TheraPur Luxury Cool Mattress Topper Rated 4/5 based on 36 customer reviews

TheraPur Luxury Cool Mattress Topper

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Brand: TheraPur
4/5 - 36 reviews


What Makes It Great

Recently diagnosed with trochanteric pain syndrome I bought this is desperation as our mattress is very firm. I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages! Yes, it’s a bit smelly to start with but it’s a small price to pain to wake up almost pain free the morning. It is a bit warmer than the mattress was without it because you sink into it slightly but that’s easily remedied with a lighter duvet or open window. Highly recommended. I’m

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

5-year guarantee

100% memory foam filling

Cooling Outlast fabric cover

Reversible, with a soft and firm side

Removable cover that is machine washable and tumble drier friendly

Fits a mattress depth of up to 35cm deep

Outlast cool touch cover

5cm deep topper

Questions and Answers

Very comfortable and love it but is it possible to have electric blanket on at lowest in winter when we first get into bed

Answer: , Electric blankets can be used however we do not recommend that they are placed directly on the topper surface. In addition, using an electric blanket may alter the comfort as this is a foam based product. We also recommend following all guidelines and instructions specified by the manufacturer of your electric blanket. Kind Regards, Dreams

Would this still be effective with a waterproof mattress protector on top? I'd like the mattress topper > waterproof protective sheet > bed sheet but unsure if this would still work with all the layers.

Answer: , The waterproof mattress protector acts as a shield to anything that is underneath it. Please ensure that the mattress protector is deep enough to cover your mattress and its additional topper. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can it keep you cool if you have night seats

Answer: , Yes, this product would be beneficial if you have night sweats. the technology within the topper works to absorb the heat of the body as the skin gets hot and releases the heat as the body cools. Kind regards, Dreams

What are the relative merits of having the topper with the harder or the softer side uppermost? What do you recommend?

Answer: , Thank you for your question. The reversibility of the topper, offering both a soft and firm side is primarily to offer you the option to change comfort to suit your personal preference. Kind Regards, Dreams

How do I know which is the soft or which is the firm side ? I see someone else asked the same question 5 minths ago but you haven’t supplied the answer .......... 

Answer: , This topper is comprised of two foam pieces - one is a cream colour, this is the firmer side and the other is a pale pink/peach colour, this is the softer side. Kind Regards, Dreams

With regards to the two layers, are they both memory foam or is one layer reflex foam and the other memory foam? Do you have cooling crystals inside the memory foam or something in the foam to take away the heat?

Answer: , Both layers of this topper are memory foam. The topper has a cooling Outlast cover which is able to dissipate heat and help keep you cool throughout the night. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you supply a mattress cover for a 165 width x 200 length mattress?

Answer: Good Evening, Unfortunately we do not have any mattress toppers or protectors available in this size, we only offer protectors and toppers for standard UK sized mattresses. Kind Regards, Dreams

I've recently had a delivery of a therapy luxury cool 5cm topper on examination it measures 2 cm thick and is only made up of one layer of form inside however this does not seem to fit the description could you please explain

Answer: , In order to fully address and understand the issues you are experiencing here, we would recommend that you contact our customer service team. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the thickness of the cream layer and the pink layer please? Are they separate sheets or are they stuck together? Presumably the person saying the foam is thin hasn't allowed 24 hrs for the foam to expand, is that right? I need the full 5 cm.

Answer: , Each layer of memory foam is 2.5cm deep which makes the topper 5cm deep in total. The layers are bonded together. Kind Regards, Dreams

what is the density of this memory foam topper?

Answer: Hello , Density of this topper is 50kgm3, 100% memory foam, 5cm height. Kind Regards, Giedre

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 review

Absolutely brilliant!

I was slightly nervous about spending this much money after buying a new mattress only a couple of weeks ago but it has proved to be well worth it; my hip pain and the back pain that was threatening to get worse completely disappeared after the first night. What’s more, the thermal cool cover works - how, I’ve no idea! - and really does keep you cool at night. Very impressed and can thoroughly recommend.


Bed Topper

I bought this product about three weeks ago, it’s quite heavy so maybe needs two people to put on the bed. This topper is really comfortable and does keep you cool. The only downside is the smell that it has once opened, I left it to air for 48 hours before I put it on the bed, however for a good week or so after using it you could still smell it. A very strong smell that would put some off.


So Comfortable

i bought this product for spare room bed as we were using it while our own bedroom was being decorated. Could not believe how comfortable it was. It was like sleeping on a new mattress. Loved it so much i went out and bought another for our own bed which was new but had to have it on as i was gonna end up staying in the spare room bed. Don't think my husband would of appreciated that ha ha.


Very comfy

This is a good purchase. Not cheap and you have to leave it for 24 hours after unwrapping to let it "open up" to its full thickness. It also has a bit of a weird smell at the beginning but this fades. It's super comfy though now and has been great for pain in my hips as I'm a side sleeper. It's nice to have that bit of memory foam feeling without the whole mattress being made of it.


