TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Cloud Elite Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 574 customer reviews
TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Cloud Elite Mattress

TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Cloud Elite Mattress

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TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Cloud Elite Mattress Review

Today I'm revisiting the Tempur Cooltouch Cloud Elite Mattress, a medium tension mattress from the popular manufacturer, Tempur.

This mattress, like any mattress you buy, comes with a top layer that we designate as a "comfort layer" that holds all those comfy fillings. In the case of this Tempur Cooltouch Cloud Elite, it comes with specially developed materials that work alongside the memory foam to create the ultimate in body molding properties while also being luxuriously soft.

What makes this mattress stand out from the vast volume of other mattresses on offer is the Cooltouch™ cover which has been designed specifically to prevent overheating through a nights sleep. The cover is created from a unique material that is woven into the fibers of the cover to provide a consistent cool touch which is formulated to absorb any heat build up.

Combined with premium memory foam, this is one of the more premium mattresses that you can buy, and, with an impressive 10 year guarantee as standard, you'll never have to worry about any unexpected problems along with way.

I think this mattress is a great shout for anyone looking for memory foam but who get's too hot at night, a worthy consideration.

Reviews for the Cloud Elite mattress are impressive, with over 600 reviews and an impressive 93% consumer satisfaction, it's clear the Tempur brand is delivering the same quality as they are renowned for. Positive reviews make mention of how the product is great for those suffering from Fibromyalgia with others mentioning that despite the firmness it really does feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

Negative reviews are rare, as you would expect from a product of this quality and prestige, that said, a few do make mention that the mattress is a bit too firm for them. This is to be expected, the firmness is one of the only things are is so entirely subjective and dependant person to person. However, the vast majority seem to love it.

Reasons to Buy

Tempurs CoolTouch technology means this is one of a select few memory foam mattresses that will keep you cool. Typically people who get too hot at night need to avoid memory foam but that isn't necessarily the case now thanks to the Tempur Cooltouch range.

10 year guarantee is enviable in the industry and rare to come across.

Reasons to Avoid

Some users report still getting a bit too warm while sleeping


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What Makes The TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Cloud Elite Mattress Great?

Comfort Grade - Medium

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Exclusive CoolTouch™ mattress cover to keep you cool at night

Stay cool regardless of how hot it is with the special cooling properties within this quilted cover.

Durable and supportive

Hard wearing but not at a risk of losing the support that your body needs. Bare in mind that a mattress typically only get's replaced after 8 years, so durability is important for that sort of lifespan

10 year guarantee as standard

Normally you only see a 1 year guarantee as standard. You know that a product is of the highest quality when you have this sort of protection against any sort of failure and dipping that may occur outside of normal settlement

Comfort grade - Soft

A soft mattress will give you great comfort and can be a god choice. Remember though, the amount of firmness directly correlates to support and you are not going to get too much support from a soft mattress. This may be exactly what you need, but it's apersonal choice. Avoid if you suffer from any sort of back pain

7cm - Extra soft material

A decent height for padding material representing a barrier between you and the springs that make up the core of the mattress. This type of mattress should be comfortable as a result of the depth of this soft and comfortable material

7cm - Support material

A decent height for padding material representing a barrier between you and the springs that make up the core of the mattress. This type of mattress should be comfortable as a result of the depth of this soft and comfortable material

11cm - Durable base

This mattress has a base of foam which works as an alternative to traditional spring systems while still allowing body contouring support.

25cm - Depth

Average mattress depth, suitable for most mattress covers.

Body moulding

The use of certain base and upper layers to help mold to the body giving extreme comfort and decent support.

QuickRefresh™ cover, easy to unzip and wash at 60°C

The benefit of being removable is that you are not stuck with unsightly stains that you cannot get out of your mattress. Cat being sick on the mattress? No dramas, throw it in the washing.

25cm depth

25cm depth is about average for a mattress, it leaves plenty of room for good quality fillings while still allowing you to fit a standard sheet over it.

10 Year Guarantee

A 10 year guarantee is a huge reflection of just how much trust the manufacturer and the retailer have in their product. for reference, mandatory requirements are for a 1 year guarantee.

Premium memory foam mattress

Premium Memory foam is a very popular and luxurious mattress layer to aid in comfort. The buzz around memory foam is well justified, it is incredibly comfortable and makes it feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Standard caveats apply however, memory foam can make you hot and this may present a problem for those that do find themselves getting warm through the night. For those with this issue, take a look at a Latex mattress. For everyone else though, you cannot beat it.

All TEMPUR® mattresses are no turn, so there is no need to flip or rotate the mattress

When it comes to mattresses, you generally need to rotate them when they are single sided, and flip them when double sided. With this range from Tempur though, there's no need, these mattresses require no turning, rotating or flipping. A win for your back and a save on stress and hassle.

Exclusive CoolTouch™ mattress cover designed to manage excess heat through the night

The mattress comes with a unique woven material that is crafted into the cover of the mattress and helps keep it cool to the touch while also absorbing any excess heat. The material gives you enhanced comfort and support for the entire body while keeping you cool as you sleep.

Customer Reviews For The TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Cloud Elite Mattress

Based on 574 reviews

Reluctant at first but very happy with Tempur

So having had this mattress around 4 weeks now and having slept on the cloud mattress for 4 weeks I can say this mattress has made a difference to my sleep. So previously I had a memory foam mattress from Ikea which cost me around £300, it was quite hard but we made do with it as I guess other things in life take precedent. Over the last year or so I developed a shooting pain in my shoulder blade on the left side, I put this down to being a muddled sleeper with my arm under my head while sleeping etc. So I made the decision to look into a good mattress which would possibly help with the pain I was often getting, I can honestly say this mattress has helped me personally, my pain has now almost gone and I believe this to be down to the mattress supporting my body where it needs it, I recently stayed away for a short break and the place we stayed had a spring mattress, the next day my shooting pain came back, once I got back home and slept on my Tempur again the pain has gone so I'm sure the Tempur is doing what it's supposed to do. I was very reluctant in spending around £1700 on a king size mattress as it's a lot of money but sucked it up and made the purchase. I'm glad I did now as the mattress is great and has helped me massively personally. If you have any aches or pains and are considering this mattress, give it a go as Dreams do offer a 100 nights money back guarantee so you've nothing to loose. Also look out for when offers are on, Dreams usually offer Tempur pillows and mattress protectors with in the cost of the mattress if you keep an eye out at key times of the year, NY, Xmas and Black Friday sales.



