TheraPur ActiGel Response 1600 Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 316 customer reviews
TheraPur ActiGel Response 1600 Mattress

TheraPur ActiGel Response 1600 Mattress

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TheraPur ActiGel Response 1600 Mattress Review

One of the most popular in the range, this ActiGel Response 1600 Mattress comes from the popular manufacturer Therapur on behalf of Dreams via an exclusive partnership that gives you access to desirable mattresses at some very reasonable prices relative to the specs. Let's dive in.

The TheraPur ActiGel Response 1600 is a firm tensioned mattress that helps to give you a supportive base layer with a softer comfort layer in part, due to it's 2cm thick ActiGel foam layer. Working hand in hand these combined technologies give a firm yet soft mattress that has many of the body moulding properties of memory foam but with very few of the downsides. Take temperature regulation for example, a problem with memory foam but one that is addressed with gel, helping ensure you keep cool throughout the night.

Further to the above, the TheraPur ActiGel Response 1600  features zoned support which means that you get full contoured support across all key areas of your body.

Onto the finish and this mattress comes tufted which gives a slightly firmer feel while making the mattress extra-durable. The soft knitted cover comes with handles that will aid rotation, something that often get's overlooked but is vital to ensure even settlement of fillings through time.

There's a lot to like with this mattress, the gel layer has proven very popular in recent years chipping away at the memory foam crowd and when paired with pocket springs you really are getting 2 of the best pieces of tech you can get in a mattress.


What Makes The TheraPur ActiGel Response 1600 Mattress Great?

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur


This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Soft touch knitted cover

Soft touch covers are commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

Exclusive 2cm ActiGel zoned and profiled foam

This is a unique support layer unique to Dreams that helps to provide a soft and durable layer with fel-like properties that mould to your shape

Exclusive Purfibre comfort and support layers

PurFibre® layers feature improved airflow that enhances the support and comfort of the mattress. Often associated with therapur mattresses, the purfibre layers are often mixed with actigel layers ensuring the ultimate in comfort and support from a top layer.

Cooling sensation

The materials used in this mattress help create a cooling sensation and are extra breathable. Ideal for those who get too hot at night.

Comfort Grade - Very Firm

Very firm mattresses are ideal for those suffering with back pain. The amount of pain relief that a quality very firm mattress can provide is often the primary reason for people to purchase this specific type of mattress. For those looking for comfort over pain relief, there would be an arguement to perhaps look at something close to medium firmness

1600 pocket springs (King)

Anything over 1500 pocket springs in a mattress is going to offer enhanced roll together protection and ensure that every part of your body is sufficiently supported. The 2800 quoted here might be a little overkill for most peoples needs but it's certainly very nice to have

TheraPur Care Guide

Therapur offer care instructions to help get the most from your mattress. The instruction cover maintaining its appearances and how to avoid damage from water and hot surfaces for example.  It includes actions to avoid such as inadvertently removing a fire-retardant coating. These instructions can come coupled with the warranty. It is important to follow the care instructions as not to void this warranty.

About TheraPur

Therapur is a sub-division of Dreams Beds that produces high quality mattresses that feature new technology, namely, actigel, a unique substance that, when combined with hypoallergenic materials and pocket springs creates the mattresses that make your nights sleep extra special. With UK based manufacturing, each Therapur mattress is handcrafted within the UK.


Hand tufting typically makes a mattress feel firmer due to how the stitching from the cover carries through the mattresses layers. It is a great way to keep everything tight and together within the different mattress layers and acts as an increased tension providing better back and neck support.

Customer Reviews For The TheraPur ActiGel Response 1600 Mattress

Based on 316 reviews

No more broken sleep!

I got this mattress a few weeks back and honestly it's changed my life. I no longer wake up ever couple hours aching and having to adjust my sleeping position. I am a restless and light sleeper, but I definitely wake up more refreshed and no more aches. One amazing benifit that we didn't even realise is that I can violently chuck myself about and it doesn't disturb my partner. At. All. He doesn't move at all while I'm tossing about. He's getting better sleep too! It's a great mattress so far (I know it's early days still) and would highly recommend if you need firm support. Also beware - it is very heavy. We hadn't yet build our frame when it arrived and just having to manover it from the upstairs hallway into the bedroom was a challenge!


