Silentnight Cromwell Mirapocket Mattress

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Brand: Silentnight
Code: 133-00712
Retailer: DreamsDreams
Height/Depth: 26.5cm
Updated: 8/17/2019 12:35:56 PM
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What Makes It Great

From the moment we walked in to the Lakeside store, we were impressed! David, the assistant, wasn't pushy, he gave us a few minutes, introduced himself, explained a few details and said, if you any help, please ask. We did have questions which were answered clearly and in detail. The bed was chosen, the deal was done and the bed was delivered on the day we moved in as promised! The delivery men were swift, efficient and very pleasant! As for bed, WOW! I am sleeping so well! It is so so comfy! Thank you Dreams! Rob and Maria, Sidcup.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

800 Pocket springs is a compromise. It is a far better choice than an equivilent open coil product but is a little on the low end in terms of the volume of springs. Support should be acceptable, but if there is an option for 1000+ at a similar price, it is worthy of paying a little bit extra

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

A decent height for padding material representing a barrier between you and the springs that make up the core of the mattress. This type of mattress should be comfortable as a result of the depth of this soft and comfortable material

Questions and Answers

why does this mattress not need to be turned over

Answer: Hi , this mattress is a single sided mattress so it does not need to be turned over. All the fillings you need for a great nights sleep are in the top of the mattress. The mattress should be rotated frequently but not turned over. I hope this helps. Many thanks.

How many pocket springs are in the king size please

Answer: Hi, a King Size Delamere mattress contains 800 pocket springs. Many thanks.

Can this be used on a slatted base

Answer: Hello , This can be used on a slatted or sprung base. Many thanks for your question.

do you take the old mattress away

Answer: When our delivery team deliver your new mattress or bed frame, they are also able to take away and recycle your old mattress; this option can be selected at the checkout. Prices for this service are as below: Single Mattress - £25 Double Mattress - £35 King or Super King Mattress - £40 Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the maximum supported weight? Could a person weighing 140 kg use this mattress without a problem?

Answer: Hi , We do not have set weight limits on our products. Thank you.


Answer: Hello, Our showrooms are for display purposes only, if you call our telesales line, you can see if it is available to pick up at your local depot. Many thanks for the question.

Is there any latex anywhere in this mattress?

Answer: Hi, there is no latex at all in this mattress. Many thanks.

how many airsprung pockets in this mattress

Answer: Hello, this mattress has 800 pocket springs. Many thanks.

Is this an orthapedic type mattress?

Answer: Hello, Orthopedic will be under our very firm comfort grade. Many thanks for the question.

Had you mattress 6 days. Although very comfortable im finding it very hot. It says has cooling method to it. Why so hot?

Answer: Hello , I am sorry to hear this. Please call Customer Service on 0344 292 0000 and they will be able to help you. Thank you for your question.

what is the difference between a memory foam matress and a delamere miraport matress.

Answer: Hello, the Silentnight Chantilly, Ashridge and Brampton all contain body moulding memory foam where as the Silentnight Delamere, Glenmore and Langley do not have memory foam. Memory foam is used to help relieve pressure points and it does give a different 'feel' to the mattress. I would recommend visiting your local Dreams store to try out the different mattresses to see what you prefer. I hope this helps.

What is the weight of this mattress (double) please. 

Answer: Hi , This is 29.3KG. Thank you for your question.

How many pocket spring are there

Answer: There are 800 pocket springs in the Silentnight Delamere mattress. I hope this helps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 review

Back to what I know

I purchased several of the new type memory foam mattress whilst there was nothing wrong with them I never felt as comfortable as with my old sprung mattress so I visited Dreams in Leicester was allowed to walk around at my leisure no hard sell tactics just a well informed salesman, the mattress ordered easy and delivered prompt as requested with a lovley delivery team whom placed in situ for me, altogether a very good experience I would highly recommend them

Super comfortable!!

We bought this mattress about a month ago, although we had a 40 night exchange just incase it wasn't for us, we found it comfortable after 2 nights. It was hard finding a mattress to suit us both but this was perfect and has helped me with my posture too. The only thing I would recommend other buyers to purchase is a thick mattress protector as you can slightly feel the stitching/ pocket dips.Very impressed with the service and the product :-)

Excellent Quality!

Having previously suffered with a bad back, I decided to replace my memory foam mattress with this firmer mattress. The first couple of nights were a little odd, which I think was just my body getting used to the change. 3 weeks in I am absolutely in love with this mattress! My sore back is much improved and I am having a full nights solid sleep, instead of waking up with aches and pains. Really happy with my purchase.

Super comfy and lots of space!

