Silentnight Farrington Mirapocket Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 205 customer reviews

Silentnight Farrington Mirapocket Mattress

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Brand: Silentnight
Code: 133-00710
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 28cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 11:40:32 PM
4/5 - 205 reviews


What Makes It Great

Our recent experience was very positive - from the time we walked into the store, to the delivery of our bed. The sales person was extremely helpful and informative (without being pushy) - a pleasure to deal with. The delivery arrangements and communication was excellent and kept well informed. We had to push the delivery date back slightly - this was not an issue and everything was quickly re-arranged. On the day of delivery, the drivers were very pleasant, helpful and had total respect for our home so as not to mark our carpets or walls. An added bonus is the comfort exchange offer - however, our bed is extremely comfy and will definitely not be exchanging it. Overall, an excellent experience, and would therefore recommend Dreams to anyone seeking to purchase a new bed or related products.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

A decent amount of pocket springs for this mattress. Will provide a good amount of support and mould to your bodies many positions when sleeping

A decent height for padding material representing a barrier between you and the springs that make up the core of the mattress. This type of mattress should be comfortable as a result of the depth of this soft and comfortable material

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Questions and Answers

Does this mattress have a guarantee? What if the top bit starts to sag - would that not start to happen quite quickly?

Answer: Hello lesley193cat, This mattress is fully supported by the pocket spring system and the brilliantly designed pillow top is sewn in on top of the base layers. This will not just sag at all but if this is a concern for you then every product comes with a 1 year warranty. The Langley has been sold through us for a very long time and it has not been concern regarding this. If in doubt we also have a 40 night comfort guarantee, this allows you to change the mattress if not suitable. Many thanks for the question.

HI - Can you advise what type of bed slats are best with this mattress - i.e sprung or solid?

Answer: Hi - To prolong the life of your mattress and give you extra sprung support, we would recommend an upgrade to our sprung slats when you choose your bed. You can select sprung slats by using the Base option on a bed product page.

what does the pad on top of the silent night langley mattress consist of

Answer: Thank you for your query. The Langley mattress consists of 1200 pocket springs with layers and soft foam and Ecocomfort Fibre on top. Ecocomfort Fibres reduce heat build up while you sleep to aid a great night's sleep.

Can you confirm if this mattress has any memory foam in? as i have read through the questions, one answer says it does not, the other says it has 6cm of quality memory foam in.

Answer: Hi , This has a 6cm pillow top of super soft foam inside, this is not memory foam. Apologies for the confusion, we will remove the conflicting answer. Thank you.

I've ordered Langley D mattress. Does this have a topper? 

Answer: Hi , Yes, this mattress actually has a built in topper which is 6cm of high quality memory foam. Thank you for your question.

Is there an equivalent silentnight mattress with 1200 pocket springs without the padded top? We recently purchased and the pillow top is making us hot. One of the silentnight mirapocket 1200 mattresses won a Which best buy award, do you stock that one?

Answer: Hello , Unfortunately not, this is our only 1200 pocket sprung mattress. Thank you for your question.

Is this mattress hypoallergenic and/or dustmite resistant?

Answer: Hello Laura, this mattress is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant for a healthier night's sleep. Many thanks.

Hi, is this mattress suited to a slatted bed base? Thanks.

Answer: This mattress is suitable for use with a slatted or solid base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this come with a foam topper?

Answer: Hello, it does not come with an additional foam topper, it just comes as per the photograph. Many thanks.

Is this mattress prone to any form of dipping / sagging?

Answer: Hi , No this mattress should not be prone to these things. Thank you for your question.

Hi, we're now moving since we had this mattress delivered. Can we roll the mattress for transport? It won't fit in the car! Thanks

Answer: Hi Adam D, please do not roll this mattress because it will damage the spring system. Many thanks

One is generally advised to turn a mattress over at intervals, but the underneath of this one is clearly different from the top. Should one therefore just rotate it ?

Answer: Hello , This mattress can only be rotated to freshen it up. Many thanks for your question.

Is this a memory foam mattress?

Answer: Thank you for your query. The Silentnight Langley mattress does not contain any memory foam.

Is this mattress compatible with an electric blanket

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your question. Yes, this mattress is compatible with an electric blanket.

We are thinking of purchasing a new mattress, can you take away the old one. Thanks

Answer: Hello, This is a service available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Customer Reviews

Based on 205 review

Firm and comfortable

My wife suffers from back pain and our old mattress was causing it to worsen. This new mattress is very supportive and way more comfortable than the old one which has made a huge difference to my partners back. With the old mattress we would disturb one another when we moved or got up, but with this one you don't notice the other person moving, so have less disturbed sleep. This has been a great purchase, very glad so far that we decided on this mattress. Here's hoping it lasts for years to come. Dreams delivered on the day they advised. The driver called in the morning to specify a time and they put it on the bed and removed all packaging. We gave our old mattress away on a free classified site recycling it at no additional cost. We are very happy all round!