Like sleeping on a cloud in Heaven

Well this mattress is the star of the show! Wow... After sleeping on a medium firm mattress that was 8 years old and sagging, my back pain was excruciating, it was time for a new bed. I bought the Therapur actigel extra firm mattress from Dreams along with a divan base, headboard and pillows. I fell in love with this mattress in store and I've been sleeping on it for a few weeks now, back pain gone! Did I die and go to Heaven? No! I'm just sleeping on my new Therapur actigel mattress. It's firm yet so soft and comfortable, no squeaks or springy feeling. You really feel like you're sleeping in luxury. This was a brilliant investment, start your day with the best night's sleep ever. This mattress also has handles on the side for easy rotation.


Excellent for sufferers of back pain

Constantly suffered with back pain for months but with lockdown i decided to get a 'MATTRESS IN A BOX', what a mistake. After another month on the sofa and coming out of lockdown i called into Dreams and after three minutes on there fancy new tech bed, this was one of the mattresses it suggested. WOW What a difference. Three days getting used to it and i can finally get a comfortable, rested and full nights sleep. Slighly gives way to your body weight as it molds around you but fully supporting were you need it the most and most importantly keeping you warm withought overheating. Finally i can sleep again knowing i will wake refreshed and withought pain after a full nights sleep. Thank you Dreams.


good from sport

we decided to get a new mattress, we had been in to store and tried a few before the lockdown and used the dreams bed scanner. it gave us three to look at and the one for us was the firm winner. it is very firm which is help with my partners back pain from old mattress. was best night sleep she had in 2 months. would recommend giving this one a try. I am now used to the mattress as it take a while to become adjusted to new mattresses, don't think for one minute its going to be plain sailing. allot of people don't realise you need time to adjust to a new mattress. a mattress is like a pair of shoes its needs time to break in. this mattress is ideal for for very firm needs.


The rejuvinating matress

If you want to wake up like your in your teens again then this is the matress is for you. With the actigel to keep it soft and cool and with the multi pocket springs which stop movement from your loving partners restless sleep. You wake up rejuvinated and ready for the day ahead like you were years younger. been the best investment into my sleep in years and i would advise anyone wanting comfort and great sleep to purchase this product. And for those that wont ever ask but we all do think about - the matress is sturdy and is great to kneel on you dont sink into divets where the springs sit ;)


Very firm mattress but comfortable

We purchased this mattress 4 weeks ago after using the Dreams mattress equipment which suggested we should buy a very firm mattress. We were unsure when it first arrived as it did feel too firm for the first week but we persevered and we are glad we did as it does give us a better nights sleep. There is a gel top on the mattress which is comfortable and with the individual pocket springs there is very little movement felt when we turn over at night so we don’t disturb each other. A very firm but comfortable mattress.


The perfect mattress

This mattress has changed my life. It is by far the most comfortable mattress i have ever slept on. I went for a firmer mattress and have not been disappointed. I am getting the best nights sleep i have ever had. I was a really bad sleeper before this and put it down to a number of things, i tried numerous things to help, nothing worked till i found this mattress. The mattress is extremely well made to the highest standards. It looks amazing and is well worth every penny of the price. You will not be disappointed.


Great mattress, highly recommend!

We tried this mattress in-store as it was recommended as the best fit for me and my partner and we immediately liked it but thought it was a little pricey. Having bought a different type of mattress elsewhere and tried it for a couple of months we were still thinking about this mattress and in the end went for it and returned the other one to the other retailer. Best decision we ever made, it really is so comfortable and my partner and I have slept so much better since getting it, would definitely recommend.


Really comfortable and supportive mattress

I had originally ordered this before lockdown but because of the virus I had to wait several weeks for my mattress to be delivered. I have back problems and my old mattress was already causing back pain, I just had to bear it a little longer - including sleeping on the floo!) Ever since my new mattress arrived I have had no back pain - such relief. The mattress is very and supportive without being lumpy and uncomfortable as Some can be. I recommend this to anyone who prefers a firmer mattress.