We bought this mattress about a month ago and love it. We were looking for an equivalent of the older Delamere mattress which we had in a double size previously but wanted to upgrade to a superking. The Cromwell fit the requirements perfectly. It offers us the right amount of support and gives a great nights sleep. If you have the space go for the superking - the extra space really does give you a better nights sleep!


I've had this mattress for 3weeks now and I'm delighted with the comfort and value of it. The first week it seemed too firm, but I was advised it will soften slightly after use and it has. My husband is 5 stone heavier than me and yet I don't roll into him, or even have to adjust my position when he moves. I have no complaints at all and if you want a good value firm mattress then this is worthy of consideration.

Luxurious, deep, comfortable mattress!

Bought this as kind of an investment for my daughter who is ten. I didn't want a kids mattress which would only last a couple of years, I wanted something that would last until she goes to Uni! I think this will do the job perfectly. Very substantial, sides are robust, very comfortable, she is delighted. Not the cheapest mattress but worth every penny as I know it's going to last.

Good night

I ordered this mattress at the start of the year, to go with my new tv bed. I have always bought silentnight mattresses due to their quality and comfort. This mattress has not changed my opinion on that. Everyone that has tried it has complimented how comfortable it is. I would say this is the best mattress I've bought. Even better was the great price I paid for it in the sale.

Very comfortable

Purchased and chosen as i had been having back problems and felt existing mattress was past it's date. Delivery was excellent and kept up to date with timescales. This mattress is no turn which suits me as i couldn't manage. Lovely and deep, extremely comfortable from first sleep, could be slightly firmer but i don't think it will be an issue. Very happy with purchase.

great nights sleep

I brought this item about 2 weeks ago and the difference compared to my old mattress is amazing. the first full nights sleep in over 4 months in fact when I wake up I don't want to get out it is that comfortable. if you are reading this review please consider buying this mattress it is well worth the money for comfort and a really great nights sleep.

So comfy

We bought this in double size a couple years ago and when we changed to king size we sought it out again. Best recommendation really. It's a firm mattress and really supportive and comfortable. No sagging in either we've had and the dimples aren't too deep ( one of my pet hates). Highly recommend it, well worth the money!

Excellent firm mattress

Not cheap but worth the spend. It is heavy though so bear in mind if you'll be rotating it by yourself. Also depending on bedframe, you may find it's a bit difficult to change sheets as it's a very snug to the bottom of the headboard. I'd still get it though as the mattress is really comfortable.

Comfy and zero bounce

Had this mattress a month now and it's perfect. Sorted out my shoulder trouble. Also doesn't bounce when the other half gets in. It is also much lighter than the old mattress which impressive considering that the old one was king and this is super king! So much easier to move around.

So comfortable

Dead chuffed with this mattress, it wasn't the one that I originally wanted (that one was out of my price range) but this one is a great alternative. Delivery guys were brilliant too and took it up our very narrow stairs in to my bedroom for me, I'd have never got it up the stairs.

best night sleep!!!!

We bought this mattress about a month ago and dontbwant to get out of bed in the morning. Not only that we have three cats and only one slept on our old mattress but since we perchased this mattress we are having all three on the bed at night. Very comfortable and Would recommend.

Great bed, great service.

The hardest part of the process was making a selection from the lovely beds and mattresses in the show room. Once the decision was made it was only a matter of days before the bed was delivered, promptly put together by the delivery men and the old bed removed. Great service.

Happy Customer

Very happy with purchase, wanted a solid stylish bed frame and a firm mattress and I got both. Great service on the day of delivery, I was kept informed of timings and the gents that delivered and assembled the bed were professional and quick. Cheers Chris and Aaron!

Exceeded my expectations!

I have had the mattress a couple of weeks now and it is just getting better and better. My partner sleeps on his side and likes a softer mattress whereas I sleep on my back and prefer firm, we are both really happy and have quickly noticed much improved sleep.

Best decision ever!!

The decision to buy a new mattress was the best choice I've ever made!!! It feels wonderful and to be able to pay it up and spread the cost has made it affordable and it is interest free!!! Thank you dreams for your service, you made it possible xx

Best nights sleep

I now wish I had changed my bed/mattress a long time ago. Have had sleeping problems for over a year and since changing my bed I have slept so much better. I also don't wake up when my husband stirs and has even gone to work without me realising.

Comfortable and perfect for our needs

The mattress we purchased was right for us and we knew it the moment we tried it in store. Our first night on the new mattress was a seamless transition with no lost sleep or uncomfortable fidgeting. In fact, our sleep quality improved instantly!