Perfect solution

I am a very fussy person where mattresses are concerned. So much so that I have not bought a new one for 40 years as I was sure I would not find one that suited my requirements. However, with the peace of mind 40 days trial period that was offered by Dreams I was happy to try this mattress. It had to work with an electric blanket, not have buttons, and not need turning. It fulfils all these requirements, and although I am not a good sleeper I am confident that this mattress is supporting my body far better than my old foam orthopaedic one. It was far higher price than I expected to pay but feel it worth it due to the above reasons. It is rather heavy and I struggle to rotate it on my own, but appreciate the reason for this is due to all the extra features.

New Bed 1 - Insomnia 0

I'm notoriously a bad sleeper, and finally decided to get the whole works; new bed, pillows, mattress etc. Claire, who helped me choose the right mattress and products was amazingly helpful and guided me from the very start in an understanding and proactive approach. She explained that even just replacing pillows could help my bad back and bad sleeping habits. She was right, and as soon as I received my new bed and mattress, I've been sleeping much better thanks to the firmness of the mattress along with new firm pillows and a bed that is strong and sturdy. The first couple of days it was difficult to leave bed, but only because it was so darn comfortable! I'm not complaining! :-)

Great help with sound advice

For months now I have suffered from sleepless nights due to an old somewhat firm mattress, so it had to go. Having seen a lot of adverts for Dreams on TV I thought lets give it a go and boy am I glad I did. Service and advice were excellent, pleasant people no pressure to buy, we were advised as what would be best and left to decide. Absolutely great, we made our choice and in due course it was delivered by two guys who installed the mattress, even took their shoes off when taking it upstairs. All I can say is the experience of replacing the mattress was a stress free and one might say pleasant. Now I sleep like a baby, no back pains and wake up totally recharged. Thanks "Dream Team"

never looked back

Our old mattress was a veteran of 25 years - so the move was always going to be a step change in quality. That said, the experience has been very positive From day one the gentle, consistent support and softness of the mattress was a massive improvement. We have both noticed improvements in our sleeping patterns - less disturbance from others' movements and generally feeling well rested. It is definitely warmer (more insulating) than our last mattress and we have found the summer duvet has seen us through most of the winter. Its also higher (deeper) - by a few inches which took a bit of getting used to. Overall I would have no hesitation in recommending this mattress.

So happy with my new mattress

I went with my daughter to order her new mattress and she persuaded me to get a revue on mine which is barely three years old. I was given five choices and tried each one and chose the best one for my comfort. It came when it was supposed to and was delivered by two very helpful and polite young men I made up the bed and slept for the first time in six months without any discomfort. It really is so comfortable and as I have a number of health problems, I am so delighted with it. The whole experience was trouble free as the staff in Dreams are all very knowledgeable and caring. Thank you all so much.

Excellent mattress

This was a very good purchase. It's the first pocket spring mattress I've had, and at first I was unsure about it - I had the impression that it was softer than I wanted. But that was an illusion: the mattress adjusted to the body's contours, but gave good overall support. (I now understand why some reviews of this and similar mattresses complain that it's too soft, and some that it's too firm.) I am sleeping very well - even when I've had to work late and a head full of distracting thoughts has kept me awake, I've always woken promptly and fully refreshed in the morning.

Lovely and comfortable

I originally bought the Richmond mattress as I wanted a firm mattress because I have a disc problem but the dimples were too deep so I exchanged it for this one. The Langley is lovely and comfortable. It is still reasonably firm but seems to allow your body to mould into it. It has a very soft top and provides very good support. I bought the double mattress and there is no feeling as though you are rolling across. I recommend this mattress for anyone with a bad back and would suggest not buying the firmest in the shop as the medium firm seems to provide superior support.

Big Comfy Bed

It took me months and months of looking for a good bed as they are a lot of money but I kept going back to Dreams and this same bed which I could not get out of my head. On day it was delivered I thought the wrong bed had been sent as it was so large & high but the very next day I was confined for 18days to bed with an illness and I could not wish for a more comfortable and massive bed to feel grotty in. Now I am used to my bed you could not get it off me with a crowbar. A lovely, dreamy bed which I have wanted my whole life. Thanks Dreams

Never slept as well in my life.

I have not slept well for a number of years. Always waking up. tossing and turning. Tired in the morning. I surfed the net and thought it was a lot of money to pay well spent. You cannot put a price on comfort and well being? Since getting the mattress, I sleep deeply. I have lots of dreams, which I never did, and they are happy nostalgic ones:) I love getting into bed, and am reluctant to get up, however,as I have slept well, it makes those 6 AM get ups a lot less onerous. Thanks Dreams

super comfy

I brought this matress under a month ago. I sleep so much better. I tried the matress in store after the lady told me to I was going to opt for the cheaper matress glad I chose this one it's worth going into store to lay on it. School girl error I was lying on each matress on my back band I'm a side sleeper so I repeated all the matresses lying on my side!!! :') (Although my partner is a back sleeper and he wants my matress!!) BUY this matress its amazing. Lovely delivery lads aswell great service!

Excellent quality and comfort

Brought back in January 2017 and had many goods nights sleep on it since. I suffer from back problems and have to sleep on my side and this mattress is soft enough for that, but firm enough to keep me and husband supported and I am not the lightest person in the world. The mattress is super light too, also good for my back hen changing the covers. I would most certainly recommend this mattress to anyone, and Dreams gives you the confidence to buy and swap of not happy anyway.


