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Tinsley Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Storage & Drawers Rated 4/5 based on 200 customer reviews

Tinsley Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Storage & Drawers

4/5 - 200 Read Reviews


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What Makes The Tinsley Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Storage & Drawers Great

The instore sales manager came and addressed me and my wife whilst we were looking for a bed and were going to make the purchase online because of the nectar points. Speaking with the sales manager and doing the purchase in store we were able to get a much better deal than what we were originally going to get. The sale was quick, was easy and delivery dates were set for the bed and the mattress at a time in the future whilst we waited for the confirmation of delivery and construction of the bed. Thinking we had a 7 week wait based on internet schedules we set the delivery of the mattress for around then, however we got a message just some two \ three weeks later saying beds ready and well come and do it all then... bonza! just got to get the mattress sorted Called up the team who were delivering the mattress, yes sir, no problem, all done and delivered on the same day. Installation of the bed was great, delivery man and installer turned up before the appointed time, understood we needed to keep doors closed because of pets and kids so brought everything in and started building away. My daughter, a beautiful little three year old wanted to help the man, but after being told she needed to go to nursery said thank you and good bye. the man (is how he will now be known) was polite and said your welcome to my daughter and continued to build the bed and in no time it was up and ready for the mattress. Very happy with the quality of the build and the materials used, would happily use them again.

Recommended age: 6+

Suitable with a standard 3’0 single mattress with a maximum depth of 15cm

Comes with solid slats

Good quality wooden slats that will help ensure the mattress stays in top shape. Remember that slats need to be the right distance apart, so consult manufacturer guidelines when building

Maximum mattress depth is 15cm

This bed frame can only safely support a depth of 15cm due to manufacturing guidelines and safe operating usage. Increased depth may create risk of falling out of the bed when you sleep.

Painted wood

Double-sided blue / pink panels

Ladder can be built to the left or the right

Delivery not available to Northern Ireland

There are certain delivery restrictions for this product and unfortunately we will be unable to ship goods to Northern Ireland

Customer Reviews For The Tinsley Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Storage & Drawers

Based on 200 review

Lovely bed

We took delivery of this bed a couple of weeks ago and, after a few delivery issues, I am pleased to say that it has been very well received by my 7 year old daughter. I managed to persuade the builders that were already doing some work at our house to put the bed up for us. It took them nearly three hours, with plenty of muttering, cursing and sighing, and complaints that the instructions were usesless. Nevertheless, we now have a brilliant addition to my daughter’s box room. We have used the free-standing box unit that comes with it elsewhere in the room, leaving accessible space under the bed which had been turned into a reading and Lego den, also giving us some much needed space for more storage tucked under the pull-out desk. It’s a brilliant solution for a small space. It feels very sturdy, and I have a feeling this will be in use for many years to come.


Excellent storage

We bought this a month ago for our 6yo daughter who was in desperate need to move out of her toddler bed which she’d been in for 4 years and just didn’t fit! She wanted bunk beds, we wanted the extra storage to try and relieve some floor space = this was an excellent solution! We got the version with the drawers, but will store those away for a few years as she wants the space underneath to make a den. The two sets of storage cubes (one on the end of the desk, and one much deeper standalone set) have certainly helped with keeping much of her ‘stuff’ in check. It took two of us about 2 hours (maybe a bit more) to build the bed, the desk & the storage cube. Generally pretty straightforward with the instructions. One very happy daughter and a much tidier bedroom!


Great Size and Storage

Although we had to wait approx 5 weeks for delivery, the bed, desk, storage units and drawers, once assembled (approx 3-4 hrs for 1 person) met with my 6 yr old son's approval and was the envy of his 9 yr old brother. Quality of build is very good and I hope it will stand the test of time. No reason that it shouldn't as far as I can see. The bed fit perfectly in a small bedroom. The dimensions provided were spot on (they needed to be as I'd fully measured the room, position of radiators windows, door and fitted cupboard openings. It also provides the much needed storage for my son's toys and books. My youngest son even has a desk just like his older two siblings. A very happy boy. Only problem now is that the older two would also like new beds!


Super sturdy with great storage

Received this bed a few weeks ago. I cannot believe the difference it has made to my daughter's bedroom. The storage unit being removable is great and has been very useful so far for teddy storage. Compatible storage boxes available from Argos (ikea ones are too big) Remaining space under the bed has made a great den for her. We out up some battery powered lights and she loves it. Also put some protective foam to stop head bumps. The height is great and the bed has been able to take mine and my wife's weight no problem. No a groan or creak to be heard which was a worry of ours seeing as she had a low down single bed before that used to struggle (it was rubbish in general). Can't say a single bad word against this product.


Great, sturdy midsleeper

This is a really good bed. Well made and sturdy. It doesn’t creak when my son climbs around on it and is strong enough that I can lie on it with him if he wants a cuddle. We already had Stompa bunk beds that we knew were sturdy so debated getting a Stompa midsleeper. I’m glad we didn’t. The quality of this one is just as good (in fact looks no different) and it was much better value for money. It has loads of storage and the drawers and shelves are free standing so can be positioned where you want (desk is fixed and slides in & out). My son has made a den under his and loves it. We paid for the people delivering it to assemble it so I can’t comment on how easy it would be to assemble yourself.


Lovely sturdy bed, long wait.

Happy with purchase. Really solid bed that my son adores. We bought everything. He has his clothes in the drawers which are quite big. He uses the cubes for soft toys, Lego and books as they are really deep. He loves the ‘den’ underneath which we have put lights in. It is painted wood and you can see the effect of the wood coming through which I quite like. However it did take an absolute age to arrive, the full 8 weeks from paying the full amount to delivery, which is a very long time to a 4 year old. The lack of communication was appalling, I rang the company twice and they were rude and unhelpful. Finally I received an email a week before arrival to give me a date.


Great quality and great piece of bedroom furniture

My daughter and i spent a few months looking at different mid sleepers as we were redecorating her bedroom as she had outgrown pink and Frozen! This is just perfect. i love that we were able to go an see it in a showroom rather than just relying on looking at at a picture on the internet. The staff were really helpful and it only took minutes to order the item. It was delivered with 4 weeks direct from the manufacturer and the delivery guys couldn't have been more helpful. I paid extra for assembly which they completed in less than an hour. My daughter (10) loves the bed and the desk. Tonnes of storage, really solid. Looks great.