Great service great night sleep

Excellent service throughout the whole process. This is the 2nd time i have used dreams both times delivery has gone as planned drivers are always helpful and call on the day of delivery with time slot so you can get on with your day.

excellent product now sweet dreams

This has been a great purchase.the assistance we received both from your sales man and the delivery drivers was second to none. having been a customer service manager i certainly would recommend you to our freinds Alex Dickson

Fantastic mattress

I've had this mattress for about a month now and I'm really pleased with the level of comfort it provides. I've slept really well and I would definetely recommend it - especially if you're like me and you like a firm mattress

Comfort with a big "C"

Having recently bought the Silentnight Delamere Pocket sprung Mattress I can be very clear when I say that my husband & I are sleeping better & longer than on our old mattress. This one is much firmer, it's a "Dream".


Very pleased bought for my elderly mother - I hadn't realise how bad her old one was until she just mentioned it was a bit lumpy! She is very comfy on her new matress. I also like it because it doesn't need turning.

Very comfortable!

I wanted a firm mattress so went and tested lots of beds in Dreams. This was immediately my favourite so I couldn't wait for it to arrive! This bed is very comfortable, I sleep very well and it supports my back.

Hot bed of comfort!

We've had the bed around a month. It's so much warmer than our last. We will need a cooler duvet for the summer. Very comfortable too, all in all a great purchase. Grey storage space underneath too. Very pleased

Great Mattress !!

Usually when I buy a new mattress, it takes me a while to get used to the new feel, but this mattress turned out to be very comfortable along with maintaining support tomy back. Good value for money !!


Have to say this is by far the best mattress I have ever owned My back as been so much better since since having this mattress Would deffo go for this one if you suffer back problems 10/10 from me x

Silentnight delamere pocket spring mattress-firm

I bought the silentnight delamere pocket spring mattress,it is a quality product and gives you a relaxing sleep.The pocket spring system lets you move and turn with the freedom from discomfort.

A Dream to sleep on

Recently we purchased a kingsize Silentnight Delamere mattress. From the excellent customer service in store to the extremely helpful guys they could not have made this mattress any better.

Very comfortable

Bought this together with new bed. Really comfortable to sleep on and as it is turn only mattress no need to struggle with flipping it over. It doesn't make too hot or cold whilst I sleep

Great mattress for the back!

Bought for my daughter who suffers w8th pain in her back (She is a tall teenager) this has transformed her sleeping results into excellent. It's firm, supportive and yet very comfortable.

Very comfortable

I used to have such a bad back because I'd always had soft mattresses, I got this one which took a little while to get used to and now my back pain has gone and it's very comfortable.

So comfortable

I bought my new mattress after asking the store person for help. He was incredibly helpful and after having slept on my bed for the first time I forgot it was new as if felt so right!

Great mattress

Bought a hard mattress hoping it would help my husbands back. It is much better than the memory foam mattress and is a comfortable nights sleep too. Very hapy with our purchase

Bed mattress heaven

We both needed the right mattress as we both suffer in different ways with a bad back. We needed the comfort and sleep from this and thankfully i think its really done the job

So comfy!!

We added the steel frame a couple weeks after purchasing this mattress and they definitely helped us get the most from the mattress! It’s so comfy and we love it!

Teenage son very happy

Bought this mattress for my teenage son as his previous bed wasn’t supportive enough. He absolutely loves it. He has slept so well since he’s had it. Brilliant!

Excellent Dreams

We bought this mattress and we are over the moon. Excellent customer service and a great product with good value for money. Highly recommended. Thank you Dreams

Very comfy and supportive

We opted for the firm mattress as this is similar to one we had in the past. The quality is excellent and the feel and support it offers is exactly as expected.

Silent night... Ours certainly is now!

My partner and I bought this a couple of months ago and we are both so pleased with it. Wonderful support of whole body but especially lower back.

Great nights sleep

Didnt know what to buy. Local Dreams were very helpful. Tried a few mattresses and opted for this. Saving up to replace with this on another bed.

fantastic product

I bought this mattress delivery date and everything was according to what is being planned and they took the old mattress everything is perfect

Best night's sleep for ages!

I love this mattress. Super comfy and my backache has gone!! My old mattress was only a year old but so bad. I will always buy quality now!!

Silentnight Delamere Pocket Sprung Mattress - Firm

Excellent mattress. Very comfortable indeed. Would have liked additional handles at top and bottom of mattress to make it easier to rotate.

Amazing comfort!

Bought this mattress in the January sale and we are so pleased we did! Definitely worth investing in a Delamere Pocket Spring mattress.


When the mattress came it looked and felt better than I had expected, so very happy with it . Have had comfortable nights sleep on it.

