Sana Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

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Height/Depth: 120cm
Updated: 8/17/2019 4:48:35 PM
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What Makes It Great

I ordered this bed for my new home and I couldn’t be happier. The quality of the bed is outstanding and it looks so luxurious in person. It is really hard to show the quality of the bed through photos but the material is thick and feels more expensive than what I was expecting. The Sana bed really has gone beyond my expectations. The Ottoman base was one of the reasons I purchased this bed and I am really happy with how durable it feels and the storage space is great! The base of the Ottoman can be removed so that you can use the floor space under the bed too (e.g. for bulky items such as a suitcase). One thing that I would add is that once you have pulled the bed up, it requires a lot of strength to pull it down again but I haven’t found this to be a problem. Overall I’m really happy with this purchase. Very good value for money. High quality and looks fantastic! Would definitely recommend.

Questions and Answers

What's the height from the base to the top of the headboard? Does the headboard come in one piece? (I have a narrow stairway)

Answer: Hello , Yes, the headboard comes in one piece and the actual dimensions of the headboard out of the box is 120cm x 149cm. Many thanks for your question.

Sana Pearl Fabric Ottoman Bed Frame- can you tell me the height from the floor to top of side rail (the base)

Answer: Hello , The height of this will be 36cm from the floor to the top of the side rail. Many thanks for your question.

Could you please tell me what's the height of the storage space? I have some suitcases I would love to hide inside the bed, and I want to know if they would fit in.

Answer: Hello , This will be around 30cm. You can also have this measured within your local store and see it first hand. Many thanks for your question.

Hello, is there a wooden board at the bottom of the bed that can be removed to create more storage space?

Answer: Hello , Yes the wooden board at the bottom of the bed can be removed, but it wouldn't achieve much more space. Many thanks for your question,

Can this bed frame support a Tempur memory foam mattress?

Answer: Hello , This bed can support a tempur mattress. Many thanks for the question.

How does one clean this material?

Answer: Hello , We would advise that this is cleaned with a clean slightly dampened cloth. Many thanks for the question.

Is it possible to get the assembly instructions? 

Answer: Hello , We have a page dedicated to all our product's with their assembly instructions. Use the link below for bed frame's assembly instructions. Many thanks for the question.

Hi could you please tell me the exact colour its described as pearl but is a pearl grey or a cream just want to make sure and it's hard to tell on the picture 

Answer: Hello , This will be a pearl cream in colour for the bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, Dose the base come complete or separate and put together please?

Answer: Hello , This will be delivered flat-packed and split over several boxes. Many thanks for the question.

Hi my stairway is quite narrow with a turn at the bottom. Please can you give me the dims of the biggest pieces so I can make sure they will fit. I would hate to buy it and it not fit.

Answer: Hello , This box is 158cm in width and and 150cm in height. Many thanks for the question.

Sana Pearl Fabric Ottoman - I am looking to use a 36kg mattress on this bed - will that be ok?

Answer: Hello , This will be fine for the bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

Is this bed already assembled  I have already purchased it, and not sure if it comes complete 

Answer: Hello , The bed frame will come flat-packed unless you opted in for our assembly service. Many thanks for the question.

Hi does this bed have a gas powered lifting system.

Answer: Hello , Yes, this will have a gas assisted lifting system. Many thanks for the question.

is this a low ottoman?

Answer: Hello , Yes, this is a low ottoman bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

Hi does this bed include mattress and can you assemble and dispose of the old bed and mattress?

Answer: Hello , The mattresses are sold separately to bed frame with the assembly and disposal services available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Can I get a colour swatch for this bed

Answer: Hello , I am afraid we do not supply colour swatches. Many thanks for the question.

What colour is pearl? I have a Tempur mattress already. Would this bed be suitable?

Answer: Hello , A tempur mattress will be suitable for the bedframe. Many thanks for the question.

Hello, What is the depth of this ottoman? I am looking for a deep storage of  30cm or more.  Thanks, Sandro 

Answer: Hello , This bed will not suit your needs as the storage is less than 30cm because the flase floor is raised from the floor, you would need to turn your attention a product such as the Wilson. Many thanks for the question,

Can I order and collect from your store in Ashford, Kent? If so can you please give me the dimensions of the boxes as delivered (length, width, height), so that I can ensure I have a big enough van. Thank you.

