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TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector

TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector

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Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

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Today we are taking a closer look at the TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector, a luxurious and high-quality product from Dreams that is designed to provide a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep experience while also protecting your mattress. With a 180 thread count and 100% quilted cotton cover with a breathable four hole fibre filling, this mattress protector is designed to keep you cool and comfortable all year round while giving you a premium feeling. The product's unique temperature regulation technology ensures that you stay at the perfect temperature throughout the night, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The mattress protector is also machine washable at 40°C and fits a variety of mattress depths up to 38cm, making it easy to use and maintain while still remaining fresh for many years to come. The TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality and protect their investment in a comfortable mattress.

Based on the reviews, the protector appears to be a highly effective and comfortable product that has received 100s of positive feedback from customers. Customers have reported that the protector is comfortable to sleep on and keeps you at the right temperature at night for the perfect all-season night's sleep. Additionally, customers have noted that the protector fits well on their mattress and does not slip or slide off as the materials utilised grip the product. The elastic corners on the protector also help to hold its shape well without wrinkling for an experience that feels like the mattress and protector are one and the same. Many customers have also praised the product for being soft and silky to the touch highlighting the quality of the materials used. One customer even commented that they had the best sleep they've ever had after using the TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector, which is a testament to the product's effectiveness, particularly considering its primary purpose is to protect, with comfort being a secondary benefit.

Some customers have also noted that the product is a great investment for protecting the mattress and improving sleep quality. The 1-year guarantee also provides added peace of mind for customers. However, one customer has suggested that the protector moves a little on the bed, and another noted that it was bulkier than expected.

Perhaps the most important reason for purchasing this product is that it will protect the warranty and guarantee period of the mattress and ensure that it remains eligible for return moving forward as per Dreams own Sleep Trial policy.

Overall, the reviews suggest that the TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector is a great value and would be a great purchase for anyone looking to improve their sleep experience and protect their mattress. The customer service and delivery experience has also been praised by customers with the only downside being that the protector might move a little and is bulkier than expected, but still one of the more highly rated products we have seen.

Reasons to Buy

Customers love it.

Protects your mattresses warranty and guarantee while ensuring you adhere to the Sleep Trial terms of your purchase.

Numerous popular sizes available.

Reasons to Avoid

Some customers reported a small amount of movement while tossing and turning, although this was at a minimum.

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Brand: TheraPur
Retailer: Dreams
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Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector Great?

Faced with 180 thread count 100% quilted cotton for breathability

Easy to clean and maintain, this sort of fabric and finish is fairly common on mattresses and won't cause any issues down the line

Quadfill breathable four hole fibre filling for temperature regulation

Prolongs the life of your mattress

A protective cover is designed to extend the life of a mattress by providing an additional layer of protection. This protection can help to protect the mattress from spills, stains, dust mites, and other types of damage that can shorten the life of a mattress.

Perfect for all year round use

Machine washable at 40°C

Washable covers are a great way of ensuring the product stays fresh for longer.

Fits a variety of mattress depths up to 38cm

38cm is a fairly substantial depth for a mattress. While a thick mattress is not indicative of greater quality, it's easy to see that a bigger depth gives more room for fillings and good quality spring systems. 

1-year guarantee

A 1 year guarantee is expected and standard for the industry. If anything goes wrong with your product within that period you are able to get help and support and ensure that you are not left out of pocket on any repair of replacement.

Face: Quilted 100% cotton, Reverse: 100% Polyester Microfibre cover - 180 thread count

Stay cool regardless of how hot it is with the special cooling properties within this quilted cover.

Quadfill Breathable 4 hole fibre filling

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Customer Reviews For The TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector

Based on 1498 reviews
Very pleasant and stealthy mattress protector

Very practical and useful addition to the bed. Would highly recommend as an easy-to-wash solution to save having to keep replacing stained mattresses over-frequently/ You wouldn't even guess it's there with how inconspicuous and low-profile it is. Very good quality all round. Haven't had any "emergencies" with it yet, but I'm hoping it's up to the job when it gets a bit hot in the summer! The only criticism I have - which is why it narrowly misses out on 5 stars - is that the elastic straps are a pain to get to stay on; at least when changing sheets/moving the mattress. We have a 11" thick mattress (which is well within the depth limit the protector fits) and spend the most part of changing the sheets just trying to get the elastic to stop "ping"ing back off and not trapping/scraping fingers in the process holding it in place while we set the mattress back down. I'm happy to concede that this may just be a design/scenario limitation - we have a double-sided mattress; perhaps single-sided fare better with the backing they have? I'm not sure what improvements, if any, could be made to the elastic to give it some more friction and save me time and injuries! Other than the minor inconvenience/pain - all round brilliant product and a superb idea for everyone to get on board with to save your beautiful mattress from unsightly stains and germs.

