Silentnight Melrose Mirapocket Mattress
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Silentnight Melrose Mirapocket Mattress

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Brand: Silentnight
Code: 113-00488
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 28.5cm
Updated: 10/20/2019 3:04:07 AM
4/5 - 88 reviews


What Makes It Great

After buying a very expensive memory foam mattress which did not last very long due to severe dipping in the super king where you sleep, we decided to replace them with Double Sided medium firmness that can be turned. This mattress was unbelievably priced, is comfortable, makes it easy to turnover rather than sleeping in a memory foam dip, is far cooler and I would recommend it to anyone who has developed a bad back through sleeping on a memory foam mattress. The mattress is a medium firmness and is perfect for us, supportive not soft. A couple of days prior to the delivery from Dreams, Bensons delivered a new super king for another room. Unfortunately they have no recycle/collection service. Luckily Dreams do so they kindly took away 2 super kings and delivered the one we ordered from them. Delivery guys were great, very polite and gave useful information about use and care, including allowing the matress to breath for a few hour prior to making up the bed.

This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

New from Silentnight is a range of exciting technologies that make this mattress durable, long lasting and sure to please for many years to come

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Easy to clean and maintain, this sort of fabric and finish is fairly common on mattresses and won't cause any issues down the line

A decent amount of pocket springs for this mattress. Will provide a good amount of support and mould to your bodies many positions when sleeping

Questions and Answers

do you collect old mattresses for disposal

Answer: Yes, our delivery team are able to take away and recycle your old mattress when they deliver your new one. Pricing for this service is: Single Mattress - £25 Double Mattress - £35 King or Super King Mattress - £40 Kind Regards, Dreams

How heavy is this mattress.

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The mattress weights are as follows; Single - 19kg Double - 29kg King - 34kg Super King - 40.5kg Kind regards, Dreams

Can this mattress be seen in store

Answer: This mattress is an online exclusive and therefore is unable to be seen and tried in any Dreams store. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the mattress reversible

Answer: This mattress is not double sided and hence not reversible. Kind Regards, Dreams

How’s many springs for the double sized bed please? 

Answer: Good morning, The double size Melrose has 1050 pocket springs. Kind regards Dreams

How long is the guarantee that come with this mattress?

Answer: This mattress comes with a one year guarantee. Kind Regards, Dreams

Your 'overview' says double sided. Is it?

Answer: Good morning, Yes this mattress is double sided. Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 review

aaaaand relax

I am overweight but losing it rapidly, however my excess weight contributed to the demise of my old mattress. My old mattress was ten years old anyway and it was time to change. In my capacity as Googlemeister I came across the Silentnight Melrose Mirapocket mattress sold by Dreams™. Silentnight is a respected brand and already had very good ratings. I bought it at 20% off with an airbed thrown in but quite honestly I would have paid full price for it. For the first time in ages I was able to go the whole night without aching shoulder or back. It just seems to contour itself to my rather odd shape. I unhesitatingly recommend this mattress. Buy it, you will not be disappointed.

A thought through purchase

I have allowed enough time to try it out. I bought a king size and was replacing an older style sprung mattress with a new miracoil medium firm. I was hesitant about memory foam only as they are reported to retain too much heat. I also admit to sitting in the edge of the bed so the sides have to be robust. I did not want to have to rotate the mattress too often. This mattress has proved very comfortable and I got used to it immediately. There are no signs of sagging at the edges (the mattress not me) and I am expecting that it will last a long time. I have a sprung divan and I am sure that that helps with both mattress life and comfort.

Best Mattress Ever

This mattress is beyond comfortable and exceptional value for money, other mattresses I have bought have had quite a chemical smell, but this one could be used straightaway, no odour and a lovely white colour. I am so glad I took the risk of ordering this mattress as its an online purchase only, the previous reviews helped me make the decision. Overall, I am really pleased with everything and the drivers were brilliant.

Best mattress I've ever bought!

After trying several mattresses in the past (memory foam, sprung, etc) I can honestly say this is the best one I've had. I've slept soundly every night since I got this mattress and as a 'side sleeper', it doesn't put pressure on any part of the body, it's like sleeping on a cloud! I would have expected to pay a lot more for this mattress too considering the quality and depth of it. Great value for money!