Great Space Saving Bed

Bought this last month for our 6 year old as there is limited space in her bedroom and she likes sleepovers so went for the full draws, book case and bed settee, I agree with other review that the bed isn't as sturdy as you'd like when climbing the ladders, its a shame there isn't a way to secure it more than the 2 screws! Looks great though and the draws/book case good quality, only other gripe is the instructions for the bed which aren't the most straightforward, clear head needed and an afternoon! Daughter was a little nervous first night but now she loves it!


Nice bed!

I bought this bed a couple of months ago for my 6 year old daughter. She absolutely loves it and it looks great in her room! The only things that I was disappointed with is the bed feels quite wobbly when you climb the ladder, and it's very creaky when she's in it, we can hear her moving from our bedroom across the hall. I didn't expect this considering the price we paid for the bed, I thought it would have felt more sturdy. We had dreams assemble the bed, so we know it's safe and assembled correctly. Apart from that the bed is lovely.



Brought this for my son and he loves it. Delivery was a bit of a faff, they text me the day before and stated it would be delivered, I was out so responded to rearrange only to be told they would contact me in 3 weeks. Once delivered it came in three packages and I was able to assemble by myself in a couple of hours. Assembly instructions we clear and easy to follow except for the tent part that wasn’t clear but it was fairly self explanatory without instructions. The bed is lovely and sturdy, looks great.


This is an awesome all in one bed for Kids

I bought this bed as we had limited space and storage. My daughter now has more room to play with her toys in her room and draw on her desk. The steps are very save and even my 2 year old climbs up and down without help. The best bit for my daughter is the den that sits under her desk where she keeps her favorite toys. Finally I have to say that the 2 guys from Dreams who put the bed together were awesome. The bed was erected in about 35 minutes saving me the stress of doing it alone.


Lovely piece of furniture

We ordered this for our sons new bigger bedroom & was initially told it would be a 6-8 week wait, however 1 week later it arrived - albeit at 6:15 in the morning! We assembled most of it with no real problems although the desk was a bit tricky to do. It looks great, nice & solid and my son loves it! The only small criticism would be to make the coloured panels white as you can see the pink from certain positions in my sons bedroom, but other than that its perfect! .


Great bed once setup but some problems with build

Excellent design and our son is delighted. Marked down due to significant problem during assemby. The bolts holding the legs to the main frame fit through a washer and are then tightened. Howver the bolt heads kept slipping through meaning the bed legs weren't properly tightened. I had to buy some washers and cut a slice out of each to make sure it was secure. I will contact dreams to explain with photos and hopefully this will be corrected. Otherwise delighted.


Mid sleeper with tent

Bought this one having visited our local store and seen it in the flesh, it seemed ok. Having waited 4-5 weeks for delivery we assembled it and now appears to be pulling apart at the head and foot end of the bed. Due to the design it appears the top bar is only held in place by wooden dowels that are glued but due to my child getting in and out of the bed, the movement on the whole frame has opened these joints. Hoping to get this issue sorted with Dreams.


Perfect for playful children

We bought two of these mid sleepers for our boys as their first “big boy” beds. They absolutely love the ‘den space’ underneath and instantly transferred all their story books and toys into the cube shelves. As for bedtime nothing beats having to climb up a ladder and sleeping up high. They are well made and sturdy and easy to put together. The ladder can be either side as can the pull out desk so it does give you options for placement in their bedrooms.


Superb Bed for a young child

We purchased this bed (with drawers and table included) for our 5 yo Daughter who wanted a bunk bed but we were not keen, so went for this as a compromise. Its well built & sturdy. These mid-height sleepers only accommodate a 15 cm deep mattress, so we purchased a 1000 spring firm mattress from another retailer but it depends on what you and your child want in terms of firmness. Our daughter loves the bed and we are happy with the purchase.


Great sturdy bed.

We bought this bed for our 7 year old and we are delighted with it. It is well made, very sturdy and looks great. He uses the pull out desk as his bedside table and he absolutely loves the space underneath which he has turned into a cosy den. The chubby holes offer great extra storage. Overall, it feels like a great quality bed and it looks fantastic. Would highly recommend. (It did take a lot longer than suggested in the instructions to build!)


Good bed

Got this bed two weeks ago to replace a toddler bed and after first night when our daughter wasn t sure of her footing on the steps which are quite narrow ( she s a but younger than recommended age) and a bump or two of the head on the raised bedside, she fell in love with the bed and sleeps better than before. Loves the den behind the desk too. Overall we are very pleased. Took about 5hrs to put together with a coffee break in between..


Lovely and functional

This is a lovely midsleeper. My son has a tiny room and I was worried that I wouldn't have enough room to tidy everything in a midsleeper, but this one has a decent size chest of drawer and desk, which can be used as a bedside table too and is wide enough for him to draw and write on. The bookcases under the bed and desk are very big and can fit plenty of things. All in all, it's a functional but lovely bedroom.


Great bed

Really pleased with the son is nearly six and loves it. Easy to build (so my hubby says) very sturdy and well made so no creaking or movement. Great size bed not too high, desk pulls out so we've even got room for more storage or a den under the bed. the drawers are deep so plenty of room in them, we got some nice grey canvas boxes from bnq which fit in the cubes perfectly . Would definitely recommend.


Solid good quality mid sleeper

I bought this after looking at many other mid sleepers from different companies and so pleased I chose this one from Dreams. My 10year old son is thrilled to bits with it and loves the pull out desk feature. The drawers provide adequate storage for his needs. We chose not to use the shelving cube that came with it and my son likes to use the space underneath the bed behind the drawers as a secret den.


An extremely happy little boy

My son and I choose this bed on a whim, he really liked the set up in the Dreams store in Telford, and when the bed arrived both myself and my son were not disapointted. Once built, which I must say was extremely straight forward with very easy to follow instructions, my son has a very sturdy and smart looking bed that fits into his room like a gem. Very happy with our purchase. A great looking bed.


Lovely bed, fantastic service

I bought the bed in August, and had it installed in October. Although, it was ready to be delivered and installed in September. The company was very accommodating and understanding when I needed to have the delivery date postponed. The office staff and the installers were brilliant and very professional. The bed is beautiful, it has all features we needed, and most importantly my daughter loves it.


Solid Mid Sleeper

I bought this Bed just under 4 weeks ago and decided to construct it myself. Diagrams were very easy to follow, it took just under 3 Hours to put together which i was quite happy about. All fixtures and fittings were good as was the quality of the structure. Our 6 year old daughter is so happy with it especially the little den she has underneath. Would definitely recommend this Bed if anyone asked.


