Florida Over-Bed Unit - King Rated 4/5 based on 8 customer reviews
Florida Over-Bed Unit - King

Florida Over-Bed Unit - King

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What Makes The Florida Over-Bed Unit - King Great?

Natural wooden finish

High quality German design and build

German build quality is rare in the home and living category, typically we either produce locally or source from the likes of China/Malaysia

Completed with a cornice to finish the look

Glass panels

Ample storage

Customer Reviews For The Florida Over-Bed Unit - King

Based on 8 review

Great buy!

Purchased along with several matching items to create a look of fitted wardrobes. It did just that, and for a fraction of the price of fitted wardrobes. The light above the bed is too hot, though, so I don't use it. Some risk of banging your head on the cupboards if you sit up in bed, so I've purchased a back rest, which has solved the problem. The room looks delightful and the fitters were excellent.


Looks great

Bought this for my teenage daughters room. It looks great and has lots of handy storage and looks beautiful all lit up with her perfumes and photos in the display cabinets. Good sturdy construction too.


Great storage

This is the best bedroom furniture I have ever had. It is a great fit, not bulky and has lots of storage. Also has integrated lights so no need for lamps.



Super fast delivery stunning best piece off furniture I've ever owned one of the bulbs not working but replaced it and it's been fine


Lighting could have been a lot better

Needs the lighting sorting out I have to spend money on it to make it better


Good price, very good service

Good solid piece, pleasant surprise that price included installation.


Overbed unit

Definitely think about including the bed we didn’t and now regret it


Forget the rest this is definitely the best

So pleased I bought this it has transformed my bedroom

Questions and Answers About Florida Over-Bed Unit - King

why is it that the floor to top of bed space is 110cm but it will only fit a bed with 85cm height? my headboard goes to 95cm but i dont see why it wouldn't fit into the space if it is 110cm from the floor to the storage cupboards?

Answer: , If the floor to top of bed space if 110cm and your bed height is 95cm then this should fit in the allocated space. We would recommend checking all dimensions of your bed before purchasing in order to ensure that this product will be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

is this the only colour it comes in ?

Answer: Hi , Yes this headboard is only available in this colour. If you require a different style feel free to have a look at our range of headboards: https://www.dreams.co.uk/headboards/all-headboards Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

I notice on the website, that you don’t offer a bed to match the rest of the Florida range, if you don’t take the storage box. We won’t have the depth available to be able to use the storage box, is it possible to get a matching bed in the range?

Answer: Hi , Yes you can have a bed in the range but the storage box is part of the frame, you can have the over bed without the bed and storage, and storage box but you would need to have your own frame fitted into this. Thank you.

Can this corner wardrobe go on either left had or right had side of the bed

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. Yes, the corner wardrobe can go on either the left or the right hand side of the bed, but please be aware the door will open to the left. Kind regards, Dreams

Is it possible to put hanging rails in any of the cupboards as ideally I would like hanging space as well as storage

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. There are shelves in the cupboards above the bed. You can find matching wardrobes here: https://www.dreams.co.uk/furniture/wardrobes Kind regards, Dreams

Hello, Would it be possible to give the internal width (bed) space in between the two towers on the double bed version. 

Answer: Good Evening, This measurement is approx. 135cm - which is the width of a standard double bed. The space will be slightly larger than this in order to accommodate the wooden side rails of the bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, I am interested in this range, but down have enough space for the behind-bed storage. Do you sell the bed and over-bed unit without the storage box? Or would I have to buy the over-bed unit and a separate bed? Thanks.

Answer: Hello , We do sell the over-bed unit with out the storage box. See the room set option's on the florida furniture page. http://www.dreams.co.uk/furniture/room-sets/florida Many thanks for the question.

Hi. Do you make the overbed unit for super king size mattress? Or will the king size fit a super king mattresses? If not can I order one with superking bed?

Answer: Hi , If you are looking for a different size, please ring our telesales team on the number at the top of our site as there could be other sizes available that aren't online at this time. Thank you.

Just got the Florida installed but how do you turn the display lights on

Answer: Hello, Please call our customer services if you are having we can guide you through the various options over the telephone or pop into store and we can show them to you. Many thanks for the question.

hello which material is this? and there is any storage bed that can go in without the headboard ?

Answer: Hi roberta88. This bed is made from wood (MDF) and is laminated. Unfortunately you cannot buy the bed frame without the headboard as this is part of the structure. Thank you for your question.

I live in Dumfries, where is the nearest store to view this double bed unit?

Answer: Good Evening, Unfortunately this piece of furniture is not available to view in any of our Scottish stores. We apologise for any inconvenience caused here. Kind Regards, Dreams

My sofa bed is 159cm, will this fit within that space? Thanks

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. The width of the gap in the unit is 150cm so it would not fit within this space. Kind regards, Dreams.

hi I would like to get an overbed storage and buy a new bed from dreams to but I want a tv bed will any of bed frames fit this to.

Answer: Hello, The width will be 160cm and the maximum height will be 85cm. A double TV bed with a low headboard end may fit in here. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, do the lights come included or do I order them separately? They were not mentioned when I placed my order but I would like them to be included.

Answer: Hello, The accessories come separately and now can be added through customer services to your order on 0800 692 5090. Many thanks for the question.

How wide & tall is the headboard space? I already have a bed with a headboard but was wondering if it would fit in the space.

