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Silentnight Osterley 1400 Pocket Memory Mattress

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Becky's Thoughts On The Silentnight Osterley 1400 Pocket Memory Mattress

The Silentnight Osterley mattress is one to impress, with 1400 pocket springs (Silentnight call this the Advanced Mirapocket Springs with Zoned Support) and a firmer tension this mattress is ideal for those looking for additional support, or, with back and neck related pains from an existing mattress. We have found through our own tests that pocket springs perform better than the equivalent open coil springs often included in cheaper more budget-oriented mattresses and the more springs, the better.

Further to this, the Osterley mattress by Silentnight features an impressive 8-year guarantee, something we find fairly rare in the industry and a welcome change, along with a wide array of other features including genuine UK production, air vents for additional breathability and handles that allow for quick and easy rotation (useful for helping prevent uneven settlement of fillings).

Finally, this mattress features generous amounts of memory foam via the “Silentnight responsive Memory Foam comfort layer” which is an innovative NASA-produced material specially designed to allow the user to sink into, moulding to you and releasing pressure across the entire body.


What Makes The Silentnight Osterley 1400 Pocket Memory Mattress Great?

Comfort Grade - Firm

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Individual responsive springs to provide tailored support

Individual response springs are basically pocket springs. Pocket Springs are a very common spring system that is featured in many hjigher-end mattresses. The level of comfort and support in a pocket sprung mattress will offer a great nights sleep for many years to come

Edge-to-edge springs for maximum sleep space

This just means that springs and their supportive cage will go all the way to the edge of the product. Often handy for those that sit on the edge of the bed, since it doesn't do that weird collapse thing that other mattresses are prone to. Other benefits are that the risk of falling off the mattress in the middle of the night becomes mitigated which is always nice.

Scientifically proven to provide superior spinal alignment and posture

4 Handles

Handles make it easier to flip and rotate a mattress. Mattresses should be rotated and/or flipped every 3 months, without handles this can become cumbersome and so consider this a plus point for saving hassle down the line.

Metal Air vents

A decent height for padding material representing a barrier between you and the springs that make up the core of the mattress. This type of mattress should be comfortable as a result of the depth of this soft and comfortable material

Rotate head to toe weekly for the first 3 months, then every month thereafter

Spread evenly any wear that develops over time by rotating the mattress every week for 3 months then every month thereafter. Not only will this increase the life span of the mattress it will diminish indentations that build up over time. Indentations which could otherwise cause discomfort, back pain or poor-quality sleep.

Advanced Mirapocket zoned support to provide superior spinal alignment and posture

The Silentnight Mirapocket zoned spring system is a clever combination of springs and foam, designed to give you the best sleep of your life. It’s a mattress that’s designed to give you the perfect balance of comfort and support.

1400 Pocket Springs (King)

Better than average amount of springs. Might be slightly firmer as a result but don't let this put you off. Firmer mattresses can still offer tons of comfort, the only difference is you get a better level of support as well. Ideal for those suffering from a bit of back or joint pain

Silentnight Care Guide

Silentnight offer care instructions to help get the most from your new addition. The instruction cover maintaining its appearance, removing dirt or stains and what to avoid such as water, hot surfaces or actions that could remove a fire-retardant coating. These instructions can come coupled with the warranty. It is important to follow the care instructions as not to void this warranty.

About Silentnight

Silentnight is considered the UK's most trusted bed brand. As a certified Superbrand going on 13 years they have exceptional knowledge and experience in quality manufacturing. They have spent over 70 years supporting British manufacturing and design, their dedicated UK employees put care and attention into handmade beds from the best materials around.  They test each product to ensure they are made to last and safe to enjoy.   "It’s quality. It’s trust. It’s Silentnight"

Customer Reviews For The Silentnight Osterley 1400 Pocket Memory Mattress

Based on 171 review

Best mattress we’ve ever owned!