Best nights sleep

I've had this for 1 month and I love it. My last mattress was too hard so had to have a topper which was so uncomfortable. Now I don't need to use this, yay!! My partner and I sleep on our sides and it's so comfortable. My partner has also not had back pains since we have had this mattress either. Love it fantastic buy. The sales person was great and so were the delivery guys with no issues.

Good support and comfort

I have now had this mattress for just over two weeks. I struggled to sleep for the first week, this was due to adjusting from my worn out mattress. I’m now having a restful nights sleep, finding this mattress giving support in all the right places. It’s a real pleasure to own such a well made and comfortable mattress. A great purchase and a real bargain as it was purchased in the sale.


After reading the description and reviews I decided to purchase this mattress without trying ( as I needed it ASAP) I found the mattress to be on the firm side , I contacted dreams customer service but they replied by saying they couldn’t find my order and am still waiting for a reply . I’ve had to buy a mattress topper . The base is as described and good value .

Excellent mattress

I did a lot of research before buying a new mattress. I have had my new Melrose mattress for a few weeks and find it's so comfortable. It gives good support and is just the right firmness for me. Wish I had bought it sooner as I am sleeping much better now. Would highly recommend this mattress. Very good value, especially as I bought it in at sale price.

Our New Mattress

Our new mattress was delivered a couple of weeks ago. Satisfied with it so far, about to be turned for the second time. There has been evidence of slight sagging at the end of each week but I am assured this will settle after repeated regular turning. The mattress is very deep, supportive and comfortable. So I think very good value for the money paid.


I bought this in November due to my husband complaining that he was not sleeping very well. We had our old mattress for about 10 years so I decided it was time to replace it with a new Silent Night mattress. Dreams not only delivered - but took the old mattress away, and now my husband is back to sleeping soundly at night. A good investment.

Firmer than expected

I have been sleeping on this mattress for almost a month now. I was surprised how firm this mattress is considering it is rated medium. It is a lot harder than I would like. However since putting my topper on it, I am happy with the comfort of the mattress. It is a very deep mattress so I have had to buy fitted sheets for a deep mattress.

Reasonably priced mattress

Bought a month ago. Finding it a little more firm than expected however it is comfortable. Like the ability to flip mattress and use both sides. We have 5ft size which is nearly impossible to manoeuvre on ones own due to weight. The mattress is still settling so review maybe a little early. Couldn't fault service and delivery.

Perfect for a back sufferer

I bought this mattress to replace an old one in our daughter's bedroom.She and her husband are frequent visitors and he suffers with his back.He declared it was the best night's sleep he had had for a long time and could they fit the mattress in their car.Only downside is they now lie in leaving us to walk their dog!

Just what I was looking for!

This mattress us exactly as advertised. Firm enough that you feel supported in all the right places but soft enough to be comfortable throughout the night. It is a solid build so be cautious about moving it on your own. Be aware that this mattress is pretty deep so some fitted sheets struggle to accommodate it.

Great mattress at a good price

Very glad to have made this purchase, replaced a mattress which I had owned for many years and not realised was worn out. Despite the web exclusive nature of this mattress it was as comfortable for me as some of the more expensive silent night mattresses which I tried in store.

Best might sleep for a long time

Perchance this mattress 3 weeks ago best decision I've made so comfortable it's unbelievable I've had all my mattresses from dreams will only be buying this make and model in future I've got really bad back and legs problems but it as helped me no end would highly recommend

comfort all night long

we are both in our 70s and have had the best nghts sleep over the last month since getting this mattress so comfy you dont want to get out of bed and a bargain peice too, well done Dreams for stocking a first class product at a price that dose not break the bank.

Great nights sleep

The mattress was a clear choice, helped by the dreams sleep match system! We were so impressed by the technology to help us choose the right mattress. We’ve slept great every night since buying the product and we’re really impressed with the service in store!

Good Support

This mattress is far more comfy than my old one which was £900 when I bought it so I think this one is great value for money. I find it to be slightly firmer than most medium mattresses that I've slept on and support across the entire mattress is very good

Comfy but on the firmer side

Had this delivered on 30th May. Comfy but more firm than you would expect from a medium mattress. It started to lose a bit of firmness after a few weeks though. Slightly worried because it already looks like it’s starting to loose shape around the edges

Sooo comfortable!