I'm not happy at all with the mattress is not comfortable and it is not what I expected because the only reason I bought it was because I have had major surgery and this bed was meant to have been part of my recovery from a comfy good rest when needed and I have paid a lot for it but no joy. The only good thing that I'm happy about is it's built in tv which is great. But just to mention that also makes a noise when going up and down so your partner does get disturbed when asleep.

Top quality comfortable mattress

We bought this to replace our old mattress which was coming up for 10 years old and boy do we wish we had switched sooner. This mattress is very deep and sumptious with a built in topper which just adds to the luxury. The quality of the product means it only needs to be rotated once a month. The mattress is quite deep and sits quite a bit higher than our old one on the same bedframe, but I think this adds to the comfort. Try it out for yourself if your local shop

Great comfort

Had for two weeks now and it's difficult to fault it. Mind you our old mattress was 19 years old so not difficult to improve on that! Topper is wonderful but took a little getting used to as it curves away on the sides of the bed so if you like sleeping right on the edge then you may not like it. I have a few old sporting injuries which have felt a lot better since sleeping on this bed, no pressure points on you when you wake up and it's snug and warm too.


I bought this mattress because my old one, which I loved, was causing me back and hip problems. After 3 months this one is worse and the topper makes me so hot. I wake every couple of hours through the night because I'm my back is so uncomfortable, or so hot and now it's past the 40 days 'grace' I can't take it back. I'm sure other people will have found it a fantastic mattress, I just chose badly - and that's a very expensive mistake!

So comfortable and a great price too

I bought this s a month ago and it was delivered less than a week later by two very considerate and efficient delivery guys who were a credit to the company. The mattress itself is really comfortable and I’m sleeping so much better. The foam top is so soft and supportive, it has taken a while to get used to as it is warmer than the old mattress top I had, but now it is wonderful, especially with the cooler weather.

soooo comfey

I have had my lovely mattress for about three weeks now. It is so comfortable. I have the best night sleep ever, I wake up fully refreshed. As soon as my head hits the pillow and my body relaxes into the mattress, I'm off to a beautiful restful sleep. The added softness of the memory foam topper, and the support of the pocket springs makes it 100% great buy. I feel like a Princess. Thank you Dreams xx

Fantastic mattress along with a fantastic service.

Bought a mattress on line from Dreams, it was not what we thought it was regards comfort. Rang up Dreams help line and said we had selected the wrong type. Dreams advised a visit to a show room to try/select a replacement. Within a week of selecting a mattress to our comfort, Dreams exchanged mattress`s without any quibble or effort from us. Thank you Dreams, you certainly live up to your promise.

Hard to sleep

The mattress is supposed to be medium firm, but it is more firm than medium, my hip and thigh are sore in the morning so it looks like I will have to buy another mattress. It is very difficult to get the right one because in the shop hundreds of people have tried the mattress and it feels alright but when you get the new one it is hard. Wish I could find a good one, will have to keep looking.

Very comfortable

I have had this mattress now for one month and I'm very happy with it. It is extremely comfortable although it sleeps a little hotter than a standard mattress (which I was expecting), but nothing I can't get used to. As I Suffer from a bad back, I do have problems sleeping on most mattresses. This is the 4th mattress I have bought in the last 2 years and finally I think this one is a keeper!

Quite nice after despite chemical smell at start.

I bought my bed for a new room based on the website reviews and on my preference for a medium firm mattress. Have had the mattress for a few weeks now and for first 3 weeks noticed a bit of a chemical smell.. This smell has now started to fade. Comfort-wise i think it is what I was looking for, having allready bought a medium firm Slumberland a year before. No complaints regarding comfort.

Best night's sleep I have ever had

I bought this mattress a couple of months ago. The price was mid-range and I was initially cautious about spending so much on a mattress, but I do not regret it one bit. I used to have trouble getting to sleep and I always thought it was something else preventing me dozing off, but since I have had this mattress I fall asleep within minutes. Extremely comfy and just the right firmness.

Very comfortable

I brought this a few weeks ago and suffer from sciatica constantly. Was dubious as I was used to a much firmer bed but was persuaded by my husband to try it. It took a few nights to get used to, but must say it is so comfortable and very warm as I live in an old cottage, don't know why or how it's warmer than my old mattress but I really am very happy with the new one!

good quality mattress

I've been sleeping on this mattress for 2 weeks now. And although I have not experienced any sunken feeling yet, the mattress is relaxing my tensed muscles, and I feel this at work after about 5 to 10 mins, so the relief is almost instant. It supports my back well, and with the added cushy top it makes it an ideal bed to relax in. A Good bed for removing stress.

Langley matress by Silent Night.

Bought our mattress about 3 weeks ago, following advice from a dreams sales assistant. So comfy, sleeping much better now! Its that nice we dont want to get up on a morning. We wanted a soft mattress but one that was also supportive, this ticks both boxes. We use an extra memoryfoam topper on ours and this just adds to the luxury feel. Overall really pleased.