We went into store to pick a new mattress as our previous super comfy Sealy finally needed to be replaced. We used the Dreams Sleepmatch tool and Miles helped us to understand the best matches for us. The first mattress we tried was this one and it was absolutely perfect, and though we did try the others recommended, nothing came close. Delivery was super quick - within a week- and we have slept so soundly ever since. My sciatica is subsiding and our sleep is no longer interrupted. It’s so supportive- the memory foam top gives a bit of comfort but the mattress is firm and fully supportive. It’s just as comfy to sleep on your front as your side or back, but I fidget so much less now because I’d the added support it gives. I’m just sad I didn’t switch sooner- this mattress is genuinely the best mattress we’ve ever owned and I’m so glad we chose it over a number of the online competitors who were offering great deals at the time.


Great Sleep!

Excellent service when we bought this mattress. It was one of the recommendations for us on the machine (cant remember the name of it sorry) but was the last one we tried. Bought it in black friday sales as at full price it was outwoth our budget. Delivery team were excellent, calling me with a 2 hour window then 15 mins before so i could nip home from work to receive. Hubby and I both sleep really well on it. No aches and pains, fantastic item. A bit heavy to rotate top to toe but then it does have over 1400 springs in it!


osterley mirapocket mattress

i have found dreams beds very good to deal with, found the relevant mattress on line,at a very good price i spoke to an agent on the telephone, enquiring about the various qualities of the mattress, sorted out the details and ordered our mattress, the two young men who delivered the new mattress also picked up our old mattress for recycling and took the new one to the designated bedroom, these two young men were very efficient in delivering our new mattress and taking away our old mattress, all in all a very good experience.


Silentnight Osterley Mirapocket Mattress- Amazing!

This mattress was one of the ones recommended to me after trying it out in store using the matching technology. By far the BEST decision/ purchase I have made in a while. It's still early days but I no longer wake up feeling stiff with back pain. I can't remember the last time I slept so well. The perfect blend of firmness, support and comfort with the added layer of memory foam which makes all the difference. Would 100% recommend spending that bit extra for the quality of this product as it really is worth every penny.


Amazing comfortable mattress

I wasn’t sure at first when the store suggested a firm mattress as I was always used to a medium firm mattress but I was pleasantly surprised. As a side sleeper it provides adequate support to the back and is very comfortable. I was taken aback with the price but it was definitely worth every penny as it’s something you will be using every night so you want to ensure it’s suitable for you even if it costs a little more than you expected. Very happy with this purchase!


Got what I expected.

I didn't want an ortho mattress but at the same time I was looking for a comfortable mattress which can provide reasonable back support which it did. I have tried multiple mattresses even by silentnight but they have truly outdone themselves with the osterley series. Dreams Grimsby Team was spectacular. They helped us select the right mattress and I am really glad they listened to our requirements and were able to guide us towards making the right choice.


So comfortable!

This was the first time that I was choosing a mattress just for myself. After receiving this as a recommendation by the Dreams in-house assessment computer, I chose it as the most comfortable of those offered but was nervous that it might not be as comfortable as the mattress I was replacing (which I've loved for 12 years). It is absolutely perfect and so, so comfortable - I look forward to sleeping on it every night. Great product!


Extremely comfy, great quality.

We chose this mattress based on the match process in store. I didn't know what to expect with this process and was slightly dubious but it minimised the amount of mattresses we looked at, as there are so many, and really helped us decide on the firmness level. It suited both of us and after sleeping on it for around a month now, I can say it is extremely comfy and helped with some sleeping issues.


Very comfortable

Having had a bad experience with a boxed mattress, we went to Dreams. We were assessed by the machine in store and it suggested some options - the Osterley Mirapocket was one. We haven't slept so well since it arrived. A good, firm, mattress which supports both of us well (despite being different weights and one of us having joint hypermobility). Would highly recommend.


Silent night Osterley mirapocket mattress

Great quality, comfortable from first night. Wake up refreshed without aches and pains. It was a considered purchase and more expensive than I’d normally pay BUT well worth the extra money, no edge sagging. Would recommend spending the money. I bought one for my daughter as well, she has had spinal surgery and it’s made a huge difference to her, sleeping comfortably.



I have found Dreams to have great service, both Instore and online. Ordered mattress online and only took 3 days, managed to get Black Friday discount which was a bonus. Really firm mattress but soft top covering - making for a great sleep as I have arthritis in my spine, this mattress has enabled me to have restful sleep that I haven’t experienced in 5 years !