I bought this mattress 4 weeks ago. Delivery was very well organised. I normally go for a more firm mattress but tried this medium on a recommendation for side-sleepers and I'm so glad I did. It's wonderful. Useful handles for turning too

Good Nights Sleep

Replaced a very old mattress. Very comfortable, good support but slightly 'springier' than I was expecting. Having said that, I've slept on it for 4 weeks now and always get a good nights sleep. Surprisingly light weight when turning it.

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress about a month ago to replace an old uncomfortable one. It’s very comfortable and I’m having a good night sleep since the very helpful delivery team delivered and installed on the top floor with no moans.

Very comfortable, great value for money

I bought this mattress about a month ago and I'm so pleased with it. Very comfortable! Our super king is quite heavy and I don't think I could manage to flip it on my own, but the handles make it easy to do with 2 people.

A Great Nights Sleep

I purchased this mattress three weeks ago and have experienced a good nights sleep every night. I would describe the mattress as medium firm and supports my pressure points very well. I would recommend this mattress.

Starts firm but breaks in quickly!

Perfect mattress. Was a bit nervous the first night or two as it was a bit firmer than I expected, but after just a couple of nights, the bed started to feel like it was forming around us and was the perfect firmness.

Firm but comfy mattress, good quality

I purchased this mattress a few weeks ago and it was a good choice. Really comfortable sleep, well supported, soft covering material. Easy to move onto the bed base. Delivery was easy to organise and fast.

Well packaged, great delivery service and comfy!

Have had this mattress about 3 weeks and it's just as expected, so comfortable and compliments our new bed frame very nicely. It was well packaged, easy to follow care instructions and delivery was spot on.

Great Mattress, Suepr Comfy!

This is a great mattress and super comfortable. I suffer from the odd back pain now and again and sleep on my back and this mattress seems to have made this so much better. I now get a good nights sleep!

So Comfy

I bought this new mattress a few weeks ago. It is so comfy it is like sleeping on a load of feathers, but still having the medium firmness that I wanted. I wish I had bought it sooner, such a good buy.

New mattress

I bought this a few weeks ago,from the delivery which was perfect,I struggle to be comfortable in bed and this mattress is like laying on cotton wool it is the nicest mattress I have ever purchased.


Took me a very long time to chose which mattress to have. Decided to buy this one and we are very happy with it. Sooooo confortable! We’re having the best night’s sleep we haven’t had for ages...

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago. To be honest, I was not sure about it at first as I had backache for a couple of nights. I soon got used to the new mattress and now love it.

Super comfortable

I purchased this from the website without trying it so took a bit of a risk. It is firmer than we are used to, but it is super comfortable and we are really pleased with our purchase!

Thick and Comfortable

Bought this a couple of weeks ago, we wanted something firm but medium, this mattress is perfect, it’s just firm enough but spongy enough to adapt to all sleeping positions, love it !

At last a wonderful nights sleep

I bought this a few weeks ago and my son said he has never slept so well .Its just so comfortable . I thought it was bad enough getting him out of bed before ,but now its impossible.

First impressions? Stunning

Spent a week on this mattress so far, and it's flawless. Myself and the Mrs have had wonderful a brilliant sleep ever since we bought it. Certainly beats what we left behind.


I bought this for my son who needed a new bed I often get my bed from dreams and this one I reviewed and was very pleased with the outcome he is so comfortable in his new bed


The is mattress is a steal! The mattress is a great comfort, not to hard and not to soft. With the added bonus of having a hypoallergenic cover. Ticks all the boxes

Fantastic mattress

I bought this mattress 2 weeks ago and it's the best night sleep I've had in years. Great service and delivery guys were on time and helpful. Highly recommended.


I bought this for my son who is disabled and it great for him. He is well happy and I am because it’s nice for him to be pain free thank you DREAMS

Just perfect!

Have had the new mattress for 3 weeks. And have been sleeping blissfully every night. It's got just the right support but also being really soft.

Superb Mattress

So very comfortable, very relaxing and puts an nend to my aching shoulders and back whilst lyimg in bed. Excellent product and well recommended.