Oh. My. God. All I can say about this mattress is that I’m in heaven... I honestly feel like I’m laying on a bed of fluffy cotton candy clouds. I can’t wait to get into bed every night and relax every tiny inch of my muscles in this marshmallow land. Me and my partner both suffer from bad backs, mine being scoliosis and I honestly can’t believe how much difference a mattress makes to catching those extra zzzz’s. I wriggle far to much in the night but now my partner doesn’t even feel the tiniest of movement from me ! Our old mattress would result in me rolling into him (he is slightly heavier than me) but now I lay in my own space in the most comfiest dreamland you could think of. Best purchase EVER. I highly recommend this dreamy mattress... people don’t like to spend extra money on things like this but when you spend minimum 8 hours a night trying to be at your comfiest and least stressed you’ve been all day.. why would you choose to lay on a cheap cardboard mattress... It’s SO worth the money and SO worth the extra comfort and sleep we get every night! Thank you Dreams for matching us to this mattress! We love you!



I honestly can't say enough! This mattress has literally changed my life. As an rheumatoid arthritis sufferer let me just say thank you. All I've known is physical pain especially in bed..... until now. The design is absolutely remarkable and the comfort level is second to none. I'm completely baffled as to how it maintains its shape and continuously reshapes itself regardless of who lays on it. I've never experienced such comfort and truthfully I now understand the pricing scheme for this products. I actually think its worth more!!! Absolutely fantastic and ill never EVER choose another brand again. Tempur mattresses are the best! There's literally no competition. After trying every other mattress in the store, I can see that the other companies are trying to duplicate what tempur do........ but no one has even come close yet. As stated earlier I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis, so this was more than just about purchasing a new mattress, it was about my health. Well thanks to this amazing product and the ease that I've now experienced in bed, I have been reminded that health is wealth and today I feel rich.


Giant stress ball!

My mattress was delivered a few weeks ago. I have to say the delivery men were excellent. They told me how to care for it, unwrapped and placed it onto my bed so I didn’t have to do anything. I have severe chronic pain so was exceptionally anxious on how good this would be bearing in mind the price. I couldn’t be more happy, it really is like laying on a huge stress ball. Your body sinks in and is supported in all the right places. I can feel the gel cooling my body but as I have extremely volatile temperature spikes I have woken up in a cold sweat. Saying that it has been less frequent since having the mattress. With the 0 pr cent interest this is so worth every penny. I’m like princess and the pea when it comes to mattresses, my pain levels are so high. However I have without a doubt noticed that I am waking up without backache or bodily pain. I’m in love with this mattress and so glad I bought it! The only thing I would say is that the top of the mattress is quite slippy due to the cell technology, so you must have a tight fitted sheet to stop the sheet slithering about.


Pro's & Cons

I thought I would wait a couple of months to enable me to do proper and fair test of this mattress. Here goes: Pro's: When I first get into bed, the mattress feels quite firm but after a couple of minutes the warmth of your body molds the mattress around you. This makes for a very comfortable sleep. I suffer with back and neck problems and can't say that its had an adverse or beneficial effect on either. Cons: Most importantly and something you don't normally look for when you go to buy a mattress is that there are no handles at all. With it being very heavy it makes turning of the mattress impossible if you're on your own, even with two people it's difficult. Turning over isn't easy so you need a fair amount of upper body strength. The Mattress appears to be quite warm, and I'm writing this in winter, so I think during the summer months I may well have a problem (being of a certain age!). An electric blanket is most definitely not required or advisable. All in all, and having tried mattress's and I am happy to say that I will be keeping my Tempur mattress.


cool soft levitation through the night

I made a well informed decision to buy this mattress in the end, I thought it was too expensive, but I bought it with 30months finance and in that way is managable. The pure benefits that the mattress offers to me is priceless. I love my mattress, it is like an 8hours levitation every night. For my surprice the Dreams checking softwer advertised me a soft bed, I am a person, who happyly sleeps outdoor in hard surfice, yet I now understand how does it feel to sleep on a fluffy cloud :) what I also appreciate on this mattress that it feels cool. I bought ahigh quality 400 fine egyptian cottonsheet to cover the mattress as a normal sheet would take that cool feeling. I also love that sinking feeling when I change pose, and the mattress adopt to your body fully cuddling it and holding is the straightest possible way that allows me to wake up in the morning without pain in the neck or shoulders. To invest in this mattress is one of my most benefitial decision of my life. Thank you TEMPUR and thank you Dreams to show me the difference between Tempur and other mattresses.


So good for my fibromyalgia!

I had a pocket sprung latex sealy that had started to cause me pain and make alot of noises so I looked up about mattresses and fibro. The pain is in my pressure points when I sleep and I have to turn every 20 or 30 minutes throughout the night. So due to sitting on a tempur and dreaming of owning one.. I thought before we go into full lockdown again I should take the plunge. I get very hot at night so cooltouch was a must! I got it and the first few nights it felt lovely but very stiff. Like it was a big effort to move positions and get in and out. And the top is so silky my protector and sheets just slithered off by 2am every night. Now a few weeks in and I don't know if its softened up or I'm used to it but it is heaven. Not only do I sleep so much deeper but I don't get up constantly in the night to go to the toilet. No pain and just pure heaven. I do still have the problem with sheets and protector sliding off but I've bought bed suspenders and a double sheet (for a single bed). Fingers crossed that works. I am so glad I got it.


Great Investment

We bought our Tempur mattress a month ago and couldn't wait to have our first night's sleep on it! After plenty of touching, sitting and lying on many different types of mattresses at the store and also using the Sleepmatch feature, we chose the CoolTouch Cloud Elite as it suited both our comfort requirements. After what seemed like an eternity for delivery, the feeling of finally getting rid of our old spring mattress and replacing it with the luxurious feeling of a Tempur was amazing! We let my parents stay on the new bed for one night to try it out as they were curious about buying one also, however they didn't find it as comfortable as we did and weren't convinced. But ultimately, we agreed that everybodys preferences are completely different and thats why there were so many varieties to suit different needs and comforts.


Very comfortable but too hot as you sink into it!