Sweet dreams

Bed and mattress delivered as promised at the time and day specified. Bed was assembled and looks great, unfortunately a small bit of damage occurred during assembly where a screw damaged the wood - cosmetically it doesnt look good but doesnt detract from using the bed. Dealing with customer services they offered two solutions - replacement bed (that was great but too much hassle) or money back. I opted for money back / a discount and will repair the bed frame so the small bit of damage is not as noticeable. The bed frame is solid and the mattress is a joy to sleep on - the mattress was recommended by computer and I think it did a great job - it is so comfy and every night is a joy to fall asleep. Based on my experience from ordering, delivery, assembly and dealing with customer services I would rate Dreams 10/10. They provide good dreams.

Make your bed Dreams come true!

I decided to buy a new bed the day I was having a flare-up of my symptoms in the belief that if it was comfortable then; it would be perfect for me. My first night with my new bed was incredible. I adjusted the matress with the remote control so my head and back felt completely cosseted; then I adjusted the foot of the bed until my feet felt weightless. I fell into a deep sleep and awoke in the morning pain-free and unbelievably comfortable. The Therapur matress had prevented me from waking up feeling sticky which was a real bonus. Id wanted an electric bed for so very long. The comfort this bed provides excelled my expectations and does so night after night. Im so very tempted to crawl back in morning after morning! Its made my bed dreams come true!

Look forward too going to bed now.

This mattress protector is must have I have suffered for 24 years off sleepless nights waking up and not able to go back to sleep because of nighttime hot flushes making me toss and turn because I was to hot but not anymore thanks to this product that goes with the mzttress and the pillows I know people will look at the price of these items and think they are to expensive but I have bought 3 mattresses in the last 10 year's and the last one I bought before this one was only 18 months old and I paid a lot for that one and it did not do as it was advertised to do, but I now have a better nights rest and I am not tossing and turning all night best buy ever.

Soft mattress protector with poor quality handles

Honestly not sure how I feel about this mattress protector probably because it is just that. I will go with, it adds a little softness to your sleeping platform. Then to top it off put it on my mattress for the first time and one of the handles have already ripped from the seam. It repeatedly unfastened from under the mattress and when we tried to pull it as far as possible under the mattress to stay, the majority of the handle pulled from the seam. My mattress is 26.5cm deep so not as deep as a lot of those on the market at the moment. Would have expected that this happened after 5 years not 5 minutes. Poor quality for the price.

Good Quality, well made Mattress Cover

It is what it is, does what it says on the pack. Looks and feels good quality but as it's new I can't speak for Durability. It feels like it will last for a reasonable time. Just one quibble. The Elasticated bands at the corners are a tad short for our new (Osterley D) mattress but to be fair it is a thick, heavy mattress. Once on place with the sheets tucked in the bands have stayed on. At the moment we are turning the mattress weekly as recommended from new so it is a bit fiddly getting the corner bands to stay in place while we tuck the sheets in. If the corner bands were longer I would add back the final star.

It's an ok mattress protector

This mattress protector is ok. I got it in the shop so didn't really see how it fitted to the mattress. My last one (which was ALOT cheaper) was more like a fitted sheet and tucked under the mattress. Whereas this one just has elastic straps in each corner to attach. It could be done with being slightly bigger. I've got quite a deep mattress so this JUST fits and no more. It does move about more than the fully fitted ones and sometimes it can come away from the edge and you end up feeling the edge of it when you're sleeping. Not sure I feel any cooler with this once compared to my last one either.

Excellent comfortable supportive mattress

I had needed s new mattress as my old one I injured my back over 30 years ago and since then I have had to have a really firm and supportive mattress. My old mattress was causing pain in my back so I knew it was time to replace it. This mattress is superb: it is very firm without being hard and supports my back perfectly; it is well made and and of a high quality. Being of a certain age I find some mattresses too hot but this mattress seems to prevent me overheating, even on the warmest nights. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs a firm supportive mattress.

"Cool Man"

Bought this to protect our new mattress, as the last one got very badly stained due to my husband sweating badly through the night. Doesn't sound very nice I know and it wasn't. Admittedly I was a little optimistic that this mattress protector was going to solve the problem. He used to feel clammy to the touch (maybe a little too much information!) but it has been brilliant, after the first night he said it was just his neck and head that felt hot. Guess what, yes, I sent for the pillow protectors the very next day. Needless to say I am very impressed with this product.


Not the cheapest option but also far from being expensive! I made a bit of a mistake with the slitting tool and cut both the bundle layer and the vacuum pack at the same time but no worries the mattress really wanted to live. After my son and I had tried it we then made the bed and my wife and I have now been using it for over a week. It is really great, it my be wishful thinking but not only it it the most supportive and comfortable mattress I have ever used but I think that according to my activity bracelet my sleep quality has ticked up a bit.