Brillant Sleep

Brought Silentnight Osterley Mirapocket Mattress in August 2020 and over the months me and my husband have been getting use to sleeping on a very comfortable mattress. We should have brought one years ago as the mattress is very soft and warm. Don't seem to need the electric blanket on for so long with the new mattress as it retains the heat very well.


Truly Silent night sleep

We decided to change our mattress and were looking for a firm mattress. The Silentnight Osterley Mirapocket is absolutely fantastic and have since enjoyed our nights sleep. Ordered in local Dreams store, delivered efficiently and advice given as to the care of the mattress. Excellent product and excellent service. Thank you to all.


Amazing mattress

This is my second mattress from dreams. I bought this exact one (previously called Ashridge) 5 years ago for my main bedroom and absolutely love it. So when it came to changing the one in my son s room I knew I didn’t need to even test it out- just ordered it. It’s supportive but because of the memory foam is soft as well. Amazing.


Excellent Matress

This mattress is well worth it’s money! Firm and very comfy. Both of us weren’t sleeping well on our old mattress and were continually waking up with aches. I was wary buying online during the covid 19 pandemic and not being able to try my mattress out in a shop locally. Anyone with this worry this mattress won’t let you down!


The Osterley, mattress from heaven.

I fell in love with this mattress the first time i tried it in the Watford store. I love a firm mattress and have a few back problems so this works. We even tried the machine that recommends mattress types in Hemel Hempstead and it also recommended the Osterley. It is amazing to sleep on and just oozes quality.


Good night’s sleep & pain free mornings.

This is a sturdy, but incredibly comfortable mattress. It allows us to fidget and movie without disturbing each other. My husband says that his shoulder and back pain has reduced considerably since getting this mattress. And I have slept much more soundly. Highly recommend and worth paying that bit extra for.


Excellent nights sleep

Really needed a new mattress I would not go anywhere other than dreams, even though we were shopping under COVID conditions the gentlemen was a true salesman told us what different mattresses we could have and explained the difference between the ones we wanted it was excellent customer service thank you


Great mattress - don't be put off if it feels hard

Very pleased with this mattress. We now have 2 of these - both bought from Dreams. The first one we bought felt pretty hard for the first couple of weeks but the 40 night guarantee gave us confidence to persevere and we are very pleased that we did. Hence our purchase of a second one for another bed.



Took a while to get use to but after a week settled into the groove. Nice chaps helped unload. Warned us about the smell when we opened it from the plastic. The fire retardant smells goes away after 48 hours. I didn’t read the emails. Due to COVID we had to take our old mattress away.


Firm on the inside, soft and cool on the outside

We bought the firm mattress and never regretted it. I haven't slept well in a while until we bought this bed. It was firm on the inside, but the surface was soft and cool when slept on for long hours. It feels like you get suck into the bed and sleep really quickly and comfortably.


GREAT for my lower back pain!

I used to get a lot of lower back pain from my old bed + work but after my first sleep i have noticed a huge difference in the amount of pain I feel now. Its not the holy grail to fix your back pain but it most definitely has a made a difference and I am satisfied with my purchase.


Hotel kind of sleep

I received this mattress yesterday and had my first night sleep. What a difference it made. I feel so rested, had a deep sleep, very comfortable for a firm mattress. I feel my back muscles being supported as I do suffer with back problems. Really happy with my investment.


Worth every pennie!

We bought the mattress 2 weeks ago and me and my girlfriend have had no complaints about it! Its very comfy ! You usually take a month or so to get used to the mattress but with this one we didn’t need that long to get used to it, perfect nights sleep we are having!


Good firm comfortable mattress

We bought this a month ago and have been really happy with it. My husband prefers a nice firm mattress, so I wasn’t sure about getting this one. However I really like it now. It’s comfortable and I am not aware of my husband turning in his sleep which is good


Excellent service

I was able to choose a delivery date within a week as soon as I submitted my order. The day before I was sent an email and text with 2 hour time slot. The mattress arrived promptly with courteous and friendly delivery men. The mattress is terrific.