Answer: Hello , I am afraid you can not collect from store, they are display showroom's only. This will be on a delivery basis to the household. Delivery date's are available before payment through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

how high is the actual bed (not headboard) from the floor?

Answer: Hello , This will be 36cm. Many thanks for the question.

Hello I think this ottoman bed is perfect for me. What are the payments options, can I spread the cost?

Answer: Hello , If your purchase is over £400 it will give you the option to do the finance online through checkout. This then will provide the monthly options for payment. Many thanks for the question.

Hi What stores have this on show around Surrey/ Sussex area

Answer: Hello , This will be within most stores however using the store locator which can be found at the top of the website, you can contact your local store's to find out. Many thanks for the question.

Is it possible to get this made in superking size? If so, would it be possible to have a fabric sample before ordering? Many thanks.

Answer: Hello , I am afraid not, this is only available in the size options provided on the website. We also do not provide any fabric samples for any of our beds. Many thanks for the question.

Hi - can you please tell me the length (from head to foot) of the bed without the headboard? So just the bed base, as I have a tight spot for it to fit in to. Thank you.

Answer: Hello , The headboard is part of the frame work of the bed. The base can not be sold separately for this reason. Many thanks for the question.

what size will be the mattress for king size?

Answer: Hello , This will be 150 by 200cm for a standard UK mattress in a kingsize. Many thanks for the question.

I can see the dimensions but compared to most beds is this low or about average height? Thanks

Answer: Hello , This would be around the average height for a bedframe. Many thanks for the question.

Is this out on display in any shops in London to look at? 

Answer: Hello Chloeshame, This will be within most store's range plan. Please call the local store using our store locator online. Many thanks for the question.

How much is assembly for this bed please?

Answer: Hello , This will be £48. Many thanks for the question.

hi, I noticed that the width is 149 cm in this double-size bed. So, can I pair an euro-double size mattress(width:140cm) or King-size(width:150cm) mattress for it?

Answer: Hello , This is a double sized frame that is made to fit a standard uk size double mattress 137cm x 190cm. Many thanks for the question.

How long does the delivery take?

Answer: Hello , This is dependent on the postcode. this will be shown through checkout before payment. Many thanks for the question.

Is the headboard integral to the bed? (I.e. if we have one already which is screwed to the wall can we keep that one)

Answer: Hi , The headboard is an important part of the frame. Many thanks for your question, Shannel

Hi I have ordered this bed and it has slatted base what's the best type of mattress for this bed. 

Answer: Hello, A mattress with pocket springs involved will be a great choice for this. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, can i get the sana pearl bed in another colour?

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately not, this only comes in the displayed colour. Many thanks for the question.

What is the height of this bed from base to top of headboard please

Answer: Hello, This is 120cm. Many thanks for the question.

is this frame a silver grey colour ?

Answer: Hello, This is a light cream and described as pearl. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, we've just purchased this bed but we are now worrying if we will get it up our stairs, does it get delivered in parts? Thanks 

Answer: Hello, This will be delivered flat-packed. Many thanks for the question.

Can you have the double bed made with extra length similar to king size?

Answer: Hello, I am afraid not, these beds come as standard to fit a mattress of 135 by 190cm. This will be the UK standard size for a mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Is the assembly and recycling free of charge ?

Answer: Hello, This will be a additional service through checkout. The delivery is however free of charge. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, can you order this bed in super king? Thanks

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately, this is not available in superking. Many thanks for the question.

What's the depth of the storage space?

Answer: Hello, This will be approximately 30cm. Many thanks for the question.

Some reviews are saying this bed is sqeaky, makes a lot of noise. How worried should I be for this when ordering the product?

Answer: Hello, If this bed is squeaking it has not been assembled correctly, I recommend using our assembly service that is provided through check out to guarantee this not to happen. Many thanks for the question.

Is a memory foam mattress suitable as the base is slats

Answer: Hello, If the mattress has memory foam as a topper or incorporated as a layer within the mattress, this will be fine however we would recommend a pocket spring mattress for sprung slat bed frames. Many thanks for the question.

I have built the bed. The pistons don't move so the lifting mechanism isn't working. It won't lift up and down. What have I missed? 

Answer: Hi , No worries, this is an easily rectified problem. Please call customer services on 0344 292 0000 and someone will be able to help you with this. Thank you for your question.

Can this fabric come is grey

Answer: Hi , This bed comes in the colour and fabric shown. Thank you for your question.