My perfect bed, thanks to Dream bedding

After months of uncomfortable, tossing and turning I decided I needed a new bed and mattress and there was only one place I went to following many personal recommendations and that was Dream bedding. The bed I bought was an ottoman design for extra storage and cam with a matching headboard. The men who delivered it erected it for me and Ive had a perfect nights sleep ever since! Thank you Dream bedding for selling this particular bed and mattress and me having perfect dreams instead of my previous nightmares of trying to sleep comfortably!

Excellent quality!

I received this product complementary when purchasing my new bed and set up. I had never really used a mattress protector before but was definitely something i was going to purchase with having young children. The protector itself is soft and is made to a high standard. It fits perfectly on my mattress with additional room within the straps if i wanted to get a deeper mattress. Personally, i have not noticed a difference with using the protector, however, i have only ever slept on my new mattress with the protector on.

standard mattress protector

Came with my warranty which I bought a few weeks ago. Standard mattress protector not really necessary but generally good for hygiene and cleanliness as will catch any liquid spills and you can easily pull off and wash. This mattress protector isn't even waterproof and it claims to be 'cooling' but I doubt it actually does anything. The main thing is that you can find cheaper alternatives elsewhere with more specific purposes so this overpriced generic protecter is neither an essential or a recommendation.

Quality from start to finish

Possibly the most comfortable mattress Ive slept on. But it all started on arrival at the store, the member of staff (Bedford, Jack I think) Not pushy, very helpful and listened to what are requirements were. He gave us several choices and we tried them all. He made sure we had what we wanted not the most expensive. Thank you. Delivered by two great guys, again very friendly and respectful of the house. All in all Id recommend dreams to anyone buying a new mattress. Thanks again. Robert Stanton

Absolutely brilliant stop looking BUY NOW

Absolutely BRILLIANT in every way I cannot believe how amazing it is, I use to suffer from back pain loads but since I bought my new mattress its improved quite a bit. Also the most expensive pillow I have ever seen at 109 surprisingly is worth every penny, I dont spend 30 mins every night getting comfy but the best thing is I no longer get cramp in my neck all day and night from sleeping in a bad position. Cannot recommend enough, thank you Dreams staff for the recommendations.

Good quality mattress protector, true to size

I bought this Therapur cool mattress protector to protect my new Therapur actigel mattress. This protector was easy to fit to the bed by placing the corner elastics over the corners of the mattress. The protector stays in place well and does not ping off like some cheaper brands. Keeps me cool during these hot months. Not visible under a bottom fitted sheet. Reasonably priced. I'm confident this will protect my mattress from unwanted stains. I'm very happy with this product.

Best nights sleep ever

Mattress is very firm and took a few nights to adjust too as our old mattress was 10 years old. Im so pleased we persevered as myself and my wife are having a great nights sleep and look forward to going to bed now. We both suffer from back problems, the usual aches and pains that come with age and have been pleasantly surprised by how comfortable this mattress is. It isnt as heavy as our old one and we can easily lift it to replace bedding without struggling.

Best decision ever!

Havent invested in a new bed for so many years, had always been worried I would make the wrong choice and a costly mistake. The Dreams computer mattress marcher (firget the name) plus the excellent help of the salesperson resulted in the most fabulously comfortable mattress and cleverly designed ottoman base, just perfect for my needs. I love it and cant wait to climb into it every night! Delighted with the service and the product. Highly recommend both!

Standard protector

This came free with my purchase of a bed frame and mattress. It is a nice quality material, I personally do not like this style of matress protector as it is a flat sheet with elastic in the corners and I fine that the elastic pings off however if you like this type of protector then it is a nice product. I have use this on the bed however I additionally bought a fitted sheet type matress protector which is over the top of this one so that is cannot move

This topper is so cool man!

Well, this topper was bundled in with our bed and mattress. I was dubious at the start to use it, surely it cant make that much of a difference. Well I was wrong. Absolute game changer. It feels like Im sleeping on a fridge at just the right temperature. Its like when youre on holiday and find that bit of shade to give you relief. Say goodbye to sweaty nights. The big test will be in the summer, but I have faith in this king sized piece of heaven.

Best Freebie Ever - Will Buy Another

Came with the extended mattress warranty, wasnt expecting it so was a nice surprise. Very comfortable and not sure if its the new mattress, new protector or a combination of both but Im getting nowhere near as hot as I used to at night. This protector does have a selling point that it helps with this. Only quibble, i move quite a lot in the night and I have noticed it can move a little down the edges as its only held in place on the 4 corners.