Silentnight Osterley Mirapocket Mattress & Dreams

This mattress is really comfortable and just the right level of firmness. The experts in the store were really helpful and gave me the information and time to make the right decision for me. The delivery arrived on time and with no issues at all.


quality sleep

nice quality mattress at a reasonable price. took a few nights to get used to it at first. Now we get a very good nights sleep and don't feel each other move during the night, so no disturbance of sleep. well made and very heavy to move.


Love them!

We love these mattresses, they are super hard and definitely not soft. We used to have the Dreams Zen range that we bought years ago which have been discontinued and these are pretty close. I would say they are medium firm.


Brilliant mattress

It’s a silent night mattress. That should say it all. Never had a bad one, this is super comfy. It weights and absolute tonne as it’s a king size so you might want two people when moving it about, that’s the only downside.


So much better than Simba

We bought a simba mattress first and having sent two back we decided a different mattress was needed. This is spot on, firm but with enough give to be really comfy. Leaps and bounds better than the Simba mattresses we had


Good new mattress

Great help instore choosing the mattress and the matttess has been comfortable and provided a good nights sleep after our old one. It is supportive yet soft enough to provide a good soft comfortable night's sleep.


Mega in every way !!!

Well what can I say , this mattress is mega !! Like having a hotel comfort in your own home . Perfect in every way .. no more bad nights sleep, no more back ache .. my only wish is that I had bought it sooner ..


A good night’s sleep

It’s is what it says a very comfortable bed that holds your body at let’s you get comfortable in any position you sleep in A good night sleep has been had since getting my new mattress Thank you Dreams


The best sleep

I bought this mattress a month ago..and believe me..I have felt a major difference in my sleep..and it's all positive... So, go ahead..visit dreams and check what best suits your need and buy the product..


The best mattress ever

Best mattress I’ve ever owned, I’ve not slept this well in years. Sleeping on this mattress hasn’t caused any back pains. Perfect level of firmness (for me and my partner), no dips in the mattress so far.


Amazing Mattress 10/10 from me.

Fantastic mattress. Been suffering with back issues for over 4 years and within weeks this has helped me get back to exercising again. Firm with a thin sheet of magic softness on top. I highly Recommend.


No pain No stiffness in back

I used to have bath ache and stiffness every morning, and thought that it is because of my posture But once i started on this new mattress no pain no stiffness Amazing Best investment Great quality


very good

I brought this a couple of weeks ago as my husbands back was hurting due to our old mattress and every since we have started to use this mattress the pain had gone and he is having a better night sleep


A perfect nights sleep

After being a little sceptical over the dream sleep machine in store i have to say we are having great nights sleep now, couldnt ask for better, definitely worth changing to a new mattress from dreams


Silentnight Osterley Mirapocket Mattress review

Excellent product. Very supportive whilst extremely comfortable. Anyone with back problems will see immediate improvements in the quality of sleep and reduced stiffness and discomfort in the morning.


Great Mattress

Found this mattress using the machine in Dreams. It was the first on the list and after trying every other mattress in the shop we came back to this one. It’s fantastic and ticks all boxes.



Very firm. Just what I required. Assistant in shop was very helpful as difficult to decide on a mattress in half an hour but it’s very comfortable. If you need a firm mattress this is great


Worth the money

Really comfortable and firm. The best sleep I’ve had in a long time! Replaced an 8 year old mattress with this one. So glad we did, the memory foam top allows you to sink in and drift away


Perfect balance of firm to soft

Right balance of firm to soft, never slept better. Was able to test in the showroom before lockdown, many thanks to the store team with their assistance in choosing the perfect mattress.


The most perfect mattress

After years of trying to find a mattress that both my partner and I love, we’ve found it. Firm and supportive, whilst also comfortable. Bought whilst on offer, so good price too.


Firm ortho mattress

Love the firm feel of the mattress however did also purchase a mattress topper to give a little bounce. Fantastic service received from the gentleman in the Dreams store Reading.


Like sleeping on a cloud

Great delivery service. Bed is comfy and plenty big enough for two. No aches or pains for us upon waking anymore! It’s like sleeping on a cloud (I imagine). A must buy!!