Comfy At Night At Last

Only visited Dreams Advisers really helpful. After having an old memory foam mattress for years, it only remembered to stay dipped! Decided to buy a spring one. Langley is a great "middle of road" priced one. Really pleased with it. Husband due a big brain aneurysm op & I'm due another huge op so a comfy bed so needed! Proving to be the best buy for years!

Good mattress

Has exactly the right "feel" for me - not too soft, not too hard. Definitely improved the quality of my sleep & removed the need to unkink myself every morning. This is a heavy mattress to rotate single-handed & the process would be much easier with handles at the ends/corners - hence only 4 stars. Otherwise, very well-pleased.

Really really comfortable.

I bought this from Dreams Salisbury, and the salesperson was brilliant. It is a great mattress, I love it. The only thing I would say is, that although I bought a king size, and had got my last king size with bed from Dreams a while ago, the mattress is a bit small and doesn't quite reach the full width of the bed frame.

Great comfort

I bought this mattress to replace a previous pocket sprung mattress and didnot think anything would beat that - but this mattress has! It is very comfortable but supportive - and I am not light, with no roll together. It is also fairly easy to manoeuvre -unlike my previous mattress which took two of us to turn.


Very supportive, very cosy. It's a medium firm bed with a soft top - feels like memory foam. It's exceptionally comfortable! I share with my partner who is a bigger build (powerlifter) and I can't feel him move around the bed! Brilliant as I am a shift worker so my sleep is so precious! Definitely recommend!

Cwmbran staff were great

I had a spinal injury that has been troubling me for years but what a difference my new bed makes... Before I used to suffer at night the most but now I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings... Thanks to the team at Cwmbran retail park for helping me find the right bed for my back...

I love my mattress!

Have been using this mattress for a couple of months now. It is just the right firmness, and the pillow top makes it feel luxurious and plush, without the need to buy 'extra deep' sheets. But best of all, the lower back pain I was waking up with every morning is now a thing of the past.

Its too good to be true. Wonderful, and delighted.

Took expert advice from friendly knowledgeable salesman. So pleased we did, as we have absolutely no regrets. We are really really pleased, and wished we had changed our mattress a long time ago. Only one trouble it is so comfy we don't want to get up. Many thanks. More than satisfied.

A great nights sleep

I bought this materess about 3 weeks ago, it is incredibly comfortable and since having it have slept better than I have been doing for some time. Also I was suffering from lower back pains when I was waking in a morning, I am no longer getting this. Great product highly recommended.

langley pocket sprung mattress

I brought this mattress a month ago, it is even better than the one I tried in the dreams store. I sleep on my side and it is very comfortable. It is even better when laying on my back to watch TV. It is one of those mattresses that will make you never want to sleep out again.

At last a good nights sleep!

I found it difficult to adjust to a new mattress, as my old one had trained me to sleep at funny angles, so laying straight and supported took some getting used to. I now enjoy getting into bed and always look forward to a good nights sleep. No more seeing every hour! bliss.

Great Features!

This mattress has unique zoned support that provides superior spinal alignment - spreading your weight evenly across the whole mattress for the most comfortable night's sleep. Coupled with unique fibres that you cool whilst sleeping, this is a fantastic quality mattress!


Had multiple issues with Dreams delivery and customer service... BUT the mattress is perfect! ALWAYS go to a local store and try out the beds before you buy, get friendly with a sales rep and they’ll tell you upcoming sales... mattress is very comfy and as we wantes

So comfortable

Have had this for only 2 weeks so far but would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. Can't feel my husband moving at all. Best nights sleep since receiving. Mattress smells rather chemically at first but am sure will reduce over time. Extremely comfortable just love it.

Exaclty as described

Having suffered for the past year with sleepless nights I decided it was time to buy a new mattress. I bought this mattress 3 months ago, following a couple of weeks to get used to, I have slept like a baby ever since. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Most comfortable mattress

Iv been sleeping so good since purchasing this Mattress Actually look forward getting into bed these days Can drift off very easily once I'm tucked into bed Definitely recommend this purchase and wouldn't hesitate to buy again Great service from dreams also

Great guest reviews

We bought this mattress a few months ago for our holiday home as guests had recently complained about the mattress in the master bedroom. The guest reviews since have been great. One guest said it was the most comfortable bed she had ever slept in! Great success.

best night sleep EVER

i really was not sure wether to go for the memory foam topper wich was 300 dearer however, im so glad i went for this mattress!! so comfortable and i sleep all night! really is worth buying a decent mattress :-) and service at Dreams was exeptional :-) very happy

firm but very comfy

since delivery of my new mattress I have slept a full minimum 7 hours sleep every night. something I have not done for a very long time, waking up without any stiffness or aches. I clearly should have bought a new mattress, and a good one , a long time ago!!!

Great service, great sleep!

We bought the mattress back in December and were very impressed with the service and prompt delivery. I can also state that we have slept brilliantly since and would highly recommend this particular mattress if you prefer a medium firm mattress. Thanks Dreams!

Good Night's Sleep !