Ticks all the boxes! 10/10

Needed a bed to fit into our sons rather small bedroom. This bed is a great size and the add ons (chest of drawers, desk and storage cubes) make it a great buy. Ideal for maximising space. It went together well and the instructions were easy to follow. I would recommend. (Please note , the pic attached to this review was taken before any of the add on items were built. The pic shows the bed only).



Bought this last month for my 6 year old! He absolutely loves it! Frees up a lot more space in his bedroom due to the storage and all the under bed space. Which he also uses as a den! Great quality and very sturdy. He’s slept in his bed all night every night since he’s been in his new bed.. him sleeping through was always a big problem for us so now everyone is getting a full night sleep!


Great Little Mid Sleeper

Bought this mid sleep for my little one and he absolutely loves it, dimensions are correct to the exact mm as it was a perfect fit in his room. Parks ver labelled clearly and very easy to assembly. Imovedthe ladder on the other side and the pull out cupboard to the centre, this was a quick modification to the spec andfitting sheet but still works perfectly! very happy with the purchase!


Tinsley bed awesome

Bought this for my 7 year old lads bedroom we done it out in star wars theme he was visiting family down south at the time When he came back his reaction was brilliant and touching Since then my son has had the best sleep he has ever had sleeping all through the night and we have to wake him up which is unheard of Brilliant product and me and my wife found it so easy to put together


Dreams make dreams happen!

Our new cabin bed has a high quality finish and feels very safe. Our Son loves it and falls asleep much quicker, and sleeps in for longer so a parent's dream!! In hindsight I would have paid the extra to have someone build it, as it does take a while, but the instructions were easy to follow. Thank you Dreams for excellent value for money and for a boy who sleeps!!


Lovely, sturdy children's bed

My child has now had this bed for about a month and loves it. It is sturdy enough that I can climb up there with her to read a story. the storage is fantastic although I was disappointed that the insets have to be blue or pink as i thought white was an option. It would be great if this bed came with a clip on shelf as it is hard to know if other brands will fit.


Great for kids

Bought this for our 7 year old son. He originally wanted a bunk bed but after noticing this in store we thought it would be more practical. It's not too high, steps are flat & easier to go up. It's great for storage too. Have space under the bed as well as the cube style shelves. Can also pull out one of the storage units to use as a desk. Very happy with this.


Great bed

Brought for my 9 year who has small room . It did take quite bit time to put together (5 boxes ) but when it was finally done was very pleased. The drawers are quite deep so hold lot clothes . The bed is well disigned and made . There is hiding space behind desk/ storage . It’s given a lot more space in a small room wish I’d bought one sooner


Dreams Tinsley Midsleeper

The Tinsley Midsleeper was brought for my grandson as a christmas present. My wife and I spent many hours searching for Midsleeper. The Midsleeper arrived and installed by dreams fitter who was excellent. The best moment was when my grandson was shown the midsleeper for the first. To say he was pleased was an understatement. Well done Dreams


Fab bed! My 5 year old loves it!

Great bed! Bought it for my son for his 5th birthday and he loves it! Doesn’t want to get out of it! Don’t believe the 35 minute build time though and if given the option get someone to build it (sadly I wasn’t offered this service otherwise I would have!) and don’t forget to order the extras as they don’t come with it! Mattress and drawers!


Great, solid build - son loves it!

Ordered this for our son as a Christmas present. He’s a bit younger than the age range (4) but no issues at all, he gets up and down on it fine and it feels safe for him. He loves it, every bedtime story is now in his ‘den’. Took a couple of hours to build the shelves but all went together well and it is totally solid. Will last for years.


Solid with great storage and value for money.

From the moment of order to delivery then assembly this process could not have gone smoother! Then the look of my little mans face when we surprised his with his new mid sleeper was just the best. It is more than just a bed, it's a desk and his fort. It is great value for money as have seen similar for almost double the price.


Amazing Storage!

This is the best bed if Soave is an issue. So much storage under it, between the large sized drawers and the cubes, which are much deeper than I expected and there is even a little room at the back to store a couple of memory boxes. Best bed we have bought yet! Very happy! Ps pay the extra to get them to build it definitely!


Great space saver

I bought this midsleeper for my sons bedroom. He has the smallest room in our house and this bed fits perfectly. I love the storage cube and chest of drawers. I love about this best is there is space behind the drawers and cube for storage. It's great that you can choose which side you want the desk and ladder.


Nice, smart and sturdy

I bought this for my son as he has quite a small room and we needed something to utilise the space. It is very sturdy and I like the fact it is real wood (so could be repainted in years to come). He loves the little ‘den’ underneath. It has great storage and instantly made his room tidier and more smart.


Sturdy, spacious and super comfy.

We looked at lots of cheaper beds online before purchasing this one - we did visit the Truro store before making our decision and so glad that we did, the quality is great and far better than my daughter’s friend who has a mid-sleeper which in comparison is of quite poor quality in feel and appearance.


Great bed!

Bought this bed for my 8 year old Son. I paid extra for the desk and drawers which was worth every penny. It's very sturdy and has lots of storage space. My Son is delighted as not only can he display his lego he now has his den underneatg. I would highly recommend this bed. Thank you dreams :-)


Tinsley Midisleeper

I ordered this midisleeper from Dreams, ordering was easy, delivery at the time promised. We requested that the bed was assembled, this was completed within 2 hours and perfect. My 6year old son loves his new bed and the den below. The storage beneath means our small bedroom has space to play.


Great first bed for my 5 year old

Bought this for our son's first 'big bed' as he has a small room and it has room underneath for storage. It took about 8 weeks from ordering to delivery, but apart from that we have no complaints. Bed is well made and looks good, was fairly easy to put together. My son loves his new bed.


Tinsley midsleeper

I bought this bed a few months ago and arrived quicker than expected. The little lad loves it. Can hide underneath which we have made in to a play den with lights, can move around the cube storage depending on your room size. Great bed. Bought on an offer so was great value for money.


Practical and sturdy

Looked at many different options, some cheaper (which didn't look like they would last) and some more expensive. This has to be the best of the lot, value for money and the storage options makes it work! Plenty of space in the drawers and the desk is a good size to actually be used.,


Sturdy and easy to put together

I brought this bed just over a month ago, we also brought the chest of drawers to go with it. It took a couple of hours to build but was easy to do. The bed itself is very sturdy, I would highly recommend. The only downside is being high up it’s not as easy to change the bed!!!