Comfy and Supportive

This is the comfiest mattress I have ever had and it is also supportive. I used to get major back and shoulder pain but this mattress has eased this so its not too bad now.


The best mattress I,ve ever had

The mattress was recommended after using the Sleep Match. It gives that ultimate comfort and support what guarantees a good night sleep without waking up aching all over.


Super Comfy!

Really comfy mattress. Even comfier than when tried in the showroom. Best mattress that I've ever purchased. Really safe, COVID friendly delivery. Great stuff all round.


Great buy!

So comfortable! I love it. Once it was placed on my bedframe I left it to settle for 24 hours and now when my alarm goes off in the morning I don't want to leave my bed!


High quality mattress

Very stable and comfortable. Body does not sink in or dip into the mattress when moving position or turning to the side. Super king size gives plenty of room to stretch


Silentnight Osterly 1400 Pocket Memory Mattress

Very comfortable mattress, gives a perfect night's sleep. The first night it seemed a bit hard but that soon went as it settled in. Highly recommend Silenf Night.


Quality firm matress

I bought this last month and I am so glad I invested in this mattress. Well made, it gave me the best nights sleep in ages. And Dreams delivery service was excellent.


Good firm mattress.

Good firm mattress. Still early days, but very happy with the balance between firmness and comfort. Not a cheap mattress, but quality and build seem worth the price.


Service of the company and quality of the mattress

Amazing quality mattress with an amazing service. A huge thanks for Lana and Kevin (Delivery team) that work effortlessly during those times and provide top service!


Dream come true

I bought this three weeks ago, I want to say one thing only " I am waiting disparately to my bed time " it is the best mattress in the UK if you like firm ones


Nicely firm and comfy

Our new mattress suits us wonderfully! Feeling so much more rested after a good night sleep, with less tossing and turning due to a better lower back support.


This is the best buy ever.

Before this mattress I was having a hard time sleeping. Not now I ain't. I thought sleep on the clouds was a figure so speech until I bought this mattress.


The most comfortable mattress!

Such a beautiful mattress, I was worried it would be too firm but it has helped mine and my partners back since it arrived. I would highly recommend it


Great all-rounder

It’s a great all round mattress. For all types of people. I’m very active and have had back problems before. This mattress has helped alleviated that.


Comfiest mattress I’ve ever had

This mattress was selected for me from Dreams’ bed personalisation technology and it’s the comfiest mattress I’ve ever had. I sleep much better on it.


Pricey but lovely

Real quality product very heavy might be a bit hard to move for some people but it is lovely to sleep on only had it for two weeks so time will tell.


Comfortable & Firm

Having suffered with my back for years this is the perfect mattress for me. If is big firm & very comfortable. I sleep so much better since using it.


Great customer service and amazing mattress.

Sales service was top notch, Gary was a great help at the Northampton store. He pointed me to a bed that was what i brought from his recommendation.


Good night’s sleep

Can highly recommend this mattress for anyone wanting a really good night’s sleep. Extremely comfortable and hopefully will last for years to come.


Better nights sleep because of this great mattress

Incredibly comfortable. Just the right amount of firmness. Fantastic experience ordering from Dream. Looking forward to many more restful nights.


Great product

We brought this mattress for a better nights sleep and we have had no aches or pains from the first night of having it and slept so much better


Really pleased with our purchase from Dreams

Just received our new mattress from Dreams. Best night's sleep for ages! Really helpful staff who helped us select the best mattress for us.



Took a punt as was unable to try in store due to COVID restrictions. But really excellent, worth the money. Nice and firm and v comfortable.



Superb mattress, exactly what we were looking for in so far as it is very firm though it is also very comfortable and seems to be well made.



It has made so much difference to my sleep. I just have the problem of not wanting to get out of bed now. The recycle option was so easy.


Lockdown mattress

Comfy mattress, very firm and thick - was on offer so excellent price also. Had a 5 month wait as it came with the bed but happy so far.


comfortable bed - sleepless nights be gone

The bed is very comfortable and has given us a wonderul night sleep to the point we are struggling to get out of the ned in the morning


Great Mattress

We’ve had this Silentnight mattress for three weeks now, it is very comfortable and well worth the money, I would definitely recommend.