I am sending it back under the 40 nights guarantee, I can say the quality is excellent, the mattress is comfortable but it sucks you in, the wife says it’s like quick sand. Once you in position it’s hard to move, comfortable but soon heats up (both of us felt way too hot and we have 4 bedrooms with 4 mattresses) and none of the others are hot. Will suit some people but caused us both many aches and pains over the month it’s not got better and had to put a thick quilted mattress protector on to ease the sinking issues. We could have spent £350 and got a better solution, opted for Tempur as we were told it’s the best. Quality is top notch but the cooltouch is all it is - cool to touch - not cool to sleep on so if your a hot sleeper do not buy, if your not then it’s possibly the one for you if you like soft sinking mattresses


Amazing Tempur Cloud Elite mattress & Dreams store

My wife and I wanted to replace our mattress a few years ago and had tried quite a few in different stores. We loved the comfort of the Tempur Cloud Elite matress and this was our favourite, so we waited till we could afford it. We’ve now had the mattress for about a month and we absolutely love it. You feel yourself sink into it. It is very supportive and comfortable and moulds to your body shape. When one person moves it does not disturb the other person. We bought the mattress from Dreams in Peterborough. The sales staff were very knowledgable and helpful. The delivery team were great. We chose Dreams because they have been very good for the three beds we bought there. Plus they are the only store to sell the Cool Touch version of the Tempur mattress. Very happy with our choice!!



i was in two minds,if i should get this mattress or not,but i was fed up with the springs in my old mattress digging in me and it was all flipped out(no matter how many times i turned it,toe end to head end front to back,it just sucked) so i wasn’t looking for this mattress,but a deep one,i tried this one out and fell in love,really great sleeps ever since,you get a 39 day you can change to another one if you are unhappy,but im sticking with this one,husband thinks it’s too soft,as he likes a slightly firmer bed,but that is too bad for him as i love it just how it is.(beware if you have teenagers/visitors they will be obsessed with laying all over you’re nicely made bed bouncing on it and asking if you want to have their bed instead)


An absolute must buy!

We were always after a tempur mattress, however did not know where to begin. We did the Dreams sleep test to determine firmness and we were looked after by Aimee in the Nottingham store. Medium was recommended by the test and we tried 4 different ones. We settled on tempur but not this one. Aimee recommended the cool touch cloud elite after her own positive experience and we decided to take the plunge. Words cannot thank Aimee enough for this recommendation! Sooo nice and we are both so comfortable and pain free in our backs and shoulders. This is in the softer side of medium which is why we were dubious, but honestly best mattress we have slept in. Definitely worth going tempur, even though it does hurt the wallet! Thank you Aimee!!


There's nothing better than a good nights sleep

Lying on a mattress in a store is not the same as lying down to sleep at home but this mattress did feel very comfortable on first trying it. Most mattresses are of a very complex structure with pocketed springs and endless layers of padding and they have been made this way forever, so it seemed hard to see how effective a foam rubber can be, but it is. The rubber is firm but forgiving, so it lets you sink into it just enough to spread you weight without feeling it is sagging in any way and the surface stays surprisingly cool, adding to the comfort. Having slept on it for the last week, I can honestly say I have had the most restful sleep ever and rate it an excellent purchase


Extremely comfortable mattress

Bought this mattress without trying it first which was a bit of a risk but I’d read some good reviews and had previously had a tempur mattress on another bed. I went for the medium instead of medium firm this time. The first night I was very disappointed . The mattress felt hard and uncomfortable. I did some research and realised one needed to heat the mattress up first. It was the deep of winter and no heating in my room . The molecules in the mattress need to expand with heat. So I turned the heating on and took the bed covers off during the day and then tried it again the next night . Perfect. No problems at all. A very comfortable mattress indeed


Wow. Just Wow.

I originally bought an Emma as the reviews said how soft it was but I still got an aching back in the mornings so I returned it. Then I took the plunge and bought this Tempur Cloud in spite of its cost. WOW!! its soft. Feels firm like the Emma to begin with but its very soft, different to anything Ive had before. It moulds to your shape and springs back within 3 seconds of moving. Impressive to say the least. I no longer have an aching back each morning. I now sleep longer than I have ever slept in my life. Plus the mattress comes with a 10 year replacement guarantee if it dips or sags. Cannot fault it. If you want the best then get this.


Sheer Heaven

So happy we decided to buy this mattress, although it is expensive, when you consider that you spend half your life in bed, it is well worth it. It did take a while to get used to it as it is so different from previous mattress, but once you get accustomed to the different feel, it is absolute bliss & both my husband and I have slept so much better since purchasing it. The only thing I would say is that our standard fitted sheets seemed too big and did not fit very well. Each morning they were no longer fitted at any of the corners. However, once we used a flat sheet and tucked well under was absolutely fine. It is just so so comfortable.


Tempur cloud elite mattress

Having spent hours looking at different reviews, my husband and I settled on the tempur cloud elite as we had tried the original tempur cloud in the shops a few years ago. We were slightly disappointed after the first few nights as it seemed too firm, I am quite a lightweight person and thought maybe it was because of this.. however reading various comments and the booklet that came with the mattress we realised that you have to allow time for the cells to open in the mattress.. most people said around 2 weeks.. we have had ours for nearly 3 weeks now and are beginning to notice the difference, I don’t seem to be waking up aching anymore.


Waking up with numb and/or painful upper arms

Having tried several Tempur mattresses in the store this one seemed very comfortable for the few minutes I laid on it. However, having now slept on the mattress for around 2 weeks I'm struggling to get a good night's sleep. I'm a side sleeper historically, but I just can't stay comfortable on my side for any more than an hour. My upper arms either go numb or start hurting and I have to roll onto my back or my other side. The mattress does have a 40 night return guarantee which is still a few weeks away, so I will see it out for another couple of weeks to see if things improve and then may think about returning it.


Great sleep, the dog thought it was weird

We’ve had this mattress about a month now and I’m finally able to get up in the morning without an aching lower back. This provided exactly the support I was looking for. The hubby was less fussed about getting a new mattress, but we both comment on how nice it is every time we get into bed. The dog tends to join us in the morning (I know, I know). He thought it was weird the first time he jumped on it and sank. He now loves it too! The ONLY downside, is that the bottom sheet won’t stay on the mattress because the cooltouch cover has a sheen. Tad annoying but I’ll find a way of sorting. Definitely still worth it.