Great storage

I got this bed a few weeks ago for my son. He has a small room and the bed is great for storage. He absolutely loves the bed, and was desperate to put his books on the shelves and use the desk. He is a budding writer so absolutely loves it. It’s a great bed and great storage.


Perfect big girl bed!

I ordered this for my 5 year old daughter as she had outgrown her previous bed. Firstly it was delivered weeks before the estimated time and built for us. It’s easy for her to climb the stairs herself and she loves it. With the desk and storage, it will last her a good while.


Great Kids Bed

We bought this for our 7 year old son and he absolutely loves it! He has spent hours in his 'den' and loves the shelves for his books and figures. We opted for the assembly service which was great, it took them 45 minutes to put together and all packaging was taken away.


Strong and well built

Really happy with this bed. I would say it’s need atleast two people to build but overall the bed is really sturdy, great space underneath and my little one is delighted with it! Makes the room feel bigger given how much storage and toys can go underneath! Very happy :)


Lovely bed

We bought this a month ago for our 3 year old and she absolutely loves it. Lots of storage and room for a den underneath. Really solid piece of furniture and looks great. We also paid for the assembly package which was excellent- so glad we did. It was quick and easy.


Great product

I bought this 3 weeks ago for my daughter and myself. Setting up was easy with the instructions provided. The bed itself is sturdy. My daughter loves this bunk bed. Although she was scared of the ladder initially, she is now used to it and climbs up all by herself.


Fantastic bed

I was jubious getting a cabin bed but so many friends recommend them. Some reviews said that the bed creaked but I have no concerns regarding stability. Took a good 5 hours for us to put it together but apart from the cube shelves, it was all pretty easy to manage.


Unbelievably happy little girl

Brought this bed for my little girl, as she as the box room this bed frees up so much room with the chester drawers under the bed. The drawers are so big and can fit so much in! The under bed storage is brillant as well but it is at the moment my little girl's den.


Excellent Quality, Well Worth The Money

We did our research and you can get cheaper cabin beds online but so glad we ordered the Tinsley Midsleeper from Dreams. Excellent service and the quality of the bed is second to none. So glad we paid the extra to have the furniture assembled. Thank you Dreams.


Kids Love It

Naught this for my eldest son after he out grew his toddler bed. Straight forward to build yourself and only needed help from the Mrs when you stand the frame up, other than that it can be built on your own. The boy loves it, especially his “den” underneath.


Great midsleeper bed at a great price

I wanted to get a bed which was good value, but sturdy and built to last. We got it in the winter sale so the price was reduced, but the quality of the product is very good. It was very easy to build and our son is very much enjoying his new big boy's bed!


Amazing value

We went into store to buy a bed for us and ended up buying a bed for our son instead. The quality was excellent and a really good price. (We also got 20%off for buying a mattress too) my son loves it and he can go under it too and makes it his little den.


Great kids’ bed!

Bought this for my10 year old son. Was delivered punctually and assembled perfectly. Bed feels sturdy and good quality. Spacious drawers and very practical to store and display bits and bobs. And best of all my son is over the moon and now loves bedtime!


Great Bed

I brought this 2 months back and have just set it up last week. My 7 year old is absolutely ballistic about the bed! She loves it. I had bought the memory foam mattress with it and its so comfortable. All in all great purchase. Would really recommend.


High! Good quality.

It is very high. Do measure... almost impossible to change bed linen. Be aware that cube unit and drawers are not attached to each other or to the bed so could move around. Good quality. The delivery guy had it built within an hour - most impressed.


Such a good quality bed

I absolutely love this bed. It’s such good quality and it has so much storage.y whole family love it and my nephews have even been pestering their parents for one. I will definitely be purchasing another one once my daughter is old enough for one.


Great addition to a small bedroom!

Purchased for a 5 year old boy. He has the small box room so this was a perfect addition. Quality at home build service which I was delighted with as my DIY skills are non existent! No product complaints. Delivered quicker than anticipated too.


Outstanding product

I brought two of these for my teenage boys about 2 months ago and they absolutely love them. Delivery was prompt and a very polite man came and put them together and removed all the packaging. 100% recommend this product for people of any age


Fantastic Child's bed

This is the second mid sleeper I have purchased and am delighted. My children love the 'Den' underneath and it's perfect for them as they continue to grow. There is so much additional storage for all an 11 and 10 year old need. Perfect product


Great bed

We bought this a month ago and my son loves it. The quality is good and being able put the drawers and shelves where we want it great as we had limited space. It did take us twice as long to put up as it says it should, but once up it was great.


Lovely bed.

I brought this bed for my son. Lovely bed, comfy mattress. Only downside is the pink panelling on the other side of the blue. You can see this under the bed and my son (and us) not happy with it. We are going to put a poster over it or paint it!


Great compact bed and storage

Bought a month ago for my 4 year old son. Built on my own, would have been useful if parts were lavelled/numbered to help when following instructions, but built it in a few hours ok. Great compact bed with storage units to have in box bedroom.


Great bed

Bought this beginning of feb and had it delivered within 7 weeks. My daughter was absolutely thrilled with it! Loves the little hideaway she can play in and loves the table she can do her homework at in peace and quiet away from her brothers!


Bunk bed delight

Had this delivered a week ago, paid for the assembly. Quick and easy for him to do. Really happy with it. Great you can choose which side to put the stairs, wish the other models had this choice. Draw is huge, to put all their toys in.


Great space saver!

I bought this for my son’s 5th Birthday as he needed a ‘big boys bed’. Very straight forward to assemble. Great finish & quality. He can easily climb up & down the ladder safely. Fabulous under bed den space. Perfect for a small room.


Great, solid bed - son DELIGHTED!

Great, sturdy bed. Went together really simply. Delivery brilliant (for both the mattress which was delivered by Dreams and the bed, delivered by third party). Have absolutely no quibbles and have an absolutely delighted little boy!


Great Kids Bed

Second one of these we have bought, very impressed by the value. Kids love them! Couple of little small points with minor dinks out the wood work here and there but nothing to be overly worried about. Overall well made and sturdy.


Lovely Bed

Just had this 1 week. Delivery took longer than expected. My son loves it sleeps well good quality and secure. Took more than a day to build need more than one person to build. Overpriced but keeps my son happy. Plenty of storage.


Great product perfect for your childs first bed.

Bought this last month, very easy to assemble and my daughter loves it! With the chest of drawers, cube and desk theres plenty storage space that frees up space in the bedroom and also leaves a space in behind for a wee hideaway!