Best mattress and service

I have suffered from back and neck pain for a while and had some trouble with my sleeping because our mattress has been to hard or to soft, my partner likes a bit more softer than me, I like a very firm mattress. This TheraPure mattress we bought a couple of weeks ago is the best purchase in a long time! It is a perfect combination of very firm and soft and we wake up with a smile everyday now!! I would highly recommend the TheraPure ActiGel Response 1600 Mattress! /Sanna & Johan


All I can say is wow.

This is the best mattress I have ever slept on. I am always pulling beds apart at hotels to see what mattress they use and often look to see if I can buy one. However as soon as we tried this one we knew it was perfect. We have now had it for a few weeks and each night I still go to bed with a sigh of comfort. The only minor complaint is the smell of the mattress. I am sure this will disappear. I do have a very sensitive nose. I would recommend this to anyone. Pure luxury.



I purchased this mattress after laying on the sleep position analysing machine which said that I needed an extra firm mattress. I tried several in store and despite this being the most expensive I kept going back to it and was really excited for it to arrive. Unfortunately after nearly 3 weeks I'm struggling to adjust to it and am finding it too firm. I have given it a good rating as it isn't a fault with the mattress, it just that it doesn't seem to be the one for me.


A fabulous Purchase

I was very hesitant in purchasing this mattress due to the price, but then decided that my and my husband's continuous back pain and restless nights outweighed the price. Since sleeping on this mattress we both sleep throughout the night and my back is less painful and i do not feel as uncomfortable. It has only been about a month but I can definitely see an improvement and would recommend this mattress to anyone that suffers from pain in their back.


A great way to buy a mattress

I needed to replace my old mattress but was prevaricating because there was ‘that uncertainty’ about choosing the right mattress. But the Dreams approach with the use of technology to assess which products will suit you removed all of that ‘head scratching’. Taking away the old mattress and delivering the new one to the bedroom was good (bang on time as well) and MP, what do you know - the mattress is great and 8 sleep well and wake refreshed.


Comfortable sleep, good back support

We bought this mattress after trying memory foam kind which wasn't suitable for our body type (tall couple on heavy side). This mattress has been great in our back support, it feels firm but also soft enough not to get back pain from it. The delivery was accurate to the information we got prior, professional customer service. We turned the mattress every week in the first month as instructed, and so far it's equally comfortable both ways.


Best buy

Was unsure initially about about which bed to choose, did a fair amount of research on line went to the store tried all the firm beds, I have a bad back, decided that the firm gel mattress was for us as the mattress was firm but still comfortable, spent sometime with the Salesman popped over the road to Bensons, but still came back to this one even though it was more expensive. My husband has had the best nights sleep in years.


Worth every penny

So comfortable. I deliberated first so long, researching every type of bed, weighing up a ridiculous amount of detail and my decision did not disappoint. Everyone has a preference on how firm they like their mattress to be, but for me this is just perfect. My back felt like night and day from my first sleep and I’m a month in and still feel amazing after every sleep. Firm but cuddles you. It’s perfect and worth every penny.


A great night sleep

The first mattress delivered had a few tears around the seem but Dreams replaced it within two weeks which was great. As we were advised the mattress was extra extra firm when it was first delivered, but after a few weeks of sleeping on it (and a couple of rotations) and it is a perfect level of firmness. The mattress feels very ‘solid’ and we have both slept so well since upgrading. It’s definitely worth the extra pennies.


Great night’s sleep

I moved into my new home and slept on an inflatable mattress for 4 nights and then DREAMS delivered my new mattress, it was so comfortable and gave me the best night’s sleep I could have asked for, when my partner stayed over he also commented on the level of support the mattress gave (he needs a firm mattress for his shoulder) and the fact he slept through the night without waking to stretch showed this. Fantastic!


Very comfortable

I was a bit unsure about buying a mattress without trying it first. However I shouldn’t have had any worries. It arrived and fits perfectly. Despite it being described as very firm it is very comfortable and has been great for my back. It feels great whether on my back or side. My wife is much lighter than me and it suits her too. The mattress is well made and looks quality. Hopefully it will last a long time.


So good I’ve bought another!

Very happy with this mattress, always a good night sleep and have found that since using it my lower back pain is much better. It is so good that I have just ordered a second one for another room! One thing I will say is it is definitely worth waiting for an online sale if you can, we waited a few months but t is worth it for what you can save, though the assistants in store will try to tell you otherwise!