Hi I want to order this bed but i dont want it delivered for 4 weeks, am i able to order this now but have it delivered on a date i chose in a month?

Answer: Hi , Yes this is possible. You can select a delivery date at checkout. Thank you for your question.

How tall would the bed be without the feet? I want it to fit under a mantle peice and it will only for 46inch under it. Thanks

Answer: Hi , The bed would measure at 114cm without the feet. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Can you order swatches? I'm unsure about the colour and would want to see it before ordering. Thanks

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately we do not offer fabric swatches. If you click on the find in store button on the product and enter your postcode, it will display you a list of your closest stores that feature this product for you to view. Thank you for your question.

Hi Does this bed come flat packed as we have a curve with quite an angle at the bottom of the stairs to get up Many thanks Rochelle

Answer: Hi , Yes this does come flat packed however please be mindful of the dimensions of the head end, if you can get that around the bend then the rest wouldn't be a problem. Please also note that we are not liable if goods do not fit. Thank you for your question.

Dose this bed have a super king size ?

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately this frame comes in double and king size only. Thank you for your question.

Will the king size take a 43kg mattress

Answer: Hi , We do not have any weight restrictions on our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Hi I ve ordered this bed and it's being delivered next week but I ve just seen that memory foam mattresses are not suitable is this correct as I gave a memory foam mattress.what can I do?

Answer: Hi , Not to worry, a memory foam mattress will be fine. Thank you.

I have a 49kg King Size Mattress, It is heavy on its own so will this be okay on a bed that lifts up like this one?

Answer: Hi , Yes this will be ok. We have no set weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you.

Hello, can I use this bed in king size with a memory foam mattress? You mentioned yes to someone, but also answered to someone else that it was only ok if it was pocket sprung with a foam layer at the top. What about if it's 100% memory foam? Thanks.

Answer: Hi , Any mattress will be fine on this bed. Thank you.

Hi, Can I get a piece of the fabric to see what its like please.

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately we do not provide samples. There should however be sample booklets in stores if you wished to see this. Thank you.

Does bed come with matress

Answer: Hi This Bed does not come with a mattress, to find the mattress for you have a look at the link below: Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

How deep is th bed for storage? 

Answer: Hi , This is approximately 30cm. Thank you for your question.

Hi  I bought this bed less than a year ago and I still have problem lifting it up? The mechanism is very stiff? Please can you let me know what to do as it is a beautiful bed and excellent quality otherwise  Thanks

Answer: Hi , We advise that when your ottoman bed is installed, work the pistons 4-5 times to free up initial movement. If problems continue to consist please see the below troubleshooting video. Thank you for your question.

Hi I’m struggling to figure out what colour is could please help me here 

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The Sana bed is a lovely shade of beige in a velvet fabric but we like to call it “pearl”.

Hi we bought this bed at the moment it is sill in the box and says it’s light grey but I thought it was pearl could you tell me what the colour is please 

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The Sana is a beige colour we call "Pearl", unfortunately the supplier originally named this shade light grey which we appreciate can cause confusion. Please feel assured the colour is the Pearl and not light grey as stated on the box.

Does the bed come with warranty? 

Answer: Good Evening, The Dreams warranty covers this item for 12 months. We also offer extra coverage for 8 years via purchase of our 'Bedcover Plan' which will cover a variety of accidental damage scenarios. Information on Bedcover can be found here Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi I’ve had this bed nearly a year now but I’m due to move house and want to put the down so I can take it with me to my new home. Is there any instructions for this please? Thanks. 

Answer: There are assembly instructions for the Sana Bed Frame available to download from the Dreams website which may be useful in assisting you to dismantle your frame. Unfortunately we do not provide a formal set of instructions to dismantle our bed frames. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the base like where you put the mattress. The description says solid base but there is no picture confirming it. Or does it have slats?

Answer: The base where the mattress is placed is a sprung slatted base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi im looking at pirchasing this bed i already have a memory foam mattress would this be okay

Answer: This bed frame will be suitable for use with any standard mattress, providing the dimensions of your current mattress are compatible with the dimensions of your desired bed frame size. Kind Regards, Dreams

In person, does the Pearl colour option look closer to a light grey colour or a creamy colour?

Answer: The Sana in Pearl is a more cream coloured fabric. The Sana is also available in grey if this colour is your preference. Kind Regards, Dreams

I want to purchase the Ellis storage chest with this bed. Can you advise if they are the same shade of grey?