Cool cover!

I purchased this when I bought a new mattress as my old one was several years old. It fitted like a dream and hasn't moved at all despite my shuffling around the bed at nights! It is marketed as a cool cover and designed to keep the temperature down and i haven't noticed much difference to my old cover...also cool. I do overheat so it is welconed. I could do with an even cooler topper at times, but thats just physiology.

Extremely comfy mattress

I bought this mattress a couple of weeks ago following moving house and our mattress getting broken. We used the in store tool which you laid on and told you which mattresses were suited to your needs. This mattress is actually comfier than our last especially for laying on your front. The only thing I regret is not measuring the mattress depth as it is smaller than our last so does not look as nice on our bed.

Looks the same as any quality mattress protector

I can't honestly say that this is any different from any othe quality mattress protector. In my opinion it could do with being a little bit bigger so that it covered the mattress 100% Of the mattress at all times. Asked if I would recomend this cover I would say that whilst I wouldn't speak badly of this product, I wouldn't particularly reccomend it either as I haven't noticed the "TheraPur Cool" effect.

Great addition to my mattress

I purchased this along with my new combination mattress & really pleased I did. Good thickness & fits well with large elastic straps that stop it from moving & really helps to regulate your temperature as memory foam mattresses can make you feel quite hot during the night. Having this on top of my mattress has increased the level of comfort & along with the new mattress I now have a brilliant nights sleep.

Peace of mind

I recently bought this mattress protector at the same time as a new mattress and it has already proved its worth. My daughter who is 11 years old has had a few wobbly teeth recently and in the morning there was some blood on the mattress protector and I just removed this and popped it in the washing machine and saved marking the brand new mattress. Brilliant product and defonitely recommend it to anyone

Soft but slippy!

We opted for a new protector to go with our new mattress. The super king size isn't cheap, but we were assured of its quality. It is very soft to touch and is lovely and light, but I was disappointed that it was only secured by elastic straps, rather than made into a fully fitted sheet. Previous protectors from Dreams have had this feature and stayed in place much better than using just the straps.

Quality mattress purchase that will last.

The single mattress we got has been doing very well so far, we prefer to sleep on a firm mattress and this one feel firm but comfortable at the same time. The quality feels escellent, Overall the in-store experience was excellent, at home unwrapping the mattress was straight forward (came in vaccum sealed roll), all you need to do is cut open the plastic and lets deflate and site for some hours.

Mattress protector

I thought it might be an idea to have a mattress protector with a brand new mattress to prolong the life of the mattress and it is also recommended by Dreams in case you may want to change the bed should it not be comfortable for you. But I do feel it takes away the effect of coolness that the Thera Pur mattress is supposed to create as it doesn't feel any better temperature wise.

Luxurious and cool

I ordered this when I ordered my new ANNISON mattress and it is very comfortable. Its really breathable so you dont feel too hot on the memory foam of the mattress. I really like how soft it feels to lay on, but not too padded that it spoils the mattress. A good buy, and I am going to get another one for my spare room. This is much nicer than the dreams standard topper.

Cool Mattress Protector

We purchased a TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector for our new Dreams Workshop Morris Traditional Spring Mattress. It was a great purchase and has proved great value for money by adding additional warmth while in bed. We also believe it is always advisable to protect the mattress from new which will extend the life of the product and result in less wear through the life.

Quality product, reasonably priced

Given the longevity of the mattress is projectdd as eight years, it makes sense that it is cared for appropriately. To do otherwise would be foolhardy especially ehen investing in a mattress which, althiugh value for money, could be cisnidered expensive. The protector is easily fitted, washes well and does what is says on the packaging - it protects the mattress well.

Easy to fit and stays put!

good quality matress protector - had alternatives in the past and with the elastic hooks, was forever have to replace as they would come away from matress. Not this - fitted and secured and edge-to-edge matress protection - Top Marks Well recommended by the Store and Agent, very helpful - fully recommend. Especially with the price of quality matresses these days

Had to buy this for the night warrenty

Had to buy this for the warranty incase we changed mind on mattress. It is ok but you can get much cheeper at the same quality. It does slip off the mattress occassionally. If I didnt have to buy this I wouldnt have and I would only reccomend to validate the warrenty as a product on its own merit i would not reccomend as very expensive for a poor fitting protector

Actually does what it says on the tin!

I got this cooling mattress protector for my new bed which has top layer of memory foam. I seem to get really hot on memory foam beds - and sometimes sweaty. I was a bit sceptical when it arrived as it looks like a normal mattress protector. But it does work! I haven't woken up hot and sweaty since putting it on! Highly recommend if you are a "hot" sleeper :)

Excellent service, delivery and product

Great service from start to finish. The member of staff at the shop was very helpful but not at all pushy so the whole purchase was very relaxed (like the mattress), the delivery was on time and as described and communication before and during the delivery was spot on. The two delivery guys were very helpful and made sure everything was right before we left.