Very comfy

Comfortable and supportive. Much better than the Eve mattress we had before (which became almost unusable after less than two years)



The mattress is Fantastic! It’s Very supportive and extremely comfortable. The memory foam adds a bit of luxury. Worth every penny.


Comfort All night

I bought this a moth ago and am enjoying the comfort that this mattress provides. Feels top quality when you are snuggled into bed.


Very comfortable

Ours arrived 6 weeks ago and it’s great. Really comfortable and we have enjoyed lovely nights sleep ever since. A really good buy!


Better night sleep

Not only is it comfortable it has helped tremendously with my lower back pain ! So pleased with it and I’m sleeping so much better


Wonderful dreams with the help of Dreams.

Within a week the mattress felt really comfy and inviting, the sleep match worked. We are both getting a much better nights sleep.


Silent Osterley Mirapocket Mattress

Absolutely brilliant and very comfortable together with excellent customer service and delivery team = Sweet dreams forever *****


Worth persevering.

Very comfortable mattress. A lot firmer than our previous mattress, so took a bit of getting used to, but worth persevering.


Mattress upgrade

So comfortable, both my husband and I are finding it lovely to sleep on. There’s a huge difference compared to our old one.



I only had about a few weeks and already have much better sleeping. It is firm yet very comfortable, happy with the choice!



Bought to replace old mattress that was giving us back ache. Much more comfy now and once again getting a good night sleep.


Extremely happy with purchase

Very happy with purchase, firm but extremely comfortable. Foam top layer is great, in no way ‘huggy’. Well 100% recommend


Osterley Mirapocket mattress by Silentnight

Very comfortable and very well made. Getting decent nights sleep at last. Very glad I came to Dreams for my new mattress.


Well worth the wait.

This is an ideal purchase. We had been holding out for a while to get the right mattress and we've not been disappointed.


good nights sleep

Replaced old mattress as it was getting old and causing back problems. Testbed sorted which was the best product for me


Guest bedroom

The mattress is for the spare room and wasn't that expensive but it is very comfortable so I've been told by my guest.



It’s a firm mattress which does not feel hard just very supportive and comfortable - very pleased with the purchase


Silentnight Osterley Mattress

Thanks to this mattress I have a good sleep and I fell restful again ! I highly recommend it ! Worth the money


Bedtime is my favourite time!

This mattress has done wonders for my back!! I sleep so well now, it's literally a dream (no pun intended!!)


Perfect Mattress

This mattress is so comfortable, supports you in all the correct areas. lovely to relax and snuggle in to .


Good Mattress

Very firm mattress. Have slept well on it. No back ache. Did take a few nights to adjust to the firmness.


Great support

Have been using the mattress two weeks and have found the support to be very good and I am sleeping better


Osterley Mirapocket Mattress

The mattress is firm and supportive but the layer of memory foam provides the comfort we were looking for


Very comfortable

Have had this mattress a while now its very comfortable with no sagging , a very comfortable night sleep.

Questions and Answers About Silentnight Osterley 1400 Pocket Memory Mattress

Can an electric blanket be used with this mattress?

Answer: , Electric blankets can be used with all our mattresses however we do not recommend that they are placed directly on the mattress surface. In addition, using an electric blanket may alter the comfort grade of the mattress depending on the mattress type. We also recommend following all guidelines and instructions specified by the manufacturer of your electric blanket. Kind Regards, Dreams

hi it says 1400 pocket springs for a king size but how would i calculate the number of pocket springs for the same mattress but in a different size?

Answer: , There isn't a standard calculation to work out the different spring count in sizes. If you would like to know the exact spring count then please contact our customer service department and they will be happy to advise. Kind Regards. Dreams.

Can the single mattress be used on an orthopedic electric bed.

Answer: , We are unsure what an Orthopaedic Electric bed is. If you need help with finding a mattress please visit your local Dreams store or call our Telesales line and a member of staff will happily go through your requirements. Kind Regards Dreams

Does this mattress come rolled up in a box for delivery or is it in its natural king size shape? 

