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Seoul Upholstered 32 LED TV Bed Frame Rated 4/5 based on 32 customer reviews

Seoul Upholstered 32 LED TV Bed Frame


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What Makes The Seoul Upholstered 32 LED TV Bed Frame Great?

I bought this bed about 4 months ago and although it looks perfect in the room along with the matching bedside tables the bed it’s self caused us trouble when we got it and still is now. When we got the bed the gas pistons for the ottoman that hold the bed up where broken so once fitted on to the bed it wouldn’t go down even with 3 people trying to pull it down and 2 people laying on it! When I complained it took 2 weeks before we got new ones and that’s only because the store manger ended up giving us the ones of the show bed. We were also told we would be getting 2 wires for the TV and to use the longest one as they had a few complaints that the wire wasn’t long enough and we only received the one wire, the short one, after complaining about this also we are still waiting for Samsung to send a new wire out which is long enough to reach the plug and not have to use an extension lead. We are still having trouble with the remote that lifts the TV as we are constantly having to link it to the bed or lift the bed up to use the manual buttons underneath. I have had to link it to the bed at least 8 times since we have had it and now have completely given up. When I asked for a new remote to be sent out I just got told to relink it. Other than this the bed is lovely..

Let our experts assemble your bed - select this service at the checkout

The supplier has a unique installation and assembly service whereby the consumer is able to have their product built by the experts. This was you can avoid a lot of swearing, missplacing tools and yelling at your kids and end up with the finished product from the get go. Take advantage of this service by adding this product to the basket and heading to the checkout to see options

Sprung slat upgrade available for added support and comfort

Sprung slats is an upgrade option on this bed frame, the benefit of sprung slats is that they have an advantage over your traditional solid slats in that they provide a more comfortable sleeping area due to the design of the slat

1 year guarantee included

1 year guarantee is average in the UK mqattress industry. While it should not put you off (mattresses typically last for 7 years before being replace), it is the minimum that you get with a product. Depending on your price point, you might be able to attract a higher warranty or guarantee period

Supplied with a Samsung 32 inch LED TV

Wireless remote to control TV lifting mechanism

Also available as an ottoman tv bed frame or motion tv bed frame

Quilted vertical panelled headboard

Available in grey fabric

Matching bedside chest available separately

Samsung UE32N002 LED TV

2 HDMI ports

1 USB input

1366 x 768 resolution

The TV comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Samsung 32 U32 M5520 Smart TV

3 HDMI ports

2 USB input

1920 x 1080 resolution

This bed frame comes with a TV as standard with a full HD resolution of 1920x1080. While not 4k, this is going to be more than enough at the viewing distance and size of TV.

Built in Wi-Fi

Web OS Smart TV

Build time: 2 people | 1.5 hours

Samsung 32 N5300 Smart TV

Can be controlled via the Napp by Dreams app or standard remote (included)

Customer Reviews For The Seoul Upholstered 32 LED TV Bed Frame

Based on 32 review

Just what I wanted!

I bought this bed with 32" Samsung tv a couple of weeks ago and it the best thing I've bought! I'm glad I chose a smaller tv as I think a bigger one, that close, would have been too much. But the picture is brilliant and the mechanism for it coming in and out of the bed works perfectly. The sleep motion feature is perfect for my arthritic back, hips and knee and it's great to be able to sit up and watch tv! I'd recommend this to anyone and I also had the Dreams team assemble everything for me and was so worth the extra cost!


Amazing bed so far!

I purchased this bed as I have a small room so having bed and tv all in one was more practical for saving space plus the fact I got the ottoman version was even better, I was so surprised at the amount of space to store stuff I was expected to fit that much underneath. It was easy enough to put together and so far I haven’t had any issues with the bed. I’m really happy with my purchase and had so many good comments from people about the overall look of the bed.


Totally in love !

I purchased this product last month and I’m totally in love with it. I got the led tv initially because I didn’t check the specifications but I called them and I changed it to a smart tv. The delivery team were amazing, changed the tv within a few mins and now I can watch my Netflix on my bed. I totally recommend this Bed. It’s amazing.