Love it!!

Absolutely love this mattress! We did the in-store mattress test and this came up as one of our matches. Couldnt be happier, this is so comfortable and has definitely improved my quality of sleep. Would definitely recommend. We have bought two mattresses from Dreams in the last few months and both times the quality of service has been exceptional.

Therapur 3200 mattress

Brilliant experience all round, first visiting your store in Bromley, great customer service and was advised on the perfect mattress for me using your sleep match machine. The Therapur matress was perfect for me and after ordering online I received great communication and delivery. Two nights in and its the best mattress Ive ever slept on by far.

Great features

We got this item when we purchased the insurance for our mattress and bed. Having never used one before me and my partner thought it would be hot and limit the feel of the mattress but we couldnt of been more wrong some how it stays cool like the air can circulate around also it adds to the comfort. We would definitely purchase one in the future.

Lovely and keep the bed spread in place

Got this on offer with the bed and so glad I got this as it keeps my bed spread in place also makes the mattress more comfy even though mattress itself is good but it gives the mattress a bit of softness but still not too much as I prefer hard mattress due to back problems. Does its job perfectly of protecting the mattress. Highly recommended.

Best mattress Ive had!

I purchased this mattress about a month ago. After using the sleep match machine this was the one I matched highest with. I struggled with a bad back before I got this mattress and then they day after I started using it my back is suddenly a lot better. I prefer a firm mattress and my partner prefers soft so this was the perfect mix of both.

Sleep easy!

Finally a mattress that doesn't cause me constant backache! Used the instore machine to check what kind of mattress we needed for our bodies, who knew there was such technology! Being a carer my back has its moments but they're definitely less since getting the new mattress. And whats best is the 8 year cover!! 8 years!! Thats amazing cover.

Very comforable

Bought this protector as part of package with 8 years insurance - if not would have bought it anyway, very soft and gives an added depth of comfort. Definitely recommend buying with mattress. Only one minus point do feel for prices the pull over elastic on the corners could have been designed better and a more quality fabric/elastic used.

Slightly lesser heat than 1000 suns.

My partner is the epitome of the bedtime hot water bottle. I cannot bear for him to touch me when he is radiating the heat of a thousand suns. However, this does seem to absorb some of the heat (even in this July heatwave) and has stopped me from murderising him on a nightly basis. Also soft and comfortable too! (The protector, not him).


The delivery men who delivered the mattress was very professional. They introduced themselves, took the mattress to the room I wanted it to go. Information was given to me as to how the mattress should place on the bed and how to care for mattress and who to contact in the event they I should have any issues or not happy with the mattress.

Extra comfort

Bought this product the same time as our new mattress and its a godsend! The mattress is the most uncomfortable one weve ever bought and will be changing it when our 30 days trial is up. Very impressed with the mattress protector as its allowing us a bit of comfort and getting a little sleep whereas it wouldnt be possible without it.


I bought this mattress for our spare room a few weeks ago . We need a replacement for a bed we had been given. it was just the job. We felt very safe visiting the shop . this helped us to pick the right mattress. the salesman gave us the exact amount of help we needed. very pleased all round. We took it away with us - very comfy .

It's OK hopefully will come into its own in summer

Buying an ex showroom mattress, we thought getting a protector would be a good idea. Picked the 'cool' one in case of a hot summer. It seems quite thin and only just covers the mattress, but appears to be doing its job. Hopefully it will be well worth it if we have another really hot summer. Currently seems expensive for what it is.

Amazing comfort for a great nights sleep.

I bought two of these brilliant mattresses for my grandsons as their old mattresses were old and well passed their best. The new mattresses have enabled the boys to have comfortable nights sleep and are extremely happy with the comfort of them. I couldn't be happier with the purchase and would certainly recommend them to everyone.

Excellent customer service and quality

Very friendly and funny customer service, light friendly banter but bouncing off my wife and mine comments. The bed itself is perfect and was build on delivery fast and efficiently. This is our 3rd bed from this store. We have and will continue to recommend this store for the quality of product and excellent customer service.

Soooo comfy...

I honestly didnt see the point of this item - I had a new bed, surely this wouldnt be either necessary or affect the comfort factor? Well, I take it back - I can really feel the difference this item has made, and my husband now finds the bed so comfortable that he never wants to get up at all (good thing hes now retired..!)

Best nights sleep

This has been one of the best investments ever made. I feel well supported, my temperature better regulated and overall a better quality of sleep. Its not the cheapest mattress on the market, but Im a great believer in investing in a product that you spend a lot of your life around, so it is already paying dividends.