Answer: Good Evening, Yes these will be the same colour and fabric type. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the bed come with a mattress 

Answer: This bed frame does not come with a mattress and hence the price advertised is for the frame only. We have a large range of mattresses online and in store that would be suitable to purchase with this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, does this come with a headboard included? I can’t tell from the overview section. Thank you 

Answer: Yes, the bed frame does come with the head end included as per the image displayed online. Kind Regards, Dreams

Will this bed in kingsize be compatible with a Tempur Kingsize mattress?

Answer: Yes this mattress will be compatible. Kind Regards, Dreams

How does the mattress sit on the bed frame. On the picture its covered with bedding. I was wondering if it sits inside the frame so it doesnt move etc.

Answer: The mattress sits on top of the frame rather than inside the frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello - I love this bed but concerned about how sturdy it is as combined weight of my partner and I is around 285kg. Will this be okay? We don't want to spend this kind of money for it to break!

Answer: There is no maximum weight limit for our standard bed frames, so this will be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

I want to purchase a king size simba hybrid mattress to go on this bed,would this be suitable?

Answer: Yes, this mattress would be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Would mattress with a depth of 30cm be too deep for this frame ? 

Answer: No, a mattress with a depth of 30cm will be suitable for use with this frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this ottoman base have an enclosed bottom? meaning the compartment has a floor, raising your stored items off the ground? If so, what is the depth of this compartment?

Answer: The Sana Ottoman has an enclosed ottoman storage area with base boards on the bottom - this means that items stored will be stores off of the ground. The depth of the storage area is 30cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

If you want to maximise the storage space, do you need to put the base boards in or can they be left out?

Answer: We would not recommend assembling the Sana without the base boards or base board support rails as these help to add additional stability to the bed frame. In addition without the base boards, items being stored in the ottoman would rest directly on the floor - these would the be visible beneath the bed as there is a gap between the feet and base of the ottoman. Kind Regards, Dreams

Will large airline baggage (32cm in width) fit in the storage?

Answer: The storage area measures at 30cm deep, therefore if the depth of the item that you plan to store in the ottoman is 32cm deep then this is unlikely to fit unless it can be compressed slightly. Kind Regards, Dreams

What's the heaviest weight of mattress suitable for this? Mine is about 34-36cm deep and extremely heavy....bought from dreams!

Answer: Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

My Mattress is 23.42 Kg .Would that be suitable ?

Answer: Hi , Yes this weight is fine for this bed frame. Kind regards Dreams

Is the Pearl more beige or silver looking? I have a grey carpet and don’t want it to look odd. It’s hard to tell from the pictures. 

Answer: Hi , The Sana in pearl is more silver than beige. Kind regards Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 review

Beautiful, sturdy, comfortable, spacious bed!

I purchased this bed in April at the dreams store in Brierley Hill, near Dudley and it was delivered first week of May. I can not fault the service we received at the showroom right up until the delivery the communication was brilliant and the team were all friendly. The bed was very easy to assemble with clear instructions it took just over an hour (definitely a 2 persons job). After reading reviews some customers have said that the bed was making loads of noises etc.. I’ve had no problems at all. I really think it’s down to who assembles the bed but I can’t fault it. It’s a beautiful fabric and so much room in the storage underneath! I purchased the bed with the Beaumont mattress which is very comfortable and firm. I’m so happy with my new bed and can’t recommend dreams enough. Thank you

Beautiful finish, great value for money

I’ve only had the bed frame for a couple of weeks, so can’t comment on it’s longevity, but, at the moment, I couldn’t be happier. Very simple to put together, I managed it on my own because I’m impatient, but, for health and safety, speed and convenience, I would recommend finding a second pair of hands. The lifting mechanism is very stiff to start with, don’t be frightened to put a fair amount of weight on both corners to get it going, but after a few goes, it’s eased up beautifully, just as the instructions suggest. The base of the storage section feels a little flimsy, but for the price, I wasn’t expecting much more than what was provided. This could be easily replaced or stabilised at a later date if necessary. All in all, very good value for money, well worth the purchase.

All-round excellence!