Having had a Tempur mattress years ago, I was familiar with the product. However, since then, Tempur has certainly improved. Sitting, or lying on this mattress is an instantly enjoyable experience; moulding instantly to the contours of your body and then releasing when you step off back to the perfectly flat surface. It is extremely comfortable and I no longer have back pain on wakening. One of the big pluses, for me, which is different to my previous temper mattress, is the ease with which the cover can be removed for washing. Always a big bonus. The product is pricey; however, I believe it is money well spent.


Great features

We bought this mattress and since it has arrived 2 weeks ago we have never slept so well, I used to wake up in the middle of the night several times and woke in the morning with aches and pains and feeling like I have not slept, well since sleeping on this Tempur mattress all that has stopped I have slept through every night and it is so comfortable i have difficulty getting up in the mornings :) We are thrilled with it and would never go back to any other type of mattress again. We thoroughly recommend this product and the store we bought it from and the excellent service we received from he staff.


Best mattress ever

We've had this mattress for over a fortnight and my husband and I, both love it. The moment you will lie in this bed, it snuggles you in. I suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain and we had a Hypnose mattress and I used to wake up with pain every morning in my shoulder and rigid lower back. But since, we've changed the mattress, I no longer wake up pain or tightness. The way the mattress sinks with the body weight is helpful for pain areas. I use tempur medium pillow and together, they are helping me sleep pain free. I recommend giving this mattress a shot to anyone with chronic pain.


Painless sleep!!

I have Fibromyalgia, ME and Osteoarthritis which means I am in constant pain. For years I have dreaded going to sleep. Since I bought this mattress for the first time since my chronic illnesses I have had painless sleep. I have used sleep monitoring apps for years and I'm now asleep in minutes. Previously it took about 4 hours of pain on my old spring mattress before I fell asleep of exhaustion. Now it's like sleeping on a giant marshmallow that cuddles me gently all night long. I never thought I would pay that much for a mattress but it was worth every penny!


Soooo comfy!

Bought this mattress 3 weeks ago, and have to say it is amazingly comfortable, so soft, yet supportive. The mattress itself is surprisingly light, so makes it easy when changing sheets etc. I’d read some reviews before about the mattress having a chemically smell on arrival, but for us, ours was fine, a new smell yes, but not pungent. Also, some reviewers have said that the mattress makes them hot, which was a concern, but having just slept through the hottest night of the year, this wasn’t a problem at all. An expensive, but brilliant purchase, well worth the money!


Great Nights Sleep

Our new Tempur mattress was delivered at the beginning of September 2019 and was bought to help my partner who has health issues with his hips. From the first night of use, he has slept much better than on our old mattress, which was bought from another well known brand. Initially, for the first week, I had problems sleeping until the mattress softened up slightly, but since then I have slept extremely well. The price of the mattress may seem expensive, but in my opinion, it's a fantastic investment to ensure we both experience a great nights sleep, every night.


Super comfortable Matress

We were looking to replace an old mattress with something that suited us both best. My wife is a side sleeper and i am a back/ side sleeper so finding something that suited us both was tricky...until we laid on this one! This was the first mattress we have both laid on and both said "Oooo this is nice!". When we thought about it, a good nights sleep is worth more to us than a few extra quid... and we are really glad we did as every night since we've had the mattress, we have both woken up ache and pain free, however we have slept. Definitely worth the money!


So comfortable!

We ordered this a few months ago, and the people in the store were really helpful with helping us decide which mattress would be best for us. Used the fancy machine and everything. They were also really helpful in helping us delay the delivery until we moved house which helped a lot so we didn’t have to store it. When it came, delivery was easy and they unpacked it for us. The mattress was quite expensive, but so worth it. Definitely the most comfortable bed I’ve ever had. Wouldn’t go back from memory foam now that I’ve tried it. Would definitely recommend


Worth every penny!!!

I was reluctant to spend the money on a mattress but everyone was telling me to get a Tempur so I bit the bullet and went for it. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. For months I suffered unbearable pain from muscle spasms in my back caused from how I’d been sleeping. This pushed me to replace my new mattress and within a week of having the Tempur mattress, my back spasms have stopped and I am no longer suffering. I would recommend this mattress to anyway and from someone who wasn’t sold on memory foam, it’s was the best decision I’ve ever made.


Find deep rewarding sleep

I have had the best months sleep in living memory since buying this mattress, I have a phisical job and bad neck back and shoulders, which would often disturb my sleep and leave me with aching bones and joints in a morning, but sleeping is now a pleasure that leaves me relaxed and refreshed and ready for the world ! Lying down on your side or back you start to feel yourself sinking as you mold into the bed,slowly melting into an almost weightless state at which point you just drift into a lovely warm soft supported sleep. Amazing, 10 out of 10,,,


Memory foam like no other!

Not the kind of mattress where your body takes a while to adjust. After night one I woke up with no aches and pains and it’s still great. Quick spring back which you don’t often get with memory foam mattresses but the silky smooth top of the mattress is a blessing a curse! Make sure you have a decent enough mattress topper that’s the right size so you don’t go slip sliding everywhere! They’re expensive mattresses but worth every penny so if you’re thinking of biting the bullet, go for it I have absolutely no regrets with this purchase.


Soft supportive but tricky

I bought this medium mattress a few weeks ago. In the store we loved the soft, sinking, enclosing feeling you get as you lie down. However once we tried sleeping on the mattress we both find it hard to turn over without waking up, it feels like you have to climb out of the dip your body has made before the mattress adjusts to the new position. We’ve persevered but the mattress is unfortunately going back to be replaced by a more traditional mattress. On a positive note it is definitely cool, so great for women if a certain age!


Great mattress!!!

I bought this a month ago, was not sure as it is very expensive but it is really a different experience to sleep on a tempur mattress! Very comfortable and support your body, at the same time does not feel hard, worth every single penny; I used to wake up a bit stiff(lower back problem) but after a month I feel much. much better. I certainly recommend it, you will not believe the difference that it makes to your night sleep. Also a well done to the delivery drivers Terry and Ben for being polite, kind and perfectly on time!!!


My dream sleep came true.

I bought this mattress almost 1 month ago and we had super service at the Dreams shop at the Rebok retail centre in Bolton. We only had to wait 1 wk for delivery , and it was so well worth the wait. It's neat, sleek and has a fab zip on cover that I can remove and wash, which is a big plus in my book. Having much better nights sleep now because of my Tempur cool touch cloud elite mattress, there's one for every body to suit every one. Would I recommend Tempur, Definitely and the mattress match test is a must. 100% happy Mags.