Had delivery about 2 weeks ago., and it took about 2hours to put together as per instructions., my daughter loves it - she loves the desk that can just be pulled out so she can do her home-work., brilliant bed for a small rooms.


Great quality product

I bought this mid sleeper for my 7 year old daughter. She loves everything about it. The quality is outstanding it's going to last for years. We paid Dreams to build to build it for us. Excellent quick service.Thank you Dreams.


Love these beds

Bought two of these for both my kids my children absolutely love these they also look the part really good quality,one thing I would say took my husband about four days in total to complete in-between doing his normal job,lol.


Great space saver

My 6 year old loves this. It great as it's not too high and he love the box shelves. We didn't use the desk as opted to have more space for him to play. It can always be added in when he's older. Easy to follow instructions.


small space wonder

We bought this for our 2 youngest kids age 5 &9 , great for small &narrow spaces . Fantastic quality &the delivery men built it up for us . Kids love it &finally the youngest is out our room &settled in bunk bed room .


Amazing childs bed!

I brought this item & also paid for assembly. The assembly was super fast & great service, ny little girl loves the bed & once the desk is pulled out she has a den underneath, more than happy! Very solid & sturdy too


Easy build, sturdy

Bought for my daughter, very easy to assemble, although did take us more than the advised 1 hour! Seems to be a good sturdy bed. I bought with the recommended mattress which means it is safer for my little girl.


Good strong bed

I bought this in November got delieved Dec.. was a wait for the bed but was happy when it was built up as it's a good strong bed and jus what my son waited as we had looked around for a while for a good decent bed


Would definitely recommend

Perfect for my little ones small box room. It has so much storage and a variety of ways to put it together to make use of the room as possible. Very well made and the instructions were very clear to understand.


Good for small bedrooms.

I bought the middlesleeper three months ago and found the instructions easy to follow. I think the midsleeper could be a little shorter with the ladder my son found the bed difficult to go up and down the ladder.


Great Product

We bought this product for our daughter and we so glad we did! It was so easy to assemble and our daughter loves it! The pull out desk is a great feature and all the various storage bits are great for toys etc.


Great style

I brought this a month a ago I’m glad I did my son loves it . It’s creates more space in his small room . The only issue I have have with it is there is slight movement and it creeks when he moves in his sleep


Generally decent quality

Bought this for my Son. He seems really happy with it. I like that it's solid wood. Only niggle is the metal fixtures for the storage which were clearly cheap and 2 of them broke while we were building it.



Brought this midsleeper for my daughters tiny bedroom. My husband built the bed which came with very clear instructions. The quality and design of the bed is fantastic and we have one very happy little girl.


Good for a tight space

I bought this for my 10 year old daughter who has the smallest room and this fits really well. She's settled in very well and likes the space underneath as a secret den. The bed is very sturdy and well made.


Really loved this bed

What a great bed, really impressed. Loads of storage just what we needed. Would highly recommend. The bedroom isn't very big and this just fit great giving the extra storage we needed and my boy loves it.


Great purchase

Purchased this bed for my six year old. Good delivery and fairly straight forward to put together. My daughter loves it and it looks great in her newly decorated bedroom and stores all her stuff nicely.


Sturdy bed!

I bought this a month ago for an 8 year old. My child loves it! Not to high, the desk has come in very handy, plenty of storage & space underneath for a ‘den!’ Very happy customer & equally happy child.


Really good sturdy bed

This is a really good sturdy bed and looks good too. Drawer underneath is a useful feature. Delivery was quick and well communicated, fitters were brilliant. Really happy with the product and service.


Perfect solution for a small bedroom

My nephew delighted with his new bed. It’s sturdy (his Dad tried it out) and looks great. Was told it would take 6 - 8 weeks for delivery but was delivered within 4 weeks. Very impressed with service.


Overall a great bed

We are very happy with the bed. it is very well made the drawers are deep and strong. Plenty of storage options And most importantly our daughter loves it Would definitely recommend to anyone.


Good solid bed with amazing storage

We bought this bed in December for our 6 year old. It's sturdy, offers loads of flexible storage and even provides a secret hiding place! He loves it as do his friends who visit. Amazing value!


Great product

I bought this for my 7 year old and she absolutely loves it....she has the desk for being grown up and she has made a den underneath for her pals! Very sturdy and looks smart and tidy too.....


Very sturdy, looks great

Definitely takes more than the stated time to construct unless you’ve done it before maybe. But don’t let that put you off. Full instructions provided. Looks smart and daughter loves her den!


Great quality - stylish and reasonably priced.

Really impressed with the bed - it looks great. I did a lot of research before choosing bunk beds and believe that these are the best value for money out there in terms of style and quality.

Questions and Answers About Tinsley Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Storage & Drawers

It says that the maximum suitable mattress height is 15cm, but your range of childrens mattresses are more than this... can you list or recommend the suitable childrens mattresses for this product please, otherwise what's the point?!

Answer: Hello , Our Ready Matt range would suit this bed, not all single mattresses are for children that is why our high quality products come in many different depths. You can view the Ready Matt Support here: or the Ready Matt Foam here:

Hello, can you tell me whether we can buy it without the storage cube as we don't really need this? Thanks

Answer: Hi , If the cube is in the picture it comes with and you cannot separate however there are many different examples of this product online without the cube, if the set up you like best has the cube in the picture then I am really sorry it does come with the bed although you can remove it from the set up if you prefer to. Thank you.

What is the max weight to sleep. In this bed?

Answer: , We currently don’t specify a weight limit to our bedframes, however all bunk beds are tested to the British Standard EN747 structural test for strength and stability. We also recommend that no more than one person can sleep or sit on the top bunk at one time Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the tent cover both ends of the bed? Also can you supply the dimensions of the openings at the end and side of the bed?

Answer: Hello , My apologies for the delay in answering your questions. The tent covers front elevation and 1 end only. You can choose which end you would like this to be. The entrance of the tent is approximately 40cm wide. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

We love this! However we would be looking to build it in the right top corner of room. Looking from foot of the bed, Can ladders be fitted on left side near foot of bed and desk be pulled out to the left at the head end of the bed? 

Answer: , The ladder can be positioned on the right or left hand side of the bed but is unable to go on the foot end of the bed. In addition, the chest of drawers and storage cubes are free standing units and so can be positioned where desired. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is white the only colour this bed comes in - wondering if there is a similar option in light brown please

Answer: , The Tinsley Midsleeper is only available in white and is unfortunately not available in any other colour option. The Kenny Midsleeper is a similar style to this frame and is also available in a light brown. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is weight limit / age limit for bed? In earlier questions your advisors have said Helen-m1 answered children only BUT manny9 said no age limit and currie 7 said sturdy enough to hold an adult.  Please can you provide a definitive answer. Thank you 

Answer: Hi , There is an age limit due to bed frames potentially being unsafe for younger years. All of our bed frames are designed to hold an adult, therefore this bed will be fine for any age. Thank you for your question.