We bought this (Sana) last month and everything from the initial in store point of sale service right the way through to setting delivery date (this was easily changed twice as well to accommodate moving house), assembling the bed which I did myself and i have to say was actually a very enjoyable and satisfying task - the instructions were very clear giving diagrams and written text to explain how to get the best results - they even said what order to open the packaging / boxes! The finished product is amazing and the aftercare service was equally as helpful as the sales team. We're about to look to buy one more of the same (Sana) and a new model (Maree) for the new house


I bought this bed in January in the dark grey colour, I was advised someone would call me between 7-14 days to arrange delivery. No-one ever did, so I called on the 4th feb only to be told they wouldn’t be able to deliver until 4th March. I needed the bed much sooner than that so I opted for the pearl colour that was available for delivery 8th Feb. I was a tad bit worried about the colour, but i absolutely love it. The bed id sturdy and looks very good. Dependant on the lighting, it looks like a very light grey (crush velvet) rather than a dirty white. Its great and the understorage is very handy


Had new bed and mattress almost 4 weeks and so happy with them. Bed is light grey and bought ochre grey and lemon accessories. Luxurious feel and look and extremely comfortable. Take all visitors upstairs to show it off(whether they want to look or not ha ha) can highly recommend and the two young delivery men were fabulous... Cheerful pleasant courteous very professional and fitted it all together in no time.. They are an asset to dreams.. And demonstrated the ottaman part very well. Ordered both blind from Internet and over moon with bed.

1 person CAN do it - Especially if you’re a woman!

Bought the king size version. Dreams delivery guys brought the heavy boxes x3 to my apartment, thank goodness I live on the ground floor. ;) - Was a tad nervous as the boxes said 2 people required to assemble the bed. Well I’m a single woman... anyway, assembly should have taken 1 hour with 2 people. All in all after the sweat and tears, it took me 2 hours to put the bed together. Pat on the back?! It’s a really pretty bed! The headboard is gorgeous! The bed lifts up nicely and the storage underneath is just for my shoes!!

Ample under bed storage.

My old bed was due a major replacement so I went from a metal bed frame to a divan,I couldn't be more happier with this bed as the under bed storage is brilliant,I love how easy this bed is to lift the mattress up so you can access the storage,it's also a sturdy built bed and putting it together was easy (but you do need a second person to help). I love the sumptuous fabric used on this bed,I just love it as it's a real eye catcher. So glad I choose this style of bed,I certainly don't miss my old bed one bit,Thank you Dreams.

I love this bed!

I had been searching for a new ottoman bed for a while. I wanted a fabric but not crushed velvet, this is a great classier alternative. Luckily I viewed the bed in store and was informed that it was soon to be released in dark grey, exactly what I needed. I brought the bed blind effectively as I hadn't seen the grey in real life. When I was delivered it was the perfect colour, I'm so so happy with it! Great quality, excellent customer service and delivery. Its a nice sturdy bed with loads of room underneath for storage.

Beautiful and sturdy

Its been 2 weeks since I purchased this bed. I am really glad I did (so far). I bought the pearl colour and it looks very pretty. The material is lovely and the headboard looks very fancy. I had read some reviews about the bed creaking or being uncomfortable. I haven’t had any issues so far. The delivery staff were very polite and careful. I had also opted for the build assembly service and they put up the bed for me very quickly and efficiently.

Great bed. Very easy assembly

Bought a few weeks ago was dellivered within 2 weeks, they were kind and lifted it to the first floor didn't leave it by the door. Assembly was very clear and easy did it alown in 45 min. Only negative comments is that the base for the storage is done from very cheap matirial that cant hold any weight greater then show box. Could be done better. But overall good value for money.


I purchased this bed a few weeks ago and it is fantastic. The storage is excellent, the fabric beautiful and it is very comfortable. I opted for the assembly which was quick and efficient and done by two very nice, professionals. I'm so pleased with this product that I'm thinking of a repeat purchase for the spare bedroom when I move house in a couple of months.

Gorgeous bed!

I'm really happy with this purchase - I loved how it looked online but was worried it may not live up to expectations when it was assembled. I'm glad I was proven wrong!!! My husband and 2 friends assembled the bed quite easily and we have used our new Simba mattress on it for a perfect night's sleep. The ottoman feature is very handy too - definitely recommend!

Great quality bed!

Am very happy with this bed. The colour is beautiful and the bed is well made. It did take us a while to put it together and it definitely needs 2 people (as per the instructions) but it looks great in the room and I could not be happier. Also happy that the bed frame was light enough for my husband and I to carry up the stairs and manouvre in a tight fit area.