Love it but creaks a little

Bought this about a month ago and it is great. It's a little gimmicky having the TV pop up but the small child in me loves it, as to my actual small children. Only small complaint is that the bed creaks a little, not enough to bother me, but might bother some people


So Comfy

I bought this bed a month ago and i’m so happy i did. The bed Is great, i chose the ottamon version and the storage is so much more than expected and easy to lift. All the tv cables are nicely tucked away out of sight so no mess and the material is lovely and soft.


Great Features

The Seoul bed frame has a modern style and a sumptuous high quality finish making it an incredible centre piece of any bedroom. Paired with the Sleepmotion adjustable base, this frame not only looks stunning but provides an incredible sleeping experience.


Excellent bed and feels premium

Bed excellent but I'd go for the solid base and not slats if I chose again. TV is good and mechanism for loading. Uses Bluetooth so you can control it from your phone to open and close the TV. Only down side is it's a little low need a high matress.


Best bed ever!

Well i was thinking to purchase a bed but i didnt know what to get i saw this lovely bed which comes with a samsung 32" TV! The price was so good and also they do buy now pay later. Im so happy the best purchase that i have made whole of my life!



Had this a few weeks now. Love it lovely colour grey and love the large headboard very modern looking. TV is great so easy to use just get an aerial and your good to go.only down side is getting out of bed when you've got to get up in the morning


Fabulous Bed

Absolutely fantastic. Did not buy a new mattress as mine was only a couple of years old but what a difference with the sprung slats. So many compliments about a lovely looking bed. Not that I entertain in my bedroom but showing friends it. Lol


Great entertainment

We have had this for a month and I can honestly say I’m totally relaxed when I go to bed. We enjoy movie night now in comfort. Would highly recommend this bed and the service from dreams we couldn’t fault.


Great looks, solid build and all works a treat

Bought a few weeks ago and from waking through the doors and meeting the sales staff, the whole process from sales, payment, delivery, install and product has been amazing!



Brought this for my new home, it looks absolutely stunning in the bedroom! Best thing about it is that it come with Loads of under bed storage!


Great quality

The bed brilliant. So pleased I bought it. Had a slight problem with the tv not being delivered with it but was sorted out immediately


Great tv bed

Had the bed a few weeks now and so pleased with it ! Great to have the tv at the end of the bed and saves space as well !


Great product

My son has had the bed now for a couple of weeks and loves it the only thing it’s harder now to get him out of his room


Exactly what we were looking for!!!

Been 3 weeks since we got our bed and can safely say we have the best night sleep! Watching TV in bed is also a bonus


A Tv that hides away a must for every bedroom

We have our bed 3 weeks with its great Storage under the bed we have ample room To keep everything hidden away


So cool!

Had this bed a couple of weeks and it is amazing! So cool just to have the TV appear at the touch of a button.


Great design!

My daughter is totally in love with this bed! Great quality and stylish! Ottoman version is so useful too.


Perfect bed

Brilliant bed with the ottoman base, great colour. Easy to build yourself like we did delivery spot on.


Stunning bed

I have had this bed for around 2 weeks and it great feature for the bedroom, would recommend highly


Fab features

Brought this for my daughter so happy with it and not having to drill a telly on the wall.


Great choice

Excellent bed for our daughter who is 13 saves room with the tv integrated. Excellent bed


Fantastic bed

Fantastic bed and great price with tv included. 100% happy and satisfied customer!


Excellent bed

Fantastic. Purchased ottoman version during sale. Son loves it...who wouldn’t?!


Very comfortable

Bought this bed worth very penny very pleased with it love watching tv in bed


One of my best purchases.

I bought this product a month ago and I am glad I did.I am enjoying my time .