New Therapur Mattress

I have slept like a baby since receiving my new mattress & bed, its a lovely firm base just what I wanted, have suffered with back & hip pains for a long time and I also have M.S which doesn't help, went and had a computerised check when selecting a new mattress by a very friendly and helpful staff at their Oldham Branch and the minute I lay on this one I knew it would help, sleeping so much better now


Perfect good night sleep!

I couldn't have brought a better mattress than the Therapur. The quality of materials used provide the best of comfort and I experience no back pain anymore whatsoever! The 1600 pocket springs make the mattress just that extra firm perfect for my back as I used to suffer terrible back pain with my old mattress but not anymore! This is the perfect mattress for anyone who wants a good nights sleep!


First class service, delivery and sleep

Fantastic purchase from start to finish. The expertise of the sales team at the Loughborough store was second to none. The communication before delivery was extremely professional and the delivery team extremely courteous and helpful. Finally, the mattress. I haven’t slept so well for as long as I can remember. Thank you Dreams! We will see you for our second mattress purchase very soon



The Dreams computer bed chose this mattress for me, suffering with back & hip pain and overheating. This bed is in my opinion very firm, but you can feel it supporting all your joints, you can feel your body start to relax as soon as you lay down, cushioning your ankle right up to your shoulders, and designed to be cooler sleeping much better than I did previous to buying this.


Supports but still so comfortable

We are very happy with this mattress. My partner has a back injury from a biking accident and it gives the support he needs to ease his pain. And for me I have always slept on my back but now i can sleep on my side too without feeling uncomfortable. We both fall asleep very easily with this mattress. I never would have dreamt id spend this much on something and be happy about it!


Nice, Soft and Firm. Great Mattress

This is our first experience of buying Therapur mattress. we have been really impressed with it.The mattress adjust depending upon our sleeping habits. The mattress provides extra support and comfort really improves your sleep. The sleeping has been well improved ever since this mattress has come to our lives. thank you it couldn't have been more better. keep it up and thank you


Very firm!

We bought this product a month ago. I was reading lots of reviews, what took us to Dreams. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy a mattress without trying it. We had another one in our minds before we tried it. Straight away both of us said YES to this one! We where looking for a firm mattress, in one you can't feel the other person's movements. We are very pleased with it.


The best mattress we have ever bought

We bought this mattress over a month ago, and so far we are loving it. It wasn't the cheapest, but worth every penny. Before buying the mattress I had suffered with lower back pain for about 18 months. Since sleeping on this new mattress from Dreams, my back pain has almost gone. I wake up feeling like I have had a really good nights sleep, which is priceless! Thank you Dreams


Best nights sleep I’ve ever had

I bought this mattress after having my last one for 14 years. I hadn’t been sleeping well and waking up with sore joints and a sore back...I went into the store tried the mattress finder and tested 7 mattresses and this was the best by far. It was quickly delivered to my home and I have never slept better ! No more sore joints and no restless nights! Brilliant!


Therapur 1600 super king size mattress

After having to delay our delivery because the road in front of our house was being replaced, the mattress arrived and was delivered straight onto our bed frame with the packaging removed by the delivery team. We did wait for the sale because of the price, and got a price we were happier with despite the sales assistant telling us there were none upcoming.


Too comfortable

I bought this mattress after being assessed by Dreams' system. I have never been so in love with my bed. It is so comfortable I could stay in bed all day. I get to sleep much easier now and I don't wake up with aches like I used too. I have to say when I purchased it, I baulked at the cost but I'm so glad I purchased it. It is worth every penny (and more).


Great firm matress

This is a very firm mattress with great support all over the surface. The best feature is how it keeps a good temperature all night. Decided to purchase this mattress after testing a good range of different sprung-pocketed mattresses, all very similar and hard to choose. Only when looking for unconventional detail, found out it's a very pleasant mattress.


Perfect for someone who gets hot in the night!

This mattress is spot on. I am someone who gets very hot and usually ends up needing some sort of fan on just to cool down. With this mattress I don't need to worry about that at all! The ActiGel cooling keeps the entire bed chilled at all times. The actual mattress itself is very comfortable and every night has been a great sleep since it turned up!