So comfortable sleeping like a baby

I brought this mattress 4 months ago and it is so soft and comfortable. If you are looking for a soft mattress this is highly recommended particularly as most memory form mattresses are firm. I was unsure if it at first and took a while to get used to. I nearly thought I should have got the hybrid mattress but they do give and become softer after a while so I made the right choice. The only thing is the price is quite high which is why I have given it a lower rating as they need to come down by a couple of hundred.



After buying three previous mattress online during lockdown and not getting on with any of them. I decided to wait for Dreams shop in Leamington Spa to open so i could sample the amazing bed thats give you an idea of the bed that suits your body. Well i had five different beds to choose from and the one i fell in love with as soon as i laid on it was the TEMPUR Cool, i know you have to give it time to get use to your new mattress, but i have not looked back, im absolutely in love with. So thank you dreams


Best bed ever

I love this product as it has brought happiness to bed time again. Being a nurse working long hours and having suffered back pain, we invested in your mattress, pillows and mattress topper and found pleasure in sleeping again. This mattress has an attractive design, feels luxurious, is top quality and so well made. Within a week my back pain had eased I am wakening up refreshed and enjoying my sleep. I genuinely love this mattress.. 10/10 I have recommended your product to friends and family Thank you


Truly love this mattress

We bought this mattress at the same time as our new, electric bed and it’s beyond amazing! I’m physically disabled and have a lot of pain in my muscles and joints and the difference with having this mattress is seriously noticeable just a couple of weeks in. I’ll always have pain but I’m not getting up in the morning bent double any more and I’m getting a much more restful night. It’s very warm at the moment too and I’m not struggling with the heat over night because of the mattress. Worth every penny.


Every bit as good a they say!

Sink into the mattress for a great night sleep. The mattress is very supportive at the same time as being soft, incredible! Wake up with aches and pains gone, it's a thing of the past with this futuristic mattress. It is firm and soft all at the same time. It only gives softness for what is required, whilst maintaining support for all joints. Previous mattress gave us numbness, hot sweats and felt as if no sleep ... all a thing of the past with this Tempur mattress. It is every bit as good as they say!


Comfort personified!

This mattress is a marvel! As soon as you lay down, you feel yourself sinking into it as it moulds perfectly to your shape and position. When you want to roll over though, you almost have to climb out of the indentation you've created! Which is strange at first, but you adjust to this element of the design very quickly and completely appreciate this is a perfectly acceptable side effect of sleeping on a super clever, comfortable and technically advanced mattress. Would most definitely recommend.


Far better than expected

Bought this just before lockdown and had to wait weeks before they were able to deliver and more importantly enter the house to remove the old one. During that time I was questioning whether we had made the right decision as felt the old was still good. How wrong I was, this mattress has far exceeded expectations. It supports you excellently and I have slept so much better with many uninterrupted nights sleep. I have hardly had any lower back pain or troubles since. I would highly recommend it.


Not brilliant

I can't say I have been sleeping brilliantly on this mattress. The Kaymed iGel mattress which is combined memory foam and springs in soft is a much better comfort and support. I think this mattress will do for our spare room. Generally I think Tempur is overpriced and overrated. It's not until you buy the mattress and sleep overnight that you can tell if it is right for you. I doubt we can get a refund as the other Tempur mattresses would then be too firm if we were to exchange.


Best mattress ever- excellent

Originally purchased the Cloud 22 Deluxe but found it made me uncomfortably hot. Exchanged during the 40 day period (paid extra) to this one (all staff at Dreams very supportive and helpful) and it is fantastic. Lovely support yet also a nice cushioned feeling in all the right places and NOT hot. Fair to say not cold either. In fact just right ( as Goldilocks would say). Better still the top is removable and washable (unlike previous model). Worth the investment!


Fibromyalgia sufferer…

I have been suffering broken sleep for years due to constant pain from fibromyalgia, however since having this mattress, I’ve slept like a baby! I went to dreams where I used their mattress fitting machine which recommended 5 different tempur mattresses. I tried the different softnesses and decided that the cloud, although felt strange at first was worth a shot. Best decision ever! It fits your body, supporting you where needed. Highly recommend this mattress.


A whole new experience!

We bought this mattress after doing the mattress test at Dreams. Lying on it in store, it felt so cosy. Having placed the order I read some negative reviews and was a bit concerned although reassured with the opportunity to return it if necessary. We love it however. It is such a different feeling and climbing in and out is quite fun at the moment as it is so like nothing we've had before. We really like it though and have no intention of returning it.


the greatast mattress ever

took a massive decision on this purchase by removing a water bed(had for 12 years).After weeks of investigation we decided to go ahead and do the purchase.What a phenomenal decision it was.Had a base,mattress.and free pillows.Without a dought it is the most comfortable bed we have ever slept in.The only problem we have encountered IS GETTING OUT OF IT IN THE MORNING.This is in our opinion the greatest mattress ever produced and well worth purchasing.


Sleeping on a cloud

My wife and I are delighted with our purchase. I do weight training daily and my wife is very slight so getting a mattress that we both like and supports both our lifestyles as we are both active but have middle aged creaky joints- was a challenge! We fell in love with this straight away and we have both been overwhelmed by the support it offers, both for the night’s sleep itself and also how our backs and joints don’t ache in the mornings anymore!


Great but not perfect

We purchased this mattress a few weeks ago. The demo product is store was a lot firmer and was recommended as I sleep facing downwards. When the mattress arrived it was quite out of shape on the edges. It still is to some degree. We thought it would bounce out by now. The mattress is very comfortable to lie on my back, but inevitably during the night I roll over. Due to the softness it causes lower back pain as the dip is very pronounced.


Really comfortable

We had1 a previous Tempur mattress which after more than 15 years was beginning to lose its comfort. Bought a cloud 25 having tried other mattresses. It is so comfortable and supportive i would definitely recommend to others. Yes, it costs more but we think it is worth the expense. Delivery was by Dreams and the team were punctual within their 2 hr window, brought the mattress to our bedroom and took away all the packaging. Excellent.