Sana Dark Grey

Beautiful bed, the colour is spot on what we wanted, in fact its exceeded my expectations. The quality of the bed and slat frame is like nothing I have seen from other bed retailers, this bed is built to last. Delivery was quick and the drivers were a joy, very friendly, polite. Very happy would highly recommend Dreams and of course the Sana Dark Grey

Beautiful bed!!

Absolutely LOVE this bed. So comfortable and glamorous looking! Had this made up by dreams staff, took about 20 minutes, great customer service and saved a lot of hassle. The colour is more like the 2nd photo, the first photo has picked it up a little darker than it looks. Couldn’t be happier with my bed or the service I have received from dreams!

Very pleased with this bed!

The Sana bed is great and we are very pleased with our recent purchase. It looks very stylish and with the storage underneath it’s very practical. We paid for assembly too and that was well worth it - the guys noticed one of the slats was faulty so immediately organised a replacement to be sent and we received this very quickly.

Beautiful and the delivery service was excellent

The colour is lighter than I had hoped and I'm struggling with bedding colour options so I'm sticking to whites as the mo. Nonetheless it's still a beautiful bed. The gas lift is smooth and easy for me to lift. The base is solid and raised off the ground so you do lose a bit of height for storage but it's not a deal breaker.

Easy to build and very practical for storafe

Brought this in the sale, delivery was excellent, the guys were excellent in helping move it into the flat. The bed was easy to assemble using the instructions in inder an hour although needed an extra pair of hands to get the bigger peices in place. We have filled the storage underneath and its great!

Gorgeous bed looks like it cost more than it did!

I had been looking at this bed and wish I bought it sooner. It was easy to put together and the instructions were very clear. The delivery men were ever so friendly and bought it up into the room I wanted. The pearl colour really stands out. Very happy with my purchase would definitely recommend!

It’s absolutely perfect!

I fell in love with this bed as soon as I saw it in the store. It’s very well presented in the way it looks and is very sturdy and storage is just what I needed. I can’t stop looking at it. I’m a very fussy customer as I’m in interior design but this has just ticked every box. Worth every penny!


Having visited my local store to view the colour and qualuty of the bed i finally took the plunge and ordered this bed online when it was discounted in price. Prompt delivery. Delivery men x2 both very helpful and polite. Put the bed together myself. Fabulous bed and looks stunning. So pleased.

Beautiful bed

Bed was delivered about a month ago. I put it together myself without any problems. It is better than in the picture and has loads of storage underneath and the base boards are very good quality, much better than another ottoman bed that I already have. Very pleased with my purchase.

Beautiful design

This bed is so beautiful - the winged headboard and velvet finish give it a sophisticated, luxurious feel in our guest bedroom - it’s really comfortable and has the added bonus of storage underneath. I also love the Pearl colour of it which is a light grey - a perfect neutral.

Good Quality

The bed was delivered by two very efficient and helpful staff. I built the bed myself using the very clear and easy to use instructions. My wife and I are very satisfied with a nice sturdy bed with good storage space underneath. Very comfortable.

Great looking bed

A nice quality ottoman bed, the pearl colour is very nice looking and there is a lot of space for storage with a solid base. The delivery guys were polite and friendly and took their shoes off without asking. Fitted the bed together in no time

Looks Great!

I bought this bed a few weeks ago and it is all I expected and more! I bought it primarily for the storage which is great and I am so pleased with the pearl colour. I can now store those items which were taking up space In my wardrobe.

Great bed

Bought this 3 weeks ago. Great looking bed great quality. Ideal space under bed for extra storage. The wooden slats really makes a huge difference rather than a solid base. Delivered and made up with half an hour ... top service

Fantastic bed!

We have now had the bed for nearly a month and we're extremely happy with it. Putting the bed up took around an hour, with easy to use instructions and we've not had a single issue or fault. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Just what I was looking for

Had my new bed about 3 weeks now. I'm really pleased with my choice, it's just what I was looking for. It is very posh looking and has a great amount of storage which is pretty easy to access if you have a normal strength level

Great bed!

I bought this bed 3 weeks ago, the assembly was straight forward and the instructions clear to follow! Bed is a great addition to the room, the colour is great and the overall design allows for so much storage under it!