Could you please confirm whether or not the desk and cube storage can be placed in the opposite positions to those pictured ie drawers next to ladder and cube in end of bed as answers so far are conflicting?

Answer: Hi , The drawers and cube are freestanding so you will be able to move these how you wish. However we recommend that these are placed as pictured for the most efficient use of space. Many thanks for your question.

i am looking at the tinsley midsleeper with storage and wondered if I can have the drawers and ladder can go on the other side of the bed with the storage and desk in the middle. Have looked at the questions asked and seems to be varied answers. Thanks

Answer: Hi , Yes the ladder can be built on either side and the drawers and other components are all free standing so that you can put them to where you would like them. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Does the tent cover both ends of the bed and if not, can it be moved to either end of the bed, as I will need it to cover the opposite end of what is showing in the picture? 

Answer: Hello , Sorry for the delay in answering your question. The tent can be moved to either end of the bed so the covering panel can be at the end of your choice. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Does the desk need to be fixed at the end or can it be fitted to the middle as it is not free standing as stated as the rails are screwed to the bed frame ?

Answer: , The desk is directly attached to the frame of the bed. You can only attach the desk to either end of the desk, unfortunately you would not be able to place this in the middle. Kind regards Dreams

What are the slats made of please and does the under storage drawer have wheels on it. What mattress would you recommend? Thank you

Answer: Hello , Any standard single mattress will be suitable for this bed frame, the drawers do not have wheels underneath, and the slats are made from solid wood. Thank you for your questions and I hope this helps.

Does the bed come assembled?  Can the ladder be placed at either end?

Answer: Hello , No this bed does not come assembled. You can opt for us to assemble this for you during the checkout out process. Yes the ladder can go at either end. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Please can you tell me the depth of the top bunk from slats to top rail. And is it a 3ft matterise I should be looking at?? Thank you 

Answer: Hello , You need a mattress with a maximum depth of 18 cm for the top bunk and 3" is the mattress you require. We have many options for this within our kids mattress range. Many thanks for the question.

Hi is the wax act width 106 including the ladder or is that extra. We have a very small room. If we had the chest of drawers at the front next to desk would it go all the way to the back of the bed.?( so is the depth of the chest the same width of the bed

Answer: , I can confirm 106cm includes the ladder, depth is 99cm not including the ladder the drawers and the cube storage unit are interchangeable but not as deep as the full bed Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the desk have to be add or can that be left off the bed frame and added on at another stage?

Answer: , The desk is not an integral part of the structure of the frame so this can be left off the frame. However we don't currently sell this frame without the desk option Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the nearest store that has this on display please. Postcode LE11.

Answer: Hello , You're nearest store with this bed on display is in Willowbrook Retail Park. Willowbrook Retail Park, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 5AD Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

This says painted wood and MDF. Which parts are solid wood and which are MDF please?

Answer: Hi , It is a mixture of solid wood and MDF. The legs, ladder, sides and slat support rail are solid wood (and slats). The headboard and 2 top rails are MDF so 4 pieces of MDF in total. Thank you.

Do you have to put the cubes under the bed or can I leave it as open play space?

Answer: , Yes, the cubes are free standing and are not integral for the structure of the bed. Therefore they can be moved out from under the bed and positioned where required. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this bed suitable for two adults?

Answer: Hello , There is no specific age limit for this bed, however we do sell it as a children's bed, and recommend it is used by children only. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the maximum weight this bed can hold please? Can it take adult's weight I.e for visitors? Thanks

Answer: Hello , This bed does not have a specific weight limit, however it is sold as a children's bed and we recommend it is used by children only. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What age is this suitable up until roughly My child is 6.

Answer: Hi , This bed frame has no age limit and would be sturdy enough to hold an adult. Therefore, it is down to your preference as to how long you use the frame for. We hope this helps you.

I went into your chandlers ford branch today and was told you could swap this as I need the draws on the left and the desk on the right ..... is this true .......... the answers on your site seem to contradict what he has said .... please confirnn

Answer: Hi , If you mean the drawers at the end of the bed these will only fit at either end of the midsleeper but all compartments are moveable. I hope that helps. Many thanks for the question.

What is the recommended weight the bed can withstand?

Answer: , Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

What maximum weight can it take. Will it hold the weight of an adult?

Answer: , Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the maximum weight limit for the bed

Answer: , Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the maximum height, weight for this bed? Is it adequate for a growing teenager? Thanks

Answer: , Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

What are the measurements of the chest of draws and storage unit?

Answer: Hello , The clear internal dimensions are: Width = 37cm Height = 31cm Depth = 38cm The dimensions of the chest of drawers are: L800mm H720mm W420mm. Many thanks for the question.

Hello. The pictures show 2 storage 'cubes' with 4 open boxes in them, 1 of which is able to be pulled out for a desk. However the reviews and also the dimensions show a chest of drawers on the end. Can you clarify if this is included please?

Answer: , this frame is available to purchase with or without the drawers. The option with the drawers retails at £499 and is listed as a separate product page Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the height measurement from the floor to the top of the frame and where is this bed on display in the GU22 area please? Guildford/woking

Answer: Hi , Yes, from the floor to the top of the frame. You will need to contact your local store to find out if they have this particular bed on display. Many thanks for your question.

Is there a maximum weight this bed can hold?

Answer: , Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the height measurement of the bed? How high from the floor is it? 

Answer: Hello , The total height of the Tinsley Highsleeper is 176cm, the distance from the bottom of the bed to the floor is 139cm. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

How much is assembly of this product and does it come in any other colour? 

Answer: Hello , This only comes in this colour and the assembly charge varies per product and can be seen when adding the product into the shopping basket. Many thanks for your question.

Hello Can you recommend a matress to go with Tinsley highsleeper? Thanks

Answer: Hi , Any single size mattress would be suitable. It depends on your or your child's comfort preference as to which type you would like to go for. Thank you for your question.

Is there an option to add the drawers in? 

Answer: Hello , Yes, the Tinsley midsleeper is available with drawers, please have a look here: Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Do you sell a suitable mattress for this bunk? It says it should be less than 15cm deep and I can't find one that thin.