Like sleeping on a cloud

I've been sleeping on Tempur mattresses for over 20 years, and wouldn't consider any other mattress. This is the best yet: so wonderfully soft but completely supportive whatever position I sleep in. Tempur mattresses are expensive in comparison with other brands, but in my opinion they are worth every penny. They are extremely well made, long-lasting, and supremely comfortable. You can't put a price on a great night's sleep.



Bought this mattress on my daughter's recommendation (she had back problems which this mattress alleviated). It takes a little bit of getting used to but it is so comfortable, it doesn't take long! It is so nice to wake up after a good night's sleep with no aching hips, shoulders or knees! It is very much worth the ex pensive price tag (guaranteed 10 years) but will last 20 according to the salesman. Highly recommended.



I’ve had this mattress about 3 weeks now. I must say it’s the best thing ever. I have fibromyalgia and at present have a slipped disc. When I get into bed I can’t feel a thing. No pain anywhere. It’s an absolute god send for me. Even my husband loves it. Only downside is he sleeps that deeply now he has started snoring. But on a serious note it’s the best money I have ever spent. It’s a great investment in my eyes.


Cool Nights Kip

Firstly can’t praise the delivery guys enough. Sound lads. Had the mattress for a month now. The cool touch is a good feature and a nice ‘welcome to bed’ kinda feel. The only negative is sometimes you wake up with bed sheet all tangled underneath you because a standard bed sheet unhooks off the corners. May need to invest in a proper fitting one. Other than that it’s super comfy. And a decent nights kip with it



The bed felt really good in store and when it arrived it felt completely alien from any bed I'd previously slept on. A month in would I go back to a normal spring bed, not a chance. You get a great big hug from the bed which means you don't wake up or move nearly as much as I used to, so get a great night's sleep. Also a positive when throwing the kids on the bed they don't bounce of the other side of the bed.


Excellent service and superb mattress

I bought temper mattress from Dreams and I am so happy with it. And so many of us do not know that Dreams is the only company that gets Tempur mattress with cool touch. And having cool touch Tempur mattress makes a big difference to the comfort. Me and my some never hits up on this mattress. I am very happy with this product and very satisfied with Dream customer service. Thank you Dreams. Irada Asadova


Yes. That's all I need to say

But I'll say more. I got this mattress about a month ago and there is not a single thing I can say bad about it. I'm not particularly a good sleeper but I've been sleeping unbelievably better than ever, I haven't been sore in the morning and I get up in the morning actually feeling rested. If you're thinking about getting this mattress, do it, I can't stress that enough, do it. You won't regret it.


Another great Tempur mattress

The last Tempur we had for 14 years and was till OK. Unfortunately my wife is in the midst of the change so the old one used to reflect heat back up. That is why we have gone for the CoolTouch one which appears to certainly help. The delivery was brilliant and the two guys were very efficient, courteous and took their shoes off when they came in the house. Please pass on thanks to Rob and Carl.


Maximum comfort

My mattress arrived a few weeks ago and it has completely changed my weekends - no longer am I getting out of bed as soon as I wake up to go downstairs and watch tv, now I am wanting to stay in bed and watch tv instead because of how comfortable it is. People said I was crazy spending so much on a mattress but my back pain is completely gone and I feel more refreshed when waking up of a morning.


Sleep at last!

Both my wife and i suffer with back issues and we have been in search of the perfect mattress for years. Finally we have found it! This mattress supports every part of your body and you can feel it mould around you. We are now getting used to actually being able to sleep we is a new to us! Yes the mattress is pricey but you can’t put a price of comfort and quality. Highly recommended.


Exceptionally comfortable

We previously had a tempur mattress for 13 years. We were so impressed, we bought another. It is exceptionally comfortable and my husband, who frequently woke with aches and pains, says this is much improved. The cool touch is an added benefit as I tend to get very hot at night. It is expensive, but it has a 10 year guarantee and based on our previous experience, may last even longer.



We bought this for our daughter who suffers with scoliosis and had been finding it difficult to get comfy at night. Really pleased with delivery and the next day our daughter said she had slept through for the first time in ages. A few weeks on she loves her new mattress and is sleeping much better. Expensive but well worth it and should last her for years. I want one for myself now!


So comfy!

We have had this mattress for a few weeks now and are really pleased with it. It is so comfy. It did take a while to get used to and we are sure it is because our old mattress was completely wrong for us and desperately needed replacing. We are both sleeping much better. Wish we had made the change a long time ago. You certainly get what you pay for. It has been money well spent.


Not sure yet.....

We bought this two weeks ago, to replace the Tempur mattress we've had for 10 years. My husband loves it! I'm not so sure; it isn't as soft as the previous one, although we have chosen the softest option that Tempur make. I'm very lightweight, under 8 stone, so we are wondering if the manufacturers have adjusted the 'recipe' to accommodate heavier people. Just a thought.....


A completely different but amazing product

If you have lived with and really enjoyed a traditional sprung mattress, then you are in a for a surprise when you sleep on a Tempur Cooltouch Cloud Elite mattress. We are having the most amazing sleep over the last fortnight, our aches and pains have gone. Contrary to common belief, this specific mattress does NOT overheat you. Spend 8 hours in absolute comfort everyday!


Finally some uninterrupted sleep

My husband has a disability that effects his spine and our old mattress was really not helping the situation. We finally decided on a temper mattress after the gent is shop was so helpful and informative although as soon as we led on the mattress it sold itself. There are no pressure sores and the mattress evenly holds you in position to ensure quick and comfortable nights sleep


Soooooo comfortable

Never known a better nights sleep. Hate getting out of bed, can’t wait to get back in. I have never paid as much for anything like this, and was a little worried, it is Well worth the money, as the saying goes you only get what you pay for. It is amazing I suffer with lower back pain due to bulging discs and nerve damage, wow, I don’t feel any aches or pains now when I awake.


What a great nights sleep!

So pleased that we bought this mattress, my neck and shoulder pain completely disappeared after the first couple of nights sleep. It has taken a little time to get used to the different feel, sometimes my wife feels she may roll right out of bed because the edges of the mattress are not rigid. However it is the best mattress we have had and I wish we had bought it years ago.


Name hits the nail on the head!

You fall into this at the end of a long day and the tempur slowly eases you into a comfortable position for the night. The cool touch feature is noticeable in the summer months as I’m a nice temperature throughout the night. It really is like sleeping on a cloud. Some people may prefer the slightly firmer mattress but you can always test them in store. Very happy customer.


