage as we’ve just moved into a flat as well! This is ideal, so much space in the ottoman part, the grey fabric looks chic and it was easy enough to put together, took us less that 1.5 hours which was good!

Just Perfect!

Bought this bed last month and it is just perfect. A neat design, good quality and the ottoman lift is very light and easy to use. Plenty of storage and I especially like that the mattress is laid on a complete flat surface and not slats. Cannot recommend enough!

sturdy and comfy

i really enjoy the bed, very soft touch and quite a lot of the storage space. exactly as per picture. Slept on it for several nights and like it a lot. With a mattress it is quite high, compared to other beds i had. I would say it feels different, and i like it.

great bed, good build quality and looks fab

Bought this for my 24 year old son who is very happy with it. The quality of the build seems excellent and in comparison with other similar priced beds is far superior. The fabric is attractive and the under bed storage is great and includes a firm base.

Solid quality bed

We initially bought the single bed version of this bed for our youngest daughter. We were so impressed that we then bought the 4ft version for our eldest daughter and have now upgraded the 3ft to a larger version also! A well made solid bed.

Really solid for a flatpack

Decided to opt for self-build which is always a bit of a joke but it actually was very easy to put together. Definitely a two-person job but was assembled in just over an hour. Solidly build and looks professionally finished. Very impressed

Very Good Bed

Easy to build, solid, comfortable bed. Easy to raise to bed section to use storage section underneath. We love the large headboard and the fact that it’s a part of the bed (not screwed on) Very happy with product and service overall

Looks beautiful!

I love the fabric of the bed, really great quality, beautiful colour, feels soft to the touch but seems to be wearing well. The gas lift ottoman is so easy to open, and I can’t believe how much I’m able to store inside!

Good bed and great service!

I bought this bed a few weeks ago. It arrived on time and the lovely men helped my husband take it up to the bedroom! We put it together fairly quickly. It's a great, sturdy bed and we love it so far! Thank you Dreams.

Perfect sized bed!

Bought this a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. The colour and material is really nice and the bed is very practical. Didn’t take that long to assemble either. Overall a nice bed with plenty of storage underneath!

Fantastic bed, so much storage and so comfortable

I want to upgrade all our other beds to this one as it is so good. It has a surprisingly large storage area, it is easy to lift up, is so comfortable (we have used it with a memory foam mattress) and stylish too.

Well Built Bed

Bought this bed just over a month ago, bed is really well manufactured and feels solid. The bed itself is easy to lift with the gas struts and gives a lot of storage underneath. Brilliant piece for the price.

My daughter loves this

I bought this for my daughter as she was starting high school. It's perfect for a smaller room. Especially having the storage underneath. It was straightforward to build and as the title says she loves it.

Excellent storage

Bought this bed for my son and we chose it because of the storage space but it exceeded my expectations so much I've bought another for myself. It's very easy to open and close and provides ample room.

Great bed

Got this bed a month ago it wasn't the original bed I wanted, but I have no complaints and am very happy with it. Build time was quick, very sturdy and easy to operate. Would definitely recommend.

Fabulous bed

My son brought this bed, it was delivered and assembled yesterday, an excellent service, and the bed looks fabulous, the storage space is absolutely perfect. A great buy, he is so pleased with it

Excellent storage

I bought this for my teenage son last year and was so pleased with it that I have just bought the same for my youngest son. Excellent quality and so much storage underneath for all his toys.

Great Product

i have recently purchased your product and must comment on what an exceptional buy this was it does exactly whats said on the tin great storage,great design,and most of all great comfort

Quality bed

Very happy with this, looks fabulous, is comfortable with soft fabric. Great storage. Also love the fact, the legs give enough height to be able to hoover underneath with my Miele.

Brilliant bed

So very pleased I bought this bed. Its solid with a strong base and the storage space is better than expected.The fabric and colour are both very smart and fits my room perfectly.

Excellent quality

Just purchase this bed the delivery guys were friendly and very professional. Purchase the assembly service as well and I feel it was well worth it. I would definitely recommend.

Great design

Bought it before Christmas and really like the design. The storage under the bed is very useful and easy to lift up the base. No more headache to sort out under bed items. Super!