Answer: , This mattress is delivered in it's natural king size shape. You can view our range of rolled mattresses here: Many thanks Dreams

Having read through your questions and answers I am now a bit confused as to whether I can use an electric blanket on the Osterley mattress. Could you let me know?

Answer: , You can use an electric blanket, it will not harm or damage the mattress however when the components inside the mattress heat it can tend to make the mattress feel slightly softer. Kind Regards, Dreams

Would using a heated electric blanket for five minutes be alright ? and what harm would this do if not

Answer: Hello, We would not recommend using a electric blanket as the mattress contains memory foam in it's make up however this would be entirely down to the user. Many thanks for the question.

What guarantee comes with the Osterley mattress please?

Answer: , The Osterley mattress comes with a 1 year guarantee. The guarantee can be extended to 8 years by purchasing our Bedcover Service Plan. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello. I am interested in purchasing the Ashridge firm mattress 5' but want to know if you are able to dispose of my old mattress for me on delivery of the new? How long does delivery take to bath area if purchased today? Thank you. Caroline

Answer: Hello, Yes, we have a disposal service and delivery depends on where you are situated, both options can be seen through checkout before payment. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, is the memory foam in Silentnight Osterley Mirapocket Mattress breathable? also what's the return policy for this one?

Answer: , Silentnight memory foam is breathable. Please follow this link to see our returns policy: Many thanks Dreams

The Super King Dimensions does not align to the Super King Bed Frame so, can you tell me if this mattress will fit this bed-frame please - Lucia Silver Fabric Upholstered Bed Frame?

Answer: Hi , They will differ as the frame measurements are from the outside, the mattress measurements would be the inside of the frame. It will fit for sure. Thank you.

Can i use this mattress with bedstead that has wooden slats  The slats are flat and nailed in with 3" gaps

Answer: Hello, This mattress can be used with slatted frames, as long as the gap between the slats is not bigger than 3 inches. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is this mattress suitable for electric adjustable bed

Answer: , Unfortunately this mattress will not be suitable for use with an electric adjustable bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the the thickness of memory foam on top of the springs, ex. 50mm?

Answer: Hello, The memory foam on top of the springs is approximately 2.5cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Looking for  new mattress I am. Quite a biggish lady I am fed up sleeping in a dip do you recommend this mattress for me.

Answer: , The Osterley is a firm mattress and so will provide ample comfort and support. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does memory foam heat you up at night and can I use an electric under blanket with this mattress?

Answer: Hello , We do not recommend a heated blanket with memory foam mattresses. Many thanks for your question.

I bought this bed a year ago and I am really happy with it. I am going to move and I need the weight of it in order to get a quote from the delivery company. Thank you very much for your assistance

Answer: Hello, the weight of the mattress is: single = 32kg, double = 48kg, king = 56kg and super king = 67kg. Many thanks.

Is there a maximum weight that this mattress will tolerate.

Answer: Hello , There is no specific weight limit for this bed. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hello! How much weight mattress? Thanks

Answer: Hello , This mattress weighs 48kg. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi Can this mattress be bent? I've got a tight turn at the bottom of my stairs so would probably have to bend the mattress a small amount to get it round Thanks

Answer: Hi , We strongly recommend to avoid bending any mattress. Kind Regards, Giedre

Can this mattress be used on a divan base

Answer: Hello, Yes, this can be used on a divan base or a bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

I was told by the sales team I could use a electric blanket on the ashridge mattress is this correct 

Answer: Hi , Yes that is correct if you choose to do so. Thank you for your question.

Is this bed suitable for 16 stones?

Answer: Hi , We have no set weight limits on our mattresses/frames. Thank you.

Hi, what is the depth of the memory foam on the firm Ashridge combination spring mattress (king size)? Thanks

Answer: Hello, This will be 23mm for this mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Hi there -  how much does the king size mattress in this model weigh?

Answer: Hello, the King Size Silentnight Ashridge mattress weighs 56kg. Many thanks.

How heavy is this mattress in kg?

Answer: , The king size Osterley is 41kg. Kind regards Dreams

How deep is the Ashridge mattress?

Answer: Hello, the Ashridge mattress is 29cm deep. I hope this helps.

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