Incredibly Comfortale and Cool

We bought this after using the fitting system in the shop and trying out the mattresses selected. This seemed the most comfortable. We’ve had it a month and it is incredibly comfortable. Was worried that it might not solve problems with night sweats as you do ‘sink’ a little into the mattress. Pleased to find that it keeps me cool and I don’t wake up drenched as I used to


Very comfortable

Had this mattress since November 29 and now we’ll used to it. I still get pressure sores sleeping on my side but they are much better than any previous mattress. Sleeping on your back is so comfortable. The only issue I have had is the smell and fumes for the first week or so. Overall this is a wonderful product and I fully recommend it if you can afford the steep price.


Fantastic sleep

After being seriously ill and having major heart surgery, I can truly say this is the best nights kip I’ve had for years.... I found it difficult to get comfortable on other beds but this is superb. The price scared me at first but so glad we went for it and sleep is pretty important in our life. Excellent buy, don’t think of the cost think of the not so tired mornings


Weird but great

So I have hip & back issues and rarely sleep more than 6hrs a night and certainly never past 6am. Since having this mattress I have slept between 7-8 hrs most nights and have not woken in pain at all. It takes some getting used to as its not easy to roll-over and it’s quite a different feel but that only takes a few nights. Would 100% recommend this. Worth every penny.


So comfortable

Had the bed a few weeks and it’s lovely I love it my partner isn’t so keen as it’s meant to be cool touch but it does seem to get quite warm which he didn’t want although we did but the waterproof protector so not sure if that’s causing the problem? Overall I love it but was more than expecting to buy a mattress for not sure my partner now thinks it’s worth it.


Remarkably comfortable

Initially the matress felt unusual as there is no spring in it. This does not detract from the comfort you get from this mattress. It supports your body in an extremely comfrtable way. My wife and I were experiencinf neck and shoulder pain, after a few days on this mattress these started to ease. It toojk some time to get used to, but it has been well worth it.


Goodbye to aches and pains!

I previously suffered from back, shoulder, neck and hip aches. However, since buying the Tempur CoolTouch Cloud Elite Mattress these aches and pains are greatly reduced and barely trouble me anymore. The mattress offers incredible support and now I am virtually pain free, not only throughout the night, but also during the daytime. A highly recommended mattress!


The best one out there

After trying numerous options we tried this and it was far better than any others, including the ones advertised on tv. Back ache has completely gone now. We were advised in the shop it could be a bit firm at first, which it was, just took a few days, also the temperature in the room helped. Yes it is more expensive but it will last for upto 20 years. Get one!


Best mattress

This mattress is the best I have ever had tge first night was a struggle to get to sleep I just wasn’t used it how soft it was thinking we made a big mistake second night how wrong was I best night sleep Iv had in a long time I also have a bad back and it’s felt so much better since using this mattress I have recommended this to all of my friends and family


Comfortable night's sleep

It’s good but it’s not 2K good. getting comfortable once you’ve sunken in to the mattress is also literally an uphill struggle! It’s hard to move out of your sinkhole. Having said that your partner will be undisturbed by your constant moving about which is a big plus! I’ve also noticed a definite reduction in sciatic problems since switching to this mattress.


You get what you pay for!

As someone with M.E and Fibromyalgia I spend a lot of time in bed (around 80% of my time) so having a comfortable mattress is incredibly important and harder to find than you’d expect. After just one night the hip pain I was experiencing due to my old mattress had gone and after 2 weeks I’m really happy I made the decision to invest in a decent mattress.


Like a giant, supportive marshmallow.

Takes a couple of weeks to get used to but, once you do, is like nothing else. Like sleeping on a giant marshmallow that envelops you as you lie on it, yet still incredibly supportive. I used to toss and turn a lot on my previous mattresses, but stay in one position for hours on this. The only downsides are the weight and the terrible delivery experience.


Quality product

My new Temper cool touch cloud Elite mattress was delivered a couple of weeks ago and at first it does need getting used to sleeping on it. It is a very different experience to my old spring mattress. I found it difficult to get out of at first as I have a bad back but I am sleeping so much better rather than tossing and turning trying to get comfortable.


Thank god for Tempur!

This mattress is the best thing ever!! Having suffered back and neck pain for years and going through many unsuitable mattresses, this has been better than I could have hoped for. My back pain is so much better overnight now and I sleep more soundly. It’s so comfortable and moulds to your body... An expensive purchase but well worth it in my opinion!


Its like a cuddle all night long!

At first when you lay on this, it feels weird, as you sink in a little but then your whole body feels supported and snuggly all night long. If you move around at night, it just adapts again to your body shape. You can tell it is doing your body the world of good. With both of us with back and neck issues, this was definitely the mattress for us.


Tempur mattress

The mattress takes a lot of getting used to, felt loads softer in the store, plus Dream’s told us the tempur mattress cloud elite was only for dream customers only, which in this case there sold buy other bed companies, a lot of money for still a lot of back pain, very hard to get outa bed, but at this price we”ll have to cope ! Geoff gornall


Sleeping on clouds

My wife and I have used the mattress for about three weeks and have had the most relaxed and comfortable sleep in many a year . When purchasing we were desperate for a good night's sleep as no mattress was comfortable as I suffer from a bad back. Symptoms have now all but disappeared. I would recommend this product whole heartily. Thankyou.


Comfy to lay on for a short while..

Initially very comfortable but after several nights sleep my partner and I both had terrible back pain. Admittedly we are 6ft5 and 5ft10 so above average height but it was just too soft. I personally found i got very hot and this wasn’t helped by the fact you can’t really move about. We are swapping this for a flaxby mattress in medium.


Still Undecided

Bought this a few weeks ago and was really excited to start using it as it was so comfortable in the shop. Having used it for a few weeks I’m not entirely convinced by it as my back seems to be aching in the mornings. I may yet return it. Also be aware that the mattress is VERY heavy so you need a sturdy bed base to get the best out of it


Lovely matress

I chose this matress as it felt comfortable to lye on in store, i had this matress for about a week but during the night and when i woke up my back was so painful, I went back to a store that advised me to go for a firm matress for more support, luckily tempur offer exchanges and I was able to exchange the matress for the firmer one


So comfy

I’ve been sleeping on it for a few weeks now and I don’t want to get out of it. Every time I get on it I’m amazed by the feel of the mattress and the way I sink into it. It gets a bit warm when the temperature is up but that becomes a benefit as the cold sets in. I’ll be getting a lighter duvet in the summer to counter this.