Superb Comfort

Not sure exactly how long I have had this, a few weeks I guess but it was so comfortable from day one I lost count. It was slightly higher than my old one probably because that was old and worn. Happy to say my back ache that I suffered every morning is no more. This mattress is really comfortable. Don't want to leave it most mornings. Thanks


Just what we needed

After using the test bed in Dreams we found we needed the Extra Firm mattress, so we went for this one but unfortunately the wrong mattress was dropped off and we got a Medium. No good for us at all but Dreams have sorted the problem without a lot of trouble, our new mattress is being delivered on the 17th of August and we can't wait for it.


Best night sleep ever!!

I come out of hospital to having this mattress delivered and oh my god, I feel on to it and just straight asleep. I’ve never had a mattress that is so comfortable. I don’t over heat with. We picked this mattress with the new instore technology bed which calculates the best mattress to your body. Best thing ever invented that.


Good quality firm mattress

We took a punt with this mattress given the lockdown and not wanting to go into stores. I traditionally like the firm mattresses, but this mattress was on sale and thought that if the mattress was too firm we could return it as part of the dreams return policy. However, this mattress is perfect, not too firm and still comfy.


Firm mattress

The all process during covid-19 went very smoothly to order the mattress. I have received a bag to put my old mattress. I left the old one the drive and the drivers left the new one on the drive to my request so social distance were kept. Very happy with the mattress , so firm. Worth to wait as well for the 20% off


First class from start to finish

Highly recommend using this service, very honest about mattress which was delivered very quickly by their own service; was called in morning with option to change days if needed. Mattress was packaged well and I’m very impressed with the ease of it all and the quality. Thank you! No more bad backs for me, nice and firm!


First good night's sleep for a long time

The mattress was delivered this month (January 2020) and we had anticipated that there would be a few nights that our bodies would need to get used to it as the mattress was a lot deeper than our old one. We were wrong as we both fell asleep within minutes and slept solidly until early morning when the alarm went off.


Fantastic mattress!

Bought this 2 months ago and wow, why did we wait so long! So firm and comfortable. Yes it was expensive for us but with the 30 months interest free option, we were able to get our perfect one. Love it and it's such good quality! The salesman was great in store and it was delivered less than a week later! Very happy


Good quality mattress

I have used this mattress for about six weeks. It arrived in great condition and is very well made. Dreams recommended a very firm mattress and this certainly is very firm. I have taken a while to get used to it, with some disturbed nights too start with, but my I have less trouble with my back than I did before.


An excellent purchase

The previous mattress had given eleven years service but was beginning to creak a little. A visit to the local Dreams outlet gave a plethora of choice. However, there was not much debate regarding the choice made. Since the mattress arrived sleep, has been so relaxed.Would recommend this product wholeheartedly.


Very happy

We previously had a highly recommended memory foam mattress which started well but dipped quickly. We bought this one to ho back to springs and it is firm but comfortable. We are sleeping very well. The Superking size is huge and great for my husband who is over 6ft. We feel very cool through the night aswell.


Perfect mattress

This was the first mattress I tried after using their sleepmatch machine and I fell in love straight away, none of the others I tried afterwards compared. I was helped by two in store team members both of which were very polite, friendly and helpful. I know I’ll be happy with this mattress for years to come.


Extra supportive and cooling

I purchased this a few weeks ago as I have suffered with terrible aches and pains when I wake in a morning. I also get extremely hot during the night. The mattress has given very firm support which has helped reduce the morning discomfort and the gel covering has helped maintain a cooler body temperature.


No more bad back!!

After years of back problems I finally found the miracle cure. This mattress is amazing. At 1st I thought it was way to expensive but as the old saying get what you pay for. Its firm but still the most comfortable mattress ive slept on...and my bad back has disappeared. I would recommend


Very comfy for a firm mattress

A month in and finding the mattress very comfy. As a side sleeper I used to suffer from painful hips and was sceptical about the in-store recommendation from the machine for a firmer product. However, so far it has proved extremely comfortable, and the cooling gel seems to be working effectively too.


