Tuft & Springs Luxuria 1000 Pocket Memory Pillow Top Mattress

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What Makes The Tuft & Springs Luxuria 1000 Pocket Memory Pillow Top Mattress Great?

Combination of high-grade memory foam and 1000 individually pocketed springs on the King Size version

Pocket springs are a great support layer. Available in a variety of firmness's, the quality of a spring system is generally determined by the spring count. With 1000 springs this mattress represents a good quality to cost ratio, providing enough springs to successfully contour to your body and provide you with a great nights sleep.

Soft to medium rating for a softer feel with no compromise on support

A soft-medium tension mattress is largely suitable for most people of average or low BMI. Not too soft to cause support issues for many people, nor too firm for those looking for softness at it's core, this mattress still has enough tension to support your body, while giving additional sink-age and softness. Great for side sleepers and those of a smaller frame.

Soft-touch Damask cover provides an elegant, attractive finish

A damask cover has a pattern of small, repeated designs. These small designs are usually made from blocks of color. A damask cover can be made from many different types of fabric, such as cotton, satin and silk.The patterns on the damask covers can be simple or elaborate. The patterns can be made up of one color or a variety of colors.The name “damask” comes from the city of Damascus in Syria. The first damasks were woven in this city.

Hypoallergenic materials and air vents minimise dust and mites

Side air vents help improve breathability within the mattress, ensuring it remains fresher for longer while also helping to displace any heat build-up while using the mattress. With increased airflow you have a fresher and cooler mattress. 

Full 5-year Tuft & Springs warranty for complete peace of mind

With a 5 year warranty, you are getting extended protection against the unthinkable. Should anything go wrong within the given period you will be covered (albeit a sliding scale relative to time). This is important because a mattress is a considered purchase and one that needs to be protected.

Made and hand-finished in the UK and approved by the NBF

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