Having purchased one Silentnight Langley for our Master Bedroom we were impressed enough with our improved quality of sleep that we have now also replaced two other mattresses in our home with Silentnight Langleys.The investment was considerable but worth it.

Great mattress

This is a lovely mattress, doesn't make me feel hot in the night, but I'd say it is more medium-to-firm than medium - may just be that it's brand new, though. It is also surprisingly light to move around, much lighter than the one it replaced. Very pleased.

Best buy ever. Great bed looks nice

I put off buying a new mattress for years, as like everyone you think your old mattress is fine. But how wrong I was. With my new mattress I sleep through the night, no more back ache and I wake with the feeling of having a good nights sleep. Sweet dreams.

Give it time...

I bought this mattress a few months ago now. My previous mattress was years old, very uncomfortable and gave me backache! This mattress did take a good 4 - 6 weeks to get use to, but now it's fabulous. So comfortable and my backache is gone - winning!

Very comfortable and supportive

We purchased the mattress about 6 weeks ago for our teenager. We had been to the shop had great service used the mattress computer and tried the mattresses too. Our child choose this one and is extremely happy, is sleeping better and is very comfortable.

Bad back has gone

Bad back, restless sleep, feeling grumpy, feeling tired all day are things of the past. Now able to do all the things i need and whont to do. Getting up early to go fishing ect and not feeling like death womed up. What took me so long to get this matres

Really comfy, good nights sleep for a good price

Great quality mattress, comfy and supportive, have had a much better nights sleep since I bought it. Glad I bought the one with the additional layer on top as it makes a huge difference to the comfort. Really good value for money, thank you Dreams :-)

stick with it

I bought this 3 weeks ago , my old mattress was about 15 years old. When i got this it gave me back ache and woke me up every few hours the first week , 3 weeks on and it feels fabulous , only problem is I now go to bed to early as I like it so much

Very comfortable!

The mattress is just right! Not too soft, not too hard! My daughter loves it, so do I! Ever since we bought it, he have had better sleeps. I got a great deal, paid less than half its original price so cannot be happier. I'd definitely recommend it!

A great nights sleep!

We were looking for a medium firm mattress and this one felt great in the store. We are not small people and this mattress holds us comfortable with no rolling together. The built in topper adds that extra softness while still providing the support

Comfy night's sleep

After only a couple of weeks' use, this mattress has transformed our sleep. It's extremely comfy to lie on and both my wife and don't wake up during the night as much as we did on our old mattress. My only niggle is that I feel it's a bit expensive

Very comfy and firm!

I love my new mattress as it allows me to have a very pleasant sleep. A very important thing for me is not to "feel" any movement when my husband is turning or walking up early and this mattress is amazing. It was also a very good value for money.

British quality at its best

Bought a single mattress replacement. Good quality feel, sprung to the edges. Handles makes moving much easier. Great depth of cushioning so many comfortable nights sleep. Delivery as arranged, promptly actioned. Just wished i had bought it sooner


bought the bed a couple of months ago from Peterborough store. Service was excellent in store as was delivery. Bed installed in minutes by Dreams and fitter was excellent. Friendly and considerate. Bed itself is so comfortable, well done all.

comfortable and good value

I bought this mattress a couple of weeks ago. It is firm but not hard. It is very comfortable. I no longer have back ache when I wake up in the morning. It arrived promptly at the time I was advised. The delivery men were helpful and polite.

So Comfy

This really is the comfiest mattress I have ever slept in. Wasn't sure about spending nearly £800 in a mattress but truly is money well spent. It's a medium hard mattress and really supports the whole body. Couldn't recommend enough

Fantastic support

We bought our last mattress from dreams 10 years ago and again we are not disappointed. The matress has excellent support, and a full nights sleep and the texture is soft and warm without causing too much heat like memory foan can.

And so to bed

I bought the above matress earlier this month and as a consequence re-found a good nights sleep. The matress provides the correct support and comfort to ensure a deep and recharging sleep. Highly recommended! Brian

Amazing product

Bought this bed Afew months ago from Warrington store. Staff where enjoyable and friendly. Delivery was reliable and on time along with lovely drivers. Product over all is extremely comfy and easy accessible. Very pleased!

Very comfortable

This mattress manages to combine the two factors which are important to me - good support and a soft surface. We bought both single and double mattresses, and find them extremely comfortable and very conducive to sleep!

Incredibly comfy!

So happy with the mattress, I no longer wake up in the middle of the night from springs sticking in my back or numb hips. My sleep has improved enormously & I can't wait to get back into bed at the end of a busy day.

So comfy

I bought this mattress a month ago and have loved it! So comfy and loads of space for my partner and I, only downside is I have had to by deep fitted sheets but who doesn’t love buying new bedding, would recommend

Dreaming beauty

Haven't slept this well for a long time and welcome the this wonderful matress I have had arthritis for a long time and have tried numerous matresses this one is by far the best so glad I bought it thank you


I bought a mattress nearly a month ago.. and it’s absolutely fantastic.. I am loving it and enjoy sleeping on it. Relaxes me and my wife and we know we will always have a great sleep after a long hectic day

Ok not great

When we tried this mattress in the store it felt great however having slept on it for a few months I am not quite as happy. I have sore back and shoulders and it's only happened since we got this mattress.

