Silentnight Portchester Mirapocket Mattress
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Silentnight Portchester Mirapocket Mattress

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Brand: Silentnight
Code: 113-00490
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 27cm
Updated: 10/20/2019 3:14:50 AM
4/5 - 45 reviews


What Makes It Great

I had been concerned about buying a mattress without trying, so chose Dreams in case it did not suit as an established company I knew would not be a problem. We chose the Silentnight Porchester as we had not got on with foam based mattresses due to overheating. Checking reviews, the suggestion was that a medium firmness was supportive enough so went along with the advice. We have been very happy with the robustness of the mattress whist being supportive enough without being hard. I also work shifts and creeping in to this bed has meant no roll together. Pre delivery communications were excellent as was notifications on the day. Delivery team were very considerate of our home and also removed our old mattress for recycling. Initial concerns totally unfounded and we have been getting sound nights sleep in comfort.

This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems

New from Silentnight is a range of exciting technologies that make this mattress durable, long lasting and sure to please for many years to come

1000 Pocket Springs is considered a fair amount of support for a premium product, any less than this and you start to that find areas of your body are not getting the same amount of support as those with a higher spring count would achieve

Memory foam is without a doubt much more comfortable than many other types of filling offered while being able to offer both support and a rebound effect that encapsulates your body

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Questions and Answers

Urgent-I need to buy in the sale today so need a quick reply -I am vegan so I need to know if the Eco layer or any of this mattress come from animals

Answer: Apologies for not being able to get back to you on the day of your question. The eco layer of this mattress is made from recycled plastic bottles. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the memory foam topper removable?

Answer: Hi, The memory-foam 'pillow top' of the Silentnight Porchester is not removable, it is an integral part of the mattress.

Hi are mattresses brought online covered by the 40 night sleep guarantee? 

Answer: Good Evening, Yes, this mattress is covered by the Dreams 40 Night Comfort Guarantee. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you use this mattress on bed with slats

Answer: Hi , Yes, you will be able to use this mattress on a slatted bed. Thank you for your question.

My bed that I need the new mattress for has a sprung base,is this mattress suitable for it.

Answer: Yes, this mattress will be suitable for use with a sprung base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 review

Really comfortable

This was delivered about 3 weeks ago, we have slept perfectly on it with no having to 'get used' to it period. It's firm enough to support with a nice soft (but not too soft) top, we deliberately bought one like this as I enjoy the flatter surface. We don't use a topper anymore, just a thin sheet as the bed is really comfortable. We didn't bother heading into a store to try it as I did the online help thing which tells you which mattress suits you and then just read the reviews. I am glad we opted for this mattress, lovely and comfy with plenty of support. The delivery guys were great, polite and put the new mattress on the bed for me and they kept me well informed of delivery time.

A good value comfortable mattress

Wasn’t sure about the medium firmness rating but went for it after other reviewers said that it was firmer than expected. Glad I did and suspect that an actual firm rated mattress would have been way too hard. Good support and provided a comfortable sleep. We have a super king size bed and the mattress is heavy. Care instructions recommend rotating the mattress top to tail every week for a month and then monthly. Bear the weight in mind.

Comfortable from the start ...

Delivered on 20th March .. comfortable from first night .. one of the reasons we chose this mattress is the memory topper, which we are used to. I feel we need a bit longer to test as it's only been three weeks, and previous mattress had a deeper layer of memory foam. Seems good value for the money, hopefully it's as good as our old Silentnight mattress. Only one negative.. old one had handles to help rotate mattress, not this one.

A Definite Improvement

Bought this a few weeks ago to replace a mattress that was only a few years old, but we'd never been particularly happy with it (another brand I might add). Had had Silentnight mattress in the past and decided to go back to a product we'd been happy with before. Good choice as we're now sleeping a lot better. Very comfy.

Great nights sleep

I purchased this mattress 2 weeks ago after having a bad back for a few months, I’d been referred to physio with no ease so thought I’d purchase a new mattress on the off chance that it may help, so glad I did my pain is virtually gone and I can finally get a good nights sleep, the mattress support is excellent.


A bit unsure about this as we hadnt tested it in store. We had nothing to worry about, this was fab! Best sleep we have had in a while. From ordering to delivery everything was first class. Great communication Dreams, was kept up to date from start to finish and had pleasant dreams ever since x

Comfortable and cosy

I purchased this mattress last month and J am very happy with it. The purchase is light enough and easy to move, very comfortable and cosy. The firmness is suitable for both my husband and I who usually prefer totally different mattresses and has already started to help both our muscle aches.

Super comfy!