Great product

Ive had my TheraPur Cool Matteress Protector on my bed since the 1st week in August. To be honest I wasnt sure if it would be any different to a normal mattress protector.....but I was wrong. It has kept me/my body a lot cooler in bed on these hot summer nights. So pleased with this product & fits easily onto your bed.

Amazing product

After using various other protectors from leading brands i was a bit sceptical of this purchase.So glad we did though the protector is great and seems to stop us overheating during sleep, easy clean and have already bought another for our spare room. Definatley recomend you purhase one of these yourself a great purchase

TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector

I have used different mattress protectors but the feel of this is totally different, comfortable and awesome. I love the fact that it has a cooling effect, a padded feel and that it can absorb moisture. My journey to dreams is one I definitely do not regret because I am enjoying every item purchased. Dreams=Quality

Nice addition to the bed

This was given to us when buying the new bed as part of the deal and I was sceptical that it would stay on as it is like a topper rather than a fitted sheet we've had in the past. Having said that, it hasn't moved and the straps are still in place to hold it so I'm impressed (especially as my husband is a wriggler!)

Excellent Value

We have had our new mattress a month now. We asked for a mattress that was quiet, firm and very firm on edges. This is mostly all of these, except it is a little noisy when you sit on the edge of the bed. Once you are in it's fairly quiet. The deliver was excellent. On time, Covid safe and polite drivers.

A bit of luxury

I like this mattress topper as it gives a little more luxury and comfort underneath the sheet. I chose the TheroPur Cool Mattress protector as I do not like being hot in bed - it certainly does the job. We have not had mattress protector on the beds before but I would now consider putting them on our other beds.

Superb comfort - great price.

I bought this mattress recently for my son and hes delighted with it. Weve had dreams mattresses before so we knew, roughly, which firmness rating he would need but its definitely important to check them out first. i was particularly impressed with build quality of this mattress and it was a fantastic price.

Therapur cooling mattress protector

This mattress protector is amazing, I physically can control my core body temperature so always struggled to sleep properly due to overheating, since getting the mattress protector I've been able to get a lot cooler nights sleep regardless of how thick the duvet is or the ambient temperature of the house

Great Team

When i went into dreams all i wanted was advice on a king size double mattress , then i met a lady who sold me a great mattress and a pillow and i enjoyed every minute the lady was great knew every thing + and the delivery men were also very a ware of my home and distancing regs a great team from Dreams

Excellent investment

We were given this as part of our pakage, its sits comfortable on the mattress, its easy to use and stress free. Helps keep you cool in the evening and gives the mattress the Extra bounce. I can't fault this product or any other product that i've brought from dreams. Highly recommend this product.

As far as mattress protectors go, does its job

Got this to go with our new mattress, very soft and feels breathable, has thick elastic bands on each corner to hold in place under the mattress which seem better than the normal sheet fitted style ones with thin elastic that goes brittle after a few washes. Hopefully it washes well and stays soft

Better than any other

I bought my mattress at the start of June and it is sooooooo comfortable. I have health issues which used to be made worse with not getting a good sleep. Not anymore thanks to my gel mattress, i get to sleep quicker, stay asleep and actually wake up ferling good instead of full of aches and pains.

The joy of Dreaming.

From the 2nd I walked into the shop I didn't feel pushed to buy. They explain the different types of bed that would suit me And gave me the opportunity to try as many beds as I wanted until I was satisfied. The whole experience was a joy and I have already recommended dreams to some of my friends.

Good product

In the past I have tried similar products which have not been successful. However, this has certainly changed my view. It stays where it should without wrinkling so very comfortable. Cool? I am not so sure but then it's been an extremely hot summer so far. Washes and dries really quickly.


Got it on promotion when I bought a new mattress and have been using it since then, about 3 week. It is very confortable, adding an extra bit of softness to the new mattress. My hubby used to get quite sweaty during the night but he hasn't been lately so may be the protector working! Love it.

Good service and easy to work with

We ordered two mattresses from Dreams. The first one came with a slight tear and Dreams replaced it within 10 days. The second one came slightly dirty which we just cleaned. Overall the service at the Exeter store we received was great, but there is still some unwanted delays due to delivery.

Futuristic bed

The bed is very sturdy , good quality and tilt as shown on the website. it has usb port to charge phone and backlight under the bed ! Very useful to find my flip flop. I am very happy with my purchase, I recommend to pay extra for the delivery and assembly as they were quick and professional


I bought this at a reduced price as I was buying an electric bed at Dreams. It could do with being a bit bigger as it's a real effort to get it on the bed. (Electric beds tend to have mattresses 6'6" long as opposed to the standard 6'3") However, once on, it stayed put and is comfortable.