Great nights sleep

I bought this for my son, since he has had this mattress he has good night's sleep and wakes refreshed and with aches or pains.

mattress firm

this is the best mattress im trill ,iknow what im talk about.......i have back problem. wort every peny .the staf mega helpful

Very comfortable

We knew our old mattress wasn’t good but we didn’t realise how uncomfortable it had become until we slept on our new purchase

Supportive mattress

I bought my mattress about one month ago & love it! It is supportive & very comfortable. Definitely get a good night sleep

I needed a firmer mattress

I am really pleased with the mattress and the delivery and recycling of the old mattress was on time and very professional

Soooooo comfortable

Brilliant firm mattress, so comfortable and cannot feel when my other half rolls over. Excellent value for money.

Perfect ,

Me and my husband done the mattress test in store which is why we brought the mattress we did, and it’s perfect

Great mattress

Very comfortable mattress. The delivery was very efficient and my old mattress was taken away with no hassle.

Great nights sleep

We bought this a couple of weeks ago and must say its well worth the money, brilliant nights sleep very comfy.

Great Mattress

Guy in.Portslade store very knowledgable and pleasant manner.Mattress delivered on time with no fuss thanks.

great mattress

Had the mattress nearly two months now and it's so comfortable and kept its shape. Really pleased with it

Very good

We bought about a month ago to go with the base & headboard. So far it’s been very good, very comfortable

Dream Nights

Since owning this new bed we have had wonderful nights sleep - waking fully refresshed and energized.

So comfy

We got our new mattress just over a month ago. It is really comfy. Feels like it gives great support.


Bought mattress four weeks ago and it's brilliant had best nights sleep for a long time well worth it

Fantastic Nights Sleep

We have only had this bed for 2 weeks but from the first night I have had a great sleep every time.

Nice 'n' Firm

Started using it in May and great up to now. Really comfortable. Just have to see how it lasts.

Very Happy

I am very pleased with this mattress. Choosing in store was so easy to make the right choice.

Very comfortable, quality product

This bed is fantastic. Great build quality, loads of storage and very helpful delivery staff.

The right combination of firmness and comfort

My husband and I were struggling with our backs and this mattress has mage a huge difference


We have had new bed ten days it’s brilliant so comfortable the best nights sleep in ages

Pure luxury

this is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on, it's so luxurious and comfortable


I bought this a few months ago and it is very comfortable and I get a good nights sleep

Super purchase

We are delighted with this mattress. It is very comfortable. Super service from Dreams.

Quality nights seep

Bought this for a new house, the vest nights sleep I think Iv ever had, and every night

Fab mattress

Compared to our old memory foam this is a dream to sleep in supportive yet comfortable

so comfortable

So pleased I bought this new bed and mattress. It is so comfy I don't want to get up!

Silent night the best!

Best nights sleep ever! I used to get back pain due to old mattress now I have none.

Very comfortable

Had this new bed for 4 weeks now, no more aches in the morning couldn't be happier

Dead comfey

I bought this a month ago because it was the best value in the shop - it's great!


Best mattress ive ever bought ? really comphy and gives me a good nights sleep

Great mattress

Great mattress, looks good and is so comfortable you get a great night sleep

Fantastic softness and a comfortable sleep.

I bought this mattress approx 2 weeks ago and the entire family loves it.

Verry good price.

My nights of sleep has changed since I got my new mattress. Thanks dreams

Very satisfing

I am very happy with my new mattress and am getting a good nights sleep

Great Mattress

Best nights sleep I’ve had in ages, should’ve got this mattress sooner!

Very comfortable

Extremely comfortable. Has helped massively with my back and neck ache.

So Comfortable

The best nights sleep I have had for months, this is a super mattress.

New mattress

We have now had our new mattress for 2 weeks & haven't slept so well

Best sleep

I bought this just over 1 month ago & got 1 for my sons bed too!!

Lovely mattress

Very happy with this matress. Exactly what we were looking for.

very comfy

We bought this as a replacement and have found it very comfy

Silent night dele meres pocket sprung matress

Bought this a few weeks ago love the mattress comfy and firm

Very happy with my bed

I ordered this online, arranging delivery was all very easy

very comfortable

good quality comfortable mattress for a reasonable price

really comfortable

Like sleeping on a cloud wonderful back much better too.

very comfortable , a firm matress as expected ttha

Tried severall mattresses before make. ing our mind up

Luxury products at the great price

I bought this bed few weeks ago and I am happy with it

Great product

Bought this bed recently and am very pleased with it.

The most comfortable mattress !

This mattress is just amazing! Very comfortable !!


It is a DREAM to sleep on, such a good night sleep