Dreamy! The best night's sleep.

So delighted with the Langley mattress. Has eliminated all my aches and pains. Warm to sleep on, no pressure points yet supportive enough for a truly relaxing night's sleep. Wish we'd updated months ago!

Perfect support!

I’ve had this new mattress for two weeks and was expecting it to take a while to feel like “my bed” but it’s so supportive and comfortable I’ve slept well on it and would highly recommend this product.

So comfy and soft

I bought this mattress a month ago as a replacement. I wish I had replaced it sooner! The mattress is so comfy to lie on - firm enough that you don't sink but soft enough to sleep really soundly on!

A proper night's sleep.

It's only when you get a mattress that suits you, that you realise how uncomfortable your previous mattresses were. The only problem I have with this mattress is that I never want to get out of bed.

Brilliant mattress so comfortable

Had this for a month now it’s so comfortable, the height took a bit of getting used to but that was cause my old mattress was well over due replacing. This is so luxurious and well worth the money.

So much better than my previous mattress

I bought this mattress to replace the memory foam one which was only about a year old. I suffer from lower back problems and the memory foam was making it worse. Now my back has eased considerably.

Give it time

Had the mattress around 3 weeks. Also purchased a quality mattress protector. Had to take it off because the plastic was so uncomfortable and made you sweat. Need time to get used to the mattress.


This mattress is extremely comfortable. The support is excellent, and just the right firmness. I would definitely recommend if you want a good nights sleep on a traditional pocket sprung mattress.

more than expected

nearly a month into the mattress and we can not fault it in any way, the fine service from James in Elgin, the prompt delivery all were great. we have already told a few friends to come to Dreams.

Great product.

By far the biggest bonus gained from purchasing my Silentnight Langley 1200 Pocket Sprung Mattress is, that it is so comfortable I fall asleep and miss the luxury of owning it. Thanks Silentnight.

Comfort at last!

Our new mattress is so comfy I haven't suffered the "getting used to a new mattress" back ache - highly recommend this medium but supportive mattress. Wonderful for a good nights sleep zzzzz

Very comfortable

We bought this 2.5 weeks ago and are very happy with our choice. After having a memory foam mattress which we didn't like this is heaven. Very comfortable and have has great sleep on it so far.

Extremely comfy mattress

Bought this mattress for our new home last month and we are absolutely delighted with it! Very comfy but still supportive, the built in topper gives it extra comfort and it keep you very warm

Very comfortable mattress.

I purchased this mattress in February and have had a very comfortable 3 months. I didn't realise how uncomfortable my old mattress had become. Wish I had bought it a lot earlier.

HIghly Recommend

We bought this mattress last month - I like a firm, my husband prefers soft - it is perfect for us both. Shop was very helpful and patient and the delivery men were exceptional.

So unbelievably comfortable!

I bought this a few weeks ago and have loved it. My bad back is so much better and I'm sleeping through the night, which makes a pleasant change! Fantastic storage space too :-)

Lovely medium firm matress

Just replaced a mattress bought off ebay. Wow what a difference, it is has a soft feel but firm for our backs. We really like this mattress and would recommend it to anyone. t

a wonderful nights sleep

We bought our new mattress just over a month ago and haven't slept this well for years. There is no rolling into the middle or sagging and sinking. So glad we bought it.


Very comfy bed right from first night! Took a little getting used to first couple nights, but since then, I have slept very well with no aches in the morning (arthritis)

Silentnight Langley Mirapocket Mattress-Medium Fi

We brought this mattress about 10 weeks ago and very comfortable. Great night's sleep without getting to hot. Would recommend too all who want a good night's sleep.

Comfortable sleep at last

I bought this product about 3 weeks ago and have enjoyed it very much and wished I had ordered one ages ago. It is so nice to have a comfortable sleep for a change.


We like it, Our Kid likes it and is often found chilling out on it while watching u-tube on his Tab and our Dog likes it the most as she prefers it to her own bed.

so comfy

i am so happy with the product. best night sleep ever and also it helped my health problems and had a decent night sleep i would recommened this product to anyone

very comfy

this is the best mattress we have ever purchased because i can feel it supporting my body without it being to hard and firm .We are glad we bought this mattress.

All around great

The whole experience was good. The salesmen were very helpful and friendly and they helped us choose the right mattress for us. We'd definately recommend dreams.

if there were six stars I would award them

Bought this this 3 months ago and slept perfectly since. Have recommended mattress and Dreams to my friend who has now purchased. Staff at Dreams are excellent.

Soooo Comfortable!!!

Such a lovely mattress, very very comfortable. After suffering with a bad back for years when sleeping this mattress has cured it. Best money ever spent!!!

best night sleep -

Really pleased with this mattress. I did look at other reviews first before purchase and they were not wrong. Its a pity I have to get up and go to work!!!

Comfort extreme

Had my old mattress for years , so comfy didn't want to change it. So glad I did my new mattress from dreams is even better than my old one. SO SO COMFY.

