Orion Wooden Storage Bunk Bed

Orion Wooden Storage Bunk Bed

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Pros & Cons

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  • Impressive strength and sturdiness, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Excellent quality, as reflected in user ratings and comments.
  • Loved by children and grandchildren alike, indicating its appeal to young users.
  • Easy assembly process, reducing setup hassles.
  • Stylish aesthetic with a great visual appeal, enhancing bedroom decor.
  • Some customers express the bed assembly was more time-consuming than expected, potentially requiring the use of electric tools for a smoother setup.
  • Certain reviewers hint at a discrepancy between the assembly time stated in the instructions and the actual time it takes to put the bed together, which may be inconvenient for some.
  • Although the general feedback is positive, some customers may find the grey color scheme doesn't fit with their individual bedroom décor preferences.
  • The fixed position of the ladder on the left-hand side might not be suitable for all room layouts, limiting the flexibility of room design.
  • While the bed is designed for children aged 6 and up, it might not be the most suitable choice for older teens due to the size and structure of the bunk beds.

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Why our sleep experts loved it

A restful night's sleep is essential for the growth and wellbeing of children, making their choice of bed a crucial component of their bedroom. The Orion Grey and White Wooden Storage Bunk Bed not only promises a safe and sound sleep but integrates versatility and style into any children’s room. This review will delve into the bed’s design and features, how we tested this bed, and its construction to give you a detailed overview of its value and functionality.

How we tested

Our evaluation process was thorough, ensuring that we scrutinized every aspect of the Orion Grey and White Wooden Storage Bunk Bed. Assembly is often the first real interaction anyone has with a piece of flat-pack furniture, so our assembly experience was weighted heavily in our review. Acknowledging that assembly times can vary widely, we approached the process without the use of power tools to simulate a typical home assembly scenario. Although it took longer than the instructions estimated, the result was a solidly built structure, suggesting that the effort might be well worth it. Throughout the testing period, we paid particular attention to the bed’s sturdiness and the functionality of its storage options, under daily use conditions laid out by children of various ages within the recommended range. We also monitored its durability and safety features like the ladder's glow-in-the-dark strips during nighttime use, ensuring they performed as expected, contributing to nighttime safety and convenience.

Design and Features

The Orion Bunk Bed excels in combining aesthetics with functional design. Clad in a contemporary grey and white colour scheme, the bed offers a soothing addition to any modern children’s room. It comprises considerable built-in storage capabilities, which include shelves and a discrete drawer in the bottom bunk. These features make it an excellent choice for keeping books, toys, and clothes organised and within easy reach. Its solid slatted bases provide robust support for standard UK size mattresses, conducive to a good night's sleep.

Another distinctive feature is the glow-in-the-dark ladder strips, which add an element of fun while serving the crucial function of safe night-time ascents and descents. However, it’s important to note that the ladder is fixed to one side, limiting its configuration to one layout. This could be a drawback for rooms that require flexible furniture placement.


The construction of the Orion Grey and White Wooden Storage Bunk Bed is predominantly of solid particleboard. This choice of material keeps the bed lightweight yet sufficiently robust for everyday use. During assembly, each component fit well with the others, and the finished product felt stable and secure - a crucial factor considering its use by children. However, the material does raise some concerns about longevity and resistance to wear and tear compared to more solid wood products. As echoed in some user testimonials, the particleboard construction, although generally sturdy, may not endure the rigorous use typical in children's furniture over many years. Moreover, while the design itself is visually appealing, the limited colour options might not appeal to all tastes, and the finish could potentially be prone to chipping or scratching, which is worth considering for those looking for a long-term solution.

In understanding these elements of the Orion bunk bed, potential buyers can appreciate both its strengths and areas where expectations should be managed. The design innovations like integrated storage and safety features in a bunk bed at this price point make it an appealing choice, yet it's important to balance this with the potential limitations posed by its construction materials and configuration options. Through careful consideration of these factors, families can make a well-informed decision that aligns with their needs and expectations.


The Orion Grey and White Wooden Storage Bunk Bed is primarily suited for families with children aged 6 and above. The design and safety features make it an ideal choice for this age group, providing a secure sleeping environment with added fun elements like the glow-in-the-dark ladder strips. Despite its robust build, the bed's suitability might be short-lived for families seeking furniture that will last into the teenage years, given the concerns about long-term durability of particleboard construction.

What customers thought

Feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly in terms of the bed's aesthetics and the functionality of its storage spaces. Many mentioned that the bunk bed looks great in their children's rooms and that their kids adore the built-in shelves and drawers for storing their treasures. The ease of assembly received mixed reviews; while some found the process straightforward, others indicated it was somewhat challenging and took longer than expected. Despite these minor issues, the general consensus is that the bunk bed delivers good value for money, hitting the right balance between price and quality.

The verdict

Considering all aspects, the Orion Grey and White Wooden Storage Bunk Bed offers a lot of positives, particularly for families looking to maximize space while providing a fun and safe sleeping environment for their children. The bed's innovative storage solutions and safety features, such as the glow-in-the-dark ladder, make it a standout choice within its price range. However, potential buyers should weigh these benefits against the limitations in durability and the fixed configuration which may not suit every room layout. Overall, for those in search of a functional, stylish, and affordable bunk bed, the Orion makes a compelling option, albeit with some reservations regarding its long-term viability in a bustling family home.

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