So comfy

Live this bed so comfy and tv is just right size looks very posh


Good quality bed frame

I bought this product 2 months ago transformed the bedroom


Great bed

Great bed brought to replace waterbed great purchase

Questions and Answers About Seoul Upholstered 32 LED TV Bed Frame

Hi, I was just wondering is there anywhere you can put a games console that the hdmi lead will connect to the tv and somewhere the wire could hide rather than having it on show 

Answer: , For use of games consoles we recommend the matching bedside chest - this has been designed to specifically accommodate games consoles and has cable holes to allow you to keep the wires as discreet as possible. The cables feed out of the back of the bedside and underneath the bed where they can connect to the TV Kind Regards, Dreams

Before you buy the bed it gives you a smart tv option if you pick that will you get a smart tv with the bed 

Answer: , If you select the Smart TV selection your Seoul TV bed will come with the smart LED TV, specifications below; Samsung 32 U32 M5520 Smart TV 3 HDMI ports 2 USB input 1920 x 1080 resolution Built in Wi-Fi Web OS Smart TV The TV comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty Kind Regards, Dreams

Can the slot under the bed for the  sky box go on any side when building the bed or the side it’s advertised in the photograph? Does the ottoman storage handle lifting side need to be the same side as the sky box holder? Thanks 

Answer: , The media tray can be fitted on either side of the bed frame. You can also have the ottoman base lift on either side. It does not need to be the same side as the media tray. If you wish to see example diagrams, you can view the assembly instructions within the overview. Kind Regards, Dreams

What if I havnt got an ariel socket in my bedroom how can get the TV to work

Answer: , Live TV will only work if you have an aerial socket to connect to. If you have a smart TV option and wifi you should be able to watch programmes through streaming sites such as Netflix. DVD's should also work with a TV that isn't connected to an aerial socket. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi. Is the width measurement accurate? I noticed that some beds are wider than others, even though they should fit the same size mattress. I don't understand how it can be wider, when in the pictures the mattresses all seem to reach the edge of the beds?

Answer: , The width measurement includes the size of the head and foot end. The space for the mattress is standard - to fit a standard UK sized mattress. However the total width can vary depending on the design of the head and foot ends of the bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

I know this bed comes with a 32" TV but will it fit a 43"

Answer: , I am afraid that this bed will only be able to house a 32" TV. If you are looking to use a 43" TV instead, i can recommend the Osaka TV Bed which is new to the range and has the capability to hold a bigger TV. Kind Regards, Dreams

what is the max size tv that can be fitted in the bed?

Answer: , yes the largest size of TV this frame can accommodate is 32" however we wouldn't recommend sourcing your own TV Our TV's are selected based on size and weight to be compatible with these bed frames Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the length of the bed please Thanks 

Answer: , The length of the bed will vary between Double and King Size. The actual frame is Double:224cm / King: 232cm. The slatted base where the mattress sits is Double: 196cm / King:204cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you deliver and connect in all postcodes? for example Western Isles (HS2)

Answer: , We deliver to some places. We recommend proceeding through to checkout where you can type in your delivery address and to see if delivery slots are available to your location. Kind regards, Dreams.

Hello, can you build this bed without the box underneath the bed in the ottoman section so you put stuff directly on the floor underneath?

Answer: , I am afraid that the box forms part of the bed as it is made from the side rails that connect the head and foot end together. The bed cannot be put together without this. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the LED tv (Not the smart version) come with either optical input, or Av connection, or HDMI arac input so I connect a sound Bar?

Answer: , Please see below LED TV spec; Samsung UE32N002 LED TV 2 HDMI ports 1 USB input 1366 x 768 resolution The TV comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty Kind Regards, Dreams

What about a mattress?

Answer: , Our bed frames do not come supplied with a mattress but you can browse our range of mattresses via the link in the overview which will be compatible with it. Kind Regards, Dreams

Have just assembled this bed today and can't get the tv lift remote to work. The batteries are okay because the torch works. I have downloaded the dreams NAPP app and the Bluetooth controls work fine with this.  Thanks

Answer: , We have a specialist team who will be able to help with the issues that you are experiencing. Please contact our customer service team on 0800 652 5090. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the bed need to be near a plug socket and how does the tv connect to an Ariel? 