Lovely storage and so spacious

Really happy with this bed. The storage underneath is brilliant and the headboard is squidgy and comfortable. I spend all day in bed (not from choice!) so a good bed is vital.

Great Purchase

Got this bed a month ago, me and my husband fixed it together, took about an hour. Very sturdy compared to other ottoman beds and storage space underneath has been sooo handy.

Francis Grey Ottoman

Always had problems with storing items and nothing underneath our bed was always so dirty and dusty and now I can store loads of items knowing they’re safe, dry and not dusty

Great Ottoman

I’ve been using this Ottoman for a couple of weeks now. The storage area is spacious and the electric motor works perfectly. Really pleased with how it looks in person.

High quality bed & service!

Excellent quality, very sturdy/ comfortableservice and the service was immaculate. The bed was assembled by the team of two n 20 minutes, well worth the extra £49!

Great Bed

I bought this bed last month. Delivery service was excellent. The bed is well made and very sturdy and lots of storage space. It looks lovely in my sons room.

Storage galore

Really pleased with the quality of this bed. Purchased for my Grandson it’s practical design allows a great deal of stuff can be stored safely out of sight.

Looks amazing

Great product , we chose the electric version and are so happy that we did . Bags of storage and very easy to use. Grey frame looks stunning in our room.

Fantastic bed

Fantastic bed that easy to lift for a 12 year old, bedroom looks much tidier I also paid for the bed to be installed in the room Perfect job Thankyou

Great product

I wanted to buy bed for my daughter and ottoman bed was the best option because of storage. Good product and great service all the way till job was done

Brilliant bed

Nice height, a bit heavy to lift as we got the manual version but that could be down to our mattress also. Very sturdy and comfy, so far no creaks!

Great bed

Absolutely obsessed with this bed. The delivery guys were lovely. So easy to build with two people, plenty of storage and so comfortable. We love it

Easy setup.

Already had the single version but was time to move onto a double, easy setup as was the single. Strong and sturdy with generous room for storage.

Easy to use

Bought this bed two weeeks ago and am very happy with my purchase. There is more room than anticipated underneath for storage. Very sturdy design

Great storage

I bought this a few weeks ago. Really impressed with the amount of storage. Took me and my partner 90 minutes to build. Great bed, can complain.

Smart Looking

Had this a couple of weeks! Great look in my teenage sons room! Nice high cushioned headboard in which he likes! Pleased so far with my purchase.

Sleek look, comfort and excellent product

I bought this couple of weeks ago and product is sleek and has fantastic upholstery. Superb finish and interiors. Dream purchase from Dreams!!

Brilliant bed

Just love this bed, downsized to a Flat and needed storage space, it holds so much, not too heavy to lift up to put things in and looks great

Looks great

I bought this about a month ago as the head board which I had was broken an I decided to get the base and headboard all in one with the base.

Looks great

Brought for my daughter and she loves it. The storage underneath is perfect. Was easy to assemble as instructions where easy to understand.


Bought this last month and never slept so well! Lots of storage, looks fabulous and the assembly service was outstanding recommend to all

Couldn't be better

Got it built and the guys were lovely and the bed is the best its great quality. Not my first bed from yourselfs and wont be the last

great colour

the bed came in a few boxes and we decided to put it together ourselves and it was very easy to do so and it looks really great


More than happy with this bed frame, the quality is amazing and it works well. Delivery and installation was on point as well.

Easy to assemble sturdy and great for storage

I bought this bed a month ago and for the price I have no complaints. Easy to assemble, sturdy frame and great storage space.

Amazing bed

Bought the super king size bed, found the quality amazing - solid bed - big storage - soft headboard Recommended !

Great storage!

Purchased a month ago so happy very sturdy and loads of storage. Went for the manual lift and very easy to open and close.

Great storage & lovely design

I bought this ottoman bed base for my son. It has lots of storage space and is perfect for a slightly smaller double room.

Quality fabric, easy to use

Quality fabric, great look and feel. Get lots of compliments. Huge storage space underneath and really easy to use

Beautiful Bed

I have two small doubles for my new apartment and they have so much storage space and look beautiful. Very happy.