Well made product

Purchased a couple of weeks ago just put to use. Firm but comfortable mattress well made delivery process efficient with polite, helpful staff.

Great mattress

Second mattress we’ve bought. Had one for my daughter’s room and now bought one for my parents. Great “medium” firmness, comfortable mattresses

Best nights sleep in a long time

Treated myself to a new mattress after suffering aches and pains. I can’t get over how comfy this one is and the aches are now easing.

Good quality and excellent value for money

Using the new mattress for over two months. Very happy with the purchase. The overall service was great and the delivery was timely.

Perfect nights sleep

We bought this about 2 weeks ago and we have had the most restful sleep we have had in years. Even with a 5 week old baby lol.

Great nights sleep

I bought 2 of these mattresses for my children’s rooms and they are great. Really comfortable and great value for money too

Comfortable Bed

We selected the medium and its a little soft when sitting on the edge of the bed, but really comfortable when lying on it.

Amazingly comfortable

Had this for a few weeks now and we're so pleased with it. It's so comfortable and supportive and we sleep so much better

Amazing firm mattress

We wanted a medium to firm mattress due to having back problems with previous mattress. No issues since we have had this.

Super comfy

Best mattress I have ever had! I’m now sleeping like a baby and feel nice and refreshed in the morning. Thank you dreams!

Find the perfect mattress

Great service and knowledge of the mattress. I have already recommended the mattress to my friend and family members.

So comfy!

We brought this mattress at the beginning of the month after looking at lots and we are very happy with our choice!

Great night's sleep

Bought this mattress for my son who said he has had the most comfortable sleeps ever since using the new mattress.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable mattress. Supportive - exactly right firmness and had several great nights sleep since buying it

Great features

We've had this mattress a fortnight now and sleeping so much better. What's more my back pains have all but gone.

Still to prove a good buy

After only two weeks of usage still need to be convinced this was the best buy, as recommended by Which, for me.

A Good Buy

So very pleased with my new mattress. Long overdue purchase. Good quality, very comfortable and a good price.

Just lovely

So comfortable, and I no longer wake up with the risk of a bad back after a big 10-hour slumber. Love it!

Very good product at a great price

After having our old mattress for many years this is so much more comfortable, excellent value for money

Very comfortable

Such good value for money, very comfortable, not had a bad nights sleep since having this mattress

Great comfort

Excellent service and delivery from the Dreams team. Mattress comfortable. Perfect combination.

Perfect- not too soft not too firm

I have had this for just over two weeks and I have slept like a baby every night. It is perfect.

Amazing sleep mattress

Since I’ve had this mattress my husband and myself have sleept good so very happy thanks Dreams

So comfy

Mattress is just brilliant so so comfortable. Just the right firmness as well. Would recommend


Honestly the best mattress I have ever bought. So comfortable. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Impressive features

Bought this a month s go but not happy with the fitness of it it’s not that grate

Great nights sleep

Lovely thick mattress, very comfortable. Don’t want to get up in the morning now!


Really comfortable and makes a really good night sleep...over the moon with this.

Great mattress

Had it a few weeks now. Very comfortable, me and my other half are sleeping well.

Seems great

So far so good. Still getting used to sleeping on a different type of mattress.

Really comfy

Happy with purchase, really comfortable and getting some much needed sleep now

Good night's sleep!!!!!

Bought mattress a month ago,very pleased at last a comfortable night's sleep!!

Great nights seep

Bought this mattress 6 weeks ago and had many nights of great relaxing sleep.

Super comfortable

Bought this a few weeks ago, and haven't had a bad nights sleep since.


Have slept on this mattress for two weeks now and find it just right

Very comfortable bed

Didn't Have a clue which bed to go for, glad we chose the bed we did

Very comfortable

Great nights sleep had by both of us every night. Very comfortable

Quality mattress

Had many a comfortable night’s sleep since we had it delivered.

Excellent purchase

Very pleased with our purchase - wish we had bought it before


The mattress is very comfortable and good value for money


Mattress is really comfortable and a great nights sleep.

Very comfortable mattress

Excellent nights sleep since purchasing this mattress

Good night's sleep

So comfortable should have bought one 5 years ago.

Comfort extreme!

Best mattress (& bed!) I have ever bought!!