Great service and comfy product

excellent service throughout Mattress arrived within the timeslot (very early on in the timeslot which was a bonus!). It had a wrip in the plastic wrapping and a small mark on the side and Customer Service discounted 80 off price which was fine. Otherwise no problems and great product

Perfect Fit.

This was a purpose bought mattress cover for a recent purchased Dreams mattress. It enhanced the gel cooling ability of the mattress and unlike our mattress protector, it fitted exactly. This meant that no matter how much movement there was why sleeping the cover maintain its position.

Very useful mattress cover

Received our mattresses cover 2 months ago. Works really well, adds a nice layer to mattress. Just a really relaxed comfortable sleep, helps to keep bed cool, could allow more cooling effect. The washable cover is also a great feature, would be useful to be able to wash at 60 celsius.

Perfect solution

The Mattress protector is the perfect solution to keeping the mattress clean and free from marks or stains, especially as our dog likes to sleep with us, and climb on our bed when were out at work. Everything can be thrown in the wash and ready to use again same night. Great purchase

Great mattress

We bought this mattress about a month ago and have a great night sleep from day one. This is a firm mattress but is very comfortable and supports the body. The staff in the Sheffield shop were very helpful. It was delivered on time and installed in a professional manner. Very pleased.


Really comfortable mattress topper/protector that keeps things nice and cool in hot weather, didn't realise that it was held on with elastic in just the corners when I bought it but that's my mistake and works way better that similar products I have had before that attach in this way

Does the job

Does what it says on the tin, my only gripe is the size. Its a king size protector but when level to one edge there is a few inch gap on the other edge. It was part of the deal so price wasnt too bad but if I paid full price I would of been really unhappy and probably returned it.

Soft and good temperature regulator

The base mattress I bought with this product had springs and as such this was the perfect topper for it. It's keep warm nights cooler and softer, and resulted in undisturbed sleep for the past 2 weeks for me, which has improved my days considerably. Its easy to apply and clean too.

Little disappointing

This was the recommend protector for the mattress we purchased, must admit when I when to put it on I was a little disappointed. It just hooks over the corners, I prefer protectors that completely cover the mattress and are secured underneath. That said, Im sure it does the job.

Mattress protector

Bought this to ensure the guarantee would be in place in the event of needing to return the mattress. Not much to be said about it really. It's held in place by elastic over the corners of the bed. Would be better if it was like a fitted sheet, but it does what it's supposed to.

Surprisingly Comfortable

Easy to fit and surprisingly comfortable. I am not a fan of those soft squidgy thick mattress covers that some hotels insist on putting on their beds nowadays. However, this mattress protector is quite unobtrusive, hardly changing the firm feeling we want of the mattress itself.

Great result.

I got this product free when I purchased my fantastic mattress and could not believe my luck. It is a perfect fit and as I suffer with night sweats this has really helped me. It seems to keep me cool and my sheets are always dry making me feel alot more refreshed in the mornings.

This makes us hot in the night.

I was offered this product as part of the 65 mattress protection scheme at dreams for the 8-year bed cover. With the Item being sold for 40 on the dreams website I personally would not buy this product on its own. It makes us hot at night and does not add any value to our bed.

Solid option.

It's fine. A mattress protector definitely helps me sleep at night knowing that my mattress is safer from my (and my partner's) sweat. No compelling reason for this mattress protector over any other though except the convenience of getting one at the same time as the mattress.

Best mattress owned

I had simba mattress for two years and has given me really bad back pain but since I bought this new mattress with its protector cover, best feelings ever. I have to appreciate the team who made therapur mattress. Abdul wassim was the salesman without him I wouldnt buy this

Best night sleep ever

This mattress supports my body and gave me a great night sleep. The staff at Dreams were very helpful and understood all my needs and helped me choose the right mattress for my back. Staff were polite and courteous and acknowledged my custom by making me feel very welcomed.

Perfect Finishing Touch

Added this to an order for a Hyde & Sleep mattress and oak bedframe. It really is the finishing touch, both protecting a fairly significant investment, and in adding an extra bit of luxury to our new setup. You'd be mad not to protect your new mattress with one of these!

Easy to fit/use

I was surprised that this mattress protector simply hooks over the edges of the matress, unlike mose mattress protectors. As a result it tends to slide about a little, but once the fitted sheet is on, it's fine. No issues beyond that, it serves it's purpose well enough.

Not that impressed

Tbh there isnt really anything wrong with this product, i have broke mine in under a month by being wrestless and turning ripping the elastic out of one of the corners, probably just not the product for me or maybe an alternatic to corner elastic bands for the next one.