Highly recommended

This is an amazing mattress we have bought our second one for a quest bedroom. This stays cool and is firm yet due to the gel layer soft. My sister has had a terrible mattress from a very well known British high end store and we have recommended they come to dreams for their next mattress


Good night's sleep at last

After several years of having back ache from sleeping on a worn out VI spring mattress (which had been fantastic) we bought a new one. My lower back is still adjusting but from the first night I slept well, and didn't wake up with back ache - and I have nursing acquired back injuries!


Incredibly comfortable!

We bought this mattress a few weeks ago, and are now having the most comfortable sleep we've ever had. We moved from a memory foam mattress to this one, as we wanted to keep to a stiff mattress but with a bit more 'give' than a memory foam. Very satisfied and would highly recommend.


Perfect mattress.

We originally went in the store because we both suffer from back problems and believed our mattress wasn't helping. The staff were very helpful and put us through their tests. We found this mattress to best fit our requirements and one month on our back are much better. Thank you.


Money well spent on this amazing comforta mattress

The mattress is so comfortable that I regret why we didn't change it sooner. Although it's rated very firm but it's not stiff at all but instead provide so much support that for a big person like finally able to get some good night sleep. Couldn't recommended this mattress enough!


A mattress that makes you "float"

Very sturdy mattress yet feels soft on the surface. It gives you good support on all parts of your body so when you lie down on it it feels like floating on water... I've had many nights of good sleep on it. It's been nearly a year since I bought it and it's been good ever since


Best Mattress

Awesome Matress, had a Simba and myself and my wife would wake up every morning in absolute agony with back pain, went into Dreams staff were so helpful, put us on the sleep machine which recommended this matress, and within 2 days we were waking up with no pain whatsoever


Best sleep ever

The mattress is exactly what I need- firm and comfortable. It’s not bouncy but there is a little give. Unlike memory foam I don’t overheat. You will need extra deep sheets as the mattress is quite thick. The only problem is it’s very heavy - moving it is a 2 person job!


Comfortable and firm

We did the sleep match in store and was recommended this mattress. We ordered it online and the lads delivered it upstairs for me. Since using it, we have both struggled to sleep and it has given us bad backs. But we are getting used to it. Hopefully all will be okay.


So Comfy!

After having a shot on the Dreams mattress analyser we decided to purchase this so so Comfortable! Fab night sleep and certainly not the aches and pains we had previously. We went from a medium to very firm matress. Brilliant. Service was fab as well.


Great Mattress

We bought this mattress from Dreams Fulham. We were helped by James, he was incredibly helpful and patient with us. We chose this mattress because it’s extra firm but has a gel layer on top to make it more comfortable. We didn’t like any mattresses with memory foam.


Worth the money.

Love it! Been going to bed at 8pm every night for the last couple of weeks. It's really firm and supportive but has the layer on the top that has a bit of give (but not too much that it feels like your doing a whole body workout just to turn over!). Hope it lasts!


Really love my new bed

Wanted a new bed after having spinal surgery. Feel the bed is a little to firm for me. Could do with being a smidgen softer. However I am having a better nights sleep and I appear to be waking more refreshed. Not sure about this temperature thingy though. Good buy


Fantastic mattress

Online ordering was quick and easy Delivery was easy and did not effect my day The mattress is really comfortable with plenty of support. Have slept so well on it since we purchased it. Excellent value for money, im glad we spent a bit more for extra quality.


Great Mattress

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago for my mum and dad, and the amount of sleep they’re getting from what they use to get is unreal. There is times where I will just find them in their room because the mattress is so comfortable and they instantly fall asleep.


5 star comfort

We have had a Tempur mattress in the past but this is more supportive and comfortable. Also when you move around it doesn't rock the other person. It is the best mattress we have had, no aches or pains, I sleep immediately and feel refreshed in the morning.


It's cured aches I didn't know I had

I brought this mattress after some excellent service from the Gillingham branch. I was not aware of aches until after a few nights of amazing sleep, I woke up feeling different. A very good different. Amazing mattress and I am recommending it to everyone.


Great mattress

I bough this several weeks ago, very firm as advertised but not as cool as I hoped. Saying that I am using a a mattress protector that could be hindering the effectiveness of the cooling gel. Overall happy for now until the real test in the summer.