Have had the mattress for 3 weeks. Having read lots of reviews before purchasing am pleased to say I agree completely with others positive feedback, particularly with regard to "breaking in" or rather, not having to! My husband and I have slept soundly from the first night which is amazing.

Absolutely Perfect

I purchased my Mattress about a month ago now and it is the best thing l ever did. I have always had Orthepedic Mattresses because of back problems, but this is PERFECT l have never slept so well as l do now, a BIG THANKYOU to dreams for their advice and a good quality product

great service

Very pleased with my mattress.(Although now need a ladder to get into bed :) )Delivery was excellent informed with a time slot when it would arrive and delivery men very good. Worth the small payment to take old mattress away.

Perfectly comfy mattress

I was so torn between searching for the ideal mattress for my bed frame but I ended up picking the perfect one! A good night’s sleep every night - The delivery driver’s were also incredibly polite which is always a plus.

Fab mattress

Brought this around a month ago and i often have trouble sleeping, have not had a single sleepless night on this matress, quite soft compared to my old matress but i love it! Firm enough for a good nights sleep

Super comfortable

Top quality, excellent support and so comfortable you don’t want to get out of bed. I think this is the best mattress I’ve ever bought. For this quality and price I can not recommend enough! ??????


Bought this mattress at the begining of January since we received it we have had an excellent nights sleep not once were we woken up during the night with this comfort anbd joy to sleep on.

Stunning Headboard!

I bought this a month ago for my 20 year old daughter. We couldn't be more pleased.... not only does it look stunning but also is very comfortable to lean against!

Firm but not too firm

Had my first night sleep on this mattress and I woke up feeling very well rested. Not too firm but just right. Wish the top layer was removable if desired.

Very comfy

Had this for about a month now, sleep right through every night! It’s incredibly comfy albeit a littler firmer than I had expected. Excellent value for money

Really ideal just what we needed

I bought this a month ago, I am really happy we made this choice to buy the silentnight porchester mirapocket mattress it has made a difference to our sleep

Wonderful Mattress

Having now slept on the mattress for a few weeks now I can say it is wonderful, very pleased with it. The memory phone top also is a great feature.

nice matress

good mattress a lot higher than my previous one, worth checking in store as well most mattresses are very similar but vary in price dramatically

Very Comfortable

I have had the mattress for three weeks and have found it very comfortable. I was waking up with aches and pains but am not suffering any more.

Perfect for a side sleeper

I bought this a few weeks ago and I have to say I have slept like a baby since. I sleep on my side and this mattress supports me perfectly.

Lovely nights sleep

I bought this mattress and have been sleeping on it for a week, it is so comfortable, I have slept all night for the first time in months

Very comfortable

I bought this a few weeks ago and usually changing mattresses causes aching and sleepiness but this was not the case with this mattress

Very comfy

We bought this for our 6 year old and she just loves sleeping on it. We have been sleeping on it too and It’s very kind to the back.

Wonderfully made mattress.

We purchased this mattress a few weeks ago and we are getting really good sleep every night. It is so comfortable and expertly made.

Firm but comfortable

This mattress is firm enough for me but also very comfortable. Does not retain too much heat but neither cold very happy.

The best night's sleep i've had in a decade!

Incredibly happy that I replaced my old mattress. This is so comfortable, and a lot higher than my old one. Excellent.

very comfortable

Great value for money, considering the price and compared to more expensive products it is an excellent choice

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress three weeks ago and have had really good sleep on it since then. Would recommend it.

great memory foam

Extra deep and comfy with a hard wearing memory foam top layer giving the next level in support and comfort.

Finally got some sleep

Bought 6 weeks ago and slept ever since. Even after my 3 year old has woke me I go straight back to sleep.

So comfortable

This is a great mattress so comfortable and supportive without being too hard. Glad I chose this one.

Very comfy

Bought this around two weeks ago it’s extremely comfy much better night sleep than before

Very Comfy

We have been sleeping on this mattress for 3 weeks now and it is supremely comfortable.

Fantastic sleep

Had our new mattress for a few weeks now it’s the mattress I’ve had no aching backs

Mattress back.

If I could attach this mattress to my back permanently then I would. It’s so comfy


The mattress is comfortable and great sleep for someone with back issues.

For a good nights sleep, look no further

You will experience once again what a full, good nights sleep feels like

I,m sooooooo comfy!

I'm so comfy in my new Portchester mattress can't wait for more

Silentnight Pocket Mattress

Excellent workmanship, giving an excellent nights sleep.

Very comfortable

Medium, but still supportive and feels very luxurious!

Very comfortable

A good alrounder, not too firm and very comfortable

Very comfortable.

Much more comfortable than my old spring mattress.