Ravenna 2 Drawer Bedside Table Rated 4.4/5 based on 10 customer reviews
Ravenna 2 Drawer Bedside Table

Ravenna 2 Drawer Bedside Table

4.4/5 - Read 10 Reviews
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Of The Ravenna 2 Drawer Bedside Table
Brand: Bensons for Beds
Retailer: Bensons For Beds
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Ravenna 2 Drawer Bedside Table Great?

Wide range of colours and sizes

The more colours you have available in a set the higher the likelihood of finding something to pair with an existing design, room set or range of products already within your bedroom. Its becoming an increasingly desirable trend of late to pair different ranges of products with each other, nullifying much of the work done in creating ranges and collections, but allowing you to come up with your own twist with slightly different colours and designs.

Choice of hinged or sliding wardrobes

The doors on this piece of furniture open with a clever hinged design that sees a great storage footprint and good quality craftsmanship

Delivered and assembled free of charge

This product is delivered in a self-assembly capacity, meaning it will be easy to get up the stairs and into the bedroom, ideal for those with limited space or tight corners to navigate. Don't be put off by self assembly, the instructions provided will make easy work of the task at hand.

Made in Germany

As design tolerances tighten worldwide, the key purchasing factor of locale should dissipate. Until then however, you can be assured of great quality and attention to detail with this German made product.

1-year guarantee

A 1 year guarantee is expected and standard for the industry. If anything goes wrong with your product within that period you are able to get help and support and ensure that you are not left out of pocket on any repair of replacement.

Contemporary bedroom furniture collection

Contemporary furniture like this will suit any modern room design and should pair nicely with existing room sets provided there is a good tonal color match. We recommend this style of furniture for those looking toward sleek minimalism who are bringing their bedroom into the 21st century.

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Customer Reviews For The Ravenna 2 Drawer Bedside Table

Based on 10 reviews

Although my experience was horrendous using Bensons for Beds, and the bed still hasnt been installed properly, the side table is broken and Im missing the under bed storage.. I do think this product (once complete) will be a great bed to own


Will be great when the other item arrives and damaged one is replaced


Love the slow close feature on the drawers


Excellent quality and very well made!


It was ok read my review


Expensive but quite good


As above for chest


great quality


Very nice

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