The beds and the service

Ordered a lot of beds for a holiday home but wanted luxury and quick delivery before Christmas. Staff at Paisley were fantastic sorting out what was available and still managed to supply fantastic luxury beds on time. Even delivered with a smile!. Thank you Dreams team

Very not bad

As someone who shares a bed with a human radiator, its important that he remain cool and not sweaty whilst i can stay warm without freezing in December. Its breathable and fits the deep mattress we bought. Honestly what more do you want from a mattress protector?!

Great support

I have been suffering with back problems for a while now and needed physio to help with recovery. Buying this product has helps to much with said recovery because it offers much needed support for my back, its comfortable, supporting and warm. Well worth the money.

Good cotton, waterproof.

It's good cotton quality, and is fit ok on my super king mattress ( 350 mm) . I have 2 .yers and 3 months old girl what not use any more pampers . Some time is pee in the bed over night , and the protection cover us doing verry good job to protect the mattress.

Soft and comfy

For the most part the mattress protector is fine, it's soft and from above comfortable, couple of bits that bring it down a little for me is that it's not as cool as the gel in the mattress itself and it creates a second lip on the side of an already tall mattress

So soft

This came as a freebie with my mattress. Wouldn't usually buy a protector with straps to secure it in place as prefer the ones which are fully fitted however this does work well. Couldn't really comment on value as not sure what they cost hence average selected.

Great quality

Not that the mattress needs any extra comfyness but the protector is lovely and padded. And does its job! My grandson already spilt some juice on my bed so I whipped the protector off, mattress is unblemished and the protector washed well and kept its fullness!!

New bed

We have been sleeping in this bed for 2 weeks now. What can we say but WOW! Best two weeks sleep ever! Best customer service from dreams that we have ever experienced! Excellent emails regarding delivery. Excellent delivery and fitter. Would definitely recommend

Thicker than your average protector

I bought this instead of a topper mattress as it looked to be thicker than the average protector so thought it would add extra comfort and cushioning as well as protect the mattress. Its really comfortable and luxurious. Good quality and well worth every penny

Fantastic purchase

The dreams assistant who dealt with my purchase recommended this mattress protector and Im glad she did, excellent quality product, very well made that does what it says it does, cool even though thick and sumptuous. Highly recommend this mattress protector.

Helps keep you cool

We purchased this with a pocket sprung mattress with a memory foam top layer in order to help keep us cool. If you wonder whether or not the Therapur Cool Mattress Protector could work, I'm able to confirm that it does - at least, it does for my husband and I.

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Questions and Answers About The TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

We have recently bought a really cosy mattress pad but it is making my husband sweaty! Do you think this would help?

Answer: Yes, the TheraPur mattress protector has been specially designed to help keep sleepers cool throughout the night. It has a naturally breathable 100% cotton face and unique Quadfill fibres within the protector filling - these fibres are uniquely designed for better temperature regulation.

How good is the cooling effect on this mattress protector?

Answer: This mattress protector has a pure, 100% quilted cotton cover which is optimised for enhanced breathability. In addition, the filling is comprised of unique Quadfill fibres that help with temperature regulation and encourage air flow.

Does this protect the mattress from an occasional grandson visit ie: nappy leakage. And is it good for overheating menopausal women.

Answer: This mattress protector is not waterproof, so unfortunately would not protect from leakage. As the protector is made from cotton this would be best to aid with overheating.

What is the best mattress protector for a TheraPur gel topped mattress please?

Answer: As this mattress boasts cooling and temperature regulating properties, we would recommend the TherPur Cool Mattress Protector as this is cotton and brethable.

Do you do refunds on mattress protectors if it's not right for you?

Answer: Unfortunately we cannot provide a refund on a mattress protector if the packaging has been opened or the product has been used.

Can it fit mattress with a depth of 24 cm?

Answer: MariexYes, this topper fits a variety of mattress depths, up to 38cm.Thank you for your question.Kind Regards,Robin

Is this any good with a memory foam mattress. Ive just purchased a Hyde and Sleep memory foam lilac from you? Im thinking Ive purchased the wrong mattress protector?

Answer: This mattress protector will be suitable with the Hyde and Sleep Lilac mattress.

Is the therapur cooling mattress protector recommended for a memory foam mattress

Answer: Good Evening,The TheraPur Mattress Protector is suitable for use with any mattress type.

Can you put a sheet over this

Answer: Thank you for your question. Yes, you would be able to do this.

Is this topper Mattress protector ok to be tumbled dried please?

Answer: This can be tumbled dried but on a low heat/cool setting.

Is this item available in store

Answer: Yes, this item is available in all of the stores.

Can this protector be put in a tumble dryer

Answer: This can be tumbled dried but on a low heat/cool setting.Thank you.

Is this waterproof

Answer: No this is just cotton.Thank you.

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