Super comfortable!

We bought this last month and it's been a month of great sleep - our last mattress was getting old and it's such a treat to have a great nights sleep!

So comfy!

I bought this mattress in April and was delivered the beginning of may and I absolutely love it! It was just right for us and was such a good price.

excellent mattress

I absolutely love thi bed, its just the right comfort between medium and firm and has a high quality feel to it. brilliant service from dreams too.

Most comfortable mattress we've ever slept on!

Amazing mattress, it feels firm but at the same time soft. It was bought for my daughter but I am forever looking for excuses to have a nap on it.


I am so glad I bought this mattress. I have had probably the best nights sleep since I did. My only disappointment is that I didn't buy it sooner.

Excellent Comfort

We replaced our old mattress with this one about a month ago. Since then we've had the most relaxing and restful nights sleeps for a long time!

So comfy

Bought my mattress and it arrived two weeks later, the delivery drivers were fabulous and the mattress was as described and very comfy indeed.

Best sleep in years

Brilliant mattress. Bought to replace an ikea one. Lovely and soft to lay on but feels firm enough not to wake up with any aches and pains.

very comfy

We bought this mattress a few months ago because we both have back injuries and needed the correct support. This mattress is brilliant!

great bed

just what we needed the storage is superb can get much more in than we thought have had better nights sleep with this mattress as well


We had the most uncomfortable mattress going so we decided to invest in a decent one. What we get now is a comfortable's night sleep.

Very comfortable mattress!

We have had this bed for around 3 weeks now and we are very happy with it. It's very comfortable and the build quality is excellent.

lovely comfortable mattress well worth the money

bought the mattress a fortnight ago and have had a good night sleep on it. I do not wake up in the morning full of aches and pains

Great mattress

Brought this mattress a few months ago. So pleased with how comfortable it is we have purchased another one for the guest bedroom

Great mattress, great service.

Bought in the Jan sale, so was already great value. did a deal with the store manager and got a free mattress protector as well.

Incredibly comfortable and cosy.

Bought this a month ago having finally thrown our old one out. Couldn't be happier. Sleep so much better. Well worth the money.


Best nights sleep I've had for years. Had this mattress for over a month now and it is very comfortable. Well worth the money!

Very comfortable

Typical silent night comfort, only downside is it is one sided, like so many mattresses, I prefer ones that you can turn over.

so comfy

we had this mattress on the 40 day comfort exchange.I am really pleased with it and we had good advice choosing this matress.

Best night sleep in a long time

Had this mattress for about 2 weeks now, and i can happily say that I get a decent nights sleep and awake fresh and pain free

Stylishly elegant

A simple but very elegant bed which complements all other pieces of furniture of any material. A fab edition to any bedroom.

Good product

I bought this to replace standard mattress that had only lasted 3 years before losing shape. It seems solid and supportive

The best nights sleep!

Great mattress, super comfy, haven't had a bad nights sleep on it yet! Highly recommend, great price for a quality product.

Fine so far

A good mattress so far, but only had it a few weeks. Delivery was good, kept up to date and the delivery men were polite.

Sleeping like a baby

Really happy with this mattress. So comfortable and hardly feel any movement when my girlfriend wriggles through the night

Easy purchasing

The whole process from choosing the bed that was right for us, to the delivey assembly and the comfort was first class .

Comfortable and support

I brought this product a month ago and it's a great purchase with having a bad back it's very supportive and comfortable


I've had this mattress for 2 weeks still not sure was more comfortable in the store I'm still waking up with back pain

My back's never felt so good

having suffered from a bad back for years I now have a mattress that gives me the best night's sleep I've had in years

smashing bed!

very pleased the way Carl treated us two spend time and a lot of patience with the two of us good shop good service!

Very comfy.

Very comfortable, just the right amount of support. Lovely mattress. Shame it doesn'tstop my husband snoring!


Sleeping like a dream since buying this! Fantastic and can't even feel my husband fidgeting during the night!

Well made

I sleep so much better now we have the new bed it's so comfortable I wake up feeling better instead of worse

Very comfortable

Having pelvis arthritis this mattress has helped considerably, and I am at last having a good nights sleep.

Best nights' sleeps in years!

We bought this bed a month ago and I haven't had a problem sleeping since. We wake up feeling so refreshed.

Great looking mattress just what I needed for a go

Bought the mattress approximately a month ago.Sleep pattern much improved and very happy with the purchase.

Comfiest mattress I've ever slept on

This mattress is so comfortable. The best I've ever used. The only problem is that I never want to get up!

very comfy mattress

thought we would take a while to get used to new mattress, but have slept really well since we bought it.

Comfortable and supportive

We have had our new mattress just over a month and so far it is comfortable whilst giving good support.

Soft and cosy

Amazingly comfier than our old-style Silent Night mattress. It's a pleasure to snuggle down at bedtime.

The Langley mattress is every thing it say it is

What adifferance the mattress has made so soft and comfortable,so we have a good nights sleep at last.

A great sleep at last

I can't think why I hadn't changed my old mattress years ago but I'm so pleased that I've done so now.

