Tempur Cooltouch Original Luxe Mattress - Medium Firm Rated 4/5 based on 49 customer reviews

Tempur Cooltouch Original Luxe Mattress - Medium Firm

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4/5 - 49 reviews


What Makes It Great

We have travelled to Florida many times and stayed at the Disney Swan and Dolphin hotel a couple of times and always loved the mattresses there and looked everywhere for one. It was by chance we decided to change our mattress which was 10 years old and also from dreams so we went to buy another same type. Technology has moved on and the salesman shows a few types including our old, but when we got on this mattress it was sold regardless of price as exactly the same as the Swan and Dolphin one, and luckily it was on 0% finance and had 10% extra discount as an Armed Forces Veteran, so we were over the moon! First night confirmed we had had made the right choice! Thank you Dreams for making our dream come true!

Comfort Grade - Firm

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Exclusive CoolTouch™ mattress cover to keep you cool at night

Stay cool regardless of how hot it is with the special cooling properties within this quilted cover.

30cm - Depth

Quite a thick mattress, you may find you need to buy deeper sheets to be able to properly fit. However, this isn't a negative, a good quality mattress will often be thicker than the common mattress

Durable and supportive

Hard wearing but not at a risk of losing the support that your body needs. Bare in mind that a mattress typically only get's replaced after 8 years, so durability is important for that sort of lifespan

10 year guarantee as standard

Normally you only see a 1 year guarantee as standard. You know that a product is of the highest quality when you have this sort of protection against any sort of failure and dipping that may occur outside of normal settlement

Body moulding

9cm - Support material

QuickRefresh™ cover easy to unzip and wash at 60°C

The benefit of being removable is that you are not stuck with unsightly stains that you cannot get out of your mattress. Cat being sick on the mattress? No dramas, throw it in the washing.

5cm - Comfort material

2 x 8cm - Durable base

Questions and Answers

Will it make a difference to the cool touch  what sheets and mattress cover I use I have 100 ps cotton but still very hot  thanks 

Answer: Hi , The thickness of your bed sheets will play a role but not enough to make you overly warm, are you still using a winter duvet as CoolTouch can only do so much if you are over insulating yourself then that is where your issue is. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 review

A totally new sleep experience

My wife and I both suffer from occasional episodes of lower back trouble. We had tried a mattress with a memory foam top but without much benefit. Tempur was recommended by a friend so we took the plunge. All I can say is that it is worth every penny. They take some getting used to but do persevere - the Dreams 40 night guarantee means this is a no risk option. 1 month in and I can’t imagine ever going back to a traditional mattress - comfort and support are superb and we are both sleeping wonderfully well. Highly recommended


Worth every penny....1st sleep through in 20 years

Wow... this was a bit of a splurge for us... I have had 3 spinal surgeries and my husband has hip, pelvis and back pain.... he has not slept through the night in over 20 years... until we bought this bed! It’s super king size, we both feel like we have our own separate beds. If one of us moves around the other feels nothing. It feels firmer initially that the one we trialled in store, but you sink in and it is sooo comfortable and supportive Tempur we love you


Sleep easy

Hi, we bought this mattress about a month ago as we were having trouble sleeping and woke up with back pain. This mattress is amazing, it does take time to get used to it and we have had a lot of laughs as it does feel strange at first. However now a month on we are sleeping better and gave no pain when we wake up. I have Osteo Arthritis this mattress has made a huge difference. We would highly recommend this product and the Custer service we received.


Absolutely love this mattress!

Absolutely love this mattress all our aches and pains have disappeared! Since having surgery and radiotherapy 4 years ago it’s been too uncomfortable and painful to sleep on my side and front, being a natural front sleeper this has been, very painful and lots and lots of sleepless nights and with two young children sleep is a must!! Since having this slice of heaven in the form of a cloud mattress sleep has been blissful!!


Too firm :(

Great quality mattress but too firm even though it's supposed to be medium firmness. I decided to go for Tempur Original model thinking it would be good for my lower back, but I haven't slept a full night since I got it. The one delivered feels much firmer than the one I tried in the shop and I find it really uncomfortable as it puts pressure on all body parts.


Sleeping on cloud 9

Had this mattress just over 2 weeks slept though, no aches and pains, which I constantly had with our last mattress which was only 2.5 yrs old, renewed due to it dipping only after 2 yrs spent £700 & thought if this happens every 2 years let’s pay for a Tempur as we’d pay this over a 10yr period & this mattress comes with a 10 guarantee. So far extremely happy.


Comfortable - be aware of firmness.

I purchased this mattress a month ago. Its comfortable but my only advice is beware of the firmness. Supplier has returns policy so will swap it for a softer version. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Another observation is the mattress is very thick. Purchased a king size but our king size sheets don't fit. I had to buy super king sheets.


Great for back troubles

Been using this bed for a month now and have not had any back troubles. Everyday I used to wake up and had to use a foam roller to straighten up my back. The whole day my back used to ache. Not anymore, this bed is sprisingly soft yet firm enough to keep your back I the correct position. Defiantly a better night's sleep.


The best features!!

I bought it a month ago and can't imagine my life without it! The best investment I did in my whole life I swear!! Even my little daughter sleeps on it all night ( I thought it will never happens, usually she wakes up 3-4 times per night) Sounds unbelievable but it's so true! Super happy!


