SleepSoul Spirit 2000 Series Pocket Cool Gel Mattress Rated 5/5 based on 2 customer reviews
SleepSoul Spirit 2000 Series Pocket Cool Gel Mattress

SleepSoul Spirit 2000 Series Pocket Cool Gel Mattress

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What Makes The SleepSoul Spirit 2000 Series Pocket Cool Gel Mattress Great?

Cool Gel layer helps to regulate your body temperature for a cooler, fresher night’s sleep

Stay cool Gel helps keep your body cool while you sleep. Gel is a great alternative to memory foam and even latex, both of which can cause you to get too hot without proper airflow (memory foam is the worst for this). This gel also operates as a part of the comfort layer and provides a high degree of comfort.

Firm mattress that offers better orthopaedic support than softer options

When we fall asleep, our muscles relax and what that does is it allows our body to decompress. But when we're sleeping on a too soft mattress, the muscles don't have enough support and they're not getting the proper relaxation.The benefits of a firm mattress are that you're going to sleep more soundly,  your back pain is going to be relieved and you're going to have less muscle aches and pains.

10-year SleepSoul warranty gives you reassurance and peace of mind

The average mattress lasts around 7-8 years prior to replacement, and so a 10 year warranty gives you complete piece of mind that you are protected for the lifetime of the mattress. This warranty helps highlight just how much confidence the retailer and brand have in this product.

Soft foam layer eliminates pressure on key points along the body

Individually pocketed springs for minimal movement transference

Pocket springs are probably the best support layer you can get in a mattress helping to provide measured and even support across your body where you need it most. What's more, the unique feeling of pocket springs hugs each point of your body, offering contouring across each pressure point to relieve aches and pains. Lesser models will frequently include alternatives to pocket springs like open coil traditional springs and reflex foam. Do not be fooled, while pocket springs are often slightly more money than their counterparts, you are typically getting a better spring system and base layer.When it comes to pocket springs and the quality within, the more springs generally the better as the density will increase contouring ever-closer to your body as you sleep. 

Comes vacuum-packed and rolled for easy transport

Rolled mattresses are delivered in a smaller airtight mode of shipping that saves retailers on shipping, storage and logistics costs that mean they can pass the savings onto consumers in the form of lower prices. The result means that you can often get a similarly specification mattress for less in rolled form which is fantastic news for those on a budget. With very little downside and positive experiences across the industry, there's plenty of great reasons to make your next mattress a rolled bed-in-a-box product.

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Customer Reviews For The SleepSoul Spirit 2000 Series Pocket Cool Gel Mattress

Based on 2 reviews

New mattress for my son.It's supportive without being too firm. He's a big lad and this mattress is ideal for him. He loves it. It took around 24 hours to regain its shape fully but is now perfect. Happy to recommend.


Thank you

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