The Best

My wife thinks it's the best mattress she have ever slept on I now have trouble getting her out of bed


I bought this mattress as I suffer from a bad back it gives great surport and it's soooo comfortable

Lovely comfy mattress

Really pleased we chose this silent night langley micropocket. Now have a really good nights sleep

my bed

brought a super king size bed its the best wouldn't change it for anything made the rite choices.

Great comfort

Just right amount of support and softness, no butons to dig in , a good nights sleep is promised

Great support

Have had this mattress for a week and this is an excellent mattress both for comfort and support

Nice and comfortable

Not loads to say other then it's a very good mattress, comfortable and that I'd recommend it.

marvelous bed

Since sleeping in my new bed I can say with honesty I've had no sign of my very painful back.

Great bed very comfy helping my back as well.

Excellent product very satisfied with this item great bed very comfy and helpful for my back

Very comfortable for my back problems.

Had this mattress about a month now. Very comfortable as I suffer from a sore back at times.

Was not happy with product

I was unhappy with the product. It was suppose to medium firm , but I thought was too soft.

Excellent Purchase

Still early days (or nights!), but so far very happy with comfort and Service from Dreams.

It's a dream

The whole experience went like a dream from online shopping to delivering and now enjoying

Love the bed and mattress!!!

We bought the bed and mattress both silentnight. All we can say is it was best decision.

Sleeping Luxury

We purchased our King sized Divan 3 weeks ago (Highly satisfied) it's a Dream come true

Good mattress - firms for a "medium" rating.

A good mattress, firms for a "medium" rating, but good quality and good night's sleep.

Great nights sleep

I brought this mattress 1 month ago and have enjoyed a better nights sleep ever since

excellent service fron shop to delivery

as above plus matress extremely comfortable.---back pain appears to be getting better

Great night sleep

brought this Cpl mths ago, very comfortable & now finally getting great night sleeps

Beautiful bed

Purchased this bed last month, beautifully designed, and very comfortable. love it!

Very pleased

Bought a couple of months ago for teenage son. He tells me it is very comfortable.

Absolute dream to sleep on

Had this delievered with no problems and struggle to get out of it in the morning.

just perfect

Oh my goodness, at last I can sleep all night! The most comfortable mattress ever!

great springs and topper

had for just over a month took a couple off days off sleeping on it then great A1

Great Mattress

Great value, very comfortable and being natural you don't sweat during the night


Extremely comfortable and supports the body beautifully. I am very happy with it

Super comfy

Amazingly comfortable and get a great night sleep on it. Supports our backs etc.

A very good mattress!

Found to be very good and comfortable mattress; not the cheapest in it's range!

Comfiest mattress!

I love my new mattress it is just so comfy. I look forward to getting into bed

Good nights sleep

I bought this a month ago in the sale for £750 now it’s £599 not impressed!

I looked at lots of beds this one tops all.

Really good buy. So cosy give me the best night sleep I could ever hope for.

Sleep easily!

I bought this 2 months ago and am so glad I did. Best night's sleep ever!!

Great night's sleep from the first night

Slept so well on this mattress that it was shame to get up and go to work,

Very comfortable.

I bought this mattress a short while ago and am totally satisfied with it.

Great mattress

Love this mattress, getting a much better night sleep than with my old one

Comfortable mattress

One of the best mattreses I`ve had. Get a good nights sleep every night.

So far so good

I bought this two months ago & so far my son is happy with this mattress

Very comfortable

Brought this mattress for my mother and she has been very happy with it

Best nights sleep

Wish I'd brought this mattress ages ago x best nights sleep in ages xx

Good design

The mattress is very good But the mattress cover makes we swet in bed

Really comfortable

I bought this mattress a month ago and it has really improved my sleep

Excellent bed

A wonderful bed so comfortable one of the best beds we have ever had

Great comfort and support

Glad I chose this product Have always chosen Silentnight products


I am happy with matress from dream just want to no where stick is

hotel quality mattress

This mattress is so comfortable. I would definitely recommend it.

So comfortable

I am really happy with this bed, my back aches pretty much gone.

No better than our previous mattress at least 10 y

No better than our old mattress which was at least 10yeards old

Not good for my back

I wouldn't recommend this product, giving me pain on my back.


Brought this mattress a few weeks ago would highly recommend

Very comfortable

This mattress is very comfortable, get a greats night sleep!

Good product, good quality mattress

I bought this mattress about a month ago it's good quality

Great features

We bought this bed a month ago, best bed we'veever bought.

Great Bed

Had this two weeks and its been the best two weeks sleep

good size and comfortable

bought it last month.medium firm and is very comfortable

Comfy bed.

I bought this few months ago and slept very well since.

best night sleep!!

This is most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on!

Great features

Very comfortable get a good nights sleep on this one.

Heaven and blissful

It seemed a lot of money but it is bliss to sleep on

I sleep well on it

I bought this nearly two months ago and I feel great

Very comfortable mattress

Very comfortable, great but, no regrets whatsoever!

Great bed feels like we bought Luxury

Very happy with our choice of bed comfort & luxury

Brilliant Mattress at a great price

This mattress is so well made. I am so impressed!!