Great bed

Bought this bed for my son and his girlfriend as extra storage in their first home. They are very happy with it

Solid base

We brought the bed 4 weeks ago and are so happy we have. Lots of space for storage, solid base. Love the colour.

Love It!

Helpful staff, prompt delivery, easy assembly, very spacious (bed and underneath storage) and a lovely finish!

Great quality ottoman bed

We ordered this a few weeks ago and it’s perfect, easy to assemble, very well made and just what we wanted.

Very good

I bought this month ago and I so happy Very easy to put all parts together, for one person took me 1.5h

Looks amazing

I’m so glad I ordered this bed, our old one was tired and broken, much like our sleep until our purchase.

Strong and easy to assemble

Fantastic sturdy bed and is easy to assemble. This ottoman provides great space for storage as well

Excellent quality for the price.

Great quality with sturdy and roomy bed storage. 2 of us managed to put the bed up with no issues.

Looks great and very practical

The bed not only looks great, it’s also very practical with a lot of storage space. Very sturdy.

Brilliant amount of storage

Bought this a few weeks ago and am amazed how much storage there is underneath. Really pleased!


So happy with this king size frame loads of storage as well with us having a smallish house

Great features

I’m very happy that I bought the bed we really needed it and it has been great to sleep in.


Great delivery service. Looks lovely and stylish. Very handy storage. Would recommend.

Phenomenal bed

Brilliant and well designed bed with lots of storage space. Am so glad I bought this bed.

Great structure

I brought this three weeks ago and it’s it easy to put together and good for the money


So far so good. I bought it a couple of weeks ago, very good quality and lots of space

Just what we wanted

Particularly like the ease with which you can get to the storage space under the bed.

Great storage

Great bed frame great storage and best sleep l had in a long time highly recommend

Great look

Very pleased I brought the bed it is really well made I would highly recommend it

Excellent frame

Just as it shows !! Frame is sturdy and suits our very heavy mattress . Love it

High quality bed with great storage!

I brought this bed 6 weeks ago for my teenage son and we’re delighted with it.

Strong an sturdy

I really enjoy the design and build of this bed and the storage space is great

Sturdy strong and high quality bed

Sturdy stone good quality bed, easy to assemble with great storage space.

Lovely looking bed

Really happy with the bed , stylish, practical and space saver excellent

Attractive bed with plenty of storage

I bought this my teenage son and he loves it, particularly the storage

Looks better in person

Good quality bed and good value for money, will recommend it to anyone

Solid support, good looking

I bought the double more than a month ago and is really happy with it

Great quality and functionality

Bought this bed frame about a month ago and very happy with purchase.

Massive storage

This bed is stylish and comfortable with easy to use lift up storage

Looks amazing

Stunning bed frame looks great in my daughters roommate has storage

Mega bed!!! Great price!!!

Brilliant bed!!! Fits right where I wanted it!!! So comfortable! :)

useful as well as looking good

moved house, so this bed was great for the extra storage we needed

Looks nice

Pretty easy to assemble, grey colour is lovely, loads of storage.

Great features

I bought this product last month and i'm enjoying sleeping on it.

The storage was fabulous

I purchased this bed in December and it was so easy to assemble.

Double Bed

I love this bed. It has a lot of storage ad is very comfortable.

Very elegant

Great looking bed, loads of storage space, easy to put together

Really Good Product

I really like this product. Really good quality strong bed.

Great product

Great strong product reasonable price good value for money

Great quality

Fab bed perfect with the automatic ottomon remote control

Comfy bed with great storage

Bought for my teenage daughter who absolutely loves it!

Great quality

Very easy to put together solid the storage is helpful.

Lovely bed

Very happy with this bed, great fabric and comfortable

Very comfortable

Plenty of storage. Looks very nice in our new bedroom

Great bed .

I bought this a month ago and am so happy that I did.

Maevellous storage

A sturdy,well built and very comfortable ottoman bed

Great frame

its a nice sturdy bed frame with ample storage space

The storage space is a bonus

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and I love it