Back pain is a thing of the past!

Finally a bed I can get a good nights sleep on. Was struggling with back pain, waking up in the night. Since buying this mattress I’ve been getting the sleep I need and waking up feeling fully rested. The cool touch top is a great feature also. Overall it’s a really soft but supportive mattress and I would highly recommend.


A different type of mattress

This mattress is very different to our last pocket sprung mattress and reacts in a different way. If you have been sitting up in bed reading on a spring type and then lie down the mattress instantly returns to original shape, the foam type react in slow motion. This not a problem but takes a little time to get used to.


Comfortable and supportive

Very comfortable mattress, providing support without being too firm. I used to feel pressure on my lower back with my old mattress which has disapeared with the tempur mattress. Only minor thing is it seems a little short in our bedframe compared with our previous mattress despite both being standard double mattresses.


Tempur saved me!

This is the second Tempur mattress I’ve purchased and my muscles are thankful for it! The only mattress that relieves my daily aches and pains as a mum. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who needs to actually rest at night or anyone who has a big difference between hips/waist/shoulders and needs more support.


Too comfortable....

I had to get used to this kind of mattress. Simple reason, it did not "bounce" when I repositioned in bed. But now I struggle to get up because it is way too comfortable. I even noticed that my back does not hurt as much.... Working as a nursing assistant our backs do suffer but this mattress sure seems to help.


Amazing! Like sleeping on a cloud

We took a long time trying so many mattresses but decided to take the plunge and go for this mattress and so glad we did. Its like sleeping on a cloud! I have health issues with means I don't sleep well but this mattress has meant I'm not waking up in pain any more :-) Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone


TEMPUR the Best Nights Sleep you'll ever Have!

Purchased , Delivered and slept on. The quality of workmanship on the mattress is second to none and after a week or so of getting used to it, we now find ourselves sleeping right through, without being woken by the spouse turning or moving around.. Time will really tell but I think we're both happy at the Mo!


Most comfortable bed ever!

We bought a temper mattress as our old one was about 8 years old and had dipped a bit where we had been sleeping. There was 10% off at Dreams, so we thought we would take advantage of the offer. So glad we did, bed is the most comfortable we have ever slept in - made ever better by the two free temper pillows!


Wonderfully comfortable

I’ve had this mattress for three weeks and have slept better than I have for years. The mattress feels soft as you sink into it, but is also firm and supportive. I have some arthritis in my spine and have got used to my back feeling really stiff when I wake, but that has been much improved with this mattress.


Just wow!

I don't know what I was buying before but you cant get better than this its just unbelievaly comfortable I haven't woke up with any pain since iv had it I can stay in bed with out regretting it! If you love your body you need to have the best mattress you can get! Its worth investing, I totally recommend it!


Lovely mattress

Bought this mattress about 3 weeks ago. I had a slight problem getting into bed as the new mattress was much deeper than my last one and as I'm approaching 80 I struggled with the height. I've sorted that out now and wouldn't change it as it's really comfortable with plenty of support, just what I needed.


expert experience

the shopping experience in dreams was superb. The shop assisstant was charming, informative and listened to what we wanted from our mattress. He was kind,obliging and helped us to try the mattresses and helped us to find what we wanted. He left us to choose which mattress we wanted without being intrusive.

Questions and Answers About TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Cloud Elite Mattress

Do you need a Tempur Fit Mattress protector with the Cool Touch Cloud Elite Mattress?

Answer: , We would strongly recommend the use of a mattress protector with any mattress purchased, it prolongs the life of the product. You do not necessarily need a Tempur protector, we do have a wide range of other protectors to choose from however the Tempur Fit is very popular. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can these be used on a adjustable/ multi functional beds?

Answer: , The Tempur Cloud Elite Mattress can be purchased specifically as an adjustable mattress - you can find this item online by searching for product code 161-00100. The standard Tempur Cloud Elite Mattress is not suitable for use on an adjustable bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is collection and recycling of old mattress free

Answer: , This service is chargeable and can be added at the check out. Prices will vary depending on size and product. Please visit our services page for more information. Alternatively you can call our telesales team or visit a local store. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is it possible to buy an new top with zip for this mattress?

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. In this instance, I would recommend either phoning our customer service team on 0800 652 6750 or going to your local store, which would be Abingdon. They may be able to help! Kind regards, Dreams

Hi does this come with the 100 day trial sleep?

Answer: Hi , No, this mattress comes with our standard 40 night comfort guarantee. You can read more about this here: https://support.dreams.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/205720401-40-Night-Comfort-Guarantee Thank you for your question.

What is the 100 day guarantee on Tempur beds? It says it’s on this bed, but I can’t find any information on what it is.

Answer: , Apologies for the delay in clarification for this. It can be found at the bottom of our T&Cs here: https://www.dreams.co.uk/store-terms-and-conditions. Kind regards, Dreams.

DO YOU COLLECT THE OLD BED m when delivery a new one

Answer: Hi, This can be an option if you add it to your order. Either add to your order upon checkout, or ask in store if buying in store. This will be an extra cost. Thank you for your question.

Does the cool touch elite mattress get very warm worried after spending a lot it will get too hot as our previous memory foam mattress was very hot 

Answer: , Thank you for your question. Yes, the mattress cover is specifically designed to absorb excess body heat and keep you cool at night. Kind Regards, Dreams

We have a tempur cool touch but want to change bed frame from a wooden bed to storage type frame. Are there any restrictions? i.e does it have to be slatted or anything? 

Answer: , The base can be slatted or a platform top. If you choose a slatted base you need to make sure the slats are no more than 13cm apart. May thanks Dreams

I have bought a Tempur cool touch cloud elite mattress and protector. Does the mattress protector go directly on top of mattress or underneath zip onto foam ?

Answer: , The Mattress Protector sits directly on top of the mattress, not underneath the zip. Kind Regards, Dreams

Sorry if this is a stupid question but can you tell me if it comes in a box or fully inflated please?

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. This bed does not come rolled. Kind regards, Dreams

How much does it weight please?

Answer: , The weight of the double is 43kgs. Kind regards, Dreams.

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