Best nights sleep ever

Used the sleep machine in store which suggested this mattress. Was a bit sore hens I’ve as don’t usually trust gadgets! Wow it had been the best nights sleep we’ve ever had! Beautiful design and sooo comfy with no aches and pains in the morning


Very nice mattress....

Got this mattress nearly a month back. It has significantly improved the sleep. Although we spent nearly 1/3rd of our life sleeping, but does not focus investing in our sleep. I did very late, but very happy with it. I wish I had done it earlier.


Much Better Sleep

We have had our new mattress for a little over two weeks now and it has had a significant impact on my sleeping. I regularly had a sore back when using my old, softer mattress but now I hardly feel anything. Massive difference to my nights sleep.


Excellent, super comfy!

Only had it a few days but it’s soooo comfy, definitely worth the price! The dreams staff were really friendly and helpful when we were choosing our new mattress, the deal clincher was hearing Stacey Shipman help pick how firm we needed! :-)


Dream mattress

Great shopping experience, Covid has made shopping harder but we were made to feel assured that our safety was important. We had the chance to try the different mattresses and weren't rushed. The staff were helpful without being intrusive.


More firm than we thought

Bought this a few weeks ago and finding it more firm than we’d thought. It’s a good mattress and great if that’s what your after but maybe a little too firm. Because of how firm it is you can feel every little movement from your partner


Excellent mattress

This product was one of our options after using the machine in store to narrow down what mattress would suit us best. The mattress is described as very firm. However, I don’t think it is we are over the moon with it. Sooo comfortable.


Perfect Night sleep

I bought this a few months ago since I was having issues sleeping and pain in my shoulder and back. After a few nights sleeping on this mattress the pain had mostly subsided and I was finding it much easier to get to sleep at night.


Can ask for a better mattress money well spent

Great customer help great delivery mattress does what it says supports your back and your hips definitely give it a thumbs up I sleep so much better now and I'm back free of pain strongly recommend this mattress to family and friends


Better than expected

We have only had this mattress for two weeks but have already noticed huge improvements in our sleep pattern and how the mattress gives more support enabling us to have a truly relaxed sleep. We are really glad we made this purchase.


Very comfortable!

The Response 2000 provides excellent support with the soft cover, allowing for a great night’s sleep. The ActiGel layer helps with keeping you cool throughout the night, all year round, meaning you wake up feeling fully refreshed.


comfortable and supportive

I would not hesitate to recommend this mattress to anyone needing support and comfort in one mattress. Compared to previous standard type mattresses the Actigel provides a cooler nights rest and provides better quality sleep.


Firm but comfortable

Took a few nights to get used to the firmness of the mattress and I was in serious doubt as to whether I was going to get used to it but the mattress is so comfortable now. A very happy customer who gets a great night's sleep.



So glad we replaced our bed frame and mattress. Such an improved sleep. In store they supported us select a mattress using the sleep pro machine and it suggested this mattress for us both. Such a great sleep since having it.


Thera pure actigel. Awesome mattress

What a fantastic mattress not only is it comfortable it’s also cooling I can honestly say I’ve never slept so well , I suffer with sleep apnea and my partner has said how much better I am during the night since we brought it .


Best best best

Definitely the best mattress I have ever bought. Comfortable and so unique, it like I'm lying on a cloud of comfort. Best thing is there is no noise when you lie on it and bed also doesn't move as it's so still.. amazing buy


Very comfortable

At first we thought this mattress was too hard, but after 2 weeks of sleeping on it we have now both become more used to the firmness. Our old mattress would cause our backs to ache in the morning but this one is spot on.


Sleeping better at last!

Went into our local store to buy a new mattress, and in discussion/advice of the store assistant, we used the Sleepmatch system, which has hopefully found relief for our individual sleeping/back problems. So far, so good!


Stops you getting too hot

The actigel does keep you nice and cool despite the layer of foam on top of the springs. I am very impressed as my main aim in getting a new mattress was to stop getting hot as I did with my old memory foam mattress.


Most comfortable mattress ever!

We took delivery of our new mattress two weeks ago and we can’t stop raving about it! We can’t wait to get to bed each night and you just about have to drag us up each morning! We can’t believe how comfortable it is.


A great nights sleep

Both my husband and I suffered with terrible backache and leg ache on our old mattress since we’ve had this new mattress we’ve woke up every morning with not one ache or pain. It’s great to feel refreshed every day.