Answer: Hello , Yes we do, please take a look at our ready matt selection here: Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the width of the bed and desk with the desk pulled out, and can you buy the tent seperately?

Answer: Hello , The width of the bed and desk pulled out is approximately 180cm. Unfortunately you cannot buy the tent separately. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Does this bed come with drawers? If not why does the website not give me the option to buy them when ordering online? Can you confirm the steps, desk and drawers can all be swapped round.

Answer: Hello, This comes in various set ups, we do have a version with draws and you are able to move the units into the position that best suits you. Many thanks for the question.

How deep is the under bed drawer please.

Answer: Hello , The internal dimensions of the drawer are: 147cm (L) * 84cm (W) * 14.5cm (H) So the depth is approximately 14.5cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What are the dimensions of the chest of draws. Also can you buy them separate 

Answer: Hello , The dimensions of the chest of drawers are: L800mm H720mm W420mm. Unfortunately these are not sold separatly. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi - can the ladder be placed on the right hand side of the bed. What is the material/construction of the bed? Thanks

Answer: Hello , Yes the ladder can be positioned on either the left or right side. This bed is made with painted wood and MDF. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Is this strong enough for an adult to sleep in occasionally if required? Also is it strong enough for us to sit or lie on when my son’s in it if he needs us in the night?

Answer: , Yes, this bed will be suitable for occasional adult use, however we would not recommend that any adult sleeps in this bed every night. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you have any mid sleeper bookcases that can be bought separately/on their own?

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not sell any mid sleeper bookcases or furniture items separately, these can only be purchased with the bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

I have already purchased this bed but i would now like to purchase the chest of drawers, is it possible to buy this separately?

Answer: Hello, This will not be possible to do through the website. You may be able to source through our customer services on 0800 652 5090. Many thanks for the question.

The in store description says the ladder can be swapped to be left or right, however you've answered a previous question saying it can not. Can you please confirm which is correct?

Answer: Hello , Sorry for the confusion, I can confirm that the ladder can be swapped to be on the left or right. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi could you please tell me which size and depth of mattress I will need for the tinsley midsleeper I have ordered.

Answer: Hello , Any standard UK mattress which has a depth of no greater than 15cm will fit the Tinsley Midsleeper. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can you clarify the dimensions as it doesn’t make sense to me.  The length is shorter than the width? 

Answer: Hi , Apologies for the confusion, we have now fixed our dimensions. The length of this bed is 198cm and the width is 105cm. Thank you for your question.

Is there a matching wardrobe and can additional drawers be purchased separately?

Answer: Hello, This unfortunately does not have matching furniture to go with this bed frame. We may have furniture to compliment this. Many thanks for the question.

Hi what is the weight limit on the beds both top and bottom?

Answer: Hello , There is no specific weight limit, however we recommend this bunk bed is used by children only. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Following on from my last question. I understand these items are freestanding and can be placed elsewhere. My question was more meaning will they FIT in the opposite positions under the bed ie the drawers between the ladder and pull out desk? Ie same widt

Answer: Hi , The chest of drawers would be wider than the cube that is in between the pull out desk and the ladder. Hope this helps, thanks for your question.

Can the drawers be swapped to where the cubes are or do they have to be positioned at the end side of the bed?

Answer: , The elements that sit beneath this midsleeper are all free-standing and hence can be moved and positioned where required. Kind Regards, Dreams

Which mattresses would be suitable for this?

Answer: Hello , Any of our Standard Single size mattresses (90cm x 190cm) will be suitable for this Midsleeper. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is there room for a desk chair between the desk and futon underneath the bed? If not where would you put one if looking to do homework? 

Answer: Hi , Yes, however we can't guarantee every chair size would fit, it depends on what style/size chair you would be wanting with this frame. Thank you.

Please can you tell me the dimensions of the draws and the dimensions of the desk when extended. Thank you. 

Answer: , The dimension of the chest of drawers are 73cm (H) x 99cm (W). With the desk extended, the width of the frame is 190cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this bed on display in Northern Ireland

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately this is not a product we have available to view in Northern Ireland. I do apologise and hope this helped. Thank you for your question.

Hi,  Can you confirm is the finished paint Solid white or a white wash and is it MDF or pine. Thanks 

Answer: , The bed frame is made from solid pine, and the furniture is MDF. The finish is a mixture of whitewash and solid white. Many thanks Dreams

Confusing responses - in one reply the drawers only fit at either end of the bed, in another they're free standing and can be swapped with the cube. What is the width of the drawers and can they be placed alongside the desk rather than at the end?

Answer: Hi , Yes, you can place them alongside the desk, the dimensions of the chest of drawers are: Length: 800mm Height: 720mm Width: 420mm Thank you.

Hi I m wondering whether the desk can be pulled out to the left or the right on this bed please. thank you

Answer: Hi This beds desk is designed to pull out to the left only as depicted in the picture. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

I wanted to put a computer on the desk is it possible to sit at the desk with the pole there? 

Answer: Hi , It would depend on the way that it is positioned. Please call customer services if you need further assistance. Thank you for your question.

Would the mattress Little Big Dreams Dream Catcher Pocket Sprung Mattress be ok for this bed?

Answer: , Yes, the Dream Catcher mattress is 15cm deep and therefore would be suitable for use with the Tinsley Midsleeper. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can the unit go at the end of the bed facing out rather than on the side?

Answer: , The bed frame needs to be built as shown in the images. I am afraid that parts of the unit cannot be moved around. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this come in white please? On the pictures it looks like the backsides are pink or blue but when trying to add the product there doesn’t appear to be different color options? 

Answer: , The panels for the storage cubes are reversible - either pink or blue. However you could choose to leave these off. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi If I don't want to use the storage cube can I leave it out so there is room to play under the bed and only use the desk? Also to save having pink or blue panels can I have just plain white? Thank

Answer: Hello , The cube can be left out if you please however the panels are pink or blue as they reversible in colour. Many thanks for your question.

Which chest of drawers do you sell that is compatible with this midsleep? 

Answer: Hi Leilahanbridge, We do not have any chest of drawers that are compatible with this midsleeper as this is its own range. Thank you for your question.

What are the sizes of the individual sections of the bookcase. Thank you

Answer: , Please see below internal dimensions; cubes in desk 29x32x18cm cube storage 37x32x41cm drawers 70x37x19cm Kind Regards, Dreams

How long is the guarantee for this bed?

Answer: Hi , 1 years manufacture guarantee as standard but we do offer an 8 year service plan for a fee if you add bed cover to your order. Thank you.