Great nights sleep

We have had this mattress for about 1 month now, never realised how uncomfortable our old mattress was. The Tempur mattress is extremely comfortable, cool to sleep on and has given my husband and I restful relaxing sleep. No more waking up tossing and turning to get comfy



This mattress is one of the best you would think your sleeping on the clouds as a hairdresser you would feel pain in your back cause you are always standing when I bought my mattress I don’t need medication because this bed has everything AM SO HAPPY I GOT IT


Luxury sleep

Wenhave had this bed since November, a month. And we won't be going back to our old bed. This luxury, firm and squishy bed is a saviour. My husbandcan feel his back is much better using this mattress. I myself sleep like i have never before


Extremely good night's sleep

Recently bought this and very happy. You gradually sink in to this mattress, reaching a position of great comfort and relaxation. I seem to find that I move around less as a result during the night, and hence find it a great sleep aid


Comfort at its best!

Purchased this matress about 2 months ago and it is the best purchase I have ever made. It is so comfortable and I always wake in the morning feeling refreshed. I would not hesitate in recommending this mattress to anybody..


Completely different sleep

It takes a bit of getting used to, so give it some time (about three weeks) and you will find it’s amazing. Like supportive marshmallow. With every penny. Just wish it had handles as it is very heavy to turn without handles


Wonderful mattress

It took me a while to adjust to this mattress as the memory foam sinks in quite a way but I have found sleeping in it to be excellent. I really notice it when I sleep on a non tempur mattress now.


So so comfortable

Since this mattress has arrived, I have slept so well. I am always comfortable lying on it and wake up feeling more refreshed than before. Really helps my aches and pains go away. Worth the money


Brilliant mattress

Bought this about a month ago. Have always had back problems and this has been amazing for me and have been able to sleep with ease and comfort instead of being in pain. 10/10


Tempur mattress is amazing

My husband suffers with a bad back and has been stiff every morning for years We brought the mattress and after 10 sleeps he is already saying how well rested he feels



Nice mattress,still getting used to it.Finding it warm despite the cool technology.There is a "smell" from the mattress,maybe newness or maybe where it's been stored.


Firm mattress

This mattress is impressive. Great memory form, it's not too firm, it's just as I like. It's very comfortable. I wasn't expected that it were so big in diameter.


Dream come true!

I have dreamt of having a Tempa mattresss for years, but never been able to afford one? Its taking some getting used to but i think we'll get there in the end?


Sooo relaxing

We've had this a few weeks now and it's brilliant. You get a good night's sleep as it moulds itself around your body and its very comfortable


So comfy

It is expensive, but personally I have found it worth the money. I have a lot of lower back pain, but sleeping on this mattress helps so much.


Excellent product

When I bought this product I was a little spec tic how it would be. We’re still getting used to it and gets better with every night’s sleep.


Unbelievable comfort

Bought this a few weeks ago and although it seems strange at first, it’s beyond comfortable. It engulfs you and stabilised you all night.


Great mattress

Very good sleep on this mattress - takes a while to get used to the sink as you sit or lie on the bed but adjusts to your body in seconds


Very comfortable

We were worried at first at how firm it felt when it arrived. However we are sleeping so well and couldn't be happier with our purchase.


Keeps me Cool!

you can feel the cool coming through as soon as you lay down. I would defiantly recommend to a friend. Such a comfortable mattress


Excellent comfort.

This is a great mattress, we had doubts at first but my goodness aren’t we sleeping better! The way it moulds to you is fantastic.


Needed getting used to

It took a few nights to get used to this new type of mattress. We have slept very well on it. I do find it very warm though.


Good nights sleep.

Have had the mattress now for 3 weeks - very comfortable, no longer wake up with back ache. Glad we made the choice.


Sleep at last

This is the best money I have ever spent. The comfort could not be better. Super fantastic. Well done and thanks


Very comfortable

Very comfortable. Takes a little bit of getting used to after a traditional mattress but we love it now.


So comfirtable

So happy with mattress Salesman took time e to make sure we were buying correct mattress Excellrnt


So so lovely giving great comfort. Wake up fresh

Purchased before going on holiday and it is exactly perfect for a comfortable good night's sleep.


Best night sleep

We have been sleeping on this mattress for 2 weeks now and now sleep all night just lik3 a baby


Best sleep I ever had

Although it is an expensive mattress, it is worth every penny. It is like sleeping on a cloud


Best money I’ve ever spent

I bought this a month ago and have had perfect sleep since best money I’ve ever spent


Passion stopper

You sink into the mattress too far and difficult to maneuver around on


Great product

Took a few days to adjust to mattress .Partners ME pains have gone.


So comfy

Bought this a month ago & it's the most comfortable mattress


Really comfy

I brought this a month ago and we are really happy with it.


Superb firmness, the best I’ve ever slept on

So happy thinking of buying another Tempur for my kids


Beautiful comfortable mattress

Best mattress. It's expensive but worth every pound.


soft touch

this mattress is amazing would recommed it for anyone


Best sleep ever

Just don’t want to get up in morning best sleep ever


wow what a great bed and matterss

never been to dreams before glad we did saved 500 to