Does the job

Was a little worried about making this purchase, as i get warm at night's, and heard memory foam can make it warmer, but then was hoping as it has a thera pur cover on it may be ok. And it is, I don't get overheated. It's lovely and comfortable, 2 pieces of memory foam, and then a cover over the top, which comes off to be washed. Glad i made the purchase


Fits nicely

The sizing displayed was correct and the long and elasticated trim makes it sit firm. The product smells quite a lot (A chemically smell) and therefore you need to leave it to air for a few days before dressing the bed. It also needs time to expand fully. There is minimal info on the label, so advice like this would be useful on any future labelling.


You get what you pay for

We went for a firm mattress last time and it's ever so slightly too firm. So rather than replace the mattress we opted for a topper, This is the most expensive option in Dreams but definitely the best option. It's a thick, heavy topper and is high quality. The comfort of our bed and our quality of sleep has improved tremendously.


So comfortable

I purchased this topper after trying my sisters bed with the same topper. She had been struggling for sometime to get comfortable, and after trying different mattresses decided to try a topper instead. We both agree it doesn't make you feel hot and is extremely comfortable, especially as I have some back discomfort.


Comfortable Mattress Topper

I bought this very comfortable mattress topper from Dreams over a month ago to add to my other foam mattress which was quite hard to sleep on. I am delighted with the results as it actually works for extra softness and comfort, its reversible and comes with a large elastic cover which covers my other mattress.


Not as expected

I bought this a few weeks ago and was expecting it to be thicker once fully expanded. Also with it being a cool topper I did not expect to find myself feeling hotter on a night than before I started using it. The one positive thing is that it has added extra comfort to our bed


Incredible night’s sleep

I have never so slept well, night after night, as I have with this mattress topper. For a relatively small cost, I have extended the life of my mattress and feel as though I’m sleeping in luxury each night. I can’t recommend this enough.


A comfortable night’s sleep!

I bought this mattress topper a few weeks ago as I was having trouble sleeping because of pain in my hips. Since using the mattress topper, I have been sleeping much better. It is extremely comfortable and kinder on the joints.



I brought this as I like the comfort of memory foam I just can’t stand the heat, this is better but half way through the night I still wake up quite hot. But it is better than just a memory foam topper and really comfortable.


Amazing transformation for comfortable sleep

I bought this as a gift for my mother who suffers from both back and shoulder pain. Whilst her mattress offered support the topper raised it to another level giving her the comfort to drift off into a peaceful sleep.


A must buy!

We bought this a few weeks ago, it is so comfy. I suffer with serve Fibromyalgia in my hips, this mattress topper really helps me get a much more comfy sleep, and I wake with alot less stiffness.



I purchased my first one in January had to exchange in June because it split now sadly noticed this morning so has this one.It is comfortable but no good if it does this all the time.


Great Product

I bought this bed topper about a month ago. My partner has stopped complaining in the mornings and l am very happy because l have been sleeping and waking up well rested.


New foam smell

I purchased this topper a week ago from Wimbledon store and still have the new foam smell. Even left it outside today for an airing but the smell is still lingering. :(


Perfect. So comfy

I bought this a month ago as I wasn’t sleeping very well due to pressure points. This is so lovely to lay on. Best nights sleep in ages. Would definitely buy again.


Very luxurious

Bought these for the kids’ beds and I was impressed at how plush they felt once they were on. The kids love them and have been sleeping very well ever since!


Excellent best mattress topper ever

I brought this 3 weeks ago best topper ever we had one a couple of years ago so thought it was time for a new one quite expensive but well worth it





Excellent item would recommend it .

I got this itemthe same time i bought the pillow excellent verycool soft and comfetable moulds to your body and isvery soft excellent item .


Soo comfortable

I bought this mattress topper a month ago as we weren’t ready to replace the mattress. It’s made all the difference!


Made a cheap mattress very comfortable

Made a cheap mattress very comfy witch has made my back more comfortable so I get a better nights sleep.


Great luxury Cool topper

This converted our old hard mattress in to a Dream to sleep on. Highly recomended and great product.


Amazing quality

I bought this product to enhance my old mattress causing discomfort so glad I did highly recommend


Comfortable and good quality

I bought this few weeks ago, it provides firm support and makes the mattress feel brand new


Really helps regulate night temperatures

Lovely topper for the bed, and elevates the bed, not just literally but also metaphorically


So comfortable

I bought this as my new mattress was a bit too firm when i added the topper it was perfect


Luxury soft feel

So glad I bought this it made such a difference to the mattress , great cool cover too .


Cool Topper

My new topper is really comfortable I am now having a great nights sleep



This topper is what I was looking for along time, it is very comfortable



First time buying one of these and definitely worth it.


very confortable - big improvements

it is very comfortable - big improvements iin my sleep.