I have read that the max mattress depth is 15cm, is your Hutchin bunk the same? And with 15cm can it only be used up to a certain age baca use of the depth?

Answer: Hello , This will be the general height for most bunk beds as it ensure's the child cannot roll over the side. Many thanks for the question.

Do you have to have the desk with this bed or can you purchase it without so there is room for a little den?

Answer: , The desk comes as part of the package. I am afraid that you would be unable to purchase the bed without the desk. Kind Regards, Dreams

When will this bed be going on sale again as I can't afford it at full price it was still on sale at 8.30am on Tuesday morning at £399  but when I went back at 11am it had changed price to £499

Answer: Hello , We do not currently have any plans to do this. However this may change so please keep an eye on the product. Many thanks for your question.

Where can I purchase a roller bracket bit for the draws. (Not sure what the real name is) the one with the wheel on that attaches to the draws. For the draw set that belongs to this bed. 

Answer: , If you contact our Customer Service team with your order details they will be able to assist you with this. Many thanks Dreams

Is there a weight restriction for this bed 

Answer: Hello , There is no weight restriction set. We recommend a child up until their early teenage years for this. Many thanks for the question.

Can the ladder come out at a slight angle or are they just straight down only 

Answer: Hello , The ladder will only come as you see it displayed within the image on the website. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What age is this recommended up to ? 

Answer: , We do not specify a maximum age limit for our children's beds, this is left at the discretion of the parent. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this bed suitable for a child 12+  and into late teens?

Answer: Hello, This bed can be suitable for the age range as it has the same slat system structure as a normal bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

Would a mattress of 90cm x 190cm fit these beds and if not what size mattress do you need 

Answer: Hello , This would be a UK sized single mattress measurement. This will cater to all our single bed options. Many thanks for your question.

Can the desk be placed in the middle, next to the ladder (and so have the drawers or cubes at the end)?

Answer: , Yes, the drawers and storage cubes are both free standing units and so can be positioned where desired. Kind Regards, Dreams

Please could you tell me the measurements of one of the four shelves/spaces in the cube?  I'd like the length,  depth and width please.  I'm thinking about buying a canvas box to put in there and I'd like to know which size would fit best. Many thanks. 

Answer: Hello , The clear internal dimensions are: Width = 37cm Height = 31cm Depth = 38cm Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, is this bed on display at any of your stores in Scotland?

Answer: Hello , This bed is on display in our stores in Dundee, Livingston and Dunfermline. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the measurements of the height space between the floor and the bottom of the bed please? Wondering if drawers I already have will fit underneath. Thanks 

Answer: Hello The distance between the bottom of the bed and the floor is approximately 72.5cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, whats the maxium weight the bed can take? Also its says from 6+ whats the maxium age its recommended for? Thankx

Answer: , This frame is suitable for children aged 6 and above. We do not offer weight limits for our bed frames. Kind Regards, Dreams

Could the ladder go at other end as with the drawers and the desk in the middle

Answer: Hello , Yes the ladder, desk and drawers can all be swapped around when it's assembled. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the width of the drawers and the 'cube' can they be swapped? 

Answer: Hello Sorry for the delay in answering your question, yes the draws and the cubed shelving can be swapped around. Thank you for your question.

Can you have the drawers where the shelves are and put the shelves at the end?

Answer: , The chest of drawers and storage cubes are free standing units and so can be positioned where desired. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can I put the drawers at the front and the box storage unit to the side as I don’t have enough length in the room to pull drawers out from side. Thanks.

Answer: Good Evening, Yes, each of the under bed storage elements are free standing and so can be positioned where desired. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can the desk be easily slid out completely without unscrewing anything when you want to use the space for something else? (Eg sleepover). 

Answer: , Unfortunately this cannot easily be removed as it is attached to glides/runners underneath the bed. Many thanks Dreams

My son has this bed but we would now like to purchase the desk, is it possible to buy individually?

Answer: , I am sorry as this is an integrated function of the frame it is not available to purchase separately. Many thanks Dreams

Can the desk and cubes be swapped around? Thanks

Answer: Hello , Sorry for the confusion, but yes you can swap the cubes and desk unit around. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

what is maximum weight bed can take (if i sm on bed with child when poorly!)

Answer: Hello Jeanie10, This bed can take the weight of up to a young adult, we do not recommend any more than that. Many thanks for your question.

Is the seat attached to the frame or can it be moved out to be used somewhere else ? Thanks 

Answer: Hi , The chair/bed is not attached to the frame so can indeed be moved anywhere. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is the 105cm inclusive of the ladder, please? Or is that the width of the beds only? Thanks!

Answer: Hello, This will be inclusive of the ladder in it's measurements. The mattress width will be 90cm alone. Many thanks for the question.

Hello, I'm interested in purchasing a bed like this for my 6 year old son. Is there a recommendation for minimum head room above the bed? His room has a fairly low ceiling. Thanks.

Answer: Hello , It will be best to look at midsleeper options as they will not be as high. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What it the maxim weight limit

Answer: Hello, We do not have a weight limit however this bed will be ideal for a person between 6-12 years old. Many thanks for the question.

Can you choose which end to have the drawers/steps and desk?

Answer: , The storage cubes and desks are both free standing units and so can be positioned where desired. Kind Regards, Dreams

Please could you tell me the width of the desk, the width of the entire cube unit and the width of the ladder? I can the length of the entire bed is 198cm, but I need the dimensions of the 3 components and how they add up to 198cm.

Answer: , Please see below; Width of ladder - 39.5cm Width of cube unit - 92cm Width of desk - 66cm Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the bed come flat pack when delivered?

Answer: Hello , It does come flat packed however we can assemble the item for a charge. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

What size mattress (length, width and depth) should I buy for this bed?

Answer: Hello , This would need a standard British size mattress which is 190cm x 90cm. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Is this bunkbed suitable for teenagers?

Answer: Hi , Yes, the kids beds are designed to be able to sleep adults so teenagers is perfectly fine. Thank you for your question.

can you push the table in and out along with anything else you can push

Answer: , Yes, all of the elements beneath the bed are free standing and so can be moved to where desired. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you please share the chest of drawers dimensions?

Answer: , Please see below dimensions for the drawer unit; 80cm (Length) 43cm (Depth) 71cm (Height) Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you buy the cabin bed with just the chest of drawers or do you have to have the table and storage cube as well?

Answer: Hello , No unfortunately not. The Tinsley comes with storage cubes and desk. Thank you for your question, and I hope this helps.

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