Simply Bensons Cleveland Memory Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 17 customer reviews
Simply Bensons Cleveland Memory Mattress

Simply Bensons Cleveland Memory Mattress

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Simply Bensons Cleveland Memory Mattress Review

The Simply Bensons Cleveland mattress offers a combination of spring and memory foam, giving you a more comfortable, pressure-relieving sleep. The open coil springs offer gentle support and are ideal for people who like to move around during the night. The softer feel of the memory foam layer combined with the soft tension in the support system is great for those who are looking to sink into their mattress.

Let's dig into that support layer, in this instance, open coil springs. Open coil springs serve a purpose, that purpose is typically one of budget constraint. Open coil mattresses are able to be much cheaper than their pocket spring counterparts while still offering a large degree of support. A soft tension comfort layer is ideal for those with a lower BMI than average or those that are looking for a little bit extra bounce. 

Onto that comfort layer and you get a deep memory foam layer that allows you that sinking bounce-back comfort that let's you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Make no mistake, this is a soft mattress made softer still by the memory foam. Provided that is what you are looking for, you will find great enjoyment from this mattress.

Finally, you get an impressive 5 year guarantee which is far greater than the average and almost covers the entire lifespan of the product (typically mattresses have a 7 year life span).


What Makes The Simply Bensons Cleveland Memory Mattress Great?

Made in Britain

These are made and manufactured in the Great Britain, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine Great Britain manufacturing.

Easy-care non-turn mattress, simply rotate regularly

Non-turn mattresses do not need to be flipped as the support layer, that's the layer that is soft and spongey, is only on one side. Being on one side is more convenient for the end-user while also allowing further cost savings to be passed onto the consumer. It is a very common way of maximising the quality of a product while keeping costs down.

Dual performance eco-fibre layer for that slightly firmer feel

A medium firm tension mattress is slightly firmer than your average medium mattress. This is ideal for those who either prefer a little bit more support, or, those that have a slightly higher BMI than average. You may also benefit from a medium firmness mattress where you are suffering from neck/back pain as the additional support can help prevent and alleviate these symptoms.

Increased edge support system to maximise sleep area

Edge to Edge support means that you get no roll-together problems while sleeping while also giving you a more well-rounded and rigid mattress edge. The benefit of this is that you can fully utilise the entire spread of the mattress without having to worry about rolling off due to edge-sinkage.

Mattress height: 26cm

26cm is fairly deep for a mattress and comes with enough depth to feature many good quality components and comfort layers necessary to get a good nights sleep

Open coil spring unit offers gentle support

Open coil mattresses feature a traditional spring design that dates back centuries. They are a low cost solution for bed retailers that provides a good quality sleeping solution that is capable of providing adequate body contouring and reasonable support.

Firmness rating: Soft

Soft support mattresses allow you to sink further into your mattress. This tension is ideal for those that sleep on their side or are looking specifically for a softer support than normal. Great for those who like to be hugged by their mattress.

Free 5-year guarantee

Most products come with a fairly universal 1 year guarantee in the industry and it is fairly rare to see that deviate. In this case however, you get a free 5 year guarantee as standard showing just how much trust the retailer and manufacturer both have in the product.

Combination mattress with supportive open coil springs and deep memory foam layer

Open coil mattresses feature a traditional spring design that dates back centuries. They are a low cost solution for bed retailers that provides a good quality sleeping solution that is capable of providing adequate body contouring and reasonable support.

Deep and sumptuous layer of pressure-relieving memory foam

Memory foam has properties that adapt shape of your body, immediately recovering its original shape once pressure is no longer applied. It adapts to your movements without sinking, ensuring that pressure is not produced, but without the wrapping feeling which would otherwise cause unnatural posture.

Quilted eco-fibre top cover for added comfort

The quilted eco-fibre top cover is made from recycled materials and gives you an extra layer of comfort

Zip & Link option available*

Zip and Link, also known as Dual Core or Split Tension mattresses are effectively double or king size mattresses that have 2 independent mattresses joined together with a zip to create a seamless sleep area. The benefit of these is that you can have two mattresses of different firmness that will provide each sleeper with the tension and comfort they need to get the best possible sleep experience. Since everyone's needs are different, zip and link mattresses should be more popular than they are, mainly due to a lack of industry exposure.

Customer Reviews For The Simply Bensons Cleveland Memory Mattress

Based on 17 reviews

Really comfortable mattress and as it was bought in the sale then its excellent value for money. If Id bought it for full price then Id still be pleased with it.


Teen happy with mattress and says it is comfortable. Arrived very well wrapped, corners protected. Happy with discount price offer.


It is exactly what I was looking for and has given me a good night's sleep that I have not enjoyed for years.


Bought for a Carer to live with my mum so not used by myself


Comfy but quality not quite as good as I had hoped for


Excellent product and service from Bensons again.


Excellent quality mattress Very comfy


Its lovely to sleep on so comfy


Comfort is an understatement.


Very happy with our purchase


A very comfortable mattress


The most comfy of beds...


Grandson loves it


Very comfortable


great product


It is okay

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