Beautiful bed

We have this bed for a month now and we are very satisfied with it. The set up was relatively easy but two people are recommended. It is very beautiful for the price. The delivery service from Dreams was excellent.

Very nice

Bought the bed online having viewed in store. Was delivered much quicker than expected and at time agreed. Easy to assemble with two people and a power screwdriver with alan key attachment. Would recommend. Thanks

Well engineered construction.

The construction materials are strong and of excellent quality. Assembly takes a little while, but the instructions are very clear and uncomplicated. The bed looks great and I'm very pleased with my choice.


I bought this bed a month ago for my daughter and she loves it. The quality is perfect. This was easy to assemble, we had no problems. Would highly recommend this bed, there is plenty of storage as well.

Lovely nef

Really pleased with the purchase. Looks great in my bedroom. Lovely pearly colour. Had lots of remarks from friends on how expensive it looks. Paid for assembly too. Great service from order to delivery.


Bought this about 6 weeks ago. Had it delivered and fixed together. Took them no time at all. The ottoman has far more room than we thought it might and it feels good quality especially for the money.

Looks great!

This bed is great is you are looking to keep things neutral but still want a little style. Very comfy and great storage. Fabric does however have a strange smell which I’m sure will disappear in time

Excellent service, lovely bed.

Very happy with this bed, looks lovely in my new bedroom. I ordered the assembly service which was definitely worth it - bed was set-up quickly and no hassle, even helping place my mattress on top.

Great looking bed

Really lovely looking bed with great storage underneath. It’s well built and of a good quality. The delivery and team which assembled it were on time, polite and efficient. Good service from Dream

Sana Pearl Fabric Ottoman

I bought this bed a few weeks ago. It came in flat pack boxes with easy to assemble instructions. Bed was up in no time. Good price and great quality. Delivery could have been a little quicker.

beautiful bed frame

I love my new bed - it looks exactly as it does on the website. The storage is a plus point, there's so much space to hide all of my stuff. The delivery guys put it together so quickly too!

Lovely bed

Love this bed! Delivery really quick, we put it up ourselves and was easy to do. Has made such a difference to the bedroom so pleased we bought it after thinking about it for a long time.

Lovely looking and really comfortable

I bought this bed a month ago for my daughter, she is really happy with it. It is comfortable and looks great in her room. The storage is very good for a teenager with woads of stuff!!

Looks Great!

This bed look fantastic and is easy to operate. Paid for the build aswell and the guys were very friendly and professional, built the bed super quick. Very happy with the purchase.

solid frame

Bought this bed frame 5 weeks ago.. Instructions for building the bed very comprehensive and easy to follow. Built within 2 hours. Looks much more expensive that what I paid

So comfy!

Recently purchased this bed and don’t regret a single bit of it, incredibly stylish and very comfortable as well as having oodles of storage! Extremely pleased with it!

Beautiful bed

I purchased this bed over a month ago and it has recently just arrived. The colour of the bed is more light silver. I love it. Very nice. Definitely recommend this bed.

Lovely bed

Due to our lack of room space we opted for the ottoman. We are very pleased with our purchase. The bed gives us the much needed storage space required and looks great.

Beautiful bed. High quality and well made.

Very happy with this bed. Hubby and I put it together in about an hour. He was impressed with build quality and instructions. It really is beautiful. Very pleased!

A great looking piece

I love this 'throne of a bed' as one friend put it. A little luxury, and incredibly practical with the easy lift and storage space. In short, my best ever bed.

Wonderful bed

I brought this bed over a month ago, not only is it comfortable, looks lovely, easy to assembly- I also have more room to store my shoe collection/obsession


Beautiful design and finish. Simple but classic. Colour pearl looks slightly more silver then wanted. Dreams engineers who installed the bed were fantastic.

Absolutely beautiful!

So so happy with my bed! It’s made with such beautiful fabric and is so comfortable. Great storage feature in the ottoman base too, would highly recommend!

Great storage

Me and the Mrs bought this bed as we need more storage for our little girls arrival and we couldn’t of bought anything better easy to use and assemble

Looks amazing

I bought this a month ago and it’s the best thing we have done, the storage underneath is a great help and it’s so comfortable and looks good to !!!

Perfect bed

Absolutely love my bed! So comfy and such good quality! You fit so much stuff under the bed and it’s not hard to push down. Thank you thank you!

Simply Superv !

I bought this product a month ago and i am very please with it. It is great looking bed with lots of storage very sturdy. Loving it . Thanks!