Answer: , For the double size over bed unit the width of the gap for a bed is 150cm and the height of the gap is 116cm. Many thanks Dreams

Hi, Can you confirm the width of the bed side cabinets/towers? Trying to figure out if I'll have enough space to stick a wardrobe in aswell, Thanks

Answer: , The width of the gap in the unit is 150cm and the total width of the unit is 235cm. Hope this helps, Kind regards, Dreams.

This looks perfect for what we are looking for - but does it come in the size to fit a super king bed?

Answer: , Unfortunately the King size version is currently our largest size. I do apologise for this. Kind regards, Dreams

Please could you tell me if you can buy extra shelves for the overbed units in the Florida range

Answer: , Unfortunately extra shelves cannot be purchased for the overbed units in the Florida range Kind Regards, Dreams

Where can I view this before purchasing please? Every store I’ve looked at states not available to view here .

Answer: , The closest store to Buckingham that this product can be viewed in is Milton Keynes. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is it possible to remove the draws and if so, what is the procedure?

Answer: , Unfortunately it is not possible to remove the drawers on the furniture unit. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this bed come in a single?

Answer: Hello , I am afraid not, it is only available in a double or king size. Many thanks for the question.

I would like to know the height of the centre cupboards from top down i.e. the top height is 220 cm, how far do they come down?  Or what is the height of them from the floor?  From the pictures, it would appear that they are about half the height?

Answer: Hi , The over bed unit from the top comes down 60cm. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

hello, can you confirm the gap(width) for the bed for the Florida double/kingsize overbed unit

Answer: Hello , The gap will be 140cm for the double and 155cm for the king size. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, can you please tell me the dimensions from the wall to the end of the bed for double bed with storage

Answer: , The entire length from the back of the unit to the bed would be 215cm. Many thanks Dreams

How tall and wide is the headboard space for a king size? 

Answer: , The width of the gap in the unit is 150cm and the height is 116cm. Many thanks Dreams

Hi, I am interested inthe florida over bed unit but already have a bed. Can you please be more specific about the exact dimensions in the area the bed would go as the headboard from one kingsize bed may be quite different from that of another. Thanks

Answer: Hello , This will be 160cm in width with a maximum height of 85cm. Many thanks for your question.

Which stores have this item in to view before we buy. None of the stores near us seem to have it. Would be nice to see how deep the draws are and be able to see what the size of cupboards are and what they could be used for.

Answer: , This item is available to view in our Merthyr Tydfil store. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi can you tell me what colour this rang is

Answer: Hi , The Florida range comes with a natural wood finish. Thank you for your question.

hello does it fit a bed with a Headboard Height 88cm ? if I don't take the over bed with storage box how many cm will arrive with the bed?

Answer: Hi , This bed has to be ordered with the storage box option. Thank you for your question.

Do you have any bedroom suites like the Florida that is suitable for a super king Tokyo SK otto

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not stock this in super-king. Kind regards, Dreams.

What wood is the range made from?

Answer: Hello , This is made from hardboard laminated panels. Many thanks for the question.

Do you have any units like this with a 47 inch clearance from floor to bottom of storage? We have a TV purchased from Dreams and would like a unit to fit over and around it.

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately, this will be the only product for this. Many thanks for the question.

Is this available in any other colour

Answer: , Unfortunately this is the only colour it comes in. Kind regards Dreams

What's in the cupboards above the bed? Shelves? Hangers? photos with the doors open would be great. Thanks.

Answer: Good Evening, There are shelves in the cup-boards above the bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the overbed unit come with reading lights?

Answer: Hello , This does not come with the reading lights. Many thanks for the question.

Is it free standing?

Answer: , Yes, this piece of furniture is free standing. Many thanks, Dreams

Hi, Our headboard measure 110cm ( kingsize bed) will this fit in the gap.

Answer: Hi , No, the maximum height you can go to is 85cm. Thank you for your question.

Hi, We have floor to ceiling height of 236cm would that be enough height to assemble the overhead bed unit and wardrobes please

Answer: Hi , Yes, this would be enough height to assemble. Thank you for your question.

What is the dimension from floor to the bottom of the overhead cupboards? I have a kingsize bed with headboard height of 110cm, will this fit please?

Answer: Hi , No, the maximum height you can go to is 85cm. Thank you for your question.

Can u please tell me length of double bed with and without unit thanks

Answer: , This will be approx. 200cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hiya. Could you please let me know the height from the floor to the bottom of the over bed storage? Thank you

Answer: Hello, This will be 43 inches. Many thanks for the question.

what are dimensions of the tower

Answer: Hi , This is 220cm high. Thank you.

Hi, what’s the height from the floor to the bottom of the overhead cupboard where the bed fits?

Answer: Hi , This measures 119cm. Thank you.

Hi, what's the max width the bed can be for the above king size version? Our bed has a width of 174cm and has a height of 107cm

Answer: Hi , W159cm max gap. Thank you.

Hi there. Could you tell me the height from the floor to the bottom of the piece of wood which would be behind the bed head board? Thanks

Answer: Hi , This is 119cm. Thank you.

Hi Could you let me know what the minimum ceiling clearance required would be to assemble the Florida King overbed unit ? We have been informed that the height of our new build should be 230cm.

Answer: Hi , 220cm is needed. Thank you.

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