Answer: , Yes the bed will need to be close enough to a plug socket to enable a power source. The TV will also need to be connected to an aerial cable socket Kind Regards Dreams

Hi , is there a body weight limit to this bed or can you supply an upgrade to a reinforced base model ?

Answer: , There is no recommended or suggested weight limit for this bed. However, for added support, you can upgrade the base to one with sprung slats. Kind Regards, Dreams

how do you plug my sky box in

Answer: , If required, you can connect your own media cables through either of the ducts running from the storage slot at the side to the TV. Kind Regards, Dreams

How high does it lift the top part  of your body as my wife had her osopheges removed so she needs to well supported

Answer: , The head-end lifts to 60 degrees however please note that the thicker the mattress, the smaller this angle would be. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there anywhere to put a sky box in the bed? 

Answer: , The Seoul TV Bed comes with under-bed storage which can be used to store your required media player or games console. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you have to have the TV with the bed as already have one that will fit 

Answer: , Yes, this bed frame comes with the TV as standard. We do not currently have the option to purchase without. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you need to purchase a separate aerial for the TV to work?

Answer: , No, you do not need to purchase a separate aerial for the TV to work, this frame comes with an aerial. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the Samsung tv a smart tv? 

Answer: , The TV included as part of the Seoul Bed Frame is a 32 inch Samsung LED TV - this is not a Smart TV. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there a surround sound system? does the bed have built in speakers? 

Answer: Good Evening, This bed frame does not have inbuilt speakers, the only speakers are those that are built into the TV. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you watch Netflix and YouTube on the Seoul 32"LED TV

Answer: , In order to watch on demand TV, you will need to select the Seoul 32" Smart LED HD TV version. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi can you get interest free on this bed ? 

Answer: , 0% APR finance options are available for this product. Finance is offered on anything over £500. Kind Regards, Dreams

We had our last tv bed from you faux leather, and all the leather is flacking off, but it is about 7 years old, do you take away the old one 

Answer: , if you select the assembly service our teams will also remove and recycle your old bed frame Kind Regards, Dreams

Can this bed take a bigger TV?

Answer: , The housing unit at the foot end of the bed will not allow for a bigger tv to be placed. Kind Regards, Dreams

so would you need to have a socket near your bed to plug it in

Answer: , The bed frame comes with a 3m mains power lead to plug into your wall socket. Kind regards Dreams

Where do all the wires go eg. Ariel. 

Answer: , All wiring for this bed frame runs beneath the frame, below the slats. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you connect the TV to sky 

Answer: , The TV comes with USB and HDMI ports to allow for the connection of SKY. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can we get these deals in store

Answer: , Prices for all of our products will be the same online as in-store. Kind regards Dreams

Hi can this tv bed connect to a sky q box?

Answer: , All of the TV's in our TV bedframes can be connected to a Sky Box Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you buy this bed with out the TV and install my own 32inch smart tv?

Answer: , Unfortunately you cannot buy the Seoul TV Bed without the TV. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do they come in other colours?

Answer: , Unfortunately this is the only colour the Seoul comes in. Kind regards Dreams

Is a media shelf with the Seoul Sleepmotion 200i Adjustable TV Bed Frame thanks 

Answer: , The Seoul Sleepmotion does not come with a media shelf. Kind regards Dreams

What is the largest tv that you can have with this bed?

Answer: , The most suitable TV size for this bed is a 32inch TV. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this bed come with a mattress?

Answer: , All of our bed frames are sold without mattresses Kind Regards, Dreams

How many parts does this bed come in? Just wondering if we can fit it up our stairs?

Answer: , This bed frame will be delivered in 6 boxes. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this bed come with a mattress? 

Answer: , This bed frame does not come with a mattress. Kind regards Dreams

How much does it cost for your guys to build this bed please 

Answer: , The cost to assemble a TV bed is £75 Kind Regards, Dreams

I love the bedding! Where are the throws from please?

Answer: , These throws are from John Lewis. Kind regards Dreams

Is the headboard removable?

Answer: , This headboard is not removable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi,What size is the gap between the slats please?

Answer: , This measurement is 12cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

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