Expensive but worth it

this arrived a few weeks ago. Had to wait a number of weeks for delivery and I was concerned about the cost at point of ordering being a fairly expensive mattress, but it was definitely worth the wait and money


Very comfortable

My wife and I have different requirements from a mattress, I like it soft, she likes it firm. This mattress hits the mark for both of us. It’s always a compromise for us and this mattress manages it very well.


Good value

I have only used this mattress for a few weeks and am not sure if it is any better than my previous mattress yet,used the sleep match machine and was told that I needed a firm mattress,so far it seems too hard


Give it some time

Definitely good idea to wait 30 days with the exchange — was rather uncomfortably hard at first but now (around 2 weeks on) absolutely enjoy it. And no I didn’t find it hot at all (even in the recent heatwave)


most comfortable bed ever

I bought this bed about 4 weeks ago and i can honestly say I've slept better than I have in years. I used to wake up with pains in my back and my legs, but wake up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep.


The best mattress I have ever owned!!!

I have had this mattress for a month now & my sleep has improved, I now wake up without a bad back & sleep much better. Due to the height I can get out of bed & not feel in pain with my arthritis in my knees.


Simply the best

I got this mattress few weeks ago and I couldn’t believe the comfort it delivers. I normally suffer from lower back pain and neck pain, but ever since I got this I barely have pain. It’s pricey but worth it


Good Value considering features of mattress

Had this mattress for 2 weeks now and have not slept as well for years. Waited too long to replace the old memory foam product. Back to good old fashioned springs and stuff . although a modern variation.


Amazing comfort. Best sleep in years

Bought this nearly a month ago and since then my sleep has been amazing. I suffer with sleep issues and the expect help from the mk store found the perfect match of mattress to suit mine an my wifes needs


Excellent quality comfortable mattress

We have been using this mattress for a month and so far it meets all expectations. It is very well made and ideal for a good nights sleep. Whilst firm, it is not 'very firm' as described, which suits us.



after suffering with lower back problem I swapped out a known branded memory foam mattress for this and although it’s extra firm, my sleeps are unbroken and so comfortable- back ache is eased, very happy


Extremely comfy!!

I bought this a month ago as needed a new mattress went to a store to find the perfect one and this was so comfy when tried it out just had to purchase it not regretted the best nights sleep on it ever!!

Questions and Answers About TheraPur ActiGel Response 1600 Mattress

In Stones, what is the ideal maximum weight acceptable for this mattress?

Answer: , Our mattresses have been designed to accommodate a variety of different sleepers – therefore we do not specify weight limits for any of our mattresses. If you are concerned about the support that a mattress will be able to offer you, we would suggest visiting your local store to discuss your requirements with our team who will help you find the most suitable mattress. Many thanks Dreams

Can you use an electric blanket on top of this mattress

Answer: , Electric blankets can be used with all our mattresses however we do not recommend that they are placed directly on the mattress surface. In addition, using an electric blanket may alter the comfort grade of this mattress. We also recommend following all guidelines and instructions specified by the manufacturer of your electric blanket. Kind regards Dreams

When your stores re open with covid related restricitons etc will mattress testing be allowed in store?

Answer: , Yes, we now allow mattress testing in store. If you would like to know what safety measures we have put in place, please visit our Safe Shopping page: Kind regards Dreams

Does the mattress arrive ‘full sized’ or is it vacuum packed in any way? Only asking because am just measuring up and it would be tight!  Thanks

Answer: , This mattress is delivered full size. You can view our range of rolled mattresses here: Many thanks Dreams

Does this mattress have the edge zoning technology? I need a very high mattress that doesn’t sink to nothing when you sit on the edge of the bed

Answer: , We do not recommend that you sit on the edge of any mattress for excessive periods of time but the mattress does have a spring frame providing support. Many thanks Dreams

Can I use a hot water bottle 

Answer: , Yes a hot water bottle can be used with this mattress. Kind regards Dreams

What is the weight of this kingsize 1600 actigel mattress?

Answer: , The weight of this product in King size is 47Kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the weight of the double mattress please

Answer: , This will be 40kg. Kind regards Dreams

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