Luxurious Look

Exceptional value for money. I bought this bed for my spare room. Wish I’d got it for my room. The quality is great and it looks so elegant.

Love it!

Had this bed for well over a year and I absolutely love it! So comfortable, huge amount of storage & looks lovely! Chuffed to bits with it

Amazing product

I have this bed now for 3 weeks and I need to say this product is very good and amazing price I’m more like heppy to recommend this.


GREAT service from dreams. Nice clear delivery timescales and contact throughout. The bed is well made and great for its price.


So comfortable and soft only one complaint one of the bolts at the foot of the bed nomater how much i try would not go in properly

so pleased and happy

I love this ottoman bed. Can store things I don't use much as I have a small bedroom So not much storage space. Also looks great.

Lovely bed at great price

Purchased for my teenage daughter with a Wakefield mattress, she loves it! Good looking , comfortable bed with loads of storage

Beautiful Finish.

Beautiful bed, really makes the room! Gorgeous soft texture and plenty of storage too. Well made and I love all the details.

Beautiful bed

Brought this for my daughters bedroom, it looks beautiful and is really comfortable. The ottoman storage is fantastic

Love my new bed

This bed got delivered to me last weekend and we love it! Great colour and storage. Shame we paid the full price though!

Easy to build and just what I expected

I am very happy with this product, it was just how I imagined it to be. The delivery was great and was easy to build.

Excellent Quality

Purchased this recently, great value for money, looks really plush and is so comfortable. Easy to put together too!

Great bed

I bought this bed a month ago, very nice, especially the easy was for opening and closing, I like the storage place.


I absolutely love my new bed! It looks elegant and is perfect for storing everything away. Great value for money

Beautiful bed

Beautiful bed that looks great in the master bedroom. The ottoman feature is fantastic and is very easy to use.

Gorgeous bed, fantastic storage

Really pleased with this bed. Very simple to assemble and offers great storage which we so badly needed.

Great storage bed

Brought this to replace our divan. Very sturdy and lots of storage underneath, very good value for money

So luxurious!

Absolutely love my bed! Very easy to assemble and looks very luxurious! Sooo happy with my purchase!

Superb Bed

I brought this a month ago and thus far it's been perfect. Superb, smooth mechanism and very comfy

Great sturdy and comfy bed - lovely finish

Bought this for moving into a new house. Opted to have dreams build it too. Delighted with the bed

Love it

Bed looks amazing and the mattress is super comfy, can’t believe the price we got them both for!!

Looks Fab

Really love our new bed, it's exactly what we wanted. Easy to assemble and looks really classy.

So comfortable

So happy with my purchase ; great service and great delivery service and very polite gentleman

Exceeded expectations

I bought this and was abit worried haven read some reviews but I’m very happy with my purchase

Lovely bed

The delivery guys were brilliant, in and out and bed assembled in no time ! Worth the charge.

Sana bed frame

I. Brought this bed a month ago, I’m very happy with it, finishes off my bedroom perfectly.


I bought this bed last month and I love it, lovely colour and very easy to put together

Great features

I bought this bed 4 weeks ago not only does it look amazing the storage is fantastic!!


The best sleep i have had in a long time, And plenty storage, Deffo worth the money.

Ottoman bed frame

Bed looks great and stylish, ottoman is easy to open and has plenty of storage space

Soooo comfy

I brought this about a month ago and it is soo comfy. Best money I have ever spent.

Beautiful bed

I can’t fault the bed at all, it looks amazing and the customer service was 5 star

Great bed

We’ve had this bed 1 month now, great bed, very good quality and looks amazing!

Good quality and lovely styling

Lovely bed just what we were after. Plenty of storage space that is a bonus

Classy Bed

Bought this bed around a month ago, beautiful bed, better than the photo!

Looks really expensive

Love my new bed- looks really expensive and really simple to put together

Great frame

I got this bed a month ago , it was easy to assem le and just great !

Beautiful bed

Comfy amd beautiful looking bed. Has made our bedroom look 5 star!

Great looking very Comfortable

Great bed very comfortable great features looks amazing five-star.

Lovely bed

Lovely bed with plenty of storage. Looks wonderful in my roon

Sana pearl bed

Bought a few weeks ago, beautiful bed with lots of storage


I bought 3 month's ago and I'm very happy by Dreams .